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Best camping tents of 2019

Large, user-friendly, and feature-rich, tents for camping are produced to get a relatively luxurious encounter in the outdoors. Many of these behemoths provide enough room to established up cots or maybe a chair and a table to get card games on a rainy day. The vast majority of car campers take just a few trips a year, usually during the peak summer months, and even the cheapest tents on this list can perform well for this kind of use. For tougher weather conditions or as a long-term investment, consider springing for a better-built and more expensive model. For more information, see our comparison table and buying advice below the picks. To complete your kit, we’ve also written about the best camping sleeping bags and mattresses.

Best Overall Camping Tent

1. REI Co-op Kingdom 6 ($439)

REI Kingdom 6 camping tent

Floor area: 83.3 sq. ft.
Doors: 2
Weight: 19 lb. 12 oz.
Capacities4P, 6P, 8P
What we like: Separate rooms and lots of space.
What we don’t: Super tall construction isn’t ideal for windy weather.

For an excellent build from a corporation that knows something or two about camping, the REI Co-op Kingdom is our top tent of 2019. Most of all, you get a huge amount of livable space at a good price. The hubbed pole design creates near vertical walls, therefore the peak level of 75 in . is relished throughout almost all of the tent (traditional dome-style tents are just roomy in the midsection). Further, the Kingdom has been thoughtfully made with a great deal of interior storage area, a center divider to build different rooms, large doors on both ends, and a customizable rainfly that is one in our favorites on the marketplace.

It’s worthwhile noting that REI has released a fresh version of the Kingdom for 2019 with even more mesh for better stargazing, a sturdier pole design, and a modified, more customizable vestibule. For individuals who want additional space, REI is advertising a fresh Mud Room for $100 and a more substantial Porch for $199. We liked the old “Storage” connection for the Kingdom, that was pretty much of combo of both, but both options offer added coverage to match various camping needs. We still supply the little nod to the aged version because it’s on closeout for under $300, so pick up one while resources last.

A Close Second

2. Marmot Limestone 4P ($359)

Marmot Limestone 4 camping tent

Floor area: 59.7 sq. ft.
Doors: 2
Weight: 11 lb. 11 oz.
Capacities: 4P, 6P, 8P
What we like: High-quality construction and enough tent for most campers.
What we don’t: Not as storm-ready as the Marmot Halo.

The liability of the REI Kingdom above is tough to beat, but Marmot offers another quality set-up in the Limestone. This camping tent includes ample space for four, is easy to pitch, and reasonably weather resistant thanks to a full-coverage rainfly and taut DAC pole design that stands up well to moderate wind. And while the peak height of 61 inches on this four-person dome-style tent isn’t anything to write home about (the higher capacity versions have taller ceilings), the poles effectively stretch the walls outwards to create a roomier-feeling interior.

It’s true that the Kingdom 4 is taller and more spacious, but the Limestone costs $30 less and is a better performer when the wind picks up. For those who camp only on warm summer days, which is a high percentage of folks, the Limestone is ideal. Its mesh-heavy design, vents, and near vertical walls make it comfortable even with the fly on. That said, those looking for an even more storm-ready design should check out Marmot’s Halo. This tent has a beefed-up pole structure and less mesh in the tent body that adds about 1.5 pounds in weight and $100 to the price tag, but it will stand up to the elements much better. In the end, both are solid options from one of our favorite camping brands, but the Limestone gets the edge like a great value for fair-weather campers.

Best Budget Camping Tent

3. Coleman Sundome 6 ($98)

Coleman Sundome 6 (green) camping tent

Floor area: 100 sq. ft.
Doors: 1
Weight: 16 lb. 10 oz.
Capacities: 2P, 3P, 4P, 6P
What we like: Bargain basement price.
What we don’t: Questionable build quality and limited rain fly.

Realistically, a healthy number of individuals only go camping once or twice a summertime in good conditions and don’t need all the bells and whistles of the tents above. If this sounds like you, give serious concern to the Sundome 6 from Coleman, which isn’t made from the fanciest fabrics but likely will get the job done. Most importantly, the price that’s often around $90 is a grab compared to a few of the fully-featured tents upon this list that is five times much.

What do you sacrifice by choosing this inexpensive tent? We’ve found the materials feel rather cheap, including from the videos and poles to the tent walls. Also, the rainwater fly covers the key part of the tent body but leaves the area of the factory open. This shouldn’t be a concern generally in most conditions, but we do like full dental coverage plans for serious rainwater and blowing winds. However, the roominess, durability, and weather coverage all exceed what we’d expect as of this price point, which explains why we have the Sundome so on top of this list.

Best Rooftop Tent

4. Yakima SkyRise 3 Rooftop Tent ($1,499)

Yakima SkyRise 3 rooftop tent

Floor area: 37.3 sq. ft.
Doors: 1
Weight: 115 lb.
Capacities: 2P, 3P
What we like: A functional and relatively easy to use a rooftop tent system.
What we don’t: Expensive, heavy, and bulky.

Roof tents have gone from niche to mainstream in just a few short years. The appeal is apparent: a tent attached to the roof of the car expands camping and street tripping opportunities exponentially, not really to mention you’re sleeping elevated off the floor. Tepui makes a number of high-quality options-the hard Kukenam Ruggedized is especially impressive-but we think Yakima’s SkyRise provides the right blend of price, usability, and weather safety. The three-person model is comfortable inside with a built-in foam mattress, set up is not really at all hard (seeing Yakima’s videos can help), as well as the strong lightweight aluminum poles and full dental care coverage plans rainfly carry out admirably in abrasive circumstances.

The greatest impediments with a rooftop tent of any type would be the connected cost and bulk. In $1, 500, the Yakima SkyRise 3 is among the majority of affordable totally waterproof versions, however, the price does not put in a roof rack program (you may want to upgrade from the common rack incorporated with your automobile). Furthermore, the camping tent sits together with your vehicle (or pickup foundation) and occupies the majority of that space, so there’s simply no room for attaching skis, bikes, or a roofing field. But having the capability to produce camp just about everywhere, the initial SkyRise gets a place on our list for 2019

Best Crossover Camping/Backpacking Tent

5. REI Co-op Half Dome 4 Plus ($329)

REI Half Dome 4 Plus tent

Floor area: 58.7 sq. ft.
Doors: 2
Weight: 7 lb. 10 oz.
Capacities: 1 Plus, 2 Plus, 3 Plus, 4 Plus
What we like: Great crossover camping and backpacking tent for families.
What we don’t: $30 price jump from the previous model.

REI redesigned its signature Fifty percent Dome line last yr with a major emphasis upon interior space. To begin, they now only provide “Plus” versions, which typically were longer and wider variations of their standard-sized models. The other main change was a new pole design that extends the walls to end up being virtually vertical, giving the interior a much more open and airy feel. And great news for men and women who have possessed previous editions: the current Half Dome retains the build quality, durability, and feature set that has produced it a long-time preferred.

One downside of the Half Dome 4. In addition, is that it costs $30 more than the old four-person option, which usually puts it in the same ballpark as REI’s Kingdom 4 ($389) over. If you strictly program on car camping, we all recommend spending up to acquire the Kingdom’s remarkable livable space and easier access/exit. But for family members that are looking an individual tent to acquire camping and backpacking-at significantly less than 8 pounds, it really is simple to divvy up the holding duties-the 1 / 2 Dome 4 Plus can be an outstanding option.

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