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  Patagonia Gritstone Rock Pant - Men's Arc'teryx Sigma SL Anorak - Men's Prana Stretch Zion Pant - Men's Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket - Men's Patagonia Dirt Craft Jacket - Men's The North Face Summit L2 FuseForm Grid Fleece Hooded 1/2-Zip Jacket - Men's Arc'teryx Gamma LT Short - Men's The North Face North Dome Short - Men's The North Face Morph Vest - Men's
  Patagonia Gritstone Rock Pant - Men's Arc'teryx Sigma SL Anorak - Men's Prana Stretch Zion Pant - Men's Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket - Men's Patagonia Dirt Craft Jacket - Men's The North Face Summit L2 FuseForm Grid Fleece Hooded 1/2-Zip Jacket - Men's Arc'teryx Gamma LT Short - Men's The North Face North Dome Short - Men's The North Face Morph Vest - Men's
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Brand The North Face Patagonia Patagonia The North Face Arc'teryx Patagonia Arc'teryx The North Face Prana
Fit standard regular regular slim regular slim semi-fitted (trim) regular standard
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime limited lifetime lifetime limited lifetime lifetime 1 year
Material 98% organic cotton, 2% elastane stretch canvas (67% organic cotton, 33% polyester), anti-odor treatment, DWR finish 100% recycled polyester, DWR finish 100% nylon, DWR Fortius DW 2.0 (88% nylon, 12% elastane) 95% nylon, 5% spandex, DWR coating Aequora Airperm Polartec Powergrid (93% recycled polyester, 7% elastane, DWR coating) Zion (97% nylon, 3% spandex), DWR finish
Pockets 2 hand, 2 back 2 slanted hand w/mesh bags, 1 side w/elastic mesh envelope, 2 rear drop-in 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered internal 2 hand, 2 chest 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered thigh 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest 1 zippered chest 1 zippered chest 2 hand, 1 cargo, 2 back
Recommended Use hiking, sport climbing, trad climbing bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing alpine, skiing, climbing skiing, snowboarding, backpacking, sport climbing, trad climbing backpacking, bouldering, hiking mountain biking, trail running bouldering, mountaineering, sport climbing, trad climbing all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, backpacking, bouldering, casual, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding, hiking, ice climbing, park & freestyle skiing, park & freestyle snowboarding, road running, sport climbing, telemark skiing, trad climbing, trail running climbing, casual, travel
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Patagonia Gritstone Rock Pant - Men's

From dusty desert crags to multi-pitch meccas, the Patagonia Men's Gritstone Rock Pant provides uncompromising mobility, abrasion-resistance, and harness-accessible storage for climbers seeking a pant to fulfill ambitious projects in. Seeing you'll be wearing this pant in constant rotation throughout the climbing season, it's smartly equipped with an anti-odor treatment for freshness when you leave the crag.

Patagonia distilled decades of climbing experience into the making of the Gritstone Rock Pant, hooking it up with a stretch-canvas fabric that's highly breathable, resistant to abrasion, and treated with a DWR to repel the elements. Patagonia then uses an articulated cut and gusseted crotch to ensure full range of motion when you're pushing yourself on exceedingly difficult grades. Lie-flat, slanted hand pockets are easily accessible with a harness on, plus there's an OppoSet waist adjustment that prevents it from slipping down as you climb.

  • Essential durability and uncompromising stretch for climbers
  • Stretch-canvas fabric withstands abrasion and ensures mobility
  • Gusseted crotch and articulated design for full range of motion
  • Lie-flat, slanted hand pockets are accessible with a harness on
  • Side pocket with elastic mesh envelope provides extra storage
  • OppoSet waist tightens with minimal hassle for a secure fit
  • Anti-odor treatment for lasting freshness on climbing trips
  • DWR finish repels rain showers and accidental spills
  • Item #PAT02CA
  • This is the men’s Vega rock pants. They’re made with a stretchy organic cotton, and built perfectly for climbing with or without a harness. Comfort is the most important clothing feature for me. If the garment pulls or grabs in any way, . It becomes a distraction for me. So when i first put these pants on, i knew immediately they were going to be a personal favorite. The fabric is an organic cotton plain weave. It’s light, soft and stretchy, yet durable enough to withstand climbing’s daily abuses: knee bars, hip scums, and down climbs. The waist features a unique adjustable button closure. For a customized fit. The zip fly and low-profile belt loops are comfortable all day under a harness. The front hand pockets have a breathable mesh liner, . Which i find to be perfect — not too deep, not too shallow. The pockets also have bar tacks, which double as a coin catch and toothbrush holder. The two rear pockets create a reinforced seat, . For added durability as well as style. The right thigh pocket is ideally located for easy access. The pants have darted knees and a gusseted crotch. For ease of movement and a natural fit. They’re tailored to look good in any situation, and they stretch and flow with every twist, high step and widestem. The men’s Vega rock pants are perfect for dry, crisp conditions.

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    Arc'teryx Sigma SL Anorak - Men's

    Push through to the top of your climb despite the cold front that is starting to blow in by slipping on the Arc'teryx Sigma SL Anorak. This super light pullover windbreaker is built specifically to block wind while you climb and scramble to the summit. The Aequora Airperm softshell outer boasts impressive breathability and durability to ensure you can stay focused while you look for the next hold. Meanwhile the adjustable hood is completely helmet compatible so that you can stay prepared while you block out the storm.

  • Climbing centered pullover that fights off surprise weather
  • Aequora Airperm fabric is wind-resistant, breathable, durable
  • Stretch in material encourages unrestricted dynamic climbing
  • Helmet compatible hood allows you to stay sheltered and prepared
  • Lightweight construction keeps your pack light and manageable
  • Quarter-zip design makes for easy on and off on the fly
  • Item #ARC00X9
  • The first thing we talk about is the women's sigma sla in iraq this is our. Pinnacle soft shell designed for climb, so we use a kora air firm fabric this is. The same fabric we use in our look for my pet it's a best-selling hiking pant. So the soft shell offers a really good balance between breath ability as well as. Wind protection and it's really comfortable next to skin so as a hiking pet can be something you wear all day putting that into a climbing context you're gonna be wearing this piece all day, so we're gonna make sure that it was really comfortable next to skin as well as provided it provides abrasion resistance in an alpine rock environment. So a really good fabric for this piece. The feature set is designed with a climber in mind so the helmet is fully helmet compatible sorry the hood it's. Fully competitive helmet compatible so this points of adjust ability on the back as well as the inside of the collar when. Not in use the hood rolls away so. There's a button on the back and then a. Loop on the inside so you can store that away when not in use we have a deep center front zip so quick. Thermoregulation the left chest pocket for easy access to your essentials at. The hem we have our hemlock technology which is a foam insert in the hem this keeps the interact locked underneath your harness when climbing so if you bring your arms above your head and it pulls up and stay below your harness finally we have two points of adjust ability to help lock in the fit in the past when going after really lightweight products we've gone to one point of adjust ability at the hem and what we found is when you use that feature you end up with a really long loop of cord and that can actually get in the way of either a nice tool or carabiners, so we decided to go for two you know it's easier to adjust the fit and you don't end up with those long loops of cordage finally we have stretch. Panels in the cuffs so when you pull this things up either when you're overheating or you're gonna crack climb on the stretch cuff helps secure it. Against your forearm so it stays up and it's wide enough to help get over a large space watch or if you have large forearms because you're a climber it really helps with that physical attribute as well hey here you nerds. Thank you so much for all your thumbs ups they're amazing keep them coming. Because I'm not done with editing all the videos yet so you might also want to. Hit that subscribe button to not miss any of them and i will see you at the next one piece out You

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    Prana Stretch Zion Pant - Men's

    Whether you're teching your way up a tough slab, figuring out the sequence on a roof section, or hiking in to camp, the Prana Men's Stretch Zion Pant can hang. Its stretch nylon fabric and gusseted crotch provide a natural range of motion for all your scramble-loaded adventures, while the water-resistant finish helps keep your legs dry if you get caught in a little rain.

  • Technical pants for hiking, climbing, and travel
  • Zion fabric is stretchy yet durable
  • DWR finish repels light moisture
  • Roll-up snaps secure cuffs while climbing
  • Standard fit with inseam gusset for added mobility
  • Item #PRA00M7
  • Hi today i am reviewing the prana. Stretches ion convertible pants. I've had these pants i own two pairs of. These pants pair of these pants I've had the brown ones for about three and a. Half years now and i have a really good idea of what i like about them and what i wish it was slightly different so first of all i love the material it's. Made out of this way it's made out of. This like synthetic stretchy material. That's similar to what they make those. Softshell fleece jackets out of but it's just like the shell of those jackets and. So it has incredible flexibility i can. You know kick i can lift my knees it's good for hiking up steep hills and hiking up stairs and steri trails and. It's got incredible flexibility the you. Now it's got plenty of room and you know to maneuver what else i like the. Fact that it's got these big loops for. The belt you know so you can put. Basically any size belt that you would like and i don't like this belt. Type of thing that they integrate into. The pants because when you tighten it. And you're wearing it especially if you have anything heavy in the pockets it just tends to loosen up after a couple. Of minutes so it's kind of worthless they need to put like a different kind. Of system to keep it so that actually holds in place the pockets are really. Nice in these front pockets they're just. The right size they're not too big that the stuff in your pockets is down to your knees and, but they're not too small that things are falling out of your pockets the only thing i don't like about them is that the material that they used to make them is, or they made it, and they construct something out of this like mesh material and so pretty quickly i wore holes in my pockets just from having my wallet and my phone in my pockets so that was kind. Of a bummer I've had to mend holes in my. Pockets so many times now on the pants that I'm wearing the back pockets are. Kind of useless i don't know if they're totally useless, but they're pretty useless in that it isn't kind anyway to. Like keep them closed so if i certainly. Would not put my wallet in there because i think it would just slip right out and fall out but I'm a wallet front pocket. Kind of guy anyway the side cargo. Pockets are really nice they have two zippers one that goes horizontally at the top and one that goes vertically at the front i guess that's primarily for if you're a rock climber and you're wearing a harness i think it's easier to access the vertical pocket but that's. Just a speculation and the cut the cuts. On this on these pants are really nice i find out they fit incredibly well i wish they were slightly less baggy just. Because i feel like if I'm running and i got my phone and wallet in my front. Pockets that they're kind of still flopping around and i think that if there is a slightly slimmer cut that. That you know that would solve that issue i like the fact that some people. Might not but i personally like the fact that they don't have those vertical zippers on the bottoms at the cuffs so. That basically those zippers are you are often on hiking pants because people. Were Often gone hiking in boots and when people get too hot they like to remove. The pant legs as i do as well however you know and basically that verticals. That makes it easier to take it off of boots because boots have the lug soles. However i personally prefer wearing. Sandals or like running type of barefoot. Running shoes and i find that it's easy. To slip the pant legs on and off you know right over those and the thing that. I specifically like about not that the. Fact that it doesn't have those vertical zippers on the ankles that i can actually roll up the cuffs if. I need to which i always need to and. Especially if wearing like barefoot type. Of shoes that are uh you know you got a roll up that cuffs a little bit or I'll still you know you'll be stepping on them as you're walking and you know with. If they had that vertical zipper you want to be able if you rolled it up it wouldn't hold the roll it would just roll right back down and what oh sizing so basically. Typically, i wear size medium pants. Camping pants however the sizing on these prana's are. Slightly different i find that i wear the way that they measure is the waist is small medium large extra-large. And i find that I'm a small in the waist. Size on these pants and then the length. Are you know 30 32 34 and i find that I'm. At 32 originally i got a 30 but those i think we're slightly too short and I'm. 5/8 so that hopefully give you some kind. Of idea what to go for so 32 for a 5/8. I think that might be it i really love these pants they were 80 80 bucks i. Think and they're excellent. Pants they're a little bit they're not. Ultralight they're lightweight, but they're not ultralight so if that's something that you're you know considering you know for backpacking then you know keep it in mind however i think that the durability that i get. From these is outweighs whatever. Slightly extra weight you know but. They're excellent pants and thank you. For watching.

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    Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket - Men's

    The Patagonia Men's Nano Puff Insulated Jacket offers warmth without weight so you can trek into the alpine with a lighter pack. Its Primaloft Gold Eco insulation adds the touch of warmth needed for active endeavors in cold places, and it's compressible so the jacket stows inside its own pocket for compact convenience on your harness or in your pack. Patagonia treated the jacket's tough, recycled ripstop shell to shed snowflakes and raindrops.

  • Ultralight, packable puffy for climbing and skiing in the alpine
  • Highly compressible, water-repellent Primaloft Gold Eco insulation
  • Recycled ripstop shell with water-resistant coating
  • Adjustable drawcord at hem stays secure under harnesses
  • Jacket stuffs in its own zippered internal pocket
  • Patagonia's commitment to the environment is evident in its eco-conscious designs
  • Item #PAT01I3
  • Okay how you do my mom just got me. This patagonia nano puff jacket at. Costco for 170 bucks it but if you don't. Have enough time to watch a youtube video i just want to let you know that i love it i put it on for like one minute and i. Fell in love with it after like one minute i just walked out the door and started living in it one little thing to. Notice it doesn't have a cinch on the hood you know so the hood is kind of it fits a it fits a helmet and it kind of. Is kind of flip pity floppity also it's. Got these this little bit of texture around the collar right here because when you zip it up its kind of firm and so that texture is intended to kind of. Rub against your chin here alright but. Otherwise, it kind of goes over your face like this for warmth can go like that. Okay that's kind of like the major issue. Is that it has a funny hood but the. Hood really prevents the top of the jacket from getting cold some salesmen like it rei they might tell you that this is a kind of cold jacket because it's got all this stitching it's got all the quilting on it but really what i found is that the. Cold spots are really on the arm here. And that the hood prevents the chest area from getting cold and the major. Controversy about the nano puff is that the patagonia also makes the nano air so. There's two different synthetic jackets from patagonia one is the nano puff the other ones the nano air the nano air maybe is a little bit better if you're planning on sitting in the cold and eating you might want to get the nano air because it's basically a synthetic. Sweatshirt where the nano puff is an. Upgrade from the old nano puff so the old nano puff from patagonia it had. Primo loft something prima loft one and. This one has got prima left gold. Primal have gold has been around for a while it's basically like the other. Clima shield apex there's a really. Amazing synthetic insulation out there. Called clima shield apex which is offered by through hiker comm and it's. Also in a kit and it's also offered by enlightened equipment already so them together so you can get clammy shield a pix jackets. Or quilts from enlightened equipment and that's kind of like the major competitor. To the nano puff now but the nano puff has a lot more bells and whistles on it for instance pockets the torrid jacket. From a lighting equipment it doesn't have pockets so another competitor would be let me switch this camera around here. Okay this is the thermostatic jacket from mountain hardwear and this is the. Spark from mountain hardwear and that's. The flame all right so these are all made out of synthetic insulation so let's talk about synthetic insulation for a second here we've got the prim left gold which i have one and you've got the cue core from mountain hardwear and there's also another kind of insulation out there called clima shield apex clima shield apex is probably the best premium laughs gold is kind of like. The silver medalist and there's another one called the premium off gold x which is offered by the ramsey don x jacket. And then mountain hardwear has their own. Polyester synthetic insulation called q core now q core is the most luxurious it's the most breathable and the softest. And most comfortable but it's not as. Warm okay so this is actually warmer clean the chilled apex is like the warmest and then maybe primo off gold is. Like the second place warmest and then the q r is the like the bronze medalist. But the important thing to understand about synthetic insulation and how to. Use it as it's really for athletic jackets like this one hold on I'm gonna put the nano puff now so as you can see the proper way to use synthetic insulation right off the bat is as a summer bag so you've got your athletic jacket here for getting exercise in the. Could you got an athletic jacket here for getting exercise in the cold nose you can see they're very similar one has a. Hood and the other one doesn't so the cold spot on the one without the hood is kind of around the shoulders the cold spot on the jacket with the hood is kind of on the arms but i think the hood works better because since there's a cold spot on the arms that prevents you from sweating i noticed that i sweat a lot in the mountain hardwear thermostatic jacket and a little bit. Less in the nano puff since it's a little bit more breathable and breath ability is a huge aspect of synthetic insulation so over here we have the winter bag this is a 20 bag and. This is too big okay this doesn't work. So once you get down to three seasons of four season bags you know that's. Starting to take up too much space in the pack that really just you need a 55 liter pack to put that in there and it's not very small the only advantage of it is that you can wash it you can get a dirty and wet and you can wash it that's the advantage of all this stuff but the. Issue is that if you're in conditions that drop down to freezing it's gonna fail so this spark is a great summer bag i. Used it many times but if it gets cold at 4:00 in the morning and if it drops down to 35 it's not gonna work so you're gonna at the very minimum you're gonna need like a merino wool bag liner. Or something to add to the sleep system to get this to work and you can't really go thicker or heavier this really isn't. Snow or winter gear as you can see this. Is the flame over here that's too big okay so basically the proper way to use. These synthetic installations is as an athletic cold weather jacket or as a. Summer bag this is like a two season bag this is like a like basically like an Adidas beastie boy run dmc's sweat. Jacket but it's highly technical it's. Like 10 denier nylon with the. Synthetic insulation inside the nano puff has got thicker nylon now I'll show you that this seven denny or 10 deniers. Nylon over here ripped okay so you see. The tenacious tape patch on the. Thermostatic patagonia has addressed that issue and put some like 20 or 40. Denier nylon on there but that's actually a better idea you know this. Nylon isn't gonna rip which is kind of. Big deal with these with this design so. You know like the nano air it doesn't rip because it's basically a synthetic sweatshirt where it's all fused together where these jackets where the. Insulation is in the middle it's like a sandwich like a peanut butter sandwich the nylon is the bread and the synthetic insulation is the peanut butter okay so. One issue just one extra tidbit of. Information that i want to add to this video is just that you know mountain hardwear has addressed a lot of issues with this technicals polyester synthetic insulation okay when. You exhale the carbon dioxide that comes. Out of your breath it goes down with. Gravity like water and it creates a puddle that's why it's important to use. An air pad with baffles because dirt water and carbon dioxide that you're breathing out drops down into those baffles and flows out away from you because even though it's healthy to breathe the carbon dioxide it helps you feel relaxed it can give you a headache if you breathe too much of it you can choke on it okay so it creates a puddle in front of your face and that you can choke on now when you're inside of a mummy bag that carbon dioxide can gather. Inside of your mummy inside of your hood and you can choke on you can wake up with a headache now mountain hardwear has addressed that this cue core insulation is so breathable that the. Carbon dioxide is actually able to pass through that nylon and out of the bag so. That you feel good in the morning you don't have a headache from breathing your own carbon dioxide so this nylon that they're using on the spark you can see you can see my fingers straight through it's very breathable and so is the cute core so even though this dag isn't warm enough to use in the snow. It's so breathable this is a highly. Technical bag okay so that's something that prima laughs gold and primaloft gold axe needs to address is that you. Now is climate shield apex of primaloft gold just as breathable as cue core because even though cute court isn't as warm it's so breathable and so functional is so versatile and so comfortable and so luxurious and it does so well in the washing machine that's the kind of competition that premium laughs gold and primo f gold x. And clean michelle the effects are. Dealing with i know that i don't know much about enlighten equipments products. But i know that the through hiker comm. Tend any or seven denne or nylon that they sell to people it doesn't breathe so when you put your mouth on it you can. Suck it into your mouth and you can actually choke on it so if you look at the designs of apex quilts they don't have a hood and the reason they don't have a hood is because you can't breathe through that nylon so mountain hardwear has addressed that, and they've given you a nylon that's so breathable that your. Neck's I'd actually is able to flow down with gravity out of the bag this is. Really breathable stuff so you don't get that with like a thorough hiker quilt you know when you look at it enlighten equipment cults and other kinds of down quilts and you will apex. Quilts you can choke on them if you put. Your mouth on that nylon you can suck that nylon into your mouth so that those are the kind of issues that mountain hardwear has addressed that you know is causes the mountain hardwear gear to. Be legitimate competition for the other. Guys like patagonia and rab and enlighten equipment and through. Hiker and some of the other you know you will company that people trust for the. Eighty trail and stuff like that so you. Now these are the jackets okay there's the thermostatic there's the nano puff here's the spark there's the flame i. Don't have you know the wrap xenon jacket here i don't have the enlighten equipment toward here but you know this. Just gives you an idea of what synthetic insulation can do and basically the bottom line is that you can wash this you can't wash down i was at rei the other day, and they said that you can wash down they've got some like wick. Whacks detergent that prevents the down. From bunching up or whatever that i think that's nonsense you can't wash down at all you can't you cannot wash down so that's what you get here. You get to get down and dirty and sweaty and greasy and grimy a you know whatever. You can party and stuff in this in these synthetic garments and throw them in the washing machine and that's pretty much the advantage they are in their stuff sex this is a pretty this is pretty big. And robust it's not that squish able okay. There's the nano puff next to it here's. The thermostatic obviously is a. Little bit smaller now this isn't even that small down is a lot smaller than that so that gives you an idea of how. Big there.

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    Patagonia Dirt Craft Jacket - Men's

    Most stare at you incredulously when you tell them you enjoy trail running and mountain biking in Springtime's dewy, brisk morning weather. You tell them that the key is to keep moving, and don't forget to wear the Patagonia Men's Dirt Craft Jacket. This lightweight softshell has that special touch of warmth that shoulder season coolness calls for, as well as the stretchy breathability you need to keep moving comfortably. Patagonia added a DWR treatment to shed mud stains as well as rainfall, so you can keep a clean look after a dirty ride.

  • Lightweight, breathable, stretchy softshell
  • Durable Water Resistant treatment
  • Single-pull hem adjustment
  • Hook-and-loop cuffs
  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Zippered chest pocket
  • Item #PAT01AZ
  • The woman's dirt craft bike shorts are. Designed specifically for mountain biking comfortable durable and breathable the outer shirt is made with a 95 percent nylon 5% spandex stretched. Plain weave with 65% recycled content. And a durable water repellent finish to shed moisture the padded removable liner. Is made with 72 percent polyester and 28. Percent spandex stretched interlocked knit and incorporates power mesh panels for enhanced breath ability by using recycled materials we reduce our need for petroleum a curved waistband follows. The natural shape of the hips allowing room to move a low-profile external hook and webbing waist adjustment fine-tunes to fit drop-in hand pockets carry gels. And a bandanna and a zippered pocket on the left thigh secures your phone and cash reflective logos on the left hem. And right back hip glow and illuminated making you more visible in low light the inseam is 11 inches and the leg opening on these regular fit shorts covers the top of most knee pads interior snap. Loops meet with our endless ride liner shorts ride all day and comfort in our. Women's dirt craft bike shorts.

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    The North Face Summit L2 FuseForm Grid Fleece Hooded 1/2-Zip Jacket - Men's

    The North Face Men's Summit L2 FuseForm Grid Fleece Hooded 1/2-Zip Jacket doesn't shy away from alpine starts and frigid days spent scaling vertical columns of ice. Its breathable, stretchy, and welded construction keeps you free of sweat, mobile, and adequately covered whether you're booting up a snowy couloir or placing ice screws on a frozen waterfall. Being a part of The North Face's Summit Series, this fleece jacket has a fit intended for functional wear at high altitudes, meaning it layers comfortably under a shell and efficiently manages moisture from sweat so it's dry and ready to go the morning after a long, arduous day in the alpine.

  • Stretch fleece ready for climbing and mountaineering
  • Eco-friendly construction comprised of recycled materials
  • FuseForm technology enhances mobility while climbing
  • Polartec fleece is highly breathable and insulating
  • Hand pockets can be accessed while wearing a harness
  • Alpine fit reduces needless bulk and weight
  • The North Face Summit Series line is designed specifically for high-altitude endeavors
  • Item #TNF03H9
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    Arc'teryx Gamma LT Short - Men's

    The lightweight Arc'teryx Gamma LT short is designed to keep you mobile while you are hiking or climbing. Its durable softshell construction is weather resistant, has good stretch, and delivers next-to-skin comfort. Additionally, a gusseted crotch and articulated patterning enhance your freedom of movement while you're in the vertical world or scrambling up to a summit. Its brushed polyester waistband features a built-in and adjustable webbing belt so you can comfortably achieve the secure fit needed for your outdoor pursuits.

  • Versatile softshell short for mobility in a variety of activities
  • Durable fabric stretches with the body while hiking and climbing
  • Gusseted crotch, articulated patterning enhance freedom of movement
  • Zippered hand pockets securely accommodate your daily essentials
  • Built-in adjustable webbing belt allows a personalized, secure fit
  • Arc'teryx designs with a less is more approach for its products
  • Item #ARC00Y8
  • This week's pick of the week is the. Arc'teryx gamma lt hoody a lightweight and durable wind and water resistant soft shell hooded jackets for one week only we're selling it for 160 euros down. From 230 euros at the epic tv show the. Gamma lt utilizes our characters air. Permeable be burly double weave fabric. Which consists of nylon polyester and. Elastane to provide lightweight durability moderate levels of warmth and. A two-way stretch for ease of movement plus climbing this is treated with a dwr treatment for protection against light. Precipitation and snow arc'teryx is helmet compatible storm hood provides full protection against wet weather and wind and can be easily adjusted with one hand using a cinch cord at the rear there are two hand pockets with zippers an internal chest pocket for smaller. Items and the main zip uses our characters no slip zip which allows it. To be taking the weather protection of a soft shell and making it as comfortable and streamlined as possible the gamma lt. Hoody is minimalist lightweight with. Just the right amount of warmth and protection for anyone moving fast in the mountains. You.

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    The North Face North Dome Short - Men's

    For long summer days at the crag, keep cool and comfortable when you're on the wall with The North Face North Dome Short. Crafted from a breathable organic cotton blend, these shorts are harness-friendly for comfort and durability during climbing, while just a touch of stretch enables you to make those hard-to-reach moves. The gusseted crotch further opens up your range of motion, and the continuous internal waist drawcord both secures the fit and doubles as a chalk-bag loop.

  • Climbing-friendly shorts for warm-weather outings
  • Organic cotton fabric has enough stretch for natural mobility
  • Slim fit provides a modern aesthetic
  • Gusseted crotch allows for more freedom of movement
  • Internal drawcord is exposed to double as a chalk-bag loop
  • Multiple pockets provide stash spots for small items
  • Item #TNF053M
  • The men half-dome hoodie a traditional. Favorite amongst the men's logo wear collection soft comfortable fabric makes us a. Perfect hoodie for after a long day on the hill the men's half dome hood by the. North wales.

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    The North Face Morph Vest - Men's

    Whether you're heading to the cafe or going up the mountain, there's always room for The North Face Men's Morph Vest. Its 800-fill down is so lofty that you can pack it into its own pocket for compact storage in mountaineering packs or messenger bags. The North Face's ThermoBaffle construction weaves chambers together in order to eliminate exposed threads and create stronger wind barriers compared to other puffy vests.

  • Insulated vest packs into its own pocket for any cold adventure
  • 800-fill down is lightweight and compressible for compact storage
  • ThermoBaffle's woven chambers create a stronger wind barrier
  • Water-resistant shell sheds snow spray and light moisture
  • Item #TNF040P
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