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It really is hard to imagine one more sport with a lot of variety of movement since rock climbing. From simple maneuvers like laybacks, fall knees, and stems towards the esoteric inventions of upside down off-width specialists, different ways can drive us in order to contort our bodies directly into all kinds of shapes. A great climbing backpack should end up being able to accommodate these types of movements.

  Gregory Jade 28L Backpack - Women's The North Face Aleia 22L Backpack - Women's Gregory Jade 28L Backpack - Women's Gregory Sula 24L Backpack - Women's Deuter Futura SL 28L Backpack - Women's Thule Stir Hiking 35L Backpack - Women's
  Gregory Jade 28L Backpack - Women's The North Face Aleia 22L Backpack - Women's Gregory Jade 28L Backpack - Women's Gregory Sula 24L Backpack - Women's Deuter Futura SL 28L Backpack - Women's Thule Stir Hiking 35L Backpack - Women's
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Access top top top, bottom top, size - top
Brand Gregory Gregory Deuter Thule The North Face Gregory
Claimed Weight 2lb 1.6oz 2lb 11oz 3lb 2oz 2 lb 1 oz [x-small/small] 1lb 9oz, [medium/large] 1lb 11oz 2lb 11oz
Dimensions 20 x 12 x 8in 19 x 12 x 8in 25 x 11 x 8.7in 24 x 11.4 x 11 in 20 x 11 x 7in 19 x 12 x 8in
Hydration Compatible 3L yes, sleeve and port yes yes hydration sleeve yes, sleeve and port
Manufacturer Warranty limited lifetime limited lifetime lifetime 25 years lifetime limited lifetime
Pockets 1 zippered main, 1 zippered padded, 2 zippered hip belt, 1 stretch front, 2 mesh bottle 1 zippered top, 1 zippered internal, 2 waist belts, 2 sides, 1 front stash 2 mesh side, 2 zippered waist belt, 1 front, 1 zippered lid, 1 internal valuable 1 front, 1 shoulder strap, 2 side water bottle, 1 internal top [external] 1 front, 2 hip belt, 1 overstuff, [internal] 1 security 1 zippered top, 1 zippered internal, 2 waist belts, 2 sides, 1 front stash
Recommended Use hiking hiking, travel hiking hiking hiking & camping hiking, travel
Shoulder Straps EVAP, EVA ventilated die-cut EVA foam Active-Fit - padded, adjustable, sternum strap ventilated die-cut EVA foam
Support/Suspension VaporSpan CrossFlo DTS, wire X frame, dynamic yoke, suspended mesh back, ventilated die-cut EVA foam, HDPE frame-sheet spring steel - NextVent CrossFlo DTS, wire X frame, dynamic yoke, suspended mesh back, ventilated die-cut EVA foam, HDPE framesheet
Volume 24L 28L (1709cu in) 28L (1709cu in) 35L (2135cu in) 22L (1343cu in) 28L (1709cu in)
Waist Belt yes yes, ventilated die-cut EVA foam padded, ergonomic yes, removable padded, adjustable yes, ventilated die-cut EVA foam
Compression - yes yes yes - yes
Material - [body] 210D nylon, 100D nylon, [base] 210D nylon, [lining] 200D embossed polyester 600D polyester, 210D nylon, PU coating 210D Robic nylon, 70D nylon [body] 100D hex square, [boot] 210D semi-dull hex dobby [body] 210D nylon, 100D nylon, [base] 210D nylon, [lining] 200D embossed polyester
Rain Cover - yes yes yes, StormGuard system - yes
Trekking Pole Carry - yes yes yes, dual - yes

1. Gregory Jade 28L Backpack - Women's


Calling the Gregory Jade 28 Backpack a daypack is an understatement; this all-season trekker handles summer ridge runs and winter ice climbs with ease. Its Crossflo DTS suspension system features a wired X-frame that stretches trampoline-like mesh tight, and there's an HDPE frame-sheet with an anti-barreling stay for sturdy support. Cushy, ventilated EVA covers the shoulder straps and waistbelt for extra comfort.

The Jade is a traditional top-loader, upgraded with a larger zippered opening for better access to gear. There are an internal sleeve and tube port for hydration reservoirs, as well as an external pocket with a removable rain cover inside.

The backpack's bottom loops attach trekking poles or ice axes, and Gregory added dual stretch side pockets for water bottles, dual waistbelt pockets for lip balm and energy gels, and security pockets both inside and out for electronics and valuables.


  • Technical daypack that goes above and beyond the call of duty
  • Robust construction ensures durability through the years
  • CrossFlo suspension system adds stable, ventilated comfort
  • EVA foam in the shoulder straps and waist belt cushion the load
  • An integrated rain cover is removable for versatile use
  • Ice ax and trekking pole carry helps free up your hands
  • A bevy of pockets organize all of your on-trail essentials
  • Item #GRE00B3


This is the Gregory Jade 38-liter women's pack it is the perfect size for. Quick overnight trips or a long gear. Heavy day hikes it works for both. Because you can load it up to the gills with 35 pounds of gear or use them. Compression straps to convert it into a smaller pack when it's not full the back. The system is breathable so it's ideal and.

Hot humid climates and the shoulder straps adjust for the perfect fit let's. Dig into how it carries the load this. Has a free float suspension system with open-air ventilation the wireframe is. Made of alloy steel and fiberglass and. It is designed to move and flex with you as you hike there is a horizontal stay. To provide additional stability under the weight of a heavy load there's also a frame sheet for additional lightweight rigidity the shoulder straps adjust up and down the frame and the pack comes in.

Two torso sizes so you can find the perfect fit the foam and the shoulder. Straps and the hip belt is supportive and the major contact points on yours. Lumbar area hip bones and the top of. Your shoulders are cushioned for comfort.

Gregory's 3d comfort cradle system hugs. Around your lower back to give even distribution of weight it lessens the. Chance of hot spots and makes a big difference when you're carrying the pack all day long there are many accesses. Points into the pack body this is super helpful when you need to grab a piece of gear quickly and it makes packing and unpacking simpler the double zipper.

Pulls let you position an opening wherever you want so virtually nothing in your pack is out of reach if you put. Both zipper sliders at the top you can open this whole panel with one motion.

The attached lid has two pockets one up. Top that's perfect for a first-aid kit and one underneath that houses the included rain cover for quick access there's a hydration sleeve inside and a. Port to route the hose to the shoulder straps those are sold separately you can. Carry extra water on the side pockets and the stretchy panel in the front is a great place for your rain check the hip belt pockets are oversized for.

Larger smartphones and there's a convenient place to stash your sunglasses when you're hiking in and out of trees, there are compression straps. Bungees and two loops to attach gear like trekking poles or tent poles to them. Outside the areas of the pack that sees. The most wear and tear are reinforced like a double layer of fabric on the bottom and an extra durable material on. The corners of the frame are great. Option for long day hikes or quick.

Overnight backpacking trips it's the Gregory Jade 38-litre women's. Pack for the full specs and latest price. Click the link in the description subscribe to stay tuned and follow us. For the latest in outdoor gear great deals and trail knowledge we're the gear. Specialists at backcountry edge awesome. Gear amazing service sees you on the. Trail.

2. The North Face Aleia 22L Backpack - Women's


Seek cooler temperatures in higher altitudes this summer with all your hiking essentials packed in The North Face Women's Alexa 22 Backpack. This technical daypack boasts The North Face's NextVent back panel, which uses suspended mesh to assure ample airflow while still providing plenty of stability when you have a full pack. The Alexa also has a massive pocket configuration to organize everything from hydration reservoirs to electronics and on-the-trail essentials.


  • Technical daypack designed for warm weather hikes
  • Suspended mesh back panel amplifies airflow
  • Deep zipper access to the main compartment for easy packing
  • Internal sleeve secures hydration reservoirs
  • Massive pocket configuration organizes valuables and more
  • Item #TNF036Y


3. Gregory Sula 24L Backpack - Women's

Gregory's Sula 24L Backpack is designed to be just the right size for day hikes. It has plenty of space for an extra layer, some food to fuel your adventure, 3 liters of water to keep you hydrated, and a few other odds and ends.

Its low-profile design won't throw off your balance as you scramble and boulder hop to the summit, and it features VaporSpan Ventilation and EVAP Moisture-Wicking Technology to provide airflow and pull perspiration away from you. The harness features EVA foam to absorb shock and cushion your shoulders under the load of the pack, keeping you comfortable throughout your hike.

  • Midsize, low-profile daypack for technical hikes
  • Hydration sleeve has SpeedClip integration for easy use
  • VaporSpan Ventilation maximizes airflow for your back
  • EVAP Moisture-Wicking technology keeps you cool
  • EVA foam cushions your shoulders for comfort under load
  • Sunglass QuickStow secures your shades on your strap
  • Item #GRE00B5

Let's talk about what I liked about this pack have you several taxes with. The Gregory for a day pack. I found that I can carry anything over. And above what I normally carry which is in excess and so in some people's mind. When it comes with date hiking will. Start by showing you what I carry this.

The pack is ready to measure for 24 liters. Which I found to be pretty accurate. 24 liters is way bigger than you. Really need to day hike but it really allowed me to carry the essentials. Self-preservation if I get out we get out in the backcountry I like to have things and be prepared for pretty much anything if I get stuck there I want to know that I can survive no matter what.

Kind of conditions is there are so hey we'll start by showing you this I carry my fire kit everywhere every time I go. On they would consist of some fire-making materials here I carry a pin or any logbooks I might. Run across on the trail they're lighter that's actually a butane powered jet. Lighter very reliable. And might go to item ferrocerium rod. Found very few situations that I cannot. Start a fire with a ferrocerium run they're a very effective chuckle. Atwood if you're familiar with bush crafting type skills this is an excellent fire starting material it's a just resin impregnated pine and what.

That one is and of course another blade I carry. Believe you don't have a knife here you do at home so anyway that pretty much. Covers my fire starting kit and that's. In the center all right next item I've. Got here very accessible some d all. Right here protein this is nothing more than some turkey jerky great source of. Protein and energy out there on the front, of course, the amount of food you.

Carry is going to be dictated obviously by how far and how long you're going to be gone water filter and bag I use a. 64-ounce Sawyer bag with my little mini filter excellent piece of equipment and. Stand by got to have a knife gotta have a good blade in the woods in my opinion. And I never go now that this is a more companion robust made out of 1095.

Carbon steel one of the essentials these. Knives are great they're very inexpensive one of my favorites actually. And you guys know I'm talking about here. Gotta have toilet paper well as my cook. Pot this one happens to be a little Stanley this one actually came from. Walmart comes on a very good piece of. Equipment $14 and my little go-the stove.

And watch a review on that stove on a youtube channel as well this has two. Nesting cups which are very thick hard plastic which is lightweight but. Virtually indestructible, so we really like these you can cook in this we make. Hot tea coffee you name it can be dusted and next. First aid kit this one happens to be.

Military in nature I have pretty much. Anything in here that short of combat. Lifesaver yet you know we can treat any basically any kind of cut up into stitches I can't do stitches but any. Minor injuries we can pretty much cover with that's a whole nother review in its own so we will get into that to also state I can always carry my you. Know love hammock I can't say that our.

Camping that but I do have it just in. The case I find a little too big for them. Email to be staying multiple days on them. Trail, of course, my atlas straps for you know cordage always carry good cordage. With me and that's for sure. Never know when you might need an extra. Flow in case it rains or whatnot and. Along with that express oxi like to. Carry my little small Nikon binoculars with me I just like watching wildlife and of course, you never know when you might need to see something far away so these are great these are little ten power great for the trail and of course.

Flashlights got them a little tack light here I'm. Not really sure what brand just says j5 tactical light I think I bought it online and one of the essentials to me. And the score is having a bushcraft type mindset I have my little grants poor's. Brooks mini hatchet it's absolutely one. Of my favorite tools, I can pretty much do anything that I think I could do. With a knife with this tool for a. Hatchet this is razor sharp literally will shave you clean which is with a nice tool to be fine carving with it and. Split firewood with it just almost a.

The necessity to me and of course I always. Carry a thousand-milliliter water bottle at minimal this is the Nalgene brand and. I could look at that's it and you can. See on the bottom of the pack this pack has lasting points on the bottom for anything you might need and I just happen to carry by a little flex like a. The chair I need a place to fit anyway. Talking about the pack itself this seems. Excessive I know to most people as far as day hiking but it is my mom said that. With this equipment, I can pretty much encounter anything I have the tools I need to build a shelter if I want you I have enough food I have fire making the material I have a place to sleep in the hammock if I need to so I go prepare.

Water filter you know this is. How I do it this is no right or wrong way to hike it's just my way of doing it. One thing I like about this pack is this. Gregory sack is very lightweight I'm not. Sure what the spec says or we should. Look at but the pack itself is very lightweight it's very well-made you know 24 liters. Is big enough to carry all of this stuff.

And if you're not an inclusive type day. Hiker like I am then you could fit. The clothing you can put anything you want to and this is how I do this offer. Comes with a mesh suspension system that. They call their free span it was very. Nice, I found that on the trail it kept. My back nice and cool even when you know. Going up strenuous steep sections of the trail I found it very nice the pack was.

Very comfortable it fits well oh I'm 511. I weigh about 220 I'm kind of short. Waisted myself so this particular pack. Fit me very well I believe this one here. This is the men's. Okay, I believe it's just a one-size-fits-all in the day pack but I believe that this pack would fit the majority of you know your average guy say which that's kind of what I am. So very nice but I like how they have on. The waistband they have nice pockets here you can put a phone there if you.

Choose anything small knife and on both. Sides which is nice also I like the top pack that pouch. Up there you know I put some of the essentials in it a lot of times I like to carry stuff that I want to get to you really quickly like my knife you know fair socks you know toilet paper is just. A small essential up there and of course.

The main pack has had tons of room in. It how obvious if you can expand that you know it works very well it also is. Equipped with a hydro bladder you can. Fit a pretty significant water bladder. In here if you desire which is nice i. Particularly don't carry them a lot of people do guys another thing I want to. Show you is here southern a select amount or he carries a variety of. These packs this is another Gregory also this is a sailboat as well this one's an.

A team leader it's a little smaller in volume same features it doesn't have them. Expanded waist belt just because it's. Not as you're not going to carry in here as much weight on this type. This one is the world. This is also a solo 24 men's packed. Different color schemes the only difference about that's actually pretty cool anyway either I'd have to say that i. Would give that Gregory packing nine out of ten and I think yes grid dating for. The money I think retail here at the store this is a 115 so good value if you.

Look at other different brands you'll find that's very comfortable and actually maybe a little bit less expensive than some of the other brands as well the same feature-packed item nothing. I want to mention too is versus some of. The other packs that I've used as well this one has the five pouches that are. Actually big enough to fairly easily put.

A thousand-milliliter water ball in each side without compromising you're internal. Space so I found that to be very nice as well yeah anyway this has been andy with. Mossy back outdoor adventures here at southern Appalachian outdoors here picking South Carolina right on the main street can't miss it combined steve Marty and everybody here, and they'll do you right I promise. Thank you talk to you later you.

4. Deuter Futura SL 28L Backpack - Women's


From all-day adventures in the Wind River Range to minimalist overnights in the desert, the Women's Deuter Futura 28L SL Backpack keeps you well-equipped for the trail. Ergonomic, S-shaped shoulder pads self-adjust to your shoulders and neck, providing load-bearing comfort on long days, and they blend seamlessly into the equally-ergonomic, equally adjustable hip fins. Combined with ventilated back panel and spring steel support, the Futura lets you cover long-distances in the backcountry without skipping a beat.

The 28L capacity packs deep, with room for a first aid kit or extra food in addition to the usual gear, and a removable separator even gives you a spot to store your sleeping bag, where it can be reached from the bottom of the pack. Toggles and loops on the front of the pack let you tote along trekking poles or an ice ax, the included rain cover keeps your insulation dry in rainy weather, and an SOS-label provides helpful tips if you're stuck out in the backcountry longer than anticipated


  • Technical pack for day hikes or quick overnights
  • 28L offers enough space for minimalist camping
  • Breathable support system provides long-distance comfort
  • Rugged construction built to endure rough trail life
  • Sleeping bag compartment optional with removable separator
  • Integrated rain cover keeps your gear dry in the rain
  • Hydration sleeve offers storage for two or three liters
  • A myriad of pockets hold additional supplies
  • Item #DTR005Z


5. Thule Stir Hiking 35L Backpack - Women's


Thule's always been the go-to name for roof racks, hitch racks, and general cargo carrying, but it's been getting into the technical pack game, and the early results haven't been too shabby.

The new Stir Women's Hiking Pack, for example, has an innovative top-access design that combines a cinch-down opening, top storm flap, and internal zip to keep all your gear locked down and organized. As impressively, the StormGuard design features a partial hideaway rain cover that teams up with the Stir's rugged lined bottom to create a waterproof package that's still usable when it's covered up.

The Stir is both customizable and well designed due to a sliding back panel to fit different torso sizes and a removable hip belt and sternum strap to give it a more streamlined look for around-town use. A side zipper provides easy access to buried layers and pockets at the shoulder strap, front, side, and top supply convenient spots to stash your phone, water, rain shell, and snacks. There's even a dual ice ax/trekking pole carrying system so you can be prepared if things start to get technical.


  • Elastin-coated nylon fabrics
  • Easy-access cinch lid with StormGuard inner closure
  • Waterproof bottom liner and partial rain cover
  • Adjustable fit
  • Removable hip belt and sternum strap
  • Top and side access
  • Stretch shoulder strap, front, side, and internal top pockets
  • Ice ax/trekking pole attachment
  • Item #THU003K


If you're into delivering multi-pitch routes, the possibilities are excellent that you've noticed the utility of the small climbing pack in order to transport the kit you will need for the day.

The combination of small plus lightweight, while still getting comfortable and durable, is usually what we're seeking regarding long days within the up and down realm.

That said, these types of bags are also convenient in everyday urban lifestyle.

Hopefully, our months associated with wearing (and hauling) these types of bags up rock confronts has produced an evaluation that will prove useful in your search regarding a new climbing daypack.