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Camping Checklist: What Should You Bring?


Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy your time with friends and family. You get to take a break from your daily routine and spend quality time with your loved ones. It helps you to reconnect with nature, and disconnect temporarily from the technology grid. You also get to keep your body fit as camping in itself is exercise. With several national parks and private campgrounds around the country, getting involved in the camping world should not be a hassle.

On most campsites, it is not uncommon to find picnic tables, car packs, special tent areas, as well as bathrooms. However, there are still a number of items that you need to bring if you want your camping to be a success. And those tings will be listed out in this article.

First time camping?

By the way, if you are camping for the first time or you do not intend to go regularly, you might want to consider renting some of these items. But, if you plan on making camping a regular activity, you might want to spare a little buck to own these items. Without further ado, here are some of the most important camping gears that you should take along with you for a smooth camping experience. Feel free to use this list to create your camping checklist to ensure that you do not miss a thing.

necessary camping gear


This comes as a no brainer. When we think of camping, we tend to have images of tents popping up in our head. Sometimes, you might want to consider using your car as a substitute. However, doing that takes away a bit of the fun in camping. Besides, it might make it difficult for you to experience the feel of nature around you. Remember that you are going for the authentic camping experience. So, don’t miss out by leaving your tent behind. Your tent should go straight into your camping checklist and top the list.

Lantern or Headlamp

Another camping gear you should bring along with you is a source of light for the dark. This will come in really handy at night when you want to take a stroll or check up on your equipment. You should also ensure that you keep your headlamp or other sources of light within easy reach. Not to scare you, but searching for a lamp in the dark, while camping, can be pretty nerve-wracking.

Sleeping bags

Yes, you want to go camping and move closer to nature. But, that does not mean you shouldn’t get a good night rest. No matter where you are camping, the quality of your sleep depends largely on your sleeping bags. Ensure that you get a sturdy sleep bag to take along with you for your camping, and your sleep will be just fine. In addition to this, a great camping hack is to make use of your sleeping bag sack as a pillow by stuffing it with clothes. Doing this saves you even more space because you don’t have to pack your pillow.

Snacks and Food

You should ensure that you take enough snacks and food that will last you through your camping time. You will not want to run out of food supplies while enjoying your camping. Apart from food, carry along some necessary kitchen equipment that will be required for food preparation. For avoidance of doubt, go with a stove, cooking pots, plates, mugs, cooler, as well as any other kitchen items that will facilitate your feeding.

First Aid Kit

first aid campingIt is common to find people getting injured when they go camping. Scratches, bumps, cuts, are things that sometimes occur when people are not very careful on campsites. Taking with you simple first aid items such as band-aids, gauze pads, wound cleaning agents, scissors, can perform wonders and even save a life. Don’t be tempted to leave them out on the premise. Even if you are always careful, your company or other campers might need them. In summary, ensure you have this checked on your checklist before heading to your campsite. 

Alternate weather wear

It is not uncommon to see the weather going against its earlier reported forecast. In case you have checked the weather forecast and noticed that you will be having sunny days throughout your camping period, throw in some rainy wears as well. You might get a sudden change in the weather, and you do not want to be unprepared for such. Now, you have to worry less about sudden changes in the weather.

Must-have tools for camping


The use of ropes in the camping world is one that is almost endless. Going with a reasonable size of rope will save you tons of headache at the campsite. For instance, you may find yourself needing to make a clothes line for your wet clothes. If you are versatile in creating different knots, you will also find it very resourceful. Besides, the rope can be useful in erecting shelter or helping people out of a difficult situation when they go hiking or swimming. Whatever you do, don’t leave this particularly useful item out of your checklist.


Even though it occupies just a little space in your camping backpack, the knife is very much essential. You will often find yourself needing to do some cutting, which might be otherwise difficult without a knife. In setting up a shelter and making use of your rope, you will find this small camping gear resourceful. You can also go along with small scissors, saw, or corkscrew if you have space as there are some cutting where these will be better options.

Bottom Line

how to set a tentCamping is a great idea. But it can easily become an unpleasant experience when you do not go with the necessary camping gears and equipment. Although the list of the things that you can pack for your camping is almost endless, we have highlighted some of the most important ones here. Ensure you don’t miss out any of them the next time you go camping. And for what it’s worth, watch out for bears and enjoy your trip.

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