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  Norrona Trollveggen Thermal Pro Jacket - Women's Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Reversible Jacket - Women's Mountain Hardwear Dynama 6in Short - Women's Outdoor Research Refuge Hooded Jacket - Women's Patagonia Nano-Air Hooded Jacket - Women's Patagonia RPS Rock Pant - Women's Patagonia Houdini Jacket - Women's Arc'teryx Alpha SL Jacket - Women's The North Face ThermoBall Insulated Jacket - Women's Marmot Kodachrome Short - Women's Black Diamond Beta Shirt - Women's Houdini DoSoli Crew Long-Sleeve Top - Women's Black Diamond Beta Shirt - Women's Salewa Agner Engineered DST Jacket - Women's The North Face Resolve 2 Hooded Jacket - Women's Mountain Hardwear Micro Ratio Down Jacket - Women's Black Diamond Campus Tank Top - Women's Arc'teryx Sabria Short - Women's Mammut Eisfeld Light SO Hooded Softshell Jacket - Women's Patagonia Venga Rock Pant - Women's Mountain Hardwear Daisy Chain Hooded Top - Women's Marmot Kodachrome Pant - Women's
  Norrona Trollveggen Thermal Pro Jacket - Women's Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Reversible Jacket - Women's Mountain Hardwear Dynama 6in Short - Women's Outdoor Research Refuge Hooded Jacket - Women's Patagonia Nano-Air Hooded Jacket - Women's Patagonia RPS Rock Pant - Women's Patagonia Houdini Jacket - Women's Arc'teryx Alpha SL Jacket - Women's The North Face ThermoBall Insulated Jacket - Women's Marmot Kodachrome Short - Women's Black Diamond Beta Shirt - Women's Houdini DoSoli Crew Long-Sleeve Top - Women's Black Diamond Beta Shirt - Women's Salewa Agner Engineered DST Jacket - Women's The North Face Resolve 2 Hooded Jacket - Women's Mountain Hardwear Micro Ratio Down Jacket - Women's Black Diamond Campus Tank Top - Women's Arc'teryx Sabria Short - Women's Mammut Eisfeld Light SO Hooded Softshell Jacket - Women's Patagonia Venga Rock Pant - Women's Mountain Hardwear Daisy Chain Hooded Top - Women's Marmot Kodachrome Pant - Women's
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Brand Patagonia Black Diamond Patagonia Outdoor Research The North Face Houdini Marmot Salewa Mountain Hardwear Patagonia Black Diamond The North Face Arc'teryx Mammut Norrona Black Diamond Mountain Hardwear Patagonia Mountain Hardwear Mountain Hardwear Marmot Arc'teryx
Claimed Weight 11.3 oz - 8.4oz [medium] 15.1oz - 4.6oz 9.2oz - - 3.3oz - 14.4oz 9.3 oz 13.4oz 14.1 oz - - 11.8oz 5oz 9.8oz 6.3oz 4.7oz
Fit slim regular regular regular slim slim regular regular slim slim regular relaxed trim with e3D athletic semi-fitted regular regular regular regular regular regular slim
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime 1 year lifetime 2 years lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime limited lifetime 5 years lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime limited
Material 98% organic cotton, 2% spandex 89% polyester, 11% elastane 52% recycled nylon, 48% polyester, DWR 100% polyester ripstop [face fabric] 30D nylon, [lining] 20D nylon, DWR coating 100% Merino wool 94% nylon, 6% elastane cooling plain weave [face] 94% nylon, 6% elastane, [inserts] 84% nylon, 16% elastane [body] 7 x 10D nylon ripstop, [reverse] 7 x 10D nylon ripstop 100% 15D nylon ripstop, DWR finish 92% polyester, 8% elastane [membrane/laminate] DryVent (2-layer), [face fabric] 100% nylon, [lining] 100% polyester mesh N40r Gore-Tex Paclite 2L Schoeller Polartec Thermal Pro (100% polyester) 92% polyester, 8% elastane 83% polyester, 17% Tencel [shell] 20D nylon ripstop, DWR treatment, [lining] 50D nylon plain weave, DWR treatment 96% nylon, 4% elastane nylon 94% nylon, 6% elastane, DWR coating Fortius DW 1.0 (87% nylon, 13% elastane)
Pockets 2 hand, 2 back, 1 cargo - 2 side, 1 thigh zip, 2 rear [external] 2 hand, 1 chest, [internal] 2 stow [external] 2 hand, [internal] 1 zippered chest - 2 hand, 2 back, 1 zipper security 2 chest - 1 zippered chest 1 chest 2 hand zip 1 zippered chest 1 zippered chest 2 handwarmer, 1 chest 1 chest 1 hidden zippered side 2 hand, 2 chest 2 hand 2 zippered hand 2 hand, 2 back 2 zippered thigh
Recommended Use climbing, hiking & camping bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing bouldering, casual, hiking, sport climbing backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, backpacking, hiking, climbing all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backpacking, casual, hiking, sport climbing, trad climbing all-mountain skiing, backcountry skiing, backpacking, casual, hiking, mountaineering bouldering, canyoneering, hiking, mountaineering mountaineering all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, backpacking, hiking, ice climbing, mountaineering, trad climbing road running, trail running, bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing, hiking, backpacking climbing, casual casual, hiking & camping, climbing alpine, ice climbing, rock climbing backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, ice climbing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, trad climbing hiking & camping, skiing, snowboarding, climbing climbing, casual backpacking, climbing, hiking, casual all-mountain skiing, backcountry skiing, sport climbing, trad climbing, trail running climbing, fitness, hiking & camping casual, hiking, sport climbing, trad climbing backpacking, bouldering, casual, hiking backpacking, bouldering, hiking, sport climbing, trad climbing
Length - - - mid-length hip - - hip-length hip hip - mid-length hip hip hip - - hip mid-thigh short knee mid-thigh

Norrona Trollveggen Thermal Pro Jacket - Women's

From chilly mornings at the crag to cold winter skis days, you'll be hard-pressed to find an activity where Norrona's Trollveggen Women's Thermal Pro Jacket won't come in handy. Its breathable and heat-trapping Polartec Thermal Pro fabric keeps you warm whether you're burning hot laps down the mountain or patiently waiting for your climbing partner to send their project. Integrated hand gaiters prevent the sleeves from crawling up your arms when you wear the jacket under a shell, and the brushed chinguard is soft against the skin so you don't feel a rash form as your face warms up after another cold day on the mountain.

  • A versatile insulator for cold weather climbing and skiing
  • Polartec Thermal Pro traps heat while maintaining breathability
  • Shoulder overlays protect fleece from abrasive pack straps
  • Hand gaiters prevent sleeves from riding up
  • Semi-fitted for easy layering under weatherproof shells
  • Norrona was founded in Norway back in 1929
  • Item #NRA008R
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    Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Reversible Jacket - Women's

    Fend off chills and cold weather in Mountain Hardwear's Ghost Whisperer Reversible Jacket. The lightest down jacket on the market just got reversible. Nikwax treated 800-fill down insulation retains heat while also resisting moisture, so the jacket can be worn in light rain and snow and still provide ample protection from the elements.

    The lightweight design of the fabric, paired with the slim fit cut makes an exceptional jacket that easily layers under a waterproof shell for extra protection from snow and rain or by itself. The quilt baffle design works wonders to trap heat in without sacrificing mobility, so you can still reach for holds while on lead or work your way up the skin track with ease.

  • Backcountry Exclusive
  • Be warm on the lift or on the summit in this reversible down jacket
  • Reversible style lets you flip the jacket inside out on the fly
  • Nikwax treated 800-fill down doesn't bunch when wet while skiing
  • Specially engineered nylon reduces weight without reducing strength
  • Quilt baffle design traps heat keeping you warm in inclement weather
  • Item #MHW015N
  • Why man she kills knobs and watches baby. And this is about the doc my momma. Mountain hardwear man wasn't there you. Know mountain hardwear my cuz we gotta. Have out there mountain hardwear logo in it man and these are the ghost whisperer. Jackets now what they are they're. Lightweight down jackets by lightweight. You wouldn't believe me if i told you how light they are i know i've done. Videos on them before but this is a one. Year later update on the two non hooded. Jackets that we have this black one and. Then this green one now this one's mine. Of course the black ones means guns knives and watches and i really like the green but. When i purchased these these things list. For $300 apiece for the non hooded and. Three hundred and fifty dollars a piece for the hood hood in my real-world. Estimation unless you're going for a. Fashion statement that you're just going to wear to school or something or da-da-da-da-da or to non there's no need. In paying $350 you can buy these things. On closeout all the time from a hundred and thirty dollars for the non hooded. And about 140 to 150 dollars so i would. Go in somewhere in that price range a hundred and thirty to a hundred and fifty dollars apiece now you may not get. The the color you want you may not get. The size that you want but that's just. The way it is i'll give you an example of that you know i i didn't my first. Inclination was not to purchase this and bright green jacket even though i really. Do like it now i would have much rather. Had something that's a little more subdued like this one but for the price. I think i got this for a hundred and thirty dollars it's really great of. Course these are down lightweight insulated layers can be exterior layers the one thing about this down is is treated with something that they're marketing as cue. Shield right there and what that does is. That gives the down the ability to get. Wet and everything's better when it's. Wet maybe it really is things don't get. Interesting till it starts raining you're not training less it's raining that's just the way it works. So these hold some of their ability to. Have warmth even when wet when. Traditional that untreated down isn't and that's really the basis of my. Judging the honest to god value of these these items because there is a lot of. Sewing into in it each stitch there's. Not a lot of treated down in it and if you can notice through this orange. Because it's more of a translucent. Orange you can see some of the darker. Feathers possibly on camera showing. Through now let me see if i can make. That work probably not anyway it doesn't matter but like i said missus guns. Knives and watch it's got a small in this where she would normally wear an extra small it's a little long in the sleeves but for the price you couldn't couldn't beat it and then of course i got this more whatever type of green. That it is but if i was gonna buy one my. Recommendation is that you go with the hood because there's such a small. Difference between the cost of the two and people hike use these to hike the appalachian trail they use them out on hiking and they use them all kinds of different things and i carry believe it. Or not i carry a backpack all the time when i wear mine and there's no real. Wear marks now this is a micro rip stop. And i can't really show you that on. Camera because it seems is or maybe i. Can there's a micro rip stop pattern. Man i don't know that's showing everyone. And it's a very very high thread-count. Fabric which gives it the ability number. One your feathers aren't going to poke through which in a lesser thread count of course they would and also you get. Basically a strength factor similar to. Silk okay where you don't have you don't. Have the big thread like you're doing like kevlar or like no matte nomex or. Any of that other kind of crap no max it. For fire rating but spec tara whatever. You know you you get the gist of the idea so i would say these are really. Good codes highly recommend them via our favorites they're extremely lightweight they're extremely packable everything packs up in its own little pocket you can see. It's got a double zipper on it and it. Just goes in relatively easy without. Much fuss without much this that or the other and just gonna eat your shelf. Liner but that's basically what you're. Left with and i'll even go through the. Effort of zipping it even though i have. Found that with these compressible coats. And things like this you really need to. Pull the zipper together to zip it or. Else you basically wind up putting too much force on the zipper itself that's. Pretty self-explanatory this isn't rocket science or anything like that and. Me hugging a tripod right now anything exactly probably the best setup in the world. But let's see if i can do it on camera it's not real till it's on film right. Anyway about size of my hand of course i. Got rather large size hands but it's just the way it is well what else can i. Say. Told you the pricing told you this there or the other course at 300 and 350 and. If you're going to use these things you're whacked out of your gourd but. That you know they're dumb people born. Every day this guy's knives and watches and have a. Good one buy things when people don't. Want them don't buy them when they're in high demand you know by last year's. Color buy whatever just do it correctly one thing that i have noticed between. The generations of these two and. Probably i pulled the wrong one out the older ones had elastic on the edge elastic if it's really good quality kind. Of a problem with the newer ones. Don't they have a just a basic wear. Strip there which has very little flecks. In it i don't know how that's going to. Actually which one's going to wear out first or give up its ghost first but. These are wearing well this gots knives. And watches peace out.

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    Mountain Hardwear Dynama 6in Short - Women's

    Strike out on the trail in the Mountain Hardwear Women's Dynama 6in Shorts and be prepared for whatever the day may send your way. Lightweight and incredibly comfortable, these shorts are made from a durable stretch fabric that keeps you comfortable on sunny afternoons at your favorite bouldering spot, and it resists snags when you're pushing through the bushes to reach that overlook. The wide and stretchy waistband offers comfortable wear that won't dig into your waist as you move.

  • An active short for days on the go
  • Lightweight stretch fabric for enhanced mobility
  • DWR finish resists light rain and precipitation
  • Low-profile stretch waistband for extra comfort
  • Item #MHW00WJ
  • Hi I'm krista from good out their magazine and I've recently been testing out mountain hardwear's dynamo fit the. Down in the pant is a women's act wear pant made for hiking walking or simply hanging out from the very first time i put these pants on i knew they would become one of my favorites i can confidently say they are the most comfortable pants that i own the material is a perfect combination of stretchy and structured which is what allows you to use these pants for just about any physical activity without feeling restricted typically when i think of a stretchy material i think clingy like the bathing suit material that sticks in all the wrong places this is not the case with the. Dynamap and these pants are lightweight but there is still enough structure and thickness to the material that it even allows for pockets to carry any of your belongings another feature that adds to. The comfort of these pants is the thick elastic waistband you don't have to worry about zippers and buttons that may irritate you during a long hike especially when carrying a backpack. There's also some versatility and how you want to wear the pan there's a drawstring at the bottom so that you can cinch them up apart from having a different look to the pant i found this most useful on duty mornings when you don't want the bottom of your pants to get wet that being said the material is water-resistant if you do happen to get caught in wet conditions i found this most effective and. Conditions with a light amount of water whether a light drizzle or walking in. Tall damp grasses in this case any water. To hit the pant will simply be dawei unfortunately if you do get caught in a. Downpour be prepared to get wet when it. Comes to picking a size for these pants keep in mind how you like the pant to fit i would personally wear a size up. For a looser fit through the legs however because the material is stretchy. You can get away with having a more fitted look like the pants i have here. Regardless of your choice i think you will be happy with the overall versatility and comfort of these pants. For more information about the mountain hardwear dynamo pant please check out the website below.

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    Outdoor Research Refuge Hooded Jacket - Women's

    Constructed with new insulation technology from Outdoor Research, the Refuge Hooded Jacket provides resiliency, breathability, and stretch in a synthetic insulation piece that keeps you warm even when wet. This new insulation technology, VerticalX, offers warmth that is more akin to a 700-fill down than most other commonly used synthetic insulations. It's also more breathable thanks to the lack of an internal backer meaning there's less of a barrier to moisture moving through the jacket. VerticalX is essentially synthetic insulation with better loft and a lot more stretch.

    The stretch from the VerticalX is highly appreciated when climbing in the cooler temperatures, skiing on fresh powder days, and making your way up to a remote mountain lake in late fall. The water resistant face fabric keeps you dry in light moisture and the brushed tricot interior keeps you extra cozy warm when the temperatures really start to drop. When your adventures are over, the jacket packs into its own pocket for easy carry until you need it next.

  • Synthetic insulated jacket for warmth in cold weather activities
  • VerticalX insulation provides breathable warmth even when wet
  • Insulation has high stretch factor for freedom of movement
  • Fabric is water resistant to protect insulation and contain warmth
  • Brushed tricot interior provides added warmth in chilly temps
  • Jacket easily packs into pocket for convenient après transport
  • Item #ODR00S9
  • The new refuge hybrid hooded jacket was. Built on the idea that when your jacket focuses on your core comfort you can focus on stretching your limits here's how it works vertical x insulated front and back body keeps your core warm and comfortable even when wet vertical x wicks moisture. The moment you start to sweat but traps heat when the thermometer plummets the. Refuge hybrid soft shell sleeves make it easier to reach your limits and stretch past them they also block wind and rain during blustery weather so you can wear it all year long finally it's the. Jackets hybrid map construction that uses these two different materials to give you the best of both worlds comfort. For warmth where you need it and stretch where you want it each of these elements let the refuge hybrid act like a mid layer function as an outer layer and perform in whatever conditions you throw at it and since it doesn't even weigh a pound you might as well throw it in your pack no matter what the forecast says the refuge hybrid wouldn't be complete. Without some of your favorite outdoor research jacket features an internal. Media pocket complete with pass-through hole for headphones shuvit pockets to store. Larger items like gloves or goggles thumb loops to hold sleeves in place when reaching or layering up draw cord hem to seal in the heat and keep your jacket in place and the left-hand pocket doubles as a stuff sack take care of. Your core comfort make sure you've got stretch and get ready to push your limits we'll see you out there

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    Patagonia Nano-Air Hooded Jacket - Women's

    Designed to offer you stretch, warmth, and breathability, the Patagonia Women's Nano-Air Hooded Jacket allows you to cruise up the skintrack without having to remove layers. The exterior is endowed with a nylon ripstop material that gives this stretchy jacket a bit of a more solid constitution when confronted with rough granite and tree branches alike. Meanwhile, the DWR treatment helps bolster your protection from light moisture, and the nylon plain weave lining makes for easy layering, so you're not getting hung up by your own baselayers.

    And saving the best for last, the FullRange insulation is what really put this jacket on every adventurer's radar. As a proper synthetic insulation, FullRange keeps you warm even when wet—however, the unique component of this insulation is its pliable disposition, which helps promote mobility that's necessary for climbing, touring, or running. Additionally, FullRange has 40-CFM air permeability rating to let excess body heat escape when your heart rate's up. To round things out, the hood features a Spandex trim for a secure fit.

  • Stay mobile with this insulated jacket
  • Shell and lining offer mechanical stretch
  • DWR treatment provides light protection from moisture
  • FullRange insulation maintains warmth even when wet
  • Articulated pattern bolsters mobility
  • Front zipper is equipped with storm flap
  • Drawcord hem seals out cold drafts
  • Item #PAT01XO
  • The nano wear jacket is a breakthrough. In breathable insulation for high output. Stop-and-go alpine missions the exclusive materials and construction combine a plain weave liner warm when. Wet full range insulation and a lightweight. Yet durable weather resistant shell with. A dwr finish the nano air is soft and. Supple and it fits closely over base layers with full mechanical stretch in. The liner the insulation and the shell you get full freedom of motion at the. Core of this jacket is a revolutionary 60 gram full range insulation that warms. Stretches and breathes the shell. Material is light yet durable 100% nylon. Ripstop with mechanical stretch and a durable water repellent finish that sheds precip the plain weave liner also. Has mechanical stretch and offers great breathability the iconic nano puff brick. Quilting in the side panels and articulated patterning improve shape and. Durability the zippered welted hand warmer pockets and a left chest pocket are low bulk so they won't get in the way of your harness or a pack the center. Front zipper has a wicking interior storm flap and a zipper garage at the. Chin it's easy on your skin the nano air. Jacket eliminates the need for a bunch of layering changes so you can stay warm and comfortable throughout your entire mission put it on leave it on.

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    Patagonia RPS Rock Pant - Women's

    Forget paper and scissors, rock always wins when you're climbing in the Patagonia Women's RPS Rock Pant. The lightweight stretch fabric moves with you and won't weigh you down or make you feel stuffy, and they're equipped with a DWR coating that repels light moisture in case it starts to drizzle during a multi-pitch climb. The gusseted crotch enhances range of motion, and the adjustable cuffs can be cinched up when the rock starts to heat up in the midday sun.

  • Lightweight, mobile, and durable pant for hike and climb adventures
  • Durable nylon fabric has water-resistant coating for protection
  • Regular fit enables easy movement
  • Adjustable waist gives you a customized fit
  • Multitude of pockets bring along all the necessities
  • Adjustable cuffs help cinch out the elements
  • Item #PAT02AG
  • These are the men’s rps rock pants. The lightest climbing pants we make and my personal favorite. The fabric is a nylon/polyester blend with a modest amount of stretch and a dwr finish. Articulated patterning, darted knees and a gusseted crotch. Enhance movement and comfort underneath the harness. You can customize the fit with our unique opposet™ waist adjustment. And belt loops and a zippered fly secure them to your body. The drop in hand pockets have breathable mesh pocket bags. And a coin-catch bar tack, that doubles as a toothbrush holder. Two rear pockets create a reinforced seat for added durability. A right thigh zip pocket sits comfortably above the knee and below the harness leg loops. The cuffs adjust with an ultra-low-profile shock cord. And a sliding knot. Whether you’re pulling a crux 10 feet off the deck or on the tenth pitch of a new route, the men’s rps pants will give you a definite advantage.

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    Patagonia Houdini Jacket - Women's

    When you’re two pitches up a climb and the wind just won’t let up, pull on the Patagonia Women’s Houdini Jacket for some defense. The lightweight ripstop nylon shell is both wind and water-resistant, with a moisture-shedding DWR finish for extra protection from the elements. Its one-pull adjustable hood cinches tightly during inclement conditions without restricting peripheral vision. Other key features include a drawcord-bound hem, half-elastic cuffs, and reflective logos. Note that the Houdini Jacket sports a slim fit that's been revised (i.e. more shoulder room than before) for wearing over baselayers or low-profile midlayers. When the wind eventually dies down, you'll find that it effortlessly folds into its zippered chest pocket, and you can attach it to your harness with its reinforced clip. This jacket crosses genres nicely, allowing you to have one jacket for all of your climbing, trail running, and backpacking adventures.

  • Featherweight jacket for ultralight adventures
  • DWR finish helps water bead up and roll off
  • Adjustable hood retains maximum visual field
  • Half-elastic cuffs and drawcord hem won’t let wind sneak in
  • Packs into zippered chest pocket for easy travel
  • Item #PAT02HU
  • Ultra lightweight and weather resistant. The patagonia men's Houdini jacket. Offers simple protection and breath ability that's perfect for trail runners cyclists or minimalist. Backpackers wayne just 3.6 ounces and. Packing down to the size of a tennis ball this jacket can fit in just about any. Pack for at the ready protection let's. Take a closer look at its fit and features the Houdini jacket is. Constructed of an ultra lightweight 15d. Nylon ripstop fabric it is not a. Waterproof fabric but it does have a durable water repellent finish that does. Give it a certain level of weather. Resistance the key here though is you've. Got a really breathable piece and a wind protection for aerobic pursuits it does. Have an athletic or slim fit for that. Very same reason so it fits closely. Doesn't anticipate that you've got a lot of layering beneath it t-shirts low. Profile base layers sure probably not. Much more than that however it is. Intended very much as an outerwear piece at the cuffs you do have some elasticity. Here so no adjust ability but a nice. Close fit that does have a little bit of. Stretch there for taking it on and off or if you do have other layers beneath it there is a single point of. Adjustability here on the hem that. Allows you to cinch that jacket in a. Little closer for any more snug fit it. Is also a hooded piece so you do have. Kind of minimalist hood there is. Though a single pull of adjust ability so. You can adjust that fit slightly draw. That in a bit closer it is a full. Zippered jacket so nice access getting. In and out of the jacket nice touch for. A piece that's weighing or less than 4 ounces there is one small pocket here on. The hoody it's set high on the chest so you can skim keep valuables kind of close at. Hand streamline tucked away that as well. Doubles as the stuff sack for the. Houdini the patagonia men's Houdini. Jacket kenge is the great lightweight. Packable option for aerobic activities. Almost a must-have piece for trail. Runners for cyclists so for anyone looking for something just to tuck away in case you need that little bit of extra protection in the back country. You.

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    Arc'teryx Alpha SL Jacket - Women's

    The Arc'teryx Women's Alpha SL Jacket might end up being your most important piece of gear on your climbing trips. Gore-Tex gives jacket guaranteed waterproof breathable protection while Paclite technology lets you stuff the Alpha Super Light into its included stuff sack for compact travel whether you're climbing or flying.

    Arc'teryx designed the Alpha SL with an e3D design that provides a full range of motion despite its trim fit. This jacket also features WaterTight zippers for extra waterproof protection, two-piece Hemlock inserts so the jacket won't slip once it's under your harness, and a zippered chest pocket for your headlamp.

  • Gore-Tex with Paclite technology
  • Fully taped seams
  • Trim fit with e3D, hip length
  • Helmet-compatible StormHood
  • WaterTight zippers
  • Two-piece Hemlock inserts
  • Zippered chest pocket
  • Included stuff sack with clip-in webbing loop
  • Item #ARC006M
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    The North Face ThermoBall Insulated Jacket - Women's

    Whether you're downtown window shopping during the holidays or taking an autumn backpacking trip, the Thermoball Insulated Jacket by The North Face is a perfect all around warm layer. Thermoball synthetic insulation acts like down loft retaining heat efficiently and providing excellent packability. The slim fit makes this an easy to wear midlayer and fits comfortably under a shell jacket while skiing or snowboarding. Tighten the hem cinch cord and keep the cold from making its way under the jacket. If you need to shed the layer and pack the jacket away, it easily packs into its own hand pocket for effortless storage.

  • A synthetic insulated jacket for cold days at camp or downtown
  • Thermoball insulation mimics packability and warmth retention of down
  • Slim fit easily layers under a ski jacket or shell.
  • Block out snow or cold wind with the hem cinch cord
  • Packs down and stows in hand pocket
  • Item #TNF04KD
  • My name is ali pet tit i work and materials with the north face and this is the thermoball jacket thermoball is a synthetic alternative to down that provides ultralight warmth in all conditions you can take your thermoball. Jacket into any condition it's super lightweight it's pack able its compressible and it's going to work in any situation that you find yourself in. Thermoball dries faster than down because it's synthetic and so it doesn't hold on to moisture like a natural fiber. Like a feather or a down product does. The beauty of this jacket is it so compressible you can pack it up into its own stow able pocket i think an athlete would want a thermal ball product because it is incredibly lightweight they can step it into a small space and when weight is really important it's. Going to give you that same amount of warmth for a much lighter weight than you would find with a traditional down parka type jacket this jacket features. Abound cuff and an internal hemmed raw cord. You.

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    Marmot Kodachrome Short - Women's

    Your Marmot Women's Kodachrome Shorts are ready for whatever wild adventures you and your friends have cooked up this summer. These technical shorts make a solid choice for hiking, climbing, days on the water, or even loud games of croquet in the backyard. The DWR-treated fabric dries quickly when spring showers threaten your long alpine hike, and the gusseted inseam panel allows full range of motion while you're maneuvering up a tricky route. The synthetic material breathes well and stretches comfortably and the zippered security pocket keeps your keys and cards safe while you're making memories on the trail.

  • Adventure ready shorts for the crag, trail, or lake
  • Stretch material allows you to move freely all day
  • DWR treatment dries quickly and fights off light moisture
  • Gusseted inseam further ensures a natural range of motion
  • Classic pocket layout lets you bring necessities along
  • Item #MAR01QI
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    Black Diamond Beta Shirt - Women's

    In no way shape or form is any part of any beta to look good while climbing, but it sure helps, and it's especially easy whe you're wearing the Black Diamond Women's Beta Shirt. This light and stretchy top wicks moisture and dries quickly to keep you looking fresh for the post-send beverages back home. 

  • Technical top for the gym or crag
  • Stretch fabric wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • T-back adds unique style and enhances breathability
  • Item #BLD00ME
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    Houdini DoSoli Crew Long-Sleeve Top - Women's

  • Rely on this baselayer to always deliver breathable warmth
  • Wool wicks moisture, regulates temp, and fights odor
  • Thumbloops secure your fit and defend against the elements
  • Anti-odor properties make for a great choice for long trips
  • Semi-fitted hugs the body
  • Crew neck design for versatile wear
  • Item #HOU006O
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    Black Diamond Beta Shirt - Women's

    In no way shape or form is any part of any beta to look good while climbing, but it sure helps, and it's especially easy whe you're wearing the Black Diamond Women's Beta Shirt. This light and stretchy top wicks moisture and dries quickly to keep you looking fresh for the post-send beverages back home. 

  • Technical top for the gym or crag
  • Stretch fabric wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • T-back adds unique style and enhances breathability
  • Item #BLD00ME
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    Salewa Agner Engineered DST Jacket - Women's

    From chilly approaches to frosty alpine ascents, rely on your Salewa Women's Agner Engineered DST Jacket for the warmth you need for the summit. Built with stretchy fabrication and durable, warm material, this jacket resists abrasion from sharp rocks and ice while offering breathable warmth throughout your trek.If the climb gets toasty, take off the Agner and store it in its own compression pocket for easy carrying and easy access when you get to the peak.

  • A durable softshell jacket for alpine climbing in comfort
  • Stretchy body mapping moves with you as you climb
  • Durable nylon fabrication offers tough, breathable warmth
  • Chest pockets offer easy access even with a harness on
  • Stows in compression pocket for convenient carry
  • Bluesign approved material for eco-conscious wear
  • Item #SFW0084
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    The North Face Resolve 2 Hooded Jacket - Women's

    Fend off torrential downpours with The North Face Resolve 2 Jacket. The waterproof and breathable DryVent 2L shell fabric allows sweaty vapor to escape from within, while shrugging off heinous weather on the outside. At less than 15 ounces, this jacket packs easily without weighing you down on long treks. An interior mesh lining provides a buffer between your under layers and the outer fabric, and a hem cinch cord battens down the waist. The North Face used a fully adjustable hood to round out the Resolve 2 Rain Jacket's features and ensure you stay bone-dry even in nasty weather.

  • Enjoy complete protection from the elements in this jacket
  • Waterproof, breathable two-layer fabric fights off precipitation
  • Windproof construction keeps frozen gusts at bay
  • Adjustable hood and hem customizes defense against elements
  • Zippered pockets hold smaller necessities
  • Relaxed fit encourages easy layering
  • Item #TNF02YQ
  • The woman's resolve jacket to front set. Hand pockets adjustable elastic draw. Cord hem elastic box in attached. Ingestible hood that stowe's in columns. The resolve is both waterproof and. Breathable and seam sealed to keep of the rain. The woman's resolve gently by the. Northeast.

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    Mountain Hardwear Micro Ratio Down Jacket - Women's

    Whip the Mountain Hardwear Women's Micro Ratio Down Jacket out of its pocket before you set your lead climber on belay. Its light and lofty down insulation adds warmth to brisk belays, chilly alpine environments, and cold ski resorts. Mountain Hardwear's Q.Shield Down treatment helps the down retain its lofty warmth in wet conditions. Stuff the Micro Ratio Down Jacket back in its pocket and clip it to your harness when it's your turn to climb.

  • Packable down jacket provides on-demand warmth
  • Q.Shield repels light moisture to protect down fill
  • Durable and resists wear and tear when you're in the mountains
  • Zippered hand pockets keep valuables secure and hands warm
  • Item #MHW00XT
  • So this is the micro ratio down jacket. It's got a really awesome wait to warmth. Ratio and it's a really great piece for. For layering when it's pretty cold out. I it's super pack able and it goes really. Well when layering with other base. Layers its super compressible its toes. Into its own pocket and from there you. Can stuff it in a backpack or clip onto. The back of your harness and it's pretty much the perfect piece for any scenario.

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    Black Diamond Campus Tank Top - Women's

    Nothing feels more rewarding than grabbing the starter holds of a climb you used to consider a project, lifting your legs, and hiking the thing in the Black Diamond Women's Campus Tank Top. This stretchy, light, breathable racerback tank moves with your every pull, and the built-in bra assures the support necessary for sending.

  • Technical tank top designed specifically for rock climbing
  • Built-in bra with removable pads
  • Knit fabric with stretch has a soft, breathable feel
  • Item #BLD00RU
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    Arc'teryx Sabria Short - Women's

    Featuring Arc’teryx’s most slim silhouette, the Women’s Sabria Short is a lightweight, low-profile piece that will slip easily under your backpack or harness for hiking and climbing. The Sabria is constructed from Fortius DW 1.0 fabric with four-way stretch so you can scramble and high step without restriction. Two mesh pockets, constructed with mesh to reduce weight, ensure your keys or other small items won’t fall out halfway up the pitch.

  • Shorts for hiking and climbing adventures
  • Fortius DW 1.0 is lightweight and breathable
  • Gusseted crotch for freedom of motion
  • Drawcord waist is low-profile and adjustable
  • Pockets on the thigh interface well with leg straps
  • Slim fit stays out of the way
  • Item #ARC00R4
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    Mammut Eisfeld Light SO Hooded Softshell Jacket - Women's

    Mammut built the Women's Eisfeld Light SO Hooded Softshell Jacket for towering alpine objectives, spring ski tours and ice climbing missions. This durable softshell sports a stretchy and breathable Schoeller fabric, which dries quickly and sheds wind. The 4-way stretch lets you maneuver up tricky routes with full mobility and the coldblack treatment stops dark colors from overheating when you're climbing sun-blasted ridges. The chest pocket lets you keep a snack or camera close at hand to document your epic weekend endeavor and the drawstring hem seals out the elements from below when the wind picks up.

  • A softshell jacket for alpine missions
  • Schoeller fabric is stretchy and durable
  • Ecorepel treatment repels dirt and water
  • Coldblack treatment stops dark colors from overheating
  • Storm-proof hood is helmet-compatible
  • Chest pocket is easy to access with a harness
  • Drawstring hem seals out the wind
  • Item #MAM00Y2
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    Patagonia Venga Rock Pant - Women's

    If you ever find yourself climbing in Mallorca, Spain, and people are yelling, "Venga," at you over and over, it isn't because you're wearing the Patagonia Women's Venga Rock Pant. It's because they want you to send as rad-ly as this Patagonia pant does. Its organic cotton stretch blend breathes, keeps you cool, and offers a full range of motion. The Venga's climbing-specific fit includes an articulated pattern, darted knees, and a gusseted crotch so you can drop-knee, high-step, and stem your way to the top. Patagonia also added an OppoSet adjustment at the waist, drop-in hand pockets that lie flat under your harnesse, rear pockets that reinforce the pant's backside, and a right thigh pocket for a brush.

  • Organic cotton stretch blend
  • Climbing-specific fit
  • OppoSet adjustable waist
  • Drop-in hand pockets with mesh bags
  • Reinforced rear pockets
  • Right thigh pocket
  • Item #PAT00QB
  • This is the men’s Vega rock pants. They’re made with a stretchy organic cotton, and built perfectly for climbing with or without a harness. Comfort is the most important clothing feature for me. If the garment pulls or grabs in any way, . It becomes a distraction for me. So when i first put these pants on, i knew immediately they were going to be a personal favorite. The fabric is an organic cotton plain weave. It’s light, soft and stretchy, yet durable enough to withstand climbing’s daily abuses: knee bars, hip scums, and down climbs. The waist features a unique adjustable button closure. For a customized fit. The zip fly and low-profile belt loops are comfortable all day under a harness. The front hand pockets have a breathable mesh liner, . Which i find to be perfect — not too deep, not too shallow. The pockets also have bar tacks, which double as a coin catch and toothbrush holder. The two rear pockets create a reinforced seat, . For added durability as well as style. The right thigh pocket is ideally located for easy access. The pants have darted knees and a gusseted crotch. For ease of movement and a natural fit. They’re tailored to look good in any situation, and they stretch and flow with every twist, high step and widestem. The men’s Vega rock pants are perfect for dry, crisp conditions.

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    Mountain Hardwear Daisy Chain Hooded Top - Women's

    No matter where the trail, road, or climb takes you, the Mountain Hardwear Women's Daisy Chain Hooded Top is ready. The shirttail hem not only adds a sleek, stylish silhouette, but also offers extra coverage from chilly air. A hidden side pocket accommodates your keys or chapstick, while thumb loops work to keep your sleeves in place and your hands toasty. When you need a little ventilation, unsnap the front and let the air flow so you can keep moving comfortably.

  • Warm hoody that's ready for any adventure
  • Shirttail hem adds stylish silhouette and coverage
  • Hidden side pocket keeps small essentials secure
  • Thumb loops keep sleeves in place
  • Item #MHW016H
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    Marmot Kodachrome Pant - Women's

    We know it sounds strange to trade your shorts out for pants when summer rolls around, but as soon as you pull on the Marmot Women's Kodachrome Pants you'll understand. These casually-style pants are crafted from a stretchy nylon blend to move as you do, whether in the garden or on the trail, while CoolExchange technology pulls heat from your skin and actually leaves you feeling cooler by lowering your body temperature when you're adventuring in the middle of the day. Built-in UPF 50 sun-protection furthers these pants summer-ready construction, and a DWR-coating adapts to the weather when a mid-July rain shower rolls through.

  • Tech-heavy adventure pants with unassuming, casual style
  • Stretchy fabric offers flexibility and abrasion-resistance
  • DWR-treatment deflects light precipitation
  • Regular fit keeps your style on point when headed to town
  • CoolExchange tech pulls heat from skin and lowers body temp
  • UPF 50 sun-protection adds defense against UV rays
  • Inseam gusset increases range of motion
  • DriClime interior waistband ensures soft, dry comfort
  • Item #MAR01C6
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