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  FLIR Scout III Thermal Handheld Camera Leupold® LTO-Quest Thermal Viewer Firefield Nightvision Monocular Sightmark® Photon XT Digital Nightvision Riflescope Night Owl Nex Gen Night Scope Night Owl Nightvision Monocular TRIJICON® IR-HUNTER® Thermal Riflescope FLIR Thermosight ATN ThOR-HD Mil-Spec Thermal Riflescope Cabela's Goliath 640 HD Thermal Weapon Sight by Armasight Night Owl 2X Fixed-Focus Binoculars
  FLIR Scout III Thermal Handheld Camera Leupold® LTO-Quest Thermal Viewer Firefield Nightvision Monocular Sightmark® Photon XT Digital Nightvision Riflescope Night Owl Nex Gen Night Scope Night Owl Nightvision Monocular TRIJICON® IR-HUNTER® Thermal Riflescope FLIR Thermosight ATN ThOR-HD Mil-Spec Thermal Riflescope Cabela's Goliath 640 HD Thermal Weapon Sight by Armasight Night Owl 2X Fixed-Focus Binoculars
Rating ★★★★☆ - - - - - - - - - -
Brand Night Owl Night Owl Leupold - Cabela's Sightmark - Flir TRIJICON ATN Night Owl
Length (in.) 5.51 5.9 - 6.70 8.4 15.67" 8.07 8 / 8 - 6.85 7.6
Power 2 2X - - - 6.5 5X 2.25-9x / 1.1-9x - 3-12x 4X
Weight 9.1 25.3 - 12 oz. 1.8 lbs. 23.6oz 15.2 oz. 1.8lbs / 1.8lbs - 27 oz. 14.5
Model - NONB2FF - Scout III 320 - - FF224066 RS-32 / RS-64 1.1-9 IRMK3-60 ATN ThOR-HD Thermal Riflescope NONM4X

FLIR Scout III Thermal Handheld Camera

  • Detect heat signatures from up to 1,200 yds. away, depending on model
  • Crisp, clear 640x480 display screen
  • Simple four-button operation
  • Internal rechargeable battery for five hours of use
  • Lightweight
  • Detect the heat signature of wildlife and humans from up to 1,200 yds. away with Flir's Scout III Thermal Camera. High-speed frame rate and crisp 640x480 display screen delivers excellent views of moving wildlife. Simple-to-use design for one-hand operation includes power, color-palette, E-zoom and brightness buttons. Weather-tight, ergonomic housing. Rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery provides five hours of use.
    Wt: 12 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Leupold® LTO-Quest Thermal Viewer

  • Up to 750-yd. range for HD, 300-yds. for Standard
  • Eight color palette options
  • Rugged rubberized body
  • Built-in 300-lumen dual-intensity flashlight
  • Built-in camera takes over 2,000 images
  • Make hard-to-spot game stand out like a sore thumb with Leupold's LTO-Quest Thermal Viewer. Starts up in less than three seconds. Advanced thermal sensor detects heat signatures in a 20° field of view. Fixed focus keeps images clean. Eight color palette options allow use in any lighting. Three-button operation makes use simple. Internal rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours, four hours with continuous use. Rugged rubberized body slips easily into your pocket. Built-in 300-lumen dual-intensity flashlight. 2.4" LCD screen. Manufacturer's limited five-year electronics warranty. Includes wrist lanyard and USB cable. Made in USA.
    5"H x 2.4"W x 1.2"D.
    Wt: 6.25 oz.
    • Standard – 206x156 thermal sensor detects out to 300 yds. Micro-SD card slot allows you to store up to 2,000 photos.
    • HD – Advanced 320x240 thermal sensor extends your detection range from 300 yds. to 750 yds. Built-in memory stores up to 3,000 images.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Firefield Nightvision Monocular

  • Keeps target in sight when daylight subsides
  • Ergonomic, easy-grip design for quick and easy operation
  • PULSE IR illuminator optimizes quality and resolution
  • High-magnification and large-objective lens enhances night vision
  • Keep your target in clear sight when daylight fades with Firefield's Nightvision Monocular. Ergonomic, easy-grip construction offers a steady hold. Power-saving PULSE IR illuminator partners with a large-objective, high-magnification lens to supply optimum visibility after sunset and high-quality resolution as well as image quality. Rubber-armored, weather-resistant housing for exceptional durability. Lightweight, compact size is easy to use in a variety of applications including nighttime hunting, search, surveillance and general observation.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is the fire field nightfall for by 50 night vision monocular features four times magnification a 50 millimeter lens diameter twenty-six point five millimeter fields of view. And 120 metres max range of detection your on. And off switches here on the top as well as the switch to turn the infrared on. You can acquire your subject with. This focus method here. You have you can fine-tune the focus with. This on the back it also features a nylon zipper ball carrying case with a belt loop so. You can keep it at your side at. All times this takes two triple A batteries which. You apply here you just twist. This top off you've got two indicator lights. One for the on/off switch. That tells when your infrared is on as a wrist lanyard. And a standard Universal tripod mount so. You can mount this on a tripod. And not have to stand there. And hold it for long periods of time. When you're when you're spotting so. This is the best binocular. You can get in its class the best infrared. You can get this at Bud K com.

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    Sightmark® Photon XT Digital Nightvision Riflescope

  • Six reticle options for long-range applications
  • Video-output feature captures everything you see
  • Durable glass-nylon composite and metal construction
  • Digital windage and elevation adjustment system
  • For the shooter who wants it all, Sightmark's Photon XT Digital Nightvision Riflescope boasts six red/green/white digital reticle options to cover a wide range of long-distance applications. Two of those are crossbow reticles designed for 320-, 350-, 370- and 400-fps crossbows. Another two are duplex reticles for hog and varmint hunting. One is a mil-dot reticle for range finding, and the last is a German-style reticle. Plus, you can capture everything you see, day or night, thanks to the scope's video-output feature. Durable glass-nylon composite and metal construction for long-lasting performance. Digital windage and elevation adjustment system. Weaver-style mount.
    • 4.6x XL – 30% lighter than other digital nightvision riflescopes. 4.6X magnification, large 42mm objective lens and 640x480 resolution delivers crisp detailing up to 120 yds. IPX4 weatherproof. Powered by two AA batteries (not included).
    • 6.5x XLT – 20% lighter than other digital nightvision riflescopes. 6.5X magnification, large 50mm objective lens and 640x480 resolution delivers crisp detailing up to 200 yds. Powered by  two AA batteries (not included).

    Hey y'all this is Jason Robertson owner of outdoor legacy gear com. Iwant to take a little bit of time today to talk to. You about the sight mark Photon XT digital night vision riflescope. Another video previously. Idetailed the differences between the original sight mark photon. And the new XT series I'm not going to quite into. That much depth to today so. If you're interested in. You can go to my youtube channel. And check that video out today. Iwant to talk about two new models in the XT series. That have recently been released. Now available for purchase we'll start here with the sight mark photon XT 46 by 42 s version. This is the newly released 65 by 50 s. And L models there are two different models. One is an S one is an L I'll describe. That a little bit better. And explain that in just a minute the first thing I want to note is externally they're identical except for the fact. That the 65 is just a little bit longer. And the front objective is just a little bit larger otherwise. They are identical on the outside quickly I'll go over just. Some features. That are on the sight mark photon. What you'll find here on the front is a flip to the side rigid lens cap. That is hinged you will not lose. It originally some of the XTS had a removable lens cap. You could lose no longer is. That an issue also you will see there is still a small pinhole here. This is for a daylight shooting when conditions are very bright you've got a lot of sunlight coming in. And the digital imaging sensor is overcompensating maybe kind of lighting out.

    You can close it will block a lot of. That light coming in the optic can still see through. That small hole and the lighting will be much better. You don't have to use. That in the daylight you're not going to damage. You open and the daylight but. It is an option right here you've got your front focus ring adjustment here. You have a small plastic Pirating rail that's good for adding an extra IR illuminator. Or maybe a video recorder here. You have the battery cap. You have two double-a batteries. That the photon takes. Isuggest either using high quality alkaline Zoar lithium's. Some guys like to use lithium just to get the maximum amount of time out of the optic. They can and that's fine. Iwould suggest just always keeping a couple extra batteries with. You in your pocket it does have internally.

    When you're looking at the screen a battery life indicator so. You can kind of see. Where you're at on the battery life. And be prepared but again the battery life is very good but. Iwould keep some extra batteries with. Me back here we've got the rear eyepiece focus a lot of people are not aware of. This is here they can't get. It in focus they don't know why they're adjusting this it's. They haven't got it focused for their eye right here. We have the rubber eye cup. Ireally like it blocks out a lot of other light. When you're looking at. That screen on these. Some original X T's. You can unscrew you can't do. You want to remove you can just peel the rubber off. It will pop off you can put. It back on there it's just really personal preference.

    You like or on turning it around. You will see right here. This scroll wheel and it's also a push button. That allows you to go through the menus internally you've got five reticle patterns. And three color options red white. And green whichever. You like better and whichever reticle a pattern. You like the best you will see there are no external windages. And elevation turrets. All those adjustments are done internally on the digital reticle as well. You will see right here there is a small port. It is a video out port. That allows you to send video to an external video recorder. You would like some people. If they're hunting in a stand they'll have an external LCD screen maybe they've got. Somebody with them it sends the live feed out of exactly. What you're seeing internally inside the photon right here.

    This is the built-in IR illuminator on the back has got a button. You can actually turn. It off to save your battery life. If you're hunting in the daylight. Or conditions you don't need. And then it has three brightness settings high medium. You just go through those by pressing the button. Where the difference in the s. And the L models come in, so I'll explain. That quickly what you have right here is the sight mark photon XT 46 by 42 s. It only comes in s the s indicates. This is an LED illuminator on the 65. You have the S which is again an LED illuminator. You also have the L which is a much brighter laser illuminator so what's the real difference the difference is. How bright that illuminator is going to be.

    How far you're going to be able to see with. It sight mark officially says on a dark night with the 46 s again LED illuminator. You should be able to see about a hundred. And thirty yards I honestly believe. All of their distances are conservative. You can see further so my opinion is again dark night about a hundred. And fifty yards is going to be. Where it's at with this LED illuminator on the 65 with the LED again that's the s model sight mark says. You ought to be able to see about a hundred. And sixty yards I think it's around 170 to 180 on the brighter L with the laser illuminator on the 65. They say around 215. Isay around 230 maybe. Even a little that just kind of depends on your conditions but again that's dark night. If you've got a moonlit night. Or have other ambient light those distances extend past.

    That so again going to say 130 to 150 on the 46 s around 160 175 on the 65 s. And around 2:15 to 2:30 on the 65 l next question. Everyone asked is which model should. Iget the 46 the 65 let's take. You know first it really depends on how far you're going to be shooting if. Most of your shots are going to be over a hundred. And fifty yards even over say a hundred yards. Iwould go with the 65. It makes more sense. Most of your shots are going to be closer range. You know the extending out to say 125 to 150 the 46 is good. Where the 46 really benefits. You is in the closer shots under say 75 yards 50 yards the 46 is good. You don't have too much magnification. Something that can happen with the 65. When you're talking about nighttime trying to find your target. If say it's a hog something and it's at 50 60 yards sometimes that's 65 is just a little too much magnification so. That doesn't muddy the waters but.

    Iwould say if you're going to be shooting close range with. Some shots being up to a hundred. And fifty yards on the far end the 46 is a great option. You can take longer shots. You have plenty of other light on a moonlit night but again you're going to be ranging most of those shots under. That 150 125 46 if you're hunting in areas maybe big wide-open country. Where the you know a lot of shots are going to be over a hundred. Iwould say go with the 65 especially. If you're going to be wanting to reach out to 200 yards. More the 65 is probably going to be a better option for you. It comes down to whether to get the L. Or the s and the 65 version. Ihonestly would just upgrade. And go ahead and get the L there's only $50 difference between the two. Ijust can't see a lot of reason to go ahead. And get the L it's a brighter laser. You don't need that illuminator. That bright you can always back. It off you've got the three brightness settings but.

    Ithink it's going to be nice to have for an extra $50 so again just depends on your range but. Iwould go ahead and upgrade to the L current pricing right. Now the 46 s is $499 97 the 65 s is six forty-nine ninety-seven. And the 65 l with the laser illuminator is $699 ninety-seven those are very good prices for something of. This kind of equality the sight mark photon has opened up a nighttime hunting to a lot of guys who never thought. They would be able to afford night-vision. If they could it wouldn't be. Anything quality but the photon is very high quality. Ithink you'll be very impressed. One thing I should also add is. That sight mark offers a limited lifetime warranty on. All Hardware and workmanship on the photon the digital video sensor inside here has a three-year warranty. That is a excellent warranty there's not. Many things you can buy today.

    That have lifetime warranties on the hardware. And three-year warranties on the electronics sight mark is a company based right here in Texas so. You ever have questions. Or concerns or warranty problems. You call Texas you don't have to call overseas. You can talk to somebody right here. And they'll be glad to help. Another thing a question. All the time is what rings should. Iuse with my photon. Ihighly suggest using the sight mark quick-detach 30 millimeter rings. This is them right here. This is the reason I really like them number. One they're quick detach they're high quality they're 30 millimeters they're also the perfect height. They are three quarters of an inch tall. And that's what you need for the photon to get. It up off the front of your rail barrel hand guard. You use standard half inch rings they're not going to tall enough you're not going to be able to get.

    It mounted so whatever ring you use. It needs to be at least 3/4 of an inch high. And 30 millimeter these quick detach rings are very nice. You can literally just quickly detach them. Once you've got it sighted in. And as long as everything is mounted up good. You can go right back to the same slots mount. You should be able to still be zeroed I've tested. It multiple times I'm always zeroed right back in. Ihave other customers who like to remove their photon maybe add a reflex sight. Or traditional day scope. You can go straight back to the photon. And be right on target again. Ialways advise you to test. That for yourself but I've never had.

    Any issues with that is a nice feature of these quick detach rings. One thing don't forget. These rings are sold individually the reason for. Some people like to use them. Because they're quick detach they'll mount a light. Another illuminator on their rail. And so a lot of guys want to buy. One at a time so they are sold singles. You need to buy two to get a pair. They right now there are a little less. Then sixty dollars for a pair so that's still a very affordable price the sight mark model number is sm three four zero two those are available at outdoor legacy gear comm would keep them in stock as well as. All of the sight mark photon XTS. You can we'll put a link right here so.

    You can go and check out the photons. You have any questions we'll be glad to answer those. You can email we have a contact. Us on the website we also have our phone number up at the top it's eight seven three five zero. One eight again. You can find that at the top of the website feel free to call. Us leave us a message. You don't get anyone will be glad to call. You back answer any questions. We can about the photon. Any of our products but. Ido use the photon I've used. It extensively, so I have a lot of experience with. When guys call they have a lot of questions. And I'm normally able to answer. Most of those and before. You make the purchase so feel free. You have questions to call again the rings.

    And the photons are in stock at outdoor legacy gear com. One thing I would mention is. This is for more than just Hall gunning I have a lot of guys who say man. It looks cool I'd love to have. We don't have hogs here well understand. That there's a lot of guys. Now who are using them for coyote hunting other varmint hunting we. Even have customers who are using them for security reasons. This is a very affordable way to be able to tell who. What is out there around your place so emergency preparedness mindset a lot of those guys are buying the photon with. That in mind so anyway. That being said I want to thank. You for taking the time to watch. This video as always we're glad to answer. Any questions we can we'd love for you to come check out our store. All kinds of night-vision shooting accessories outdoor gear bags packs emergency preparedness items again check those items out there. All at outdoor legacy gear com thanks for watching the video hey y'all thanks for watching this video be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

    And check out our online store at outdoor legacy gear com. You can find us on Facebook Twitter Pinterest. And Google+ we sure hope. You enjoy the rest of our videos.

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    Night Owl Nex Gen Night Scope

    A first generation monocular that has an ambient light magnification of 500 times. The powerful, infrared illumination allows you to see things normally undetected by the human eye during the night. One-hand operation makes this unit extremely easy to use. All glass optics. 24mm objective lens.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Night Owl Nightvision Monocular

  • High-quality Generation 1 image-intensifier tube
  • Built-in columnated infrared illuminator
  • Soft-touch rubberized finish
  • Employing the latest optics-design technology, Night Owl’s monoculars optimize low-light illumination and high magnification without the extra weight found in other models. The columnated infrared illuminator allows use in complete darkness or to improve target recognition in any environment. The Generation 1 image-intensifier tube combines with the choice of 4-power and 6-power magnification to deliver superior resolution and accurate identification of distant targets. The rubberized finish with integrated rubber hand grip and machined-aluminum lens body combine practical design features in a robust mechanical housing.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    TRIJICON® IR-HUNTER® Thermal Riflescope

  • Blazing-fast 60Hz image processing
  • State-of-the-art thermal sensor for crisp images
  • Enhanced Target Recognition enhances details
  • Image- and video-recording capabilities
  • Built-in stadiametric rangefinder
  • Bring best-in-class thermal imagery and unparalleled precision to your nighttime hunts with Trijicon's IR-Hunter MK3-60mm Thermal Riflescope. Blazing-fast 60Hz image processing pairs with an all-digital signal path to deliver improved engagements with moving targets. State-of-the-art 640x480 resolution 12-micron thermal sensor captures the heat emitted from objects to produce incredibly crisp images. Plus, Enhanced Target Recognition (ETR) technology enhances details, avoiding washouts. Digital focus and contrast controls allow you to maximize clarity and sharpness. Image-capturing and video-recording capabilities allow you to record your hunts. Also features three white-hot, three black-hot and edge-detect polarity modes. Built-in stadiametric rangefinder allows you to range your target. Ergonomic turret knobs for easy operation in low-light conditions. Powered by three CR-123 batteries included for up to 5 hours. Dual-lever LaRue mount. Meets MIL-STD-810G standards. Made in USA.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    FLIR Thermosight

  • Thermal imaging detects heat energy instead of light, ideal for night use
  • Four-button interface with all settings accessible in three clicks or less
  • Advanced Image Correction automatically optimizes images
  • InstaAlert displays the hottest temperatures in red for quick detection
  • Internal shock-reduction system qualified for up to a .308 caliber
  • Water-resistant casing can be submerged in up to three-ft. of water
  • With exceptional image quality in both complete darkness and broad daylight, the ThermoSight R-Series from FLIR lets non-game hunters use one scope for either nighttime or daytime predator-hunting scenarios. Thermal imaging doesn't require any illumination, meaning animals' body heat stand out against cooler backgrounds even on the darkest night. Large, glove-friendly four-button design lets you easily zoom in (up to 16X) and out with one click, while all other settings are accessible in three clicks or less. Advanced Image Correction automatically optimizes images for the clearest picture. Up to six detection palettes including FLIR's exclusive InstaAlert™ that displays the hottest temperatures in red for super-quick detection. Ultradurable design includes an internal shock-reduction system (SRS-M™) qualified for MSR semiautomatic platforms up to a .308 caliber, plus the water-resistant casing can be submerged in up to three-ft. of water. Three reticle settings (duplex, fine duplex and German) with a repeatable zero. Mounts easily to Picatinny rail.  Powered for up to 4 hours by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (included). USB-interface wall charger included. 3-in. eye relief. Two-year standard warranty. Three-year warranty with registration on scope, 10-year warranty with registration on thermal detector.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    ATN ThOR-HD Mil-Spec Thermal Riflescope

  • Obsidian "T" II Thermal core provides exceptional resolution
  • Recoil Activated Video automatically records your shot
  • Smart Rangefinder connected to the internal ballistic calculator
  • Multiple electronic environmental monitoring sensors
  • As some of the most advanced thermal optics on the market, ATN's ThOR-HD Mil-Spec Thermal Riflescope allows you to take aim, adjust to the conditions and pull the trigger in a flash. Obsidian "T" II Thermal core provides exceptional resolution in a smaller, high-value package without sacrificing quality. Pull the trigger and their patented Recoil Activated Video automatically records your shot to a micro-SD card (not included) so you can relive that moment every time you hit play. The Smart Rangefinder connected to the internal ballistic calculator makes instant corrections to the crosshairs, so your shot goes right where you want it to. 30mm mil-spec germanium lenses. This scope also includes Smooth Zoom, Wi-Fi capability, Bluetooth®, 3-D gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer, electronic compass and GPS geotagging.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    You well is 3 o'clock 3 am and a lot of people don't understand why we do. What we do you can see right behind. Me that's a huge reason. You know this isn't just for sport. This isn't just for fun. You know we're not getting money from sponsors to pay for a show we're not going from state to try. And entertain you guys. This truly is a lifestyle for us. Imean I'm just being a good Shepherd out here. These coyotes you know come through our cattle in. This particular pasture. We have about 400 pairs of cows. That have calves. We kick them out after. They calve in those coyotes live out here it's our duty. It is our responsibility to protect the animals. We raise for not only our livelihood but for your food. And as much as it in the beginning to have to justify our work to explain to people. That didn't understand why we hunt. And why we do what we do in the end. Ifind myself doing it over. And over and over it helps a lot of the ignorant people out but then again there's a lot of stupid people out there. That Oh that'll never understand. This is a prime example of our work of our lifestyle. This coyote coming in through the cattle picture perfect footage out here in the middle of the night. You can't see your hand in front of your face, but we're out here doing it. You know we're out here protecting the animals. We raise and a lot of people just can't can't understand. You know it's its taken. Another look another detailed look at hunting not just for sport not just for trophies not just for food but as a lifestyle.

    And that's what people need to understand 400 mama cows back there can be wrong Oh Neil ops out you.

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    Cabela's Goliath 640 HD Thermal Weapon Sight by Armasight

  • 3-24x75 thermal weapon sight
  • Thermal imaging cuts through fog, smoke, snow and more
  • Ideal for day- and nighttime use
  • Wireless remote for adjustments while shooting
  • Water- and fog-resistant construction
  • 1x, 2x, 4x and 8x Digital E-Zoom
  • Our Goliath HD Thermal Weapon Sight by Armasight is not only the smallest and lightest unit in its class, but the intuitive controls make it a breeze to operate in the field. Ideal for day- and nighttime use, this thermal sight cuts through snow, fog, dust, smoke and other atmospheric conditions. Cutting-edge FLIR® TAU-2 thermal sensor combines with military-grade 75mm Germanium objective lenses for optimum thermal visibility. Digital SVGA 800x600 OLED display includes multiple user-selectable reticles for precise range estimation and target orientation. Nine-pin connectors for video-in imagery as well as video output and external power. Includes a wireless remote for easy adjustments from your shooting position. Selectable white hot, black hot, sepia, OEM custom and color-variant custom palettes. Imaging filter algorithms include Active Contrast Enhancement™, Smart Scene Optimization™, Automatic Gain Control, Digital Detail Enhancement and Silent Shutterless Non-uniformity Correction. 30Hz refresh rate for flawless imaging. 640x512 pixel array format. CNC-machined aircraft-aluminum construction is water- and fog-resistant. Mounts to standard Picatinny rail. Operates for four hours on two 123A batteries (included).  Made in USA.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Night Owl 2X Fixed-Focus Binoculars

  • 2X magnification
  • Fixed focus for fast recognition and identification
  • Generation 1 nightvision
  • These fixed-focus binoculars feature premium performance wrapped in an attractive soft-touch rubberized finish for a sure grip and comfortable handling. Impact-resistant molded thermoplastic lens housing adds an extra measure of protection. Built-in infrared illuminator provides clear and bright viewing in complete darkness. High-quality, all-glass objective and ocular lenses with 2X magnification and 160-ft. at 200-ft. range will get you up-close and personal. Unique stringer system for precision and control. Requires CR-123 3-volt lithium battery (not included).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Overnight camp once again you're handy by knocking who failed. You needed most don't. You think it's time to stop. That bad habit of taking a daytime binocular during those night trips. Ihave the perfect solution to a problem night owl optics presents the industry's best night owl Nov 5 X. That offers high magnification the best economical design. And precision engineering made specifically for you to see in complete darkness. It has an attractive ergonomic design. That allows adjustment tier viewing comfort. And your personal fit its protective finish also contributes to its toughness. When used in the dark it's extraordinary night vision technology relies on its powerful built-in infrared illuminator. That provides clear. And bright viewing in complete darkness. It also has two electronic intensifier troops. That is incorporated in its unique still stringer system giving precision. And control of viewing you can amazingly see. Everything even in complete darkness. Everything will appear in a monochrome green color. This night vision version proudly offers its five times magnification with its 50 millimeter objective lens diameter it's high quality. All glass optics for. Both objective and ocular lenses makes viewing at night hassle-free. It also has a low battery indicator. And an expanded infrared operation at low battery voltage plus.

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