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  Pursuit® Binoculars Pursuit® Compact Binoculars Leupold® BX-5 Santiam™ HD Binoculars Cabela's Intensity HD 10x42 Binoculars Nikon Aculon 10x50 Binoculars Nikon MONARCH 7 10x42 Binoculars Cabela's Intensity HD Compact 8x25 Binoculars Leica Geovid R Rangefinding 15x56 Binoculars Swarovski EL 10x50 Binoculars with Field Pro Package Steiner Predator 10x26 Binoculars Vanguard Endeavor ED II 8x32 Binoculars
  Pursuit® Binoculars Pursuit® Compact Binoculars Leupold® BX-5 Santiam™ HD Binoculars Cabela's Intensity HD 10x42 Binoculars Nikon Aculon 10x50 Binoculars Nikon MONARCH 7 10x42 Binoculars Cabela's Intensity HD Compact 8x25 Binoculars Leica Geovid R Rangefinding 15x56 Binoculars Swarovski EL 10x50 Binoculars with Field Pro Package Steiner Predator 10x26 Binoculars Vanguard Endeavor ED II 8x32 Binoculars
Height (in.) 5 - - 4.9 5.5 8.3 - 6.8 5.12 - 4.7"
Obj. Dia. (mm) 42 42 / 50 / 42 / 50 / 56 - 26 42 56 25 50 42 32 25mm
Power 8x 8x / 10x / 8x / 10x / 15x 10x50 10X 10x42 15X 8X 10x50 10X 8x 10X
Weight (oz.) 23.5 23.6 / 31.5 / 23.6 / 31.5 / 45 31.7 10.4 23.6 45.9 8.29 35 26.1 19.05 10.5
Brand - Leupold Nikon Steiner Nikon Leica Cabela's Swarovski Cabela's Vanguard -
Color/ Camo Pattern - Shadow Gray / Shadow Gray / Gore Optifade Subalpine / Gore Optifade Subalpine / Gore Optifade Subalpine Black - - - - Green Green/Black Black Black
FOV @ 1,000 yds. (ft.) - - 341 302 351 225 357 345 340 - -

Pursuit® Binoculars

  • Advanced features in an affordable pair of binoculars
  • Multicoated optics and high-index BaK4 roof prisms for clear, crisp images
  • Nitrogen purged for 100% waterproof and fogproof performance
  • Nonslip rubber armor for easy grip, even in wet conditions
  • Easy adjustments with large center focus knob
  • Get the big performance of quality optics and construction without the big price with Pursuit Binoculars. Easy-to-use binocular with premium high-index optics, the Pursuit pairs multicoated optics with high-index Bak-4 roof prisms for crystal-clear images and great light transmission. The nitrogen-purged interior ensures 100% waterproof and fogproof performance for a clear image in any changing conditions. Rubber armoring provides a sure grip in wet weather and resists shock and abrasions for better durability. Adjustable right-eye diopter. Twist-up eyecup for adjustable eye relief. Comes with neck strap and carrying case. Imported.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Pursuit® Compact Binoculars

  • Bak-4 roof prisms
  • Fully multicoated optics
  • Compact design means less weight and bulk to carry
  • Rubber armor
  • 100% waterproof and fogproof
  • The Pursuit Compact Binoculars are small in size and price but huge on performance and high-end features. With Bak-4 roof prisms and fully multicoated optics, you'll see clearly and have less weight and bulk to carry. Also features rubber armor and twist-up eyecups. 100% waterproof and fogproof. Includes strap and case.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Leupold® BX-5 Santiam™ HD Binoculars

  • Twilight Max HD Light Management System
  • Guard-ion hydrophobic lens coating
  • Replaceable aluminum eyecups
  • Armor coated, ergonomic body
  • Waterproof/fogproof
  • Leupold BX-5 Santiam HD Binoculars are designed for the most demanding spotting tasks hunters encounter, from picking out a Coues buck against heavy brush, to analyzing a bighorn's curl at a half mile. BX-5 Santiam binoculars utilize Leupold's Twilight® Max HD Light Management System that redefines low-light performance and resolution at extreme ranges, giving you bright, crisp images with vibrant colors from edge to edge. Guard-ion hydrophobic lens coating sheds water, dirt, oil, and fingerprints. A large central focus dial delivers the precision focus you want when searching for antlers or fur in heavy cover, even when wearing gloves. An ergonomic design with armor coating provides a comfortable, nonslip grip, and long-lasting durability. Field-replaceable aluminum eyecups accommodate hunters with or without eyeglasses. Leupold uses a proprietary nitrogen fill process on the BX-5 Santiam HD Binoculars for waterproof and fogproof dependability. Tripod ready. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
    Available: 8x42, 10x42, 10x50, 12x50.
    Colors/camo pattern: Gray, Sitka

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Previously we showed you the new bx5 san. Tm hd binoculars from loopholed in 15 by. 56 millimeter these amazing by nose. Provides superb optical performance but might be a little bit bigger than the average outdoors man or woman wants to carry in the field fortunately loophole also offers the san tm hd by nose and an 8 by 42 a 10 by 40. To a 10 by 50 and a 12 by 50 our test. Model is a 10 magnification and having used these on a doe hunt at first light i can attest to their super power to see in very minimal light at ten minutes. Before legal shooting light i could make out trees and bushes easily and at one minute after it was legal to shoot they showed me a deer at 100 yards as clearly as if it were early evening when i. Brought up my rifle scope not a loophole i couldn't even see the deer in the scope it was another 10 minutes of sunrise before the deer was visible in my rifle scope the santiam is named for a hunting. Unit on the western slope of Oregon's cascade mountains and is ideal for use. In deep and dark our boreal forests where animals may be concealed and speckled light are completely in shadow using state-of-the-art high-definition. Lead-free glass with face coating multi-coated lenses with bak for open. Bridge roof prisms with their twilight max hd light management system and. Extended twilight lens system the santiam binoculars have exceptional. Low-light gathering capability which in the case of my deer hunt was literally night and day diamond coat to protect. Your lenses from scratching muck dust and moisture and a proprietary nitrogen. Fill process keeps out any nastiness that might get inside or a thermal shock that may create condensation and include your view available in either shadow. Gray or sitka sub alpine camo pattern the. Rubberized housing not only protects your by knows from dings and bumps but gives you an ergonomic sure grip without fatiguing your hands twist up i-cubs. Provides you an ample depth of view and adjust for those wearing glasses a smooth center focus dial is easy to. Adjust with a single finger they can be. Handheld or use the center tripod adapter for glassing over longer periods so these by nose are excellent for both. Hiking long distances or glassing from a stationary position the bx5 san tm hd. Binoculars provide everything you would expect from their premium german counterparts at half the price but if. Anything should ever go wrong with them they come with a loophole full lifetime guarantee which means they will be repaired or replaced without question no. Matter if you sell them or give them away but based on our testing i can. Assure you that you will own these binoculars for a very long time check. Out the entire line of loopholes bx5 santiam hd binoculars at your local. Sportsmen warehouse store.

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    Cabela's Intensity HD 10x42 Binoculars

  • Most feature-rich binoculars in their class
  • Long-range hunting visibility and tine-counting clarity
  • HD extra-low-dispersion (ED) glass objective lenses
  • Phase- and silver-coated roof prism preserves natural colors
  • Enhance your long-range hunting visibility and tine-counting clarity with our Intensity Binoculars. Premium-quality HD extra-low-dispersion (ED) glass objective lenses dramatically enhance image quality, providing exceptional clarity even when viewing wildlife against high-contrast backgrounds. Phase- and silver-coated roof prism preserves natural image colors while enhancing resolution for true-to-life views at greater distances. Both sides of all lenses are fully multicoated with advanced ultrawide-band coating technology. Multiple anti-reflective lens coatings enhance light transmission for brighter image quality and enhanced visibility in hazy and evening lighting conditions. Ultra tough and extremely lightweight rubber-armored magnesium-alloy chassis withstands your toughest hunts. O-ring sealed for fogproof performance and an IPX7 waterproof rating that withstands submersion for 30 minutes. Extra-wide field of view displays more of what's in front of you. Easy-to-hold ergonomic design and large, textured focus wheel. Long eye relief allows comfortable viewing even with glasses on. Includes padded neck strap and lens covers.
    Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The world's foremost outfitter and the force of optics have united together to deliver a top-quality all-purpose binocular this is the. Intrepid binoculars have an. Advanced high-density optical system with enhanced anti reflective lens coatings for stunning image quality and impressive light transmission the short. Hinge design ensures that you will have a secure grip no matter your situation. Argon purged and oring sealed intrepid. Binoculars stand up against the weather ensuring waterproof and fog proof integrity for any climate a rubber. Armored chassis with ultra hard lens coatings will protect your binoculars on your trek from scratches oil and dirt. The intrepid is a rugged binocular that. Only cabala's and vortex can give you to. Get a leg up on your adventures available exclusively at cabala's and covered by the vortex v.i.p warrant.

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    Nikon Aculon 10x50 Binoculars

  • Fully multicoated lenses
  • Rubber armor coating
  • Turn-and-slide rubber eyecups
  • Lightweight, ergonomic construction
  • Nikon has a complete line of optics  Learn More Button

    Nikon's Aculon 10x50 Binoculars combine ultraclear multicoated lenses with a full rubber-armor coating for worry-free reliability. Turn-and slide rubber eyecups precisely position your eyes for optimized viewing over long periods of time without eye strain. Aspherical, multicoated eco-glass lenses provide a flat field of view, enhanced brightness and amazing edge-to-edge clarity. Aculon's central focusing dial is easy to reach and quick to adjust. Lightweight construction sports an ergonomic design that's comfortable to hold.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    These are the nikon action 10 by 50. Binoculars these are 50 millimeter objectives which. Means it lets a lot lighter in than a. Smaller objective lens the benefit again. Is a brighter sight picture however it. Does add a fair amount of weight so. Unless you really need a large objective. Lens like you do a lot of viewing in low-light conditions they tend to walk a. Lot you may want to look at a lighter set of binoculars but these are really good fairly inexpensive you get a lot for. Your money as you do with all nikon products the adjustment for the distance. Between your eyes is very easy it has a. Nice smooth focusing ring single diopter. Focusing ring and again if you don't. Know how to do that we made a video on how to adjust your binoculars to get them focused in the educational video section these also have a nice rubber. Eyepiece so it's comfortable to use. These binoculars also one thing i need. To mention is these are not waterproof so if you do your outdoor work when it. Can be bad out you're going to want to probably look at the nikon action atb which are waterproof but if you are a. Fair-weather sportsman then you shouldn't have any problem and 10 power this might be a little bit too much for bird-watching or for general outdoor use sports hunting these would be a good. Option these binoculars come with a nice. Padded case with the loop the surrounding fits you know through your belt. Covers for the eyepieces and the objective lens and a handy neck strap.

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    Nikon MONARCH 7 10x42 Binoculars

  • Special glass and prism coating enhance low-light performance
  • Superior roof-prism technology maximizes resolution
  • Waterproof and fogproof with durable rubber armor
  • Nikon has a complete line of optics  Learn More Button

    Boasting premium extra-low dispersion (ED) glass and dielectric, high-reflective multilayer prism coating, the Nikon MONARCH 7 10x42 Binoculars delivers bright colors, an enhanced field of view and drastically improved low-light performance. Phase-correction-coated roof prisms for high resolution. Lenses are nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed for waterproof, fogproof reliability. Long eye relief and multiclick, turn-and-slide rubber eyecups for eyeglass wears. Ergonomic, compact ATB body with durable, rubber-armored coating for a secure, nonslip grip.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys it's harley wood just got back. From a montana elk hunt and before the hunt i showed some of the gear that i was going to take with me i had some guys asking me about the binoculars in particular the nikon monarch sevens so. I'm gonna go over those a little bit today just a real quick video these Bushnell's are the ones that I've had for years probably eight or nine years and a couple things i don't like about them one is these old-style eye relief caps here they flip you can see. This one's completely missing i lost it don't even know where it is this one's you know on its last leg these new icons. Have a really cool way of doing that. Look twist for more eye relief if you're. Wearing glasses you can scale them back out they also have so you would get your. Focus with this ring here with your left. Eye and then on your right eye let me turn around so on your right eye you would actually use this to fine-tune your right eye now they also have integrated lens protection one of the. Things that i really liked about these was the ability to change my focal depth. With those Bushnell's i didn't have this dial on there were i could pull the focus out or push it in and the benefit of this is let's say. You're looking at a deer through the woods if you pull your focus sometimes back it reveals branches and things that are in between you and the target you know the subject matter and can. Probably help you to avoid taking a very bad shot I'm gonna roll in some footage right here so you can kind of see that you'll see that I'm focused out on something and as i pull the zoom back you can see that it reveals things that you could not previously see so very. Beneficial loved these rings there. They're adjustable in different increments so very innovative they're these are completely waterproof depending on where you get them they're probably going to be in the $600 or $700 range somewhere around there I'll post a link in the description below I'm gonna do some searching try to find you the best price at the time of filming this video if you find them somewhere cheaper by all means hit me up tell me in the video and I'll change the link so that's it guys the nikon monarch 7s had a. Couple guys asking me about it so hope that answers your questions if not hit me up in the comments thanks for watching if you like this video please hit that subscribe button lots more videos to come, and we'll see on the next one.

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    Cabela's Intensity HD Compact 8x25 Binoculars

  • Premium HD extra-low dispersion glass
  • Enhanced image quality and exceptional clarity
  • Phase-coated prism enhances resolution and natural colors
  • Fully multicoated lenses with advanced ultrawide-band coating
  • Ultralightweight, compact rubber-armored magnesium-alloy chassis
  • IPX7 waterproof rating withstands 30 minutes of submersion
  • Enhance your long-range hunting visibility and tine-counting clarity with Cabela's Intensity HD Compact Binoculars. Premium-quality HD extra-low-dispersion (ED) glass objective lenses dramatically enhances image quality, providing exceptional clarity even when wildlife is viewed against high-contrast backgrounds. Phase- and silver-coated roof prism preserves natural image colors while enhancing resolution for true-to-life views at greater distances. Both sides of all lenses are fully multicoated with advanced ultrawide-band coating technology. Multiple anti-reflective lens coatings enhance light transmission for brighter image quality and enhanced visibility in hazy and evening lighting conditions. Compact 25mm objective lenses and ultratough and extremely lightweight rubber-armored magnesium-alloy chassis withstands your toughest hunts and require minimal space in your pack. O-ring sealed for fogproof performance and an IPX7 waterproof rating that withstands submersion for 30 minutes. Extra-wide field of view displays more of what's in front of you. Easy-to-hold ergonomic design and large, textured focus wheel. Long eye relief allows comfortable viewing even with glasses on. Includes padded neck strap and lens covers.
    Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    See how far they go. Like to follow them to the loaf. We're out here scouting geese we just finished up our morning hunt came across this field it's only got one flock probably about thirty-five geese in it but i wanted to go over the binoculars. We've been using this year so far these are a 10 by 42 hd cabala's intensity. Binoculars and to start off the eye. Relief you can twist these in pull them out whatever you would rather do they're. Really rugged pair of binoculars they've got the nice neoprene neck strap that way you can leave them hanging if you're walking through the woods or if you're walking back to a hold of scout for ducks they're not going to be uncomfortable to wear around your neck come with a nice carrying case keep them in keep them protected, and they're very clear image they got the hd image they're waterproof they have a ring in. There that keeps the water out they can be submersed for up to 30 minutes and still be okay always keeping the truck looking for ducks and geese we've been using them so far this year and are absolutely happy with them so if you're in the market for a new set of binoculars at a great price point head over to cabala's com check out the cabala's hd intensity. Binoculars.

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    Leica Geovid R Rangefinding 15x56 Binoculars

  • High-performance optical system
  • Reliable distance measurement
  • Ballistic angle compensation
  • Comfortable design for fatigue-free viewing
  • LED display adjusts to match lighting conditions
  • Just the essentials. Leica's Geovid R Rangefinding 15x56 Binoculars feature a high-performance optical system, reliable distance measurement and ballistic angle compensation. Comfortable with a wide field of view, these are perfect for scanning broad terrain or for viewing for long periods of time. High-contrast lenses with edge-to-edge image sharpness ensure easy identification of even the smallest details. LED display adjusts the brightness automatically to lighting conditions. Displays linear distances for a measuring range of up to 1,200 yds. (1,100 meters). Ballistics function displays the equivalent horizontal range for angled shots from 10 to 600 yds. (or 10 to 550 meters). Waterproof to 16.5 ft. Nitrogen-filled. Includes contoured neoprene strap, front lens caps, eyepiece caps, battery and Cordura® case.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Welcome back to team our gear or. Actually welcome back to team wilds. Unboxing of incredibly cool gear now. Behind me you can see my Terkel rx helix. Superbest straight-pull rifle in 3006. Whirring it's like a magnus 1.5 to 10 by. 42 hooba scope now this is the gear I'm. Taking with me wild boar driven wild boar hunting in the czech republic but. Seeing as i was using a leica scope i thought well i might as well use like a. Bi nose so the guys at your gun sent me this like is g over 10 by 42. Range-finding by nose now i love. Range-finding by nose hey because i don't have to take a separate rangefinder and be it's just easier and more intuitive to look through your by. Nose ranging targets either the target your shooter or a bush or extra cover. You can help tactically me under your way towards a quarry, and they come in an. Incredibly shiny silver box so it must. Be good right let's have a look inside. Okay so as you can expect very pretty. Packaging as a train here that has. Instruction manual in 78 different. Languages what i like to see is this. It's a quality control certificate that was made out by a human not by a robot. The warranty card looks like some kind. Of feedback from the objective lens caps. Really useful save yourself a lot. Of wiping lenses small battery Duracell battery for the. Range-finding unit eyepiece covers and. Then the obligatory like an extra hour. Chances are i won't be using this i like to use my bio harness or my man bra as. Its otherwise known and then here this. Is where they keep the good stuff so. Putting the shiny box aside this is a. Nice case so have a look at it now because the chances of you ever seeing this again are very slim i just don't use my case let's open it up and. Here we have wow now one of the most. Stylish lee built optical instruments i think I've ever seen now like it do my cameras they are. Famous for making stylish and sophisticated looking camera equipment and these buy notes here i think for that same sort of plan now immediately. I'm thinking yeah they look nice but do. They fit on my hands and i would say I'm. Pretty used to using now let me get my voice by nose to give you a comparison now these are my zeiss 10 my 45s these. Are the things I've lived with in the bush for about three years now super rock-solid of throwing them in places i shouldn't have done really dropped them crawled in them dented them. And they still work absolutely perfectly so with the eyepieces fully extended. That's roughly what we play with now as. You can see these look more stylish for. Then a lot more angular so they're as. You like for like a zeiss 10 by 45. 10 by 42 so they're not too dissimilar. The like is way in at 950 grams they. Just under a kilo the zeiss 995 there's. Ice has finger grooves here and a more. Intuitive button placement i would say when my hands go but what i love about. The leica ones this button here is long and there is only one the amount of times I've played on the right-hand side with my zeiss and those chains and menu settings and it's very annoying but this button does fit in the right place so turning them. Around we can see the underneath here you can set different focal lengths for. Your eyes you can adjust those and it's very clearly easy to see which the red on the right and then the white on the. Left now these are in sets. These are justice so it's highly unlikely that you're going to accidentally knock them when you're. Using the mouse in the field a couple of little fun grieves there if you open the right up you should just be able to see in there that's what the housing where. The battery goes just don't do that probably do it my thumb to start with and then slot the battery in now the. Extendable eyepieces here are actually. Really nice they zoom straight out they've got kind of indexing one two. Three two you know three different settings depending on your eye relief. But once again a thoroughly attractive. As well as functional packet now who's. To know how these perform okay let you know in a couple of weeks times so there. We have it the locate g ovid 10 by 40 to. S they look very stylish there's a couple of other exciting bits to them or. Features that you might be interested in firstly they'll work down to minus 25 that sounds pretty cobras. Minus 14 bc last year and i was glad. That the equipment i had had been tested to those sorts of conditions now i don't think I'm minus 25 as a limitation on the product itself i think it's probably more likely to be the battery because it minus 25 a lot of batteries do freezer it's also waterproof down to five meters now. Clearly we're not going to be using underwater unless I'm really unlucky and lose my footing but that means that it. Will withstand the weight and the pressure of water on the joints so you're not going to get water ingress into the mechanism or into the rangefinder so that's another really. Important factor not just water resistant but totally waterproof so. Compact stylish lightweight pack full of. Features and the Ecuador coating on the. Lenses to keep those clean dust free and. Hopefully free of water so they're going. With me now along with the magnus and all say the merkel, and we'll let you know in a couple weeks time exactly how we got on see you then. Subscribe to team wild tv for the best berman busting hunting gear bow hunting and air gunning videos on youtube.

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    Swarovski EL 10x50 Binoculars with Field Pro Package

  • Fluoride HD optics for unrivaled image quality
  • Field flattener lenses for a full field of view
  • Large eye relief for eyeglass wearers
  • Enhanced coating for maximum color fidelity
  • Swaroclean external lens coating
  • Includes carry bag, strap, lens covers and rain guard
  • Swarovski EL 10x50 Binoculars feature revolutionary Swarovision technology, which is a combination of fluoride HD optics, field flattener lenses and large eye relief, ensuring impressive image resolution over the entire field of view, even for eyeglass wearers. New focusing mechanism for fast, precise focusing. Removable twist-up eyecups adjust to three stages. Enhanced coatings for maximum color fidelity guarantee absolutely lifelike color reproduction and outstanding image brightness, even at dusk. Swaroclean coating on external lenses are applied so dirt, water marks, tree resin, etc. can be removed effortlessly. Rugged, lightweight magnesium housing. FieldPro package includes: carry bag, adjustable carry strap with rotating pin attachment, tethered objective lens covers and soft rubber ocular rain guard.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    familiar with the Swarovski brand you know the optical performance of their il binoculars is unsurpassed these are as good as binoculars get and to ensure the best user experience possible Swarovski didn't rest on their laurels with their premium optical system instead they turn their attention to how we use the binoculars in the field which led to the development of their

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    Steiner Predator 10x26 Binoculars

  • Excel during early-season hunts in heavy cover
  • Color-Adjusted Transmission lens coatings
  • Superior light transmission for dusk and dawn viewing
  • 10x magnification provides excellent long-range detail
  • Whether it's archery, rifle or muzzleloader, count on Steiner's Predator 10x26 Binoculars for close-up views of the wildlife you hunt. Roof-prism design and CAT™ (Color-Adjusted Transmission) lens coatings excel in heavy cover and early-season dusk and dawn low-light conditions. 10x magnification provides long-range detail and game-spotting clarity that's perfect for open fields and hilly regions. Extremely lightweight with the durability to withstand the toughest hunts. Steiner Heritage Lifetime Warranty.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Through the eyes of a predator extend. Your world with steiner predator bro see. What you've been missing steiner coated optics pull wildlife. Right out of the woods calling out browns and reds from the surrounding green making it easy to spot the most. Hidden birds check your targets at the. Range or spy your game with eyes crafted. Just for the hunt waterproof and. Shockproof for real field use. Lightweight and easy to take with you into the deepest wild dependable clarity. While all the competition gives you is a fogged up mess steiner german made. Optics stack the deck in your favor. Being mean forest green steiner is the. No contest you enjoy and you get yours. Here for less.

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    Vanguard Endeavor ED II 8x32 Binoculars

  • Premium Japanese ED glass reduces color dispersion
  • BaK-4 roof prisms deliver sharp images
  • Waterproof and fogproof performance
  • Anti-reflection coating reduces glare
  • Ergonomic open-bridge design
  • Three-stage twist-up eyecups
  • The Vanguard Endeavor ED II Binoculars provide vivid sharpness, exceptional light transmission and remarkable color resolution. Premium Japanese Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass provides high-resolution, true-to-life color and clarity. P2 Phase-Coated BaK-4 roof prisms eliminate internal light scattering for ultrasharp images, while fully coated lenses reduce reflection, producing a super-clear viewing window. Ultralight magnesium-alloy construction ensures they don't become cumbersome on a long hunt. Ergonomic open-bridge design for comfortable use and a wide viewing angle. Three-stage twist-up eyecups provide extended eye relief with or without eye glasses. Large focus-adjustment wheel quickly puts images into focus. Position-locking diopter adjustment wheel. Nitrogen-charged and O-ring-sealed waterproof and fogproof performance. Soft rubber armor with a sure-grip textured finish. Includes tethered objective lens covers, removable ocular lens covers, neck strap and a padded carry case. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

    Vanguard is excited to announce the. Endeavor edie to binocular the endeavor eb binocular is a flagship of vanguard. Optics and it has won numerous awards including binocular of the year in bird. Watchers digest the original binocular the endeavor ad featured really low. Dispersing glass and it was just a great. Product for vanguard, and we're so excited to be building upon that foundation that that vanguard has given us this is the vanguard endeavor idi to. Binocular it features a japanese hoya glass and it's its waterproof fog proof. As magnesium alloy casting and it's just. A great product it has adjustable. Diopters then this is the vanguard. And every d2 binocular from vanguard coming out this spring retailing for. $4.99 it comes in a 8 by 42 a 10 by 42. And at 8 by 32 and it's just something. We're really excited about a great product from vanguard thank you.

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