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Best rain fishing gear in 2019

Fishing is an inherently wet activity, but that doesn’t mean you need to stand out in the elements to catch that trophy fish like a massive northern pike. As many of you know when the weather is stirring, normally the fish start getting any. When the fish get fancy, this is the perfect time to get your line in the water and get yourself a fish. But, if you’re anything like us, that doesn’t mean you want to stand out in the rain, whether that be a sprinkle or a downpour. This is where rain gear comes into play.

Rain gear allows you the ability to stay out when the fish are biting without having to sacrifice your comfort and safety. Simply throw on your wet weather top and bottom and keep on fishing as if nothing has changed. If you’re on the market for some of the best rain gear for fishing and you’re looking for the top raingear reviews, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a resource of some of the best fishing rain jacket and pants currently available. Oftentimes people will ask, “What are the best waterproof fishing bibs?”, “What are the best rain suit for fishing?” and “What is the best bass fishing rain gear?” Here are our picks of the 5 best fisherman’s rain jackets for the money in 2019.

Enjoy Our Waterproof Fishing Jacket Reviews

Navis Marine waterproof jacket and pants fishing rain suit

Rain Suit for Men — outdoormiks

This waterproof top and bottom suit is ideal for those wet days out on the water. It comes in multiple colors including navy blue as well as red and gold. The red and gold are high visibility making it easy to stay in full visibility of people around you if the weather gets extreme. This high visibility red and yellow are also great if you’re out on the open water and happen to get lost, it makes it easier for rescuers to locate you in case of a situation like this. The outer shell material is made of nylon and cortex making is extremely waterproof and very breathable so you don’t need to worry about sweating while wearing it for long periods of time. This rain jacket comes with a fluorescent yellow hood so even if you purchase the navy option you still have an element of safety through signaling if the situation ever arises. All of the zippers are nylon YKK-brand which is one of the top zipper manufacturers and all of the zippers come with pull tabs for ease of use. On the inner left of the jacket, you will find an inner pocket. This pocket measures 8 ½” by 7” making it ideal for your wallet or anything you might need. The front has a waterproof double flap which ensures the zipper doesn’t allow any water to get through, but not only that, it also helps to protect the zipper from damage. The arms, shoulder, and pockets are all lined with Reflexive tape which helps to add another degree of safety, which you’ll hopefully never need to take advantage of. The pockets a lined with fleece to help warm your hand during those colder, windy days and inside the pocket, you will find a white patch which is ideal for writing your name to help identify your jacket apart from the others. If you’re looking for one of the top fishing rain jacket top and bottom combos, this might be the combo for you.


  • 8 ½” by 7” pocket
  • Lined with Reflexive tape
  • Red and gold are high visibility
  • Zippers are nylon YKK-brand

Navis Marine coastal jacket with pants fishing rain suit

Navis Marine Coastal Jacket with pants fishing rain suit — OutdoormiksAre you looking for a wet weather top and bottom combo? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This fishing rain suit from Navis is one of the best on the market, they’re known for making some of the best rain suits. It is designed specifically for coastal sailing, and we all know how wet you can get doing that! This rain jacket and bib pants come in gold for maximum visibility at all times and it comes incorporated with Reflexive tape around the wrists, on the shoulders and directly on the center of the chest. There are two warming pockets on the top which are ideal for warming your hands on those cold wet days and there is also a pocket on the pants which has been constructed using a waterproof design. The knees have been reinforced with protective material as well as the butt portion so you no longer need to worry about kneeling down or sitting for long durations of time. There is an elastic waistband on the pants and there is also an adjustable waistband around the jacket so you’re not required to wear them together in order to keep your waistband tight and secure. The hood is a high visibility yellow which can be easily concealed through the use of the incorporated hood concealment pocket. There is a double sleeve with inner neoprene cuffs which helps to keep it watertight against your body while also helping to keep the warmth in. The elbows are also covered in the same protective material as the knees and butt. If you’re trying to stay warm and dry on those cold, rainy days, these wet weather fishing top and bottom are the right choice for you.


  • Reflective tape around the wrists
  • Double sleeve with an inner neoprene cuff
  • Incorporated hood concealment pocket
  • Come in gold for maximum visibility

Frogg Toggs all sport fishing rain jacket

Frogg Toggs all sport fishing rain jacket — OutdoormiksThis all sport rain suit is ideal for keeping stowed away in your fishing tackle backpack for those surprise rainy days. It’s lightweight, yet very tough and strong. The material consists of a non-woven fabric which is wind resistant, waterproof and very lightweight. The jacket’s hood is adjustable so you can easily alter its fit to your exact specifications or you can completely remove the hood if you wish to because it is completely removable. The front zipper is strong and durable and is covered by a snap-down storm flap to help keep it safe and protected during inclement weather. It’s a full-length parka cut with an open waist design to help it cover the whole body without hindering mobility or comfort. The cuffs of the arms have elastic around them to help keep them in place and keep the warmth in. The pants are made of the same non-woven material making them equally as lightweight and comfortable as the top. The waist of the rain fishing pants is incorporated with an elastic band to help keep the snug and secure while moving around helping to ensure a tight fit. Adjustable leg openings have been added to the bottom of the pants so you have the ability to leave them completely open or completely close them depending on your personal preference and environment in which you find yourself in. If you’re looking for a waterproof top and bottom for fishing, or any outdoor activity for that matter, Frogg Togg has made the perfect set for you.


  • Lightweight, yet very tough and strong
  • Adjustable leg openings
  • Cuffs of the arms have elastic
  • Can completely remove the hood

Swiss will rain suit (jacket & trouser suit)

Swisswell rain suit (jacket & trouser suit) — OutdoormiksSWISSWELL is committed to making some of the top wet weather outdoor gear on the market. They try their best to make the best lightweight rain gear on the market, and they do a very good job at it. They are known for their quality and reliability when it comes to keeping angler warm and dry. The outer shell of this gear is made of 100% polyester with a PU coating. The PU coating is designed to wick the moisture away from the interior of both the top and bottoms. It is extremely effective at doing this. This lightweight fishing rain top and bottom are very easily packed away for use when needed. They can easily be stored in your fishing backpack or a cargo pocket. The waistband of the fishing pants are elastic meaning they fit very nicely and you don’t need to worry about the falling down or having a loose fit. The wristbands of the fishing jacket are also adjustable with elastic but they also have an adjustable velcro strap so you can adjust them to your specific requirements. The hood is lightweight and ideal for keeping out the wind and rain. There is a breast pocket which is ideal for storing things like your identification or your whole wallet. If you’re on the market for a wet weather top and bottom designed to make those wet days on the water bearable, then look no further, SWISSWELL has the perfect fishing top and bottom combo for you.


  • 100% polyester with a PU coating
  • The waistband of the pants is elastic
  • Ideal for keeping out the wind and rain
  • PU coating is designed to wick the moisture

Coleman PVC/nylon fishing rain suit

Keep yourself dry during those cold, windy, wet days out on the water. Keep yourself protected from the elements with Coleman’s fishing rain suit. This waterproof suit was built for one purpose, keeping anglers dry and comfortable. It’s constructed out of extremely durable waterproof 20 millimeter PVC with a nylon lining. The jacket features a drawstring around the hood making it easy for the angler to adjust the hood according to the situation they find themselves in. It is also outfitted with hook and loop adjustable cuffs around the wrists. Inside the jacket, you’ll find an interior drawcord around the waist making it easy to keep the jacket snug and in place on those windy days. The zipper in the front of the jacket features a storm flap to help keep it protected. You’ll also be happy to find front and back flaps which allow adequate amounts of airflow to help keep you comfortable in warm situations. Both the rain jacket and pants have 2 pockets on them to help with storage of items that may be needed regularly or often. Everything has been heating welded at the seams to ensure its completely water resistant and the zippers have been covered to help prevent any leaking. These tops and bottoms are unisex so they’re perfect for anyone! If you’re looking for a pair of reliable rain jacket and trousers, these might be the perfect fit for you. We hope our fishing rain gear reviews have helped you to make a decision on which fishing rain gear is the right pick for you.


  • 20 millimeter PVC with a nylon lining
  • Jacket and pants have 2 pockets
  • Storm flap over jacket zipper
  • Heat welded at the seams

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