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  Venom Ice Floats Cabela's Jumbo Ice-Rod Case Clam Outdoors™ Light Sticks Cabela's Ice Rod Combo Case Shappell® Collapsible Aluminum Scoop Shovel Cabela's® Ice Skimmers Clam Outdoors™ Center Console Cabela's Deluxe Eight-Rod Ice-Rod Bag Clam Outdoors™ Ice Fishing Compact LED Lights Otter Outdoors Ice Sled Accessories Rapala® Mini Charge 'n Glow Rapala® Retractable Mega Scoop Clam Outdoors™ Magnetic Tool Holder Clam Outdoors™ Ice Fishing LED Pocket Light Lakco Plastic Spearing Decoys
  Venom Ice Floats Cabela's Jumbo Ice-Rod Case Clam Outdoors™ Light Sticks Cabela's Ice Rod Combo Case Shappell® Collapsible Aluminum Scoop Shovel Cabela's® Ice Skimmers Clam Outdoors™ Center Console Cabela's Deluxe Eight-Rod Ice-Rod Bag Clam Outdoors™ Ice Fishing Compact LED Lights Otter Outdoors Ice Sled Accessories Rapala® Mini Charge 'n Glow Rapala® Retractable Mega Scoop Clam Outdoors™ Magnetic Tool Holder Clam Outdoors™ Ice Fishing LED Pocket Light Lakco Plastic Spearing Decoys
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Venom Ice Floats

  • Quick buoyancy adjustments
  • Pin-on weight eliminates the need for a sinker with small jigs
  • Slip-bobber-style line attachment
  • Adjusting buoyancy with the Venom Ice Floats couldn't be easier – just push the foam in for small jigs and pull it out for larger jigs. No need for cutting and no waste. A few venom floats can replace a tackle box of other style bobbers. The foam can be set even with the surface of the water to prevent fish from feeling any extra resistance during the strike and spitting the hook. Use the pin-on weight to eliminate the need for a sinker to reach neutral buoyancy when fishing small jigs. Slip-bobber-style line attachment for quick changes.
    Colors: Daytime, Pink, Glow.
    Sizes: B Size- For small to medium sized jigs. Recommended for Pan Fish and small Walleye Baits., C Size- For Larger jigs. Recommended for Walleye and Northern Pike.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cabela's Jumbo Ice-Rod Case

  • Keeps ice combos safe, organized, and ready to fish
  • Water-resistant 600-denier polyester construction
  • Oversized zippers resist freeze-up
  • Fully padded interior
  • Exterior zip pockets provide additional storage
  • Keep your ice fishing rods and combos safe, organized, and at the ready with our Jumbo Ice Rod Case. This roomy storage bag is made of rugged, water-resistant 600-denier polyester and has oversized zippers to prevent freeze-up. The interior compartment is fully padded to keep your gear safe from harm. Exterior zippered pockets provide additional storage for accessories. Sturdy and reliable, this Jumbo Ice Rod Case comes equipped with both a carry handle and shoulder strap for easy transport. Imported.
    Exterior: 37"L x 14"W x 4"H.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Cabala's deluxe ice rod bags transports. And stores all your ice fishing tackle exterior pocket offers additional storage heavy-duty polyethylene shell oversized zipper pulls adjustable shoulder strap available in three sizes a four rod bag eight rod bags. And a 12 run bag Cabala's deluxe ice rod bags only at Cabala's.

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    Clam Outdoors™ Light Sticks

    Wherever you need a little extra illumination while fishing, pull out the Clam Outdoors Light Sticks. A hands-free, bright and efficient LED system that mounts to your pole system. Run time is measured in days when hooked up to a 7-, 8-, or 9-amp 12-volt battery. The eight LED light bulbs emit 560 lumens. Two pole diameters available. Both models include drill bits and screws to replace a 24" section of your hoop pole. Comes with wire and alligator-clip connections. Mount at the angle of your choice and reel 'em in!
    Length: 24".
    • Small – 7/8" diameter.
    • Large – 1-1/4" diameter.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cabela's Ice Rod Combo Case

  • Safe storage for your ice rod and reel
  • Interior PVC tubing for your ice rod
  • Fleece-padded reel compartment
  • Water-resistant 600-denier polyester construction
  • Oversized zippers resist freeze-up
  • Give your ice-fishing rods and reels the ultimate in protective storage with our Ice Rod Combo Case. This roomy storage case keeps your gear safely organized in dedicated zones inside a rugged, easily transportable carry bag made of water-resistant 600-denier polyester. Designed with oversized zippers to prevent freeze-up, this bag's interior is equipped with durable PVC tubing for your ice rods, plus a fleece-padded compartment for your reel. Two exterior zippered pockets provide additional storage for accessories. Sturdy and reliable, our Ice Rod Combo Case sports a carry handle and a shoulder strap for easy transport. Imported.
    39.4"L x 4"W x 8"H.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Cabala's deluxe ice rod bags transports. And stores all your ice fishing tackle exterior pocket offers additional storage heavy-duty polyethylene shell oversized zipper pulls adjustable shoulder strap available in three sizes a four rod bag eight rod bags. And a 12 run bag Cabala's deluxe ice rod bags only at Cabala's.

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    Shappell® Collapsible Aluminum Scoop Shovel

  • Aluminum handle telescopes from 26'' to 34''
  • Sturdy 11”L x 8.75”W aluminum scoop
  • Ribbed T-grip
  • Twist-lock handle
  • The Shappell Collapsible Aluminum Scoop Shovel has a variety of uses: bank snow around your ice shelter, clear ice away from fishing holes, free a stuck ATV, winter camping or keep one in your vehicle for emergencies. The aluminum handle telescopes from 26'' to 34'' and locks into place with a simple twist. The sturdy aluminum scoop measures 11”L x 8.75”W and features strategically placed drain holes. The T-shaped grip is ribbed for nonslip comfort. Made in USA.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cabela's® Ice Skimmers

  • Essential tool for clearing ice holes
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Long metal handle for ease of use
  • Every ice angler needs a scoop. Our Ice Skimmers are an economical choice for the essential task of clearing freshly-drilled holes and removing skim ice. All of these lightweight skimmers feature a metal handles and a large scoop.  
    • Plastic Scoop Ice Skimmer – Plastic scoop and 18" aluminum handle with end hook.
    • Ice Skimmer – Metal scoop and 20'' aluminum handle with end hook.
    • Ice Chipper/Skimmer – It's an ice-chipping chisel and slush skimmer. Durable, corrosion-resistant metal construction. 15" fish-measuring ruler on handle. Protective vinyl cover for chipper end.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Good morning welcome back to breakfast television ice fishing is. One of the easiest ways to get out. And enjoy the winters in Manitoba. We brought in Peter Tully from Cabala's to show. What we need it comes to being a first-time Fisher a lot of. It up casually hitting the lakes. And the rivers during the summer in the spring but there's no reason to put away the stuff. Though the ice is frozen. Iespecially don't put away the stuff. When the ice gets frozen. Imean it's always great to get out there enjoy. Some great winter activities. And ice fishing is one of my favorite winter activities there's a couple essentials. Ineed to know for should. We start with Willie need the whole. Ineed a spot to fish right that's right. That guy comes in handy that's an auger right there gas auger like that's great. You can drill a bunch of holes in a day. It doesn't wear you out but especially. When the ice gets thick too cuz hand augers gonna take. You quite a while to get through three feet ice yeah. You don't feel like doing like grandpa used to going with gas. And pretty easy to operate as far as. That goes very easy to operate. And they've become easier. And easier to start — a couple pulls. You got the thing running and you're drilling away okay step two would be. Something to bring the fish in. And that's where our rod. And our reel come in do the fish no. Iuse my old rod I use my great big long. One for the no the fish aren't gonna be able to tell. If you're using that great big six-foot long rod. You can still get away with. However you're gonna be a long ways away from.

    That little eight-inch hole so. It comes time to landing. That fish you might have a little bit of a difficult time pulling them out on the ice right so. We get them nice and short. We get them so we can handle. And then we got to talk a little bit about what's on the end of my line. What makes this guy as. Itry not to cut myself a winner that's a great little lure for jigging and that's. All you're doing when your ice fishing is just vertical jigging straight up. And down a chubby darter like. Any of those other vertical jigging baits are gonna work perfect for when your ice fishing because. That fish is gonna be able to see. And he's gonna be able to come right in. And nail it he's got. It yeah exacts if I'm ever stuck my buddies at Cabala's are gonna help. Me out with my lawns.

    Iknow let's tell them. What I'm fishing for that's just. It our guys are Outfitters at Cabala's we'll be able to set. You up with all the ice fishing gear. You need for whatever lake. Or river you're going to fish in the winter. And in fact one simple box for me to write that's right. If you're really looking for the easiest way to get out there. And get started ice fishing includes your auger your ice fishing rod a little rod holder for you. And the scoop to scoop. All the slush out of the hole a kit like. This I'll get you started ice fishing for hiring for Vox. Iwant to talk about the Fishman let's talk about. How to find them first -. This guy's a neat little fish finder. This has been the biggest advancement technology to ice fishing a fish finder which is a flashier style fish finder like. This is excellent what you can do with.

    This flash or start a fish finder. Where the bottom is see. Where your lure is all the fish are you're not blind anymore under the ice. You see fish all the time. And it's one of the best things that's happened to ice fish he's gonna cut down on. One complaint law does have is. That I'm just standing around a hole waiting exactly. You kind of feel like you're maybe on. That ice-skating rink. Where there's absolutely. Nothing below your right so yeah. You know when there's fish down. All I've got is ten pounds of ice I'm gonna talk about the comforts the creature comforts of home like the heater. And the temp but I want to talk about. You said I have to be very careful. It comes to like catching them. And release for the benefit of the fish that's right. What it's really cold outside fish don't have eyelids, so they're gonna freeze their eyeballs they'll freeze their gills.

    You pull a big fish out of the water you're gonna want to release. That fish so he can make. More fish you got a chance for other people to go out there. And catch those fish right so as soon as. That fish comes out of the water. What I do is I just put him right back down in the hole. Ihold on to him put my hand inside his Gill hold on to his Gill plate. And then that way something happens. We want to take a picture get a measurement. You can never find the camera. You need exactly someone else dealing with. You got the fish in their pull them out for a nice picture. And send it back down. And release and he'll be fine. Someone else can catch him. Another day you grab in the next time let's talk quickly.

    Ican about that I'm going on safe ice it's by being diligent. And being careful yes. Imean the most important thing you need to remember. When ice fishing is ice can change thickness. Where you're going across the ice so. If you're heading out onto ice you're unfamiliar with the best thing you can do is ask people who have gone out there before. Or check with your ice auger drill hole as soon as. You get out on the ice find out. How thick and then drill a hole little further keep checking. That ice as you get out to your ice fishing spot. That way you can make sure. That you're knowing. That ice is going to be safe for you to walk.

    Everybody have a safe. And fun fishing season we'll talk a little. More Cabelas about. You can stay comfortable. When you're out there but. Now let's check on weather conditions might be perfect for some ice fishing.

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    Clam Outdoors™ Center Console

  • Keep handy items close by in your shelter
  • Fits nearly any flip-over style ice shelter
  • Great for lures, snacks, a light and more
  • A handy idea for a little more organized storage in your flip-over style ice-fishing shelter. It's a great place for storing everything from jigs to hook removers or a hot beverage. There are several storage spaces and you can keep them all within easy reach of your seat. One end rests on the edge of your sled, while fold-down legs support the other end. Durable polyethylene construction. Fits most flip-over style shelter.
    Dimensions: 25-1/2"L x 9"W x 3"H.
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    Cabela's Deluxe Eight-Rod Ice-Rod Bag

  • Stores up to eight ice-rod combos
  • Exterior pockets stash essential gear
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene construction
  • Our Deluxe Eight-Rod Ice-Rod Bag carries up to eight ice-rod combos, making it perfect for mobile anglers who need a place to store all of their tackle. Convenient exterior pockets offer additional storage room. Heavy-duty polyethylene construction withstands rough use. Oversized zippers resist freeze-up. Shoulder strap for easy carrying. Imported.
    35"L x 9"W x 8"H.
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    Clam Outdoors™ Ice Fishing Compact LED Lights

    This efficient and compact duo will bring bright, white-light illumination to any fish house, or to any situation where extra light is needed. Both boast powerful 24 LED bulbs and the smaller light features three LED end lights. Magnetic backs, hook-and-loop straps and built-in attachment hooks make them adaptable to any situation. Smaller light uses three AAA batteries and the large light uses three AA batteries (batteries not included).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Otter Outdoors Ice Sled Accessories

    Increase your sled transportation options with these hitch accessories.
    • Otter Sled Hitch with Pins (Model #200086) – Hitch Otter Sleds to your ATV or snowmobile. HD steel tubing with baked-on finish for incredible strength and durability. Spring-loaded coupler absorbs shock and also pivots. Includes hitch pins. Fits Otter Pro and Wild Sleds – sizes Small, Medium and Magnum.
    • Hitch Pivot (Model #2000037) – Attachment allows you to fold the hitch back over the top of the sled so you can transport without having to remove the hitch. Allows for storage in a pickup bed during transport.
    • Universal Tow Hitch Adapter (Model #200032) – Adapter plate ensures Otter Sled Hitch compatibility with most sleds.
    • Universal Rear Sled Receiver (Model #200064) – Attach this adapter plate to the rear of your sled to hook multiple sleds together for maximum capacity.
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    Rapala® Mini Charge 'n Glow

    Recharge glow jigs with the push of a button. Four ultraviolet LEDs recharge glow-painted lures almost instantly. Lightweight and compact, it’s perfect for ice jigs and ultralight lures. It has a spring-loaded locking case and a quick-release neck lanyard to keep it handy.

    Hello thanks for watching I'm doing a quick review on. This new product from Rapala it's a light box to activate your glow tackle. Isigned up to do a review of. This product I actually didn't think. What I was getting I thought. Iwas getting a little handed activated light with a case to put jigs. And things like that in but. It turned out to be. Something you put larger lures in to activate I'll put my glasses down next to. You can see it's a little bit bigger. Than my glasses it's its fatter. Than an eyeglass case. You look at it's got a little notch here so. You can have a lure on your line can run through. And it's got both sides so. You were going to use. Something like bobber here. That is glow activated for a nice night fishing you can have line come out. Both sides here's the activation button. And the back three Triple A batteries right I'm sorry wrong side there so. This opens up three triple A's in there. Iwant to take that out, so I'm trying to do video on my phone with. One hand and there. And open it up it's just push right here push. It on the plastic it pops open. You have four LEDs on top four LEDs on the bottom seems pretty sturdy kind of bulky in for fishing on a kayak for you guys. That are boat fishermen. You can make room for it issues.

    Ihave with you can see. This drip sticks up on. Both sides with the LEDs. And the LEDs are bumps. They stick up so for smaller things like. These jigs you try to put. It in here this is a Lindy jig. That the eyes have a little glow activation. Itried to sit on top of. One of the lights it just falls off. Whereas with a hand light activator. Ican just hold it out the LED put the LED on. And activate that doesn't work in. This test unit I'll do. It anyway I've got two identical jigs here. And I'll do a test for you count off ten seconds on my timer on the phone activating one. And then the other one will put in the test unit we'll do the same thing with Q bobbers but before. We get to I want to talk about heartbeats fitting in. This thing actually. Even before heart beats fitting you'll notice.

    None of these heartbeats are glow-in-the-dark activated. Iwent to three different stores trying to find larger baits. That would fit this unit. That are glow-in-the-dark. Icouldn't find any the only thing that's glow-in-the-dark are little egg weights trout worms. That are really tiny. This is going to be useless on smaller stuff. Idid find a squid I don't remember. What you call it but it's a thing to catch squid in the ocean. That was glow activated. That was bigger but. You know I don't go out in the ocean. And fish for squid Rapala invented. This product which I don't think it's on the market. They don't have any lures. That are glow-in-the-dark. Iwent to like I said Walmart the only glow-in-the-dark lure. They had was a Berkley trout worm.

    Iwent to a local tackle shop. That is purely tackled. And again the only glow-in-the-dark. They had was a small crappie jig sized squid looking lure for ocean. This the squid jig for catching squids out in the ocean. Ialso went to a look regional hunting and fishing store. That has throughout my area it's a chain throughout my area larger store. And again for them the only things. Ifound were smaller trout sized crappie jig size. Idid see a couple of (Berkley) Gulp saltwater soft plastics. That were again like the size of these Lindy jigs so. Icouldn't find anything on the market to fit in. Even went on bass pro shops. And Cabala's and there were. Some soft lures for ocean. That were bigger six seven eight inches but. Idon't need those I wasn't going to pay for those in mail. And shipping costs just so. Icould put any hearings. How well they glow.

    Now looking at what Rabat offers. We got a tail dancer up here. These were glowed it'll fit in like. This but it will not fit in good to close like. You can see where the LEDs are. That time that might work a little bit but see. Igo to clothes events it's gonna flip down so putting it in. When it's laying down like. This that's the only way it's going in. And look where the lights are. That wouldn't illuminate I'll try to flip. It so the lights and so it's. This way it doesn't fit in so. That bait would be a no-go I've got a shad rap. That is a size 9 size 9 shad rap. It fits in I could put. And yeah I guess the lights might fit. It I'm gonna close that would. That would fit but they don't make. Any better glow glass wraps a little bit smaller sorry about moving doing this on the phone trying to keep things in the picture here you're only seeing two lights so that's starting to get a little bit too small we've got a DT 16 yeah kinds of.

    You get two lights covering because there's. One up here it's not. Even on the lure and there's. One on the back not on the mover so you've got two lights covering it so. That wouldn't really work in. This unit with four in a row BT 10 again basically two lights covering so. If they did make baits. That were glowed some are too big to fit in here. Some are gonna line up. Now maybe some of the the minnow type hard baits like the minnows those might go on here maybe. Some soft baits but again. You can't even find them in stores to be able to work with. This unit so it's kind of pointless the things. That are available for glow-in-the-dark are things like. This so let's see how the comparison. And lighting up between the test unit. And the Lindy taser so. What I'll do is I'll get. This ready what I'll do is I'll turn the light off.

    And then I'll go over ten seconds. And then I will turn light back on okay here. That was ten seconds. You can see a good glow there. Iwere to just leave. Imean you'll see it starts to diminish. Some but it's not going to go out for quite a. It might get to the point. You don't see it on the screen anymore but I'm going to turn the light back on. And then I'm gonna do the test unit. You can see this is the. Ijust did so I'll move. That out of the way, so I'm not using the same lure open the test your units through the jig. Ican try to put the hit on the light but it's not gonna go yes it's not gonna stay it's gonna fall I'll turn the light out to ten seconds. And we'll see how it's going. That was ten seconds open. You can see some glow there last time.

    II tried now it's not glowing on the other side. Iflipped it over so. You would think that the whole purpose of the test like having lights on top. And bottom is you're activating. Both sides at it doesn't work so the last time. It didn't even charge. It enough for it to show up on the camera so. This time was actually better but again comparing. This is way more useful for small things like. That doing a jib bobber hit. It for 10 seconds we'll see. That glows so here we go I'm spinning it okays so it's off I'm spinning it I've got a good glow. All the way around and it's starting to feed a little. Ionly activated for 10 seconds. Ican still see this glowing it's not showing up on camera anymore but it's its glowing enough to see.

    It with my eyes. Now I'll do one thing this is the. Ijust did with the hand unit so. Now I'll throw one in doing it again it's. One of these things. That it's a small size it's not going to stay up on their so make the light out ten seconds. That it's got a good glow. It's completely dark. It went into the crack in the corner of the unit so beside. That was pointing into the corner didn't get decorated so on things like the barbers jigs pretty much. Anything that's on the market. You can get does not really do well in the show. That so barring Rapala. Or other manufacturers coming out with glow baits. That actually work in. Iwould say this wouldn't be worth buying when. You can have this little thing.

    That will fit in your tackle box. You can directly light up. And move things around. This might be convenient. If there really were baits on the market. You could use in I couldn't find any. Even on bass pro or Cabala's except for a. Few soft baits that are for saltwater anyway hopefully. This review has been helpful. And hopefully Rapala can rethink the concept. And come up with something that'll work for small baits. And hard baits if they're planning on with a line of hard baits. That are glow activated. They could package this with their own little hand unit for the versatility of. Both anyway thanks for watching.

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    Rapala® Retractable Mega Scoop

  • Aluminum handle extends from 15" to 34"
  • High-density polypropylene plastic fold-in scoop
  • Adjustable wrist lanyard
  • Never bend over to scoop ice and slush again when you have the Rapala Retractable Mega Scoop on your ice-fishing trips. Aluminum handle extends from 15" to 34". High-density polypropylene plastic fold-in scoop for easy transport. Adjustable wrist lanyard.
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    Clam Outdoors™ Magnetic Tool Holder

  • Magnetic strip holds metal tools for easy access
  • Mounts in a shelter, boat or home
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Mount the Clam Outdoors Magnetic Tool Holder in a shelter, boat or home to keep tools organized and easily accessible. Heavy-duty construction has two holes for mounting screws. Magnetic strips hold metal tools like pliers, knives, lures and more.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Clam Outdoors™ Ice Fishing LED Pocket Light

    Compact enough to fit in your pocket, yet this setup's 24 LED bulbs and three LED end-lights will bring major, white-light illumination to any fish house. With its magnetic back, hook-and-loop strap, and built-in attachment hook, it's conveniently usable as a work light or in any situation where extra light is needed. Uses three AAA batteries (not included).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Lakco Plastic Spearing Decoys

  • Perfectly balanced
  • Realistic, irresistible motion
  • 8" length
  • Lakco's 8" Plastic Spearing Decoys are perfectly balanced and provide realistic, irresistible motion. Per each.
    Size: 8".
    Colors: (001)Red/White, (002)Orange/Chartreuse, (003)Perch.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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