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  Adidas Outdoor Terrex Trail Cross SL Cycling Shoe - Men's Scott Road RC Cycling Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi X-ALP Elevate Cycling Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-ME7 Cycling Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-RP1 Cycling Shoe - Men's Mavic Deemax Elite Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Shot Giro D'Italia Cycling Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi Race Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Dominator 7 SR Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's
  Adidas Outdoor Terrex Trail Cross SL Cycling Shoe - Men's Scott Road RC Cycling Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi X-ALP Elevate Cycling Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-ME7 Cycling Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-RP1 Cycling Shoe - Men's Mavic Deemax Elite Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Shot Giro D'Italia Cycling Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi Race Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Dominator 7 SR Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's
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Brand Shimano Pearl Izumi Mavic Sidi Sidi Scott Pearl Izumi Adidas Outdoor Shimano
Claimed Weight 375g [single, size 43] 284g - - - [size 8.5] 245g 405g (size 43) 1 lb 3.9 oz [size 42] 255g
Cleat Compatibility two-bolt mountain cleats 2-bolt mountain, 3-bolt road 2-bolt 3-hole 2-bolt 3-bolt road 2-bolt mountain - 2-hole, 3-hole
Closure low-profile reverse buckle, speed lacing, stretch neoprene ankle collar Boa L6 Quick Lace, hook-and-loops straps dual Techno-3 Push Soft Instep Closure System with Caliper Buckle, High-Security hook-and-loop straps 2 Boa IP-1 dials Boa IP1, hook-and-loop strap traditional laces with bungee (stows laces) hook-and-loop
Footbed extra-cushion insole Select insloe Ortholite - - Adjustable ErgoLogic (removable) - - eva
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year lifetime 2 years 1 year 1 year 2 years limited lifetime 6 months 1 year
Recommended Use cyclocross, gravel, road cycling road cycling mountain bike road cycling mountain biking, cyclocross, gravel road cycling enduro, trail, bikepacking enduro, trail road cycling
Sole Michelin High Performance dual-density rubber 1:1 Composite Power Plate with carbon fiber forefoot insert Energy Grip AM, Contragrip Vent carbon MTB RS17 (nylon with polyurethane inserts) HMX Carbon nylon-carbon composite, Vibram Megagrip lugs Stealth rubber nylon, glass fiber
Upper Material synthetic leather 3-layer seamless composite synthetic Microfiber Techpro Microfibra Microtech, mesh microfiber, 3D Nylon Airmesh synthetic breathable mesh, high-abrasion rubber reinforcements synthetic leather, polyurethane

Adidas Outdoor Terrex Trail Cross SL Cycling Shoe - Men's

Whether you're pummeling down nasty, rock-infested trails or pedaling along forested singletrack with slimy roots threatening to throw you off balance, the Adidas Terrex Trail Cross SL Mountain Bike Shoe keeps you firmly glued to your pedals with sure-footed grip and plentiful support underfoot. This pair of trail riding shoes is designed for use with flat pedals, ensuring you remain securely connected to your bike while riding over technical trail sections. And because you'll often scope out new lines before plunging in, you'll enjoy the shoe's ability to flex and conform to the terrain underneath you while walking down the trail.

You'll find the same Stealth rubber compound that's made Five Ten Shoes (Adidas actually acquired Five Ten a few years back) a favorite among aggressive trail riders for its tacky grip, even in the slick and muddy conditions encountered on the trail. Not only does the sole employ Stealth rubber, but it uses a triangular traction pattern to evacuate moisture and provide flexibility where you need it and grip exactly where you want it.

Looking to the uppers, you'll find the breathable mesh does an admirable job of keeping your feet cool and dry, even when temperatures skyrocket on summer days. This breathable upper is reinforced with a protective rubber toe cap, seeing you'll probably smash your feet on a number of trail features, such as rocks and roots. Other key features include an energy-absorbing EVA midsole that smooths out big drops and uneven terrain, as well as a Pro-Moderator medial support system for a bit more stability while pedaling.

  • Confidence-inspiring shoe for aggressive trail riders
  • Sole is designed exclusively for trail riders using flats
  • Ultra-grippy Stealth rubber with triangular traction pattern
  • Flexible design allows you to walk over hike-a-bike sections
  • Breathable mesh uppers reinforced with durable rubber toe cap
  • Energy-absorbing EVA midsole smooths out vibration underfoot
  • Pro-Moderator system provides stability and midfoot protection
  • Lace bungee keeps dangling laces from snagging while you ride
  • Item #ADA009Y
  • Oh what is happening friends my name is richard and today we've got some great looking shoes to check out here from Adidas. Great-looking shoes here made out of a high abrasion textile and synthetic material for the upper got a lisa closure in the front with that protective rubber toe cap up here for added durability really soft and breathable fabric lining on the inside you also have this foam molded foam. Insole ides right on out gives you some added cushioning with every single step got a pro moderator. Midsole to give you some added shock absorption and a stealth rubber outsole on the bottom that helped keep you nice and steady over variety of different surfaces and give great flexibility. Dillon pass you by they are from Adidas.

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    Scott Road RC Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Whether your ambitions are to PR on a couple of coveted segments, scream out of the bunch for sprint primes and state championship glory, or drive a breakaway in the mountains, put the Scott Men's Road RC Shoes on your feet before you go. Offering a second skin fit and uncompromising power transfer, this race-ready shoe arrives with the stiff, lithe silhouette you need to get on the podium — riding fast is up to you.

    As most top-end road shoes do, the Road RC comes adorned with smooth, supple uppers devoid of overlays, which conform to your foot without hot spots or pressure points. Offering you almost limitless potential to adjust to the rolling topography of your feet, the dual Boa dial closure provides the security and ease of use you need to make quick tweaks minutes before race time. Once the starting gun goes off, drive watts into the HMX carbon outsole for snappy power transfer that won't yield under the heaviest of engines.

  • Attack your race goals with this worthy partner
  • HMX Carbon sole is stiffest in Scott's lineup
  • Perforated uppers ventilate through grueling sprints
  • Removable footbed offers adjustable arch support
  • Boa dial closure allows for quick, precise adjustments
  • Item #SCO00KE
  • As far as cycling shoes go scott doesn't. Command the same reputation as the likes of specialized gyro or city though. Perhaps it should the road rc shoes are. Packed full of high-tech features and made with premium materials, and they ride pretty well to dot as scott's flagship road shoe the our c's feature a. Stiffness index of 10 the highest on. Scott's scale inside the scott rc road. Shoes is a high-end erg illogic footbed. Similar to gyros supernatural footbed with its adjustable metatarsal bubble. And arch support both are tearaway velcro adjustments meaning they can be. Removed completely or replaced with smaller or bigger adjustments for a stock footbed this is pretty luxurious. Having said this where the likes of gyro. Or shimano includes such things these shoes only include the medium wedges dot. While the rc road shoes feature non-replaceable toe and heel pads the. Burly rubber is more akin to what you'd expect on mountain bike shoes and after. Months of use and plenty of walking i suspect they allowed last multiple replaceable pads on other shoes.

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    Pearl Izumi X-ALP Elevate Cycling Shoe - Men's

    When your sense of adventure is larger than mountains ahead of you, your mountain bike shoe shouldn't be what holds you back from chasing after it. The Pearl Izumi X-ALP Elevate Mountain Bike Shoes just may have a craving for off-the-beaten trail adventures to rival your own, thanks to rugged construction and a build that offers all-day comfort for days of pushing into the backcountry on a fully loaded rig, chasing down the sun. The X-ALP Elevate use 3-layer uppers that hug your foot in with seamless design to extend durability for all-day riding, with perforations in the arch and forefoot to let fresh air inside, and mesh panels that wick away sweat so you can stay cool. The top closure uses both a IP1 Boa and a hook and loop toe strap so you can dial in a semi-custom fit with 1-millimeter micro adjustments for all day comfort.

    On the inside the shoe decks you out with a supportive footbed for soaking up rough trails, and a lightweight EVA midsole for cushioning your flippers when you're off of the bike. Contrasting the soft and flexible midsole, the shank features a nylon and carbon composite construction that ensures stiff power transfer to the pedals to propel you forward, with just a touch of flex to maintain a natural walking feel when you roll into a moose head on and have to bolt off trail on foot. Vibram Megagrip lugs make sure your footing stays sure when you do have to bolt off trail, with directional tread to propel you forward as needed, and help you put on the brakes in the heel. The shoes are 2-bolt SPD compatible, with a unique cleat mount patch that features enough space to securely clip in, and tread surrounding the recessed cleat so you don't have to sacrifice walking capabilities to ride clipless.

  • Clipless shoes for charging into uncharted territory
  • Nylon-carbon composite shank boosts power transfer
  • 3-layer seamless uppers enhance durability and comfort
  • Boa and hook-and-loop combo dials in a perfect fit
  • EVA midsole soaks up impact on foot
  • Vibram Megagrip outsole elevates traction for hiking
  • 2-bolt cleat compatible with recessed mounting patch
  • Item #PLZ00M9
  • Hi I'm tony torrence I'm the cycling footwear product line manager here at lulu's me dad i could talk to you a bit about our health category of cycling shoe this category really came about. Through our european office they saw a. Need to have a cycling shoe where a. Cyclist could wear it all day long they could pedal over a mountain pass and then keep it on and you know go into a. Market or go to a restaurant really a shoe when you have it on it feels like you're wearing a running shoe or a Marquette a casual shoe but then when. You're on the bike it transfers power. Really well across oak elite it's really. A high-end shoe or cross-sell category. It's made from mom i could love to ride it's got a really good micro just buckle. With our pro level instep strap it's got. Three adjustments on the medial side a really center of the eba strap it's got. Our one-to-one nylon power band so. Really holds your heel down for great. Power transfer and then it's got our. Brand-new cross help bottom unit which. Has dual density eva a foam in the forefoot, so we can put a firmer, or we do. Put a firmer foam between your. Forefoot and your pedal so you get great power transfer we put our one-to-one energy foam in the heel which is a high. Rebound rubberized foam great off the. Bike shock attenuation cushioning the. Shoe you can be worn it can be worn all day long you feel like you have a running shoe on or a casual shoe and on the bike super. High performance across helped seek for. It's really a go-to shoe for mountain. Biking lace up kind of run shoe inspired. But it's got our brand-new cross tile bottom unit on it which is a full-length eba foam mid sole with a dual density. Forefoot so we can put a firmer stiffer foam between your forefoot and. Your pedal for power transfer then the heel we've got a rubberized 1/1 energy. Foam so off the bike you get great rebound from the heel so when you're wearing this shoe off the bike it feels like you've got a running shoe or very nice casual shoe on but on the bike great power transfer great style i think it goes really well with. Today's baggy mountain bike clothing.

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    Shimano SH-ME7 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Finding that balance between XC lightness and enduro durability is no easy task, but Shimano is more than up to the challenge with the SH-ME7 Cycling Shoes. They give all-mountain and enduro riders a lightweight option with ample protection and traction, without sacrificing responsiveness on the pedals. The SH-ME7 achieves its streamlined fit and consistent power transfer through a synthetic upper and stiff sole, which earns a rating of 8/12 on Shimano's stiffness index.

    Defending against trail debris and general wear and tear, Shimano added a reinforced armor panel over the shoe's speed lacing system for more protection, while the speed lacing system itself adapts to a wide range of foot shapes with a secure fit. The ratchet buckle up top further secures an exact fit, and a stretch neoprene collar protects vulnerable ankle bones from errant sticks and rocks. A reinforced heel stabilizer holds your foot in place to ensure you don't lose any power on challenging ascents, while the carbon midsole keeps thing responsive and lightweight. Shimano sought help from one of the grippiest options available for technical terrain by integrating a high-performance Michelin dual-density rubber outsole that offers superior traction with insane durability, stability, and slip resistance.

  • Mountain bike shoe with ideal mix of lightness and toughness
  • Stiff sole efficiently transfers power
  • Neoprene ankle collar deflects errant debris
  • Grippy rubber outsole for hike-a-bike sections
  • Perforated synthetic upper comfortably ventilates
  • Speed lace and top buckle strap for highly adjustable fit
  • Compatible with two-bolt mountain bike cleats
  • Item #SHI00JP
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    Shimano SH-RP1 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    The Shimano SH-RP1 Cycling Shoes are great entry level road and spin class kicks. The dual hook and loop straps make it easy to dial in a custom fit and adjust on the fly. The lightweight glass fiber reinforced nylon sole rates as a 6 out of 12 on the Shimano stiffness scale so it transfers your power to the pedals efficiently, yet allows a little more give than the pool table stiff race options, keeping your feet comfortable. The care-free synthetic leather upper is lighter, stronger, and more durable than natural leathers. The shoes are compatible with both 2-bolt SPD and 3-hole road cleat systems and feature a wider cleat adjustment range so you can dial in your fit. There is a reflective print on the heel cup to increase your visibility at night. These shoes are available in whole sizes from 37-48 and in the color black.

  • A comfortable entry level road cycling shoe
  • Fiberglass-reinforced nylon sole promotes efficient pedaling
  • Two- and three-bolt cleat compatible
  • Reflective print on heel for visibility
  • Item #SHI00FE
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    Mavic Deemax Elite Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Blending grippy durability, secure retention, and comfort, Mavic's Deemax Elite Shoe is the ideal companion for your next all-mountain excursion. Tightening down the fit is an easy, single-pull affair with Mavic's Quick Lace system, while a hook-and-loop strap across the top of the foot adds extra security and fit adjustment. A large, protective, hook-and-loop-secured panel folds securely over the lacing system and adds protection across the top of your foot.

    Mavic adds a band of perforated neoprene around the ankle for added protection from errant branches, rocks, and other trail obstacles. Underfoot, the Energy Grip AM outsole efficiently transfers power and features Contragrip rubber for confident pedal contact and exceptional grip when scrambling over rocky surfaces.

  • An all-mountain shoe with reinforced protection
  • Perforated neoprene provides extended ankle coverage
  • Quick Lace system for one-pull fit adjustments
  • Lace cover adds protection and keeps laces secure
  • Heel and toe reinforcements boost durability
  • Grippy outsole lends traction on technical trails
  • Compatible with 2-bolt cleats
  • Item #MAV00GP
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    Sidi Shot Giro D'Italia Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Few brands exude quite the Italian style and performance as the shoe brand Sidi. It continues to impress us with its technical designs and materials that help improve the fit and comfort as well as boosting stiffness while dropping grams. And who wouldn't be more excited about the Giro than a brand that can call it a home race and is familiar with its rich history? As the official shoe for the 2018 Giro, Sidi produces the limited edition Men's Shot Giro D'Italia Cycling Shoe that takes the venerable last, sole, and dual center-mounted wire dials of the Shot and finishes it in a stunning Matte Grey colorway with Pink accents. Crafted with Sidi's unwavering attention to detail and the ability to service with replaceable parts, these special Shots are sure to last you many seasons and always get you excited for what's arguably the most exciting and beautiful of the Grand Tours.

    The Shot represents the first and only shoe in Sidi's road lineup that utilizes the symmetrical closure system of two central dials rather than dials offset on the outside of the foot. The advantage of this design is that it pulls the Microfibra Techpro upper from both sides of your foot for an improved fit over simply pulling the material over the top from the instep. This new closure system provides a clean aesthetic that only adds to the Giro limited edition livery, increases the aerodynamics, keeps them more out of harm's way in a crash, and makes on-the-bike adjustments quicker and easier. No buckles or hoop-and-loop straps create a minimal silhouette and fewer transitional ridges to catch the air and slow you down.

    The buckles employ a Sidi proprietary dial and not a third-party model used by most shoe manufacturers. Typically, we'd have our reservations about brands substituting proven tech with something new just for the sake of newness, but this is Sidi and a brand that is the shoemaker to more pros than other brands so the Tecno-3 Push dials aren't some far-fetched copy, it’s the real deal. Sidi first placed dials on shoes back in the late '90s, long before the industry was on board and we now find it commonplace from almost every brand. The Tecno-3 Push is the latest generation of the brand's wire buckle which receives the inclusion of a red release button. The upper dial handles the tension across the top of the foot while the lower dial pulls on two sets of bases securing both the middle and forefoot.

    Perhaps what keeps many serious cyclists coming back to Sidi, if they ever strayed, is its refined fit which supplies a snug, yet comfortable grasp that keeps pedaling efficient for hours on end. An external Adjustable Heel Retention Device lets you further dial in the fit and adjusts the fit to both wide and narrow ankles and the Reinforced Heel ensures that the fit remains the same over the life of the shoe. Where all your watts meet the pedals, the Vent Carbon sole is stiff enough to please any sprinter and its closeable vent offers cooling airflow in the summer or keeping out winter base mile chills. As with most of Sidi's top-end offerings, the carbon is protected by low-profile polyurethane toe and heel pads that are replaceable so the shoes last for many seasons. The sole is finished off with a grippy coating where the cleat is mounted as well as a fourth hole for using Look’s cleat minder tab to help replicate new cleat's positions.

  • Giro inspired shoe from cycling's most venerable shoe brand
  • Carbon Sole ensures low weight and high stiffness
  • Center-mounted wire buckles secure the upper to the foot
  • Proprietary dial technology first pioneered in the '90s
  • Heel cup and retention band prevent slipping
  • The vented sole can be opened or closed for all-season comfort
  • Replaceable hardware makes the shoes an investment
  • The Giro livery will live on long after the race is over
  • Item #SID00A4
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    Pearl Izumi Race Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Choosing your first pair of road shoes can be a daunting task. Numerous features abound and on top of that prices range from not that bad to who would pay that much for that? Thankfully, a lot of technology trickles down from the top-tier shoes to the entry-level and midrange ones offering most of the performance at a price that is a little more palatable. Pearl Izumi's Race Road V5 Cycling Shoe is a shining example and a great option for the beginning cyclist or the seasoned vet.

    The specs on this particular shoe don't stray too far from top end kicks. It's truly remarkable to get the lightweight, admirable power transfer, and such an excellent fit at this price point. A 3-Layer Seamless Composite Upper offers nice breathability and eliminates any hot spots by adapting to your foot's shape allows you to focus on the ride and not aching feet. The bi-directional Boa closure pulls the laces from both sides ensuring equal tension, while the 1:1 Zero Distraction Upper Fit mitigates foot discomfort by eliminating excessive pressure on the soft tissues running along the top of the foot.

    On the sole, the 1:1 Composite Power Plate with carbon fiber forefoot insert provides lightweight stiffness and durability ensuring that your power gets delivered directly to the pedals. Direct-Vent technology in the sole allows your feet some much-needed air circulation while the EVA foam and rubber heel bumpers let you confidently walk to the front of the line and order your Americano. And unlike most dedicated road shoes, these will work with 3-bolt road and 2-bolt mountain bike cleats so it's compatible with almost every pedal system on the market.

  • Rack up the miles in this excellent all-around road shoe
  • Seamless uppers improve breathability and reduce hot spots
  • BOA dial allows for a custom, foot-wrapping fit
  • Composite sole with carbon insert for efficient power transfer
  • Compatible with 3-bolt road and SPD cleats for versatility
  • EVA foam and rubber heel improve stability while walking
  • Item #PLZ00OS
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    Sidi Dominator 7 SR Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Sidi's Dominator line of shoes have proven themselves to be worthy companions for everything from navigating backcountry singletrack to grinding out miles on gravel roads or hopping barriers at your local cross race. The Dominator 7 SR Mega Mountain Bike Shoe retains that versatility, as well as Sidi's renowned fit and quality, but features a redesigned sole as well as a new Stealth Black color scheme that omits flashy colors in favor of a more subdued style. This particular shoe is the Mega version, which is 4mm wider across the ball of the foot and has more volume, a higher instep, and a wider heel cup in order to accommodate cyclists with larger feet.

    Sidi reports that the new MTB RS17 sole is lighter and better performing, constructed of a stiff nylon composite that efficiently puts power to the pedals. The tread inserts provide grip on a variety of surfaces and also facilitate mud dispersion. If you need some extra traction in particularly sloppy conditions, the sole is compatible with toe spikes. For those times when you miss a clip-in, the central insert works as a traction pad to help prevent slipping a pedal. Perhaps the most exciting update to the sole is that the toe insert is now replaceable via screws. Considering this area is subjected to more wear, especially when walking, this is a simple and inexpensive way to prolong the life of these already durable shoes.

    The uppers are made of a composite microfiber Sidi calls Microfibra Microtech. These incredibly fine fibers act like a natural leather skin, but have advantages of increased strength, soft texture, and light weight. Being water-repellent, quick-drying, breathable, and permeable to water vapor, it's an ideal material for shoe uppers, and easier to clean than leather. Additionally, this material is resistant to stretching and deterioration from atmospheric agents. And to keep your feet from getting too warm, mesh inserts were added throughout the uppers. To cap it all off, the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, using only water-based products instead of solvents.

    The retention system is built around Sidi's signature Caliper Buckle, a two-way ratchet that lets you micro-adjust the strap pressure in order to ensure that the fit of your upper won't be too loose or too tight. It's paired with the Soft Instep 2 Closure strap that evenly spreads the upward-stroke pedaling forces across the top of your foot. The buckle provides four-clicks per uptake along with half-click releases. Essentially, this means that you're able to precisely tension the pressure of the strap. No other system provides more of a gentle and precise customizable fit. You also get the precision of two High Security hook-and-loop straps for volume adjustability. Its padded tongue with fit "relievers" is one final small detail that helps deliver unparalleled comfort.

  • Updated Sidi Dominator for MTB, gravel, and cross
  • Higher volume Mega last fits cyclists with larger feet
  • Redesigned sole saves weight and improves power transfer
  • Toe inserts are now replaceable to extend the life of the soles
  • Proven Caliper Buckle lets you precisely adjust strap pressure
  • Soft closure strap applies even tension across the foot
  • Durable microfiber uppers resist stretching and abrasion
  • Reinforced heel maintains optimal foot position and prevents shoe deformation
  • Item #SID00AG
  • Ok ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show and you can see i got another product here for you to review so i have. Some cd shoes all right here these are. The cd nominator sevens so if you look. On the si website you have the nominator sevens and then you have another shoe. That's just like this but for the road. Side let me see here we're gonna bring. That up real quick look at it so you. Have the nominator sevens and then you. Have the genius 7 so nominator sevens. Genius ooh so both 7 have in the name. Both are constructed pretty much the same except for the soul is what's. Different in fact they both look the. Some they both feel the same the uppers both very both of them have extremely. Broken feel to them seedy used to make. These with leather but they've since. Gone to since gone to a synthetic a lot. Of the vegans out there that absolutely while these shoes because they're i don't say they're a budget. They're still very expensive shoe but. Compared to other seedy shoes that run. You upwards of $500 these are their more. Budget orientated shoes okay and these. Are what all the cyclotrons guys are. Wearing just because of how light. They are and how breathable are they are so I'm going to go over some of the features on these guys and talk about them so at first glance these are they. Almost look kind of like on i want to. Say a knockoff because cdr known for a couple different. Things they're known for the piece. On the heel that pinches in the heel they're known for their special boa. Dials and things like that but before they are doing that cd started off they were using crow, and they were using these normal ready to ratchet straps these ratchet. Closures okay and that's what they were. Using they just had a slightly different they had they started with the micro release it's not the kind where. You actually have to pull to release the micro leaves you just click on it once and it pushes up and then you pull this. Here hold a now the other nice thing. About it they have this in step because. Cd doesn't make super ridiculously. Expensive insoles they don't really. Feel the insults have to be crazy expensive, and they make because these. Are so plush what they do is they make it so that this piece here pulls and gives you pull up gives you more of an. Instep you're not really whole point of a cycling shoe is not to be running with them is to give stiffness here in the. Foot area for pedaling efficiency okay. So because these are a cyclotrons shoe there's their lightweight they don't. Put emphasis on replaceable lugs but. These lugs are extremely hard. In fact, they're they're like five times. Harder than your standard mountain bike logs, and they're closer to that of like. A soccer cleat and when you look at some. Of the prices of soccer cleats these are actually you know about the same so the. Nice thing is with your cd you're gonna get your this ratchet by the way. Everything is replaceable pretty much with these you can buy new of. This these straps this buckle here this. Whole buckle is replaceable you pop it. Out and then of course even the velcro i. Think you can come by and have it stitched back on so i think even the velcro but this this velcros this is what they call their high-security velcro so these red pieces here stick here and it prevents the velcro from wearing down if they use a slightly different type of velcro from lawdy or your other stuff cd by the. Way has pioneered and pioneering cycling. Shoes since the beginning their first company ever use velcro on us shoo so cycling shoes so pretty. Ingenious actually first once that buckles first once created bow a dial a dialing type cable system so, so they've. They've kind of been pioneering the thing the other thing is to that they have is they have this very stiff heel cup and so even though it's its not a. Bathtubs type skull you get this on even though it doesn't have a the adjustable. Clamp back here for the heel your. Heel fits as you can see this heel cups it's really extreme and your heel. Fits in the back here and really locks. Into place and then this type of system. Here really pulls in the foot to keep it. Back into your heel cup so your heel cup unlike a lot of other shoes is very stiff it's a big solid heavy police plastic that they put on their this hole. In so the whole shoe is made of this very soft material the entire in main. Part of the shoe even the insides everything let me open this up titanium. This metal here is titanium really high. Quality materials you got some padding here they put these. Little slits here so you can cut these as you want to they're all together when. You buy them and then it says in the when you have with the directions it. Says to find have this at the center. Point and they've cut these so that bends separately and conforms your to. Your foot so really nice the way they set it up as you can see unlike your. Your other most of your other shoes. They're very soft and very supple even. Though these aren't the road shoe they. Are extremely stiff these bottoms are extremely stiff they're extremely stiff sole this is the. Same material and this is a ballistic. Nylon that's used to make synthetic gun. Handles and then also your you're not the souls. But it's its used to make the bottoms for skates so ice skates and that. Really for the hockey skates that the. Ballistic nylon that they use that's the same material that city uses to make the. Soles for these particular set of mountain bikes now once you start getting it to higher and ones you then you're gonna get a carbon fiber of course you do have carbon fiber injected. On your genius sevens but the. Interesting thing is that carbon fiber this or is this ballistic nylon is. Just as stiff and just as hard as that. Carbon fiber is the injection ejected. Carbon fiber for the city geniuses okay. So don't be fooled that this isn't carbon fiber salt they are extremely stiff okay. So the reason i went with these is. Because on so you can see up there zoom. In for my content i went with the crank. Brother the crank butter egg beater. Threes absolutely loving those the. Reason why i went with them is because the shoes i had here or mountain bike shoes check out my shimano i was right. There and so i don't want to i want to. Reuse them but i want a little bit better see you a little bit more comfortable shoe so i ended up bone with these, and they had these out here had. Then on sale end up getting them for about 50 60 bucks off got military. Discount on their i was able too as well. From former forms bicycle i was able to. Also use my performance awards card that. I got so i had some money on their. Resume but he's for store credit so i got together i got these for a less than 200 bucks, so we're really happy about that so absolutely great shoe like i said. These aren't cheap but if you look. At a price of standard cd shoe which is about $500. These are their budget entry-level. Shoes okay but when you look at. Cyclotrons the guys are wearing these. Over their higher-end shoes because they want something that's a really hard bottom that doesn't wear really quickly and it's just i would say it's for. Then it's a little bit more comfortable also the other thing is its the only set of shoes that have this pad in the. Center here so that if you were to slip off and you'd hit right here and want it. Scratch up the sole okay so it's kind of nice little touch they got this okay. And then it's just an insert so really. Great shoe so far loving it absolutely loving these like i said the nice thing is city's shoes last forever they really. Really do they're paid $200 for these. But you probably get 20 years out of these shoes so, and they won't go out of style that's the cool thing about these people have them forever, and they really use them so well you guys enjoyed this video if you did give us a thumbs up. Click up here to subscribe if you look. Over here i got another video i have a. Video for one of my previous videos and. You click on that and see some other shoe videos there so hopefully you guys. Don't like to enjoy this as always keep. Riding.

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