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  Black Diamond® Revolt Headlamp Streamlight® Bandit USB-Rechargeable Headlamp Cyclops® Micro Hat-Clip Light SureFire® Minimus™ Variable-Output Headlamp Black Diamond® Storm 375 Headlamp
  Black Diamond® Revolt Headlamp Streamlight® Bandit USB-Rechargeable Headlamp Cyclops® Micro Hat-Clip Light SureFire® Minimus™ Variable-Output Headlamp Black Diamond® Storm 375 Headlamp
Brand Streamlight Cyclops Black Diamond SureFire Black Diamond

Black Diamond® Revolt Headlamp

  • 300-lumen LED main lamp
  • 25-lumen short-range beam
  • USB-rechargeable or use batteries
  • Runs up to 300 hours
  • Enjoy hands-free and powerful hybrid illumination on your next nighttime adventure. Black Diamond's Revolt Headlamp is a USB-rechargeable light that also runs on three AAA batteries (not included). The main lamp uses a triple-power LED to light up your path with a whopping 300 lumens using standard batteries or 90 lumens using the rechargeable battery. The secondary light uses two single-power LEDs to create a 25-lumen short-range beam on either setting. The triple-power spot reaches out to 70 meters and the two single-power lights reach out to 9 meters. Regular batteries last up to 300 hours on the lowest triple-power setting and up to 70 hours on the highest triple-power setting. Rechargeable battery lasts up to 70 hours on triple-power low and up to 12 hours on triple-power high. IPX8 waterproof rated.
    Wt: 3.1 oz. (with batteries).
    Colors: Black, Nickel, Denim, Octane.  
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This is a Black Diamond revolt headlamp. Ipurchased this headlamp to replace a double-a mag light had been using with a head strap. That offered very little adjust ability of the light. And it was a bit awkward. And hard to get the light. Where I needed it so. Idecided to upgrade to a real headlamp. Ilooked at several models the Petal ems house brand. And even Duracell and energizer semi generics from the big-box stores. Idecided that for $60. That said the best mix of features. And performance one of the big selling points for me was. That it can recharge its own batteries a USB that's great for bike touring as. Ihave USB power available for my front hub. And voltaic solar pack performance of. This light in general use so far has been excellent it's very bright. Ilike the adjust ability as additional features. That come in handy if.

    You look on either side of the main spotlight there are two white floodlights which offer a nice diffuse general lighting for task lighting and there's also red lights in here for nighttime use. When you don't want to ruin your night vision. Or blind everyone else very nice feature set has. Some blank features too. That might be useful an emergency, but they're kind of useless until such time. Now one thing Black Diamond doesn't tell. You when you buy this. Or you'd have to read very carefully. Ididn't notice it. Iread everything about. It was that it only charges black diamond brand batteries. This sounded very odd to. Me what the heck of their battery is doing. That are different than. Everyone else's it runs on. Any double triple a battery alkaline. Or rechargeable z' get a little bit better performance out of the alkaline because of the 15 volts versus the 12 on the rechargeables but in the real world the output is minimal difference.

    And bang for the buck I'd just rather use the rechargeables is not a big enough improvement for me to go ahead. And put out coins in. That being said why do. They only charge Black Diamond batteries well. If you look at the bottom of the battery you'll notice. That the bottom 3/8 of an inch is bare. This is a Duracell but I've stripped off the match there's. And you'll notice that the bottom side of the battery is exposed that's because that's. How that circuitry works. And I'll show you inside. When you open this up. And you look at the end forgive. Me for shaky camera with my tablet has normal battery terminals just like. Anything else at both ends of the battery's positives negatives. And it touches the end terminal of the battery. Now there's this little duct right there. And there's one under here. And under each end up the other end under the neck. And the other negative terminals. And what that does is. That makes contact with the side of the battery so. When the light is running it's like.

    Any other battery it draws off the two ends so. You can put an alkaline in. You can put anything in. When you put in a Black Diamond battery. Or a battery that's been modified like. These the terminal touches the side of the case which is the negative terminal as well. This prevents people from plugging in the charger. When they have alkaline batteries in there. And giving a charge to an alkaline battery. Iget it I understand why Black Diamond did. That I have a problem with them locking me out of using a battery of my own choosing especially since. All of the big brand batteries have developed capacities beyond. What Black Diamond is offering these. One thousand milliamp batteries are 20% larger. Than the ones that Black Diamond was selling at the time with battery technology improving at the rate. It is I would expect to see 1200 milliamp batteries before the end of 2016 at least in the triple a size like.

    Isaid I get it I understand why they have to do. That they don't want people charging alkaline is by accident the workaround as. You can see is to strip away the insulating label material from the bottom three eighths on the battery do not do. This with alkaline batteries let. Me say that again do not do. This with alkaline batteries. If you forget and plug in the charging cable bad things will befall. You charge alkaline batteries is a very bad idea google. It's such a bad idea. Idon't even know how like Duracell charges them before. They sell them to you that's. How tricky charging an alkaline can be.

    You also don't want to use the older nickel cadmium batteries Naik adds. They call them those are obsolete. Now and they require different charging circuits. Idon't know what would happen. If you put one in here just don't do. It the ones you want are nickel metal hydrides usually abbreviated ni MH then. It will usually offer the capacity in milliamp hours the ones. That black diamond are offering or. Ithink we're either 750. Or 800 s I put in these 1000 dira cells. And it's worked fantastically so. Ijust wanted to throw. That out there and say. That this is a fantastic headlight for the money works great but. You really should be able to use. Whatever batteries you want that's my belief. And this is how you can do. It I hope this helps. Somebody and maybe sells a. Few of these for them. And everyone's happy bye.

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    Streamlight® Bandit USB-Rechargeable Headlamp

  • Chip on Board LED technology for extreme brightness
  • Produces even, diffused light with less shadows than spot beams
  • White LED provides 180 lumens on high and 35 lumens on low
  • Green LED provides 135 lumens on high and 25 lumens on low
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate body and lens
  • Light up the task at hand with the Streamlight Bandit USB-Rechargeable Headlamp. Chip on Board (COB) LED technology delivers extreme brightness and produces even, diffused light with less shadows than spot beams, improving visibility in low-light conditions while you work. The white LED provides 180 lumens on high and 35 lumens on low, and the green LED provides 135 lumens on high and 25 lumens on low. Impact-resistant polycarbonate body and lens feature a weather-resistant IPX4 rating, allowing the headlamp to take on tough conditions. A charge indicator in the light switch shines red when charging and green when charged. Low-profile design won't weigh you down or get in the way. Rechargeable 450mAh lithium-polymer cell battery provides up to 13.5 hours of runtime on low with the green LED and up to 2 hours of runtime on high with the white LED. Charges in approximately 2.5 hours. Charge port is protected by a tethered rubber cover. Rely on the Streamlight Bandit Rechargeable LED headlamp for bright, hands-free light on up-close jobs. Includes elastic head strap and 5" micro-USB cord. Manufacturer's limited 2-year warranty. Imported.
    2.7"L x 0.75"W x 1.13"H.
    Weight: 1.3 oz. (with headband attached); 1.4 oz. (with hat clip adapter).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    This little bad boys our new bandit the USB rechargeable the only weighs 14 ounces 180 lumens USB rechargeable. It will run on 180 lumens for two hours. It has a low of 35 lumens. That motor runs nine point five hours very lightweight. All self-contained uses a strip it's really bright for the low. And a high it's called abandoned. It ships with a head strap in black. Or yellow and also a really cool hack lift allows. You to take off the strap clip. It rights to a hat they give. You a head layup doing us on their way so little FRP. And availability $35 MSRP. And also available in April.

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    Cyclops® Micro Hat-Clip Light

  • 5 white LED bulbs
  • Weighs less than 1 oz.
  • Smaller than a credit card
  • Top-mount design
  • Includes two CR-2016 batteries
  • One of the most compact hat-clip lights on the market, the Cyclops Micro Hat-Clip Light features 5 white LED bulbs with a built-in 15° angle tilt. The unit weighs less than 1 oz. and sports a sturdy metal clip. The Cyclops Micro Hat-Clip Light uses a top-mount design that doesn't obstruct your line of vision. 2 CR-2016 batteries are included. 9 lumens of total light output. Ideal for a variety of applications, from camping to reading to just helping you find your way through the house during a power outage.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    I've got a package from Amazon today. This is the micro mini LED had clip light. Ibought one of these at Kmart a couple years ago. Ilove the thing lots of people out. It on their hat just like the little guy here in the picture but. It on a hat it but I've also discovered. Another use I prefer to use. It for we'll go ahead. And open this up here. That is the fact I can put. This clip it to a lampshade in my bedroom. And instead of if the electric is off. Whatever I live in Florida. And sometimes he likes the electric goes off here with the thunderstorms. What have what I do with. II clip it to a lampshade beside my bed. And then I have a lamp there. Whenever the lights. If the electric goes out. If I'm in bed and electric goes out. Istill can just turn. This thing on just a little push button. It shines gives me enough light to move around. What happy to get the other things. Ineed to get a hold up. They want the electric is out. This is a push button design. It has a little a very snappish push button that's very decisive. You push it's not. One of those you don't know. You push one two three four five lights on. It is very bright it runs on those little. Idon't know what they call little quarter sized batteries but. This particular light is my favorite to have as far as a miniature like a great thing to have in a on your way carry.

    It in your pocket for. That matter put it in your little 72-hour kit you've got extra light there just in case. You need it on your hat. You can clip it to your collar on your shirt. Whatever you want to do it's got a very good wire clip on. It's very small as. You can see but it gives.

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    SureFire® Minimus™ Variable-Output Headlamp

  • 13-position variable-light output dial
  • High-performance LED with faceted MaxVision reflector
  • Wide, smooth beam, optimized for field of vision
  • Hard-anodized aerospace-aluminum housing
  • Removable Breathe-O-Prene forehead pad
  • The model that launched SureFire headlamps into best-in-class status. The SureFire Minimus Variable-Output Headlamp provides the ideal amount of light precisely where you need it. Unlike ordinary headlamps, the SureFire Minimus Variable-Output Headlamp has an adjustable output knob to select from 13 preset outputs with up to 300 lumens. A rotatable LED housing lets you pinpoint your target. The high-performance LED with faceted MaxVision™ reflector produces a wide, smooth beam, optimized for better field of vision. Pushbutton on/off ensures 1-handed operation, with memory to retain your last setting between uses. The hard-anodized aerospace-aluminum housing delivers lightweight durability. A built-in SOS mode provides emergency signaling. The custom-made headband utilizes fine mesh material for extra comfort, with or without a helmet. An innovative Breathe-O-Prene® pad fits snug and comfortably against the forehead while wicking away moisture. You can remove the pad for washing or replacement. The leashed battery end cap ensures you won't lose your battery cover. Includes detachable red filter. Runs up to 1.5 hours on high or 75 hours on low, on 1123A battery (included). Made in USA.
    Weight: 4 oz. (with batteries)
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    We just got gone climbing castle ton tower. One of the most classic towers in the world start a little bit later. We ended up getting the summit. It was sunset then we realized. We had to repel in the dark which normally is not the best thing there's. Many houses to worry about. While rappelling making sure. That the ropes reach the anchor the wing can pick up. And knock the ribs around tower with the minimus. Ijust crank and make. It down safely every time you.

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    Black Diamond® Storm 375 Headlamp

  • PowerTap tech: instant transitions between full and dimmed power
  • Brightness Memory retains last setting between uses
  • Regulated for constant light output
  • Multifaceted optical lens
  • IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof
  • The updated Black Diamond Storm 375 Headlamp still delivers burly, fully sealed, waterproof, dustproof, rugged performance that's built for adventure. However, its refined design now makes it brighter, easier to use, and housed in a more compact body. Featuring a more compact design, enhanced user interface, and a multifaceted optical lens design that saves battery life and provides 375 lumens of powerful light, the Black Diamond Storm 375 Headlamp makes a perfect companion on any mountain mission. PowerTap technology allows instant transitioning between full and dimmed power. Built-in Brightness Memory retains the last setting between uses. Settings include full strength in proximity and distance modes; dimming; strobe; red, green and blue night vision; and lock mode. IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof, to withstand immersion up to 1m for up to 30 minutes.
    Colors: Black, Dark Olive. 

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hi gang welcome to the channel my name is Brian. And today I want to talk to. You about the Black Diamond storm headlamp today not an old man in the woods stick with. Me I build a fire okay. Now I'm sure you've seen. This headlamp on YouTube before it's been around for a. Iwant to take a minute here — can. That can you should just show. Some a little bit different things from the videos. That I've seen on this thing first off the other headlamps. They have the main light here. And a little light here. And a little light here. One obviously doesn't. It has the main light. And then there are two here but I'll show them to. You here in a second. This is a new model for 2019 maybe 2018. All the videos I have seen on YouTube especially which are. All different they're not like. One plus those are 350 lumens. One is 375 lumens pretty much. Everything works the same as excuse. Me pretty much everything works the same as the old ones except.

    When you're when you're in your mode here. This little top button. It goes to a power and then read okay then. You hold it down for two seconds. It goes to the green. And then one is the blue okay. You turn you still have the side here for the extra power which the extra power. One is the top light here to read the green. And the blue are all coming out of. One thing before on the old ones. One color here and then. One color here and then back. And forth so I want to say. Ijust got this thing I want to say. Ipaid about forty or fifty dollars for it. It still has it has a good band to go over your head. It still has the tilt features. You know to aim it still has the multiple light levels are. You in there you can hold. It'll dim down to its least amount.

    And then you hold it again it'll come back up. And then it blinks a little bit every time. It reaches its furthest destination. And then a little I don't know. Ican do it on here a little light a little thing on the side little sensor on the side. You touch and that's. Where your power comes in your 375 lumens. That has another feature well two features actually here's your battery indicator but the other feature. Ilike a lot you hold down the little button here. And the right side of the big button hold them down together okay. That blue light blinking now it's locked. And every time you hit the button it's gonna remind. That it's locked hold. These two down again for a couple of seconds I'm not holding them down here hang on hold.

    These two down again for a couple of seconds. And it'll come on now you're back to. Where ever you wanted to be in the first place but. This is off then you're. All set like I forget. How is 40 or 50 bucks for it, so they're not real cheap but. They do help when you're out trying to do. Something it'll be campfire work on the car. Whatever you're doing just have your hands-free so. You still have light so anyway just a quick video today to update. You on the new Black Diamond storm headlamp again it's up to 375 lumens. And the range on while I'm thinking about. It the range on it is up to a hundred meters know. You can see that there. You go up to 100 meters for 375 lumens so that's pretty good. Imean 100 meters that's. What 300 feet I got my math right there anyway. It runs on four triple-a batteries. And they're included. You buy the thing it does not run on these fancy high-tech rechargeable batteries like the 14 500.

    You know whatever doesn't run on. That just the triple-a batteries so again it's pretty good deal. And it'll save some aggravation. And headlamps are getting more. More popular these days too so thanks for being here hope. You learn something maybe gave. Some ideas a little bit. Once again my name is Brian. Iam an old man in the woods. It ever warms up I'll be back in the woods again in the meantime stay safe out there folks thanks for watching we'll see. You later bye-bye ok gang so are outside. You can almost see my neighbor's truck over there it's about 50 feet away. Iwould think this is my headlight goes right down to homeless. Nothing comes back up too bright. Now for the turbo where's. That thing there I can say that's about fifty feet away so.

    Whatever you're going to do. That tree is about ten feet. Whatever you're going to do it's gonna be plugging light.

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