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LaserLyte® Trigger-Guard Laser Sight and Trainer Streamlight TLR-4 Light/Laser-Sight Combo BSA Laser and Flashlight Combo with Mount iPROTEC Green Laser/LED Light Combo Streamlight® Handgun Lights Crimson Trace® Rail Master® LaserMax Spartan™ Laser and Light Combo Crimson Trace® Revolver Lasergrips® Streamlight® TLR-7® Tactical Light LaserLyte® Pistol Trainer Cartridge Crimson Trace® Rail Master® Pro™ Red Laser & Light Sightmark® LoPro Green Laser/Light Combo LaserMax Ruger® LC9 Light/Laser Crimson Trace® Laserguard® with Blade-Tech Holster LaserMax Micro II Pistol Laser LaserMax Centerfire Shield 9mm and .40 Light/Laser LaserMax Centerfire™ Pistol Laser Crimson Trace® LiNQ Wireless Green Laser Sight and Tactical Light TRUGLO® Micro-Tac™ Laser Sight Crimson Trace® Rail Master® Pro™ Green Laser and Light XTS Mini Red Pistol Laser/Flashlight Combo LaserLyte Pistol Premium Laser Trainer LaserMax Centerfire Shield 45 Light/Laser Pursuit® X1 Ultralight Rail Light/Laser Sight Laserlyte® ScoreTyme™ Versus Kit Sightmark® LoPro Green Laser
LaserLyte® Trigger-Guard Laser Sight and Trainer Streamlight TLR-4 Light/Laser-Sight Combo BSA Laser and Flashlight Combo with Mount iPROTEC Green Laser/LED Light Combo Streamlight® Handgun Lights Crimson Trace® Rail Master® LaserMax Spartan™ Laser and Light Combo Crimson Trace® Revolver Lasergrips® Streamlight® TLR-7® Tactical Light LaserLyte® Pistol Trainer Cartridge Crimson Trace® Rail Master® Pro™ Red Laser & Light Sightmark® LoPro Green Laser/Light Combo LaserMax Ruger® LC9 Light/Laser Crimson Trace® Laserguard® with Blade-Tech Holster LaserMax Micro II Pistol Laser LaserMax Centerfire Shield 9mm and .40 Light/Laser LaserMax Centerfire™ Pistol Laser Crimson Trace® LiNQ Wireless Green Laser Sight and Tactical Light TRUGLO® Micro-Tac™ Laser Sight Crimson Trace® Rail Master® Pro™ Green Laser and Light XTS Mini Red Pistol Laser/Flashlight Combo LaserLyte Pistol Premium Laser Trainer LaserMax Centerfire Shield 45 Light/Laser Pursuit® X1 Ultralight Rail Light/Laser Sight Laserlyte® ScoreTyme™ Versus Kit Sightmark® LoPro Green Laser
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Brand CRIMSON TRACE LaserLyte Crimson Trace - LaserMax Streamlight - Crimson Trace XTS Crimson Trace Streamlight CRIMSON TRACE LASERMAX LaserMax SIGHTMARK Sightmark CRIMSON TRACE Streamlight LaserLyte LaserMax LASERMAX LaserMax BSA LaserLyte LaserLyte TRUGLO

LaserLyte® Trigger-Guard Laser Sight and Trainer

  • Laser sight and laser trainer in one
  • Fits seamlessly into your pistol’s housing
  • Constant-on and pulse laser-sight modes
  • Provides up to 10 hours of use in pulse mode
  • Glass-filled nylon and aircraft-grade aluminum

LaserLyte's Trigger-Guard Laser Sight and Trainer combines a laser sight to keep you on target with a laser trainer to keep your skills sharp. It fits seamless into your pistol's housing, almost like it was always there. In laser-trainer mode, the unit produces a momentary laser that marks the location of your shot every time you pull the trigger. After about five minutes in training mode, the unit automatically reverts back to normal laser-sight operation. Simply hold both activation buttons for five seconds and the unit switches to training mode. Laser sight has two modes – constant-on and pulse. Also features ambidextrous activation and auto off. Powered by three 392 button-cell batteries (included) that deliver up to five hours of use in constant-on mode and up to 10 hours of use in pulse mode. Glass-filled nylon and aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum construction ensures lasting durability. Installs in less than five minutes. Compatible with all of LaserLyte's Laser Targets.

  • Hi-Point – Compatible with Hi-Point 380ACP, 9mm, 40S&W and 45ACP. Includes one set of housings that fit 380 and 9 models and one set of housings that fit 40 and 45 models.
    1.52”L x 0.76”W x 1.7”H.
    Wt: 0.75 oz.
  • Ruger® LCP/LCP/LC380 – Compatible with Ruger LC9, LC9s, LC9s Pro, LCP and LC380. Includes two laser housings that fit a variety of Ruger models.
    3.4”L x 0.8”W x 1.5”H.
    Wt: 0.79 oz.
  • SCCY® – Compatible with SCCY CPX-1 and CPX-2 models. Includes three sets of housings – one black, one tan and one pink.
    2.4”L x 0.74”W x 1.25”H.
    Wt: 0.75 oz.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Streamlight TLR-4 Light/Laser-Sight Combo

  • Long-running, shockproof light
  • 3-watt Luxeon LED
  • Peak beam intensity of 110 lumens
  • Rugged polymer and aluminum construction
  • Mounts to Picatinny or side-mounting Glock rail
  • Waterproof to 39" for one hour

Lightweight tactical light/laser-sight combo. Long-running, shockproof light projects blinding illumination from a 3-watt Luxeon™ LED. Rugged polymer and aluminum construction. Mounts to Picatinny or side-mounting Glock rail. Waterproof to 39" for one hour. Ambidextrous momentary or constant-on switch. Peak beam intensity of 110 lumens with optimal peripheral illumination. Runs up to 1-1/2 hours in light mode and up to 11 hours in laser-only mode on one 3-volt CR-2 lithium battery (included). Securely fits a range of firearms with included interchangeable keys. Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.
Weight: 2.81 oz.
Available: Green Laser, Red Laser.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Welcome to firearms guide YouTube channel today. Something really incredible to show. That is stream light tlr-2 ight. And laser combo believe. Or not very small model plra. It is a 2018 model but dimension wise it's as well. One of the smallest. We could find on the market 500 lumens great tactical product. That can fit perfectly on full-size. And Compaq handguns with rails so let's open. This box and let's check out. This beauty the boxing is always a lot of fun especially. You have such a fantastic gadget as. This Streetlight feel are eight light. And laser combo so we have a TLR light. And laser combo right here cr123a lithium battery allen wrench key manual. This inside okay these are the key kids. You can use to securely fit. This combo to a broad range of weapons awesome so let's go through the basic technical specification of. This steel our light. And laser combo first 500 lumens maximum 4300 candelas beam distance of 131 meters. It runs on these cr123 batteries. That will provide you with. And a half hour of steady flashlight use allen wrench key of course for adjusting your laser adjusting the vintage. And elevation so you can properly zero. It's a aluminum housing then it's. It feels really good. If it's aluminum housing this is very light product it'll adds only two point six four ounces on total weight of your handgun plus ammo so to really light but very sturdy aluminum house it's also very small.

I personally think this is the smallest light laser combo on the market it's only 22 15 inches so it's really small. It won't add a lot of extra weight. Or dimension wise it won't make your handgun much bulkier with. This thing of course underneath the flashlight. You have the laser right here it's a standard 640 660 nanometers red laser with ambidextrous switch. Both on the left and on the right-hand side very important thing to know is. It also has safe a feature. That prevents accidental activation. And with these key kids. It will fit properly. Any fool or compact size handguns with. Any kind of accessory rail.

And that's awesome so let's try to mount. It on my handgun so. Now let's quickly go to the mounting of the lr8 combo on my pistol but before. Iwant to just simply check the weight of the combo two ones. This without the battery let's put a battery on 255 that's awesome 25 ounces excellent. Now let's move the scale. And let's put the battery in first thing you have to do is unscrew the stop with a light bulb put the batter in screw. It back in let's grow straight back in. And over the notch oops here. It is let's check it out yeah works great. This little sheet you have to find your model of handgun. And check out which key. You have to use in mice in my case. Ihave a zig pistol 20 22 so. Ihave to use the key model 1912 / 2. And then I have to exchange. That it's already placed in factoring this way you're gonna screw the screw completely remove.

This thing okay here. It is put this thing in. And then screw this thing back together oops. It goes off you see Murphy's Law but. That won't stop we just have to basically screw. It back in and that's. This end of that screw. You have to mount this little tiny Eclipse. You mount this Eclipse on an end of. This screw it will be securely fit. And then you have to actually mount. It off your pistol so. Idon't want to take up your time showing. That dumb thing so after. You probably install. That little tiny Eclipse on the very end of. That screw long screw here. You can then actually start mountain until r8 on your pistol as. You can see mine is properly checked. That it's safe let's put. And let's simply screw. All the way instructions actually telling us.

We can use a coin to tighten. All the way you know first with your fingers. And then a little bit with a coin. That should be it's a pretty firmly. Icannot notice any traces of. Any kind of movement so it's nicely mounting it on my Zig SP 2022 fully ambidextrous so. When I'm holding this pistol. Ican turn it off with my thumb finger. Or with my index finger. Or a trigger finger ambidextrous control three different setups. You press both of those keys simultaneously. You can choose between a white only laser only. Or laser with a light. Idon't know if my camera is picking up the laser but a laser is obviously right here so. You can see now I'm in a combi mode with a laser. And light simultaneous laser. And simultaneous light. And like I said just press.

It from the both ends. You can change the setting so let's. How the TLR works in a night condition. You can see here that camera is catching it I'm like 25 up to 30 yards away from. This little shack I don't know. You can see the red dot but it's right there five hundred lumens is a lot of light it's a great central beam so. Somebody shoot at this Shack. Iwould clearly see its moves. Iwill be able to point the laser to a window. Or to a door no problem whatsoever. And plus there will be a lot of light central beam it's pretty strong but. It a little bit on the side. You can see where my red dot is there is still a lot of spills so.

You can see you know. You can see the targets. That would be on the on your left. Or on your right from your central targeting point. Now I'm fifty to sixty maybe. Even 70 yards away from the same Shack. You see the space between. And the shack this 60 to 70 yards its phenomenal Inlet. Ican see absolutely. Everything and laser is right there on a spot on the window. Or on the door of that Shack. You can see really well so 500 lumens work well. When I'm so far away from here from. That Shack so 50 to 70 yards. You can see almost anything out there literally very easy to see a lot of light left. And right fantastic spills so. If I'm aiming far on the side. You can still see everything in. That Shack so when I'm. This far away 500 lumens works great. Everything around me little like a day.

You can literally see the laser points really well in every direction. And 500 lumens provides. Than enough light even on such a distances of up to a hundred yards final thoughts on the stream light till our eight combo. Ireally like many things about. This combo is awesome first aluminum housing super sleek streamlined fantastic fitting this pistol in nylon holster will be a breeze not a problem at. All second thing dimensions. This is really small combo. You can see I don't like. This combo that are much longer. That may be a 52 cr123 batteries in two batteries basically as. You extra weight you don't need.

They add you also extra length of your combo. You also don't need. This small combo it's perfect it's small provides. You with and a half hour of light. And that's than enough it's not like you're gonna be hiking in the woods for the whole night. You know using your pistol with the combo as a flashlight for. You have other type of gadgets hour. And a half of the light on your handgun is. Than enough small dimensions aluminum housing it's very like. We checked and 25 ounces with the battery installed. One thing I also really like is possibility. You can actually change the battery on. This combo without need to take the combo off of your pistol with other combos in order to change the battery. You have to take the combo off exchange the battery. And then put it back in. That means. That every time you screw up with the zeroing order a laser with.

This combo you need to change the battery. You just and screw. This thing you put a new battery in. You screw that is done your combo is ready to go your laser is still zeroed in just like a minute ago. And that's a great thing because. You don't have to zero the laser every time. You change the battery. Ireally really miss. That feature with the previous light. And laser combos I was using with. One it's perfectly it's actually a perfect engineering solution so. Ilike almost everything about. This combo it's really awesome. And at the best price. Ifound on internet in December 2018. I was recording this video was actually 161 buck.

You know no big whoop about. This does fit quite a. Few different handguns. One thing you want to be careful of is. You purchase one of these is. They make three different models. Or fit types of the tlr4. One here is the standard. One is just tlr4 nothing behind. They also have that say tlr4. It has USP two of them like. That has USP at the end of them well. What those are those lights are designed to fit two different models of the H&K; USP. They must have a different rail system on them. Something then you know. Most other standard handguns I've had a little bit of a chance to kind of play around with. This so far I'm really liking it a little bit of gee whiz information. This does run on a cr2 battery to change. You just unscrew the lens. And a little battery just falls right out. This is like a stubby cr123. This is a cr2 lithium battery according to the paperwork. You can get 15 hours of run time with. This unit and the light output on. This is 110 lumens this has adjustments for your laser right here.

And right here elevation. And wind age they do provide a little allen wrench to use to adjust. That operation of this is pretty straightforward we'll mount. This on my Glock 19 here in just a. Few minutes but the switch right here okay. Whenever it's on the gun. That essentially will be mounted just like. This right here if you're right-handed your finger will be on. This side you push. This down you can push. It will click it will be on. All the time okay either push up with your finger here to give momentary. This side will just give momentary on. This toggle switch here in the back three position. Or go to the far left first. You start off on the far left okay. Whenever you actuate. All you're going to get is the laser okay see the laser coming out right there laser only put. It to the center it's light only no laser to the right light.

And laser see the laser coming on below the light there so pending on what you want to do with. You can set you want pretty neat. When our first was playing with. Iwas trying to see the laser with the flashlight on excuse. Me trying to come down with. Something I think I was having a little bit of trouble seeing. That red laser with the flood of the flashlight mixed in with. It well after just a little bit of training of my eyes. And what-have-you I got to. Icould see it in there. This outside playing with. It shine it out to about 40 yards. It was no problem at. All seeing that laser at 40 yards on the side of a RV that's parked across the street from my house the light hundred 10 lumens. It has really nice throw plenty of light for most situations are.

You go to be able to use. This light and make. You know semi precision shots. Ihad 100 yards I don't think so but. If 40 yards it was really good. Ididn't try any further. That but for the most part. Idon't figure this light application is really going to be needed. Or necessary for anything over. That kind of distance you're going to be shooting at night in the dark so on. And so forth these little keys here is. This right here this mounting screw will come out. It has a spring on I just about lost. That last night didn't notice. It was on there this side over here comes off. It has in two little tits on there. They go right inside of them two holes right there. And the key just lifts up just like. This okay the key for the Glock was kisi so that's. How they're marked is right there on the keys themselves so.

It makes it really nice and easy. Me like a lot of people. Ido not like reading instructions so. Ifirst took this out. And the key that came on. It on my gun I was like man. That thing's kind of sticking a little ways away from my trigger guard. Istarted fumbling through. You know just grabbing different ones. And sticking them on. You know putting them up against the gun. That kind of stuff it just wasn't working too well. Imean eventually I would have come to the C key. Iwould have been alright but. Ifinally went got the book back out found. That little cheat sheet. And boom right there. It was Glock EC found the key C put. It on put it on the gun. It was really nice fit so. This is the unloaded no magazine I'm going to pop.

This thing on here do my best to pop. It on here okay I probably should have showed. This the rail on this Glock has got a little notch right here okay right there well. This part of the key right there in the front. That right there go down in. It locks it in place kind of tilted. And so just let it drop into place so. That eliminates your forward. And back slot you just take. And just start tightening it down try to keep. This on camera here. Idon't want to over tighten. Icould go a little tighter. That but you know it's a good sturdy mount. Now okay ease of access Glock 19. You know it's considered a compact. You grip this my finger. Now I've got pretty good size hands. Though but I have no trouble at. All reaching the switch okay.

Ican turn it on turn. Iwant to reach back behind flip. This toggle switch you know. Ican reach this for the. Most part back here should be already set. You should know what your preference is done. You want just a light just a laser combo to have. This already set so. You know really should be a non-issue. Whenever you're getting ready to use. This in a defensive situation. What have I can take the finger on. This side and just kind of lift up. Ijust want momentary. Or coarse down for constant on. One thing I noticed. This being my first weapon light. Inotice you know just the ergonomics. It makes the gun feel so much different. Ihave a magazine here with 124 grain hollow points.

Ihave not done I am going to load a magazine light. What kind of weight we're looking at. Ican tell I wouldn't really want to be toting. That around all day long but the weight of. It together is 31 point 9 ounces okay so. You know this is 29 ounces. And then obviously the rest of. It would just be the gun with the load of magazine weight. Ireally I really like. Iwant to you know get. This to the range I tried to adjust the red dot just by sighting down my sights. Ifirst put I was sight down my sights the laser was aiming to the right. It was like over here. You know so I did move the laser over. And kind of got this general area. Whenever I actually shoot.

Iwill have to fine-tune. You know to see just. Where the gun heads in relationship to the laser but. It should be a pretty simple thing to do. What I want to do is I'm going to cut. This I'm going to go out into my big bigger family room area in the basement. And kind of give you a shot shooting a cross around. Idon't remember I've measured. It before in the 25 30 feet. Something like that across. That diagonally in my basement kind of let. You see the light and the laser against the wall, so I'll be right back. All right we're back pardon the TV noise upstairs but downstairs in the family room. You can see it's pretty dark there's a couple of basements windows down here but it's pretty dark I'm going to be shooting from. Where I'm at over to the far wall is right at 32 33 feet okay I'm going to go with just the light then just the laser. And then the light laser combo make sure. Igot to set right so. This right here is just the light okay the table right over there in the corner of the room bookcase right there.

You can see it's got a pretty good flood. That flood comes clear over here. And then the spot is really a nice size. Now we're going to go just laser see. That right down there shining on the hot shore water shot oh that's too dark it's going up on the wall there okay so. Imean the laser is a good size nice and bright. Ican see it practically. Anybody else probably good especially. You beings how its read but there's the laser. And then we'll do a combination of the two. This might be a little. More tricky trying to see. That laser in their in. This light but you see the picture sitting on top of. That table look at the very top of the picture.

And look to the right on the wall. You should be able to see the laser beam in their hopefully I'm not sure. How good this camera will pick. That up but that's where the laser beam is top of the picture. That sits on the table to the right of. It kind of right in the corner of the wall. You can see it down right at the top of the wainscot on the wall see. And there she is put. It rights down drop it down maybe it'd be a little easier to see right there at the top of the wainscot on the wall but anyway that's. What she looks like pretty dark down here. And that's it about like. Isay 30 to 33 feet back to the regular room here. Ican figure out with. It okays so that gave a pretty decent idea of what this will look like. You know in a dark environment the ability to see the laser with the light the brightness of the light.

That type of thing but for the money stream light has. Another model out there. That has a laser on. Idon't know if it's the tail. That things like over 300 bucks the tlr3 is a light only it's the same size as. It just doesn't have the laser on. That runs like 70 bucks. You can get this right here for right around 100 to 110 so having the light laser combo for. That kind of money premiere stream light is a good quality weapon light so. Ithought you know. What I'm going to give it a try so that's pretty much. And girls the stream light tlr-2 glock 19 hope. You enjoyed the video hope. It was informative thanks for watching y'all take care.

You know you may want to find something different it's not to. Me say that when you're you're holding the gun in position. You could actually do a strobe with your thumb. You know and still be able to shoot but. It easily engages with a click of the lever here. It has both the light with the laser. And if you can actually see the laser there it's in the middle of the light just the light. Or just the laser and it's relatively bright it's good enough for my purposes so. That you know in the middle of the night. If I heard something and. Ihad to go and confront. It I could leave see. What I'm going towards. And it works its very accurate very easy to adjust also here.

You can see two areas. Where they actually give. You a allen wrench for the adjustment for. Both vertical and horizontal. And it's relatively easy to put on. And I just chose to put onto the rail they're very easy to turn on. And off — so nothing real fancy here but. You know when I was in. Iwas actually looking around. And I was trying to find pictures. And videos of you know. These particular guns. And you know what light slash laser combo might be good. This is what I ended up deciding and. It may just be a good bet for you. It was relatively inexpensive. Ithink I paid between. You know 120 130 dollars for it really doesn't increase the weight of the gun.

And I'm very happy so. You know check it out again. This is the stream light tlr-2 winner.

BSA Laser and Flashlight Combo with Mount

Engineered with the nighttime varmint shooter in mind, this system adds versatility to any small-caliber scoped firearm with a 1" scope. Search for your target with the light, then acquire and dispatch it with the laser. The xenon bulb is a 19-lumen light effective to about 30 yards. Activate it by switch or an included pressure pad activator. Power is supplied by a 3-volt battery. The laser projects an 11mm dot at 10 yards, is adjustable for windage and elevation equal to 5-MOA at 6.25 yards and has an effective night-time range of 100 yards. It's powered by three LT44 1.5-volt lithium batteries and can be activated by a switch on the laser or a supplied pressure switch on your firearm.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

iPROTEC Green Laser/LED Light Combo

  • 60 lumens from the Cree Q5 LED
  • Green laser delivers a 30mm-dia. spot at 30 meters
  • Mounts to a standard Picatinny rail

iPROTEC's Green Laser/LED Light Combo is ideal for those who want to be ready for an emergency anytime of the day or night. Cree Q5 LED light boasts a 60-lumen output that allows you to see your target in low-light conditions. Laser delivers a 30mm-dia. spot at 30 meters so you can be sure of your target. Mounts quickly and easily to a standard Picatinny rail. Powered by three 1/3N lithium batteries (Energizer type 2L76 included). 20-minute continuous run time for both the laser and light, 120 minutes laser only and 50 minutes light only.
1.75"L x 1.75"W x 1.5"H.
Wt: 1.6 oz.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Streamlight® Handgun Lights

  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Shockproof and waterproof
  • Fits side-mounting Glock or 1913 Picatinny-style rails
  • Ambidextrous momentary or constant-on switch

These long-running, shockproof Streamlight Handgun Lights are capable of projecting up to 300 lumens of light from their 3-watt Luxeon™ LEDs. Rugged aluminum bodies. Mounts to side-mounting Glock or 1913 Picatinny-style rails. Waterproof to 39" for one hour. Ambidextrous momentary or constant-on switch. Batteries included.
3.39"L x 1.42"W x 1.83"H.
Intensity: 12,000 Candela
Output: 300 Lumens


  • TLR-1® – Fast and adjustable. Runs up to 2-1/2 hours on two 3-volt CR-123A batteries. Light has a strobe light feature. Fits most light-bearing holsters. (not shown.) Weight: 4.18 oz.
  • TLR-2® – Adds the versatility of a laser sight to the blinding-light performance of the TLR-1. Runs up to 2-1/2 hours on two 3-volt CR-123A batteries in light mode and more than 45 hours in laser-only mode. Mounts securely in seconds without tools and has highly accurate sight repeatability when remounting. Light now has a strobe feature. Fits most light-bearing holsters. Weight: 4.72 oz. Available: Red Laser, Green Laser.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Crimson Trace® Rail Master®

  • Available with red or green laser
  • Mounts to most rifles or pistols with Picatinny/Weaver-style rails
  • Quickly and easily move it from one firearm to another

The Rail Master Laser or LED light locks on to most M1913/Picatinny and Weaver rails, and won’t budge thanks to secure-lock technology. A custom fit can be achieved if you have multiple recoil grooves on your rails, making this light even more universal amongst your handgun collection. Four inserts ensure an extremely wide range of fits. Easy and quick to move from one firearm to another in minutes. Made of tough polymer with a black finish. Batteries included. Full three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Red Laser – Puts out a 5mW red laser for up to four hours on one 1/3N lithium battery. Adjustable windage and elevation. Dot size is approximately 1/2" at 50 ft. Crimson Trace model CMR-201.
  • Green Laser – Puts out a 5mW green laser for up to two hours on one 1/3N lithium battery. Dot size is approximately 1/2" at 50 ft. Crimson Trace model CMR-206.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

LaserMax Spartan™ Laser and Light Combo

  • Illuminate and put a precision-ensuring laser on your target
  • Mint Green LED delivers 120 lumens of night-shattering light
  • Laser delivers split-second target acquisition and accuracy
  • Advanced mounting design provides a perfect, rock-solid fit

Perfect for low-light situations, LaserMax's Spartan Laser and Light Combo instantly illuminates and puts a precision-ensuring laser on your target. Mint Green™ LED light delivers 120 lumens of night-shattering light in the most visible wavelength. The laser delivers split-second target acquisition and deadly precision. Advanced mounting design provides a perfect and rock-solid fit. Auto-off feature turns laser off after 10 minutes to help preserve battery life. Light allows for a steady beam or a high-powered pulse beam. Windage and elevation adjustable. Large-sized, left- and right-side touch pads control on and off. Powered by one AAA battery (included).
Laser colors: Red, Green.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Crimson Trace® Revolver Lasergrips®

  • Up to 30-ft. range in broad daylight
  • Precise windage and elevation calibration
  • Adds comfort, reduces recoil

Crimson Trace takes seriously the life-saving potential and crime-deterring influence offered by laser gun-sight technology. The Revolver Lasergrips are available with the same super-quick and efficient sighting principals as the original Lasergrips with the added comfort and recoil control of soft rubber overmolded construction or smooth, snag-free hard polymer that's well-suited for self-defense. LG-350 models feature the Crimson Trace ShockStop™ system that combines soft, vibration-reducing material with a cushioned grip that reduces felt recoil. All models have more than four hours of run time and a battery shelf life of five years. Range is up to 30 ft. in broad daylight. Manufacturer's three-year warranty.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Welcome back everybody. This is Eric from Moss pawn & gun & Odin's Raven good thing I have my revolver. Ihate clowns today we're going to be talking about the LG 305 Crimson Trace lasers. This is a really neat rig. This particular one is set up on a stainless steel older model 36 38 special five-shot revolver a good solid gun. This is a jframe revolver. These grips will fit just about. Any jframe revolver I've always been a very big fan of running laser grips on revolvers. You usually know a snub nose has just a short radius in terms of your sights. You know a laser can just really give. That added edge in a low light situation. You need to make sure. You get on target, so we're going to shoot. This thing a little bit see. It does alright the ammunition. That we're going to be using today for all the testing is going to be pretty partisan 158 grain cast, so we're going to go ahead.

And do a slow fire group just to see kind of where the sights are hitting and test our accuracy here I'm going to take my time. And try to sling them in their double action. All right we're going to try five. More shots same spot just to get a little bit of consistency. One word on revolver etiquette. When you're holding a revolver hold. This with your fingers through there. That way you can use a. You know both sets of fingers to manipulate the cylinder. You load the gun I see a lot of guys. That they'd range, and they're doing this number with the revolver swung open that's not correct. You close it pushes on the crane. And deck the cylinder it's ready to shoot. All right we'll see.

All right well we had a little bit of a. You know nice patterning right there in center mass a couple. Icould have pulled. Imean there's no telling you know. It is a snub nose revolver so it's not like you're going to. You know like punch. And clover Leafs anything but anyway. That gives some accuracy potential. Or at least some promise as a defensive gun. You definitely would have hit your target. Each time so it's not like. You would miss anything let's try. Some a little bit more rapid-fire. You know quick follow-up shot type shooting with. That the sights would have to be brought up a little bit on. That laser but that's not too bad. Ibelieve that longer distance. That regulation will actually provide for pretty much a center mass hit at like 20 yards.

Or so I think the closer in. You get the lower the point of aim gets. And the further out. You get the higher if I'm not mistaken so let's try. And probably let Chad have. It go on in a few times as well that'd be a dead clown right there at close range. All right let me take a. Few shots with the model 36 here just slow fire at about 7 yards see. What kind of accuracy. We can get out of this setup with the LG 305 good shooting Chad nice slow fire put them into about a 2-inch group at. This range which is plenty for defensive purposes it's. All the gun like this is meant for anyways pick up the pace a little bit there but definitely be. One dead clown alright so Eric. Igrew up in the 80s. You know we hate the clown from hit just despise. This reminds us a lot of them let's see. What we can do a little ragged fire with model 36 here good shootin Chad. Idon't think he'll be bothering anybody else anytime soon I've always been a big fan of double-action revolvers yeah.

Igrew up shooting a lot of 1911's double-action revolvers. Everything like that a lot of single actions. You really can't beat a snub nose revolver for a defensive situation. You always know what's going to work. You know it's loaded. You know it's ready there's no safety to mess with. You just pull and shoot. You know a lot of people discredit lasers yeah. Ican understand a little bit. Where the stigma lies with lasers are a great training aid. That can save your life but. They are not meant to substitute proper training behind iron sights okay. Now in a low light situation the iron sights on. This gun would be non-existent. You wouldn't know where to aim.

Unless they're right on top of. You can just point and shoot Jack Ruby style. You know really the laser is going to save your life. And that's what it comes down to lasers are meant to aid. You but they're not meant to be a crutch. You still got to be able to shoot good. You still got to be able to transition pull the gun. You still need to know your condition to carry. You still need to carry the same way remember. Me in Barry's video about consistent carry make sure. You carry the same way. All the time you draw the same way develop muscle memory. If for whatever reason. Or the highly unlikely reason. You ever are in a gunfight you'll come out on top so thanks for watching today.

You enjoyed our video.

That in place on the right-hand grip. And tighten it up that's fit for the grip installation I'm. Now going to check it works. And check activation pointing in a safe direction pick up the roll-up revolver in a normal firing grip. And make sure that the sight comes on. If a sake doesn't turn on immediately the first thing I'm going to check is. That the masses are on off switch. And the bottom of the butt is pushed forward. If it's not pushed forward. You need to do that okay so. We established he turns on. It fits next thing to do is go sight. It in for tips on how to do. That see our sighting in video.

Streamlight® TLR-7® Tactical Light

  • 500-lumen beam reaches out to 131 meters
  • Constant-on and strobe modes
  • Rugged machined aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Rail clamp for quick attaching/detaching from your gun
  • Waterproof IPX7 rating

ID your target in low light with confidence using Streamlight's TLR-7 Tactical Light. State-of-the-art C4® LED technology produces a bright 500-lumen beam that reaches out to 131 meters, while the custom TIR optics concentrates the beam without sacrificing peripheral illumination. Also features constant-on and strobe modes. Left- and right-side switches for ambidextrous operation. 6000-series machined aircraft-grade aluminum construction with a black anodized finish and Borofloat high-temperature glass lens. IPX7-rated waterproof rating to ensure long-lasting performance in the field. Rail clamp for quick attaching and detaching from the side of your gun. Included key kit allows the light to fit a wide variety of guns. One CR-123A lithium-ion battery powers the flashlight for up to 1.5 continuous hours. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
Length: 2.15”.
Wt: 2.4 oz.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

If by hoping your having a good weekend thought I'd do weapon light review. Ihave five different weapon lights for pistols actually. You can play mount these on rifles too as long as. You have a 15 rail section. Or a Pirating rail hand guard. You can mount these on rifles too but I'll go over the lights. That we're gonna do the review on. Ihave the TL r7 of course. Ijust got in yesterday. Ireally like this light. II have a holster that should be coming for this here in a here in a couple of weeks so. Iwon't spoil what it is but. All know what my favourite holster is I'm sure y'all. Idon't know that is I'll do a review of. And as soon as it comes in but there's the TL r7. Ialso have the enforce a PLC so. This is my current EDC light. Idon't have a holster for the TL r7 so. This will be why I'm carrying right. Ialso have a tlr3 it does have the HK mount on. It didn't buy that way. Iactually bought this piece to fit on my HK USP compact nine-millimeter. Ihave the tlr-1 HL. This is the 600 lumen version so uh. It good lot so I have quite a.

Few stream lights I do have an X 300 there's. Something about this X 300. That is unique I had a regular it's a X 300. You actually but it's on X 300 body my X 300 crystal here the crap. Iforgot what it's called the bezel came loose. Ihad to send and happily. They sent it back to. They put a X 300 you ultra head on. Iasked him about they said. That wasn't possible but as. You can see that's what they put on. This is actually a five hundred lumen light. It didn't start out life as a five hundred lumen lot. Iappreciate that surefire great customer service, so we're gonna go over. Some specs on these lights. Nothing too crazy I'm sure. Most people know the specs on these so uh.

You know the TL r7 500 lumens. It has a run time of an hour. And a half actually every. One of these lights have the same run times they're. All an hour and a half so uh no matter. If it's the Surefire with two cr123. One with one cr123. All have an hour run time so there's. One next is the tlr3. This is gonna be the weakest light of. All of them it's only 125 lumens I'm not saying. That's not enough lumens but. You know all the lumens. Ican get on a out of a weapon light so but. This is the only I could find. That would fit my USP compact. Because they've got the strange rail it's a straight rail it's not. You know pica tiny even a Glock rail with the slot so. What it is what I had to get for. That weapon the in force is 200 lumens it's a good little light I've not had. Any issues with this light. Some people have issues with in force. Iactually prefer these paddles over. Most of them I really like. How good these paddles work they're very accessible.

While they're on the handgun. They sit back perfectly to. Ireally like the way. They set these up so there're 200 lumens then. We get into the bigger boys. You got your surefire x300 ultra which. One is 500 lumens I really like Xfire per hour not expired but surefire products. They make really good products. Several of their lights. It is handheld several scout lights on ARS so uh. Ireally like surefire. This is the only weapon pistol light. Ihave that's a surefire, but they're just a little big. Istarted to buy an XC. Iwent ahead and bought the enforce a PLC. Ijust thought the beam. And the brightness looked a little better on the a PLC. That did the xc1 so. Ido not have an XC 1 plus. This is like a hundred. And fifty dollars cheaper. Than the XC one is as well. And it's a lot brighter. Then an XC one so in my opinion with the reputation. That Streetlight has.

I really believe they will probably start out selling surefire on. And sure I just want to step up their game. Because five hundred lumens. This little B light right here. It is a single cr123. Ithink they're running Triple A which is probably. More common but I still have a ton of these. Ihaven't lost your fire lights. You know if you're. You have a lot of pocket lights. And stuff you carry free DC. You probably have a lot of. One two threes also so surefire. This is the new hotness take note. And then I have the TRL are tlr-1 HL. This is 600 lumen versions the new tlr-1 HL s. Or 800 lumens but I actually bought. One back it was a still a 600 a version. Ibelieve my cousin bought 800 lumens. And 600 lumens is bright. Ican only imagine what 800 is. Imean that's that's that's a bright lot. This is actually one of the brightest weapon lights.

I own actually this is the brightest weapon a lot. Even with the lights on my arse they're only like 300. And 350 lumens I got the Scout meanies so are. Many scouts I have a couple of the stream light ones but. Ithink there are only 350 lumens also so uh. This is actually the broadest lot. Ihave for weapon mounted lights so let's get in. Some specs got my handy-dandy calipers here so let's do comparison so the overall length of. This is about — 21 22. It sacks almost 22 so uh 22 inches which is pretty compact as. All know it's its exactly flush with a actually it's. More around 21 just a little over two point. It sits flush with the front of a Glock 19. And that's what most. You know ice probably the. Most period handgun there is in today's modern times so kudos to them.

They Cena actually I guess your fire scene. That niche everybody followed but Streetlight really picked up on the game. You take I took the deepest part of. This is actually you know the deepest part. You can get to, so I'm gonna do the same thing on. These paddles stick back a little further so. One it's about two and a half inches including the paddles. You go here it's about just a little over two point. These are about the same identical length. You go from bezel to the back of the housing now. You include the paddles. This one's a lot you know. You go from bezel to the back of the housing they're identical but. You have to include the paddles. This is the longer life the enforces longer the tlr3 is right at two-and-a-half so it's actually longer. One of these I'm just. You know this is actually the first mini light. It beats surefire to the market. It just didn't have the lumens. It sits down real low on the handgun because of how the distance is right here top to bottom the height so.

It sits down a little low it's not as nowhere near as compact. It does actually stick out on the front of the firearm. Because the way it sits but. This is probably really the first true compact weapon light made. Iused to have a surefire int. Or not sure but Smith & Wesson M&P; compact. This was the only light. That would fit on you know. Something like this wouldn't fit on. It took the smaller. This is Paul yet surefire poly actually just kind of followed suit on the tlr3. And improved upon I really feel like in force improved upon surefire is designed. Now to Streetlight with the TL r7 has really blew. It out of the park we get into the longer lights I'm actually gonna do the stream light first.

Though it's brighter. You go basil housing your right out just right at 3 inches bezel the housing so. This is a lot longer lot so that's gonna stick out pretty far. This one's gonna be the longest. One of them and it's sitting right at almost three point six inches from front to back so. This is a really long lot. If you're carrying this lie EDC you're going to know. II'm sure I know people do. They talk about they carry. These lights these are great lights. You know you can carry. More power to this is a big lot so let's go to the width on the widest part of the TLR seven which is in the back you're looking at 115 on the width the widest point of the in force is actually.

One point one so the in force is actually just a little bit narrower the screw does stick out a little bit. Ididn't measure where the screw was. That might bring it closer to being the same width but. You just take the body the widest part of the body's the in force is actually just a little bit narrower. You take the tlr3 width the width is. One point one seven so it's just a little bit wider. Than actually until our seven then. You take the stream light tlr-2 HL. This has got to see our. One two three so it's kind of at a disadvantage so it's gonna be wider. They set you know right beside. Each other inside the housing inside the body so it's gonna be a wider lot. And that's I used to carry. This light but I don't need.

It just wasn't comfortable. And there's something comfortable you're not going to carry. It which is why I love. They came out with these smaller lights. This is about and a half inches really close to. It at the width at the widest part. And the Surefire is right to say them it's almost 1/2 inches to. These are identically the same they're about. One point four or five inches so uh those are about identical so there are the official specs on these with CalPERS. We go — the weight which. Ido have a scale right here I'll turn around so. You can see I get in the camera there. We go let's go with the TLR seven. You have two point four ounces. You go with the enforce. One point nine it is quite a bit lighter. Because it's polymer. Iwill give up that half ounce to have an aluminum light I'm just saying I'm never had. Any issues with the polymer in force but.

Ido feel better with aluminum just say. It the tlr3 24 but 25 it's right at the same as the TLR 7 buts. You got to think this does have. This aluminum bracket here to build a mount. It on my USP 9 compact so. That point does add a little weight so. It probably is actually lighter. Than the TLR 7 you put the plastic lock back on. It actually that may not be plastic. This might be metal on the other. One too but it won't set up as high so. If place still makes. It bladder the tlr-1 HL it's a heavy lot it's actually 42 ounces. And x300 you 41 so actually the streamline is the heaviest light of. All of them so there's the comparison as far as. You know weight the dimensions of. And the lumens this will be my new carry light. Something catastrophic happens to. This little light I don't see.

That happening like. Isaid before I do like the paddles on the in force. Isaid there it's longer. You include the paddles but the way the paddle set back in the trigger guard. It doesn't really make a difference. Both sit flush with the end of a Glock 19 so as soon as my holster comes for this will go on my gun. And that's nothing against in force. They make a good light I've not had. Any issues with this light. Ihaven't beat this light up. You can tell it's not in too bad a shape it's got. Some holes for wires. Some scratches but I'm not dropped in. Anything like that, so I've not beated up so. Idon't know it would send. That nor have I see people. That drop their lives. And throw them and stuff. And I'm sure that gets a lot of views on here. These lights out of my pocket which is why I don't have. Than five, you know. Idon't get lots of donated to. And I'm not getting discounts on. This stuff right because I'm a new youtuber.

You know I'm not big enough to do. Idid reach out to Streetlight. This light came out. Iwas gonna be enough youtuber to. Even get a discount on. Ihave to buy these out of my pocket, so I'm not going to throw. These across the field. And I'm not gonna beat up on these to see. What they'll tape if they break. Ihave to replace them. If Streetlight wants to give. One of these to torture test I'll shoot the thing with a nine millimeter. If they want is it'll still burn. Ihave seen people you know not video but I've seen like. You know commercials. And stuff for sure fires have had bullets shot at them. They survived but you know streamline. You want to give one of these I'll gladly torture test.

It to see what it'll take but the. Ipaid for out of my pocket I'm not going to. Itried to take care of my stuff so. It lasted me a long time so. Idon't have to really replace. It so let's talk a little bit about the mounts on these. One has a screw mount as. You will know I do like. It sticks up just a little bit right there so. You can get your thumb up here to unscrew. Or screw you just take like a nickel. Something and tighten. It on down right here. You could probably take the back end of a nine millimeter case. Or a two to three something like. And tighten it down but. Ithought yeah I'll point. You like a nickel that's why I usually use on my stream lights. One has basically the same thing but. It has two little extrusions right here on the side to be able to grab ahold of. That helps I don't know but. Istill use a coin to tighten. This bail the tail arm 1hl same identical mount that's on the tlr3 same identical mount there's there's no difference in.

These the enforce a PLC has a little B screw. This is a good mount. It does tighten down I've had no issues with. It's a little bit hard to get lined up especially. When they're new these rails are tight it's a little hard to get lined up. And fit in our perfect knot not terribly hard but it's harder. Than the other ones. Ijust want to note. That but it's a good mount. It is solid I have no issues with. It just not you first get. These rails are a little tight. You push them back it sticks a little bit. And got to pull it back forward. It might go too far so. Something to note good light. Irecommend this light. Ican't recommend and high enough. Though the tail ar7 with the 500 lumens. This thing is gonna rock. And then of course you have your surefire. It just has these two little tabs right here. And here you pull down on them. This little tab here pulls down inside. You slide it on let go of. It's spring-loaded inside here. And it's just locks in place. You can see right here.

This has a it for universal mount. You take these six screws out right down through here. These guide rails come off. You can replace this like a Glock mount. Or a 19-13 mount whatever. You need for whatever application you're using this light for you can change those the enforce does not have. It just has the single bar screw. That goes across it to a mallet then. Each of these has the interchangeable plate inside. One is different of course. Because it's the new. You can see here this is a Glock 1/2. This is the light I had on my. They have custom one does not have the plate inside. It goes on the HK USP compact nine-millimeter. You can't use the plates with. That but it does have plates. That go in here to mount.

It on Glocks in 1913 rails. These mount up really tight. Idon't have a problem with. Any of them the surefire is probably the easiest. One to get off you don't have to have. Any kind of special tools like. You don't even have to have a coin. You just pull down on the tabs. It comes off so this is probably the easiest. One to get off to enter change. And stuff like that but it's probably the hardest. One to interchange the plate. You have six screws. And since this. One right here you want change the plates in. Any of these streamlines. They do have that little. We screw one in oh. You can see that little retainer. Ishowed y'all on the last video in the TL r7.

You do have to pop that off but the lucky thing is. You got the tool to puts. It on with you turn. That tool upside down it's also the same tool. That takes that little heat clip off so. They do send a tool to take. And off with that's pretty much my review of these lights. You can make your choice on what you want to carry a lot of people will carry the full-size surefire. You know me personally. Idon't know it that's a big life it's pretty phat it's. You know just like I did carry. One for a while but. It is shorter it doesn't stick down as far as. You can see here it is a much shorter lot but. Even the width of one which is the same as a sure-fire.

Ijust didn't like it was hard to get re holster in the holster. Icarry at 4 o'clock. Idon't carry a Kydex holster back there. Icarry a hybrid holster it's a stealth gear. And stealth gears the holster. Irecommend if you're going to look for a good holster they're not cheap but. They are very good holsters. Several of those holsters. They have a phone back on them. And it's padded and it's its breathable material great holsters but. You know even with. That holster as good as. It was as bad as this light is. It was hard to re holster. It wasn't you know wasn't totally impossible but. It was a lot harder to re home through. It will be and that's just. Because simply the width so. You know my cousin actually carried. One of these for a long time he's a law enforcement officer.

He actually did carry. One of these even concealed but. He just got the TL r7 as well. And I'm I'm not sure. What holster he's looking at. He asked and of course. Itold him stealthier that's. What I tell everybody that's why I tell. Everybody still here usacom. And but that's my review of these lights. You can decide which ones for you like. Irecommend one for concealed carry. And probably one for home defense. One for home defense. One of these two big lights just because of how easy. It is to get to the controls. Ididn't go over the controls. Both have paddles one has the paddle. All kind of work the same the stream lights do. You turn them one direction. Or other they got momentary the other ways constant the Surefire.

You turn either direction it's constant. You push straight in on. And it's momentary I do like. This a little better to the streamline but. This is a lot easier to have a negligent discharge of your light. You don't want to uh to shine. That light it's a lot easier to flip. This light on that is a flip. This light on so being. That the case it might be a better idea to have a surefire x300. You as a home defense light simply because of its harder to actually not harder to manipulate it's just harder to turn. This light on by accident for a concealed carry. This is my recommendation right. Now the TL r7 with the 500 lumens which is the same thing. This surefire ultra has. And it's sitting flush with the end of a Glock 19. Ijust don't know this light can be beat right. Now with streamlines reputation but. It has also has the buttons right here on the side.

You can see a little tab it's an index point for your finger push. It comes on push it fast it's constant but. It does have the index points on. Both sides and then of course your in force is like. All the other enforces it's got the little switch here fast push turns. Ithink those are really good for concealed carry but. That being said I'm sure I'll get used to. This just the same you liked. This video hope y'all have a great weekend please like share subscribe. And I'll see you next time.

LaserLyte® Pistol Trainer Cartridge

  • Train using your handgun without going to the range
  • Firing-pin-activated switch
  • Bright-red laser dot indicates bullet impact

LaserLyte’s caliber-specific cartridges offer you a revolutionary way to train using your handgun without going to the range. They fit inside the pistol chamber and have a firing-pin-activated switch that indicates bullet impact with a bright-red laser dot. The laser activates for 100 milliseconds each time the firing pin strikes the cartridge. They easily install into the firing chamber within seconds and are compatible with any barrel length. The modified cartridge is rimless, so the cartridge is not expelled during dry fire, allowing for tap, rack, bang or malfunction drills. Hardened rubber plunger on the laser acts as a built-in snap case to protect the firing pin. Two rubber rings on the laser ensure a proper fit. Powered by three 377 batteries (included), good for approximately 3,000 shots. Designed for use with LaserLyte Trainer Target (sold separately).
Available: .45 ACP, .40 S&W, 9mm.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Hi everybody this is man thanks for watching him welcome back. Ihad somebody on a forum. That I'm a member of asked. Me a question regarding the laser light training cartridge. And specifically they wanted to know. If it would work in a Glock. And not be extracted my answer was no. It won't be extracted but. You know what I was remiss in talking about the laser light system to actually demonstrate. It so here you go here. Ihave a Glock in here. Ihave the nine-millimeter training cartridge from laser light. All you do is you have your action open. And you go ahead let. That drop in close it up you're good to go. And then it doesn't matter. How many times you go ahead. And you rack that slide it's going to work. And it'll work just fine. Now when I go to remove. It here's what I do. Ijust simply come and. Ilock the action open like so. Itake this polymer cleaning rod which comes from Glock. And it's very handy. And just simply go ahead. And knock it out like so it's. That simple so anyway. Ihope this helps hope. It answers your questions. And until next time. Everybody thanks for watching and be safe out there.

Crimson Trace® Rail Master® Pro™ Red Laser & Light

  • Four modes to choose from
  • Paddle switches in front of the trigger guard
  • Fits most firearms with M1913 Picatinny- or Weaver-style rails

Always have a clear view of your target with Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro. Four modes help you place a bullet exactly where you need to. Light and laser mode shows right where the bullet will strike in low-light conditions. But when it's bright out, a laser-only mode shows the projectile's destination. The 100-lumen white light illuminates objects with true color. Strobe mode disorients and helps you identify people and objects. Paddle switches in front of the trigger guard easily change between modes. Fits most firearms with M1913 Picatinny- or Weaver-style rails.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

What was that a couple weeks ago. Me today of the day before shark show in Las Vegas. And looking a lot of interesting things. One thing I saw that. Ireally liked was this small rail master laser from Crimson Trace. All my carry handguns. Iwant a laser sight on. And I'll get into that a little bit later but advantages of a laser sight but. All of my carry guns have a Crimson Trace laser on but. This little thing this. One is mounted on this Ruger sr22 pistol which is a. Some people carry a little 22 for defense. Because they're small the recoils light. And particularly on a small caliber but really on. Any caliber you put the bullet. What makes a difference. You missed somebody with a 45. They still don't have a hole in them got a lot other put three. Or four 22 Zi somebody. And miss them something larger but anyway back to the laser sight. One thing will fit on. Any pistol that has an accessory rail. They said for either Weaver. Or a Pirating compliant the weighs about a half an ounce it's always with the battery mounting screws. Everything on it fits right on the rail. One thing I like about. One there's been rail mounted lasers out for a long time. Most of them are just.

You know cheap jump Crimson Trace really thought. One out well about they put the activation but a lot of whys do. These things they require. You to rig them for yoga hand. And there's a muzzle right. When you're drawing a weapon. And push the button to turn. Something the Crimson Trace not. That way it's got ambidextrous on. And off switches on here. And then you draw the pistol out from your holster the switch falls right under. Where your fingers post the beats must be right alongside. That trigger guard you draw. It presents the weapon. You push that button. It turns the laser on turns. It on good bright dot turn. It off with the same. One same with the other hand it's right under your trigger finger. You draw that weapon. Because you're you're fair enough smoke spilling. That trigger until it pointed at the target. You draw it turns on instantly. You can get right on your target. And go to work one thing I want to talk to.

You a little bit about is using the laser effectively on target a lot of people tell. They may be better people. Whatever and on the ranges. These professional things. You go to training facilities. They tell you concentrate on the front sight. And that's wonderful you're shooting at a paper target out in front of. You concentrate on fronts. Ididn't work but a guarantee. If somebody's coming to. You with a tent from taking your life with a knife. Whatever you're gonna be focused on. That target now thinking about a laser. It hooks the dot on the target so. You just keep you look at your target. Both eyes wide open the way they'll be.

And think start pulling. That trigger and the bullets going to go. That red dot e is you can count sprayed on the front side that's. One thing another advantage of. It is a lot of times. You don't have room to bring up in a proper Weaver stance. And keep your eyes right on to get. That weapon out where it's going to be to use the side sometimes you'll have to shoot. And download you'll be defending yourself with your hand. Whatever you may be laying on your back you've got to put the bullet on target with the laser the bullet is gonna go. You got to do is you just put the dot on there. That bullets gonna follow. That rough term on the decks. And there what you do is. You draw your weapon with.

You switch hands here. You activate your laser. It out there and like. Now I'll even use enough using my weekend I'm left-handed but still put. That will it 180 go on target put the X on. This there's another thing a lot of people say well. Ican do points you know across the room. Whatever again they may be a lot better shot. You can point something you can hit your target X fine. Ican't — but here's. Another thing you might want to think about let's look at. This target over here a minute folk suppose. This is your wife. Or your daughter your grand kid. Something hostage somebody's got her. And he's standing behind. All the targets you've got the inner are. You go risk point shooting when they're dragging your family member. Whatever may be nice to throw. Whatever you can do. That but you put your laser sight on their put the dot on the target. You can that's something I wouldn't want to risk. Ididn't know exactly. That was going now if it's low light. Whatever you can do.

You can make out the target. You can put the bullet before the dot is anyway. This little laser from Crimson Trace makes. What I think is the best lasers on the market. Iuse them on all my defensive weapons. It hardly hangs no bulk to here but. It will take a special holster to accommodate. If your home should not cut for a lighter laser. Anything Rob Lahey simply rugged again simply rugged calm he's cutting holsters for these four to fit around. You light whatever for this little rubber. Anything remember don't have to build a sr-22. Any handgun rifle or shotgun it's got a standard accessory rail on. It pica tinny or weaver style.

This little laser will fit right on. It yes from crimson trucks

Sightmark® LoPro Green Laser/Light Combo

  • Low-profile design
  • Push-button or pressure-pad operation
  • Adjustable windage/elevation adjustments
  • Weather- and shockproof
  • High-output LED

With its low-profile design, the Sightmark LoPro Green Laser/Light Combo delivers precision accuracy and versatility. This multifunctional laser and flashlight device can be mounted on a Picatinny or Weaver rail of an AR-15, either in front of a riflescope or one the side of the quad rail. Visibility ranges from 50 yds. in the daytime and up to 600 yds. at night. Equipped with push-button and pressure-pad operation. Adjustable windage and elevation turrets. 220-lumen LED output. Weather- and shockproof thermoplastic construction. IPX6 water-resistant rating. Requires one CR-123A battery (included). Battery lasts up to 12 hours on laser, 17 hours on light and 4.5 hours on laser and light. Includes pressure pad.
3.8”L x 3”W x 1.5”H.
Wt: 6.5 oz.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

What is going on guys I'm Corey bringing guys a quick review of the sight mark laser slash flashlight combo green laser to our 20 loom flashlight we'll go ahead. And show and then I'm gonna go ahead. And put on the bench so. You guys can further see. What goes on from there actually. You know what let's go ahead. And show you guys just a little bit. You know check it out checks. It out checks it out hopefully. You guys take in everything there. All right here we go actually before. It on the bench I do want to show. You guys the switch itself. It works the low end of the spectrum. You have just a laser in the middle. You have light and up top. You have the combo just so. You guys can see you guys seen. You guys have the pressure switch laser in the middle is your flashlight up top to the combo which that's. What I normally hit anyways. Idid change my stance in the video.

You guys will soon see. Ido have it up top by shooting out the range. I actually changed I hold the gun. And hopefully will correct. Something I was doing and so. It on the side so that's. It looks on the side. Iactually really like. It a little bit better there. You do have your laser your light in your combo there with. That being said you have your pressure switch hooked up those don't function here of your elevation. And your wind age it's pretty nice obviously you're not really going to use those after. You get sighted in but. It does make it very easy to get sighted in for whatever distance. You want to be at it was very easy transition for me to move. It from top to decide. Iknew exactly what was compared to my red dot in a certain distance so.

That was extremely nice. Now with the battery itself. It will last they say 17 hours it's just flashlight 12 hours with just the laser. And for half hours with just with using combo which is a fairly long time. Ialso have a video coming in after. This showing you day time usage. What does extremely bright out you're not going to be able to see. When it's just you know. Some clouds up and giving some type of. You know shadow it's. Iso bad I was about 25 30 yards away from my house. Iwent ahead took off my gun. Iwas outside so people are. You know like what the hell is. This guy doing so I went ahead took. It off got a little distance on. It zoomed in so you guys could see. And then nighttime it's supposed to shoot around 600 meters. Or 600 yards excuse. Me so it's it functions very well my uses for short distance. And that's why I got. Ineed to serve for some reason. You know go ahead and throw. It up real quick and not have to come over to my red dot.

And turn I can turn on my switch. And then I'm ready to go. You have to mess with my sight on my weapon so. That makes it extremely nice. Ican still look through my sight as. And just use my green dot. Iknow exactly I may be. When I'm shooting, so I'm good to go I've used. It at the range like. It is very nice it has not moved tightening it was easy I've read. Some comments of somebody stripped theirs in the manual does talk about. You need to be at 45 to 65 inch pounds I'm not. Even sure that exactly comes out. Idon't have the tools for. Whatever that actually is. If it's just they have the inch quotations next to. You know with pounds after. That who knows whatever I'm not worried. Isecured it with a dime. Isecured it was it's easy. You know obviously use common sense. You think you're cranking on. It you're probably doing it too hard.

You know don't put a little bit behind. It you're not getting anything out of. It so obviously if you're hey man don't crank very hard. If you're you know not so strong maybe put a little bit. More behind you know just be very careful. You tighten it's not moving take the range shoot. You tighten it after. You know tighten it but just be careful just use common sense with. This kind of thing if. You don't have any tools to properly technically show. It needs to be at one thing I would say. Iwould like to see different on. This is the laser here. It was in the middle. That would be nice I know why they didn't do. Because with the sights on the ars being there.

That but it would be nice. If they had that option. Iknow personally I would never bought. This without having the flashlight so. If you're looking at just spend the money. Ibelieve it's about 137. Now in 2037 and 147 on Amazon so definitely. You are looking for a duel. Even just laser just go ahead. And buy the flashlight you're done. And over with you have. Everything you need. And it's compact and it's a great tool it's a great accessory for your AR. Whatever you gotta sit for so guys. Iwould definitely recommend. And hopefully you guys do enjoy. This portion of the video the next two videos will be as. Isaid at the range. And sitting outside. And pointing it at my house. All right guys I'm gonna go ahead. This during day time so. You guys can see what looks like obviously. All know what lasers look at night but imma go ahead.

And shine inside my house we're about 25 to 30 yards away. Iwill zoom in the camera. Because it's a lot easier. That way to see I can see. It from here with my sight but. You look through the camera to see. That far it zoomed out it's hard, so we'll go ahead. This real quick as you can see. You can see it pretty well is a little bit overcast right. What super-bright out for a. Few seconds it was pretty hard to see but just a tad bit of overcast. And you're pretty good do. You go alright guys so. Iwent to the range. Iforgot to bring my tripod so. Ihad to put my video camera down below my muzzle which actually caused. Some issues I'm not going play. This clip twice it actually should. Icame off and so at. That point I said screw. It I'm just going to go ahead. And leave these clips here. Ididn't have another flip.

I wanted took from my iPhone but the framerate didn't match up. It would allow me to render. This out correctly the sight mark role pro as. You can tell us image is an amazing product. It does extremely well it's extremely easy work is extremely easy to. You know get onto a target. You know if a friend asked. Me would you recommend. This product I would definitely say yes so. One thing I did forget to mention. It is weatherproofed I was going to put. It through its paces. It was pouring out as great conditions to go do. This win unfortunately. It was flooded, so I couldn't go the range. Where we're going to go out. And shoot but another cool thing. That will be coming out here soon. Idid buy a drone and it's frigging awesome the footage is amazing so hopefully we'll be out the range with.

It fly in to do while we're shooting, so I've learned a lot. And it's gonna be pretty awesome make sure. You subscribe this channel. We got gaming we got gunning we've got joining I don't know. Any other channel that has. These cool things going on. Some people might not be in gaming but you're gonna. Or enjoying make sure. You definitely hit the subscribe button. If you're new the channel. And make sure you the like button for this video definitely help. Us out guys is it crazy out there anymore so please be safe.

We picked it up cost about $100 believe the MSRP is about 121. You can find them on sale for about 89 dollars. We really thought it wasn't going to work matter of fact. We ordered a D ball. And just pick this up in the meantime waiting for our D ball to show up but for about eleven hundred dollars less. Than the D ball this site marked. And it's been working great for us. We were surprised this off put. It on the saiga-12 put. It on the Kriss vector threw. It in the bag brought. It back home remounted. It is still zeroed to my delta point. Iwas surprised I thought he's got the reserve. You had to reserve it's real easy but. It is really nice it held zero the every. One digit elevation right here. This is your on/off also comes with a pressure pad. You can mount anywhere in your rifle. Ijust chose to mount. This way takes one cr123 battery. Even a little lanyard here so.

You don't lose your cap. It really has performed well I'm very impressed with. It's too bad we can't have military powered lasers here. This is the highest power. You can get for an eye safe laser for civilians. And like the video showed. You military lasers are six times as powerful that's why you can see them in the bright daytime. We have run around in the daytime with. This here in the city going around the houses. And such it works really well there. Ithink it's just being out in the middle of the desert was really bright. That you're not seeing it but. If you're moving around buildings. Where there's some shading here. And there this thing would work great for you at nighttime. It would work really good, but we're impressed with.

We recommend we absolutely would. Ithink you're going to be real happy with. It's not a huge investment around $100. Ithink it's worth it thanks for watching rough gear review going to show the laser on the wall.

Iwould only say that the only thing. That out fur is if they would. If sight mark had got. Something else these ifs with Velcro. This is adhesive and then. You place it on your gun. This is just it's just a pressure pad. You then connect it to the back of the sight mark Lowe pro using this kind of jack. And it's done so then. You can just you can start using it like. That it's really powerful. You cannot see it on camera. It doesn't look as much powerful but. You know it really is very very powerful so you've got two options to run. This you've got the first option which is using the pressure pad. And then you've got a second option I'm just gonna assemble. You know one which is basically. You can also turn it on using this switch. You will stay on so it's not like the pressure pad. It will just you release. It will basically go off here. It will stay on you have to push. It again so it goes off so right. You basically turn it off so very easy to use in here.

You have a cr123a battery. You just unscrew this cap right there. You unscrew the cap you're able to access the compartment. You have the cr123a battery so really easy to operate really easy to use. And apart from that as well. They say that the whole casing is basically very good in terms of being able to cope with the elements like. You know heat rain and so on so far I've been using it in airsoft have used in a couple of games. It is very sturdy it is really strong the finish is really nice it's kind of rubberized texture. And but by the way one is ten so of course the tens time to come off of. It I'm just gonna show. And in order to basically unmount. You just have this huge screw right there it's usually quite easy to. You can use your fingers to just unscrew.

And there it comes off there. You go just get this out of the way. And then show you yeah so. This is plastic I thought at the beginning. This would be this was metal but no it's plastic so. It is a plastic casing but with a very nice rubberized finish tan finish really nice and as. You can see it will fit. Most pica tinny rails. Most Angie's you've got the warning sign there. This is again you will insert the jack for the pressure pad right there that's. You can also cover that doesn't get. Any water in there. You go so far so good everything's holding up to the games. And here so you can see is quite low profile just as the name says so. You can easily mount. Any rifle and it's its has enough clearance on top so. You see through your optics.

You won't you won't basically take. It won't take much of. You know your viewing angle. When looking through. Any side so it's really nice and then. You have these big turrets right there on the left. And on the top you can basically. You can just change the. You know the laser wind the elevation. And wind age so and it's really done its. Each quick is when I'm away of course in airsoft it's not as relevant but. You can really see as. You rotate the turret. You can really see that green dot going up. And down right you can really. You can really easily during a game. You can just adjust. It for what you need really so it's really nice and again for me the laser is by far the. Most powerful laser I've ever used in airsoft so that's a big plus. And the casing the construction is very sturdy very nice the finish is really high-end of course you're also going to pay for this. Because it's not a very affordable laser. You have to pay the quality of the finish the quality of the Whizzer.

That they've used here. It is a very bright. And very powerful laser but then again. It also looks really nice it's very compact very lightweight. It basically weighs only about. They have here 62 so. This comes up to let. Many grams so yes it weighs only 175 grams so very lightweight. It won't add that much weight to your AG which is great. It looks really nice. You can add them mount. It on top on the sides on the bottom. You can use the included pressure switch which is it's okay I'll just prefer. They would have done the solution on the yeah on the pressure switch. You would be able to just basically also reuse. It easily on any other gun. And not use these adhesives which are really hard. They lose the glue. You need to change the. You know the the pressure pad from. One gun to the other. This starts to lose its its glue so.

You wish they had something a bit better in terms. This is a very high-end green laser so. It wouldn't it wouldn't hurt to have. That but apart from. That really nice I've used. It in broad daylight. Imean really far away like 50 a hundred yards away. You can still easily see the very powerful green laser so really nice pricey but very well-built. And beautiful powerful laser okay guys operate seven out you.

You can attach you could mount. It on the side or underneath good brat little light get. You need to go blind. That doesn't need to see ya.

Ican pretty much simply just. You know key it on key. It off real simple controls. One for light one for laser. One for laser and light so that's pretty much the brass taxes MOA adjustments. Something to the effect of a. And a half or two mil dot battery life varies depending on how. You know whether you're running just light just laser. You know just the laser on. You get twelve hours battery life just the light on seventeen hours. If you're running them. Both you're at you're at about four. And a half hours tops so. You know battery life leaves a little to be desired but. You know I have a Magpul ACS stock which got plenty of room for extra cr123 so, so we're good to go. You know what the. One thing I've noticed is its extremely durable waterproof weatherproof.

Idon't know that I've. You know would necessarily recommend submerging it but it's been in the rain so much. And so been often beat up for years. You can actually see the old laser warning label has decayed away with. Some rain but basically it's its just been a top-notch product as far as I'm concerned too good to not say. Something good about. You don't find a lot of reviews on. This product that was kind of. One of the issues I went to order. You know do I want to spend 250 bucks on a light. Nothing about of course the only reviews. You got were kind of from the manufacturer. They always say the same thing but yeah. This is from sight mark. This is the sm2 five zero four de which of course is the flat dark earth color eight-billion comes in black.

And fde to my knowledge are the only two color offerings pretty nice little piece the class three a green laser light. And probably a little bit on the low side of lumen output compared to. Some other weapon mounted lights its only putting out about 220 but it's its been plenty enough for me I'll try to roll in a little bit of night footage maybe light up. Some steel targets. Igot out there at 100 yards. And between the light. And the laser 100 yards is no issue I've gotten a. Few varmints at night with. This exact piece here. It had no issues something interesting about. Iam completely would be application-specific but in my case so. This mounted you know offset to a pretty good. You know it's quite a bit offset from the Bora Center so. What you get is your kind of get an angled laser which means it's only going to be. You know dead on at a particular yardage but I've noticed as.

Igotten used to and used. It over the years as the laser the dot itself moves around a little bit in my reticle of my scope. You can almost use it as a ranging device. You know like I can tell. If it's just below my crosshairs on my reticle. And then I know it's. Most likely inside 100 yards. They have it sighted in. If it's high and to the right. Iknow it's beyond that distance Idon't know you know rely on. That as gospel for ranging but it's definitely helped. Me get a few unsavory critters got nice kneeling here on the run not there. This here's your pressure pad port which. Idon't use like I just simply used a button so that's.

It I'd highly recommend. If anybody's got any questions shoot them down below in the comments otherwise thanks for stopping in tubes

LaserMax Ruger® LC9 Light/Laser

  • GripSense technology activates immediately when you grip the gun
  • No pressure or switch needed to activate
  • Tough fiberglass-reinforced nylon construction
  • Adjustable brightness from 3 to100 lumens
  • Windage and elevation adjustments

Light up your target instantly when you grip your weapon with the LaserMax Ruger LC9 Light/Laser. GripSense™ technology uses a detection zone that senses your firing grip and activates the laser or light immediately. Doesn't require pressure or a switch to activate - simply take your natural grip and it's ready to shoot. GripSense can also be disabled if you prefer traditional button activation. Made of tough fiberglass-reinforced nylon that's resistant to rain. Easy-access battery hatch with two 1/3N lithium batteries included. Adjustable brightness from 3 to 100 lumens with programmable pulse/no pulse light. Adjustable windage/elevation settings. Five-year manufacturer's warranty.
Wt: 1.5 oz.
Colors: Green, Red.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Crimson Trace® Laserguard® with Blade-Tech Holster

  • Includes Laserguard and Blade-Tech Klipt Holster
  • Laser attaches to your pistol's trigger guard
  • Windage and elevation adjustable with a 30-ft. range
  • Holster clicks when your handgun is properly seated
  • Holster accommodates handguns equipped with Laserguard

Equip your handgun with laser accuracy and convenient carry with Crimson Trace's Laserguard with Blade-Tech Holster Combo. You get the Laserguard laser sight and a Blade-Tech Holster custom fitted for your handgun. Crimson Trace Laserguard attaches to your pistol's trigger guard. Adjustable windage and elevation and a 30-ft. range in broad daylight. Up to four hours of run time on one 1/3N lithium battery (included) or two .357 silver-oxide batteries. Manufacturer's three-year warranty. Included ambidextrous, polymer Blade-Tech Inside-The-Waistband Klipt holster is custom fitted to hold your specific handgun equipped with a Laserguard. Straight-drop belt clip fits belts up to 1.75" wide. Adjust the hardware for left- or right-hand carry. Holster clicks when handgun is properly seated to ensure security.
Available: Glock 43, Springfield Armory XD-S 3.3 and 4.0, S&W M&P Shield, Sig Sauer P238, Ruger SR9.
Colors: Red, Green.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

LaserMax Micro II Pistol Laser

  • Lightweight yet durable housing
  • Fits most Picatinny or Weaver rails
  • Quick-Change Battery Hatch for safe on-gun battery swaps
  • Automatic battery-preservation mode

At less than an inch in length and weighing just half an ounce, LaserMax's Micro II Rail-Mounted Pistol Laser may be small but it is more than capable of withstanding the abuse of repeated recoil while keeping you on target. Bright red or green aiming point quickly gets you on target, and with the smallest footprint of any LaserMax, it fits most pistols with a Picatinny or Weaver rail. Quick-Change Battery Hatch™ permits safe on-gun battery swap. User-programmable design offers a steady or high-visibility pulsed laser. Automatic battery-preservation mode turns the laser off after 10 minutes. Ambidextrous switch allows both left- and right-handed shooters to activate the laser with ease. Adjustable for windage and elevation. Uses one CR-1/3N lithium battery with a five-hour battery life. Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.
Available: New Micro Red, Unimax Micro Red, Micro Green.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

LaserMax Centerfire Shield 9mm and .40 Light/Laser

  • GripSense technology activates immediately when you grip the gun
  • No pressure or switch needed to activate
  • Tough fiberglass-reinforced nylon construction
  • Adjustable brightness from 3 to100 lumens
  • Windage and elevation adjustments

Pick up your weapon and get immediate light and targeting with the LaserMax Centerfire Shield 9mm and .40 Light/Laser. GripSense™ technology uses a detection zone that senses your firing grip and activates the laser or light immediately. Doesn't require pressure or a switch to activate - simply take your natural grip and it's ready to shoot. GripSense can also be disabled if you prefer traditional button activation. Made of tough fiberglass-reinforced nylon that's resistant to rain. Easy-access battery hatch with two 1/3N Lithium batteries included. Adjustable brightness from 3 to 100 lumens with programmable pulse/no pulse light. Adjustable windage/elevation settings. Five-year manufacturer's warranty. Gun sold separately.
Wt: 1.5 oz.
Colors: Green, Red.


 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

LaserMax Centerfire™ Pistol Laser

Check price

Custom designed to fit Ruger LCP™ and LC9™ pistols, the ultracompact rail-mount laser sighting system installs to pistol frames in minutes without changing out parts or altering your weapon. Accurate 5mW-output laser is activated by an ambidextrous dual-tap-on activation switch. Windage and elevation adjustments (factory aligned at 10 yards). On/off switch turns the laser on when you need it. Uses one CR-1/3N lithium-ion battery with a four-hour battery life (included). Five-year limited warranty.
Available: Ruger LC9, Ruger LCP,  Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.
Color: Black with Red laser.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Crimson Trace® LiNQ Wireless Green Laser Sight and Tactical Light

  • Green laser and tactical light provide high visibility
  • Light and laser are operated wirelessly from the grip
  • Instinctive Activation turns the laser light on when the gun is gripped

Crimson Trace's LiNQ Wireless Light uses a green laser sight coupled with a 300-lumen LED white tactical light to provide high visibility in all lighting conditions. Using a secure, individual wireless connection, LiNQ provides wireless control of the laser and light modules. Included replacement grip houses controls for quick light activation and mode changes, eliminating the need to reach for the rifle's forend to operate the lights. Has four modes of operation: laser/light, laser only, light only and laser/light strobe. Instinctive Activation™ turns the laser light on anytime you grip your handgun with a normal firing grip and turns it off when you disengage. User-adjustable windage and elevation. Polymer grip with rubber activation pad. Can run for two continuous hours on full batteries. Grip runs on one CR-2 battery and light/laser module runs on one CR-123 battery that are included and will be replaced for free for life. Factory sighted at 50 ft. 0.5" dot at 50 ft. Full manufacturer's three-year warranty.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

If you're a fan of having illumination on your rifle then. You know the frustration of having to reach up to your four into term your laser. Or light or having to run a wire down your rail well thankfully Crimson Trace has a new solution their new link system is a wireless solution. That comes with a two. One laser and flashlight attachment. And a replacement grip the laser function is great for daytime. Or nighttime situations a flashlight is 300 watts. And the best part is. All controlled from the grip so no. More reaching to your 4 in for operation the system comes in four different setups. Either run just your laser just a light. You can run your laser. And your light you could run laser. And a strobe to turn on your light. Or laser you simply grab your grip there's a small button right below the trigger. That easily activates. You want to purchase. It factory installed. You can check out the Smith & Wesson M&P; 15 T. This rifle features bad pull sights a 13-inch free-flow trail. And 5r rifling chambered. And Popov six aya rifle lovers do.

You run illumination on your rifles tell. Is why or why not down in the comments below. And then head over to Ray rods YouTube channel. And hit subscribe from the cabin I'm Luke Williams.

TRUGLO® Micro-Tac™ Laser Sight

  • Ultracompact laser suitable for concealed carry
  • Mounts to your handgun's Picatinny or Weaver rail
  • Constant beam or pulse modes
  • Windage and elevation adjustable

Ultracompact and suitable for concealed carry, TRUGLO's Micro-Tac Laser Sight mounts to your handgun's Picatinny or Weaver rail for pinpoint accuracy. It uses a next-generation high-efficiency superconductor laser diode that functions as a constant or pulse sighting aid. Ambidextrous on/off button accommodates both left- and right-handed shooters. Recessed push button eliminates accidental activation. Lightweight CNC-machined aluminum housing. Windage and elevation adjustments. Automatic shutoff after five minutes of inactivity. Includes two sets of 1.5V-AG4 batteries. Manufacturer's two-year limited warranty.

  • Green Laser – 520nm.
  • Red Laser – 650nm.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

This is Jeff with true glow. Iwant to show how to mount your micro tech laser inside the package you'll find two allen wrenches the larger. One for making your mounting adjustments in the second for wind age. And elevation adjustments in addition you'll find an extra set of batteries take the larger 25 millimeter allen wrenches loosen up the mounting screw give yourself plenty of adjustment there place the laser on your accessory rail tighten up the screw don't over tighten just needs to be a nice snug fit there. We go see it's fully engaged that's your mounting of your micro tech laser.

Crimson Trace® Rail Master® Pro™ Green Laser and Light

  • Four modes help you take aim exactly where you need to
  • Paddle switches in front of the trigger guard
  • Fits most firearms with a M1913 Picatinny- or Weaver- style rail

Always have a clear view your target with the Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro Green Laser and Light. Four modes help you take aim exactly where you need to. Laser-and-light mode shows right where the bullet will strike in low-light conditions. But when it's bright out, a laser-only mode shows the projectile's destination. The 100-lumen white light illuminates objects with true color. Strobe mode disorients and helps you identify people and objects. Paddle switches in front of the trigger guard easily toggle between modes. Fits most firearms with a M1913 Picatinny- or Weaver® - style rail.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

XTS Mini Red Pistol Laser/Flashlight Combo

  • Windage- and elevation-adjustable laser
  • Integrated 200-lumen flashlight with strobe
  • Secure, tool-free mounting to any Picatinny rail

Equip a Mini Red Pistol Laser/Flashlight Combo from XTS to your standard or subcompact handgun with an integrated rail system for laser accuracy and low-light illumination. Windage- and elevation-adjustable 5mW laser is Class IIIa visible. Easy-to-reach ambidextrous power switch. Integrated 200-lumen flashlight with strobe function. Secure, adjustable mounting to any Picatinny rail without the use of tools. Uses the included rechargeable battery or one CR2 3V800mA battery (not included).
2"L x 1.4"W x 1.8"H.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

LaserLyte Pistol Premium Laser Trainer

  • Train with your favorite pistol without using ammo
  • Fits subnose revolvers
  • Sound-activated switch shows bullet impact
  • Great for new shooters

Use the LaserLyte Premium Laser Trainer to train with your favorite pistol without using ammo. The trainer fits snugly into the muzzle of the barrel, and it even fits subnose revolvers. A sound-activated switch shows bullet impact by flashing a laser dot for 100 milliseconds. On/off switch to conserve battery life, and a tool-less barrel diameter adjustment to easily fit nearly any handgun. Great for new shooters. Requires a minimum barrel length of 1.875”. Also fits .380ACP, 9mm, .38Sp, .357 Mag, .40S&W, 10mm, .45 ACP and 50 AE. Powered by three 377 batteries (included) that last up to 3,000 shots.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

LaserMax Centerfire Shield 45 Light/Laser

  • GripSense automatically activates the laser, the light or both
  • Adjustable Mint Green LED emits up to 100 lumens of light
  • Highly visible laser with windage and elevation adjustments
  • Water-resistant, durable fiberglass-reinforced nylon housing

Sure, LaserMax's Centerfire Shield 45 Light/Laser delivers split-second laser-precise aiming but it also has GripSense™ technology. Thanks to the advanced detection zones, GripSense detects your firing grip and automatically and immediately activates the laser, the light or both. Or, if you like, you can turn off the GripSense feature and simply use the activation button. In low-light situations, the Mint Green™ LED shatters the darkness with up to 100 lumens. This light even adjusts from 3-100 lumens. The highly visible laser features windage and elevation adjustments for long-range accuracy. The water-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced nylon housing stands up to rough treatment. Runs on two 1/3N batteries (included). Five-year manufacturer's warranty.
Wt: 1.5 oz.
Laser colors: Green, Red.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Pursuit® X1 Ultralight Rail Light/Laser Sight

  • 80-lumen white light enables clear target identification
  • Intense laser sight delivers pinpoint accuracy
  • Aircraft-grade-aluminum construction
  • Adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Three lighting combinations

The Pursuit X1 Ultralight Rail Light/Laser Sight combines a brilliant white light with a powerful laser sight, enabling shooters to see their target clearly at night before delivering fire with pinpoint accuracy. Its highly efficient CREE® Q5 LED generates 80 lumens of white light – enough to dominate an aggressor's night-adapted vision. The Pursuit X1 Ultralight activates by a side-positioned on/off button, and rear mode switch that selects LED, laser, or LED and laser. A safety lock prevents the unit from being turned on when the light is holstered or stored. The laser sight easily adjusts for windage and elevation point of impact with the included hex key. The Pursuit X1 Ultralight is housed in an anodized aircraft-grade-aluminum, water-resistant, impact-resistant compact body that attaches onto most any Picatinny rail or handgun with an integral rail. Three 1/3N lithium nonrechargeable batteries (included) power the Pursuit X1 Ultralight for up to two hours of continuous illumination.
Laser colors: Red, Green.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Laserlyte® ScoreTyme™ Versus Kit

  • Test your handgun skills with your friends
  • Interactive target records where lasers hit the target
  • Scoring capabilities, timer speeds and large target face
  • Includes one compact and one full-size LaserLyte handgun
  • Point-and-shoot pistols feel realistic in the hand

Step up to the mark and test your handgun skills with your friends. The LaserLyte ScoreTyme Versus Kit delivers two laser pistols and an interactive laser trainer target that records where your lasers hit the target. Target contains 147 laser-activated LED lights, scoring capabilities, timer speeds and the target's face is quite large. Target's timers allow for up to three players. Target runs on three AA batteries (included). Kit includes two different LaserLyte handguns: the compact (6”L x 1”W x 4.75”H, 12 oz.) and full-size (7.25”L x 1.15”W x 5.5”H, 15 oz.) Trainer Trigger Tyme Pistols. Made to feel realistic in the hand, both offer a familiar balance, size and feel. Made with integrated lasers for simple point-and-shoot capabilities. Both models take three A76 batteries (included).
Target: 13”H x 8.75”W x 1.5”D.
Wt: 2.12 lb.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

The Score Tyme Target from Laserlyte works with. Any of Laserlyte's training catridges. Or Trigger Tyme pistols. And doubles the target size of the original Laser Training Target This 13-inch target has a 3 digit LED display timer. And score keeper which allow for up to 3 players to challenge. Each other in competition.

It has three timer speeds. And scores shots from 4 to 10 points with 147 LED lights. That show shot placement On top of fun with friends the Score Tyme is a great way to practice shooting at home for better accuracy Like. All products sold by Brown ells the Laserlyte Score Tyme Target is backed by our 100% unconditional forever satisfaction guarantee.

Sightmark® LoPro Green Laser

  • Weaver/Picatinny mount
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Low profile and lightweight

The LoPro Green Laser was designed to be placed on either Weaver or Picatinny mounts for versatile use. 1-MOA click-value adjustment, adjustable windage and elevation turrets allow you to zero in the laser dot for close-range shooting. Visibility ranges from 50 yards in daylight to 600 yards at night. With a matte-black finish, the LoPro Green Laser is machined out of high-performance thermoplastic for heat-corrosion and impact resistant performance. Waterproof and shockproof for when the conditions get rough. Requires one CR-123 battery with up to 27 hours of battery life (included). Includes Velcro® strips so switch can be mounted for easy on/off. Imported.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Today I'm going to be running the sight mark ultra dual shop respect Envy QD you've got a quick disconnect on. This side two different night-vision settings three different brightness settings for different reticle patterns also comes with an attached red laser. However it's pretty bright. And sunny out here we've got real good range conditions today, so I'm also running the low pro green laser designator. This is a little bit brighter that's a little bit. More visible during the daytime. And up to a quarter-mile at night the low pro can be run on. Many weapon systems different platforms different. You know scopes red dots reflex sights. Whatever in this case I'm just running it here with the ultra dual shot so basically. What I'm going to do is I'm going to do a little quick target acquisition situation as soon as the range master calls your target I'm going to go ahead. And wrap off my shots. And then we'll come back. And talk about it target weapons clear as. You can see target acquisition with. This particular systems quick. And easy I'm able to. You know get on target to my control pairs move to a different target do my control pairs. And reacquire a target. That I've already shot with. Both eyes open to go ahead. And ensure you know. That targets actually down so get on out there.