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  Swarovski EL 12x50 Binoculars with Field Pro Package Leupold® Marksman™ Binoculars Vortex® Diamondback 12x50 Binoculars Vortex® Crossfire® 8x42 Binoculars Cabela's Intensity HD 10x50 Binoculars Swarovski SLC HD 10 x 42 Binocular Vortex® Kaibab® HD Binoculars Vortex® Raptor 8.5x32 Binoculars Vortex® Raptor 10x32 Binoculars Steiner Tactical 8x24 Binoculars Leica Ultravid 10x25 Compact Binoculars
  Swarovski EL 12x50 Binoculars with Field Pro Package Leupold® Marksman™ Binoculars Vortex® Diamondback 12x50 Binoculars Vortex® Crossfire® 8x42 Binoculars Cabela's Intensity HD 10x50 Binoculars Swarovski SLC HD 10 x 42 Binocular Vortex® Kaibab® HD Binoculars Vortex® Raptor 8.5x32 Binoculars Vortex® Raptor 10x32 Binoculars Steiner Tactical 8x24 Binoculars Leica Ultravid 10x25 Compact Binoculars
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Brand Vortex - Vortex Vortex Leica Vortex Swarovski Cabela's Swarovski Leupold Vortex
FOV @ 1,000 yds. (ft.) 339 375 393 390 285 194 300 341 330 - 271
Height (in.) 4.5 - 6.2 4.5 4.3 7.7 6.8 6.57 2.5 - 6.8
Magnification 10x - 8x 8.5x 10x 18x - - 10x - -
Obj. Dia. (mm) 32 24 42 32 - 56 50 50 42 42 50
Power 10x 8x 8x42 8.5x32 10x25 18x 12x50 10X 10x42 10X 12x
Weight (oz.) 17.6 12.6 23.5 17.3 8 43.5 35 33.5 28 36.4 28.7
Color/ Camo Pattern - Black Green/Black - Black - Green Green/Black Green - Green

Swarovski EL 12x50 Binoculars with Field Pro Package

  • Fluoride HD optics for unrivaled image quality
  • Field flattener lenses for a full field of view
  • Large eye relief for eyeglass wearers
  • Enhanced coating for maximum color fidelity
  • Swaroclean external lens coating
  • Includes carry bag, strap, lens covers and rain guard
  • Swarovski EL 12x50 Binoculars feature revolutionary Swarovision technology, which is a combination of fluoride HD optics, field flattener lenses and large eye relief, ensuring impressive image resolution over the entire field of view, even for eyeglass wearers. New focusing mechanism for fast, precise focusing. Removable twist-up eyecups adjust to three stages. Enhanced coatings for maximum color fidelity guarantee absolutely lifelike color reproduction and outstanding image brightness, even at dusk. Swaroclean coating on external lenses are applied so dirt, water marks, tree resin, etc. can be removed effortlessly. Rugged, lightweight magnesium housing. Field Pro package includes: carry bag, adjustable carry strap with rotating pin attachment, tethered objective lens covers and soft rubber ocular rain guard.
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    familiar with the Swarovski brand you know the optical performance of their il binoculars is unsurpassed these are as good as binoculars get and to ensure the best user experience possible Swarovski didn't rest on their laurels with their premium optical system instead they turn their attention to how we use the binoculars in the field which led to the development of their

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    Leupold® Marksman™ Binoculars

  • Streamlined, compact roof prism design
  • Twilight Light Management System
  • Precision focus dial
  • Nonslip armor coating
  • Waterproof and fogproof
  • Leupold's Marksman Binoculars combine a streamlined, compact roof prism design with high-quality Leupold glass to give you great optical performance at an affordable price. Twilight Light Management System delivers optimized light transmission, enhanced brightness, clarity, contrast and color fidelity. The precision focus dial delivers sharp focus all the way down to 4 ft. and is easy to adjust when wearing gloves. The ergonomic, high-impact aluminum housing comes with an armor coating to provide a comfortable, nonslip grip and long-lasting durability. Twist-up eyecups accommodate hunters with eyeglasses. Waterproof and fogproof. Tripod ready. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

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    Vortex® Diamondback 12x50 Binoculars

  • Ultrawide, best-in-class field of view zeros in on subjects with ease
  • Dielectric high-reflective multilayer prism coating for crisp, clear imagery
  • Fully multicoated to increase light transmission
  • Argon gas purging guarantees fogproof and waterproof performance
  • O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust and debris from penetrating optics
  • Rubber armor yields a secure, nonslip grip and durable external protection
  • Completely redesigned, Vortex’s Diamondback Binoculars continue to redefine the price versus performance ratio in the wide world of optics. Short-hinge design and a sleek upscale new look grabs the eye and leaves more room for your hands, making the binoculars easier to hold. The ultrawide, best-in-class field of view lets you efficiently cover ground and zero in on subjects with ease. An all new optical system with enhanced dielectric high-reflective multilayer prism coating renders bright, clear and color-accurate imagery and impressive low-light performance – critical attributes when working to glass and evaluate game. Fully multicoated to increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on every air-to-glass surface. Argon gas purging guarantees fogproof and waterproof performance in a wide variety of temperatures. O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust and debris from penetrating optics for performance you can count on regardless of weather or environment. Rubber armor yields a secure, nonslip grip and durable external protection. For complete viewing with or without glasses, adjustable eyecups twist both up and down. Center focus wheel simultaneously adjusts the focus of both binoculars barrels. Located on the right eyepiece; the diopter adjusts to meet the personal needs of your eyes. Adapter accommodates use with a tripod or car-window mount. Backed by Vortex VIP unlimited lifetime warranty.

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    Hey I'm james with bmw outdoor reviews. The channel for honest and simple reviews so recently i had a pair of. Binoculars break on me and that didn't. Make me very happy because definitely not in the budget and yeah it's something i have to have. It really is it's to me binoculars are. Import an important piece of gear to have because you know you want to be able to see your terrain that you're in you know and especially you know if you're hiking or hunting what you know. Whatever maybe you know it's its been a. Vital piece of equipment so i like to. Always have them around so what i had. Were these nikon's now you know they. Worked I've had these for quite a few years, but they broke like i said and. What broke is this toggle that zooms in. And out it just shattered inside of itself for no reason at all and there's. Course no warranty that sucks there's no. Better way to put that i think is you. Now it wasn't offered it's not an option you know it's just there's nothing i can do they're broken so goodbye to those what. I replace them with and I'm so happy i did vortex diamondback now before we get. More into these exactly the reason i was. So set on going toward vortex optics not. Because just to everybody has them but. Well that's part of the reason why everyone has it's their warranty that. I'm so big on warranties because you. Now if you pay for something you do expect a certain amount of you know quality control and if something goes wrong you know that company should have to answer for it in reason and. Their vip warranty that they offer i. Haven't found one yet that really is. Simple and as great as theirs i mean. Because you can drop them accidentally. And you know break the lens or scratch the lens and you know they're gonna repair it or replace it you know truly. If it was accidental or if there was some true defects you know in the optic that you were using. And again is no questions asked you know again unless you obviously try to do it. On purpose like smash it with a hammer and I'm sure they can figure that but. Yeah it's just to me i don't have to. Worry about these now if these break ten years from now they'll take care of it so enough about that you guys can read more on them on their website if you want but what I'm showing off today again is these diamondback it's the 10. By 40 twos and they really include. Everything the only thing that's missing is the tripod adapter they don't include. That you do have to buy that separately but i guess not everybody is using these. On a tripod like i am so you know i cuz. I do like to view long distance and i don't have the steadiest hands so tripod adapter is a must for me as well but it. Comes with the lens caps for the front. And the back sorry I'm not using the proper terms because you can't think of them but again they adjust typical you. No right on the top there and it does. Have and also of course the eyepiece for. Focus as well but the case that comes with is really nice it's a semi hard. Case and you can actually carry this around. Your neck so for any of those like serious bird watchers or you know or if. You're just looking to keep it in the case and keep it safe again you can put. This around your neck and just it doesn't actually fall all the way open it's got these little straps here on the. Side that prevent it from dumping all. Your stuff out so just a really neat design they really kind of thought this through when they made this but again. Comes with the strap for this and it. Comes with the neck strap for the binoculars as well which this is actually nice it's got kind of kind of. A grip types material so it doesn't just slide around your neck it actually stays put which is nice but again fairly soft. Not ichi by any means but yeah i mean. Really these are just they feel good you. No again i got bigger hands and everything, and they fit well and the image and that's what I'll go. More into it's just their crystal clear I've never owned good glass you know. I've never i mean I'm not gonna count. Those a night cause this good glass i guess that's entry-level glass not to offend anybody i guess but I'm sure they make nicer ones now but there's just. Seeing some of the bigger names now you know i know vortex makes their hd glass which these aren't hd but it's still. Such a difference these vortexes compared to mine icons is night and day. It's just incredible and you know it's just it's frustrating i waited this long to get you know an upgraded pair of. Binoculars because i can see so much. Better what I'm looking at compared to those old pair that broke on me so for a. Budget-friendly you know again on their website the msrp I'm not mistaken as a. Round like 270 280 you know which is. Within reason but i got to say look around because i bought mine off re i have like a 20% off coupon or whatever. And i only paid like a hundred and. Eighty dollars after everything like maybe 190 so wide a bits of a savings you. Now to still get you know for tech's brand binoculars and i still get that vip warranty doesn't matter where you buy it from you're still always gonna. Have that warranty even if you bought binoculars off a friend or whatever a scope you still have that warranty it's. It always goes with the product so that again really cool so yeah i mean again i. Didn't want to make this a super detailed video because i don't know like. Their binoculars and you know yeah. There's a lot out there but i just wanted to share with you cuz you know i posted just a picture just to say i got a new pair of binoculars on twitter and people are like you have to review them so i did because well i guess that is kind of the point of this channel right i should probably review most of what i. Get but if you are interested definitely. Check it out I'll post some details in the comments below so again if i missed. Anything I'll try to get everything or shout at me at the comments please let me know if I'm leaving out any important. Information i do respond to your comments and i love getting them please. Just let me know i want to talk to you but yeah again. This is a good-looking pair of binoculars they're waterproof fog proof. I mean they got all the features of a premium set of Bianca. In a budget-friendly price so again i. Recommend him if anyone's looking to upgrade or get a pair of binoculars that don't take up too much space so thank. You everyone i can't i preach i can't. Say how much i appreciate it enough for just tuning into this my videos my channel it means the world to me i can't. Stress how much i love making these there's just a lot of fun i get to be out where i love to be up in the hills it's just a lot of fun so you know if. You liked it please hit that subscribe button it really does help this channel to grow so that i can review more stuff. For you and well guys thank you and i. Want you to have a great day.

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    Vortex® Crossfire® 8x42 Binoculars

  • Fully multicoated anti-reflective lenses for clarity
  • Wide field of view and enhanced depth of field for subject acquisition
  • Twist-up eyecups, a smooth center-focus wheel and right-eye diopter
  • Nitrogen gas-purged and O-ring sealed for fogproof, waterproof use
  • Sleek, durable rubber armor provides a secure, nonslip grip

  • Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.  Learn More Button

    Trust your vision on the next hunt to Vortex Crossfire Binoculars. The quality roof prism optical system features fully multicoated anti-reflective lenses that present excellent light transmission and clarity for superb views. A wide field of view and enhanced depth of field ensure optimal subject acquisition. Twist-up eyecups, a smooth center-focus wheel and right-eye diopter put precise adjustments at your fingertips. Nitrogen gas-purged and O-ring sealed for fogproof, waterproof performance. Durable rubber armor with clean, sleek styling provides a secure, nonslip grip. Manufacturer's unlimited lifetime warranty.

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    Hi this is toby from oh outdoors and. We're just going to do a product review on the vortex crossfire binoculars all. Right started alright so what we got here is. The vortex crossfire 10 by 42 binoculars. They're a roof prism binocular fully. Cooked fully multi-coated lenses great. For low-light situations really a good. Binocular in the price point that there. You can get them for around 150 bucks and i mean for as much technology they. Have into these they that's a really good price they're fully waterproof fog. Proof they've got an armor coating all. The way around on rubber coating it's just great non-slip it's got a center. Focus wheel it's very smooth you can get. A tripod adapter which adapts right in. There that's that is separate though you have to buy that from vortex they have a. Unbelievable warranty vortex is got what. They call a vip warranty which means. Anything happens to them you can send. Then in get them repaired or replaced. Literally gonna dog can chew up the caps. You can drop them off a cliff you know pretty much anything and send them in they've got the you know the standard. Icup roll out which is nice i used up almost all the time. They got the flipped caps on the end which are nice i haven't lost him yet i. Used them last year and still got the i cup so it's nice when it's dusty. Or if it's raining in ocean anything like that you know they compare to. A few other binoculars out there but. They're not as bulky they're great for. Backpacking which is a lot of what i do they're a little bit lighter gonna say another pair that are similar in size i. Think they were let in about twenty-one. Point six ounces which is pretty good. For a ten by forty-two so all in all a great pair of binoculars. I would recommend highly recommend these. Binoculars thank you. Yeah i think you for tuning into our vortex crossfire tube binocular review. Check us out on facebook and Instagram or outdoors and give us a thumbs up and. Subscribe to our youtube channel thank you. You.

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    Cabela's Intensity HD 10x50 Binoculars

  • Most feature-rich binoculars in their class
  • Long-range hunting visibility and tine-counting clarity
  • HD extra-low-dispersion (ED) glass objective lenses
  • Phase- and silver-coated roof prism preserves natural colors
  • Enhance your long-range hunting visibility and tine-counting clarity with our Intensity Binoculars. Premium-quality HD extra-low-dispersion (ED) glass objective lenses dramatically enhance image quality, providing exceptional clarity even when viewing wildlife against high-contrast backgrounds. Phase- and silver-coated roof prism preserves natural image colors while enhancing resolution for true-to-life views at greater distances. Both sides of all lenses are fully multicoated with advanced ultrawide-band coating technology. Multiple anti-reflective lens coatings enhance light transmission for brighter image quality and enhanced visibility in hazy and evening lighting conditions. Ultra tough and extremely lightweight rubber-armored magnesium-alloy chassis withstands your toughest hunts. O-ring sealed for fogproof performance and an IPX7 waterproof rating that withstands submersion for 30 minutes. Extra-wide field of view displays more of what's in front of you. Easy-to-hold ergonomic design and large, textured focus wheel. Long eye relief allows comfortable viewing even with glasses on. Includes padded neck strap and lens covers.
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    The world's foremost outfitter and the force of optics have united together to deliver a top-quality all-purpose binocular this is the. Intrepid binoculars have an. Advanced high-density optical system with enhanced anti reflective lens coatings for stunning image quality and impressive light transmission the short. Hinge design ensures that you will have a secure grip no matter your situation. Argon purged and oring sealed intrepid. Binoculars stand up against the weather ensuring waterproof and fog proof integrity for any climate a rubber. Armored chassis with ultra hard lens coatings will protect your binoculars on your trek from scratches oil and dirt. The intrepid is a rugged binocular that. Only cabala's and vortex can give you to. Get a leg up on your adventures available exclusively at cabala's and covered by the vortex v.i.p warrant.

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    Swarovski SLC HD 10 x 42 Binocular

  • Swarobright optics deliver crisp, clear viewing
  • Swaroclean coating on external lens ensure effortless cleaning
  • Nonslip rubber armor for a sure grip
  • Field bag, eyepiece cover, objective lens cover and carry strap
  • Known for their expert craftsmanship, Swarovski's binoculars are designed using the best in mechanics and materials to create reliable optics for a lifetime of use. The Swarovski SLC HD 10x42 Binocular defines high-end optical performance. The SLC has been used by hunters and outdoorsmen the world over since 1989, offering razor-sharp images and high contrast with true color in from its HD optical system. The ergonomic design offers non-slip rubber armor and slim barrels enhance the functionality of this lightweight and compact binocular offering SwaroBright™ and SwaroClean™ lens coatings. Includes: field bag, eyepiece cover, objective lens cover and comfort carrying strap.
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    Welcome to base binocular view in this video I'm going to be taking a look at most of the external features as well as the accessories that you get with this swanky slc 10 by 40 to binoculars for. The full review it contains full details of the optics use that you know the quality of the coatings as well as the glass the technical specifications please take a look in the comments section below of this video that contains a link to the full review on my website. And i have to apologize for the noise on. This video today as you can see them a mouse on a farm and there's some you. Now it's its hi i think they're preparing for the next year summer, so they do a lot of pruning of the nut trees behind me so there's a little background noise but and a surprise you. Have to sometimes pay for living in the country the ocular lens cover or rain. Guard is quite a lot different to that which i find on most other binoculars and that it's made from a hard plastic as opposed to quite often they're made from a soft rubber and has. A ratchet system as opposed to just a flexible rubber bridge and that allows you to match the distance of the. Eye cups over here to fit over the eye. Cups and no matter what setting you if you've set your binoculars to match the distance between your eyes and as with. Most of the accessories on these binoculars it's made very well it fits. Isin't securely over the actual the eye. Cups themselves and that shouldn't come away very easily by accident and the. Does an excellent job of protecting the. The lenses the objective lens covers are. Made from a soft rubber and it just looks far more robust and thicker than. What you get on most other binoculars like most butterflies however it fits. Over the ends of the barrels quite simply but the fit itself is really nice. And secure and thus shouldn't come away. By accident too easily, and they have a little tab on the top of it here that just makes it a bit simpler to you know. Flick it off what's really nice is the. The loop that you around the actual. Barrel of the binocular and that's you know when you're glossing you can just have the cover hanging down below the binocular and out of the way but always. Handy so that you can quickly and easily replace them when you finish glossing. And thus keep your you know important lenses and their coatings as protected as much as possible the rubber. Itself is quite a you know a tacky. Rubber in it and that it does attract quite a lot of dust and dirt as you i don't you can see on the video there you know. But you know that's a really small thing and what i do like about the style of. Cover is that you know should for any. Reason you not want your thing to be hanging around below the binocular bit you know it's quite easy for you to remove them and put them away in your bag and have a your binocular looking at. Have a lot of cleaner look to your binocular now should you wish the slc. Binocular itself has a fairly standard roof prism design in that the ocular. Lenses line up i spin in straight line with the objective lenses and slight. Differences that the they have a single. Bridge at the top which is quite thin and located I've quite a lot closer to. The actual eyepieces than the objective lenses this is you know i have a nice. Feeling to it and that it leaves quite a lot of this part of the bottom of the rear of the barrel exposed so that you know there's plenty to hold on to and when you're using your binocular or when you're just carrying them around single-handed like that you know there's. A lot of a lot of surface area to hold onto and you know have a nice secure grip on them if you're not carrying them around your neck with a neck strap or something like that the body itself is. Completely waterproof as you would. Expect another Nokia of this class and is filled with a dry gas which prevents. Internal fogging of the lenses and the rubberized covering on the one. The outside of the chassis is nice. And thick so it offers creature protection it has also put on really well you sometimes know on some. Binoculars i find that it moves about of it this is there's no such you know there's no chance of this happening on these this pair of binoculars the it as. You can see it has a fine texture on the. On the actual rubber armor itself this. Just adds a bit more grip to the you know to the actual rubber itself and. What it's also important to mention. Here is as well as protection this. Rubberized amo it provides them. A little bit of sounds you know sound dampening i guess you call it in that so for example if you had you know. Sometimes like my wedding ring and if you didn't have any rub again you knocked it against a metal chassis it would make a noise which you know could lead to you know freighting away some sort of timid birds or animals on top of that. It's a lot less reflective than it been. Then a metal exposed metal a barrel. Once again this helps cut down. Reflections which also could frighten. Away or give away your location should you need to remain hidden the two thumb. Indents underneath the feet the barrels. In a position nicely just know just there to just encourage you to hold the binocular in the right way and you know so that you get them nicely and balanced they feel really great in my hands you know all in all it's just a really nice looking binocular and let's finish it off really well the twist up. Eye cups on these binoculars are fantastic as you can see the housing. Itself is made from metal most. Binoculars or a lot of binoculars these days they have plastic ones and this is. A part of binocular that gets damaged the most often and used to be replaced. So the fact that they made from maple means that there's less chance of them being been broken you know should you drop your binocular or something like that but even if you were as you can see. They can actually be unscrewed and taken. Away which you know enter and replace should you need a replacement like that. Which you can actually do on a lot of binoculars the twist up mechanism itself. Is silky smooth is no one want to play. At all and they it just has a really. Really nice feeling to them with a full. 16 millimeters of eye relief on these 10. By 42 versions that should be more than enough for most people who wear glasses to be able to you know you test them down and get your eyes of the perfect distance behind the that echo ocular lenses so that you get the full field of view the another thing to mention over here. Is as long as the 60 bits as well as the 16 mils of viral 'if the their twist up. And down mechanism has indeed intermediate stuff like that so that it. Just gives you that much more flexibility to adjust them to suit your own personal you know don't wear your. Face works and if you're wearing glasses the distance that you need to get it right and even if that click stop wasn't. Quite right you could actually stop them at any point along fully extended and. Fully retracted position and so that you. Get your face exactly in the right position behind it focus really is located in the standards position on the centre of the binoculars most binoculars. It turns really nice and smoothly. Unlike some models that high-end. Models that have a metal focus wheel these are this is made from plastic and has a rubber coating on it so perhaps not quite as luxurious as you. Get on some having said that it does. Turn really nice and smoothly it's very smooth no unwanted play or movement and. You know so it works really well and to. Adjust your focus from near to far takes. As you can see here just over two full. Turns of that of the wheel this is quite a low gear mechanism in that to adjust. From near to far takes you know quite a lot of turning so thus a bit longer time than it would for a more aggressively gids mechanism the advantage of that being. Though that making small adjustments to your focus to get them to ashley spot-on and to view an image in incomplete i. Mean a clarity with the focus perfect. It's just that much easier because you know making small adjustments removes. The moves the focusing plane and lists us since we than a more aggressive. Gary. Unlike most binoculars that have their dietary adjustments located underneath the right eye cues to adjust your diopter on these binoculars basically. It's located within the central focus wheel and to engage it you click out the. Focus we like that early you can see it reveals a the scale and by turning that. You're now adjusting the rights the. Right side of the binocular independently of the left and thus by doing this you can compensate for any differences in the vision between your left and right eyes once you have it at the right setting you simply lock it back in place and get back to changing. The focus on both sides of the binocular at the same time i really like. The system in that for when it's its lockable so once you have your setting right and you fixed it you can kick it. Back in place and you're setting remains. You know will be the same forever and having them located on the right eye pcu. You know they can move and by mistake more often on top of that Sikorsky have. Printed a full scale over here oh if you. Can see that in the video over there and this is again there's something that you. No should you all you have to do is remember your setting so say it was at 2:00 and instead should it actually. Get removed moved by accident sorry or if you were sharing your binoculars who someone who helps has a different setting and say there was at zero at neutral and it's quite easy to just quickly turn it replaces it to your setting and turn it again and this is really good because most but most. Manufacturers seem to forget this, and they don't have any sort of scale so it should it move by accidental should you share your binocular you have to you know redo the test to make it line up. Again or make some sort of mark on your binocular i like the fact that the objective. Lenses and i hope you can see here I'll sit quite dp back from within the ends. Of the barrels and this means. That they're quite well protected by the barrel from you know from physical damage but as well from you know light rain for example or dusts where you know. It's just a bit less chance of falling and collecting onto the lenses this means that you know you. Should have to clean them less often and you know less cleaning means, and they. Potentially will last longer in an absolutely pristine condition the next. Step that you get with the slc is excellent and far superior to that of most other next steps that i come. Across frost odds it is really well-made. The sticking is you know as good as it. Gets see ya it's also nicely curved so that's. An you know designed so that it fits nicely over the back ear shoulders and your neck so fits really nicely so make it nice and comfortable on top of that as you can see plenty of padding out to. Make it really nice and comfortable this part of the neck strap over here has i. Don't know its kind of like a it's. Quit it's a very creepy grippy material which you know as well as being well. Padded it'll just stop it from slipping around in your neck so the actual neck strap itself that. Part of it is very good but in here. Here's the nice piece over here the way it attaches to the binocular is a little different than most and that I'll try. And show you over here instead of just reading it through and having one of those sliding adjustments over. Here has a little pin that fits through. The through the material like that and basically what you got to do. It's a bit fiddly to do i can do it quickly enough for you guys you take. It away like that on one side and you. Can thread your next step. Basically when you're touching it to the binocular then I'll just do this i won't. Do that i cup just well I'm just doing this for the video to make it quick as possible so you through that so you like that and you'd readjust the pin that put the pin back through the strap through the hole so there you go you can see. That the this is a really you know it fits really nicely and definitely won't come away and then it has a little. Cover that slides over the top like that make a look all nice and neat let me go. So as you can see that was pretty quick to do it's very secure and then. Because it has an over slider that you can adjust the length Sikorsky you then have created this. Little system over here where you actually have a click lock click like. That now that frees up the next strap to. Adjust the length to suit you. And then once it's the right length you lock it back in place and works. Really well and as i said this is one of the best neck straps that you can get out there and you know just. The nice fine details like that their logo their nipple logo put into the. Actual connector really well-made and. You know it's not something that you would specifically go out to buy a pair of binoculars for but it's its nice to see that they've you know spend a good amount of effort as well as money into making the extras and you know as good as it gets the included carry case that you get. With these binoculars is as with all the other accessories on these monitors superb as you see it is really well-made. And whilst ice particularly is a softer. Carry case i would probably go as hard sides a semi-rigid one and that it's you. Now it stays inflated with other binoculars in their office the villagers inside plenty of. Protection before opening them up I'll. Just go over the numerous ways that you. Can actually you know you carry them and. Before we put on the included strap. I don't know if you see over here there's a little place that you can hold. Him so you could actually carry them in your hands like that and you know it's. Really secure it's a you know something really small and if it's something that obviously someone's spend at some time thinking about should you not want to carry around your net anything you could just grab them and your hand like that and really nice way to hold it a little. Handle over there the more usual way to. Have it would be to be around your neck and as you can see on the backyard it is. Quick release clips and that the bag. Itself comes with its own strap which. Simply kicks into the into that one into. That and like that the strap has its own. Slider so you could just that the length of it and then within the case I'll show. You quickly we just open it up as a yeah. As the first time first for me. Is that a filled bag as a cause as. Opposed to a carry bag comes with its own instruction for operation manual and. That's basically because it's just showing you how to attach the strap to. The bag but then what's quite nice over there is that they show you that you can carry it around your neck like that or if you pull the strap a little tighter you can actually use it and carry it. Around your waist most bags i simply have a loop that. You can then thread a you know your belt if should you wear belt i mean I'm a guessing this in this instance you don't actually need a you know — haven't belt you can use the strap and that the case comes. With right so I'm to gain access to the. Interior of the bag as you can see is via these two zips run almost a. Full length of the bag zips are you know. They offer a really good way of ensuring. That it's completely closed and in a quite watertight put inside and the one thing that's you know on the downside to. This i guess is the knowledge that it. Makes the opening closes you know it is could be some instances where this noise. Leads to you frightening away a you know a potential sighting or something like that's why sometimes a clip or. Something at a magnetic clip and can be. Better but it's not quite as secure as. It is it you know you get some little features run away and like and effective. Zipper over here has you know a little. Leather you know thing over there so. That it just makes it a very small detail but just makes it easier to open and close you can see once again they've. They put they had the logo nicely on the front with in the bag you have a number. Of compartments and separate pockets. This is great for you know keeping you know personal items and you know lens cleaning kits etc and should you need to. It's a separate pocket over there and if we look at special plenty of. Padding and to protect the binoculars one thing that i will also like to just quickly mention is the bag caucus fit. Really nicely even with the neck strap into the bag and that's with the. Lens covers on as well and i can easily. Close it up i can't tell you how many. Bags are designed so tightly that it. Makes putting the binocular it in and out of egg a real painting you have to you know every time you know pack them away with precision to make sure that you can actually close the bag up and these it fits really nicely but you know. Not too tightly and that it makes it difficult to store your Oculus and if you're taking that i close in and out you know 100 times a. Day sometimes like i am it gets to. Be a real pain and just shut you if you have to struggle to do it every single time so there you have it a really good. Quality bag whilst you get a cleaning. Cloth with most pairs of binoculars these days almost none of them are of as. Good quality as the ones you get with these and I'll show you it comes in this. Little envelope here and the quality of. The actual cloth itself is superb and really as good as it gets it's a. Really fine microfiber material and that. You can use to clean the lenses and without too much fear of other than. Being scratched on top of that you're. Then given a way basically what they say. Is its a lens cleaning kit and well not. The whole kit to be honest but this is a. Disposable and a moist cloth that you can use for cleaning your lenses once and i mean after that i would highly. Recommend that you either get you don't have to get there the actual swanky lens cleaning kits although it would be nice but get a professional optics. Cleaning kit to clean the lenses properly without damaging any other coatings or the lenses so there you have it that's the quick rundown of the main external features as well as the accessories on these swanky soc 10 by 42 binoculars for the full review and. It contains loads and loads of information on everything including our all the optics and the specifications but as well as my opinions on the actual. View through them comparisons with other binoculars and you know my thoughts of. How after having use them out in the field but also you know under the. Microscope back in my office a piece. Does take time to click on the link and in the comment section below and it will take you through to the dvr website where you can see the full review so. Until next time you know thanks for watching and I'll see you later. You.

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    Vortex® Kaibab® HD Binoculars

  • Great open-country performance
  • Advanced ArmorTek exterior optics multicoating
  • Phase-corrected full-size roof prisms
  • Lightweight, waterproof and fogproof
  • Durable rubber armor
  • Tapered, reinforced multiposition eyecups
  • Vortex Kaibab HD Binoculars deliver amazing performance and features at a price that's way below the competition for this class of optics. It makes these one of the best values in open-country binoculars. They push the performance envelope by integrating the latest optical features and production techniques. The result is superior image clarity, incredible resolution, outstanding magnification and low-light performance. Advanced ArmorTek™ exterior optics multicoating protects lenses from scratches, dirt and fingerprints while enhancing image quality. Phase-corrected full-size roof prisms team with multilayer XR optics coatings and extra-low-dispersion objective lens glass to render crisp images and precise color reproduction across the spectrum. The lightweight, waterproof, fogproof, argon-gas-purged chassis is covered in durable rubber armor that protects and ensures a firm grip in any weather. Tapered multiposition eyecups are reinforced with metal for added durability. Tripod-adaptable. 
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    This is the kaibab hd with stunning. Resolution and incredible power the kaibab hd binoculars are the required tool to locate trophy animals at extreme. Distances the hd optical system designed. With premium components provides long-range clarity to pick apart the landscape a xr plus anti-reflective. Coatings applied with plasma tec deliver exceptional light transmission giant 56. Millimeter objective lenses gather enormous amounts of light for effective blasting at critical hours of the day the focus wheel operates with slow fine. Focus control for smooth and precise image acquisition and the included vortex unit after conveniently connects. To a tripod for extended and rock steady viewing at long distances non-slip. Rubber armor enhances durability in rugged environments and argon purging with tight oaring seals guarantee fog. Proof and waterproof performance in challenging weather conditions ultra hard armored tech protects exterior glass from scratches oil and dirt in the. Pursuit of big-game the kaibab hd takes. Power and performance to the extreme and it's covered for life by the vortex vip warranty. You.

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    Vortex® Raptor 8.5x32 Binoculars

    Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.  Learn More Button

    Vortex® Raptor 8.5x32 Binoculars feature fully multicoated lenses that increase light transmission by using multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces. Phase-correction coating enhances resolution and contrast. Midsize, wide-angle porro-prism binoculars deliver superior depth of field, a wide field of view and 3-D color image reproduction, even in low light. Optics are O-ring sealed to keep water, dust and debris out. Nitrogen purged for fogproof performance. Rubber armor protects and provides a sure grip. Twist-up eyecus for comfortable viewing with eyewear. Right-eye diopter and center-focus wheel for image honing crispnes. VIP unconditional lifetime warranty. Includes: tethered lens covers, neck strap and padded carry case.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    This is the vortex raptor the raptor. Binocular has a wide-angle aural prism design that flexes to promote comfortable viewing for a variety of facial structures wide or narrow fully. Multi-coated lenses transmit bright. Crisp images with excellent color fidelity eye cups twist up for. Customizable eye relief and a right eye doctor accommodates for focal differences in your eyes rubber armor makes the raptor durable and nitrogen. Purging gives you the enhanced waterproof and fog proof performance in. Extreme weather conditions the raptor binocular is a great fit for everyone in. The family and is covered by the vortex vip worn.

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    Vortex® Raptor 10x32 Binoculars

  • Multicoated lenses increase light transmission
  • Wide-angle porro-prism binoculars deliver a wide field of view
  • O-ring seals keep water, dust and debris out
  • Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.  Learn More Button

    Vortex Raptor 10x32 Binoculars feature fully multicoated lenses that increase light transmission by using multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces. Phase-correction coating enhances resolution and contrast. Midsize, wide-angle porro-prism binoculars deliver superior depth of field, a wide field of view and 3-D color image reproduction, even in low light. Optics are O-ring sealed to keep water, dust and debris out. Nitrogen purged for fogproof performance. Rubber armor protects and provides a sure grip. Twist-up eyecups for comfortable viewing with eyewear. Right-eye diopter and center-focus wheel for image-honing crispness. VIP unconditional lifetime warranty. Includes: tethered lens covers, neck strap and padded carry case.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    This is the vortex raptor the raptor. Binocular has a wide-angle aural prism design that flexes to promote comfortable viewing for a variety of facial structures wide or narrow fully. Multi-coated lenses transmit bright. Crisp images with excellent color fidelity eye cups twist up for. Customizable eye relief and a right eye doctor accommodates for focal differences in your eyes rubber armor makes the raptor durable and nitrogen. Purging gives you the enhanced waterproof and fog proof performance in. Extreme weather conditions the raptor binocular is a great fit for everyone in. The family and is covered by the vortex vip worn.

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    Steiner Tactical 8x24 Binoculars

  • Under 13 ounces.
  • Steiner Tactical Compact Binoculars pack a lot of performance into a small package. They're small enough to fit into a pocket and light enough to not slow you down. The 8X24 magnification puts you closer to the action with more power and more performance without sacrificing weight or adding extra bulk to your gear. Wide field of view provides greater situational awareness. Fully multicoated lenses provide crisp, bright images and little eye fatigue. Ergonomic eyecups block sun and wind, and ClicLoc® strap connections make them even more functional and versatile. Fast Focus center wheel makes them easy to keep your target in focus, even in fast-moving situations. Includes neck strap.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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    Leica Ultravid 10x25 Compact Binoculars

  • Smaller, lighter and brighter
  • High-Lux System brings optical performance to new heights
  • Full magnesium housing
  • Industry-leading waterproof submersion rating of 16.5 ft.
  • Lifetime unlimited warranty
  • Lighter, smaller and brighter than previous Leica offerings, the Ultravid represents an entirely new era in high-performance European binoculars. The Ultravid's full magnesium housing substantially reduces weight and adds considerable ruggedness, while the center axis pin is 100% composed of ultra-durable titanium. The Ultravid also boasts an all-metal, self-lubricating focusing system free of unnecessary lubricants. The unique, three-lens objective system allows the binocular to correct more image errors than the leading competitor's binoculars. The new High-Lux System is a 42-layer prism coating that produces nearly 100% light transmission per glass-to-air surface, thus giving the user the absolute finest image contrast and most natural color resolution across the entire spectrum. Each eyecup is removable for easy cleaning and upkeep. The Ultravid also features an industry-leading waterproof submersion rating of 16.5 ft and offers Leica's Passport Protection Plan. The Passport Protection Plan is the only written, unlimited lifetime warranty in the high performance segment of the optics industry. Includes a neoprene case, cushioned neck strap, objective lens caps, and a one-piece rainguard that covers and protects the two ocular lenses. The Leica Ultravid – there is truly no other binocular like it on Earth.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Hello welcome back to optics trade. YouTube channel today i will do a review. Of this like binoculars these are like. Ultrabeat bl 10 by 25 so leica is a. Well-known company originating from. Germany they've been in the business of. Sport optics for a long time ever since. 1950s their long tradition guarantees. Excellence and high quality standard. These binoculars are from the black line. Ultra vide series these are delighted. Premium binoculars made by like bl in. The name stands for black leather because you can see they are enclosed in. This leather armor the model was. Introduced in 2016 and this. Configuration 10 by 25 makes these. Binoculars a pocket binocular they are. Made in Portugal this is also Britain. Here on the inside under the bridge but. Like i hit that pretty well they weigh. Around twenty-two hundred and fifty grams, and they are 11 centimeters long. And 65 millimeters wide when folded. Together and maybe a bit wider when. They're folded out but the first glance. We can see that they are compactly made so able to feed them into your jacket or. Shirt pocket hence the pocket binoculars. The design is elegant sophisticated with. Some leather features and aluminum body. Optically these binoculars offer sharp and bright image even on the edges when. I was looking through these binoculars i was really surprised that such small binoculars can produce such a image full. Of vivid colors and contract contrast. Image. Lenses are covered with like us hdc this. Means high durable coating and of course aqua dual coating on the eternal lenses. This coating keeps them clear when using. Then in the rain this coating as well. Repels water or dirt the magnification. Then gives you a well detailed image and. 25 millimeter objective lens makes them. Not so suitable for observing in low-light conditions they are of course. Filled with nitrogen gas which makes. Then fog proof, and they are also watertight to a depth of 5 meters these. Binoculars because of their small size are perfect for other activities hikers. Travelers and other enthusiasts field of. View is to be honest quite disappointing. It is only 90 meters at a thousand meters. So it's a bit narrow when comparing them. To a other pocket binocular focusing. Can be done with this central focusing. Knob the knob is easily accessible it. Rotates smoothly seems reliable it's. Ergonomically designed so when adjusting. The director it can be the adjusted with. This by holding down this button here under the bridge so just press the. Button and then rotate this the focusing. Knob so you can see that the pointer. Moves between these lines and when you. Have adjusted your director. You just focus the image with this knob. My cops are fully padded they are made. Out of rubber they are of good quality. To get another position you just pulled. Then out so they are suitable for users. With glasses there are many things. Included in the package as you can see. You got these binoculars in this hard. Leather case with like a logo the. Closing is magnetic. There are also pins on the sides of the. Case to attach it to a leather strap. Inside of these maracas is of course of. Red color as like as logo the case is. Really elegant and sophisticated — it. Fits well with this binoculars we as well. Receive a strap for binoculars i would. Have to say that the only downside to these monitors are these caps for the. Eyepieces they do protect the eyepieces. But to be honest they are of this cheap. Plastic because they are not attached. Together they can be pretty easily lost. Somewhere so i think like did not do. Best with this protective caps in the. Package you also get test certificate. Guarantee card and of course. Instructions in many languages. Leica offers ten years warranty with. These binoculars so to sum this review up. What you get with these binoculars is of. Course the leica quality the higher. Price means like as quality and their many. Years of experience packed into one product these binoculars have a classic. Chic design they are easy to handle. Really compact you can store them into your pocket also you get a nice. Leather case the optical performance is. Excellent the images full of contrast it. Is vivid a sharp and bright as for the. Downsides i would have to say first this. Cheap plastic caps and maybe the narrow. Field of view so that's all for this. Review if you find it useful please give. Is a like subscribe to our channel or leave a comment down below thank you and. See you next time buy. You.

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