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  Bern Sawyer Goggles - Boys' Scott The Ski - Men's Bern Diablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Boys' Bern Camino Zipmold Helmet - Boys' Salomon XDR 84 Ti Ski - Men's Prior A-Star - XTC Carbon Ski - Men's Dynastar Slicer Factory Ski - Men's
  Bern Sawyer Goggles - Boys' Scott The Ski - Men's Bern Diablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Boys' Bern Camino Zipmold Helmet - Boys' Salomon XDR 84 Ti Ski - Men's Prior A-Star - XTC Carbon Ski - Men's Dynastar Slicer Factory Ski - Men's
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Brand Prior Dynastar Bern Salomon Scott Bern Bern
Claimed Weight [183] 8lb 7 oz [193] 9lb 7oz 9lb 7oz 12.8 oz [pair] 7lb 2oz [pair, 180cm] 8lb 9.6oz 15.5 oz -
Construction XTC Carbon sandwich - sandwich sandwich - -
Core aspen poplar - wood, carbon, metal paulownia - -
Dimensions [183] 131 / 123 /128mm [193] 149 / 125 / 132mm 132 / 98 / 120mm - [165cm] 129 / 84 / 112mm, [172cm] 130 / 84 / 113mm, [179cm] 131 / 84 / 114mm, [186cm] 132 / 84 / 115mm [175cm] 130 / 91 / 120mm, [180cm] 131 / 92 / 121mm, [185cm] 132 / 93 / 122mm - -
Length 183cm, 193cm 175cm, 181cm - 165cm, 172cm, 179cm, 186cm 175cm, 180cm, 185cm - -
Profile Hybrid Rocker tip and tail rocker - rocker/camber/rocker early rise tip, camber underfoot - -
Recommended Use all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing, park & freestyle skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing, park & freestyle skiing skiing/snowboarding all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing skiing & snowboarding, skating skiing, snowboarding
Turn Radius [183] 25m [193] 29m 23m - [179cm] 15m [175cm] 17m, [180cm] 18m, [185cm] 19m - -
Manufacturer Warranty - 1 year 1 year 2 years 2 year limited 1 year 1 year

Bern Sawyer Goggles - Boys'

Ideal for up-and-coming rippers and adults with smaller faces, the Bern Boys' Sawyer Goggle pairs a small-sized frame with the unobstructed visibility of a spherical lens. The spherical lens improves peripheral vision when you're negotiating crowded slopes, weaving through tight trees, and flying down bump-lined black diamonds. The ultra-plush face foam features integrated venting to keep the goggle fog- and condensation-free, especially on warmer spring days.

Each specific frame colorway comes with a lens that's best suited for either sunny bluebird days or socked-in stormy conditions. Pick up the Orange Light Mirror Lens for unobstructed visibility on those super-sunny days or choose the Yellow/Blue Light Mirror Lens for stormy conditions and night sessions under the flood lights.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Spherical lens
  • Mirrored lens finish
  • Small-sized frame
  • Integrated venting
  • Adjustable strap
  • Item #BRN001T
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    Scott The Ski - Men's

    Scott designed The Ski to be a versatile daily driver that can handle any conditions and terrain, from groomer laps to off-piste exploring to some fresh turns on a quick backcountry tour. The 91-93 millimeter waist adds to the skis do-it-all-nature by providing just the right amount of float in deeper snow without being overwhelming on hardpack. A rockered tip adds to the Ski's aptitude in all conditions, and Scott's 3D sidecut improves edge control, adds stability throughout turns, and delivers an overall playful feel.

    The Ski features a full-length paulownia core that keeps the ski light and responsive while also maintaining a smooth, consistent flex. Scott's Elliptic Sandwich construction is responsible for the torsionally stiff, powerful overall feel, which you'll enjoy whether you're ripping East Coast groomers or West Coast fluff.

  • Versatile ski for whatever terrain you point it towards
  • 91-93mm waist can handle soft snow or hardpack with ease
  • Rockered tip plows through deeper snow
  • Full-length wood core provides a smooth, consistent flex
  • 3D sidecut improves edge control and stability through turns
  • Elliptic Sandwich construction delivers exceptional torsional stiffness
  • Item #SCO00UE
  • This is scott the ski it's a brilliant. Super all-round ski for anybody from an. Intermediate level to an advanced level skier reason being the construction of the ski an intermediate level will allow. You to be quite Cruz and very easy. Turning but if you pick up the pace you. Push it a bit more you ski faster you ski more aggressively the ski construction will still allow you to get. Good grip good edge hold good stability. At speed the way this ski shape is made. It has a long tip profile at the front. Here so the contact point with the ground is much further back on piste that gives you the feeling of a more. Agile playful ski but once you ski off. Piece this longer length of ski allows. You to float through the powder it gives you a smooth cruiser feel off-piste. Scott the ski is a brilliant ski for. Anyone who wants a playful fun feeling. Ski whether you're an intermediate level. Skier or higher but the beauty of this ski is it will progress with you and it will help your skiing if you want more information please visit us at. Hillingdon or have a look on our website at ski Bartlett calm.

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    Bern Diablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Boys'

    Get rid of any worries when you send your kid out to the slopes this winter with the Bern Kids' Diablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet. This helmet features an EPS thin shell outer, so it's nice and lightweight, but still protects against impacts like a champ. Inside is an EPS hard foam designed to take a beating and keep the noggin safe. An interchangeable winter and summer liner lets your kid transition from the slopes to the skate park safely and easily.

  • EPS thin shell technology
  • ABS hard shell outer
  • EPS hard foam inner
  • Interchangeable winter and summer liner
  • Item #BRN000Y
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    Bern Camino Zipmold Helmet - Boys'

    When he's flying through the air on his board, the Bern Boys' Camino Zipmold Helmet keeps his noggin safe from potential spills, and it does so with a lightweight, comfortable design. Zipmold hard foam is lightweight without sacrificing protective functionality, and the slim shell uses a tapered construction for a better fit. The micro-fleece lined ear flaps help his ears stay warm when the north wind blows, while the adjustable chin strap prevents this lid from coming loose when he needs it the most.

  • Zipmold hard impact foam
  • Ventilated
  • Fuzzy warm earflaps
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Visor
  • Item #BRN002I
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    Salomon XDR 84 Ti Ski - Men's

    Part of Salomon's XDR series, the XDR 84 Ti Ski is a solid choice for carving every frontside run at your favorite resort. It features the same versatile all-mountain profile as its big brother, the XDR 88, with a slightly narrower waist for days when you know you're not leaving the groomers. A slight rise in the tip and tail assist with turn initiation over varied terrain, while classic camber underfoot gives you quick on-trail response. Like all the sticks in the XDR collection, the 84 features a CFX Superfiber construction, which adds power and precision without weighing you down, and it's equipped with a Ti laminate for additional stability and edge hold when you're speeding down the steeps.

  • A solid all-mountain ski for cruising the resort
  • 84mm waist underfoot excels on frontside terrain
  • Slight tip and tail rise offer versatility and control
  • Classic camber underfoot provides quick edge-to-edge response
  • Rubber layer in critical zones dampens vibrations in mixed snow
  • Carbon laminate adds stiff response to the lightweight wood core
  • Sandwich construction with full ABS sidewalls for solid edge grip
  • Item #SAL012Z
  • Hi skiers I'm jeff from ski essentials calm this is bobbed our shipping manager from skin essentials comm we are here. Today do another 2018 skier review this. Is the brand-new salomon xd re4 ti. Before we kind of get into our. Experience on the ski a little bit about this line basically it's replacing the. Salomon xdrive collection which you can. Kind of get a sense in the name of the new skis xdr there's some xdrive in. There and it takes some of the. Technology we see in the qst line which. You've seen us through a qsp 99 review. And asked us p 118 review this was the. 92 and essentially it uses a material. Called cfx super fiber which is its flax. And carbon fiber woven together uses. What they call a ti power platform which is essentially a single strip of tit anal. In the qft line and on the xt are they. Carry all that over but they take that. Cfx and the ti power platform and extend. It to the edges of the ski you can kind. Of see, it underfoot they're a little wider platform of cfx and tit anal. So new kind of front side oriented. All-mountain ski bob you spend more time on this than anybody else what was your first impression of the 20 set 2018 salomon x. Br 84 just felt very natural and my. Feeling very easy to control. From the moment i clicked in and that feeling well long holiday lovely. Something that you said while i was taking you with the cameras you uh i think you said something like you liked it as soon as you clicked in yeah I'm not so which i think says well I'd rather ski you can kind of click in and feel the quality of it right away. Now obviously more front side oriented. Then the qsd collection so we hope that. Car to turn pretty well bob you're a pretty. Big guy you carve a pretty powerful turn what you think i didn't feel i pushed it. Pretty hard i didn't feel like about at all i thought it kept up great lot of. Energy out of the tail of the turn and very easy to initiate and held that edge. Throughout it's pretty soft snow but still very impressive awesome so definitely not not a. Slouch in terms of carving no not. Remotely paige definitely is that on the. Groomers all day well and then you and i kind of in. Talking about the ski why when I've been. Looking at the tip shape quite a bit and how that corresponds to its performance. In soft snow bob and i command c in. Another video that we did together of the k2 ikonic 85 ti which came up in. Conversation as a comparison to this ski. But you thought it did a little better off piece than that ski yeah and. I think like you said due to the tip shape just kind of kept that kept the. Front of the ski up on top a little easier and i think it's you know it says. It's one millimeter narrower underfoot but couldn't really tell yeah you know. We had some natural snow on both tests and it stayed you know pretty much on. Top throughout our experience. Yeah it was a it was good very good. Yeah the days the longest day that we tested these it was pretty firm but. It was snowing really hard too, so we got a good mix of conditions that i think. You'll see in the video so pretty versatile ski i think we threw around the word. Oxymoron yeah a lot more onic something. I can't exactly remember what Solomon. Says but they say something along the. Lines of it carves and it floats which. You know is somewhat of a bold claim and. Definitely a theme in the industry right now what i think that's a good way to describe this ski does't you definitely you can throw a lot of words together that sound like oxymorons you know. Lightweight but stable I'd like to heard it said definitely quick but substantial. Wasn't know how when we threw around you so definitely a cool ski so yeah. Brand-new collection of skis its more. Than just a 84 this is the 88 behind us. And then i think it goes all the way down to a 75 with a few others. Models in between they're the 75 being. More of a price point ski an 84 and the. 88 time being the flagship models so. Definitely check them out brand-new ski to help you if you ski it. An xdrive and liked it definitely checks out the. New the new collection from salomon it's. Always exciting to see new technology working work its way into all-mountain carving ski is kind of theme over the. Past few years and, and we think Solomon's done a great job with it. And yeah that's the salomon xdr 80/40 i. Will see you on the slopes and bob liked it so much you might see him on a pair who knows.

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    Prior A-Star - XTC Carbon Ski - Men's

    Shred deep pow, pop off of pillows, and maintain control while straight lining chutes on the Prior Snow A-Star XTC Carbon Ski. This deep pow lover sports a giant 123mm or 125mm waist and generous length options to not only help keep you floating in powder but also provide a solid stompable platform for freestyle maneuvers. The directional shape and long turn radius boost control at all speeds by simplifying turn transitions and enhancing stability when going fast and straight. Furthermore the Hybrid Rocker profile mixes the float and quick control of rocker in the tip and tail with camber underfoot that can bail you out on windblown faces by providing edge hold.

  • Fat powder ski for skiers who spend all of their team off piste
  • 123,125mm waist floats in deep powder and provides a wide platform
  • Hybrid rocker profile provides pivoting control and excellent float
  • Stiff flex boosts stability at speed and reliability on edge
  • Long turn radius enhances carving and high speed stability
  • Aspen core is responsive, durable, and extremely consistent
  • XTC carbon layup cuts weight to keep you shredding all day
  • High quality sintered base gets you back to the lift with ease
  • Item #PSA002U
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    Dynastar Slicer Factory Ski - Men's

    Slice and dice through fresh snow, frontside groomers, and off of natural take offs by clicking in to the Dynastar Slicer Factory Ski. This jib friendly all-mountain ski boasts a nimble but stable 98mm waist, maneuverable and floaty rocker in tip and tail, and a medium turn radius that encourages hard charging.

    The 98mm waist can quickly go edge to edge on hard pack while still providing ample float in deep snow so that you can enjoy slashing that foot of snow you got overnight. The rocker in the tip and tail with camber underfoot creates a platform for riding all kinds of snow. The camber section underfoot can hold a mean edge on firm snow while the rocker in the tip and tail helps you float in deep powder, skip through crud, and break the edge free for quick manuevering in tight areas. To counteract this nimble feeling a medium length turn radius provides the stability and confidence you need to go fast in wide open areas.

  • Jib friendly ski for riding pow or front side terrain
  • 98mm waist is responsive and nimble while offering float
  • Tip and Tail rocker boosts float and pivoting control
  • Medium length turn radius is stable at speed and easy to control
  • Poplar core is poppy and responsive for powerful jibbing and riding
  • Full length sidewalls provide a durable and damp ride
  • Item #DYN005Z
  • The slicer from dynastar so skis got. Full wood core which is beefed up underfoot to give you the power stability where you need it especially when you charge in hitting big kickers anything like that but with the spring fall or spring blade technology it mills. Out into the tip and the tail which makes it really nice and playful really soft and really nice and buttery easy to get so this ski is definitely someone. Who wants to be on a freestyler and take. It skis but wants to be skiing the whole mountain not limiting yourself to the park and pipe you can scare in the park cause it's light enough and swing weights really low so you can still do that but it's really nice all around the. Mountain yeah definitely more freestyle orientated around all mountain ski. Summary this ski is really good. Fun surprisingly good fun all around the mountain loads of playing it really buttery and fun super rad You.

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