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  Columbia Blue Magic Water Short - Men's Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Vest - Men's XCEL Axis 3/2 Full Wetsuit - Boys' Brixton Havana Trunk Short - Men's Prana Sander Board Short - Men's Billabong 2mm Absolute Comp Long-Sleeve Jacket - Men's Rip Curl Flashbomb 5/4 Hooded Chest-Zip ST Wetsuit - Men's Billabong All Day Wave LF Short-Sleeve Rashguard - Boys' Quiksilver 5/4/3 Syncro Plus Chest-Zip LFS Wetsuit - Men's XCEL Hawaii 3/2MM DryLock TDC Wetsuit - Men's Faherty Surf Stripe Boardshort - Men's Saxx Cannonball 2N1 Long Short - Men's Quiksilver 2/2 Highline Zipperless Short-Sleeve Spring Wetsuit - Men's Volcom Primo Beer Mod 20in Board Short - Men's Billabong 5mm Furnace Carbon Ultra Glove - Men's Picture Organic Detroit 19in Board Short - Men's Billabong Crossfire X Stripe Short - Men's 7TILL8 Surf 3/2 Back-Zip Fullsuit - Men's Billabong 2mm Absolute Short-Sleeve Jacket - Men's Billabong 7mm Furnace Carbon Ultra Split Toe Bootie - Men's XCEL Drylock X 4/3 Chest-Zip Wetsuit - Men's Quiksilver Highline 2.0mm Plus Long-Sleeve GBS Jacket - Men's Matuse Dante 4/3mm Hooded Full Wetsuit - Men's Hurley Advantage Plus 1/1 Jacket - Men's Mollusk Scallop Trunk - Men's Quiksilver Waterman Backwater Amphibian 20in Short - Men's Norrona Unstad 6/5 Hooded Wetsuit - Men's
  Columbia Blue Magic Water Short - Men's Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Vest - Men's XCEL Axis 3/2 Full Wetsuit - Boys' Brixton Havana Trunk Short - Men's Prana Sander Board Short - Men's Billabong 2mm Absolute Comp Long-Sleeve Jacket - Men's Rip Curl Flashbomb 5/4 Hooded Chest-Zip ST Wetsuit - Men's Billabong All Day Wave LF Short-Sleeve Rashguard - Boys' Quiksilver 5/4/3 Syncro Plus Chest-Zip LFS Wetsuit - Men's XCEL Hawaii 3/2MM DryLock TDC Wetsuit - Men's Faherty Surf Stripe Boardshort - Men's Saxx Cannonball 2N1 Long Short - Men's Quiksilver 2/2 Highline Zipperless Short-Sleeve Spring Wetsuit - Men's Volcom Primo Beer Mod 20in Board Short - Men's Billabong 5mm Furnace Carbon Ultra Glove - Men's Picture Organic Detroit 19in Board Short - Men's Billabong Crossfire X Stripe Short - Men's 7TILL8 Surf 3/2 Back-Zip Fullsuit - Men's Billabong 2mm Absolute Short-Sleeve Jacket - Men's Billabong 7mm Furnace Carbon Ultra Split Toe Bootie - Men's XCEL Drylock X 4/3 Chest-Zip Wetsuit - Men's Quiksilver Highline 2.0mm Plus Long-Sleeve GBS Jacket - Men's Matuse Dante 4/3mm Hooded Full Wetsuit - Men's Hurley Advantage Plus 1/1 Jacket - Men's Mollusk Scallop Trunk - Men's Quiksilver Waterman Backwater Amphibian 20in Short - Men's Norrona Unstad 6/5 Hooded Wetsuit - Men's
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Brand Rip Curl Billabong Brixton Hurley Billabong Faherty Billabong Picture Organic Billabong Billabong Quiksilver Waterman Quiksilver Saxx XCEL Matuse 7TILL8 Quiksilver Billabong Prana XCEL Columbia XCEL Mollusk Norrona Volcom Quiksilver Patagonia
Manufacturer Warranty limited lifetime 3 months 30 days 30 days 1 year limited lifetime 3 months - limited 1 year 1 year 1 year - 1 year limited 1 year limited lifetime - limited 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year - 5 year 90 days 1 year lifetime
Material [face fabric] neoprene, [lining] E5 Flash lining Silk Touch cotton/polyester with DWR coating Exoflex neoprene Superflex 250 neoprene Recycled polyester, cotton, DWR neoprene, Furnace Carbon Fiber lining 50% recycled polyester, 38% polyester, 12% elastane AX2 Superflex neoprene (90% neoprene, 10% nylon) [outer fabric] Glide Skin neoprene, [inner fabric] carbon fiber Furnace Quick Dry thermal lining, [core] Smart Foam Repreve (92% recycled polyester, 8% spandex), DryFlight FN Lite neoprene [face fabric]100% nylon, [liner] 77% nylon, 14% spandex, 9% polyester limestone veoprene Geoflex Boost material (neoprene, fleece lining) F'n LITE 2 (92% nylon, 8% elastane) 90% polyester, 10% elastane 73% recycled polyester, 19% organic cotton, 8% Spandex [face fabric] ultrastretch neoprene, Quick Dry Fiber, [lining] Thermo Dry Celliant 100% polyester Japanese limestone nanoprene 65% cotton, 35% nylon Naturaprene 92% polyester, 8% elastane, DWR 92% nylon, 8% elastane [body] 85% Yulex natural rubber, 15% synthetic rubber, [external face] 88% recycled polyester, 12% spandex, [lining] 100% recycled polyester
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Columbia Blue Magic Water Short - Men's

  • Lightweight shorts for adventures on the water
  • Water-repellent synthetic material dries quickly after a swim
  • Omni-Shade fabric for long days in the sun
  • Stretch fabric allows comfortable mobility
  • Surprise, water-activated print
  • Interior mesh brief for a minimalist feel
  • Item #COL01ZL
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    Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Vest - Men's

    The Patagonia Men's R1 Lite Yulex Vest eliminates the harmful impact of traditional wetsuits by replacing neoprene with Yulex natural rubber. This bio-based rubber offers the same warmth and performance capabilities of neoprene, but without requiring toxic chemicals and petroleum intensive methods. Because of this significant reduction in petroleum, Patagonia claims an impressive 80% reduction in CO2 emissions from traditional wetsuit production.

    This 1.5-millimeter vest is essential for cutting the chill of early mornings and breezy conditions. It's rated for water temps ranging from 65 to 75 degrees, making it a great addition to your warm water arsenal. The pullover design maximizes flexibility when you're paddling into the line-up and dropping into clean summer swells. Smooth flatlock seams won't chafe or irritate your skin after hours of continuous wear. There's also a rubberized waist gasket that keeps water from pouring inside and chilling your core.

  • Performance wetsuit vest sourced from natural rubber
  • Yulex natural rubber delivers sustainable warmth
  • 1.5mm thickness is best for 65 to 75°F water
  • Pullover design maximizes flexibility
  • Smooth flatlock seams eliminate chafing
  • Rubberized waist gasket keeps water out
  • Patagonia prides itself on environmental activism
  • Item #PAT01WQ
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    XCEL Axis 3/2 Full Wetsuit - Boys'

    If your little grom dreams of making it to Bells Beach one day, start them off with the Youth Axis 3/2 Full Wetsuit so they can start chasing their dream. The quick-drying fibers in the Limestone Veoprene material works to stay dry and light for longer-running performance for all-day surfing. While a thermo-lite chest enhances comfort for paddling and warmth where it's needed most, a technical feature that all ages can appreciate. And it's engineered design fits like second skin with performance stretch that makes practicing frontside cutbacks more comfortable.

  • Technical wetsuit for aspiring, young surfers
  • Limestone Veoprene is lighter and softer for more performance
  • Quick-drying fibers keep the suit lighter in the water
  • Thermo-Lite chest enhances warmth and comfort for paddling
  • Fits like second skin with performance stretch for tricks
  • Water-tight zipper at chest for easy wearing
  • Item #XCL006B
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    Brixton Havana Trunk Short - Men's

    Visiting the sun-soaked shores of Cuba? Make you have the retro-inspired style of the Brixton Men's Havana Trunk Short to match the vintage cars and colonial architecture. Of course, these soft, stretchy, and stylish shorts work just as well by your local pool or river, too.

  • Vintage-inspired trunk for style in the sun
  • Cotton-blend fabric is soft and stretchy
  • Water-repellent finish for fast-drying action
  • Back zip pocket secures small items
  • Included custom wax comb
  • Item #BRX00PH
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    Prana Sander Board Short - Men's

  • Board short built for sandy, watery adventures
  • Recycled, organic blend with DWR to dry quickly
  • UPF 50+ provides the utmost sun protection
  • Item #PRA01IG
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    Billabong 2mm Absolute Comp Long-Sleeve Jacket - Men's

    The water may be warm, but constant coastal breezes are making life in just your boardshorts pretty chilly. Add the Billabong Men's Absolute 2mm Jacket to the mix to stay comfy in the lineup without the need for a full wetsuit. AX2 Superflex neoprene and strategically-placed seams maximize mobility to keep you feeling free in the water, and wind-resistant panels at the chest and back prevent gusts from stealing all your core heat. Plus, it adds sun protection to keep you from getting burnt to a crisp on bright days.

  • A long-sleeve surf jacket adds warmth to the summer surf
  • Super stretchy neoprene provides unimpeded mobility
  • Contour collar and flatlock seams guarantee chafe-free comfort
  • Back zip ensures easy on and off if the weather changes
  • Item #BIL033H
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    Rip Curl Flashbomb 5/4 Hooded Chest-Zip ST Wetsuit - Men's

    You don't let the cold winter waters of the Oregon coast stop you from getting in on those beautiful waves. In Rip Curl's all new Flashbomb 5/4 Hooded Chest-Zip ST Wetsuit, you'll stay warm thanks to its 100% E5 flash lining. This lining is lightweight, stretchy, and most importantly, super warm to keep your entire body comfortable. Two engineered layers funnel water rapidly out of the suit while you surf so you can focus on the waves, not your shivering limbs. In addition to warmth, the Flashbomb piles on the features to keep you mobile out on the surf. In addition to the stretch lining, external aquaban tape and internal E5 flashlining tape in the arms up the durability of the suit while providing insane flexibility for unrestrictive paddling past the break.

  • Lightweight and extremely warm wetsuit for cold water surfing
  • Chest zipper style provides easy entry and exit with low-bulk
  • E5 Flash lining through entire suit delivers ultimate in warmth
  • E5 Flash lining tape in the arms provides fast drying stretch
  • External Aquaban+ tape increases the integrity of the seams
  • Magnetic stash pocket on the leg has a key loop for convenience
  • Glued and Blindstitched seams keep suit durable and flexible
  • Item #RIP00VT
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    Billabong All Day Wave LF Short-Sleeve Rashguard - Boys'

    Your kid would never head to the skatepark in a skin-tight shirt, so why would he wear one to the beach? The Billabong Boys' All Day Wave LF Wetshirt offers the same sun protection and stretchy comfort as standard rashguards, but with a loose fit that feels like one of his tees.

  • Rashguard with a loose fit for streetwear style
  • Fabric is stretchy and quick-drying
  • UPF 50+ sun protection shields skin from UV rays
  • Item #BIL035T
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    Quiksilver 5/4/3 Syncro Plus Chest-Zip LFS Wetsuit - Men's

    Designed to keep you as warm as possible while maintaining a flexible range of motion, Quiksilver used body-mapping technology to create the 5/4/3 Syncro Plus Chest-Zip LFS Wetsuit. By strategically placing different thickness layers around the main parts of the body, you stay warm where it is needed most while thinner sections at the joints are given to enhance flexibility for paddling and popping. Intuitively built to combat winter temperatures, the Syncro Plus is made with F'N Lite neoprene material reinforced with cell-rich limestone, wind and water-repellent Thermal Smoothie, and WarmFlight Far-Infrared thermal lining to generate and retain body heat. Triple glued and blind stitched seams create a bomb-proof integrity and is reinforced with Liquid Flex Seal taped seams ensure a leak-proof construction. Finished with a waterproof chest zipper, this innovative wetsuit fits and feels like wearing a glove.

  • Technically designed wetsuit to keep you warm through winter
  • Neoprene material reinforced with limestone for enhance warmth
  • Far-infrared thermal lining generates and retains body heat
  • Wind and water-resistant material keeps you protected and warm
  • Body-mapped insulation designed to create a flexible construction
  • Waterproof chest zip entry creates simple and uniform design
  • Flexible knee pads promote mobility and and provide extra protection
  • Item #QKS036Y
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    XCEL Hawaii 3/2MM DryLock TDC Wetsuit - Men's

    In chilly swells on overcast days, slip into the XCEL Hawaii 3/2mm DryLock TDC Wetsuit for high performance in the water. Its ultrastretch neoprene construction with flexible FusionWeld technology seams keeps you mobile as you paddle past the break while the back of knee flex grooves prevent uncomfortable bunching as you try out new tricks.

    In addition to being able to comfortably move on your board, the suit comes equipped with XCEL's proprietary TDC fibers that reflect your body heat back to you for added warmth that allows you to stay out longer without having to take breaks to warm up in your car. Quick dry fibers to the exterior of the suit prevent you from being bogged down while the seals at the neck, wrist, and ankles make it so you don't have to worry about losing that warm boundary layer from flushing or water surging inside the suit. Additionally, the waterproof Drylock chest zip ensures an easy dressing while still sealing out water so you can get out and get your surf on in comfort.

  • Full body wetsuit for high performance in cool water surf sessions
  • Ultrastretch neoprene construction enhances mobility while you surf
  • Quick dry fibers allow less water absorption for lightweight warmth
  • TDC lining reflects your body heat so you can stay warmer longer
  • Neck, wrist, and ankle seals minimize water intake and flushing
  • Back of knee flex grooves help to prevent uncomfortable bunching
  • Waterproof Drylock chest zippered entry provides an easier dressing
  • XCEL designs its suits to handle the demands of challenging breaks
  • Item #XCL007K
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    Faherty Surf Stripe Boardshort - Men's

    Turn back the clock this summer with the Faherty Surf Stripe Boardshort. This short blends oldschool style with newschool performance to help you enjoy the warm summer months. A lightweight cotton blend treated with DWR dries quickly so you can go from swimming to hanging in comfort while a plethora of pockets ensure you are always prepared for what comes next.

  • Retro inspired board short for recreational days on the water
  • Cotton blend with DWR is quick drying, lightweight, comfortable
  • Comfort knit strip on waist limits chaffing for everyday wear
  • Four seperate pockets keep you organized while on land
  • Drawstring and button fly create a secure fit for rough seas
  • Item #FAH005B
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    Saxx Cannonball 2N1 Long Short - Men's

    Go straight from mowing the lawn to jumping in the pool in the comfortable, hybrid Saxx Men's Cannonball 2N1 Long Short. Saxx paired a breathable, stretch, and anti-odor mesh liner with a water-resistant nylon shell to ensure lasting comfort while surrounded by saltwater, chlorine, sand, and sunscreen. The mesh liner is equipped with Saxx's BallPark Pouch for friction-free support where you need it, while the Flat Out Seams eliminate painful chafing that'd normally cut your day short. Plus, an adjustable drawcord secures a snug fit, while the moisture-wicking back waistband pulls sweat from your skin for cool, soft comfort.

  • Comfy 2-in-1 hybrid short that goes right from land to water
  • Lightweight shell is paired with stretchy mesh liner
  • BallPark Pouch gives you comfortable support where you need it most
  • Anti-odor treatment in the liner keeps funky odors at bay
  • Flat Out Seams do away with painful chafing
  • Wicking waistband with drawcord provides customizable comfort
  • Quick-draining mesh pockets won't bog you down with water
  • Fabric is fade-resistant to chlorine and salt water
  • Item #SAX0025
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    Quiksilver 2/2 Highline Zipperless Short-Sleeve Spring Wetsuit - Men's

    Now that winter conditions are starting to give way to warmer waters, it's time to break out the Quiksilver Men's 2/2 Highline Zipperless Short-Sleeve Spring Wetsuit. With its zipperless design and high-performance materials, you'll stay lighter and more mobile than ever when you're in the surf.

    FN Lite neoprene is created with more air bubbles, which not only enhances heat retention, but also shaves weight. Zippers don't stretch, so it makes sense that removing the zipper enhances mobility for a more fluid feel when you're paddling and catching waves. Red Seal Seam taping and Flush Lock 2.0 wrist and ankle seals keep cold water out when you're duck diving.

  • Light and flexible suit for mild conditions
  • Zipperless design enhances stretch and shaves weight
  • More air bubbles make FN Lite neoprene lighter and warmer
  • Red Seal Seam taped seams keep water out
  • Flush Lock 2.0 wrist and ankle seals prevent flushing
  • Ecto-Flex knee pads protect you and your board
  • Item #QKS02ZK
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    Volcom Primo Beer Mod 20in Board Short - Men's

    Say aloha to killer iconic style and lasting surf performance in the Volcom Men's Primo Beer Mod 20in Board Shorts. Crafted from a stretchy poly blend, and with a DWR coating, these board shorts let you move freely in the waves, and then dry quickly once you get out of them. Adjustable drawstrings at the waist allow you to secure an exact, snug fit, while the side cargo pocket provides easy access to an extra can of Hawaii's finest beverage.

  • Crack open a cold can of style and comfort in these boardshorts
  • Stretchy fabric dries quickly and maintains light comfort
  • Regular fit offers a full range of motion
  • Cinch fly closure provides a custom fit
  • Cargo pocket and zippered side pocket carry essentials
  • Item #VLC02MV
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    Billabong 5mm Furnace Carbon Ultra Glove - Men's

    Easier than tugging a full furnace along on a surfboard, the Billabong 5mm Furnace Carbon Ultra Glove is there with fireside warmth for your frosty fingers when you're plunged in frigid waters. Its thick 5mm neoprene keeps your hands away from the icy tide, while Furnace Quick Dry thermal lining offers next-to-skin warmth that dries and drains quickly to keep you comfortable and dry when you're out in the surf. A Smart Foam core ensures thermal retention to make sure your precious heat won't be escaping, and a high density palm print lets you keep a solid grip on your board in the water.

  • Get toasty warmth in cold waters with this wetsuit glove
  • Furnace Quick Dry lining keeps your hands warm when temps drop
  • Foam core traps the heat in so you won't lose any warmth
  • Palm grip ensures a steady hold on your board in rough waters
  • Inner lining dries and drains quickly to keep you comfortable
  • 5mm neoprene is designed for waters in the high 40's and up
  • Item #BIL02U1
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    Picture Organic Detroit 19in Board Short - Men's

    Whether you are at an overgrown beach or exploring the city streets, the Picture Organic Detroit 19in Board Short is made to blend in. Designed like casual shorts with traditional pockets, belt loops, closure, and fly, these board shorts can we be worn through town while the plant print camouflages you as you pass through jungle trails. Four-way stretch construction keeps you comfortable in and out of the water.

  • A board short to help you blend in
  • Four-way stretch construction gives you unrestricted flexibility
  • Casual-short inspired design can be worn day-to-day
  • Item #PTO001A
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    Billabong Crossfire X Stripe Short - Men's

    Half board short and half walkshort, the Billabong Crossfire X Stripe Short is perfect for those days when you can't decide if you want to hang out in town or in crystal blue water. No matter what you decide you'll be ready for it thanks to the four-way stretch fabric and quick-drying water repellent treatment. In the water your movement will be free and your shorts will be light, and out of the water you'll never have to worry about feeling soaked or soggy as you wander the boardwalk. The classic chino styling and striped design are never out of place on land or at sea, and the classic four-pocket layout gives you plenty of everyday storage for your adventures around town, including a secure zippered pocket that'll keep important items safe when you're out in the water.

  • Hybrid casual and board short for days when you're up for anything
  • Stretch fabric offers comfortable movement in and out of the water
  • Water-repellent coating provides super quick dry times
  • Open hand pockets give you easy and convenient storage
  • Zippered rear pocket keeps keys securely tucked away as you swim
  • Chino styling is versatile enough for the beach or town
  • Item #BIL030I
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    7TILL8 Surf 3/2 Back-Zip Fullsuit - Men's

    Step easily into the 7Till8 Surf 3/2 Back-Zip Fullsuit for a warm and comfortable dip into cool waters. Whether you're on the board or going for a long diving session, you'll love its handcrafted quality and easy back-entry design. An inner fleece lining keeps you warm and repels water to keep your core body temperature up while you're in the water, while four-way stretch neoprene and a large-panel design give you comfortable and unrestricted movement whether you're paddling to catch a big one or exploring new depths. The GBS seams are hand taped, with an added layer of flexible neoprene tape to ensure that a leaky suit won't send you running in just when the swell's getting good.

  • A custom brand delivers ready-made quality with this cold water suit
  • Stretchy neoprene offers uninhibited movement for long surf sessions
  • Inner fleece lining repels water and offers close-to-skin warmth
  • GBS seams are reinforced with neoprene tape to keep water shut out
  • Back-entry design for an easy on/off and broad shouldered surfers
  • Adjustable neck collar lets you easily adjust tension and fit
  • Internal batwing prevents water from sneaking in the main zipper
  • 7Till8 recommends this suit in waters between 55-62F
  • Item #VTL0003
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    Billabong 2mm Absolute Short-Sleeve Jacket - Men's

    When the swell rolls in with bad summer weather toss on the Billabong 2mm Absolute Short-Sleeve Jacket. This minimalist surf jacket helps you stay just a little big warmer without restricting movements to ensure you can get completely shacked all day long.

  • Short sleeve top built to take the chill out of your next session
  • AX2 Superflex material allows you to move easily at all times
  • Strategic seam positions provide a nonrestrictive fit
  • Short zip on lower back makes for easy on and of
  • Item #BIL033I
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    Billabong 7mm Furnace Carbon Ultra Split Toe Bootie - Men's

    Call it a sick joke played by Mother Nature, but sometimes the best waves are in the coldest waters, so when the swells are prime and staying inside simply isn't an option, reach for the Billabong 7mm Furnace Carbon X Split Toe Bootie to keep some feeling and mobility in your feet. The Furnace's 7mm neoprene offers heaps of toasty insulation and is good to go all the way down to 45F, and below, so whether it's spring runoff in the Snake River, or remote breaks in Iceland, the Furnace will help you explore and rip where others abstain. A thin vulcanized sole allows your feet to retain feeling on the board, so the booties allow the sensitivity needed to slash and shred for minutes, or hours on end. Plus, the Furnace includes a hook-and-loop ankle cinch strap that keeps the bootie snug and secure for top performance at the moments you need it.

  • Ultra-warm booties for the coldest days of surfing
  • 7mm neoprene offers serious warmth
  • Furnace Carbon Fiber liner locks in additional heat
  • Drymax watertight cuff prevents flushing
  • Vulcanized sole with split toe offers traction and board feel
  • Cut-away flex arch improves grip and control
  • Item #BIL02UC
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    XCEL Drylock X 4/3 Chest-Zip Wetsuit - Men's

    Be sure to be prepared with your Drylock X 4/3 Chest-Zip Wetsuit by XCEL Hawaii when you head out to Ditch Plains in Montauk. Japanese Limestone Neoprene is sealed together with  FusionX Tape that uses heat pressure to seal seams for a stitch-less construction and top-of-the-line performance. While quick-drying materials and technical Celliant mineral fibers work to retain body heat and dry quickly so you can stay light and warm—because you don't want to be the boardshort-wearing-jerry trying to swim in cold, atlantic temperatures. An engineered fit system works to give you an ultra-light, second-skin fit while the back-of-the-knee flex grooves prevents bunching and thoughtfully designed sleeves gives you increased range of motion for paddling and swimming. And to keep frigid waters out, so you can keep surfing longer, a glide skin collar, drylock wrist seals, and nexskin ankle seals locks out water and prevents flushing from ruining your time in the water.

  • Performance warmth for surfing the Atlantic
  • Japanese limestone nanoprene is extra light, soft, and warm
  • Celliant technology uses fiber with minerals to retain body heat
  • Waterproof zipper with magnetic closure at chest for easy entry
  • Wrist and ankle seals, glide skin collar, waterproof zipper
  • Heat pressure seam protection is stitch-free to enhance waterproofing
  • Sleeve and knee construction gives enhanced range of motion
  • Founded in Sunset Beach, Hawaii for world-class waves
  • Item #XCL005W
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    Quiksilver Highline 2.0mm Plus Long-Sleeve GBS Jacket - Men's

    Enjoy the coverage of the Quiksilver Highline 2.0mm Plus Long-Sleeve GBS Jacket during late summer or overcast day swells. This wetsuit top boasts a quick drying and comfortable F'n Lite 2 neoprene fabric and GBS seams for minimal water entry and maximum flexibility. This piece is well suited for 70° waters to provide protection against chaffing and discomfort.

  • Warm weather wetsuit top built for big swells
  • F'n Lite neoprene dries quickly after a session
  • GBS seams ease entry and maximize flexibility
  • Most comfortable in water around 70°F as a guideline
  • Slightly mock neck style traps additional heat
  • Item #QKS03JM
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    Matuse Dante 4/3mm Hooded Full Wetsuit - Men's

    Say goodbye to kook-induced zippers and the awkward struggle of squirming into your wetsuit on the beach, and say hello to the sleek and innovative Matuse Dante 4/3 Hooded Full Wetsuit. The perfect suit for your winter trek up Route 1 heading north to Canon Beach and La Push, the Dante model is constructed for individuals who seek alternatives in easy-to-use entry design.

    Constructed with eco-friendly, limestone based neoprene, the Geoflex material naturally retains body heat and provides superior insulation. Geoflex is also the most flexible material that Matuse offers, giving you ultimate range of motion while running down the beach, paddling, swimming, and surfing. Intuitively built with a butterfly collar and pull-over yoke design, this front-entry alternative offers a comfortable way to get in and out of the suit without letting water in.

  • An innovative wetsuit for the chilly winter Pacific surf
  • Geoflex material offers an incredible level of flex
  • Butterfly collar provides easy entry with minimal zippers
  • Durable, flexible SCS tape delivers soft next-to-skin comfort
  • Hooded construction increases heat retention in cold conditions
  • Item #MSJ001P
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    Hurley Advantage Plus 1/1 Jacket - Men's

    When a touch of warmth and comfort is all you need to out-paddle your buddies, the Men's Advantage Plus 1/1 Jacket keeps the sun off, the sand out, and you on top. Anatomical seams and stretchy neoprene allow natural mobility as you paddle, while slim-fitting cuffs and 1mm thick insulation trap just enough body heat to keep you out on the water longer. A loop at the hem can attach to your board shorts so the Advantage Plus doesn't ride up during an off-the-lip turn, and the form-fitting cut keeps distractions to a minimum.

  • Long-sleeve rashguard for surfing in warm water
  • 1mm thickness provides good insulation in 70-73F waters
  • Anatomical seams offer a natural range of movement
  • Flatlock stitching keep chaffing and hot spots to a minimum
  • Clean-finish water tight cuffs reduce flushing
  • Board short attachment keeps rashguard in place while you paddle
  • Form-fitting for a bulk-free advantage on the water
  • Item #HUR01OZ
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    Mollusk Scallop Trunk - Men's

    The Mollusk Scallop Trunk is made for days spent surfing, swimming, or just chilling in the sun. The lightweight cotton blend boosts comfort for long days while the shorter inseam ensures you are fitting in with modern trends and styles.

  • Stylish trunk for days spent at the beach or pool
  • Cotton blend is lightweight and comfortable
  • Shorter inseam creates a modern, stylish look
  • Drawstring in waist keeps them in place during activity
  • Item #MSK0068
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    Quiksilver Waterman Backwater Amphibian 20in Short - Men's

    From the boardwalk to the beach, the Quiksilver Waterman Backwater Amphibian Shorts tag along on all your summer adventures in modern style and water-resistant, quick-drying comfort. The Recycled Repreve fabric with DryFlight coating sheds moisture and dries quickly after taking a quick dip in the water, while also maintaining enough stretch to keep up with your more active adventures.

  • Technical hybrid shorts for days that go from land to water
  • Stretchy Repreve fabric moves with you and sheds moisture
  • Regular fit provides a modern aesthetic
  • Multiple pockets throughout stash your keys, cash, and phone
  • Item #QSE009Y
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    Norrona Unstad 6/5 Hooded Wetsuit - Men's

    The remote archipelagos of Norway and Iceland's rugged coastlines are home to some incredible surfing breaks—and some incredibly cold waters. To take advantage of these icy swells, you'll need the Norrona Men's Unstad 6/5 Hooded Wetsuit. Since Norrona hails from Norway, it's no surprise they developed the perfect solution for surfing frigid Scandinavian swells.

    It's crafted with sustainably produced Naturaprene neoprene for lightweight warmth and stretch without the guilt, and the hood features a lighter and stretchier neoprene that retains heat while allowing you to turn your head comfortably. Strategic panel placement allows optimal mobility and comfort. Liquid-sealed seams, a watertight zipper, and Tatex-printed wrists and ankles prevent water entry so you're not shocked by a cold blast of water every time you paddle out. Whether you're venturing into the far north of the Lofoten islands or seeking out undiscovered breaks in Patagonia, you'll want the Unstad 6/5 to help you brave the icy waters.

  • Warmth and protection for the coldest surfing conditions
  • Naturaprene is warm, light, and sustainably produced
  • Panel construction for natural and comfortable movement
  • Shoulder barriers prevent flushing when duck-diving
  • Adjustable hood prevents heat loss through head
  • Liquid-sealed seams prevent water entry
  • Tatex wrist/ankle seals limit water entry but allow drainage
  • Asymmetric chest zip offers comfort and mobility
  • Item #NRA00GA
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