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  DAKINE Heli Pro 20L Backpack - Women's Demon United Flex-Force Pro Top Body Armor - Women's Osprey Packs Kresta 20L Backpack - Women's Ortovox Cross Rider 18L S Backpack - Women's Demon United Flex-Force Pro Short Body Armor - Women's Intuition Luxury Liner - Women's
  DAKINE Heli Pro 20L Backpack - Women's Demon United Flex-Force Pro Top Body Armor - Women's Osprey Packs Kresta 20L Backpack - Women's Ortovox Cross Rider 18L S Backpack - Women's Demon United Flex-Force Pro Short Body Armor - Women's Intuition Luxury Liner - Women's
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Brand Intuition Demon United Ortovox DAKINE Demon United Osprey Packs
Claimed Weight 7.5 oz - 1lb 13.6oz 1lb 12oz - 2lb
Material Intuition foam (closed-cell EVA foam) Lycra, mesh - 600D polyester Lycra, mesh [main body and bottom] 420HD nylon packcloth, [accent] 420D nylon mini check dobby
Recommended Use skiing - skiing, snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding, travel - backcountry touring, snowboarding, skiing

DAKINE Heli Pro 20L Backpack - Women's

The Dakine Women's Heli Pro 20L Backpack is built to carry everything you need whether you're sending it in the resort, slashing turns in the backcountry, or just kicking it at your local coffee shop. A durable 600D polyester fabric resists wear and tear from frosty chairlifts and piney tree runs, while its women-specific fit remains comfortable when you're riding and hiking. The zippered main compartment keeps your shovel and probe secure, and the two straps along the side secure the handle of your shovel when you need a little extra room inside the pack. When you're not riding, a front pocket keeps all the small things organized, and a 15-inch laptop sleeve protects your computer when you're on the move.

  • A snowboarding and skiing pack for the resort, backcountry, or heli
  • Laptop sleeve makes the pack ready to transition to work or school
  • Women's-specific design is constructed to fit feminine contours
  • Hydration compatible and bladder ready for on-the-go sipping
  • Vertical board and diagonal ski-carry hauls your gear to the drop
  • Fleece-lined google pocket lets you stash an extra pair for the sesh
  • Zippered organization pocket lets you stash gear, snacks, and extras
  • Sternum-strap whistle lets you sound off in case of emergency
  • Item #DAK012A
  • What's up benson here for tactics pork. Shop right now you are checking out the 2016 dakine heli pro 20 l it's a great. Riding pack you've got vertical board straps you got a diagonal ski carry so. If you're out on the resort if you're out around anywhere and you need to carry your snowboard your skis this pack will do it for you so your vertical. Board carry straps are these two clips right here you undo them on either side, and then they actually go across the whole pack so your board is going up and down then you've got them strapped here you also have straps right here on the bottom you can undo those and then again. Strap your snowboard to the back of your. Backpack which is rad you do have an accessory pocket right here on the front zip that open as you. Can see sleeves for phones for pencils just whatever you want to put in there it'll fit and you're good to go. Do you have a fleece lined goggle pocket. On the top, so they're your goggles in there if you've lost your goggle bag you know that your lenses aren't going to get all scratched up because you got that fleece lined pocket the way that. You carry your skis on this is actually kind of cool you've got a small pocket up here it's kind of hidden on the top this you can pull out a strap put your. Skis diagonally across your backpack. Strap that around and then on the bottom down here you've got another strap that. You can then just kind of like put your skis in there and it'll just go right across your entire pack so that's cool carry your skis if you're into skiing. And you're a two-pointer if you want to. Just carry your main compartment of stuff it opens up super big that's red. You do have a hydration compatible sleeve so you can put like a little bladder in there and then it has i guess it's just like the hose or the straw mica hose actually goes up here funnels. Out through the back of the backpack and. Then down now if you can see it within. Down one of the shoulder straps so then you can get a drink of water while you're riding so that's super cool you do have adjustable sternum straps right here and then the cool thing is if you're ever lost maybe in the back country and you need to make a lot of noise so people can find you there is a rescue whistle right here on the storm strap well into that people can find you a lot easier than you try to yell and losing your voice and then perishing in. The gold so yeah that's basically it the dakine heli pro 20 l for 2016 header and. Tactics comm you can pick one up for yourself.

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    Demon United Flex-Force Pro Top Body Armor - Women's

    Protect your upper-body integrity with the Demon Snow Women's Flex-Force Pro Top Body Armor. Constructed from Lycra and mesh for breathable four-season stretch, it features heavy-duty Sas-Tec 4mm padding at the collarbone, 3mm foam padding in the shoulders and elbows, and flexible honeycomb padding on the ribs. A removable foam back panel protects the spine and upper back, and integrates with Demon's optional neck brace and Sas-Tec chest protector for full-coverage security. Hook-and-loop forearm straps customize the fit at the elbows, and mesh panels extend from the wrist to the ribs, providing superior ventilation. With a snug, shaped fit overall, it's athletic protection without massive bulk for full range-of-motion performance.

  • Lycra with mesh panels
  • Zip-front athletic fit
  • Padded collarbone, shoulders, elbows and ribs
  • Mesh side panels
  • Neck brace compatible
  • Elbow straps
  • Item #DEM000H
  • How come guys today i want to do a. Review on the new demon flex force xd. Trio top for women and this is a. Great winter sports top whether you do in snowmobiling oh you're doing skiing snowboarding to being anything where you. Want some upper body armor some protection of that much bulk this is a. Great product for you let me go ahead and start with the cut of this is definitely a women's cut it's nice our blast cut it's going to fit your pretty. Nice and tight around the body you will have a little bit of shoulder bulk here with addie 30 but it's really not that bad this is designed to go right under as a base layer so if you're wearing the demon skin or a t-shirt or an under. Armour you put this right over the top and then you can put your jacket right over the top of this so it's designed to be a mid-layer piece there's a lot of. Custom ability with this piece right here you've got rid protection. Lexan strips right here with foam on the. Back so you have a nice hard shell on the outside and on the inside that's. Actually touching your ribs is a nice foam so you get a nice comfortable feeling now right when you get your top. The lexan strips are a bit rigid. Right here you see how they're kind of straight all you need to do is put your hand there and just bend them to the shape of your ribs and I'll go ahead and form around your ridge and feel really nice and comfortable you've got a nice key or foam pocket right here on the. Back side you'll notice on the ribs you've got two adjustable straps on this side and two on this side so you can really cinch it down the pinning on what. Your measurements are around your waist and rib area you can really cinch it. Down nicely you've got d3o on the elbows. And shoulders so that's going to get your full protection all up in here, and then we've got velcro straps on the. Elbows so depending on the length of your arms or what activities you're doing you can really velcro these down and make sure that those elbow pads are staying right on your elbows there when you need them know you've got. Over your collar bones and kind of the. Front part of your chest here you've got some basic padding there is no padding directly on the chest area on the back. Side we've got some vents up here on the. Top of the shoulders and your whole spine is protected with several layers of foam plus there's some plastic. In there some lexan you can remove that. By just opening up these different pockets here and point out the foam. Pieces with the lexan you can actually. Remove all three units here to make the. Vest a lot of lighter and if you choose to. Do that there's still a base layer of foam in there so you still have some protection if you want to or you can put it back in and zip it up and get maximum protection for yourself and that's the. Same with the ribs here you can also remove these rib pieces if you don't if you don't want to protect your ribs you can pull those out from the front and be even more lightweight so this is. The new demon women's flux horse. Xd 30 it's available now has matching. Shorts check it out thanks.

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    Osprey Packs Kresta 20L Backpack - Women's

    Arguably, there's nothing more rejuvenating than spending a day out on the skin track or boot-packing within the lift-accessed areas of the ski resort. And since more than half the battle is terrain, know that you can trust the Osprey Kresta 20 Backpack to carry your avalanche gear and necessities—without getting the way of having fun. 

    Specifically, the Kresta 20 is fashioned with a women-specific, Light Wire suspension system that when combined with the padded help belt and stabilization straps, provide a comfortable and pressure-free haul. Additionally, the thermoformed, contoured back panel sheds snow easily, and ultimately reduces the build-up of frozen precipitation. A dual-position, deployable helmet net makes carrying your melon-protector easy (when it's not in use).

    Not to mention, the Kresta boasts a horizontal snowboarding carrying feature, or if you're of the dual-planked nature, it also touts an A-frame or diagonal ski carrying design. More importantly, the Kresta has a J-shaped avalanche gear compartment, complete with dry pocket, so you're able to access your safety gear in a flash and separate other sensitive items from wet skins or damp clothing. And, last but not least, a back panel entry system enables you to access snacks or extra layers quickly, and all of the Kresta's zipper pulls, as well as buckles, are glove and mitten friendly.

  • Low-volume pack for short tours or resort jaunts
  • Volume varies slightly depending on size
  • Snowboard and ski-carrying options assure versatility
  • J-shaped avalanche gear compartment offers easy access
  • Dry pocket keeps sensitive avy gear safe from damp skins
  • Side compression straps stabilize load
  • Tuck-away ice tool loop keeps technical gear secure
  • Hydration-system compatible with insulated hose sleeve
  • Item #OSP006G
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    Ortovox Cross Rider 18L S Backpack - Women's

    Ideal for through-the-gates missions at the resort and light-and-fast backcountry tours, the Ortovox Women's Cross Rider 18 Backpack is specifically tailored to the shape and needs of female skiers and snowboarders. Slightly smaller and lighter than the men's Cross Rider, and with straps contoured to fit ladies comfortably, this low-profile pack carries all the safety tools, water, snacks, and other accessories you need for trips into the backcountry, all without weighing you down or making you feel like a pack mule.

    Because "safety first" is a very real attitude in the backcountry, Ortovox included a separate compartment for avalanche rescue gear so you can quickly access it in the event of an emergency. A stowable net holds your helmet while you skin or hike so your head doesn't get drenched with sweat on the way up. Ski and snowboard carry straps hold your shred sticks during steep stretches of hiking, while trekking pole loops hold your poles on the way down. Front and back panel access lets you quickly reach water, snacks, and extra layers, and there's also room for a hydration reservoir (not included) when you want to make things extra convenient.

  • Compact skiing and snowboarding pack
  • Ski and snowboard carry options
  • Separate safety tool compartment
  • Stowable helmet net holds brain bucket
  • Compression strap manages load
  • Ice axe and ski/hike pole loops
  • Hydration system compatible (not included)
  • Hip belt and sternum strap with emergency whistle
  • Item #ORT001G
  • This is the otter box cross rider 2020. Litre bag, and they've made lots of updates compared to previous years it's. Got everything in there that i could want to go touring with, and so we'll just take time to go through each. Of the features so first of all in our. Front pocket we have a deep pocket. Including a zippered one for all. Valuables included in there is a helmet. Net as well this is for when you've got. So many things in your bag you can attach your helmet onto the outside which will save space and mean that it's out the way in my main pocket we have. Access to the main space there's a space. For shovel and a probe and it's as well. Compatible with a water hydration system there's a hole at the top and cleverly. They've also added an insulated shoulder tube which should make sure that your water isn't going to freeze if you are miles away from civilization this main. Pocket can also be accessed from the. Back meaning it's a lot quicker to. Access any of the tools that you might need there's another little compartment. Here for any other important bits that you don't want to get lost in the main pocket when we talk about straps it's. Got the across the chest strap with a whistle it's also got a really strong. Waist strap with a really handy pocket. Here for quick access once you're touring and at the front we have all of these as well so if you've not got a lot in your backpack it's gonna help. Bring it nice and tight which makes it easier for walking obviously the. Attachment for the helmet can go on here as well there's also a strap here for ice axes, and they've also included both. A diagonal and a vertical and ski strap. Holders so depending on whether you. Prefer to have them diagonal not complete personal preference but you're not limited to one way with this backpack comes in at just. 850 grams so it's on its own with plenty of space it still. Shouldn't be too heavy by the time you filled it's a very comfortable backpack thanks to the padding that you. Can see on the back and on the side straps and on the shoulder straps so if. You are going quite far away it's going to be a really comfortable backpack it's available from many retailers including. Snow and rock in seven different colors at the price point of one hundred pounds.

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    Demon United Flex-Force Pro Short Body Armor - Women's

    Get up, dust off, and go again in the Demon Snow Women's Flex-Force Pro Short Body Armor. Lycra shorts with breathable stretch-mesh side panels, they feature low-profile hip, thigh, and tailbone Air Shield foam padding for flexible protection at speed. The tailbone pad is built with a plastic shank encased in foam for tougher coverage in all your unexpectedly sudden sit-down stops. And with a woman-specific slim fit, they'll slip unobtrusively under your ruffled skirts, mountainbike shorts, or ski or snowboard pants. Get covered for the inevitable crashes so that the only bruises will be to your ego.

  • Lycra-spandex fabric
  • Woman-specific cut
  • Mesh side panels
  • Air Shield foam padding, removable
  • Heavy-duty tailbone pad
  • Elastic waist
  • Item #DEM000I
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    Intuition Luxury Liner - Women's

    If your liners are starting to feel like they're losing a bit of their luster, throw them out and show your feet some love with the Intuition Women's Luxury Liners. For years, Intuition has been the standard in heat-moldable liners due to the fact that they're made with Intuition's own closed-cell EVA foam, which offers exceptional warmth that is lighter than most stock liners. An antimicrobial treatment along the inside of the liners helps to reduce any odor-causing microbial growth from taking hold, so you won't have to worry about them stinking up the back of your rig after back-to-back days on the mountain. 

  • Intuition foam (closed-cell EVA)
  • Tongue-style liner
  • Lace closure
  • Heat-moldable
  • Antimicrobial lining treatment
  • Item #INU0003
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