Best telescopes for the money — what are the best telescopes to buy?

The Search for the Best telescopes

The best telescopes are great for scoping out massive stars, but they’re just as useful for looking at planets, and with a high-quality lens, you can get a clear view of almost every planet in the solar system.

The only problem is that astronomy can be quite complex, and if you don’t know how to find the best telescope for your needs, there is a good chance that you’ll end up with a lackluster experience.

Below I have outlined what I consider to be the best retail level telescopes on the market today.

Celestron 21023 Cometron FirstScope white

Celestron 21023 cometron firstscope white — Outdoormiks

The Celestron 21023 Cometron FirstScope is a popular choice for beginners, and with a wide field of view, it’s commonly used to observe galaxies, star clusters, and comets. It features a lightweight, portable design, and since it’s easy to use, it’s a top pick for beginner astronomers.

The Celestron 21023 can be set up without tools, and it comes with two Kellner eyepieces. An additional selling point for this telescope is the included finder scope, which is a great accessory for beginners. This telescope is designed with a 76mm aperture, and it features a Dobsonian style.

The Celestron 21023 is an upgraded version of the original FirstScope, and with a weight of only four pounds, it can be transported and used almost anywhere. The only downside is that it’s not as sturdy as it could be, and if you’re not careful, you could accidentally break it.

SVBONY 70 mm refractor astronomical telescope

SVBONY 70 mm refractor astronomical telescope white — The Best Telescopes


The SVBONY 70mm refractor telescope is another top pick for beginners, and despite the fact that it’s great for children, the 70mm aperture offers a decent amount of viewing power. With a 2.4-inch aperture, you could classify this product as a small telescope, and it boasts a 300mm focal length.

The SVBONY astronomical telescope can be used to observe the moon, stars, and planets, and for increased magnification, it comes with several eyepieces. The highest Barlow lens delivers 150x magnification, and the eyepieces are designed for comfort.

This refractor telescope is suitable for entry-level astronomers and comes with three eyepieces. The complete package includes an aluminum tripod, optical tube and assembly instructions, which is everything you need to get started immediately.

Once the tripod has been set up, you can attach the lens tube and start aiming towards the open sky. Since this is a refractor telescope, it can also be used to observe objects on Earth.

AW 70 mm astronomical refractor telescope refractive spotting scope

AW 70 mm astronomical refractor telescope — The Best Telescopes


The AW 70mm telescope uses a refractor optics system, and for easier viewing, it comes with two comfortable eyepieces. It features an aluminum tripod, which is designed for better balance, and the tripod can be raised up to 50 inches.

The AW 70mm refractor telescope is compact, lightweight and small, and with such a small design, it’s easy to transport and store away. This telescope is a popular choice for entry-level astronomers, and it’s made with a 70mm aperture.

Another selling point for this product is the 5×24 finder scope because it makes finding tiny objects much easier. The AW 70mm telescope is a complete package, and it comes with a manual, tripod, aiming platform, eyepiece, finder scope, and optics tube.

The price is very affordable, and it gives amateur astronomers the ability to test the hobby and see if it’s something they’re interested in pursuing.

Celestron ExploraScope 114az refractor telescope

Celestron ExploraScope 114az — the Best telescopes


Here we have another product from Celestron, and it’s the popular ExploraScope 114AZ. This is a classic Newtonian reflector telescope, and it has been redesigned with a new mount and fresh look.

For smooth, precise control, it features a new altitude slow motion rod, and the rod significantly increases pointing accuracy. This telescope comes with a StarPointer finder scope, which helps beginner astronomers navigate the night sky with a red dot.

The Celestron ExploraScope 114AZ works great at night, but it’s just as useful for daytime terrestrial observing. This telescope is engineered for the beginner and works well for observing the moon, stars, and planets.

The red dot finder scope makes it easy to sight objects, and the altitude rod allows for precise pointing. The Celestron ExploraScope 114AZ comes with everything an amateur astronomer would need to get started.

Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope

Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope — The Best Telescopes


The Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker is another top choice for entry-level astronomers, and it features a 127mm aperture. This product comes with a 3x Barlow lens and has a 1,000mm focal length. Since it’s a complete package, it comes with an aluminum tripod and accessory tray.

The Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker opens up the wonders of the solar system, and it’s a top pick for aspiring astronomers. The simple design is friendly for all ages and delivers a potent combination of power, features, and value.

Amateur astronomy can be enjoyed by the whole family, and the Celestron 127EQ can turn a boring night into an unforgettable experience. This product comes with TheSkyX astronomy software, and the optical lens is covered in a high-transmission coating.

Like other Celestron telescopes, the PowerSeeker is compatible with a variety of accessories, and the package includes everything you need to get started.

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