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The 5 Best Glock 43 Night Sights

If there’s anyone upgrade that you should make to any defensive or fighting pistol, it’s to upgrade the sights.

The factory sights that come on most semi-automatic pistols these days are functional but also rather minimalistic, and the popular Glock 43 9mm is no exception.

One of the best upgrades you can make to your Glock 43 is to replace those factory sights with metal night sights. Night sights are simply luminescent replacements for normal factory sights, which make it much easier for you to aim your weapon in darker and lower light conditions.

During the daytime, night sights just look like completely normal sights. It’s only when things get darker out that they begin to glow.

This article will cover examples of the best night sights that you can buy for a Glock 43 today, the general pros and cons of turning to night sights, to begin with, how to choose a pair of night sights for your Glock 43, and then an FAQ on Glock 43 sights.

1. Ameriglo classic sight (green and white)

AMERIGLO CLASSIC SIGHT for Glock 43AmeriGlo night sights are currently in use with law enforcement officers, military units, and civilian shooters alike all over the world. Built out of CNC-machine steel, they are an excellent addition to any defensive pistol such as the Glock 43.

Available in a white-and-green color scheme—consisting of shining green tritium dots and then a bright white ring surrounding it—these sights are great to use in day and nighttime alike.

The quality also delivers, with many people suggesting that AmeriGlo is built to the same standards as world-renowned Trijicon.


  • CNC-machined
  • Green-and-white color scheme
  • Tritium green dots


  • Easy to install
  • In use around the world
  • Good for day and night use
  • High quality


  • Tritium lamps are slightly less bright than competitors

As a whole, the AmeriGlo represents a solid option for Glock 43 night sights on the market and a solid and high-quality alternative to other ones such as Trijicon.

2. HI-VIZ Glock LiteWave sights

The all-black Hi-Viz Glock Litewave Sights features a very bright green tritium insert, which is brighter than the one featured on the Ameriglo we just discussed.

You’ll also note that the top front portion of this site is exposed thanks to the diagonal wave pattern. The purpose behind this is to help the tritium gather light while remaining fully protected from damage due to outside use of the pistol.

The face of the front sight is also serrated in order to reflect peripheral light, even though it lacks a surrounding white ring.

Another benefit to these sights is their price. These are more affordable than many other comparable night sights on the market, such as Trijicon, despite having an all-steel construction (an absolute must for any pair of night sights).

As an added bonus, these sights will also fit virtually all models of Glock pistols, not just the G43.


  • Serrated front sight
  • Bright green tritium
  • All-steel construction


  • Price
  • Diagonal wave pattern helps to protect the tritium
  • The serrated face on the front sight
  • Fits all Glock models


  • No painted ring around the tritium, so less visible during the daylight

Ultimately, these are a great pair of night sights to go with if you know you would like to try night sights but aren’t sure if they will be the best way to go for you. If you’re looking for quality affordable night sights, the Hi-Viz sights are a good choice.

3. Trijicon Bright and tough night sights

Bright & Tough™

The Trijicon Bright and Tough Night Sights are designed for the Glock 42 and Glock 43 pistols. These have green coloring on the front and rear dots with a surrounding white ring to give the sights better visibility during the daylight.

The tritium-filled glass lamp also gives these lights very high illumination during low light settings, which is exactly what you would expect out of a pair of high-end night sights.

There’s no question that Trijicon is one of the biggest names on the night sight market, but at the same time, there’s also no denying that they command a premium price as well. Fortunately, you’ll definitely get what you pay for.

Trijicon products are regularly in use with military and law enforcement units all over the world, and their sights are built to very high standards


  • Green front and rear dots
  • White surrounding rings
  • Tritium-phosphor lamp


  • Trijicon is a very reputable brand
  • Multiple color combination patterns
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Very bright in the dark and low-light conditions
  • Very durable and well wade
  • Made in the USA


  • Very expensive

So long as you are willing to put down a lot of money to buy them, Trijicon has some of the very best sights that the market has to offer today. If you want military-grade sights on your Glock 43, then Trijicon will be the way for you to go.

4. Truglo TFO handgun sight


Another big name in night sights world is Truglo. The Truglo TFO handgun sight is also designed for both the Glock 42 and the Glock 43, just like the Trijicons that we just discussed.

With the Truglo TFO, you’ll have your choice between either yellow or green fiber optics for the rear sight. The yellow fibers will greatly increase contrast when used in the rear sight, while also using a bright green coloring for the front sight.

The sights as a whole are built out of a very tough and durable CNC machining and with a Fortress finishing that makes these sights very resistant to

As an added bonus, these sights are also rounded off on the edges in order to make them as snag-free as possible for when you draw them from your holster. This is a major plus because, in a self-defense situation, the last thing you want is for you to draw your gun only for it to become caught on your holster due to the sights.


That being said, some users have also noted that the front sight wears out much more quickly compared to some of its competitors.

It’s not like that the front sight is just going to quit working entirely after extended use, but you can expect it to become slightly dimmer the more you use it. (Most users report that they begin to dim a little after around a year of use).


  • CNC-machined
  • Fortress finish coating
  • Green front and yellow rear sights


  • Excellent overall contrast
  • Very durable and well made
  • Very rust and corrosion resistant
  • Snag resistant
  • 12-year limited warranty from the manufacturer
  • Made in the USA


  • Expensive
  • Front sight wears out somewhat quickly

As with the Trijicon night sights, the Tru Glo TFO sights are also very expensive, and you can expect to pay well over one hundred dollars for a set. But then again, you’re also definitely getting what you pay for, as these sights deliver on both illumination and durability.

5. XS Sight systems big dot tritium express sight set


Last but not least is a more unique entry: the Big Dot Tritium Express Sight Sets from XS Sight Systems. Otherwise known simply as the Big Dot sights, these are exactly what the terminology describes: a big white dot on the front of the gun.

The idea is that the big white dot on the front of the sight (or green when illuminated) makes it very easy to quickly acquire your target.

This set consists of both rear and front sight with two tritium inserts, both of these are white and then bright green when illuminated. The rear sight has a vertical tritium bar with a white ring around it for better contrast.


Meanwhile, the front sight just has that trademark XS big dot, but it also has a white ring around it to help aid in accuracy as well.

That being said, the XS Big Dots are also by far the most expensive and costly option on this list, so you can expect to definitely pay a premium price for them (yes, these are even more expensive than the Trijicons and the Truglos).

They may not be a budget-friendly option, but they are military grade and you get what you pay for.


  • Vertical tritium bar for the rear sight
  • Big white dot for the front sight


  • Big white dot makes target acquisition fast
  • Good-sized white ring for contrast
  • Very high quality and durability
  • No empty space


  • Extremely expensive

If you’re willing to put down the money for them, the XS Big Dot Sights can end up as a very valuable investment for you. At the very least, they are high quality, and they are a solid and more unique alternative to the traditional three dot sight system that is far more common.

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