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  Misty Mountain Volt Harness - Women's Deuter Trans Alpine Pro SL 26L Backpack - Women's Scarpa Gecko Approach Shoe - Women's Adidas Outdoor Terrex Solo Approach Shoe - Women's Osprey Packs Tempest 9L Backpack - Women's Mammut Ophir 3 Slide Harness - Women's Mad Rock Lotus Climbing Shoe - Women's Mammut Ophir Speedfit Harness - Women's La Sportiva TX3 Approach Shoe - Women's Boreal Diabola Climbing Shoe - Women's Evolv Shakra Climbing Shoe - Women's Black Diamond Aura Harness - Women's Black Diamond Focus Climbing Shoe - Women's Gregory Sula 28L Backpack - Women's Evolv Zender Approach Shoe - Women's Boreal Satori Climbing Shoe - Women's Mammut Hueco Low LTH Approach Shoe - Women's Arc'teryx Acrux SL GTX Approach Shoe - Women's Mystery Ranch Coulee 25L Backpack - Women's Asolo Apex Shoe - Women's Mammut Zephira Harness - Women's
  Misty Mountain Volt Harness - Women's Deuter Trans Alpine Pro SL 26L Backpack - Women's Scarpa Gecko Approach Shoe - Women's Adidas Outdoor Terrex Solo Approach Shoe - Women's Osprey Packs Tempest 9L Backpack - Women's Mammut Ophir 3 Slide Harness - Women's Mad Rock Lotus Climbing Shoe - Women's Mammut Ophir Speedfit Harness - Women's La Sportiva TX3 Approach Shoe - Women's Boreal Diabola Climbing Shoe - Women's Evolv Shakra Climbing Shoe - Women's Black Diamond Aura Harness - Women's Black Diamond Focus Climbing Shoe - Women's Gregory Sula 28L Backpack - Women's Evolv Zender Approach Shoe - Women's Boreal Satori Climbing Shoe - Women's Mammut Hueco Low LTH Approach Shoe - Women's Arc'teryx Acrux SL GTX Approach Shoe - Women's Mystery Ranch Coulee 25L Backpack - Women's Asolo Apex Shoe - Women's Mammut Zephira Harness - Women's
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Brand Boreal Mammut Black Diamond Adidas Outdoor Evolv Mystery Ranch Mammut Black Diamond Mad Rock Asolo Boreal Osprey Packs Deuter Mammut La Sportiva Mammut Arc'teryx Gregory Scarpa Evolv Misty Mountain
Claimed Weight [pair] 15.7oz 12oz - - 7.2oz 2lb 14.4oz 12.6oz 10.5 oz [single, size 9] 8.1 oz [pair, size 8.5] 1lb 14oz - [x-small/small] 1lb 3.2oz, [small/medium] 1lb 4.8oz 3lb 3oz 10.4 oz 10 oz 14.8oz 1 lb 1.6 oz 2lb 5.44oz [size 38, single] 10.6 oz 11oz 12.9oz
Closure Mix2Fit - hook-and-loop straps laces hook-and-loop - lace - hook-and-loop strap lace hook-and-loop straps - - - lace - lace - lace lace -
Manufacturer Warranty limited lifetime - lifetime limited lifetime lifetime lifetime 1 year limited lifetime 2 year limited lifetime lifetime lifetime 1 year lifetime limited limited lifetime 1 year limited lifetime limited
Midsole Toe Flexion System - - protection plate MX-P (1.0mm), Love Bump - EVA - Arch Flex (polycarbonate) EVA, PU anti-shock insert anti-deformation midsole - - - MEMlex compression-molded EVA & SBR, STB Control System - EVA - dual-density EVA microporous EVA -
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Upper Material microfiber - leather abrasion-resistant mesh Synthratek VX (synthetic) - nubuck leather - Syn Flex water-resistant suede split leather, microfiber - - - [main] polyester mesh, [rand] rubber - rubber, PU coated nylon, TPU - 1.8mm suede, polyester mesh leather -

Misty Mountain Volt Harness - Women's

Rack all your biggest cams on the Misty Mountain Women's Volt Harness and start climbing up the wide stuff by wiggling your body until you reach the chains. Misty Mountain designed this harness with the minimalism and durability required in places like Indian Creek. The exterior resists abrasions against jagged sandstone, and the internal padding keeps you comfy as you suss out the next beta.

  • Durable, minimalist harness for climbing single-pitch trad
  • Abrasion-resistant exterior and padded interior
  • Self-locking waist buckle and elastic leg loops for a secure fit
  • Four upturned gear loops rack your cams higher up
  • Item #MST000H
  • Hello and welcome to another rock climbing light video i am your host gifs akron and today i get the pleasure of. Reviewing the misty mountain turbo harness this was sent to me my misti a couple months ago and I've been enjoying it a lot for the past month got to tell. You guys I'm really psyched about this harness not only is misty a great company they're based out of western north carolina all their stuff is hand-stitched right here in the usa but it's a great harness as well it's not just the fact that they're a great company make great products so this is. The turbo harness when i think of misty. I think of three words really stick out in my head they're comfortable they're. Over built and they're safe misty is. Known to have one of the most comfortable harness lines on the market there Cadillac harness is probably most. Popular most people you see out the crag who have a misty harness on probably i. Mean in my experience I'd say eight times out of ten they're going to have a Cadillac on, so they're very Cadillac are very popular that's their big thick trad harness it has six gear loops it's. Just a big monster multi-pitch harness. But i see it here at the new I'm here at the new river gorge at the junkyard crag and i see them you know people using them for cracking all the time so that doesn't mean that you can't use the Cadillac for fragment but this might be a better option for you if you mostly do single pitch cracking and then sometimes do multi pitch this i think would be a great option and I'm really excited about again this is the turbo harness so I'm going to go through all the features of this harness but first. The so this has fixed leg loops this is. The turbo and the one with the adjustable leg loops is the sonic and. The female version of the sonic is the. Silhouette so the silhouette is female with adjustable leg loops misty doesn't currently have a name for the female version of the turbo but just ask for it. Ask them for a female version of turbo, and they change some of the specs they change the dimensions of the waist belt and the rise to fit females better. So just ask them misty's a great company they also do split sizing where they can. Do different size like this is i believe. A large you check yes this is a large. Size so if you needed like a large waist. Belt and a medium leg loop they can mix. And match sizes for you of waist and leg. Loops so just so you know so don't think. When you go on their website oh you know. This leg size doesn't fit my legs but this waist size fit they do what's called split sizing, and they can mix and match those sizes because these are handmade one at a time so let's go. Through the major points of this harness this has a quick adjust waist belt so. You don't need to double this one back so you just pull it and it stays secure. It's very safe like i said safe and durable and over built and what. I like you know no detail is overlooked. With this misty harness and I'm sure the same goes for all their harnesses I'm sure the line is all the same so you'll notice the end of this waste this. Waist belt is stitched into a point and you know little details like that i really enjoy because that makes it. Easier to thread through these sleeves to keep the waist belt back so there's a sleeve right on the side right next to. The buckle when you tighten it in so. You can slide that through there easily and then the misty patch also doubles as. Another large sleeve to keep it even further out of the way so you just slide that in there. It's out of the way. What else so all the time points are. Heavily reinforced you can see lots of. Bar tack and stitching here but what also is nice about the time points is they cover it in a slippery material. It's kind of it's a nylon that is different from the rest of the nylon. It's very slippery, so they'll add durability because the reduce friction of the rope running through so your tie. In points won't get blown out as easily the belay loop they're known to have one of the largest belay loops in the business this thing is no exception the turbo harness this is a 6,000 pound belay loop so super beefy and durable. And over built very safe so that's you. Know your belay loop in the front turning towards the sides there's four. Gear loops to an aside but again being. Misty who they are if you want to add tool carriers like if you're an ice climber if you want to add tool holsters. Or extra I'm sure maybe not gear luke. But it was a belay loop we doing extra belay loop things like that they can work with you so call them up great company anyway moving to the side for. Big gear loops these things i have a couple other harnesses just I've gone through over the years and these things are large let me tell you no problem putting a ton of cams and nuts and quick draws and slings and things for trad climbing so these are very large on the back what you'll find is. Somewhat rare but is very nice to have. Is a full strength haul loop on a. Cracking harness so this is a very lightweight it definitely competes with all the lightweight all day multi-purpose harnesses out there and not on have full strength haul loop so that's a very nice feature also on. The back is the rise they have a feature called detachable rise this is pretty common so you know nature calls and you. Don't want to take the harness off if you're in a multi pitch situation they have the detachable rise there with the buckle. The inside of the waist belt and the leg. Loops it's like this soft black neoprene. Material but it's very breathable so neoprene isn't breathable so but it. Feels like me brain has like kind of soft spongy feel but it's very. Breathable i mean its kind of warm out today is low 80s high 70s and i don't i. Don't feel hindered or sweaty or you know wet with this harness at all it definitely breezes for you know an all-day harness it's you know it's not like a mesh style harness you know you. Can't see through it so it definitely has a little bit of thickness but that makes it extra comfortable at the same time it breathes. Like i said it has fixed leg loops. Again reinforced high end point extra. Stitching to make it all very durable leg loops are very comfortable I've been. Very impressed a lot of times leg loops there they it kind of seems like. Companies they just don't do research, or they don't test it or something but these leg loops have been surprised it really comfortable so I've just been. Overall really happy with the turbo. Harness again give misty a call if. You're looking for new harness they can work with you on sizing they can work with you on options this one comes in. Red but hey i bet you we call them they might even be able to offer a different color who knows so what else overall. This is just a really great harness i got a site and with that there's been another rock climber light video be sure to check out the blog rock climber life com for more thanks for watching. You.

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    Deuter Trans Alpine Pro SL 26L Backpack - Women's

    You're a pro on the trail and you need a pack that reflects that. Deuter created the Trans Alpine Pro SL 26L Backpack for you—you who rises before dawn to be first on the trail. Who meticulously inspects your bike before and after each ride. Who knows the cost of the uphill reflects the joy of the downhill. Each aspect of this pack reflects the high-standards of high-intensity mountain bike athletes. The entire front panel opens for quick and easy access to key maintenance components like pumps and tubes, and has multiple zippered and stash compartments to help you stay organized.

    The 3L reservoir compartment is easily accessible from a back zippered panel and the two side stow pockets hold additional water bottles so running out of water stays far from your mind. When the terrain gets spicy, the reinforced upper shoulder straps offer a comfortable carry for your bike. As the terrain mellows out, the ActiveFit shoulder straps and Airstripe backsystem work to stabilize the pack on your back and increase airflow as you weave and maneuver through single track aspen glades.

  • Technical pack for mountain bike athletes that charge
  • Separate compartments keep gear, water, clothing organized
  • Airstripe Pro Backsystem ventilates air, minimizes contact
  • Smartphone pocket protects your phone in a fall
  • Front stowage pocket fits a helmet or jacket
  • Hip-belt pockets offer quick and easy access to snacks
  • Shoulder strap sunglass stash for mid-afternoon transitions
  • Item #DTR00A5
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    Scarpa Gecko Approach Shoe - Women's

    Grip slippery stones on steep ascents to steeper climbs in the Scarpa Women's Gecko Approach Shoe. Vibram's reliable Reptilla rubber gives this shoe a good grip on technical moves as hard as fifth-class. The soft suede upper breaks in fast without breaking down over time, and the recycled polyester lining works with the upper's mesh panels to keep your foot comfortable in warmer temperatures. There's also a rubber toe cap for rock protection, and a dual-density EVA midsole provides plenty of cush for long approaches.

  • Suede upper with mesh panels and rubber toe cap
  • Recycled polyester lining
  • Dual-density EVA midsole
  • Vibram Reptilla SR sole
  • Item #SCR002Q
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    Adidas Outdoor Terrex Solo Approach Shoe - Women's

    The Adidas Women's Terrex Solo Approach Shoe is a lightweight trekker that's sure to get you to faraway climbing crags and back quickly. Abrasion-resistant mesh keeps the upper breathable and comfortable, and the AdiPrene insert ensures extra comfort as well as shock absorption. Adidas also added a plate for impact protection and forefoot stabilization. The Stealth sole utilizes the same material used in 5.10's sticky climbing shoes, so you know you can trust it when you have to step on slippery surfaces.

  • Abrasion-resistant mesh upper
  • AdiPrene footbed insert
  • Protection plate
  • Stealth sole
  • Item #ADA000F
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    Osprey Packs Tempest 9L Backpack - Women's

    Strap on the lightweight and versatile Osprey Women's Tempest 9 Backpack for a fast-moving day hike on Saturday, and a mountain bike ride on Sunday. The Tempest 9 offers room for trail maps and a rain shell, as well as bike tools and a spare tube in the front zippered pocket. The backpack includes a pull-out LidLock helmet attachment that pulls through the vents on your helmet to secure it to the front of the pack, as well as front bungee webbing and a tool loop and bungee ties to hold additional items and tools.

    The shoulder straps and hip-belt are specially shaped, positioned, and padded to fit the female figure, and feature mesh-covered foam padding that provides breathable cushioning. The sternum strap keeps the backpack from shifting and helps support the pack's weight as you scramble up big rocks or carve through singletrack turns. With the hip belt's ErgoPull adjustment system, you'll be able to easily snug down or loosen up the hip belt on the fly. Reflective graphics make you visible in low light conditions, which is perfect if you decide to go for a trail run at dawn, return to your car, and hop on your mountain bike and ride until dusk.

  • Technical daypack designed for quick-paced adventures
  • Mesh backpanel helps keep you cool and comfortable
  • Shoulder harness and hipbelt distribute weight evenly
  • Compression straps add stability at speeds
  • Hydration compatibility helps keep water close at hand
  • Front panel bungee easily stows extra layers
  • Ice axe and trekking pole attachments free up your hands
  • Helmet attachment clips your brain bucket
  • Item #OSP008F
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    Mammut Ophir 3 Slide Harness - Women's

    One day you'll be layering legging over legging to stay slightly warm on a chilly multi-pitch, and the next day you'll settle with sweating at a sunny crag wearing shorts. Either day, the Mammut Women's Ophir 3 Slide Harness will fit your outfit right. Just like all the Ophirs, this version features Split Webbing technology, which separates the harness's weight-bearing webbing into two strands that ride over and under your hips in order to reduce weight, increase ventilation, and decrease the necessity of padding. The tie-in protector adds durable longevity, and the fabric turns a different color after the tie-in points have worn down past the point of responsible, safe use.

  • Fully adjustable climbing harness for sport or trad
  • Split Webbing with padded mesh for comfortable support
  • Self-locking Slide Bloc buckles at waist and leg loops
  • Tie-in protector with retirement indicator for safety
  • Four rigid gear loops, haul loop, and chalk bag hanger
  • Item #MAM011E
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    Mad Rock Lotus Climbing Shoe - Women's

    The hardest sends always seem to happen when you least expect it—you're not feeling great, or you're tired, or you don't really care, and then BANG! You're topping out. The Mad Rock Lotus Women's Climbing shoe aims to give you that top-out buzz every climb, with an aggressive downturn, slipper-style design that's ideal for extra-steep sport climbs and boulder problems. The Lotus rocks an ultra-sticky Science Friction 3.0 rubber sole that sticks to rock like gum to hair, and also uses Mad Rock's polycarbonate Arch Flex system to help provide a super-snug, sensitive fit.

    The top of the shoe features Mad Rock's Power Upper rubber toe patch to help you work your way through those overhanging toe-hooky problems, and the Edge heel is ridged to help you lock onto tenuous heel hooks. One hook-and-loop strap complements the Lotus' snug fit—the synthetic Syn Flex upper won't stretch or deform like leather—making the Lotus' super-easy to take on and off in between redpoint attempts.

  • Syn Flex synthetic upper and footbed
  • 3.8mm Science Friction 3.0 rubber with 2.2mm R2 rubber rand
  • Arch Flex AES polycarbonate midsole
  • Edge heel
  • Power Upper rubber toe patch
  • Moderately asymmetrical shape
  • Aggressive downturn
  • Single hook-and-loop strap
  • Item #MRC000F
  • So yeah this is mad rocks flagship shoe it's called the redline a lot of really innovative features have the clutch heel. Which works kind of like a chinstrap that gives you the adjust ability and the control of putting it to where you need it also a pretty aggressive downturn. Shoe pretty interesting downturn shoe it's not downturn throughout the whole shoe it's just downturn throughout the toe box that allows the heel to work by itself and not affect the heel and the fit of the heel also we're still using the proven arch flex a design that just. Worked really well for us in the past shoes with different tensioning specific to this shoe this is not a specifically outdoor shoe but it's its driven and. Built for outdoor climbing it does climb very well indoors as well but. You're gonna see its true potential outside on all different terrain slab. Overhanging pockets crimps and micro. Diamond for sure a lot of power in the shoe also introduced a compression tongue so the tongue is designed with elastic to squeeze the top of your foot down this shoe actually works really well as a slipper unlaced but also you're getting that added control and fit and feel with that lace i really wanted to give matt rock a chance to put. Ourselves out there and show this industry what we can produce and then. Also within the shoe i really wanted to make a complete shoe i really felt like you know with climbing shoes and how there had been made for the last 20 years we really get a good fit in the toe box area but the struggling area has always been the heel so my goal was to make a complete shoe from heel to toe and then also stylizing it really making. It really loud really different than anything else that's been out there a lot of design cues from race cars some people have come in and say wow that looks like a Jordan a michael Jordan shoe and that's where I've got a lot of the influence from you know I've always respected michael Jordan shoes waited in. Line to get the shoes and you know i put a little bit of that into rock climbing you know it does have an aggressive look and an aggressive profile to it but it's an extremely comfortable shoe and it doesn't come at. The expense of performance so yeah we. Are continuing to make pretty comfortable shoes but that still perform the way you need them perform a lot has to do with the lining this is a line high-end shoe a lot of the higher-end shoes are not lined they're just let you know put your foot in it let it conform a lot of the idea behind this shoe is to have the fit be consistent. From when it comes out of the box to a month or two down the line and. Especially when you're actually using the shoe to maintain the power and put everything where it needs to be we did use 4.1 millimeters sole rubber here rx5. Formula our competitors don't necessarily use that thick of rubber but i think it adapts to the style of each climber so if you are a bit of a beginner climber and you're getting into experiencing the high performance end of the shoe line you're not gonna get screwed by you know having the shoe blowout on you that fast or having a rubber wear out on you within reason i mean it is a it is a tool that we're using, and they do wear down like a kitchen knife we knew exactly what we wanted, and we work a compromise, so we. Were just right after it's pretty awesome we're really proud of it's like it generated a lot of buzzes a lot of. People that would normally never step foot in a and a mad rock booth came down to check the shoe out this is a performer this i think is gonna do really well for us if you are gonna be seeing a lot of cool things coming from this company for sure and with a whole. New styling and a whole new attitude, and we're hoping to turn some heads.

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    Mammut Ophir Speedfit Harness - Women's

    If you climb the same crag in winter and summer, the Mammut Women's Ophir Speedfit Harness is one of the few things that will remain the same. The Ophir Speedfit Harness is Mammut's most inexpensive option for versatile climbers who don't discriminate between rocky and icy ascents. The self-locking Slide Block waist buckle works with Speedfit's adjustable leg loops to give you a secure fit whether you're wearing an insulated getup for winter or summer shorts.

  • Versatile women's climbing harness for rock and ice
  • Mammut's two-part construction for comfort, support, and strength
  • Adjustable waist and leg loops fit summer shorts and winter pants
  • Patented tie-in protector for long-lasting durability
  • Item #MAM00SY
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    La Sportiva TX3 Approach Shoe - Women's

    Guide books have a way of making the approach sound pretty straightforward, but after multiple creek crossings, backtracking, and sketchy scrambles, you'll be glad you were prepared for the unexpected with your La Sportiva Women's TX3 Approach Shoes. With a quick-drying polyester mesh upper, protective rubber rand, and super-sticky Vibram rubber sole, the TX3 is a veritable all-terrain crusher with the chops to tackle just about any terrain you encounter. La Sportiva pulled all the stops with this one by adding it torsionally-rigid STB sytem, MEMlex underfoot cushioning, and non-slip mesh lining for a cool, comfortable, and secure fit for the approach.

  • Polyester mesh upper
  • Rubber toe rand
  • Non-slip mesh lining
  • Lace closure
  • Traverse injection Memlex midsole
  • Vibram MegaGrip sole
  • Impact Brake System
  • Item #LSP00A6
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    Boreal Diabola Climbing Shoe - Women's

    Moderately downturned, Boreal's Diabola Climbing Shoe serves senders looking to step up their game on harder, steeper boulders and routes. Its slightly asymmetric shape enhances power without losing overall comfort, and the Slip Fit last gives a lower, narrower volume for a women-specific shape. Boreal reinforced the split leather upper and double hook-and-loop straps with sturdy Lorica to reduce stretching and increase longevity. The Diabola also features a padded tongue for forefoot comfort while crack climbing, and the soft midsole works with the grippy FS-Quattro rubber sole to ensure solid traction on edges, slabs, and overhangs.

  • Devilishly technical climbing shoe designed for intermediate climbs
  • Moderate downturn and asymmetry balances comfort and performance
  • Unlined split leather upper stretches for a conformed fit
  • Special anti-deformation midsole offers forgiving stiffness
  • Zenith Pro rubber sole for outstanding friction on small edges
  • Item #BRF000Y
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    Evolv Shakra Climbing Shoe - Women's

    Some people prefer going to yoga or seeing their therapists to relieve life's stresses, but you'd rather head to the boulder fields, slip into the Evolv Women's Shakra Climbing Shoe, and pull on rocks until your hands are raw. The Shakra boasts the same Love Bump and Knuckle Box as Evolv's high-performance Shaman—you know, the shoe worn by Chris Sharma when he sends the hardest sport routes—except it has a lower volume to fit narrower feet better. The Shakra also has a softer midsole than the Shaman for more versatile performance on less steep routes.

  • High-performance climbing shoe similar to Evolv's Shaman
  • Aggressive downturn and asymmetry for advanced boulders and routes
  • Love Bump ensures a sharper downturn at the toe for more precision
  • Knuckle Box places more power in the toes for a stronger rebound
  • VTR Rand maintains the shoe's downturn for life
  • Item #EVL000W
  • I am been brands me I'm here with the evolve spark this is actually my shoe I've had it for a couple of months now been tried climbing it having a great time because

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    Black Diamond Aura Harness - Women's

    Black Diamond gave its Aura Harness a women-specific design to keep you comfy on your redpoints. Kinetic Core Construction utilizes a thin layer of Vectran fibers to evenly distribute weight across your waist and legs, and 3D mesh ventilates airflow in and out. Black Diamond also added a Forged Speed Adjust buckle at the waist and elasticized leg loops for a quick on and off, and four pressure-molded gear loops hold all the quickdraws you need for longer routes.

  • Women-specific fit
  • Kinetic Core Construction
  • Pre-threaded Forged Speed Adjust waistbelt
  • Elasticized leg loops
  • 3D mesh lining
  • Four pressure-molded gear loops
  • Item #BLD001I
  • Hey what's up I'm mason and this is. Black diamond equipments or a climbing harness black diamond equipment or a climbing harness incorporates an ultra light design that's tailor-made for female sport climbs the orals waist belt uses a kinetic core construction which distributes the load evenly throughout the entire harness that means the aura doesn't need a lot of foam padding on the waist up to prevent pressure points making it lighter more breathable and less bulky the rs waist belt and leg. Loops have a breathable mesh lining that wicks moisture away from your skin the speed adjust waist belt buckle is pre threaded so you can get it on and off quickly and there's two pressure molded gear loops that give you plenty of racking space for carbines and pick drops adjustable rear elastic straps let you adjust the leg loops to your preferred height the aura is a great choice for female sport climbers that want a lightweight versatile and reliable harness check it out online today.

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    Black Diamond Focus Climbing Shoe - Women's

    Sequential cruxes demand perfection. Your fingertips have to be perfectly aligned if they're going to grip the hold, in the same way that the Black Diamond Women's Focus Climbing Shoe's rubber needs to be perfectly aligned along the microscopic edge if you want to stay standing. Black Diamond designed this aggressive shoe for this kind of perfect precision, with a slight downturn that edges and grips on vertical to gently-overhung problems and routes. Medial and lateral stabilizer rands keep your foot solid when you're edging, and the single-molded NeoFriction rubber sole won't peel away in the same way that standard climbing shoes do. Black Diamond coupled the leather upper with a odor-reducing hemp liner and a knit tongue for amplified ventilation.

  • Slightly downturned climbing shoe for technical routes and problems
  • Aggressive curvature suitable for highly difficult grades
  • Single-molded NeoFriction Force rubber designed for edging
  • Leather upper stretches to conform to your foot shape
  • Hemp lining helps with breathability and odor reduction
  • Engineered Knit Technology tongue enhances ventilation
  • Item #BLD00QW
  • Now this is where a black diamond. Climbing shoe box and then we thought of. See this day but black diamond has gone. Into the climbing shoe business and they. Just launched this back in june now i. Was supposed to do a full on full review. In a month for the new momentum shoe that's the one i bought and wanted to test out and give you my opinion about. It but i thought I'll just do a quick update on this after i climbed this. Climb with this for a couple of times and these are my initial impressions so. Check it out so this is a new momentum. Shoe men's at least the ladies comes in. Red and gray and the guys come in blue. And gray it's a nice little stealthy. Shoe that looks like your gym rental yes it is a basic beginner intermediate shoe. Totally rockin now black diamond talks a. Lot about their new weaving aisle here. You look closely is very similar to your. Athletic shoes it's breathable and odor. Free when he needs to and it's nice and. Structural on your heels and on your toe. Box and it stretches when he needs to. Now I've climbed with this a couple of times as i said and i feel like it's a. Little bit tighter than some like my own shoe which was synthetic leather and i. Can remember this after climbing one or. Two sessions it started to loosen up this one my toes do hurts and I'll give you further impressions as. Time goes by but initial impressions. This is less stretchy than your synthetic leather or leather shoes. Obviously now that said this the. Firmness that it comes with it gives it a little bit more control and edging is. Awesome sensitivity is not that great because the soul is flat and thick but. What it does is really well as edging it gives it a pretty good stiffness right here and I've been able to step on. Really small holes that i couldn't with this small holes on this thing it was. Like a big hole so it's really great now. What any time will tell what the velcro is gonna do whether it was fitting to the ends or things like that as velcro straps tend to do but it seems. Like it's built on two separate levels there's the velcro and stitching right. Underneath a inset of a leather tab so i. Think longevity might be good here the. Other part is that they always they talked about with this knitting is odor. Free or less odor and it will sit we'll. Find out about that now the rubber comes in three different. Kinds that black diamond creates now and. It is this one is the neo friction and i. Hope it holds up well it seems to be on. Par if not better than a lot of. Equivalent brands out there so black. Diamond great go that's my initial. Impression of this shoe I'm gonna keep climbing it in for a few more weeks but I'll update you guys every week and anything i find and do a wrap up at the. And it's so thank you for watching remember to thumb up if you like this video don't. Dump down okay this thumbs up and. Subscribe to this to keep up to date on get kept up to date on gear up reviews. Thanks for watching.

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    Gregory Sula 28L Backpack - Women's

    When the sun is out, head for the hills for a day hike with the Gregory Sula 28 Backpack. Crafted with a rugged nylon body, this lightweight day pack features the low profile VaporSpan ventilation system that uses a proprietary leaf-spring lower back design to fit comfortably to all back shapes. EVAP moisture wicking technology provides a cool and comfortable back panel no matter the weather conditions or how steep the ascent is. Additionally, the Sula 28 is equipped with a multiplicity of pockets, compression straps, trekking pole attachments, and internal hydration sleeve so you can go anywhere and do anything with ease.

  • Highly capable pack for getting outside and going on a day hike
  • 28L accommodates everything you'll need for a successful day out
  • VaporSpan ventilation system offers support and air circulation
  • EVAP moisture-wicking provides cool back panel in any conditions
  • EVA padded shoulder straps ensure carrying comfort during the hike
  • Front zippered pocket with padded liner protects glasses and phones
  • Internal hydration sleeve allows you to stay hydrated as you hike
  • Bottom and side compression stabilizes load for comfortable carry
  • Item #GRE009N
  • got just enough features with a comfortable and technical suspension system that's going to keep you comfortable on the trail all day long it's the Gregory women's sula 18 liter

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    Evolv Zender Approach Shoe - Women's

    Find your zen for the send while hiking to your climbing project while wearing the Evolv Women's Zender Approach Shoe. The Zender is a burlier shoe from Evolv's collection of approach footwear. Its leather upper is both comfortably soft and durable for life on and off the trail. The Trax Enduro rubber sole is flexible for fast-moving on the approach, because once you find your zen, it's time to send.

  • Find your zen for the send on the hike wearing this approach shoe
  • Leather upper has a soft, durable feel
  • Low drop EVA midsole for light cushioning
  • Trax Enduro rubber sole offers flexible traction
  • Item #EVL001Z
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    Boreal Satori Climbing Shoe - Women's

    Though a performance-oriented pair of climbing shoes won't actually make you stronger, they certainly do help, so pull on the Boreal Women's Satori Climbing Shoe and tackle your steepest routes and problems yet. The downturn and asymmetric shape hugs your foot to maximize power at the toe, while the single-piece rand and toe patch ensure a more sensitive, responsive feel on micro-footholds and teeny edges.

    Since the upper is constructed from a synthetic material and designed with an elastic tongue, these won't overstretch and become sloppy, and a combination of lace and strap closure means you can always dial in a secure, customized fit. Boreal equipped the Satori with a 3D-molded heal, too, to deliver an exceptionally secure and sensitive feel on touchy heel hooks.

  • Performance climbing shoe for your most overhung projects
  • Downturn and asymmetric shape supports foot to maximize power at toe
  • Lace and strap closure combination ensures a secure, customized fit
  • Lined upper and elastic tongue add comfort without too much stretch
  • 3D molded heal offers secure heel hook-ability
  • Rand and toe patch are constructed from one piece of rubber for a more sensitive feel
  • Item #BRF001E
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    Mammut Hueco Low LTH Approach Shoe - Women's

    Comfort comes with you every step of the way to the crag in the Mammut Hueco Low LTH Approach Shoe. High-quality nubuck leather comprises the upper for improved pressure distribution and durability, while the TPU heel stabilizer prevents slipping in the shoe to ensure firmly locked-in hold. The cushioning Strobel construction promotes a supportive and stable stride with reliable shock-absorption over rocky terrain, and the rubber toe cap protects against protruding rocks, roots, and logs. Mammut gave this shoe a leather footbed for ease of movement on your walk to the city climbing gym, along with a Michelin rubber outsole that ensures optimal grip on a wide variety of surfaces.

  • Approach shoe that goes right from the city to the desert
  • Nubuck leather upper provides a durable, comfortable design
  • EVA midsole wedge cushions and supports over unstable terrain
  • Leather footbed helps you move in unrestricted comfort
  • Michelin rubber outsole grips slick, uneven surfaces
  • Item #MAM01AY
  • Hi I'm john i have in my hand here a. Mamet ridge low gore-tex approach you so. What's this design for well it's got a very stable sole unit so it like. Lengthwise it will flex but not overly but torsion ally it's very stable this. This shoe has been designed for steep. Rocky rugged terrain so that's why it's. Called approach for approaching cliffs it's also got a really clever outsole whether the lugs are designed to grip really well going uphill and grip. Equally, well going downhill to give you a great anchor on the surface and. It's also high friction in terms of the. Sole unit it's a double density and then. It in a shoe like this you don't want a squidgy sole unit because you want the shoe to feel stable but you still have. To have enough shock absorption to take the impact out of your joint which this will do beautifully the upper is then. Very robust this is built to last so that the nose is rubber all these. Materials are designed to protect you. And hold you anything that laces down to. The toe like this does always fits really nicely over the metatarsals because you can adjust it so this will be very comfortable and in the heel to give you even more comfort and a better fit they put memory foam which will shape and customize to your fit over time so this shoe is designed to last. It's designed to give you sensitivity it's designed to go where the ground is rough it is fully waterproof it has a. Full gore-tex sock inside it and it's a. Really highly competent well engineered. Piece of kit for a mum who excel at making footwear for mountaineers but. Don't just think this is from out in ears anything that's designed to do what this will do will just make a great everyday. Shoe for outdoor use so i give you the. Mum up route low cortex thank you for watching have a lovely summer and have lots of adventures thank you. You.

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    Arc'teryx Acrux SL GTX Approach Shoe - Women's

    Too often, it seems that the approach is much more difficult and dangerous than the actual climb, which is why you're always happy to have the Arcteryx Women's Acrux SL GTX Approach Shoe on technical trails. Not only does this lightweight, agile approach shoe boast Gore-Tex's ever-reliable waterproof, breathable protection for comfort in most conditions, but it also includes Arcteryx's unique, seamless, and ultralight Adaptive Fit Lite stretch liner for customized comfort. Underfoot, the Acrux features a durable EVA midsole for shock absorption and stability over rocky, off-angled terrain. Arcteryx also added Ortholite's cushy, comfy, and breathable footbed. The shoe's Light Approach sole is comprised of Vibram's MegaGrip rubber, and there's a climbing zone at the toe and heel for extra help on the ascent and descent.

  • Agile approach shoe for technical terrain
  • Waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex insert
  • Arcteryx Adaptive Fit Lite stretch liner for customized support
  • 3D molded Ortholite footbed delivers comfort and breathability
  • Cushioning midsole absorbs shock and enhances stability
  • Light Approach sole made with Vibram's MegaGrip rubber
  • Item #ARC00LF
  • What's happening everybody I'm joe from, and we're taking a closer look at the crux sl gore-tex approach. From arc'teryx now these approach shoes. Have been designed to be very lightweight and pack able they've got a seamless upper design here with a gore-tex membrane on the inside to keep your feet completely dry while still allowing them to breathe you have a little bit of extra rubber then reinforced up around the toe area it has. A bootie construction it's all one piece all the way around there just use those pull tabs to slide it in and those laces to snug it up now the bids removable. It's got really nice cushioning there's some arch support as well then they put the boom rubber on the outsole super. Rugged design and be great on the technical trails or on the flat so if you're in the market for a lightweight pack able approach shoe this is a must-have it's from arc'teryx.

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    Mystery Ranch Coulee 25L Backpack - Women's

    The Mystery Ranch Coulee 25L Backpack is designed to keep your gear easily accessible when you're on fast and light missions in the mountains. It features Mystery Ranch's innovative 3-ZIP design that allows you to rapidly access the entire main compartment at once so you don't have to spend as much time digging around looking for what you need. Its front mesh compartments hold your extra layers or shoes while the zippered pockets keep your small items easily accessible.

  • Pack to take essentials on fast and light missions in the mountains
  • Futura Yoke micro adjusts to help create a perfect fit for you
  • Removable waist belt allows comfortable wear with a harness
  • 3-ZIP design allows rapid access to the entire main compartment
  • Front stash pockets accommodate your extra layers or shoes
  • 2 side stretch pockets hold your extra water bottles on long hikes
  • Small zippered pockets on waist belt and lid secure small items
  • Internal hydration sleeve accommodates your water for easy drinking
  • Item #MYT0032
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    Asolo Apex Shoe - Women's

    Tackle the longest, steepest, most technical approaches with the Asolo Women's Apex Shoe. As you're navigating through fields of lose talus, you'll be thankful for the durable suede upper that's also water-resistant, just in case you come upon the inevitable mountain stream. The Vibram rubber sole provides you with the grip you require to move confidently across granite boulders and scramble up the class four sections of the trail. An EVA midsole with an anti-shock insert ensures that your foot will stay comfortable and protected, even after hours on the trail and a heavy pack full of climbing gear on your back.

  • Technical approach shoe for trails and talus fields
  • Durable suede upper is water-resistant
  • Vibram rubber sole offers grip on slick slabs
  • EVA midsole and anti-shock insert keep foot comfortable all day
  • Item #ASO003D
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    Mammut Zephira Harness - Women's

    The Women's Zephira Harness boasts Mammut's latest innovations for sport climbers and plastic pullers. Split Webbing and Frame technologies ensure stability and a surprising amount of comfort without adding bulky weight.  Made mostly with mesh, the Zephira has the breathable weight that hot crags and crowded gyms call for. Mammut added a protective tie-in loop for long-lasting durability, two overmolded gear loops for sturdy convenience, and two flexible gear loops for better a better fit that doesn't compromise on maximum gear storage.

  • Split Webbing technology
  • Frame mesh technology
  • Slide Bloc buckle at waist
  • Elastic leg loops
  • Tie-in loop protector
  • Two overmolded gear loops
  • Two flexible gear loops
  • Item #MAM00KI
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