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  Arc'teryx Gamma MX Softshell Pant - Men's Mountain Equipment Solar Eclipse Hooded Zip T-Shirt - Men's BLACKYAK Poll Short - Men's KUHL Akkomplice Bottom - Men's The North Face Apex Flex GTX 3.0 Jacket - Men's ExOfficio Hyalite Hoodie - Men's
  Arc'teryx Gamma MX Softshell Pant - Men's Mountain Equipment Solar Eclipse Hooded Zip T-Shirt - Men's BLACKYAK Poll Short - Men's KUHL Akkomplice Bottom - Men's The North Face Apex Flex GTX 3.0 Jacket - Men's ExOfficio Hyalite Hoodie - Men's
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Brand BLACKYAK KUHL Mountain Equipment Arc'teryx The North Face ExOfficio
Claimed Weight 8oz - 6.4oz 1 lb 1 oz 1lb 9.6oz 7.2oz
Fit performance form-fitting slim regular slim natural
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited lifetime limited lifetime lifetime
Material 92% nylon, 8% polyurethane 100% polyester Pontetorto Tecnopile [main] Fortius 2.0 (85% nylon, 15% elastane), [backing] 94% polyester, 6% elastane [membrane/laminate] Gore-Tex 3L, [face fabric] (solids) 93% polyester, 7% elastane, DWR coating, (heathers) 57% polyester, 36% nylon, 7% elastane, DWR coating polyester
Pockets 2 hand, 2 back, 1zippered thigh - 1 chest zip 2 zip hand, 1 thigh zip, 1 thigh hook-and-loop [external] 2 zippered hand, [internal] 1 zippered 1 zippered
Recommended Use bouldering, hiking, sport climbing, trad climbing hiking bouldering, casual, hiking, sport climbing backcountry skiing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, hiking, trekking backpacking, casual, hiking fishing, hiking, casual

Arc'teryx Gamma MX Softshell Pant - Men's

The Arc'teryx Men's Gamma MX Softshell Pant thrives during spring ski tours, summer alpine climbs, and trekking in high altitudes. An Arc'teryx best-seller among alpinists, the Gamma features a breathable, stretchy, weather-resistant Fortius 2.0 fabrication for performance-driven comfort in mixed conditions. Its gusseted construction allows freedom of movement whether you're on the skin track's toughest switch back or trying to high step over a rocky precipice. There are adjustments at the waist and at each cuff for a secure fit, and Arc'teryx reinforced each instep for reliable protection against ski edges and crampons.

  • Best-selling Arc'teryx softshell pant for alpine pursuits
  • Fortius 2.0 softshell breathes, stretches, and resists weather
  • Gusseted construction assures freedom of movement
  • Adjustments at waist and each cuff for a secure fit
  • Reinforced instep for protection against skis and crampons
  • Item #ARC3416
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    Mountain Equipment Solar Eclipse Hooded Zip T-Shirt - Men's

    Engineered to move moisture as quickly as your body is, the Mountain Equipment Men's Solar Eclipse Hooded Zip T-Shirt keeps you comfortably dry and light on your feet through fast-paced alpine pursuits. Its Pontetorto Tecnopile 103 fleece construction provides you with lightweight warmth to handle chilly mountain weather, while the coverstitched seams eliminate painful chafing and add next-to-skin comfort. Plus, this tech tee tips the scale just over six ounces to make it a no-brainer when packing for your trip.

  • Lightweight warmth and wicking performance for fast trail days
  • Pontetorto fleece is incredibly wicking and quick-drying
  • Active fit keeps performance fibers close to skin
  • Seams are coverstitched for chafe-free softness
  • Front 1/2-zip helps ventilate excess heat
  • Chest pocket is zippered for secure storage
  • Item #MEQ007R
  • Hi there and welcome to everybody's. Looked on through the website or anybody on youtube who's floating around and. What we're going to do is a very quick demonstration on the eclipse hooded tee from matt and equipment this. Is one of my favorite base layers for. Many reasons i think probably because not only does it do its job and do. Extremely well i wick away moisture yeah. It's also got other advantages as well. But why a base layers say over a t-shirt. Which is what a lot of people out their work where most people in the military. Would have been in situations where they've been working out, or they've been either on operations or exercise where. Their t-shirts become drenched in sweat. Not really a problem until the end of the day when you start to cool down and your t-shirt doesn't dry out that's the. Reason why base layers work well because. At the end of the day they wick away moisture leaving you dry and comfortable. This particular garment the eclipse. Hooded tee from mountain equipment a brand is synonymous with quality okay as. Many features first of all it's got flat. Looking seams that means that the garment itself is not going to rub you up against the wrong way it's made of a techno stretch fleece. From a company called bob bergdahl i. Have to say pompadour dawg because it's italian if when i said once he talked to her it wouldn't sound quite right and it. Weighs in at 290 grams so it's very light as i said it's got flat lock seams. Other features about the garment is it. Zipped it's got a ykk zip which is deep. Centered so if i just pull this out you. Can actually take the zip take this zip. Which runs up the side of your face and doesn't actually run up your throat actually runs up and to the side of the chin which is brilliant it's not going to basically getting away and be irritating you can actually take this zip and you can undo it all the way down. To your midriff this is something that you don't get from a t-shirt and you don't get from a lot of the base layers they're out on the market at the moment if you want to do it the opposite you can basically flip up the hood which is got and you can only take the zip up. Round underneath your chin and over your. Nose the thing i like about this. Particular garment is that it keeps your extremities warm so if you're out in norway or in the middle of winter you can it basically bring the chin guard up. Bring down the hood and now you're. Covering up your extremities the tip to your ears and your nose the hood itself. Is unobtrusive it doesn't get in the way. And it can even be top to work so you. Can see from that it's an unobtrusive hood but should you be non. Tackle semi tactical it's there it's an. Option for you to use also got thumb. Loops on the ends of your sleeves the. Reason why i like thumb loops is that when you're putting on your gloves you can actually slide your gloves on and you and your sleeve doesn't disappear at. Your wrist house it keeps things comfortable it could also bring the. Ends of the sleeves down over your knuckles so basically they're almost starting to act as hand warmers the. Other thing about the garment and it's all about attention to detail is you will notice that the garment is cut very. Long a lot of you would have been used to basically having t-shirts and other base layers ruching up behind them with it being carrying bergen's this one won't do that because it's going on as well. Note that it seemed free around the waist area so when you're putting the buckles of your waist belt on it's not. Going to be rubbing you up the wrong way. Finally, it's got blue it's blue sign. Approved what does this mean well in a. Nutshell it ain't gonna smell when it's. Sweaty so that in itself is worth. Considering so there you go that's the eclipse hooded teeth man equipment remember don't compromise on your. Equipment you're out there doing a job. It's an important job it's important that you're remained comfortable so that you can do your job well and on that note I'll leave you. Be this is the eclipse hood its thanks. Very much indeed for watching. You.

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    BLACKYAK Poll Short - Men's

    BlackYak built the Men's Poll Short durable and somewhat stretchy to perform in the mountains whether you're climbing or hiking. Its 360° Comfort Waist feels soft under the weight of bulky backpacks or when you're hanging in a harness.

  • Outdoors short designed for hiking and climbing
  • Durable nylon fabric blended with some stretch
  • 360° Comfort Waist feels good under harnesses and backpacks
  • Zippered thigh pocket secures topos or phones
  • Item #BKY005D
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    KUHL Akkomplice Bottom - Men's

  • Stay warmer and drier with these high-performance baselayers
  • Italian KoreKontrol construction for superior softness and wicking
  • Double-layer panels in high-wear areas for durability
  • Mesh panels improve breathability
  • Kuhl Dynamic stitching is reduces bulk and chafing
  • Item #KUH00IU
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    The North Face Apex Flex GTX 3.0 Jacket - Men's

    The North Face Men's Apex Flex GTX 3.0 Jacket is a rugged rain shell composed of performance-oriented fabric and Gore-Tex's phenomenal waterproofing. This jacket is made with stretch woven fabric, a windproof construction, and Gore-Tex three-layer waterproof membrane to give you the highest quality protection in stormy conditions and a comfortable fit for active movement. A dropped and cinchable hem, adjustable hood and cuffs, and underarm venting details are designed to release heat or keep out cold air in varying conditions.

  • Weatherproof shell for reliable protection in stormy conditions
  • Gore-Tex waterproof membrane provides exceptional protection
  • Stretch woven material creates a comfortable fit for activities
  • Windproof construction keeps you warm against heavy winds
  • Fully adjustable hood prevents your ears from going numb
  • Underarm venting allows you to cool down when the sun comes out
  • Secure-zip hand and chest pockets keeps your items dry
  • Slim fit is designed for comfortable active movement
  • Item #TNF053Q
  • Hi there it's georgia from the outdoor. And today brand-new up the shelf we're going to be taking a quick look at the 8. X flex range from the north face now. I've got two jackets here and i deliberately chose them in the same color just, so we really have to try and. Spot the differences now the third jacket is the apex lex 2.0. And Marilyn the model is wearing that. Today and the second one that I'm wearing is the apex flex furthermore. Jacket now the difference is in the name one is a different type of vortex shower. And one has a thermal insulated in so. Let's take a closer look at both of the jackets and give them a bit of a comparison just so you can actually see the difference so let's take a look at the jacket that I'm wearing first then this is the thermal apex flex jacket now. It's a two layer gore-tex answer shall. And inside the thermal properties it has. 18 gram primaloft synthetic insulation now that 80 grams. Is wrapped in the body and then in the third and in the sleeps you have 60 gram primaloft synthetic insulation now this jacket is 100% waterproof its. Also a really percent was the prints as you'd expect with this sort of jacket and it allows your body to breathe as you're working out there walking on the hills or whatever activity you choose mystic let's take a look at some of the closer features that make this jacket really stand out then it's not the standard velcro cups which can be. Adjusted so you can keep that winch it out it's also got a really nice take hip. Up the front which goes all the way down. The front ranks of the jacket it's not too hidden pocket and the seams there. Are using the weight just to give extra protection in those pockets on. It has pit zips for extra ventilation. Especially you sweat it out and getting really warm one thing i really. Liked about this jacket is that it's got a removable hood so you can take the. Whole hood off as well as adjust it to fit your head so if you don't want the hood on the jacket and you prefer a jacket that just sits neatly around your neck so you've got room to lose you can fully remove the hood now the weight of. This jacket is 300 grams barely know it. Wait for an insulated soft shell jacket. Now this jacket comes in a standard sit i have an average size 10 and this jackets a medium and it fits me quite nicely I'll probably be able to squeeze into a small but the medium just gives me that extra room you wouldn't need to. Layer up in this jacket because it's actually really warmed especially with that thermal primaloft lining I'd. Recommend this jacket we use for everyday activity walking hiking trekking that sort of thing you do get. Quite warm in this jacket and there isn't an option to take that thermal lining out so think about what you're doing and whether this jacket might be want to you know really the model is. Actually wearing the north face 8 x flex. 2.0 jacket now this jacket has a bit. More of a slim fit as you can see around. First sight and it has a three layer gore-tex shell which means that it's. Great for your activity where you go up to climb a new house but it's definitely the sort of jacket that will take that rough and tumble wear and tear. Especially with its three layered gore-tex shall now it is made from a. Soft woven fabric so it's great to the touch and again it's 100% waterproof and. A hundred percent wind proof again it's. A breathable jacket and it comes in a. Variety of different colors the membrane. On this jacket is druvan bond it both to the inside and outside of the coat so this is really. Robust and it gives you extra protection now again this jacket has the adjustable. Velcro cuffs there and it also has a. Front pocket which means that you can. Store things right near your chest if you wish to it has two side pockets. Either side again being able to store. Your walking essentials now this jacket also has pit tips for. That extra ventilation if we take a closer look at the hood this jacket. Unlike the thermal has a fixed hood so you can't take it off the apex flex 2.0. Jacket however it is fully adjustable. And you can pull it in tightly and neatly around your head the same as the. Thermal jacket but the other feature of the thermal jacket is that that hood is. Fully removable so the main difference. Is there between the two jackets the 2.0. Has the three layer gore-tex the thermal. Have to layer gore-tex the 2.0 it's just. A standard seam sealed gore-tex outer. Shell with annoying membranes attached. To the inner lining whereas the thermal. Has that primaloft synthetic insulation. Which is obviously going to keep your core a lot warmer when outdoing your. Chosen outdoor activity both jackets a. Waterproof windproof and breathable so you don't miss out better and the. Thermal jacket has the removable hood whereas the 2.0 bonus fix the 2.0 weighs. In at 350 wraps where if the thermal. Comes in a bit domitor at 300 grams and. That's change the 2 layer gore-tex rather than so there is that a bit of a comparison between the apex flex from the north. Face now I've chosen the two red colors. Just so that we really have to look to. Find those differences, so they do come in other colors and other colors are. Available from us in the outdoor if you. Like what you see please subscribe to our website give us a huge thumbs up on the video and if you have any suggestions on other comparison videos with products that you'd like to see being compared and do drop us a comment in the box below, and we'll see what we can do for you thanks around.

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    ExOfficio Hyalite Hoodie - Men's

  • Lightweight hoodie to block the sun during sunny days on the river
  • Quick-drying polyester fabric wicks moisture to keep you cool
  • UPF 50 sun protection keeps your skin safe from strong summer rays
  • Fixed hood keeps your head and face shielded from the sun
  • Thumbole sleeves cover the backs of your hands when you cast
  • Flatlock seams won't chafe when you hike to your favorite spot
  • Zippered gear pocket features mesh lining for quick draining
  • Item #EXO00HJ
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