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  Nikon® Black X1000 Rifle Scope Vortex® Diamondback Riflescopes Leupold® VX-R Riflescopes Nikon® Buckmaster II Riflescope Leupold® VX-3i Riflescope Nightforce ATACR F1 Riflescope TRUGLO® Rimfire/Airgun Scope Nikon PROSTAFF 5 FFP Riflescopes Athlon Helos BTR FFP Riflescopes Burris Veracity Riflescopes Leupold® VX-R 30mm Riflescope Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II Riflescope Kahles K Series Riflescopes UTG 2-7x44 30mm Long Eye Relief Scout Riflescope Athlon Cronus BTR FFP Riflescope Trijicon® ACOG® 300 Blackout Riflescope EOTech Vudu Riflescopes UTG Compact Tactical 30mm Riflescope with Rings
  Nikon® Black X1000 Rifle Scope Vortex® Diamondback Riflescopes Leupold® VX-R Riflescopes Nikon® Buckmaster II Riflescope Leupold® VX-3i Riflescope Nightforce ATACR F1 Riflescope TRUGLO® Rimfire/Airgun Scope Nikon PROSTAFF 5 FFP Riflescopes Athlon Helos BTR FFP Riflescopes Burris Veracity Riflescopes Leupold® VX-R 30mm Riflescope Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II Riflescope Kahles K Series Riflescopes UTG 2-7x44 30mm Long Eye Relief Scout Riflescope Athlon Cronus BTR FFP Riflescope Trijicon® ACOG® 300 Blackout Riflescope EOTech Vudu Riflescopes UTG Compact Tactical 30mm Riflescope with Rings
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Brand EOTech - TRUGLO - Burris Leupold Trijicon Leupold - - Nikon Vortex - NIKON Nightforce Nikon - Leupold
Eye Relief Low/ High(in.) 3.15-4 3.4 - 3 4 - 3.5 - 4.25 3.6-4.2 - 4.10-3.7 / 4.2-3.8 / 4.2-3.7 / 4.2-3.7 3.54 - 4 - 3.6 / 4 - 3.6 / 4 - 3.5 3.3-3.5 / 3.3-3.6 11 - 9.5 3.6 3.35 - 3.54 / 3.26 - 3.58 4 3.5 4.40-3.70 / 4.4-3.6 / 4.50-3.60 / 4.4-3.7
Finish Matte Matte Black Matte Matte Matte - Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte Matte Matte / Matte Matte Black / Matte Black / Matte Black Matte / Matte Matte Matte Matte / Matte Matte Matte Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte
FOV Low/ High @ 100 yds. (ft.) 105.8-17.7 32 - 10 24 24.8-3.83 25.8 - 5.5 13.6-33.6 - 75-29 / 74-30 / 33.4-13.8 / 33.4-13.8 - 16.7-4.5 / 12.5-3.0 27.2-6.8 / 27.2-6.8 / 18.0-4.5 44.6-14.8 / 35.8-13.5 32 - 10 33.8-11.3 26.9 - 6.9 / 14.97 - 3.44 7.2-28.6 - 68-22.70 / 29.8-11 / 29.80-11 / 19.90-7.40
Length (in.) 10.63 10.4 10 14.3 15 12.30 5.9 9.5 / 9.4 / 12.6 / 12.6 15.9 14 / 15.5 14.8 / 14.8 / 15.2 11.7 / 12.5 11.5 12.3 12.6 / 16 13.6 16.38 9.5 / 12.6 / 12.30 / 12.60
Objective Diameter (mm) 24 44 32 56 50 50 32 20 / 20 / 40 / 40 56 50 / 56 50 / 50 / 50 40 / 50 44 40 42 / 56 40 56 20 / 40 / 50 / 40
Power 1-6X 3 - 12X - 4.5-29 4 - 20 3-9 3.5 1.25-4X / 1.25-4X Patrol / 3-9X / 3-9X Patrol 6-24X 6-24 / 8-34 4-16 / 4-16 / 6-24 3-9 / 3.5-10 2 - 7X 3-9 4 - 16X / 7-35X 3.5-14X 5-25X 1.5-5 / 3.5-10 / 3.5-10 / 4.5-14
Reticle SR3 Wired Mil Dot - APRS IR FFP MIL Ballistic E1FFP Varmint FireDot Duplex TA31-C Green Crosshair FireDot Duplex / FireDot Special Purpose / FireDot Duplex / FireDot Tactical Milling SKMR3 APMR IR FFP MIL / APLR2 IR FFP MOA X-MOA IL / X-MRAD IL / X-MOA IL V-Plex / Dead-Hold BDC - Bullet Drop Compensator MOAR / MOAR BDC-200 P4FL Duplex / Boone and Crockett / Duplex / Duplex
Tube Diameter 30mm 30mm 1 in 34mm 30 mm 30mm - 30mm / 30mm / 30mm / 30mm 34mm 30mm / 30mm 30mm / 30mm / 30mm 1 in. / 1 in. 30mm 1 in 34mm / 34mm 1 in. 34 1 in. / 1 in. / 1 in. / 1 in.
Weight (oz.) 19.75 23.2 11.4 35.8 27.2 16.10 10.5 11.5 / 12.0 / 15.3 / 15.3 33.5 29.7 / 32.3 23.8 / 24.3 / 25 14.4 / 16.2 25.4 13.1 30 / 39.3 17.2 38.5 9.30 / 12.6 / 14.70 / 13

Nikon® Black X1000 Rifle Scope

  • Designed for long-range rifles and ARs
  • Glass-etched ranging reticle
  • Instant Zero-Reset
  • 30mm main tube
  • 4x zoom range
  • Nikon has a complete line of optics  Learn More Button

    The Nikon Black X1000 Rifle Scope is designed with the long-range rifle and AR shooter in mind. A 4x zoom range offers versatility for shooting at changing ranges. Glass-etched ranging reticle can be used to estimate range, target size, elevation hold over, and wind-drift at designated magnification. Tactical-style reticles synchronized to exposed windage and elevation turrets, and a 30mm main tube provide a wide range of compensation for long-range shooting. Spring-loaded Instant Zero-Reset™ gets you back to original zero in a snap. A side-focus parallax adjustment and quick-focus eyepiece get your target and reticle focused sharp and clear. The Nikon Black X1000 Rifle Scope is waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof.

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    hey what's up. Everybody welcome back to the moon channel so today. Iwant to go over a new rifle scope from Nikon it's got the black X 1000. And sure you guys it's hard. These scopes are so black out it's kind of hard to show. You guys like the logo on them. Whatever but they do look very nice. This is a precision kind of long-range rifle scope. This is a six to 24 by 50 so a pretty good size scope. You can see it looks pretty much at home on top of. This AR 10 for lack of a better term. You know it's a Smith & Wesson M&P; 10. This is a 308 caliber ar-15 will bite bigger. Than a normal AR I used a p-series mount 30 millimeter tube. And fits on their pretty nice. You know just a little bit of gap in between the hand guard. This is a not a single piece mount. You look this is two separate pieces but. They fit on the tube nice and fit on the gun nice the only thing. Iwould say about these mounts. Though is you have to slide them on from the end. And sometimes that can be a challenge. You know like I had to take the rear backup iron sight off to do. This like I said 6 to 24 by 50 second focal plane.

    Ikind of mentioned. On my other videos you'll see here on the adjustment knob the other 18 power has an underline that's. You know that's the magnification. You should be using your calculations at. One has an XML a reticle. And the XML a reticle looks like. Ibelieve I've got the reticle in focus but not. Anything in the background but anyhow that's. What the reticle looks like. And like if you're doing any MOA calculations with a scope. It should be on 18 power for those calculations to be accurate. It is a second focal plane scope okay so. Ibelieve I've got the skill pointed at. Something far enough away. This is six power and I'm just trying to show. You guys what the glass looks like. You know this is tough to do. If you've ever tried to do. This for the camera it's really hard to do but honestly the edge blurriness there is exaggerating a little bit by the camera it's actually very clear.

    All the way out to the edge of scope has excellent glass here's kind of look at the other side of the scope so. Another interesting thing about the X 1000 is. That the parallax adjustment is here on the side it's a turret mounted so. You can see just kind of crank. That knob up to whatever approximate range you're shooting at. That adjusts your parallax instead of being out on the end of the bell. You know out on the end of the scope like a lot of them are eye relief is good. You know I don't have. Any trouble at all fine nice spot on the AR -. You know get a good sight picture. It which sometimes you put magnified optics like. This on a are you know depending on the amount.

    You have everything it can be kind of challenge to get your eye relief good but. It seems to be pretty generous. And the reticle is also illuminated. You look at one up here. These are your different. You know brightness levels. One through ten one thing. Iwill say about all the knobs on. This scope is that the way. These are cut like this pattern. Whatever it's a very positive engagement. These things are stiff. You know they're not going to bounce around. Whatever especially like the parallax that's not just going to like flop around but the purchase. You get on this style of knob with. These serrations whatever is really good your hands do not slip whatsoever on these. Iam actually really impressed by. They have that sort of pattern on. All the turrets it works. It feels very nice it's too bright out here today too really. Even show or comment on the illumination of the reticle. Iwas in my house I was looking at. It like yesterday it poured.

    It was very nice as. You know it's very bright looking it's a nice red illumination out here in the Sun like. This today it doesn't really show especially on camera doesn't show up. That well but you know. When you've got this kind of like. You don't really need an illuminated reticle alright about a. Few different types of ammunition out just to shoot a. Few different groups with. It I'm not really going to spend a lot of time trying. That Maximizer shoot the absolute best group but. Ijust wanted to bring a. Few different kinds of ammo. These MMP tents have been proven to be pretty accurate. Idon't anticipate really having any trouble there but. Ijust kind of want to get a feel for you know shooting some groups with the scope. You know how does the glass look. It at different magnification levels.

    And stuff like that, so I'm going to set up a target. And I'll probably shoot. Idon't know you just at least. One group with each of these uh types of ammo but shoot a. Few groups in general. Ijust kind of get some rounds through the gun with the scope on. And kind of see it looks see. It works you as. You can see from me shooting it wasn't exactly taken. All day — and get the absolute tightest group. Iwas just kind of getting a feel for how the scope looks. It works you don't have. Any trouble shooting a. Few two-inch groups. One may be slightly important too but. These other ones are right about two inch groups which. You know for the amount of time.

    Iput in I think it's pretty respectable but. Ican't say this the scope is clear enough. It zooms in far enough. One of these shots like take for example. These five DRT shots. Ican see like I was right here. When the trigger broke. And then you look back that's exactly. Where the hole is so. It did seem to be extremely accurate especially with the better ammo. You know that American Eagle stuff is so-so but. These two are very accurate but the point isn't so much about. How the gun shoots at ammo it's. More about how the scope looks that's kind of hard to really demonstrate in a video. You know I don't have a good way of putting the camera behind the scope.

    While I'm shooting I can tell. You from my experience looking through the glass. It is crystal clear it's very impressive so. Ithink it's going to went over. All the features of the scope. You know like this is the MOA radical but. They have an EM rad. You can look on their website to see the difference between the two-second focal plane yeah. Ipretty much covered. You guys have any questions about the scope. Idon't think it's going to live forever on. This rifle I just thought it'd be kind of good host to do a little bit of shorter range shooting with. Ikind of just approve. You know most people are going to put.

    This on a bolt gun butt. You know you do have an ar-10. You know pattern rifle maybe. Something chambered in 65. Whatever these 308. You know this will reach out pretty dang good so. You know if you've. If you're looking to do. Some precision shooting with a semi-auto platform like. This it'll fit no problem. You guys have any other questions about the black X 1000 long-range precision rifle scope. You can leave me a comment. Ianswer all the comments I'll put a link in the description of Nikon website so. You guys can see more information. And photos and about the scope over there. Iappreciate you guys watching the moon channel we'll catch.

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    Vortex® Diamondback Riflescopes

  • Rugged, magnum-recoil-resistant construction
  • Fully multicoated optics deliver sharp, brilliant images
  • Precision-Glide Erector System for smooth zooms
  • Capped reset turrets allow re-indexing to zero
  • Argon purged for waterproof, fogproof performance
  • Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.  Learn More Button

    Solid one-piece, aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy construction makes Vortex's Diamondback Riflescopes strong, shockproof and resistant to magnum recoil. Fully multicoated optics increase light transmission for sharp, brilliant images. Two reticle options: Choose V-Plex for all-purpose hunting or the Dead-Hold BDC reticle to simplify hold-over and windage corrections on long-range shots. The Precision-Glide Erector System ensures smooth magnification changes. Capped reset turrets allow re-indexing to zero after sighting scope in. It features a second focal-plane reticle and its listed reticle subtensions for range, holdover and wind drift remain accurate at the highest magnification. O-ring sealed and argon purged for waterproof and fogproof performance. 1" tube with a low-glare hard-anodized finish. Back by the Vortex VIP unlimited lifetime warranty.

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    everyone 10 I'm going to be doing a video talking to you about this scope here now you guys have seen this scope in a ton of videos I've had this thing

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    Leupold® VX-R Riflescopes

  • Exclusive FireDot illuminated reticle
  • Eight illumination intensity levels match any condition
  • Automatic reticle deactivation conserves battery life
  • Index Matched Lens System for astonishing clarity
  • Extreme fast-focus eyepiece
  • Experience vastly superior optical quality  Learn More Button

    Leupold’s-exclusive FireDot® illuminated reticle gives you a bright, clear aiming point in any lighting condition. With eight intensity levels to choose from, it provides the precise illumination needed to match the conditions. A proprietary motion sensor automatically deactivates the illumination after five minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life and reactivates it as soon as motion is detected. A common CR-2032 coin-cell battery provides a remarkably long run time. Plus, fiber-optic light pipe eliminates the need for an eyepiece-based control module. Leupold’s legendary Index Matched Lens System™ combines with edge-blackened, lead-free lenses for astonishing clarity and light transmission. Extreme fast-focus eyepiece ensures optimal diopter adjustment in the field. 30mm main tube and finger-click adjustments assure maximum adjustment precision. Second-generation waterproofing resists fogging more effectively than standard nitrogen. Backed by Leupold’s Full Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA.

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    Nikon® Buckmaster II Riflescope

  • Multicoated lenses enhance low-light performance
  • BDC reticle lets you easily compensate for bullet drop
  • Positive-click hand-turn MOA adjustments eliminate guesswork
  • Generous eye relief makes it easy to shoot on steep angles
  • Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof
  • Nikon has a complete line of optics  Learn More Button

    Nikon's Buckmaster II Riflescope is optimized with the spot-on accuracy of Nikon's famous BDC hunting reticle, excellent low-light performance and exceptional durability. Multicoated optical system boosts light transmission for the early morning and evening hours when deer are most active. BDC reticle reduces hold over for enhanced accuracy. Hand-turn 1/4" MOA positive-click adjustment gets you on target quickly and maintains settings even with heavy recoil. More than 3.5" of consistent eye relief means you don't have to creep up on the scope even when shooting from difficult positions. Wide magnification ranges accommodate a wide range of hunting situations. Nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed for waterproof, fogproof and shockproof performance.

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    Hi my name is Tim zyk. And I'm here today to talk about Nikon's new buck masters — line of rifle scopes the buck masters — line is a very affordable option which has. All the features to be a great option to pair with your favorite deer rifle. All know that deer hunting can be challenging especially. When Bucks being nocturnal tend to only show themselves in low light situations near dawn. And dusk that's why Nikon built the buck masters to line with fully multi-layer coated lenses which allow maximum light transmission to give. You the edge in those low-light situations the buck masters — line was also designed with. Some same features found in Nikon's higher-end rifle scopes. This includes spring-loaded reset to zero turrets generous eye relief. And Nikon's patented BDC reticle the buck masters — line comes in two different magnifications 3 - 9 by 40. And 4 - 12 by 40 that things happen in the field nikon has backed. This product with it's no fault policy so. Something does happen. If it's your fault you can send. It in the nikon it will be repaired. Or replaced at no charge to. You to find out more about Nikon's buck masters — line of rifle scopes please visit nikon sport optics com you.

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    Leupold® VX-3i Riflescope

  • Exceptional tine-counting visibility when big game is in deep shadows
  • Twilight Max improves visibility especially during low-light conditions
  • Blackened lens edges and redesigned components reduce glare
  • Precision-machined internal components eliminate stray light
  • 1/4-MOA windage and elevation adjustments
  • Leupold’s VX-3i Riflescopes come equipped with Twilight Max™ light-management system, delivering improved visibility when big game is most active during the low-light conditions at dawn and dusk. Twilight Max optimizes available light wavelengths during the first and final moments of shooting light. Blackened lens edges and redesigned internal components further reduce glare. Key internal components are precision machined to reflect and eliminate stray light, improving sight by only transmitting useful light to your eye. All this combines for exceptional contrast that’s great for counting tines, even when big game is bedded in deep shadows. Abrasion-resistant DiamondCoat 2™ external lens coating provides long-lasting clarity and greater light transmission. Precision twin-spring erector with cryogenically treated adjustments for pinpoint long-distance accuracy. 1/4-MOA windage and elevation adjustments. backed by Leupold's Gold Ring Full Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA.

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    Hey Dave Chamberlain here again I'm with my buddy Matt. You guys before Matt knows his ins. And outs on guns and also optics so. You the review on the Ruger all-american rifle. We want to talk a little bit about the Leopold vx-3. What I chose to go with. And give some of your thoughts on the scope man after. You dealt with it a little bit yeah so. This scope is writing the power range of what a hunter likes. You know we like to have. Some variability if our sight. That we're looking at is a little bit closer. We like to have that lower level of magnification. This turns out right up four. And a half if it's a longer shot. You like to have that higher level of magnification right around 14. Itend to like that sweet spot right around 8 to 10, so I'm very pleased with. This scope me right. Iwant to be but each person's needs. You can have a lot of variation there so. That scope really delivers on. That the other thing I really like about the scope is. Ipulled that out and took a look through.

    It first on man was. That picture ever clear very crisp. You know from 50 yards to a hundred yards 250 to 200 to 220. And beyond just delivered a consistently crisp picture keep in mind a day. We were using it was a 85% humidity today. You know we had a lot of humidity my glasses were fogging up but not. One time do these the scope fog off so. Iwas very pleased with. It really delivered in. That kind of condition, so I'd anticipate great things. Even in weather and so first impressions of. This scope great it up with a the Leopold standard basis. And then the one-inch low-profile rings. And those just lock in so tight there's no movement I'm your cane your rifle through the woods.

    We hunted some fixed up. And every and then without a doubt your scope is banging off a tree. Or a tree branch slabs. It down from your tree stand gently as. You can it's going to happen your scope bangs against the tree at the bottom. And there's just no play whatsoever you're not going to have in the back of your mind did my scope was my scope bump is. It off off line now so no problems there that's the gold ring serious so. That lifetime warranties. You spend a good amount of money on a fix product. You want a lifetime warranty Matt. What else could what else can. You tell us about the scope couple things real quickly the first was Anderson was easy to dial with. You know it was true to its adjustments. And every time you know. We put on a piece of paper wasn't too much to get to exactly clicks stay true to. What it said it was the other thing I'm really liked about. This program one of my favorite parts out to be.

    How here and crisp. That those lenses were cuz. Ilike the eye Raveena. It was consistent it was good. Imean oh I had good three inches of eye relief on. That which is important to. When we're using this 3006 cartridge. This thing has a little bit of kick to. Iwant to make sure. That I've got some specialist. You know I we've been shooting here in India don't. You have some histories yes go fight. Though yeah you didn't think I'd mentioned. That did well now have. We might as well go ahead. And read it, so we're hunting in Indiana first time about seven years ago. You know for a long time. All we've been able to use a slight gut Cheyenne so yeah so. Imade the mistake of getting a little cou too close to Mexico. Icome out I definitely had a better ring around the eye so not to worry here with.

    This loophole scope that's going to give. That extra bit of eye relief so. We don't have to worry. When we've got that animal in our sight. We don't have to worry about pulling. That trigger and worrying about coming out with a little ring around the. Ireally like the irony who liked the scope overall feel like. Something I can do in. And just feel like I can comfortably bring to the shoulder get good visual. And take care of business. It good school one thing I want to mention quick just adjust ability. You mentioned it a little bit Matt. And just easy to grip easy to turn. You have dick hunting gloves on no problems they're just a great feature. That loophole pays attention to the details. They deliver so again I'll be using this gun. This scope on private land. This year new in Indiana can use certain rifle cartridges, so I'm looking forward to having it in the field with. And hopefully I'll be checking back in with. Some trophy pictures thanks for checking out the review.

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    Nightforce ATACR F1 Riflescope

  • Fully multicoated ED-glass lenses for high-resolution hues and clarity
  • Nightforce F1 first-focal plane reticles for precision range calculations
  • Marked parallax adjustment coupled with DigIllum digital reticle illumination
  • ZeroHold elevation features standard adjustments
  • Unmatched power in a compact size. Nightforces’s ATACR F1 Riflescope sets a new standard in midpowered optics. Stunning, fully multicoated ED-glass lenses reduce color dispersion for high-resolution hues and clarity. Intelligent Nightforce F1 first-focal plane reticles allow fast hold-over adjustments and precise ranging calculations. Parallax adjustment is marked with approximate numbered distances and coupled with DigIllum digital reticle illumination. ZeroHold elevation features standard adjustments and 1/4 MOA increments. Capped windage adjustment helps prevent accidental adjustment in the field. Eyepiece features enhanced engraving, an integrated Power Throw Lever (PTL) and an XtremeSpeed thread for making quick diopter adjustments. Includes Tenebraex Flip Covers.

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    Oh God in a bag long range. And ultra long range shooting is becoming more. More popular as time goes by. What was once reserved for elite military snipers can. Now be done by everybody with the advanced equipment of tonight force optics make. Some of the very best products in the field of competition. And in 2013 they've introduced the new attack our rifle scope in five to twenty-five 556 not only is. This a long-range rifle scope. This is an extreme long-range rifle scope for those of. You look to shoot well beyond a mile the ATAC R. Or advanced tactical rifle scope has. All of the answers for those of. You look to shoot. These extreme ranges the 34 millimeter tube allows for a full hundred twenty minutes of adjustment in elevation. And 60 minutes of wind age Wow talk about extreme performance. This is 20 percent more adjustment. Then their popular nxs model which was great for nearly every hunting situation but a real benefit for those extreme long-range shooters the high definition IDI glass is an improvement from other models of the past.

    And combined with the 56 millimeter objective is a light-gathering dream shooting in low-light conditions during our testing proof second to. And allowed for clear accurate shots long after. It would be legal to shoot the color contrast with. This scope is excellent. And gets more obvious with lower light conditions. This scope is very compact in the world of extreme long-range rifle scopes its 143 inches in overall length. And the sunshade will add a three inches the mounting portion of the tube is 613 inches long. And has an eye relief of three. And a half inches click value of elevation. And wind age is a quarter MOA for. Each click this scope is available with two different reticle options MOA r. And mil our test model came with MOA our minute of angle base reticle. What most hunters will likely choose the floating center crosshair in. This model makes target acquisition simple outer range is well over a thousand yards is equipped the night horse original.

    And patented zero stop which also allows. You to quickly get back to your zero with ease by botting out the elevation adjustment. It correctly this will ensure no missed shots do to over. Or under rotation of the elevation adjustment getting back to zero is a hard stop rendering definitive ultra reliable. And unmistakable stop during our field testing of the night force rifle scope. Ican honestly say it's the best rifle scope I've ever had mounted on. One of my long-range rifles it's definitely worth the cost of admission for the serious shooter. Some extreme long-range shooters who are putting the crosshairs on targets at 3000 yards recommended having thinner sub tensions so the processors don't cover up the target but. We were a little more focused on being able to put. It on animals and targets out to about 1200 yards.

    We saw absolutely no place for improvement night force designed MOA our reticle to be extremely user-friendly in the field. And it's exactly that visit night force optics comm for more information on. This scope and the reticle. Or stop by your local Sportsman's Warehouse. And check out the night force a TAC R for yourself you.

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    TRUGLO® Rimfire/Airgun Scope

  • Duplex reticle is ideal for small game and plinking
  • Fully-coated lenses provide maximum brightness, clarity and contrast
  • Durable scratch-resistant and nonreflective finish
  • Equipped with a duplex reticle for accuracy, TRUGLO's Rimfire/Airgun Scope is ideal for small game and plinking. Fully-coated lenses provide maximum brightness, clarity and contrast. Scratch-resistant and nonreflective finish adds durability. Rubber eye guard assures proper eye-to-lens positioning while reducing glare and protecting your eye. Made of one-piece aircraft-quality aluminum tube. Water-resistant, shock-resistant and fogproof. Includes 3/8" rings for .22 and air rifles. 4 x 32mm.

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    Nikon PROSTAFF 5 FFP Riflescopes

  • Built-in aiming points for dead-on accuracy at long range
  • Reticle subtensions remain constant at any magnification
  • Fully Multicoated Optical System for superior light transmission
  • Generous, consistent eye relief
  • Nitrogen-filled, O-ring-sealed design
  • One-piece main body tube
  • Thanks to the unique see-through ballistic circles on its BDC reticle, Nikon's PROSTAFF 5 FFP Riflescope allows you to hold dead-on at ranges exceeding those previously thought possible. First-focal-plane (FFP) optical system eliminates any point-of-impact change when changing magnifications so that the points of aim on the BDC Distance Lock reticle remain the same whether at low-power, midrange or high-power setting. Fully multicoated optical system delivers superior light transmission for bright, clear images with balanced color. Hand-turn reticle adjustments with spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets simplify field adjustments. Generous, consistent eye relief. Also features quick-focus eyepiece and side-focus parallax adjustment for any distance. Compatible with Spot On™ technology to maximize your long-distance accuracy with virtually any cartridge. Nitrogen-filled, O-ring-sealed design provides waterproof, fogproof and shockproof dependability. One-piece main body tube. Backed by Nikon's No-Fault Policy.

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    Athlon Helos BTR FFP Riflescopes

  • Fully multicoated lenses for crisp, clear images
  • Glass-etched, first-focal-plane, illuminated reticle
  • Side-focus parallax adjustments from 10 yds. to infinity
  • One-piece aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum construction
  • Argon-gas purged for water- and fogproof performance
  • Quickly get on your target with Athlon's Helos BTR FFP Riflescopes. Advanced, fully multicoated lenses ensure crisp, clear images, while the glass-etched, first-focal-plane, illuminated reticle allows you to pinpoint your target in the early-morning and late-evening hours. Side-focus parallax adjustments from 10 yds. to infinity. One-piece aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum construction ensures long-lasting performance. Exposed locking turrets. Argon-gas purged for water- and fogproof performance. Runs on one CR-2032 battery (included). 30mm main-tube construction. Backed by the Athlon Gold Medal Lifetime Warranty. 

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    Hello guys again and welcome to optics trade YouTube channel today. We will be reviewing Athlon helos bt are a 24 by 56 f1 company as. All know by now resides in Kansas in USA. They are recognizable for their customer. And warranty services company produces binoculars rifle scopes spotting scopes readout sights. More helo series is an intermediate series of our own rifle scopes. These rifle scopes are renowned for their good optical quality who is a great physical characteristics for example turrets which are great. And other great features of these rugged scopes our model here a 2 34 by 56 is designed with a PM are illuminated tactical reticle there is. One additional rifle scope available from. This series which is 6 to 24 by 15 bull rifle scopes are designed for tactical shooting with. All tactical corresponding features on the scope itself as for this scope. This product is 393 millimeters long. And the nine hundred. And twenty grams heavy which is quite a considerable amount for a tactical rifle scope as. We can see it features black collar tube diameter of. This rifle scope is 30 millimeters parallax of. This rifle scope is adjustable with. This left sight turret from as. We can see 15 yards to 20 25 50 75 100 200 300 500. And up to infinity generally rifle scope is designed as mentioned for tactical shooting it medium. And long range physical look of. This rifle scope is nice. It looks quite robust.

    All physical parts of. This scope is very robustly built as. You can see additionally the weight of. This product is quite Cathedral so without doubt. We are dealing with a heavy. And robust lookin rifle scope here the magnification ring as. We can see it runs very smoothly so there's parallax adjustment ring and also focused adjustment ring zoom range of. This rifle scope is 8 to 33 we're 34. Or with a 4 times zoom factor diameter of. This rifle scopes subjective is 56 millimeters which offers nice light transmission field of view at the highest magnification is 1 meter on 100 meters. And at the lowest magnification the field of view is 41 7 meters on 100 meters.

    We can quickly say that field of view could have been better our relief is decent with 84 millimeters it's very positive. We can say this rifle scope has no tunnel effect present at. Any of magnifications product can withstand 308 Winchester calibers maybe. This scope is filled. And perched with argon it's waterproof. And shockproof of course as. We can see it's made in China. All know by now f1 offers for lifetime warranty optical quality of. This rifle scope is good image is quite bright but clear. And sharp in the centre of the image. And as far edges of course. It doesn't surpass some other. More expensive at long rifle scopes in terms of image quality but still in. This price glass image is. Than satisfying we can say to sum up as. We mentioned field-of-view could have been better. And also Eibach's should have been.

    Bigger that way. You would have a bit. More space towards acquiring full image. You wouldn't have to look into the center for a clear image of. This riflescope so in introduction of our review. We described and reviewed. Some optical and physical characteristics of. This rifle scope and in introduction. We are going to do through. Some reticle properties. And later on about turrets so. This rifle scopes reticle explained in the first focal plane as. We mentioned in the introduction rifle scope has a tactical reticle with. Many hash drop marks. And hold over lines which is very useful for more precise. And effective tactical shooting scope has a PMR illuminated tactical radical as. We already stated in their reviews introduction. This reticle is very useful. And quite good actually overly illumination control system of.

    This rifle scope is. We can see is located on the left side turret of. This rifle scope we can see it's positioned beside the parallax adjustment ring illumination has no auto turnoff function. You can see it has 6 brightness intensity levels as well. We can mention it also has. One very good feature. You can see this little white dot. This indicates an off function between every one function as. We can see for example function brightness level 1. You can see the next. One is 0 or an off function which is a very good feature from. This tactical rifle scope illumination turret is so hard to use. You can see there you should consider eating some vitamins before.

    It putting joke aside it's quite hard to use. Some previous a farm product. We reviewed had much. More comfortably used elimination turrets illumination is powered with CR 2 O 3 2 Barry. You simply insert and put the cap back on as for turrets riflescope is designed to. You can see tactical turrets with 1/10 mil of click value multi number of turns. And counterclockwise turn direction. And line drawn a line. And numbered wrong turn indicator as. We can see it has lines. Each line there is a corresponding number total travel of elevation. And wind age is 13 mils. We can say it should have been. More a bit more actually. And 6 mil travel in. One turn we advise. This product is available only with mil-mil turret settings. And reticle turrets are assembled here as. We can see by a simple tool King screwdriver. Or perhaps a coin and also additionally. This rifle scope starts have very nice locking function as.

    You can see it goes like. This is very nice feature from add. One mechanical features of these stars are second to. They are very but appropriately audible anymore would be a complete waste as. We can hear you hear just for one. More time so there is no question here feel is amazingly crisp in. This price class and far above actually also it's good. That clicks are not so densely designed as. We mentioned some as riflescopes. We reviewed had so thick turrets adjustment. You could easily miss a click. We can also say that mmm the definition of the click could have been much worse. If the density would be bigger tarts are not very easy to use. And not too hard to use in other words the ease of use is amazing these starts are without breaking a sweat the best in.

    This price class and can be with a great amount of optimism compared to. Some other for more expensive rifle scopes actually so again. We are at the conclusion of our review first we're going to name. Some bad characteristics of. This rifle scope we mentioned fill the view should have been bigger. This could quite pose a problem. When shooting at some longer distances. And there are very high magnifications. And also I box a box of. This rifle scope should be designed bigger as for good features on these rifle scope turret starts. Once again turrets there's wife a scope starts as. We described are very good. Both mechanically and physically also physical look. And design of this rifle scope is. We can steer out of scope is pure made of metal. Another great addition for someone who is looking for a very robust scope. We also stated that rifle scope is very heavy. And of course the world was built itself. And of course for radical reticle is very good tactical reticle with.

    Many drop marks which is very useful for tactical shooting and for the last feature of course. We can go we can go into the conclusion without mentioning a long warranty alpha Martin's really. Something else full lifetime warranty it's very special general impression of. This scope is extremely good vir. We are very excited with. This products performance in comparison with. Some other rifle scopes in. This price class this rifle scope great physical. And turrets properties outshine almost. And rifle scope in this price class. And perhaps even above so. If you're considering buying a good tactical rifle scope with decent price. This product is a must-have due to its amazing features minute rifle scope includes lens covers lens cleaning cloth CR 2 3 2 battery.

    And user's manual so. All for this review for today. You enjoyed watching this review please subscribe to our channel. Or leave a comment below take care until next time you.

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    Burris Veracity Riflescopes

  • Five times zoom system provides a wide field of view
  • Front focal-plane reticles are perfectly calibrated at any magnification
  • Windage and trajectory points ensure accurate shots time after time
  • Zero Click Stop lets you quickly and easily revert to original settings
  • Rugged 30mm tubes
  • Featuring a five times zoom system that yields a wide field of view and powerful ranging capabilities, the Burris Veracity Riflescopes are ideal when it comes to hunting everything from prairie predators to elusive bull elk. The front focal-plane reticles allow you to accurately compute distances at any magnification, while also providing windage and trajectory reference points to ensure your shots are dead on, time after time. Multiturn target knobs with Zero Click Stop ensure precise adjustment for accurate shooting from extreme distances and make it easy to revert back to your original sight-in setting without having to worry about counting revolutions. E1 Hunter adjustment knobs boast a finger-adjustment zero for both windage and elevation. Rugged 30mm tubes. Imported.

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    Today we're going to go over a new line of rifle scopes the new voracity rifle scope Scott versus premium high lumen multi coated lens coatings on every lens surface it's a front focal plane optic so the bullet drop compensation works at. Any magnification it's got our mad knobs which is a zero stop low profile single turn knob. That is completely customizable. You can go to brass optics comm put in your ballistics. And we'll send you a custom knob for your cartridge your caliber your drop your elevation. Anything you put into the program will calibrate the knob for your front focal plane. We have three different reticles. We have the ballistic plexi. On the ballistic MV. And the scr special competition reticle. When the five to twenty-five five times zoom. We start off with a two to ten a three to fifteen a four to twenty. And a five to twenty-five. All but the two to ten. Or 50 millimeter objections with a 2 to 10 B. And a 42 millimeter objective 30 millimeter main tube 75 Moas of internal adjustment. More depending on magnification very generous eye relief. All of these reticles are in the front focal plane the front focal planes a new venture for Burton in. Several ways and new venture into hunting scopes as well — traditionally. Most scopes are in the second focal plane which allows your reticle to stay the same size to your eye but as.

    You change your magnification your zoom in zoom out the sub tensions can change on a second focal point so. We wanted to put that in the front focal plane with the popularity of bull drop compensation reticles. It was important that your reticle be accurate at. Any magnification so. If you're on five power. You can see the tick marks. You can use the two. Or three hundred yards tick mark. You zoomed all the way up into 2025 power the tick marks will correspond to the correct distance at. Any magnification so as you're walking through the woods looking for your game. You can be on a lower magnification. You get the opportunity to take the shot the bolt drop compensation will line up but say.

    You walk out of the woods. And across the canyon. You have a long shot. If you're at six power. You forget the excitement there's your animal. You come up your range. It at 300 yards you want to take the 300 yard tick mark. You forget to turn the magnification up to the calibration point. You send it you're going to shoot over its back so the voracity being in the front focal plane. You can use the 300 yard tick mark on six power eight power ten power. It will correspond for the right distance at. Any magnification

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    Leupold® VX-R 30mm Riflescope

  • Exclusive FireDot illuminated reticle
  • Eight illumination intensity levels match any condition
  • Automatic reticle deactivation conserves battery life
  • Index Matched Lens System for astonishing clarity
  • Extreme fast-focus eyepiece
  • Leupold's VX-R 30mm Riflescope features the exclusive FireDot illuminated reticle for a bright, clear aiming point in any lighting condition. With eight intensity levels to choose from, it provides the precise illumination needed to match the conditions. A proprietary motion sensor automatically deactivates the illumination after five minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life and reactivates it as soon as motion is detected. A common CR-2032 coin-cell battery provides a remarkably long run time. Plus, fiber-optic light pipe eliminates the need for an eyepiece-based control module. Leupold's legendary Index Matched Lens System™ combines with edge-blackened, lead-free lenses for astonishing clarity and light transmission. Extreme fast-focus eyepiece ensures optimal diopter adjustment in the field. 30mm main tube and finger-click adjustments assure maximum adjustment precision. Second-generation waterproofing resists fogging more effectively than standard nitrogen. Backed by Leupold's Full Lifetime Warranty.

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    I'm Pat Mundia marketing education supervisor at loopholed. And Stevens is the new VXR patrol rifle scope at a loophole. We just brought this product to market here mid-year 2011 initially. We are going to offer a. One point two five to four which is. This model right here. And then we also have a three to nine by forty the XR patrol builds on the VXR series which. We introduced earlier. This year uses powered fiber-optic technology it's powered right here with a push button control. And has eight settings so. You can scroll through the settings. Both the top bottom of the magnification. Imean of the illusion settings to let. You know that you've reached an extreme. And then you start pushing the button. And start scrolling back down it's visible in daylight. Another thing that the other thing that's nice about. This product we use Mill based reticle no adjustments so their tenth mill adjustments but the reticle is the SPR with an illuminated fire dot Center so it's got. One illuminated point at the center of the reticle. And then several features underneath. And around it the product is going to retail around six hundred dollars for this model a little bit.

    More for the three denying version they're shipping now. And we're pretty excited about. This product bright wide field-of-view on low power. And enough just discrimination to hit targets at longer distance on high magnification.

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    Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II Riflescope

  • Experience outstanding reliability and precision
  • Huge magnification and comprehensive adjustment range
  • For short- to ultralong 2,000-meter shots
  • Indicator changes color during transition from first to second rotation
  • Experience the same outstanding reliability and precision as elite police and military personnel with Schmidt & Bender's 5-25x56 PM II Riflescope. Huge magnification and comprehensive adjustment range allows you to dial in for short- to ultralong 2,000-meter shots. The visible rotation indicator on the Double Turn elevation turret changes color during transition from the first to second rotation. Subzero stop technology for an easy return to zero. Both the elevation and windage turrets have 0.1 MRAD adjustments, with a total of 30 MRAD of total elevation travel. Parallax compensation starts at 10 meters and reaches to infinity. Subtensions remain unchanged through the magnification range, thanks to the illuminated P4FL first-focal plane reticle. 34mm main-tube construction. Manufacturer's USA 20-year limited transferable warranty.

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    Kahles K Series Riflescopes

  • Top-notch performance
  • Edge-to-edge clarity
  • Superior light transmission
  • Kahles' K Series Riflescopes deliver unmatched optical performance. High-quality lenses provide edge-to-edge clarity and superior light transmission. Oil-repellent coated lenses repel smudges and fingerprints.
    • 16i – Illuminated reticle in the second focal plane. Large field of view and true daytime illumination. Integrated magnification throw lever allows for instant magnification changes.
    • 624i – Illuminated reticle in the first focal plane. Unique parallax adjustment integrated into the elevation turret and has adjustments from 50mm to infinity. 26 mils of overall elevation adjustment in just two rotations. Hardened-steel construction resists wear. Right- and left-hand version available.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    I'm John McCoy with 85 41 tactical. And we're here today to talk to. You guys about this guy right here. This is the Calais k-6 24i rifle scope. Now HPS is the us distributor for Collis. They were nice enough to send the scope over to. And let's have a little bit of time shooting it playing with. They wanted to know. What we thought about. It so we're bringing our impression of. This scope to you guys. Now the K 624 eye is a six to twenty-four power first focal plane rifle scope with a fifty-six millimeter objective so. That really places it kind of in the upper end of the magnification range. We commonly find in precision rifle competition scopes usually they're in the 5 to 20 power range there are. That venture as far up as 30 power like the Bushnell x RS. And there are other scopes. That tend to stay on the lower end. And the 3 to 15 power range but. One is kind of in the middle 6 to 24 is a comfortable range for what you would use for most of the stuff. You find at a precision rifle competition. You have a low 6 power. You can use you have closer up wider spread targets to give. You a wider field of view. And the 24 power really allows.

    You to get up there in the magnification range. You have to find small targets on a target board. You have to identify target before. You fire on you just have a really long range smaller target so. It is a very useful magnification range. And with the glass in the K 624 eye. That 24 power is fully usable. Some scopes they will kind of fudge. That magnification we'll throw a really high top-end magnification in there but. You start to lose optical clarity. You get up to that high magnification range. We really didn't have a lot of (drop-off) with the clarity in K 6:24. That 24 power range so. Iconsider that fully usable. If the Mirage and the environmental conditions will allow. You to use you can stay up there. Or the 24 power range without getting really irritated about.

    One of the marquee features of the K 624 eye is the placement of the parallax turret normally. You would find the parallax turret on the left-hand side of the rifle scope. This can be a little bit an issue in. Some situations for a right-handed shooter to go to adjust. That parallax while they're on the gun. You are using your left hand. Or for a right-handed shooter your support side to support the rifle in. Either a prone position. Or against a barricade. Something then it's kind of pain in the butt to try to reach over an across with your firing hand to adjust. That parallax and to get a solid enough position to make a good parallax adjustment with the K 624 eye. They put the parallax ring at the bottom of the elevation turret so. You can actually reach.

    Either hand just as easily. You can really quickly get your parallax dialed in. It moves very smoothly. And very easily it doesn't bind. We didn't have any problems at. All getting things dialed in so it's a really neat arrangement. We do still have a turret over here on the left-hand side. This is the illumination turret so. That controls the illumination for your reticle. We didn't have any problems with the illumination. We didn't do a lot of night shooting but. It put into a lot of different lighting environments throughout the city. And the illumination worked just fine. You need an illuminated reticle. One will do you fine. Now the model we have here has a new reticle in. It for kalus it is the skimmer 2 reticles. It was a reticle design by Shannon K.

    It was really one of two versions. He designed the skimmer — is my preference for the reticle in. This optic it is a mill based reticle. What we generally call a Christmas tree in. You come off the center of the reticle. You have whole points. That go out into what is normally dead space in the reticle so let's say. You were in a no dial stage. You couldn't dial elevation. You don't want to dial wind age then. You can take your elevation. And your wind age call. You will have a definite point — hold on say. You need 2 mils of elevation well. You just come down your reticle to your 2 mil point. And say your wind call is 1 point 5 mils well. You can hold off 15 mils. You can actually have a definite point on the reticle to hold off of you're not just holding out into dead space.

    Where there are no markings so. It allows you to get holds for elevation. And wind age much. More precisely you can with a standard crosshair. You don't like the Christmas tree the skimmer reticle does not have a Christmas tree the skimmer too has the Christmas tree. Iwas able to use it very quickly to get quick hits without dialing I. More recently the I start to work. These stages with lower. And lower time limits. Ijust leave the turret to zero down. Everything I need to do through the reticle. It just works a little bit easier for me they're guys. That like to do mix dialing they'll dial a course elevation adjustment on. And then they'll hold for the fine elevation between targets.

    You like to do that's great. You can still do that with. This scope I just prefer to do a hold off of a zero. That way I know in my brain. Where I'm supposed to be automatically in the reticle without having to think about. This scope supports. That really well. We do have 14 mils per Rev turrets so. One Rev of the turret gives. You 14 mils in elevation which is a massive amount. This little red dot on the top here is a second Rev indicator so as. You get up here on your second Rev the little red spot will pop up. You have a visual and tactile indicator. That you're on the second revolutionary scope. You come back down the turret is set up to allow. You to swing in this case three mils. Or three tenths of a mil below zero so. You can go through tenths below.

    And then come back up three tenths. And you're dead on your zero. You can't go than three tenths below zero. Now the wind age turret is marked just like. Ilike to see wind age turrets marked here. We have 1 R 2 R 3 R indicating your going right. And 1 l 2 L 3 L etc indicating. That you're going left. All the way around to 7 so. You do have 14 mils per Rev on the wind age as well but 7 is your center point. And 7 is not marked. Because it's the center so. You got 6 R and then. It starts the other way 6 L etc. You can zero this turret out just like. You can the elevation turret so. You can get that right back on 0. And of course zero is marked zero. Now let's talk about the zeroing of the elevation turret real quickly. Ididn't feel this was covered really well in the manual. Ialways read the manual through before. Igo to zero one of these rifle scopes sometimes.

    If I'm doing stuff just for myself. Idon't necessarily do. Ijust kind of monkey through. It to see how hard. It is to figure it out in. This case I did read the manual. This is going back to HPS. When we're done with. Iwant to break their scope breaking it was not the concern but. It was a little bit confusing to. Me to figure out how to get. This zeroed out we initially went to zero. We needed to go below. Where the zero stop was set from the factory. And in the manual there is initially no really easy way to figure out. How to do because the clicks. And the zero stop is. All in the turret you don't mess with. All the only adjustment. You have is to be able to loosen up the set screws. And slip the turret back to zero so. This scope you drop the scope on your rifle. You need to zero you find yourself hitting the zero stop. And still needing to dial below the zero dot. What you do is you hit the zero stop. You loosen up the set screws. And then you slip the turret forward so slip the turret like you're going up.

    And then tighten your screws back down again. Now you'll be able to dial below. That stop was set because the zero stop. And the click mechanism is integrated into the turret cap not in the stem like. We see a lot of other scopes so. You figure that out it's very quick to zero it's very simple to zero in fact. One of the simplest scopes to have an integrated zero stop. And second rebbe indicator. That I've used to zero is really simple. And really easy you figure. That out and again. Ididn't maybe it's just my reading comprehension but. That was not clearly spelled out in the manual. Me a second reading it took. Me actually loosening the cap up. And playing with it a little bit before.

    Ifigured and then. Ifigured I was good to go the second issue. We ran into on when you're reading through the manual. It makes it very clear. They don't want you to tighten down those screws too tight so. What I normally do they supply a very small allen key with the scope. That small allen key. Igrab the small end of the allen key so the long end was going into the screws. Itightened it down until. That key really started to flex. Ifelt like I was putting a lot of pressure on there so that's. Istopped well the first competition. Ishot with it was a local competition thankfully the Scopes sat in the Sun for quite a bit during the competition partially on purpose. And partially just because that's. Iset my rifle apparently. That warmed up the turret. And gave just a little bit extra slack. Iwent to dial a stage. And grabbed and turned. And the turret slipped. One disadvantage of having the zero stop integrated in to the turret cap. It slipped the zero stop slipped as well I've had scopes before.

    Where the cap has slipped. And the zero stop has stayed on there so. It makes it very quick. And easy function to slam the turd against the zero stop. And then slip it back to. You know the zero stop was set. And you're good to go couldn't do. Iwas kind of out of the game for the last couple of stages on. That spoke with HP s. And HP s said not to worry. You can go ahead and put a good deal attention on those set screws. And not worry about damaging the inner turrets. That can be an issue on. Some scopes because the inner turrets may be brass in the set screws maybe steel. And putting a lot of tension on them can dig into those stems. That apparently is not a concern with. They said you can put a lot. More tension on I went ahead. And did before any of the tracking drills. And we've had no problems since, so I'll go ahead. Ididn't tighten down the set screws tighten up. Iwon't ding the scope for. That but it's something. You guys you purchase the scope need to bear in mind. You may need to put a little bit.

    More tension you think. You need on the set screws to hold the adjustments. We took the scope out. It mounted on our accuracy international 80 with the proof carbon fiber barrel. And the Thunder beast 30 p1 suppressors on. And the scope performed excellent. We went ahead and did a vertical tracking drill. And the scope tracked true attract vertical. We didn't have any track out. And that's one of the main things. Iwill watch for what I'll do is I'll put a board out. Iwill take a carpenter's level. Iwill write a I'll draw a vertical in a horizontal line. And with the rifle mounted on there the scope mounted on the rifle.

    Iwill set the reticle plumb to those horizontal. And vertical lines I do the vertical tracking drill. Iwill dial an adjustment on the scope. Iwill keep the reticle centered in the center of the horizontal. And vertical lines I drove my target so. That the scope is being held in exactly the same horizontal plane for every shot. Ishoot I'll dial up fire. Another shot dial up fire. Another shot in this case. Idialed two mils for every shot. Ireally didn't want to spend a lot of ammo. Iwanted to get a decent amount of elevation. And the shots tracked true. Iwent ahead and shot. One shot for every two mils tracking up. And then came back down firing one shot for every two mils. And the shots tracks straight along the vertical line. That tells it tells. That the adjustment mechanism for the turrets is true to the reticle inside of.

    It so as long as you mount your scope. You level the scope to the reticle then you're going to be good to go. This case we actually did. We with the Alamo forced our D lock mount here. Iset the scope in with the bottom of the turret housing plumbed to the reticle. Imounted it up I'm sorry the bottom of the turret housing plumbed to the mount. We dropped it on the rifle. Everything lined up. We were good to go so vertical tracking was great. We also ran a return to zero drill on. Where I'd fire a shot. And crank all the way up to its vertical limit of the scope crank. All the way back down hit the zero stop come back to zero. And then fire a shot again. Several times shooting groups. And the groups I was able to get shooting like. That dialing all the way up. And dialing all the way back down we're within the mechanical accuracy of the rifle with the previous rifle scope.

    That was on and within the mechanical accuracy of the rifle with. This scope mounted on. And having it just held zero no turret adjustment so. That worked very well didn't see. Any change of point impact with the adjustment of the magnification on very low quality scopes occasionally. You can find you shoot a group with the scope set it's a 24 power. And then you dial this go back to 10 power. You shoot a group you can see. That the point of impact shifts slightly. That is an indicator. That scope is broken. It is a very low quality scope didn't expect to see. Any issues with the scope at. We didn't but it's a nice thing to check anyway to make sure. Everything is going well with the scope overall. Iwas very pleased with the scope.

    It acted exactly like. It would expect it to with. That with the exception of the two little issues the turret slipping and trying to figure out. How to get the zero stop. How to dial below the zero stop on. Everything else was good to go the only thing. That is lacking is the scope doesn't have. Any way to lock the turrets so the turrets are always free spinning I don't really hold. That against the scope there's a pretty good amount of pressure before the turrets start to move so. You don't really have to worry about the turrets just spinning freely. While you're carrying or. While you're moving from stage to stage. You do still want to make sure.

    You check the turrets as soon as. You pull the rifle out of the bag. It can roll one you're throwing it in the bag. Or pulling it out of the bag etc so that's. One of a few things that's missing off the disk oped. That is on some of the other scopes in the same range such as the Bushnell ers. Or xrs scopes but not a big deal the turret feel on the scope is really nice for 14 mils per Rev. Iexpected to have one of the buzz saw turrets I'll column. One of the ones you dial the turret. And it's just like it just is very hard to hit specific points. When you're dialing quickly. You can get to the points the clicks are still a little bit closer together.

    Iwould like, but they still feel very nice and really shouldn't be a problem for you to get your zero dialed in quickly with the larger diameter the turret. It makes it a little bit easier to hit the stop exactly. You want it to be same thing with the wind age turret. We didn't do a lot of dialing with the wind age turret but. It is just true it dials true overall really. Ilike the scope one of the larger scopes. We use looking at the specs here the length overall is fifteen point nine inches so. One of the larger scopes. We see in PRS type competition I've got the specs over here the weight on. We didn't throw it on a scale but the listed weight on. It is thirty-three point five ounces so. If you're trying to look. That compares one sits on the rifle. We really didn't notice. It to be an overly heavy scope. We didn't notice that the rifle trying to roll over on.

    That is good to go we've got 25 mils of elevation listed for the scope because of the way the turrets are set up. We didn't test the extreme elevation of the scope. We tested it to the extent. We would need to use. It for any regular short action calibers. It worked just fine within those distances with. Many Mills on tap you should be good for a very wide range of calibers again overall the scope performed very well. We can definitely recommend the Collis K 624. We will leave a link down below to. You can go pick up your scope. And we'll leave a link to HBS's website. You can get more details we'll also throw a slide up here at the end.

    That gives all the specs. Ididn't think you guys wanted to hear. Me run through one of the specs for the rifle scope so. We had a great time using the scope. Ididn't have really. Any issues with it again other. Than the two I spoke with. And I'm kind of being a little bit sad to see. This go back to HBS. Ireally wish we could have shot. It in a couple of more matches so. You guys have any questions for the Collis K 624 eye please leave in the comments section below. Us on Facebook or Twitter. If you've liked this video please make sure. You like share and subscribe. And until next time get out shoot you.

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    UTG 2-7x44 30mm Long Eye Relief Scout Riflescope

  • Completely sealed and nitrogen filled
  • Shockproof, fogproof and rainproof
  • 30mm one-piece tube offers maximum light transmission
  • EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing system
  • Illumination memory feature returns to last used color and brightness
  • Precise 1/4 MOA per click windage elevation adjustment
  • Emerald-coated lenses allow maximum light transmission and clarity
  • Provides true, consistent extended eye relief for shooters on firearms where optics can't be mounted directly above the action. Built on a platform of strength, UTG’s 2-7x44 Long-Eye Relief Scout Riflescope is completely sealed and nitrogen filled, shockproof, fogproof and rainproof to boot. The 30mm one-piece tube offers maximum light transmission. Innovative and patent pending EZ-TAP® Illumination Enhancing (IE) system offers both a red/green dual-color mode and 36-color multicolor mode to accommodate all weather and light conditions. One-click high-tech illumination memory feature conveniently returns to the color and brightness settings last used. Premium Zero-Locking and Zero Resetting Turrets with a consistent and precise 1/4 MOA per click windage elevation adjustment. Emerald-coated lenses allow maximum light transmission for the utmost clarity. Equipped with a unique six mil-dot tactical rage estimating (TRE) etched glass reticle for the optimum performance. Side wheel adjustable turret (SWAT) for parallax adjustments from true 10 yds. up while the ready-to-accept optional big wheel achieves finer parallax adjustments. Twist lock medium-profile picatinny weaver rings and high quality flip-open lens caps. Practical TactEdge Angled Integral Sunshade.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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    Athlon Cronus BTR FFP Riflescope

  • Fully multicoated lenses for bright images
  • First-focal-plane, illuminated reticle
  • Parallax adjustment from 25 yds. to infinity
  • Aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum construction
  • Argon-gas purged for water- and fogproof performance
  • Bull's-eye your target or prey at long range with ease using the Athlon Cronus BTR FFP Riflescope. Fully multicoated lenses deliver bright images, while the glass-etched, first-focal-plane, illuminated reticle allows you to easily pinpoint your target, even in low-light conditions. EHD extra-low-dispersion HD glass reduces chromatic aberration for true color reproduction. Improved parallax adjustment yard markings go from 25 yds. to infinity and feature markings at 300, 500, 800 and 1,600 yds. Aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum construction sports with a matte finish ensures long-lasting performance. Exposed direct-dial turrets with precision zero-stop system. Argon-gas purged for water- and fogproof performance. Athlon Gold Medal Lifetime Warranty.

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    Trijicon® ACOG® 300 Blackout Riflescope

  • Battery-free illumination provided by tritium and bright fiber optics
  • Reticle automatically adjusts brightness to match available light
  • Lets you have both eyes open
  • Multicoated lenses deliver enhanced light-gathering qualities
  • Forged 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy housing
  • No other magnified optic has seen more combat than the ACOG and Trijicon's ACOG 300 Blackout riflescope boasts battery-free illumination. Illuminated by tritium combined with bright fiber optics, the reticle automatically adjusts its brightness to match with available light. Design lets you have both eyes open and still lock onto your target. Multicoated lenses deliver enhanced light-gathering qualities, superior image clarity and zero distortion. Forged 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy housing delivers an almost indestructable riflescope. Bullet-drop compensating and ranging. Fixed magnification. Shock-resistant and waterproof to 100 meters. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
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    EOTech Vudu Riflescopes

  • Built to exceed the expectations of the serious precision shooter
  • First focal-plane design maintains reticle subtensions
  • Anti-reflection lens coating for exceptional image illumination
  • Push-button reticle illumination ensures your aim is true
  • Main tube crafted from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Built with durability, accuracy and versatility, EOTech's Vudu Riflescopes exceed the expectations of the serious precision shooter. First focal-plane optic design delivers split-second target ranging at all magnification levels. Broadband anti-reflection lens coating creates exceptional image illumination, especially during the low-light conditions of dawn and dusk. Push-button reticle illumination ensures your aim is true. Two-hour auto power shut-off conserves battery life. Ultrastrong main tube is crafted from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and coated with a type-III, anodized, flat-black finish. 30mm main tube on 1-6X24 model and 34mm main tube on 3.5-18X50 model. Windage and elevation adjustments available in both MRAD and MOA. Runs on one CR-2032 battery (included). Backed by manufacturer's lifetime guarantee.

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    UTG Compact Tactical 30mm Riflescope with Rings

  • EZ-Tap illumination-enhancing system
  • Red/green dual illumination and 36-color modes
  • One-click return to last-used illumination settings
  • 1/4-MOA click windage and elevation adjustments
  • SWAT turret adjusts parallax from 10 yds. to infinity
  • Emerald-coated lenses maximize light transmission
  • Upgrade your accuracy at the range or when taking shots at varmints with UTG's Compact Tactical 30mm Riflescope with Rings. EZ-Tap® Illumination-Enhancing system with red/green dual-illumination and 36-color multi-illumination modes accommodates various light and weather conditions. Illuminated mil-dot wire reticle delivers an easy-to-see dot for accuracy at longer distances. Innovative one-click illumination memory automatically returns to your last-used color and brightness settings. Simple two-button illumination control. Zero-lockable and zero-reset turrets provide consistent, precise 1/4-MOA click windage and elevation adjustments. Emerald-coated lenses provide crystal-clear views and excellent light transmission. SWAT turret adjusts parallax from 10 yds. to infinity. Completely sealed and nitrogen-filled shockproof, fogproof, rainproof 30mm tube. Includes TactEdge® angled, integrated sunshade with flip-open lens caps and quick-detach Weaver/Picatinny rings.

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