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  Frabill Aegis 2110 Flip Ice Shelter Clam Outdoors™ Corner Console Frabill Citadel 3455 Insulated Flip-Over Ice Shelter FRABILL® Fortress Ice Shelter Otter Outdoors XT Pro X-Over Resort Ice Shelter Clam® Bluetooth LED Hub Light Catch Cover Round Hole Cover Otter Outdoors Three-Pocket Cargo Storage Net Cabela's Ice Sled Covers Clam Outdoors Refuge Ice Thermal Floor Clam Outdoors™ Ice Chair Clam Outdoors™ Large Shelter Lights Clam Outdoors™ Ice Anchor Kit HT Enterprises Deluxe Polar Ice Picks Clam Outdoors™ LED Hub Light
  Frabill Aegis 2110 Flip Ice Shelter Clam Outdoors™ Corner Console Frabill Citadel 3455 Insulated Flip-Over Ice Shelter FRABILL® Fortress Ice Shelter Otter Outdoors XT Pro X-Over Resort Ice Shelter Clam® Bluetooth LED Hub Light Catch Cover Round Hole Cover Otter Outdoors Three-Pocket Cargo Storage Net Cabela's Ice Sled Covers Clam Outdoors Refuge Ice Thermal Floor Clam Outdoors™ Ice Chair Clam Outdoors™ Large Shelter Lights Clam Outdoors™ Ice Anchor Kit HT Enterprises Deluxe Polar Ice Picks Clam Outdoors™ LED Hub Light
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Frabill Aegis 2110 Flip Ice Shelter

  • 300-denier walls and insulated roof
  • Fits two anglers
  • Comfortable jump seats
  • Packs for easy transport
  • Named for the shield that protected the gods, the Frabill Aegis 2110 Flip Ice Shelter has 300-denier walls and an insulated roof to keep built-up heat from escaping. This compact shelter fits two anglers and has comfortable jump seats, yet still provides a surprisingly large fishing area. Packs up for easy transport. Imported.
    83”L x 58”W x 61.5”H.
    Packed: 58”L x 33”W x 16”H.
    Fishable area: 19.5 sq. ft.
    Wt: 60 lbs.

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    Clam Outdoors™ Corner Console

  • Rugged high-density polyethylene
  • Molded-in cup holder
  • Accessory storage
  • Keep essentials at your fingertips with Clam's Corner Console. A molded-in cup holder and accessory storage offer a convenient place to store beverages, lures, snacks and more while using your Clam ice shelter. Rugged high-density polyethylene construction withstands years of freezing temperatures and rough use. Includes mounting hardware to install in the corner of your tub.
    11"L x 11"W.
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    Frabill Citadel 3455 Insulated Flip-Over Ice Shelter

  • SideStep Entry for convenient entry and exit
  • Made of 600-denier polyester
  • Full quilted insulation
  • Combo-case padded bench seat
  • Sturdy thermo-formed base
  • Lightweight alloy frame
  • Frabill's Citadel 3455 Insulated Flip-Over Ice Shelter, made of 600-denier polyester, features full quilted insulation to retain warmth and block out cold. SideStep Entry™ allows convenient entry and exit. This shelter comfortably fits two to three anglers and includes a combo-case padded bench seat for long days out on the ice. Built on a sturdy thermo-formed base and supported with Frabill's lightweight alloy frame without adding excess weight. Imported.
    98.5"L x 71"W x 75.5"H.
    Packed: 71"L x 39.5"W x 25.5"H.
    Fishable area: 28.5 sq. ft.
    Wt: 133 lbs.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    All right, so I just want to talk about my free bill bro 2255 side steps thermal hot it's fully thermal canvas so. It doesn't have that noise. When it's windy out it's fully insulated so keep the heat in has. This Arctic camo color scheme to. It were large windows. Each side one has besides. That so it's not just a normal trip over a shanty Hut. Where it's door at the front has two doors on the side which is kind of nice so. You don't have to crawl over your stuff to get to the front door. You just leave from. Either side left or right so. That part is really nice so the fishing area of. This height is about four by four. And also a nice thing about the sidestep is the front wall is a vertical straight up. And down front wall doesn't have an angle to. You want to set the hook. More space up front. And as for myself I have my camera gear at the front. And like I have a tripod. Wherever it's staying we're at the front could be leaning right against the wall. And the wall be leaning against the camera instead so. How far is nice it's a very big nice. One manhunt it could be a two-man Hut. Ilike to use as a one-man hut. Or two men I'll be kind of tight so. These does have two built-in rod holders. Each side which is cool comes with five spreader bars two on the top two at the front. One at the back in the wind. This is fairly sturdy I've had. It fire 60 comrade winds. It held up fine held up very nicely so the pros would be it's fully insulated has the to sidestep doors which is very nice and very convenient has.

    These large windows which are removable the windows are removable so. If they crack I guess that's a con right there. They they're prone to cracking I don't know why but. Idon't know why they don't fix. It every year my friends had freebo's. Another frame but all crack. Idon't know why want in my life went in my right went to my front went to the back breezing law like the sled. It is horrible like six seven inches tall so it's not very deep sled to hold. All your gear the stock sets the stock boat seats. That come with this female Hut they're fairly heavy they're about fifteen pounds. Each seat and there's two of them. This Hut from the factory says it's 90 pounds so without those seats.

    This high is only sixty pounds as a. One man it's its not so bad for me to carry out without a sled like without a snowmobile. And I'm just walking yeah it's not so bad to just pull. This honestly say it's very doable the fishing area in front is roughly 4 by 4 feet. And the vertical space is very nice with. That vertical wall so. You have a long run. You need set the hook. It won't hit that front wall. Because it's vertical has. These side pockets has. These clips over the pins so easier supposedly to open. It to extend and retract the poles. It could be finicky sometimes. What else so you can see I'm five four nine my head is hitting this so. What it is its less space to heat up do. This much height not really but sometimes nice to have so. II'm sure I missed. Some things about the pros. And cons about this hot overall it's very nice hot the price of. It is seven hundred. And thirty dollars Canadian in Canada.

    And the US I think it's $599 it's ninety pounds it's its very nice. One man hut two men is doable — it's supposed to a two man. These as well as very large. One man vertical wall side step is amazing however my pet peeve is with. This Hut is the bar. You must put in every time in order the front wall doesn't fall back so. That cuts down your efficiency I'm sure. These are the things. Imissed I will think of as I'm doing this video but I'll list them right here. All the pros and cons. And the details

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    FRABILL® Fortress Ice Shelter

  • Accommodates three anglers
  • Kick-Out Hub Technology with pull tabs
  • Extra-broad base and solid hubs for stability, even in winds
  • Designed for efficient gear organization
  • Durable polyester sides and skirting with a welded top
  • Efficient use of space makes the Frabill Fortress Ice Shelter the most fishable shelter three anglers have ever settled into. Your ice fishing convenience and comfort are the priorities built into its design, starting with Frabill's patented Kick-Out Hub Technology – just yank on a few pull tabs and setup is virtually complete. With its extra-broad base and solid hubs, the Fortress is extremely stable, even in high winds. From there, you'll find plenty of places to stash your gear away from the holes, maximizing your fishing room. Tough polyester construction with 600-denier sides and insulated welded top, 600-denier skirting and 300-denier bottom. Imported.
    Set up: 80"L x 80"W x 80"H.
    Folded: 57"L x 8.25"W x 8.25"H.
    Fishable area: 69 sq. ft.
    Wt: 33 lbs.
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    Otter Outdoors XT Pro X-Over Resort Ice Shelter

  • Extra-wide footprint for up to three anglers with a six-hole capacity
  • ThermalTec 12000-denier triple-layer insulated shell
  • Quick Switch frame sets up quickly
  • Super-fast EZ Lock Assembly
  • Easily converts from front-entry to side-entry
  • The Otter Outdoors XT Pro X-Over Resort Ice Shelter gives you a top-quality, quick-setting three-angler ice-fishing shelter with an extra-wide footprint, six-hole capacity and easy entry and exit from any direction. Its ultra-wide, roto-molded sled is engineered to perform in the cold, and the Otter ThermalTec™ 1200-deiner, triple-layer shell includes a full center lining with super-efficient high-loft insulation. The Quick Switch frame combines super-strong square aluminum tubing with Ultra-Glide System and EZ Lock Assembly technologies to dramatically reduce assembly time and offers easy conversion from front-entry to side-entry according to your preference. Includes three removable, flip-up padded bucket seats with front-to-back, left-to-right adjustability. Imported.
    Packed: 84"L x 44"W x 22"H.
    Set up: 106"L x 84"W.
    Center ht: 80".
    Fishable area: 35 sq. ft.
    Wt: 145 lbs.

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    Clam® Bluetooth LED Hub Light

  • Control shelter lighting wirelessly via phone or tablet
  • 300-lumen LED system
  • Cell app offers full fingertip control
  • Adjust brightness
  • Change the color
  • Strobe to the music on your device
  • Once you install the Clam Bluetooth LED Hub Light inside your ice shelter, you'll have total wireless control of the interior environment in the palm of your hand. This 300-lumen LED system syncs directly to your smartphone or tablet via an app, allowing you to make instant lighting adjustments. A simple touch of the screen will turn the lights on or off, adjust the brightness, change the color, even initiate a "strobe" effect that works with the beat of the music you select to play on your device. Designed for permanent installation to the frame hub of your shelter, the Clam Bluetooth LED Hub Light is made to handle tough conditions. Liquid-tight construction; shatter-resistant lens; ample cabling included. Full 48-hour run time with a standard 12V, 7Ah battery (not included).

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    Catch Cover Round Hole Cover

    The No. 1-selling fish-house hole cover – because it’s practically designed and it lasts. Made of a blend of cold-weather plastics that won’t crack or warp in even the most-extreme conditions. An always-snug fit keeps snow, dust and road salt out of your fish house when trailering it, too. Fits a 12-3/4" rough floor cut. Lifetime guarantee. Made in USA. Per each.
    Inside dimensions: 12" diameter.
    Rough floor cut: 12-3/4" diameter.

    The safety cover is a super effective insurance policy. That keeps phones kids keys. And dogs they belong. And that's out of the ice hole. One of the key features of the safety cover is the ability to adjust for different hole diameters you'll see on the bottom here. That there're three sets of holes. And a screw that screw is adjustable so. You can move one of those three holes to fine-tune the diameter of the safety cover. That means you can use. It with sleeves or without sleeves. Or with other brand hole covers fishing wise the safety cover is also really easy to use their's a jig hole. That lets you fish right through. And then there's a line slot. That makes it easy to remove. When you're actually landing a fish it's also compatible with our rattlesnake reel. It makes a great spot to set your sonar. Or underwater camera so it's in a separate hole. And it's out of the way.

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    Otter Outdoors Three-Pocket Cargo Storage Net

  • Durable heavy-duty netting
  • Integrated nonslip hooks and loops
  • Fits most shelter framing systems
  • Keep your ice shelter organized and gear off the ice with Otter Outdoors' Three-Pocket Storage Net. Durable heavy-duty netting is stretchable and adjustable. Integrated nonslip hooks and loops for easy attachment. Belt system attachment. Fits most shelter framing systems. Made of nylon. Imported.
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    Cabela's Ice Sled Covers

  • Fits the Cabela’s Utility Ice Sled
  • Zippered side entry for easy access
  • Adjustable cords for secure fit
  • Protect your ice gear on the way to your favorite spot. Our Ice-Sled Cover is designed specifically to fit Cabela's Utility Ice Sled (sold separately). Zippered side entry offers easy access to the sled and your gear. Adjustable cords for a secure, like-custom fit. Imported.
    • Small: 50''L x 26.75''W x 10''H.
    • Large: 65''L x 37''W x 9.5''H.

    Cabala's eye sleds and covers our ice sleds have made of highly durable polyethylene the utility sled has two built-in bucket holders the large sled has three out regulars. And large sled covers fit their corresponding sleds adjustable cinch cords zippered side entry points Cabala's ice LEDs. And covers lifetime guarantee only at Cabala's.

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    Clam Outdoors Refuge Ice Thermal Floor

  • Two-layer, 450-gram PVC fabric construction
  • Flame-resistant polyfoam thermal liner
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Four hook-and-loop-secured openings for drilling holes
  • Includes carry bag
  • Keep your feet off the ice this winter by attaching the Clam Outdoors Refuge Ice Thermal Floor to your Refuge Ice Thermal FLR shelter. Crafted with two layers of 450-gram PVC fabric encasing a flame-resistant polyfoam thermal liner, this fitted floor will help keep your feet warm and dry. It also provides a barrier to heat loss inside your shack. With its T-shaped corner dongles and easy hook-and-loop shelter-edge attachments, the floor takes just minutes to install, is easily removed and comes pre-equipped with four hook-and-loop-secured 12" x 24" openings for drilling your ice fishing holes in your preferred locations. Includes carry bag. Imported.
    Wt: 18 lbs.

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    Clam Outdoors™ Ice Chair

  • All-in-one ice-fishing chair and gear storage system
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Folding, padded seat
  • Numerous storage compartments including fish bag
  • If you're going to carry a chair to your favorite ice-fishing hole, you might as well carry all your fishing gear, too, in this all-in-one portable ice-fishing chair and gear-storage system. Weighing just 12 lbs, it's lightweight and has a padded seat that folds into the frame for easy transport. A shoulder strap allows you to carry it comfortably between trips to and from fishing spots. The numerous storage compartments provide plenty of room for up to six rod and reel combos plus tackle boxes and bait. A built-in fish bag stores fish for the next meal. Storage features include: two easy-access rod and reel scabbards, two long accessory compartments (tip-up length), two medium accessory compartments and an exterior mesh pouch. Four-point leg system ensures stable chair footing. Reflective safety strip on front and back of chair.
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    Clam Outdoors™ Large Shelter Lights

    Three super-bright LED lights provide on-ice illumination for those dawn and dusk ice anglers. Great for portable and permanent ice-fishing houses, this waterproof kit comes complete with mounting hardware, and wire and alligator clips for battery connection. 12 LED bulbs per light pod.
    Length: 8".
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    Clam Outdoors™ Ice Anchor Kit

  • Self-tapping tooled spikes drive easily into the ice
  • Comes with two spikes and two quick-release nylon straps
  • When the wind howls over the ice and whips your shelter around, these Ice Anchors will keep you fishing without the worry of becoming an airborne angler. Self-tapping, specially-tooled spikes drive easily into the ice, and then each spike hooks to your fish-house sled with a quick-release nylon strap. The Ice Anchor kits come with two spikes and two nylon straps and mounting hardware.
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    HT Enterprises Deluxe Polar Ice Picks

    They might save your life if you ever fall through the ice. Wear the Polar Ice Picks around your neck. Should you fall through the ice, with a pick in each hand, you can use them to dig into the ice and climb out of the freezing water. Ends clip together for safe storage.
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    Clam Outdoors™ LED Hub Light

  • Super-bright LED C.O.B. module for ice illumination
  • 12-ft. wire with alligator clips for battery connection
  • Provides ample light throughout the shelter
  • Clam Outdoors' LED Hub Light illuminates every nook and cranny of your ice shelter. Super-bright LED C.O.B. module lights up the entire floor. 12-ft. wire with alligator clips for battery connection (battery not incluced). Easy to install in hub and screen shelters. Waterproof. Includes complete hardware mounting kit.
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