16 Good Alpine Skiing for Ladies

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  Salomon QST Lux 92 Ski - Women's Rossignol Spicy 7 Ski - Women's Rossignol Sky 7 HD Ski - Women's Rossignol Experience 76 CI Ski - Women's Salomon X Pro Custom Heat Ski Boot - Women's Atomic AMT SQS Ski Poles - Women's Dalbello Sports Chakra 95 ID Ski Boot- Women's Blizzard Alight 8.2 Ca Ski with TLX 11 W Binding - Women's Rossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's Kerma Legend Pro Poles - Women's Dynastar Legend 84 Ski - Women's Bern Camina Zipmold Helmet - Girls' K2 Fulluvit 95TI Ski - Women's K2 Empress Ski - Women's Line Pandora 110 Ski - Women's Armada Victa 93 Ski - Women's
  Salomon QST Lux 92 Ski - Women's Rossignol Spicy 7 Ski - Women's Rossignol Sky 7 HD Ski - Women's Rossignol Experience 76 CI Ski - Women's Salomon X Pro Custom Heat Ski Boot - Women's Atomic AMT SQS Ski Poles - Women's Dalbello Sports Chakra 95 ID Ski Boot- Women's Blizzard Alight 8.2 Ca Ski with TLX 11 W Binding - Women's Rossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's Kerma Legend Pro Poles - Women's Dynastar Legend 84 Ski - Women's Bern Camina Zipmold Helmet - Girls' K2 Fulluvit 95TI Ski - Women's K2 Empress Ski - Women's Line Pandora 110 Ski - Women's Armada Victa 93 Ski - Women's
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Brand Kerma K2 Rossignol Armada Dynastar Salomon Rossignol Rossignol Line K2 Blizzard Dalbello Sports Rossignol Bern Atomic Salomon
Length 115cm, 120cm, 125cm, 130cm, 135cm 156cm, 163cm, 170cm, 177cm 138cm, 146cm, 154cm, 162cm, 170cm 151cm, 159cm, 167cm 149cm, 156cm, 163cm, 170cm - - 156cm, 164cm, 172cm, 180cm 162cm, 172cm 139cm, 149cm, 159cm, 169cm 144cm, 150cm, 156cm, 162cm, 168cm - 154cm, 162cm, 168cm, 176cm - 105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 120cm, 125cm 153cm, 161cm, 169cm
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 3 years 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 year limited 1 year 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Recommended Use all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing all-mountain all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain, powder park & freestyle skiing all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing skiing, snowboarding all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing
Claimed Weight - [pair, 163cm] 7lb 2.6oz [pair, 154cm] 5lb 15oz - [pair] 7lb 7.93oz 8 lb 10 oz [half pair] 4lb 6oz [pair] 7lb 14oz 7lb 13.4oz [pair, 159cm] 6lb 12.8oz - - [pair] 6lb 2.7oz 13.1oz - [pair, 161cm] 6lb 6oz
Construction - sandwich cap sandwich sandwich - - sandwich Cap-Wall cap sandwich - central sidewall / cap - - sandwich
Core - aspen, paulownia, metal laminate poplar wood, carbon Power-Lite poplar - - paulownia aspen Macroblock aspen wood poplar, beech - paulownia - - inverted 3D wood core, CFX superfiber carbon laminate
Dimensions - 132 / 95 / 115mm 123 / 76 / 109mm [151] 129 / 91 / 119mm [159] 130 / 92 / 120mm [167] 131 / 93 / 121mm 106 / 84 / 123mm - - 128 / 98 / 118mm 142 / 110 / 125mm 111 / 86 / 106mm [162] 126 / 82 / 108mm - 122 / 86 / 108mm - - [153cm] 127 / 92 / 110mm, [161cm] 128 / 92 / 111mm, [169cm] 129 / 92 / 112mm
Profile - All-Terrain Rocker (rocker/camber/rocker) All-Terrain Rocker (early rise tip, camber underfoot, flat tail) AR Nose Rocker rocker/camber/rocker - - Powder Turn Rocker early rise, camber All-Terrain Rocker (rockered tip and tail, camber underfoot) Rocker 4mm - freeride rocker - - All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 (rocker tip, camber underfoot)
Turn Radius - [170cm] 14m 14.5m [151] 16.5m [159] 17.5m [167] 18.5m 17m - - 18m 14.2m [159cm] 16m [144] 10m [150] 11m [156] 12m [162] 13m [168] 14m - 19m - - [153cm] 15m, [161cm, 169cm] 16m

Salomon QST Lux 92 Ski - Women's

The Salomon Women's QST 92 Ski will be your go-to whether you're railing groomers first thing in the morning or exploring some new terrain days after the last storm. With a 92mm waist width, this all-mountain ski cuts crud and chop with ease, but still rolls from edge to edge like a champ. Its All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 profile lives up to its all-terrain status, with camber underfoot that ensures excellent edge grip on firm snow and a rockered tip that navigates stuff with ease.

Salomon's Spaceframe 3.0 AMB construction starts with an inverted 3D wood core that filters vibration and optimizes stability when you're speeding down the mountain. The CFX carbon superfiber laminate and Koroyd honeycomb tip also increases dampening, while the power platform underfoot enhances your edging on hardpack. No matter what you're riding, the ski's full sandwich sidewall construction increases snow contact so you can ski your hardest.

  • All-mountain ski for exploring terrain and ripping up groomers
  • 92mm waist is quick edge to edge and can hold a solid edge
  • Rocker profile mixes edge hold with float and maneuverability
  • Short turn radius enhances tight turns and navigating trees
  • Lightweight construction keeps you riding all day
  • Titanal layer dampens and smoothes the ride while adding power
  • Koroyd Tip cuts swingweight and prevents chatter at high speeds
  • Item #SAL01IA
  • Rob with Solomon here talking about the new Solomon alpine ski collection for 28:19 and in my hands i have the newest. Version of the salomon lux 92 the qst. Lux 92 has been in the market for a couple of seasons but for this coming year we've done some significant improvements to the interior with a new. Laminate layer the laminate layer and this uses our patented cfx or carbon and. Flax laminate technology and the new cf x3 improves the stability and edge hold. By not only using stringers that run tip to tail but also flax fibers that run. Edge to edge this flax dampens vibration while still providing the carbon performance and high-energy rebound that. You come to expect from a free ride all-mountain ski like the lux 92 the rocker profile through the tip means that this thing transitions from soft snow to hard snow very comfortably it's going to provide you float on the deep days but nice carvable edge grip on the. Days when you're out there enjoying the groomers this is a ski that has been. Loved for years and the newest version is sure to expect.

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    Rossignol Spicy 7 Ski - Women's

    Remember that time your friends thought you wouldn't eat that ultra-spicy pepper? It went a lot like that time they thought you wouldn't hit that ultra-steep tree line. Keep silencing the doubters with the Rossignol Spicy 7 Ski. The lightest and thinnest member of Rossignol's 7 series, this versatile all-mountain ski is sure to put some spice in your shred.

    Its 86mm waist provides stability and edge control when you're ripping the groomers, with enough width to hold its own when you get a bit of fresh snow. Especially so with Rossignol's freeride rocker, which balances a rockered tip and tale with a stable camber underfoot, giving you the best of both worlds as you float better in the soft stuff and get a smoother hold when you're charging it. With Rossi's Air Tip you'll get stability at speeds and lightweight maneuverability and float at the tip, letting you bounce through moguls and fresh woods with ease. A lightweight wooden core offers versatility for use as a touring ski, letting you explore further and ensuring that your lines will stay as hot as a habenero.

  • Kick up the heat this winter with this versatile all-mountain ski
  • 86mm waist holds a stable edge on groomers and shreds in deeper snow
  • Freeride rocker balances float and stability for all-condition shred
  • Air Tip technology absorbs shock and increases maneuverability
  • Paulownia core keeps it light for easy riding and touring capability
  • Item #ROS00EL
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    Rossignol Sky 7 HD Ski - Women's

    Originally called the Sin in the ever-popular 7 Series, Rossignol most likely changed this ski's name to the Rossignol Women's Sky 7 HD Ski because, well, the sky's the limit when it comes to this freerider. Big enough for powder, skinny enough for groomers, and light enough for the backcountry, the Sky 7 HD truly excels wherever you choose to grace your ski skills that day.

    The Sky 7 gleans its versatility from a 95mm waist width that's not too fat to handle hardpack days, nor too skinny to float the occasional knee-deep pow; it sits right in the middle of powdery beefiness and speedy skinniness. Its Powder Turn Rocker profile certainly enhances this ski's versatility, with plenty of camber underfoot to hold an edge on frontside groomers and a rockered tip and tail to navigate the soft stuff.

    Rossignol built this beauty out of light paulownia wood core to keep your legs fresh on those bell-to-bell days, and Rossignol added its Carbon Alloy Matrix—a carbon and basalt weave—to add stiffness and ensure an aggressive ride that resort riders are used to. Like all Rossignol's best sellers, the Sky features a honeycombed Air Tip 2.0 to prevent the ski from nose-diving into powder.

  • Rossignol's versatile big mountain ski for powder and moguls
  • 95mm waist rides soft and hard snow with equal prowess
  • Powder Turn Rocker includes enough camber for frontside groomers
  • Air Tip 2.0 optimized for better stability and less chatter
  • Carbon Alloy Matrix blends basalt for a stiffer, lighter feel
  • Sandwiched sidewalls protect the light wood core from damage
  • Item #ROS00B6
  • Hello my name is justin smith we're in. Snowy lake tahoe california right now at heavenly mountain resort and I'm here to bring to you the 2017 sky 7 review this. Is an all mountain ski brought to you by ross signal we have a 98 underfoot 128. Tip and a 118 tail this ski offers. Camber underfoot as well as a rocker tip. To get you the flotation and the powder. That you want now the camber under your. Foot also releases when you are going downhill doing your big ol super g and. Slalom turns and it pushes it makes power. And it creates more power to exit your. Turn okay so the rossignol sky 7 hd is. Made of a paluma wood core and it. Reduces the overall weight of the ski by 30% we got the patented ear tip design made by rossignol as you can see there's. Little hex x's in the tip to make it a. Lighter like a lighter feel for your. Tip i personally love it's awesome. The only problem with the ear tip is that i have broken the tip on my other. Ski just a little bit flimsy but other. Then that the tip is awesome the light the white weight of the ski is awesome but it's also reinforced by carbon. Strings that go across the speed i atonal ii making this ski a lot more. Stronger and you also have the air tip on the bottom of the ski as well and because of the 98 underfoot and the side. Cut you get about a 17 turn radius which. Makes for a really good pop in your slalom turret slalom turns and all of. Your grooming turns i love the turn radius you can go it on. The groomer you can feel like you're a racer i mean I'm a racer and it's kind. Of like, you're on race skis only you. Have 100 underfoot so awesome ski you. Got your bases great bases i just scratched them up a little bit got you a mini cap sidewall. Which smashes it's a sandwich and it smashes the sidewall together between the base and the top layer so yeah. Overall this ski powder. The flotation for me I'm 200 pounds and. This is at 174 so i mean you guys are. 172 sorry it is a little bit smaller. With those about to my forehead to my. Like my nose to forehead area the. Flotation it's good the tip definitely. Helps it with the rocker but i do find. Myself leaning back a little bit too much just because it's not a complete. Powder ski for me so i would say the powder aiding would be like a 7 out of 10 awesome if you're. Looking for a one purpose ski and you know if there's a foot of powder and you just want to go sloshed some awesome for. That so 7 out of 10 for that groomers i. Would give this about a 9 out of 10 your. Edges hold awesome. You're you know the turn radius of 17. Just gives you a really nice pop out of each turn and overall the ski i would. Give the groomers score about a 9 out of. 10 and then the overall score of the entire ski from everything from. Flotation to durability I'll give this ski about an 8 out of 10. It does really well and all worlds from. Powder to grooming to you know anything. You're looking to throw at it the only problem that like the downsides i would call it would be the durability I've. Skied these skis about 30 days, and they've shown some abuse and wear but so. I would say the pros and cons about this ski will start with the pros because positive is always better than negative positives it will flow for you in powder. The pros also carving on groomers is. Glorious it's like you're on a race ski it's so nice it's like train tracks you just like popping in and out of those turns it's so awesome cut to the footage of that. And then another pro would be the. Lightness of this ski i mean you can do shifty's you can do you know any type of trick you really want to throw at it for how light it is and i mean obviously. Depending on where you mount your mid sole but then the cons durability. That's about the only that's the only. Problem that i have with it and that. The part that it doesn't keep me afloat as much as i would want it to but then again it's an all-mountain ski for me not a powder ski but if you're looking. To get this for all-mountain going right ahead and smash the buy button dude it's. So good you can find these at the end of. The season for pretty cheap if you ski as hard as i would you know i possibly. Go to another pair of skis possibly like moments or lib tech's because they're all handmade and all that but yeah overall this ski is a. Really good ski if you're looking to just slash them some powder turns and. Get some groomer grumbling runs in and. Yeah it's a great ski you can see more. About this online anywhere you look and the ski is about i think it's eight. A Hundred dollars but anyway you guys have a nice day, and we'll catch you next time thanks for watching if you have enjoyed this video please hit the like button and subscribe.

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    Rossignol Experience 76 CI Ski - Women's

    Rossignol's Women's Experience 76 CI Ski loves to zoom down steep, firm groomers, but has the profile and the personality to get you through a variety of conditions. Its 76 millimeter waist and generous underfoot camber is undoubtedly frontside oriented, yet the progressive, freeride-inspired sidecut and tip rocker can tackle softer snow, too.

    Rossignol's Line Control Technology keeps the Experience 76 CI impressively stable and easy to control at speed, while the poppy poplar wood core and carbon reinforcements add energy, responsiveness, and an quick, snappy feel. Air Tip VAS boasts integrated dampening filters in the tip of the ski, which offers a more consistent power transfer and an overall lighter swing weight for a confidence-inducing ride that you'll enjoy virtually any day of the season.

  • Dominate the frontside with this capable all-mountain ski
  • Nimble 76mm waist is easy to get from edge to edge
  • Underfoot camber holds a reliable edge on firm snow
  • Rockered tip floats you through softer snow
  • Power rail from tip to tail offers power transfer and stability
  • Carbon reinforcements add torsional strength
  • Poplar wood core is poppy and responsive
  • Air Tip VAS for a lighter swing weight and better initial shock absorption
  • Item #ROS00ER
  • Hi nick a signaler with the rossignol. And I'm here with ski gear tv buyer's. Guide for 2013 we're looking at the experience 76 part of the new experience. Line for us last year which has gone over very well and been a big seller the. Experience 76 as the name implies as 76. Ml underfoot. Features rousing top cap construction. Throughout for enhanced durability and snappy feel also the big seller is. Auto turn rocker which is featured on the entire experience line auto turn rocker is a tip and tail rocker with. Traditional camber throughout 70% of the ski underfoot the new 76 features helium. Integrated binding system for 2013 which. Is an all-new integrated system that's ultra lightweight with all the reliable release and retention that you'd find in. Our high-end body line. The experience 76 is great for that. Advanced-intermediate skier who wants a. Versatile one ski quiver check out the experience 76 at your local rising oil dealer for 2013.

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    Salomon X Pro Custom Heat Ski Boot - Women's

    Contrary to popular belief, your foot actually doesn't have to hurt with hot spots and numb coldness halfway through a day filled with skiing groomers. Salomon outfitted the Women's X Pro Custom Heat Ski Boot with its heat-moldable Custom Shell, heat-forming Custom Fit 3D liner, and electronic Heat 3D Pro technology, so you can ski in a boot that mirrors your foot's shape and adjusts its warmth according to the day's temperatures.

    With a fully charged battery, the X Pro's Heat 3D Pro technology assures adjustable warmth for up to eighteen hours. A Twinframe chassis grants the X Pro with enhanced control and sensitivity, so you can feel the corduroy underneath your skis while you bank turns with precision. The Oversized Pivot makes sure you get the most out of the boot's moderate 90 flex when you're skiing with wider skis.

  • Customizable all-mountain ski boot for all-day comfort
  • Moderate 90 flex for beginner to intermediate skiers
  • Wide last assures a comfortable fit
  • Heat-formed 360 degree Custom Shell and Custom Fit 3D liner
  • Electronic Heat 3D Pro technology customizes warmth
  • Twinframe chassis enhances control and sensitivity
  • Oversized Pivot helps drive wider skis
  • Item #SAL00UM
  • The ex-pro custom heat is a 110 flex 102. 106 millimeter last performance food for. The intermediate to advanced level skier the custom heat technology is an on one. Heated liner with batteries it's a twin frame construction efficiently transfers energy from skier. To this case the 360 shell allows the shell to be custom molded to eliminate pressure points the custom sean cuff allows for the cup to custom mold the 3d. Pro liner is 60% thermoform oval foam. Aligned for a custom fit in the shin angle pocket and toe box an oversized pivot improves lateral stiffness increasing response and control and a plexi juster allows for the flex to be softened by up to 10 points for more. Info on the x pro custom heat please visit us at skis.com.

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    Atomic AMT SQS Ski Poles - Women's

    The Atomic Women's AMT SQS Ski Poles are ready for thundering charges through trees and down groomers alike. The shaft is built with aluminum for lightweight strength, the tip with steel for consistent pole planting down the steeps, and the grip with plenty of comfort. The ergonomic cork-injected grip is shaped to fit perfectly in your hands, sized for women or smaller hands, and it comes equipped with a padded wrist strap. The SQS stands for safety quick-release system, which means the strap releases instantly under tension, adding an element of safety to speedy descents.

  • Women-specific ski poles for versatile all-mountain skiers
  • Aluminum shaft and steel tip provide light, reliable strength
  • Ergonomic cork grip and padded strap offer comfortable wear
  • SQS system in strap releases instantly under tension
  • Item #ATO00D7
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    Dalbello Sports Chakra 95 ID Ski Boot- Women's

    The Chakra 95 ID Ski Boot is one of Dalbello's top women-specific freeride options for competent, advanced, or advancing skiers. A 95 flex makes this the stiffest Chakra available, and the narrow last provides the precision that aggressive riders need for tight trees and deep snow. Like all Dalbello boots, the Chakra boasts the original Cabrio three-piece construction, which smooths out the flex in order to provide a more responsive ride, enhanced shock absorption, and an easier on and off.

    A shell as innovative as the Chakra's Cabrio construction deserves a liner just as innovative, so Dalbello added a thermo-moldable My Fit ID liner insulated with 3M Thinsulate. Take this liner to a boot-fitters, and a simple heating process will mold the liner to fit your foot's contours for a customized feel. The Chakra's women-specific construction includes a lower-profile cuff, additional insulation in the toe, a tapered rearfoot, and reduced overall volume.

  • One of Dalbello's top women's freeride ski boot
  • 95 flex is the stiffest Chakra available this season
  • Narrow 98mm last delivers a tight and responsive fit
  • Three-piece Cabrio construction offers a progressive forward flex
  • My Fit ID liner is thermo-moldable for a customized fit
  • Item #DBL003O
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    Blizzard Alight 8.2 Ca Ski with TLX 11 W Binding - Women's

    Arc effortless turns and feel totally in control during transitions with the Blizzard Alight 8.2 Ca Ski with TLX 11 W Binding. This ski and binding package is built for a intermediate to advanced skiers who are searching for exceptional control, power, and forgiveness from a frontside carving ski and binding.

    The Alight 8.2 Ca provides control, power, and forgiveness thanks to a mid width waist, tight turn radius, and early rise profile. The 82mm waist cuts a nice balance between edge to edge control and versatile float while the tight turn radius allows strong turn initiation with minimal power for effortless linking of turns. Working with these powerful turning elements, the early rise profile adds performance by including a powerful camber section underfoot that further enhances edge control while also adding 4mm of rocker in the tip that gobbles up chopped and new snow so that you can explore the entire resort and are not limited to the groomers.

  • Carve down the mountain with this versatile ski and binding package
  • 82mm waist can handle many conditions and offers exceptional control
  • Early rise profile adds float without limiting edge control or power
  • Tight turn radius makes for solid maneuverability and easy arcing
  • TLX 11 W binding provides reliablecrelease and retention
  • Lightweight and responsive poplar and beech core keeps you ripping
  • Quattro technology encourages controlled and effective carving
  • Item #BLZ003N
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    Rossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's

    Waking up early and being first in line when the lifts open is awesome, but having to steer clear of certain zones or take an early pit stop because your feet hurt puts a cramp in your morning. There'll be no stopping or shying away with Rossignol's AllTrack Pro 100 Women's Ski Boot, a warm and comfortable boot that truly embraces the do-it-all versatility that all-mountain boots are meant to deliver. This AllTrack boasts a reasonable aggressive 100 flex suitable for the beginner to intermediate skiers or riders on the lighter side, and the comfortable-but-precise 100mm last includes a lower cuff and a slimmer footbed to better accommodate women's natural proportions. 

    The best way to use a boot like this would be to ride first chair to last; that way you can ski fresh tracks in the morning, choppy leftovers around lunch, and whatever you'd call what's left at the end of the day (garbage?). If properly molded by a boot professional, the Optisensor 3D liner will press warm Thinsulate Platinum insulation lined in smooth, soft merino wool. Merino has natural antimicrobial properties for reliable odor-resistance, and it helps with thermal regulation to keep you comfortable on brisk bluebird days and freezing power days.

  • All-mountain ski boot fuses power, precision, and hiking
  • Moderately aggressive 100 flex suits intermedaite riders
  • Comfortable-but-precise, women-specific 100mm last
  • Thermal moldable Optisensor 3D liner customizes the fit
  • Merino wool and Thinsulate Platinum ensure insulation
  • Hike mode makes the walk to the car a little easier
  • Compatible with Walk To Ride heel pieces (sold separately)
  • Item #ROS00BS
  • So we've got the rossignol pure pro 100. Here it's a medium-sized fit and a. Women's boot obviously pretty nice and. Very lining which is they're always good to keep the tours warm and with that it's an op t sensor liner and it's got. Merino wool in there as well so your. Feet will get toasty warm in these now. With the pure pro 100 and it's got. Award-winning power and precision within. The boot the sensor blade technology reduces the weight so it makes them a. Lightweight boot meaning that the energy isn't lost through the foot and it. Drives straight into the ski giving you more position when you're skiing so. That's the resin your pure pro 100 the. Retail price for that is about 335 pound. And you can get those in snow and rock.

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    Kerma Legend Pro Poles - Women's

    The lifties sure don't appreciate you battling every single pole that makes up the chairlift, but it certainly is a fun way to pass the time. Most expensive, carbon-laden poles snap under the pressure of this seriously epic battle, but the Kerma Women's Legend Pro Pole stays solid throughout all your wars. This all-mountain pole has a bias for freeriding powder days just like the rest of the skiers at the resort. As for your chairlift battles, nobody has seen a war this epic since the windmill fiasco in the early 1600s. 

  • A legendary ski pole that can take a beating
  • Full aluminum shaft brings the durability without the weight
  • Freeride-friendly grip, shaft, and powder basket
  • Item #DYN005Q
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    Dynastar Legend 84 Ski - Women's

    The Dynastar Legend 84 Ski allows you to reduce your all-mountain ski quiver to one. By merging freeride DNA with an all-mountain shape, Dynastar created a versatile, all-mountain performance ski that can take on anything from pack to powder. Its 84mm waist width offers just enough float for deep days while holding its own across groomers. Its tail and tip rocker profile with 5-point sidecut supply natural versatility and a balanced sweet spot for comfort across varying terrain types.

    The Legend 84 was designed with Dynastar's Powerdrive Free construction combining a tradition wood core and multi-layer sidewall construction. This creates ultra-smooth versatility and enhanced playfulness across the mountain and through varying snow conditions. Full-length vertical sidewalls deliver optimized edge grip for fast turns through tight trees while the wood core stays responsive, lightweight, and stable through mogul fields and deep powder.

  • Responsive all-mountain ski with performance from pack to powder
  • 84mm waist offers float in powder and holds its own through pack
  • Tip and tail rocker profile adds playful maneuverability and float
  • Lightweight, traditional wood core blends liveliness with stability
  • Sandwich construction blends core materials for optimized precision
  • Vertical sidewalls from tip to tail deliver optimized edge grip
  • 5-point sidecut offers natural versatility for all-mountain skiing
  • Item #DYN005T
  • hi we're here from ski bart layer where. The srgb ski test and we're testing the. Dune star legend 84 mens and this is the. 84 woman's so these are a carryover model from last season, but we've just. Had a ski up the mountain absolutely brilliant even guys what do you what do you think of them well i felt that they were a really agile ski that was so simple to. Ski and pretty much anything really to do so it's a it's a great confidence. Builder for somebody who's transferring from kind of peat ski and wanting to do a little bit more all mountain absolutely i mean the 84 underfoot is. It's the very much just a natural step from a piece to the bottom side and it's. A really forgiving easy turning ski it's its yeah and feels very kind of light. On your feet so very agile good in short. Turns you know we would like to and off we see the one piece off-piste and when. We're off-piste it was you know very kind it wasn't throwing you around it was easy to ski and even when the snow was chopped up it still felt really good. Yeah a very definitely kind. Confidence booster absolutely in carving on a purdue feast or even a red feast i mean it's very stable very forgiving i. Mean the ski just grips and grips excellent.

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    Bern Camina Zipmold Helmet - Girls'

    Gear your little shredder up in the Bern Girls' Camina Zipmold Helmet and give her the same performance as Bern's adult helmets, only in a slightly smaller package. Bern's signature Zip Mold construction utilizes a combination of a micro shell lined with liquid-injected foam for a higher strength without bulk and weight. The cold-weather liner is soft and cozy to keep her head warm on the chilliest days on the mountain, and the micro-adjustable fit system ensures a secure, customizable fit for all-day comfort.

  • Comfortable helmet for mini shredders
  • Shell lined with liquid-injected foam is light and strong
  • Cozy liner keeps her head toasty
  • Micro-adjustable fit system for a secure, customized fit
  • Item #BRN005R
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    K2 Fulluvit 95TI Ski - Women's

    Conditions vary, its a fact of life on the ski hill, but there's no way you're missing a single day this winter. When there are patches of fresh snow hidden between chopped up powder, with a groomed trail or two thrown in, you're glad to have the K2 Fulluvit 95TI Ski in your corner. This freeride ski features a mid-width waist that's designed to handle everything you might encounter on those gray days between storms. The all-terrain rocker profile uses a gradual rise in the tips for floating in the fluff and sailing over crud, with a low rise tail for more stability, and generous camber underfoot for optimal edge-to-edge control on hardpack.

    The Fulluvit features K2's Konic construction, which layers a stiff metal laminate alongside the reinforced Nanolight core. The very center uses this Nanolight composite and paulownia wood to keep things light, with aspen layered alongside both for additional strength, and metal at the edges for dampening and stability on the chopped-up off-trail slopes. Triaxial fiberglass braiding is added for increased torsional stiffness that still allows the lively flex of the wood core to shine through. All these details combine to produce a ski that's lively, agile, and playful whether you're twisting through powder-filled trees or laying it over on steep groomed runs.

  • A powerful freeride ski that's ready for anything
  • 95mm waist offers versatility in varying conditions
  • Rockered tip and tail crush crud and float in the fresh
  • Camber underfoot provides control on hardpack
  • Lightweight, poppy aspen tempered by metal for extra power
  • Konic technology reduces swing weight without shirking performance
  • Item #K2S00HD
  • Hello this is clemmed smith with k2 skis in. Colorado coming — coming to you today from christie sports we're talking today about the k2 skis all of it 88 to the. All of it 88 ti is part of our love it. Series skis which are free right specific women's skis and what makes. Then free ride specific is that these things are engineered to go anywhere on the mountain in any conditions you can throw at it the olivet eighty-eight to is probably. Our most versatile high-performance women's specific free ride ski the 88. Millimeter footprint makes it very nimble and agile on harder snow and in bumps and then the rocker camber rocker profile makes the ski still float really. Well in softer snow and in variable snow. Conditions it features a full women's. Specific wood core that we call bio flex. So it's a proprietary blend of polonia. And bamboo that makes the skis nice and light, but then we reinforce that with metal teen all layers over the. Perimeters of the ski and on the base and those layers of metal are going to give this ski tremendous edge grip great. Smoothness and predictability and variable snow and harder snow so the all. Of it 88 as far as versatility goes from our free ride lineup this thing can't be beat. You.

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    K2 Empress Ski - Women's

    The K2 Empress Ski is designed to give you the power to preside over the park, pipe, trees, and steeps. A full aspen wood core is light, poppy, and durable, while the braided carbon pattern near the tip and tail gives the ski a smooth, stable feel. With a nimble 86-millimeter waist, the Empress best controls the park but can conquer the whole mountain.

    Rounded tips and tails provide predictable turn initiation and easy release so you can scrub speed and vary your turn shapes like it's no big deal, and the tip and tail rocker allow for mellow switch riding and respectable powder performance. Just the right amount of underfoot camber ensures a reliable edge hold when you're bombing down firm groomers, and the cap construction not only keeps the ski lightweight, but adds durability so you can spend more time playing on boxes and rails and less time in the shop.

  • Freestyle-oriented ski for the park and beyond
  • Nimble 86mm waist designed for speed and spins
  • Rockered twin tip and tail add nimble control in variable conditions
  • Aspen wood core is lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • Carbon pattern near tip and tail ensures stability and power
  • Cap construction keeps the ski light and durable
  • Item #K2S00HH
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    Line Pandora 110 Ski - Women's

    Skiing is all about having fun, so you better hurry up and eat your shreddies, because you're about to be charging a whole lot of vert on the Line Women's Pandora Skis. As Line's premier powder plank, the Pandora is built to surf the deep stuff, yet still rides firmer snow after the mountain gets tracked out. With a 110mm waist and an Early Rise tip profile, you'll find yourself making big sweeping turns down open bowls, maneuvering through chopped-up snow, and carving down corduroy. Plus, the Pandora's widest point of sidecut starts tapering earlier in the tip to reduce drag and hooking in soft snow so you can smoothly munch pow, crud, and soft snow.

    Boasting Line's Capwall construction, the Pandora blends the light and responsive performance of cap construction with the smooth, solid feel of sidewalls. Line's engineers gave the Pandora an aspen MacroBlock core featuring aspen underfoot to ensure your turns and landings have a nimble feel and buttery-smooth flex. Thin Tip technology shaves unnecessary weight in the tip and tail, significantly cutting down on tip bounce and swing weight. Other technologies packed into the Pandora are Directional Flex for easy turn initiation and Fivecut geometry for intuitive control and unlimited turn shapes.

  • A spunky, powder-specific ski for surfing fluffy stuff
  • 110mm width waist and rockered tips ensure float
  • Directional flex pattern offers control in chop
  • Fivecut geometry enhances turn initiation
  • Wood core reduces swing and is lightweight and durable
  • Capwall construction combines strong sidewalls with light cap
  • Item #LIN004B
  • My third year skiing on the Pandora and i can honestly say it's my favorite ski. I've ever had that early rise in the. Taper on the tip and tail helped me like just kappas know what i can stay nice and forward and make those good patterns without having to work too hard this really does all that for you and just have fun with it's the only thing. I'll take out and pow but it's also really fun on a groomer if you can totally carve with it and fries I'll just power through anything don't let the 115 waste scare you off from doing a bit of Pandora's it's so easy to ski it really helps to make those turns and initiate them in the deep snow and on the service as well they're fun they're playful star food quick i use it every day whether I'm in. The resort just driving around giving side of the runs with my friends up in. The back country seeing big line suit powder it's really fun on everything.

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    Armada Victa 93 Ski - Women's

    Armada's Women's Victa 93 Ski is a versatile daily driver for the resort-lapping lady. The 93mm waist gives this ski all-mountain prowess that will have you railing groomers and sliding through soft snow with a smile on your face the whole way down. The ultralight wood core provides a smooth and consistent flex that will please skiers of all abilities. Carbon and KEVLAR stringers add a playful pop, and the fiberglass laminate increases torsional rigidity, keeping you stable and in control while you're bombing the resort at killer speeds.

  • Playful and forgiving all-mountain ski that can handle it all
  • 91-93mm waist is quick edge to edge and floats in new snow
  • Shorter turn radius encourages edge hold and eases turn initiation
  • AR Nose Rocker floats over new snow without sacrificing edging
  • Power-Lite core cuts weight for long days on the hill
  • Laminate Matrix provides a consistent and long lasting pop
  • Armadas fastest base, the Comp Series, glides exceptionally well
  • Item #ARM00JQ
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