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The Best Times for Fishing in 2019 – Fishing Calendar

In nature all is interrelated. Sun, Moon, weather, and tides affect various forms of life on Earth. Fish are not an exception. There are periods of high activity when the fish look for nutrition. These times are the best for successful fishing. In order to help you choose the right day, we present the Lunar Fishing Calendar. In was composed according to Moon position and phase.

Below you can find a detailed calendar for the next 3 months. It highlights the dates that are best for fishing. Those days the fish is the most active so you can easily cast your baits and wait a bit for a great result.

July 2019

best time for fishing july

August 2019

best time for fishing august

September 2019

best time for fishing september

Hope, this calendar will help you to have great fishing experience. Keep in mind that right-chosen time is only a part of success. Returning home with or without fish depends on your skills, quality of fishing gear, and fishing place. You can get more information about fishing: the best rods, reels, lines, and other essentials. Welcome to my fishing gear reviews.

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