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  Blizzard Sheeva 10 Ski - Women's Dalbello Sports Kyra 95 I.D. Ski Boot - Women's Atomic Hawx Ultra 95 W Ski Boot - Women's Lange SX 90 Ski Boot - Women's Dalbello Sports Gaia 2 Ski Boot - Girls'
  Blizzard Sheeva 10 Ski - Women's Dalbello Sports Kyra 95 I.D. Ski Boot - Women's Atomic Hawx Ultra 95 W Ski Boot - Women's Lange SX 90 Ski Boot - Women's Dalbello Sports Gaia 2 Ski Boot - Girls'
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Binding Compatibility alpine alpine alpine - alpine
Brand Dalbello Sports Dalbello Sports Lange Blizzard Atomic
Buckle Material aluminum aluminum aluminum - aluminum
Buckles 2 3 4 - 4
DIN Certified yes - ISO 5355 - ISO 5355
Flex 25 95 90 - 95
Last Width Junior Last 102mm 102mm - 98mm
Liner Super Comfort Jr. ID Now shin control, control fit, custom tongue, Thinsulate - Memory Fit 3D Gold W, 3M Thinsulate
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years 2 years 1 year 1 year 2 years
Recommended Use all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing
Shell Material PU, PA polyolefin thermoplastic polyurethane - True Flex PU
Sole DuraGrip Dura-Grip replaceable toes/heels - - dual density cantable grip pads
Claimed Weight - [single] 4lb 0.7oz - [pair, 156cm] 6lb 13oz [single, 24] 3lb 6.3oz
Thermo-moldable Liner - yes partial - yes

Blizzard Sheeva 10 Ski - Women's

Blizzard's Sheeva series is an ode to ripping chicks who spend more time in ski boots than out of them. A freeride-oriented daily driver, the Sheeva 10 is a super versatile set of planks that annihilates big terrain. The 102mm waist is slightly narrower than its burlier big sister, the Sheeva 11, so while you'll still be able to float pow turns on storm days, the Sheeva 10 also sees you through bulletproof hardpack and chundery debris.

Utilizing the Carbon Flipcore technology that skiers already know and love, Blizzard also added two layers of carbon fiberglass to their women-specific skis to maintain strength while shedding a little bit of weight. The DRT Titanal layer underfoot makes the Sheeva 10 powerful and stable while you're clocking high speeds on the hill, and the playfulness of the multi-layer wood core is just begging you to pop off side hits and pillows. These confidence-inspiring skis rip all kinds of terrain, and even though you take pride in your excessive quiver of skis, the Sheeva 10 is the only thing you'll be reaching for any time soon.

  • A hard-charging daily driver for freeriding ladies
  • Versatile 102mm waist rips up any conditions
  • Rockered profile floats like a dream in fresh snow
  • DRT Titanal layer underfoot adds stability and power
  • Multi-layer wood core is playful and responsive
  • Strong carbon fiberglass layers decrease weight
  • Sandwich construction maximizes edge grip
  • Item #BLZ002Q
  • We've taking a look at the rustle of nine for men this is the equivalent in the women's collection it's the shiva 9 another brand-new ski it is 92. Millimeters underfoot really nice. Looking free ride ski again it's got the tit anal plate here the full wood core if you're looking for a nice playful free ride ski it's very versatile on and. Off pieced this one looks really nice.

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    Dalbello Sports Kyra 95 I.D. Ski Boot - Women's

    The Dalbello Kyra 95 I.D. Ski Boot is designed for intermediate ladies or lightweight hard-chargers, all eager to shred every last inch of their local mountain. It all starts with the three-piece Cabrio Design Architecture, which employs stiff plastic in the cuff and lower shell along with a gently-flexing tongue, so you'll have plenty of lateral stiffness but a smooth forward flex that, along with the Kyra's 95 flex rating, gives you a comfortable and forgiving ride in any terrain.

    Moving on from Dalbello's signature design, the thermo-moldable My Fit liner works to fit comfortably around the bones of your foot with minimal modification. Complemented by the adjustable cuff, adjustable flex, and adjustable canting, this lets you dial in the Kyra's fit to suit your anatomy, meaning you can ski comfortably from bell to bell without stopping between runs to bring your feet back to life. Don't think all this comfort compromises performance, however, because the Kyra still features a center-balanced stance designed to handle today's new-school skis, a Dynalink rearfoot retention system that provides serious heel hold without compromising flex, and a rubber-clad sole with replaceable toe and heel lugs to make traversing slick parking lots a no-stress proposition. There's even an easy-to-use ski/hike mode switch, so you can take short hikes to powder stashes without struggling against your boots.

  • An all-mountain ski boot for resort oriented rippers
  • 95 flex offers performance for intermediate skiers
  • 102mm last is high volume for extra comfort on the hill
  • Thermo-moldable liner lets you dial in a perfect fit
  • Three-piece design provides responsive, consistent flex
  • Rocker stance enhances your power and control
  • Adjustable canting and cuff width offer personalized comfort
  • Walk-mode comes in handy on bootpacks or parking lots
  • Item #DBL003X
  • What separates id from the other pant era. In their line is the intuition liner this is going to be a fully heat. Foldable liner giving you an overlap. Tongue design so you don't have to worry about any of that tongue change tongue shifting really comfortable liner what really put this boot on them that. Was the bbf or variable volume fit it. Allows you to go from a 102 last to a. 100 last depending on how tight this. Bottom of bubble the beauty of this is once you find out where it works best. For you set it and forget it you don't have to open this to get in and out of the boot what they've done is raved the forward lean on cup allowing. You to have a more neutral athletic stance big benefit for today's modern. Skis with tip rocker some of the highlights on this boot are gonna be the. Heel inclination it's gonna let you raise or lower your heel in the boot it's gonna allow you to kind of find that perfect spot for your foot in the heel pocket you're also gonna have a ski. Hike mode and allow the cup a lot more. Range of motion whether you're hiking. Walking around the parking lot just makes it a lot more comfortable another thing they've done with the boot is added a lot of rubberized texture to. The boot again whether you're hiking walking in the parking lot taking some. Stairs at the resort not gonna have to worry about slipping on i see features dively heel retention something they've done for a while and what that is this cable and wraps around and really. Doesn't awesome job locking down the. Heal so you don't get any heel lift and just creates a great lock down fit. Without having to worry about extra hand. Step pressure.

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    Atomic Hawx Ultra 95 W Ski Boot - Women's

    Part of Atomic's Hawx collection, which features lightweight materials and the legendary Hawxs feel, the Atomic Hawx Ultra 95 W Ski Boot charges hard and won't weigh you down. It comes with slightly less stiffness than the 115 W, making it ideal for intermediate ladies or hard chargers of small stature, while the narrow last offers welcoming response for those with low volume feet. The revolutionary Prolite construction keeps the shell super light, and boasts a flex that stays consistent throughout a wide range of temperatures. Atomic added an Energy Backbone along the rear of the shell, which helps you drive energy straight from your boot into your skis.

    When you hear the term Legendary Hawx Feel, it refers to a combination of fit and balance. Memory Fit technology in the liner provides a comfortable out-of-box fit, which works in harmony with the anatomically-specific last, and it's thermo-moldable for dialing in just the right shape. Meanwhile, the ramp angle, stance, and forward lean create a balance that encourages nothing but confidence on the mountain, helping you charge down steep runs like a pro.

  • Lightweight ski boot for ripping around the resort
  • 95 flex ideal for intermediate lady skiers
  • 98 last offers a performance fit for low volume feet
  • Lightweight shell keeps you feeling fast on the slopes
  • Memory fit liner can be heat molded to create the perfect fit
  • Insulation provides low bulk warmth on cold storm days
  • Reinforced backbone enhances strength, control, and response
  • Item #ATO00CB
  • Hey guys welcome back to my channel today i am going to be reviewing well not really reviewing kind of just talking about a pair of ski boots I'm gonna be talking about them because i just got them now and it's in case you. Want to get them more you're new to skiing and you want to buy a pair of. Boots and you have no idea what you're looking for or which ones to buy and if anybody out there is wondering what they look like or kind of like the key features about them or what another person's opinion is of them that's what I'm kind of here for these are a pair. That i think will be really great especially for you beginner intermediate skier put them in the video I'm gonna be reviewing these really aesthetically pleasing atomic hawx boot i mean it's a. Really attractive looking boot i honestly i really like it I'm just very excited to talk about them. Let's get started these boots are. Extremely lightweight when i say extremely i mean i tried them on and i could kick somebody in the face and it would be extremely easy to lift it up i don't do that but yes another cool feature that this boot has is that it has insulate insulation inside and. If you don't know what that is its a insulation that you use and for example ski jackets ski pants and it's actually. Very warm so that's a really cool feature that the boot has i mean it'll definitely keep your feet warm they also have a lower cuff, so they are very. Specifically made for women it has a memory fit 3d liner which it says it. Right here in case you think for some reason it also has reshaped. Heels and ankle areas which is very good. And very comforting so the first time that you wear the boot it actually feels very nice and not uncomfortable at all and it has a heat moldable shell to. Match the shape of your foot which is also another good feature because obviously when they make a ski boot or any kind of shoe or any kind of boot out. There everybody's foot is completely different it also has a progressive shell which means that it is thicker in important zones the key zones and it's. Gonna be a lot of slimmer in every other. Area pretty much and that is what makes it so much more lightweight and i read in their website that it is actually 25%. More lightweight it also has an energy backbone it's also extremely lightweight i mentioned that already i just want to say that it's still lightweight i mean come on it's like this is my pinky so lightweight so yeah i hope you. Guys enjoyed that and i want to thank you guys for watching my video and hopefully you give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and i guess if you didn't enjoy it i mean I'm sorry. Thank you like subscribe and i hope you. Have a wonderful day.

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    Lange SX 90 Ski Boot - Women's

    The Women's SX 90 Ski Boot holds true to Lange's reputation of making hard-charging boots for high-performance skiing, but with a more accessible twist. Unlike Lange's famously stiff, narrow boots, the SX boasts a comfortable 102 millimeter last, ideal for skiers with wider feet, while the 90 flex offers a friendly, responsive feel for intermediate to advanced lady rippers who want to crush the entire mountain.

    Lange's mono-injected shell construction offers a smooth, consistent flex for powerful control of your ski, while softer plastic, strategically placed over the instep, makes it easy to get your boot on and off. Inside the shell, the thermo-moldable liner can be easily customized for a precise fit. The liner's women-specific tongue is asymmetrically shaped to evenly distribute pressure across your shin as you flex into the boot, providing more comfort and better overall control. And, Thinsulate insulation keeps your toes toasty all day so you can rip steep corduroy, dance through tight trees, and sniff out powder stashes until the chairs stop spinning.

  • Rip the resort in comfort in this all-mountain ski boot
  • Friendly 90 flex is suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers
  • Accessible 102mm last accommodates wider feet
  • Mono-injected shell delivers smooth, consistent performance
  • Softer plastic over instep makes entry and exit easy
  • Women-specific liner disperses shin pressure for comfort and control
  • Liner is thermo-moldable for precise, performance-oriented fit
  • Thinsulate insulation keeps toes warm on chilly days
  • Item #DYN006F
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    Dalbello Sports Gaia 2 Ski Boot - Girls'

    Although she's still knee-high to a grasshopper, your little girl needs a boot that will help her shred those greens in serious style. Strap the Dalbello Girls' Gaia 2 Ski Boot on her feet with ease thanks to the soft and comfy Overlap Architecture design and let the fun begin. The ratchet top buckle helps her fine-tune the fit all by herself, and a Super Comfort Jr. liner makes for happy feet all day long. Skiing with little ones involves a lot of walking to the car, the bathroom, and the snack counter, so the Gaia has replaceable DuraGrip toe and heel lugs, so you don't have to get her a new pair of boots once she's put these through the wringer.

  • A comfy boot to keep her happy during ski lessons
  • Soft 25 flex is kid-friendly
  • Junior Last fits her little feet
  • Super Comfort Jr. liner keep her feet comfortable
  • DuraGrip soles help her navigate the lodge with ease
  • Overlap Architecture design for easy entry and exit
  • Item #DBL003G
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