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  Deuter Futura 30L Backpack - Men's
  Deuter Futura 30L Backpack - Men's
Rating ★★★★★
Access top, bottom
Brand Deuter
Claimed Weight 3lb 4oz
Compression yes
Dimensions 27 x 11 x 9.4in
Hydration Compatible yes
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime
Material 600D polyester, 420D nylon, 210D nylon, PU coating
Pockets 2 mesh side, 2 zippered waist belt, 1 front, 1 zippered lid
Rain Cover yes
Recommended Use hiking
Shoulder Straps padded, ergonomic, adjustable
Support/Suspension spring steel
Trekking Pole Carry yes
Volume 30L (1830cu in)
Waist Belt padded, ergonomic

Deuter Futura 30L Backpack - Men's

It might look like your average day pack, but the Men's Deuter Futura 30L Backpack has a few tricks up its sleeve. The ergonomic and ventilated design of the padded shoulder straps and waist belt keep you comfortable on longer treks, and they're designed for minimal chafing—so if you're thinking of bagging a peak and doing an overnighter in one trip, you most certainly can. Slip a divider into the main compartment, creating a spot to store your sleeping bag, then stuff your extra layers above that, and your cooking and meal supplies into the top. Compression straps on the sides can be used to store your tent, but if you're the sleeping-under-the-sky sorta adventurer, you can travel even lighter. Plenty of exterior pockets are available for snacks, map, or phone, and the integrated rain cover protects your gear from unexpected showers.

  • Technical pack for day hikes or quick overnights
  • 30L offers enough space for minimalist camping
  • Breathable support system provides padded comfort as you hike
  • Rugged construction built to resists tears and abrasion
  • Sleeping bag compartment optional with removable separator
  • Integrated rain cover offers weather protection
  • Hydration sleeve keeps your water close at hand
  • A myriad of pockets hold additional supplies
  • Item #DTR006A
  • So this is my future backpack made by. Buddha and it's a thirty liter day pack that I'll be using on the camino it's. Got a lot of features that i really like it's a solid frame but it's pretty light weighs three and a half pounds this section here is holds it rights quite a. Ways away from your body so you get a lot of air flow in there and you don't get too hot i like that space in there it's about three inches i guess the. Straps are quite nicely padded in here all the way down and in the back and. Also along the waist belt and it's a. Women's specific design so this whole section in here is quite a bit shorter than it would be on regular size it's. Got adjustable straps in the very top. And around the hip that you can keep it. Pretty snug as well as the straps themselves tighten up and of course it's got the chest strap as well and it slides up and down so you can make it pretty comfortable so let's see flip it. Over and on each side has a pouch that. You can put anything you want in it'll fit a one liter water bottle though and these side straps they tighten up or. They can be loose whichever you like there's a side pocket on both sides. That's kind of expands when you put stuff inside it and each side of it has. One of those on the bottom the section. Divides in half right here and inside you can actually have it a kind of. Panel that you can have and separate the top from the bottom or you can do like i have right now and i have it open lots of hooks on the bottom for hanging things on as well i put some clothes and things in here so you can sort of see but that section there is where it fits. In and then of course you can undo the. Top so right over here is a pocket. That's really well accessible when you're actually walking use put your hands over your back and grab it so i put things i need during the hike inside sort of more of a safety thing i guess. You can keep things inside this pouch here and then it's pretty easy to pull. Things out I'll just open it up and stay so you can see inside I'll pull out my towel there's a little strap in there with a little bit of velcro that you can hook things on and. Then again this will be oh yeah i. Forgot there's a little pouch in here and you can put the water bladder in if. You're carrying water and there's a little hole right on the side that you can leave the little bit of a pipe. Through or whatever i usually just have it coming through the top though it's just pretty easy to do that there's a. Pouch here just for putting things in that you want to keep maybe maps and stuff things that you want accessible and quick and it's got lots of straps on. The outside that's for keeping your poles hiking poles and let's see what. Else it's overall it's really. Comfortable i quite like it and I've. Been wearing it a lot and using it a lot lately so that i can get used to it oh. Yeah on the bottom it's got an opening. That you can pull out the rain cover and. Just get it out here and it's got a bit of elastic around it covers up the entire pack really quickly and easily and it's waterproof so it gives you that. Little bit of extra protection so deuter. Pack i really like it and I'm hoping that it'll just be perfect for our trip.

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