How to Travel the World for Free

cheap travelingHave you always believed that going on a trip is expensive? Well, think again. There is actually a lot of ways for you to travel abroad for free or for much less; you will just need to know where to look. So, how to travel for free? Here some of the things you can do to explore the world at no or minimal expense.

Work and Travel

Are you worried about not having the budget to fund your vacation? One of the most popular ways to travel for free is by getting a job in exchange for free board. So, if you are willing to do a little bit of work while you are on your vacation, this might be just for you. There are some companies that offer to take on your travel costs in return for a little effort. There are several organizations that offer work-exchange programs. Some will even give you allowance or pay. This is also a popular option for those who are looking to build their resume.

Often times, you will have to process your visa and other requirements yourself, so be sure to have them beforehand.

Apply for Seasonal Jobs

Applying for a seasonal job is also a great way for you to travel for free. If you are looking to enjoy some skiing action while getting paid for it, you can apply for jobs at ski resorts. You will get to have free access to all the slopes you want. Some companies are also looking for ski representatives to join in. Along with the job, you will also get to enjoy free passes, food, and board.

Be a farmer

If you have a knack for farming then this might be a great option for you. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms or WWOOF post farm jobs on their site. Farm owners from all around the world post job positions that travelers can apply for in exchange for food and board. You will only need to work a few hours a day so you will have plenty of time to explore the place. You might even get to do fruit picking as well. It’s how most people travel to Italy for free.

traveling farmer

Just remember that you might be required to finance the airfare, so make sure that you have all the details ironed out before you decide to use this method.  You will also have to pay a minimal fee in order to access the list of farms you can work for. Another option is to go to the local office WWOOF for inquiries.

Use Your Rewards Points

Try to check if your card offers a rewards point system, actually, most of them do. You can use the points you have accumulated to get travel packages or tickets from participating airline companies at a discount or at no cost at all. Check the card’s website; you will most likely see the equivalent points needed to avail of the reward.

There are also transport companies like Greyhound and Amtrak that give out points every time you use their services.  You will have to log in to your account first before booking your trip so that it can be counted as a reward point that you can redeem. It’s one of the best ways to travel around the US for free.

Do a Home Swap

If you have a beautiful home in a great holiday spot then you can consider doing a home swap. There are agencies that will help you connect to different homeowners that you can do the swap with. The stay in the house itself is free; however, you will need to pay an annual membership fee to take advantage of this option. There are also companies that offer home swaps in Hawaii. Who knows, you might even be able to travel to Hawaii for free and enjoy the sun.

You will also have to book the place in advance and negotiate the terms with the homeowners themselves. If it’s their main home, then you would generally have to do the home swap at the same time, but if it’s a vacation home, then you will have more flexibility when negotiating the terms.

Become a house sitter

Don’t have a home you can swap? There’s no need to fret, you can still have a home all to yourselves. House-sitting is a great gig for those looking to have free accommodations while traveling. You will only need to take care of the house for an agreed amount of time while the owner is away. You might also need to take care of their pets. So negotiate with the home-owners in advance.

Your reputation as a house sitter also matters. People who have been doing it for a long time typically have the advantage. But one thing you can do to up your profile is posting more information about yourself or a fun informative video about the benefits of getting you as a house sitter. 

Jump on a cruise

How do you travel around the world for free? One of the best options is to work on a cruise ship. Cruise lines are always on the lookout for staff members. Check out their websites and see which job suits you best. One of the most wanted occupations they need are chefs, entertainers, cabin crew, and many more. If you have the skills needed and the sea-legs to withstand the course don’t be afraid to apply. There are also websites that post ads for positions in cruise lines so check those out too.

Use the Frequent Flyer Program

You can take advantage of the many frequent flyer programs available. Compare each one and choose the program which gives you more miles for your money. There are also other companies that offer you other services in exchange for frequent flyer points. You can even fly to your destination at zero cost. Budget Airlines usually have zero-dollar ticket promos when you book in advance. However, you will have to frequently check the airline website or partner travel agencies in order to catch the promotional period.

frequent flyer bonus

Be a Flight Attendant

If you aren’t fit for the sea, why not take on the skies. Well-known international airlines are frequently hiring flight attendants. From the accommodations to the food, the airline company has it covered. Most flights have long layovers, so you will have the chance to explore the new place. Plus, you will also have access to discounts on your personal travels. You can start with local trips and travel around America for free. Most airlines don’t really require a degree to be a flight attendant but you must have a high school diploma or GED.

Be a nanny

Do you have enough patience for kids? If so, then why not be an international nanny? You will get to stay at a local’s home with free room and food. On top of that, you will also have a salary.  It’s one of the best ways to travel to Europe for free. As an au pair or nanny, you will be asked to take care of the children of the house. Each host family has different requirements. You won’t need to wipe runny noses at all. In fact, it is a bit like a cultural exchange exercise.

Opportunities for creative people

Teach English

english teacher abroadDo you speak English? Well, you are in luck. There are plenty of companies that are looking to hire English speakers to teach the language. You will also get a housing allowance together with a monthly salary. 

You don’t even need a degree to teach it. However, you might need to get a certification. The requirements per country may vary but you will most likely need a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Countries like China, South Korea, Vietnam, and Japan are always on the lookout for English teachers. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture, it’s one of the options to consider if you want to travel to Japan for free. So try to check out companies that offer their services there.

Alternatively, there are also companies like Diverbo who are looking for volunteers to teach English. You will get free transport, accommodations, and food. The work hours for this gig are quite flexible as well.

Go and sleep on a Couch

Other than your conventional hitchhiking, where you can just hail a passing vehicle and hitch, couchsurfing has become one of the most popular ways to get free board. It gives you access to locals who are happy to open their homes for you to stay in.  Plus, members will have better reviews if they have a couch or spare room for just this purpose. In return, couchsurfers are expected to help around the house for the duration of their stay.  It is a great way for you to immerse yourself in the culture through a local’s eyes. Couchsurfing is also a relatively safe option to get free accommodations.

Be a travel blogger

If you have the knack for words and sharing your experiences, travel blogging is another great option for you to travel to the US for free. Other countries like Japan and Vietnam are also available. Most travel bloggers are influencers at the same time. Hotels or resorts invite them to write a review about their place on your blog. Furthermore, being invited means that accommodations and food are free. Plus, you can also expect great service during your stay.

become a travel blogger

It’s a great option when you want to travel for free, but you will need to build your reputation online in order to get invited. You can also actively contact an establishment of your choice if you want, most businesses love to be marketed online.

Traveling around the world might sound like a pipe dream, but it isn’t. Everyone loves to travel, so why not do it for free. Nowadays, there are plenty of practical ways to get around that expensive travel budget. You might even be able to score one that will give you money to visit and explore. So strap on your bag, put on your cap, and go travel for free.




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