6 Good Ice Fishing – Rods, Reels, & Tip-Ups

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  Cabela's® Arctic Angler Tip-Up Eagle Claw In-Line Ice Reel Rattle Wheel Cabela's Ice Hole Cover Clam Outdoors™ Ice Team Ice Rods Clam Outdoors™ Ice Rod Slicks
  Cabela's® Arctic Angler Tip-Up Eagle Claw In-Line Ice Reel Rattle Wheel Cabela's Ice Hole Cover Clam Outdoors™ Ice Team Ice Rods Clam Outdoors™ Ice Rod Slicks
Brand - Clam Outdoors Clam Outdoors Eagle Claw Cabela's Cabela's

Cabela's® Arctic Angler Tip-Up

  • Durable, weather-resistant molded base and spool
  • Stainless steel components
  • Super-sensitive, adjustable trip mechanism
  • Freeze-resistant felt flag
  • Integrated 16" measuring board
  • Looking for an affordable pro-style tip-up? Our Cabela's Arctic Angler Tip-Up is built to perform flawlessly all winter, through the worst ice fishing conditions imaginable. Constructed with a durable molded base and spool, it features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel spool shaft, spring and flag shaft. Super-sensitive, adjustable-tension trip mechanism. Premium highly visible felt flag is designed to resist freeze-up, so you never miss a bite. Integrated 16" measuring board allows you to quickly size up your catch.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Eagle Claw In-Line Ice Reel

  • Teflon drag won't freeze
  • Smooth 4+1 ball-bearing design
  • Durable nylon frame
  • Eagle Claw In-Line Ice Reel creates less line twist than other reel types. Teflon® drag won't freeze in frigid temperatures.  Smooth 4+1 ball-bearing design. Durable nylon frame construction for long-lasting use. Freespool-release button. Retrieves 15.75'' of line per handle rotation.

    We are disassembling an Eagle Claw inline ice real first thing v2. This is simple this knob here there's a spring under. It sees there is a small spring well on the tools. That I'm using for this are going to just be I'd like to use a pic not. Everybody has a pic at home but. This is for me to get in. And move small parts. When your fingers just too stubby. And big to get into the Mario's a no delicate pair of pliers. Any fires would do I suppose but there's. Some pretty small screws. That you're gonna want to grab into they're going to need a small Phillips head screwdriver. And we're gonna be put in. Some Treville sub-zero grease in there so there's. This sitting off to the side. They could say I already done. Once before here so. We move along relatively quick next up is. This not being held on here we'll loosen. This bracket keep all your parks organized so you're gonna have to put. It back together on your own I'm going to just use my pick just to grab. And start turning them not. It actually turns them up for you. And loosens all right got to get a little closer to the camera here. And I'll take the handle off. You have this fruit free reel. Or the drag wheel you have to remove the reason. Itake apart this side first is reason having the spool on here kind of holds. All the gearing in place so. You can spin that off of their otherwise the whole thing likes to spin on. And save you a bit of time. And trying to figure. That check out off spin. All the way up and into our hand underneath here also be aware there's a washer which then.

    It is supposed to be like. It would be for cushioning your drag against your reel here okay so. Everything we can taken apart on. That side let's flip the reel remove the cap be careful there is an o-ring that's in between the stem here. And also the cap that we're taking off there's an old ring owning is important. When our gloves are hitting it. And the snow is hitting it in water's head. It keeps a lot of that from getting inside beat spool there's a lot of. That ice beside that could potentially get inside of. This pool you can see right here. We have the we have an old ring that's sure. You can see that in the camera there. It was a whole ring right there it's real easy just to insert the loop in here as I've done try to hope. It gets around inside of there but that's not the case as. Ifound out so I need to take off.

    This plastic shroud be careful not to lose. Any of the small pieces. All right have all loosened up. Iwant to carefully lift. Idon't know I can use my fingers. Idon't want to lose. These small screws here we're gonna take. That we're gonna set. That off the side as well just jumping ahead here inside. You lift that up you'll see the rest of the gearing now. You can see everything got gooped up before. Ijust tried insert. And grease in there without taking the cover off. Ineed to get greased on inside of these there's a gear cog here that's attached to. This piece you turn with your real handle there's no grease inside here. And also I'm guessing there's a bearing system. Or sleeve inside of there as well to kind of help. It moves freely that could potentially be dry dryer Lube is not like.

    It should be in there so to get in there's. These small screws there's four of them right in there. We go maybe that'll pick. It up a bit it's a crummy camera so let's get. This out here and I'm actually gonna just tip. That screw out and number four. And I'm going to remove. This with my pliers pieces flying everywhere. You know we'll set all off the side along with my small screws here okay next up want to be pulling this out. You can see what I am actually pulling over here. He flips up gently Snyder down to the side okay on. This piece I just pulled out a bunch of grease on their piece. Ijust pulled out there is a sleeve. It sits over there and there is a washer too. That goes on top of. That sleeve I got dog here in my reel.

    Anyone else have a lamp there. You go alright so right here watcher goes up here. This sleeve goes up on there. All rides inside of bearing. That is inside of there. It looks pretty dry so. Iam going to loop that up I'm going to lube up my shaft. That the sleeve is going on to. And the outside of the sleeve make sure. All the points of contact are going to be lubed up so. That hopefully come. This winter time on the ice my reel retrieve will be back up the part. And I'll get another good season out of my Eagle Claw inline ice real system is very good to use. It can still create backlash. You always have to manage your line on the ice.

    You know don't don't pull out of here too quick. It does ain't like a. It acts like a bait caster there's an adjustment for your for. Each bait or refer. You know did say you're aligned. Ilike to pull my line out yeah. Imight be able to set. That just enough to. When I'm pulling my line out. It actually has a little bit of tension so. That the line doesn't just back roll on itself like it's happened in the past but is their awesome little reels don't let them go to waste. And hope this video helps.

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    Rattle Wheel

  • Bell alerts you when a fish bites your line
  • Adjust tension to the reel with included wing nut
  • Sturdy, solid-wood construction
  • Sporting a convenient bell alarm, the Rattle Wheel alerts you when a fish bites the end of your line. Each revolution of the wheel equals 1 ft. of line length. Wing nut allows you to adjust the tension to the reel. Sturdy wood construction for lasting durability.
    Available: Wall Mount, Wall Mount with Hinge, Ceiling Mount, Clamp.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cabela's Ice Hole Cover

    Made of durable closed-cell foam, this 12.5"-dia. cover slides securely under standard-style tip-ups to keep the hole from freezing.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Cabala's eye sleds and covers our ice sleds have made of highly durable polyethylene the utility sled has two built-in bucket holders the large sled has three out regulars. And large sled covers fit their corresponding sleds adjustable cinch cords zippered side entry points Cabala's ice LEDs. And covers lifetime guarantee only at Cabala's.

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    Clam Outdoors™ Ice Team Ice Rods

  • Fast-action, solid-graphite blank
  • Smooth Dynaflow guides reduce line friction
  • Cork fore grip and handle are ideal for cold weather
  • Clam Outdoors' Ice Team Ice-Fishing Rods feature a fast-action, solid-graphite blank for increased sensitivity, balance and fighting power. Smooth black-frame Dynaflow guides reduce line friction. Up-locking reel seat with soft-touch paint secures your reel. Composite cork fore grip and handle provide comfortable handling in frigid temperatures. Hook keeper. 24" light model comes with Nitinol spring bobber that detects the lightest bites. 

    Images depict the style of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length.
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    Clam Outdoors™ Ice Rod Slicks

  • Lightweight, flexible design is easy to put on and take off
  • Keeps lines and hooks from getting intertwined and snagged
  • Protects rod tips and guides from damage
  • Clam Outdoors' lightweight, flexible Ice Rod Slicks slip on and off with ease, preventing tangles and snags while installed, making them perfect for transporting and storing your collection of rods. Protect your rods tips and guides from damage. Per 2.
    Length: 22".
    Colors: Pink, Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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