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  Misty Mountain Volt Harness - Women's Arc'teryx FL-355 Harness - Women's Mammut Ophir 3 Slide Harness - Women's Salomon Out Day 20L+4L Backpack - Women's Five Ten Access Mesh Approach Shoe - Women's Gregory Sula 18L Backpack - Women's Mystery Ranch Scree 32L Backpack - Women's Thule Stir Hiking 35L Backpack - Women's Mammut Zephira Harness - Women's
  Misty Mountain Volt Harness - Women's Arc'teryx FL-355 Harness - Women's Mammut Ophir 3 Slide Harness - Women's Salomon Out Day 20L+4L Backpack - Women's Five Ten Access Mesh Approach Shoe - Women's Gregory Sula 18L Backpack - Women's Mystery Ranch Scree 32L Backpack - Women's Thule Stir Hiking 35L Backpack - Women's Mammut Zephira Harness - Women's
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Brand Salomon Five Ten Thule Gregory Arc'teryx Mystery Ranch Mammut Mammut Misty Mountain
Claimed Weight 1lb 7.6oz 9.7oz 2 lb 1 oz 1lb 13oz [M] 12.5 oz 2lb 14.4oz 14.8oz 10.4 oz 12.9oz
Gear Loops yes - - - 4 yes 4 [overmolded] 2, [flexible] 2 4
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 1 year 25 years limited lifetime limited lifetime lifetime lifetime limited
Material nylon - 210D Robic nylon, 70D nylon [body] 210D nylon, [lining] 20D polyester Burly Double Weave (50% nylon, 43% polyester, 7% elastane) 210d nylon - [reinforcements] TPU 1000D nylon
Recommended Use hiking, climbing, mountain biking, trail running hiking hiking hiking, travel sport climbing, trad climbing, ice/mixed climbing hiking, sport climbing, travel climbing climbing climbing

Misty Mountain Volt Harness - Women's

Rack all your biggest cams on the Misty Mountain Women's Volt Harness and start climbing up the wide stuff by wiggling your body until you reach the chains. Misty Mountain designed this harness with the minimalism and durability required in places like Indian Creek. The exterior resists abrasions against jagged sandstone, and the internal padding keeps you comfy as you suss out the next beta.

  • Durable, minimalist harness for climbing single-pitch trad
  • Abrasion-resistant exterior and padded interior
  • Self-locking waist buckle and elastic leg loops for a secure fit
  • Four upturned gear loops rack your cams higher up
  • Item #MST000H
  • Hello and welcome to another rock climbing light video i am your host gifs akron and today i get the pleasure of. Reviewing the misty mountain turbo harness this was sent to me my misti a couple months ago and I've been enjoying it a lot for the past month got to tell. You guys I'm really psyched about this harness not only is misty a great company they're based out of western north carolina all their stuff is hand-stitched right here in the usa but it's a great harness as well it's not just the fact that they're a great company make great products so this is. The turbo harness when i think of misty. I think of three words really stick out in my head they're comfortable they're. Over built and they're safe misty is. Known to have one of the most comfortable harness lines on the market there Cadillac harness is probably most. Popular most people you see out the crag who have a misty harness on probably i. Mean in my experience I'd say eight times out of ten they're going to have a Cadillac on, so they're very Cadillac are very popular that's their big thick trad harness it has six gear loops it's. Just a big monster multi-pitch harness. But i see it here at the new I'm here at the new river gorge at the junkyard crag and i see them you know people using them for cracking all the time so that doesn't mean that you can't use the Cadillac for fragment but this might be a better option for you if you mostly do single pitch cracking and then sometimes do multi pitch this i think would be a great option and I'm really excited about again this is the turbo harness so I'm going to go through all the features of this harness but first. The so this has fixed leg loops this is. The turbo and the one with the adjustable leg loops is the sonic and. The female version of the sonic is the. Silhouette so the silhouette is female with adjustable leg loops misty doesn't currently have a name for the female version of the turbo but just ask for it. Ask them for a female version of turbo, and they change some of the specs they change the dimensions of the waist belt and the rise to fit females better. So just ask them misty's a great company they also do split sizing where they can. Do different size like this is i believe. A large you check yes this is a large. Size so if you needed like a large waist. Belt and a medium leg loop they can mix. And match sizes for you of waist and leg. Loops so just so you know so don't think. When you go on their website oh you know. This leg size doesn't fit my legs but this waist size fit they do what's called split sizing, and they can mix and match those sizes because these are handmade one at a time so let's go. Through the major points of this harness this has a quick adjust waist belt so. You don't need to double this one back so you just pull it and it stays secure. It's very safe like i said safe and durable and over built and what. I like you know no detail is overlooked. With this misty harness and I'm sure the same goes for all their harnesses I'm sure the line is all the same so you'll notice the end of this waste this. Waist belt is stitched into a point and you know little details like that i really enjoy because that makes it. Easier to thread through these sleeves to keep the waist belt back so there's a sleeve right on the side right next to. The buckle when you tighten it in so. You can slide that through there easily and then the misty patch also doubles as. Another large sleeve to keep it even further out of the way so you just slide that in there. It's out of the way. What else so all the time points are. Heavily reinforced you can see lots of. Bar tack and stitching here but what also is nice about the time points is they cover it in a slippery material. It's kind of it's a nylon that is different from the rest of the nylon. It's very slippery, so they'll add durability because the reduce friction of the rope running through so your tie. In points won't get blown out as easily the belay loop they're known to have one of the largest belay loops in the business this thing is no exception the turbo harness this is a 6,000 pound belay loop so super beefy and durable. And over built very safe so that's you. Know your belay loop in the front turning towards the sides there's four. Gear loops to an aside but again being. Misty who they are if you want to add tool carriers like if you're an ice climber if you want to add tool holsters. Or extra I'm sure maybe not gear luke. But it was a belay loop we doing extra belay loop things like that they can work with you so call them up great company anyway moving to the side for. Big gear loops these things i have a couple other harnesses just I've gone through over the years and these things are large let me tell you no problem putting a ton of cams and nuts and quick draws and slings and things for trad climbing so these are very large on the back what you'll find is. Somewhat rare but is very nice to have. Is a full strength haul loop on a. Cracking harness so this is a very lightweight it definitely competes with all the lightweight all day multi-purpose harnesses out there and not on have full strength haul loop so that's a very nice feature also on. The back is the rise they have a feature called detachable rise this is pretty common so you know nature calls and you. Don't want to take the harness off if you're in a multi pitch situation they have the detachable rise there with the buckle. The inside of the waist belt and the leg. Loops it's like this soft black neoprene. Material but it's very breathable so neoprene isn't breathable so but it. Feels like me brain has like kind of soft spongy feel but it's very. Breathable i mean its kind of warm out today is low 80s high 70s and i don't i. Don't feel hindered or sweaty or you know wet with this harness at all it definitely breezes for you know an all-day harness it's you know it's not like a mesh style harness you know you. Can't see through it so it definitely has a little bit of thickness but that makes it extra comfortable at the same time it breathes. Like i said it has fixed leg loops. Again reinforced high end point extra. Stitching to make it all very durable leg loops are very comfortable I've been. Very impressed a lot of times leg loops there they it kind of seems like. Companies they just don't do research, or they don't test it or something but these leg loops have been surprised it really comfortable so I've just been. Overall really happy with the turbo. Harness again give misty a call if. You're looking for new harness they can work with you on sizing they can work with you on options this one comes in. Red but hey i bet you we call them they might even be able to offer a different color who knows so what else overall. This is just a really great harness i got a site and with that there's been another rock climber light video be sure to check out the blog rock climber life com for more thanks for watching. You.

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    Arc'teryx FL-355 Harness - Women's

    Built for women who climb ice, rock, and alpine routes, the Arc'teryx Women's FL-355 Harness combines high performance with an incredibly lightweight construction for unrivaled versatility. With an exceptionally comfortable women-specific fit, the FL-355 is made from Burly Double Weave four-way stretch material that is both strong and flexible. Type 66 nylon webbing is found in the elasticized, fixed Sure Fit leg loops that automatically adjust for a precise fit, no matter your size or how many layers you're wearing, allowing you to take this harness from the gym to the ice wall.

    With its longer belay loop, it accommodates the women's differential between waist and leg loops. Equipped with Arc'teryx's signature Warp Strength Technology, the FL-355 equally distributes weight across the entire harness for lasting comfort, instead of loading a single strip of webbing in the center which creates uncomfortable pressure points. Meant for use in in any condition, this harness is outfitted with a self-locking buckle, four ice clipper slots, four gear loops, a rear haul loop, and a stainless-steel quick hook that allows you to use the bathroom without having to remove anything.

  • Sure Fit elastic fixed leg loops
  • Burly Double Weave material
  • Warp Strength Technology
  • Auto-locking buckles
  • Gear loops
  • Ice clipper slots
  • Rear haul loop
  • Item #ARC009R
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    Mammut Ophir 3 Slide Harness - Women's

    One day you'll be layering legging over legging to stay slightly warm on a chilly multi-pitch, and the next day you'll settle with sweating at a sunny crag wearing shorts. Either day, the Mammut Women's Ophir 3 Slide Harness will fit your outfit right. Just like all the Ophirs, this version features Split Webbing technology, which separates the harness's weight-bearing webbing into two strands that ride over and under your hips in order to reduce weight, increase ventilation, and decrease the necessity of padding. The tie-in protector adds durable longevity, and the fabric turns a different color after the tie-in points have worn down past the point of responsible, safe use.

  • Fully adjustable climbing harness for sport or trad
  • Split Webbing with padded mesh for comfortable support
  • Self-locking Slide Bloc buckles at waist and leg loops
  • Tie-in protector with retirement indicator for safety
  • Four rigid gear loops, haul loop, and chalk bag hanger
  • Item #MAM011E
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    Salomon Out Day 20L+4L Backpack - Women's

    You leave before sunrise and come home after dark so often that you're starting to wonder what your house looks like in the daytime. Maybe someday you'll find out, but until then you've got the Salomon Out Day 20L+4L carrying everything you need to cement the outdoors as your home away from home. Designed for your longest single day pursuits, this pack delivers tons of comfort and easy gear storage. Its main compartment is expandable by 4L to tack on added storage when you need it, and its ergonomic carrying system features padded straps and a design that's tailored specifically for female athletes. Staying hydrated on the trail and in the mountains will be easier than ever before thanks to its dual hydration pockets—a standard reservoir sleeve for a hydration bladder and a stretchy pocket on the shoulder straps that keeps a soft 500ml flask close by at all times. Your gear and layers will be easily accessible thanks to the convenient zippered side entry, while trekking pole and ice axe carries ensure that you can always bring the proper gear for the terrain you're facing.

  • Technical daypack for any and all of your day-long pursuits
  • Main compartment tacks on an extra 4L of storage when needed
  • MotionFit system moves with you for a comfortable and ergonomic fit
  • Padded and ventilated straps provide carrying comfort at all times
  • Side entry zipper lets you access gear quickly and easily
  • Hydration compatibility gives you multiple ways to access water
  • Trekking pole and ice axe carries offer multi-sport versatility
  • Item #SAL01NY
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    Five Ten Access Mesh Approach Shoe - Women's

    It's pretty easy to find a shady climb when the temperatures are warm, but you might still have to hike under the hot sun to reach it. The Five Ten Women's Access Mesh Approach Shoe offers extra ventilation for hot hikes. Its mesh upper amplifies breathable ventilation, and the rubberized exoskeleton offers that support climbers look for in approach shoes. The lightweight EVA midsole also has some rubber in it to increase shock absorption and overall durability required for rocky, technical terrain. The Stealth S1 sole uses a similar rubber compound as Five Ten's climbing shoes, and you can rely on its traction when you come across slabby sections on the approach.

  • Approach shoe with enhanced ventilation for warm weather
  • Breathable mesh upper encased in a supportive, rubber exoskeleton
  • Injection-molded midsole increases shock absorption and durability
  • Stealth S1 rubbers sole with climbing zone for added friction
  • Item #FVT003B
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    Gregory Sula 18L Backpack - Women's

    During the work week you might be able to squeeze in a short hike, but you probably can't take the full day. Whether you go out for sunrise or sunset, bring the Gregory Women's Sula 18L Backpack to carry your gear. Even over a short hike the weather can change quickly, so throw in a rain or wind jacket, some water, and plenty of snacks just in case. This pack is hydration compatible because you need to keep water with you even though the early and late parts of the day do give you a break from the heat. The Sula has EVA foam in the shoulder straps to absorb shock while the webbing chest and waist straps minimize bouncing for a smooth, comfortable hike.

  • Daypack for short, technical hikes
  • 18L is plenty of space for a layer and snacks
  • Compatible with a 3L hydration reservoir
  • Suspension and compression straps adjust the carriage
  • Webbing chest and waist straps minimize bouncing
  • Accessory pockets help you stay organized
  • Item #GRE009O
  • got just enough features with a comfortable and technical suspension system that's going to keep you comfortable on the trail all day long it's the Gregory women's sula 18 liter

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    Mystery Ranch Scree 32L Backpack - Women's

    The versatile and spacious Mystery Ranch Scree 32L Backpack is designed for use as a technical day pack or as a minimalist overnight backpack. Its 32L offers plenty of storage for your full days of travel, afternoons spent at the climbing crag, or mornings on the trails. Mystery Ranch's 3-ZIP design allows you to open the pack like a traditional top-loader or through the front panel for fast and easy access to the main compartment. For extra organization of your smaller necessities, a zippered lid pocket and zippered waist belt pockets allow you to keep them close by and easy to access.

  • Versatile mid-sized pack for hiking, climbing, or travel
  • 32L accommodates gear for adventurous day trips or overnighters
  • 3-ZIP design allows rapid access to packs contents and easy packing
  • Internal HDPE frame sheet adds support and rigidity for hiking
  • Futura Yoke micro adjusts to your torso for a personalized fit
  • Waist belt attaches in forward pull direction for easy adjustment
  • Gear loops provide attachment points for quick access gear
  • Double-layered bottom offers added durability for extended use
  • Item #MYT0030
  • So how we do guys your old pal baba ganoush you once again how is everybody doing so I'm up here in new jersey right. Now I'm up here visiting my family for a few days moving some things out of my. Apartment up to here and so i figured I'd get out and go for a nice quick day. Hike so I'm actually up on the appalachian trail right now no up in the northern. New jersey section it is a nice crisp 22. Degrees out this morning so i know what. You're thinking bob what in the world you're doing only wearing a long-sleeved. T-shirt you're gonna catch cold well you know if you watch my videos you. Know me i like to keep things nice and light nice and simple i run really warm. As it is and I'd rather not sweat with. It being so cold out here i know am i just out for a day hike but even. Stopping and standing still for a few minutes if i start to sweat i can just. Feel the cold really kick in so I'm just. Keeping it nice and light give myself a little bit warmer this is the under armor cold gear so it does still keep me fairly warm but most importantly it's. Breathable keeps me dry i still have leggings on underneath my hiking pants gloves on hat on all that stuff all that. Good stuff I'm good to go but enough. Chitchat so i was looking at this view behind me I'm out here for another reason and that. Is to talk about my brand-new day pack that's right i got a brand-new day pack its something that is really awesome super comfortable so and i figured what. Better way to review it and bring it out on an actual day hike get the feel for it and talk about what i think about the. Backpack thus far so let me get some miles in let me continue on the way get warmed up a little bit here who's gonna be a beautiful day i got some beautiful views for you guys stay tuned we got some good stuff to talk about drill barnacle. How you do everybody so it's been a. Beautiful day hiking this far coming towards the end or i have to turn back around and head on back so i figured i. Would stop talk to you about the brand-new day pack that i just recently purchased so i present to you guys the. Mystery ranch screen 35 litres let's go. Ahead and do a quick turn around so i am. So excited to finally own a piece of mystery ranch gear they are a really popular backpacking company they make lots of really cool gear as well I'm an. Rei just started carrying them so of course i had to pick it up now of course i know should probably stay involved what are you doing spending there's money you're trying to get ready for through like well you know what my current day pack the rei traverse not that there was really anything wrong with it was a fairly comfortable backpack but i always had problems with the hip belt rubbing my hips raw no matter how many times I've used it no matter how many layers i put on it would always rub my hips raw i need to get. Something a little bit different so i wasn't killing myself you know heading on into my through bike so i want to pick this bad boy up let me start off by saying it is an immensely comfortable. Backpack i tried it on with like 15 pounds of weight and it felt like nothing so a couple things I'm going to. Cover with this backpack here today number one I'll cover some of the specs of the backpack some of the dimensions so on and so forth secondly from there we'll talk about some of the main features of the backpack itself and then I'll talk about the main features that i really like about the backpack why i wanted to get it and especially moving forward why i wanted to get a backpack like this so it is pretty chilly out. Here let me take this guy off let me put my puffy on, and then we'll go ahead and get on into the backpack itself so okay guys just some quick specs about the backpack itself again this is the mystery ranch skree backpack so to start off with this. Is a 35 litre backpack i know it's a. Little bit on the larger side of day packs but i wanted to go with the larger side day pack for a particular reason one i can carry some extra weight some. Other little odds and ends and as well moving for with this backpack i wanted to get a little bit more versatility out of it this is the medium/large version you do. Have some torso adjustment this is gonna be about 21 to 22 inches long on the. Frame just the initial frame itself not. When you extend the torso as long so you. Can get away with this as a carry-on size luggage if you really need to you're looking at about 9 to 10 inches. Deep really nothing too bad there and. You're looking at about 13 to 14 inches wide there so pretty nice dimensions. Again 35 later you can use this as a carry-on piece of luggage if you really had to the overall weight of the backpack if i remember correctly is right around two and a half pounds don't quote me on that i will leave that answer in the description down below so. Right around to two and a half pounds so not too bad it is a very supportive backpack and as well what i like about it is waterproof, but we'll go ahead and talk about that in a little bit and last but not least this does retail for. One 7995 down at your local rei so a. Little bit more on the expensive side but as i get into some of the details and some of the features about the backpack you'll understand why it's a little bit more expensive than some other options okay so let's go into some. Of the features that you're gonna get with the backpack let me start on this side first and foremost so down the down on the bottom you do have two hip belts. Pockets down here i know a backpackers favorite just having access to those snacks some ready available items kind. Of thing like that really nice what i really love about this backpack is they have really heavy cushions. Shoulder straps it's almost as if they took the shoulder straps off they're bigger backpacks and put it on this one itself so it makes it really supportive standard sternum strap tether. You have down here but what i really like that they did was that they have this kind of elastic piece here this. Kind of elastic clipping system so if you do have a water bladder you can lash down the hose or if you need to keep a knife whatever the case maybe it has. This a little elastic I've been utilizing it to hold my go pro. Right there really cool feature right off the bat for me especially and of. Course it comes with some of your standard adjustment load lifters up top fully of all really nice coming on to. The side here you do have your mesh water bottle pockets sitting there pretty nice size i think i can fit two of these smaller size water bottles in there you can easily fit a full liter nalgene without a problem now they are. Pretty they are pretty vertical so what. I found out is the best way to get your bottle in our number one getting them out is push up from the bottom and it quickly pops out there for you to get it. In i notice that if i grab the whole water bottle and then push it in it's a. Little bit easier to get my water bottle in and out that way while it's still on my body you do have these on both sides. Of the backpack coming on up to the top. Here you do have number one a quick easy access pocket there I'm just keeping some snacks in there right now and then right in front of it you do have a deeper access quick grab pocket I'm. Keeping just my car keys my wallet just. Some other odds and ends so on and so forth right now and of course along the top you do have. Some different loops some different looping systems to where if you need to lash down equipment now flipping it on. Over to the front here this is really where it makes its money so to start off. With blatantly out in the obvious is this kind of y shaped zipper this is a. Fully taped sipper so a waterproof zipper what's really cool is opening. This thing up the way it kind of splays out really nice wide lid right off the. Top and as you can see it kind of has this extra collar so as it's zipped over. With those two zippers coming together you know that there's not going to be any water kind of leaking in through. That small little gap so really nice on their part there before i zip down the. Front across the front you do have all these different daisy chains and different loops and everything that you have there another great way for lashing down equipment whether it be axes climbing equipment so on and so forth. Really nice and convenient they already provide you with that you do of course have not only dual-purpose lashing clips as well as compression. Clips across the front this helps keep everything together you can strap down extra equipment if you have to and then. Of course the big thing here again a tape zipper fully waterproof this is. Opens on up as you can see i have just some puffy jackets just a fleece hoodie. I my rain jacket sitting in there right now but it's cool how everything opens up in one shot inside is a fully coated inside so going. Along with the tape zipper you do have. That waterproof coating to make sure everything inside stays nice and dry now. Inside there i know it's behind a bunch of stuff right now but you do have a small hydration sleeve it's not overly. Large to be honest with you can. Probably fit like maybe a 1/2 liter 1. Liter one and a half liter bladder if you had to but it's intended to fit more. Of like a small actual tactical water bladder not one of those camel bags for. Casual purpose so really nice features. Really nice and versatile as well multi-purpose and love how it's waterproof all by itself making this a. Really durable backpack any long-lasting backpack up on top of that so that price. Tag starts to look a little bit better doesn't it so ok guys why did i get this. Backpack i know I'm getting ready for my. Thru-hike why would i spend the money on a brand-new day pack well for starters like i said before my other one was raw. I needed something a little bit more comfortable so that it wasn't tearing my. Hips apart and creating problems for my thru-hike that's number one number two. As well i wanted something that when i get off the trail was help was going to. Help me go into my next phase of my youtube channel now i know i do a lot of. The back packing a lot of camping and a lot of that other awesome stuff as well and i love doing it but i would like to. Get into more of the climbing aspect of things so especially a waterproof backpack tons of the lashing points something that's really supportive really ideal for that climber you know. Being able to carry your ropes your quick links some of your different harnesses everything lashed out on the outside something super convenient and. As well an extension to the backpacking. I wanted to get into some of the more bush craft side of things as well so. Again fully waterproof backpack number one that's awesome with what i want to do with all the different last points being able to carry an axe being. Able to carry heavier knives wool blankets on the outside and some basic equipment on the inside really good for that and of course being having. A super supportive suspension system and being able to carry some of. Those heavier bush craft items something really ideal for me so i know it's a little bit oversized for a day pack at 35 liters but it's something that i plan. On utilizing a lot moving forward and in. A lot of different ways and this gives me the versatility necessary to do that so for anyone looking for a new day pack something to take them traveling something to look for a waterproof option great for climbing great for. Mountaineering great for bush craft as well definitely take a look at the mystery ranch scree a really good. Backpack this is the first day I've had it out and so far i am so impressed with. This i can easily take this for a night or two if i really had to but i have it. Through mike to get ready for first and foremost we'll talk about that down the road so thank you guys so much following. Along on another great video here whew. Starting to cool down a little bit i guess it's time, but we snapped up got up. On the way so thank you guys so much for. Following along on another great video another gear review i hope this helped you out with something if you're looking at a new day pack yourself don't forget to subscribe down below to keep up to date with all my videos check the links in the description to follow me on the trek on all my blogs on my Instagram as. Well hit that like button hit that share button leave me a comment or a question down below i always do appreciate it I'll catch you guys on the next video the next gear review next adventure pleasures always baba ganoush elf.

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    Thule Stir Hiking 35L Backpack - Women's

    Thule's always been the go-to name for roof racks, hitch racks, and general cargo carrying, but it's been getting into the technical pack game, and the early results haven't been too shabby. The new Stir Women's Hiking Pack, for example, has an innovative top-access design that combines a cinch-down opening, top storm flap, and internal zip to keep all your gear locked down and organized. As impressively, the StormGuard design features a partial hideaway rain cover that teams up with the Stir's rugged lined bottom to create a waterproof package that's still usable when it's covered up.

    The Stir is both customizable and well designed due to a sliding back panel to fit different torso sizes and a removable hip belt and sternum strap to give it a more streamlined look for around-town use. A side zipper provides easy access to buried layers, and pockets at the shoulder strap, front, side, and top supply convenient spots to stash your phone, water, rain shell, and snacks. There's even a dual ice axe/trekking pole carrying system, so you can be prepared if things start to get technical.

  • Elastin-coated nylon fabrics
  • Easy-access cinch lid with StormGuard inner closure
  • Waterproof bottom liner and partial rain cover
  • Adjustable fit
  • Removable hip belt and sternum strap
  • Top and side access
  • Stretch shoulder strap, front, side, and internal top pockets
  • Ice axe/trekking pole attachment
  • Item #THU003K
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    Mammut Zephira Harness - Women's

    The Women's Zephira Harness boasts Mammut's latest innovations for sport climbers and plastic pullers. Split Webbing and Frame technologies ensure stability and a surprising amount of comfort without adding bulky weight.  Made mostly with mesh, the Zephira has the breathable weight that hot crags and crowded gyms call for. Mammut added a protective tie-in loop for long-lasting durability, two overmolded gear loops for sturdy convenience, and two flexible gear loops for better a better fit that doesn't compromise on maximum gear storage.

  • Split Webbing technology
  • Frame mesh technology
  • Slide Bloc buckle at waist
  • Elastic leg loops
  • Tie-in loop protector
  • Two overmolded gear loops
  • Two flexible gear loops
  • Item #MAM00KI
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