Best 7 discount Fly Fishing Essentials for Men

Top 7 fly fishing sunglasses

Glasses from our range have all the necessary features that will make them a fantastic option for fishing with sunglasses.

  1. First, they all have a sleek design with solid temples that will protect you from sunlight and various factors from water.
  2. Secondly, sunglasses usually do not slip on the nose, temples and nose pads.

As a result, rubberized material ensures that these sunglasses never fall on a hectic day on the water. Experience maximum comfort, lightness and optical clarity on a boat with a pair of sunglasses from our experts.

  Oakley Fives Squared Prizm Sunglasses - Men's Smith Guide's Choice ChromaPop+ Polarized Sunglasses - Men's Costa Blackfin 580P Polarized Sunglasses - Men's Oakley Fuel Cell Prizm Sunglasses - Men's Oakley Twoface XL Prizm Polarized Sunglasses - Men's Smith Survey Sunglasses - Men's Smith Highwater ChromaPop+ Polarized Sunglasses - Men's Smith Survey Sunglasses - Men's
  Oakley Fives Squared Prizm Sunglasses - Men's Smith Guide's Choice ChromaPop+ Polarized Sunglasses - Men's Costa Blackfin 580P Polarized Sunglasses - Men's Oakley Fuel Cell Prizm Sunglasses - Men's Oakley Twoface XL Prizm Polarized Sunglasses - Men's Smith Survey Sunglasses - Men's Smith Highwater ChromaPop+ Polarized Sunglasses - Men's Smith Survey Sunglasses - Men's
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ - - - - -
Brand Oakley Smith Oakley Oakley Smith Smith Smith Costa
Face Size medium medium medium medium/large large medium medium to large large
Frame O Matter Evolve O Matter O-Matter - Evolve Evolve (53% bio-based) Bio-Resin TR-90
Frame Dimensions [lens/bridge/temple] 60 / 19 / 130mm [lens/bridge/temple] 61 / 16 / 125mm [lens/bridge/temple] 54 / 20 / 133mm - 64/20/135 [lens/bridge/temple] 61 / 16 / 125mm [lens/bridge/temple] 61 / 16 / 120mm -
Lens Plutonite, Prizm Carbonic TLT - Plutonite Chromapop+ Carbonic TLT ChromaPop polarized Costa 580P polycarbonate
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year lifetime 1 year 2 year lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime
Polarized yes - yes, Prizm H2O yes yes - yes yes
Recommended Use fishing, hiking, casual casual, hiking, river fishing, saltwater fishing, Stillwater fishing fishing backpacking, casual, cross-country, hiking, mountaineering, river fishing, road cycling, road running, saltwater fishing, stillwater fishing, trail running, triathlon casual, hiking, river fishing, saltwater fishing, stillwater fishing casual, hiking, river fishing, saltwater fishing, stillwater fishing fishing, casual fishing, casual
Hinge - auto-lock integrated - - autolock stainless steel spring integral
Nose/Temple Pads - Megol - - - Megol yes, hydrophilic megol Hydrolite co-injected lining
Base Curve - - 8.75 - 8 - 8 8

1. Oakley Fives Squared Prizm Sunglasses - Men's


From trout hiding in holes and tarpon lurking in brackish waters to marlin patrolling deep, open ocean, no fish is safe from the Oakley Fives Squared Prizm Sunglasses. Designed specifically for fishing, these shades have innovative lenses that allow you to glimpse under the water more clearly than ever before.

The Shallow H2O lenses are polarized to eliminate glare on the surface of the water, and they boost green and copper hues to make it easier to find fish in hiding spots. They also keep whites bright so you spy flashes when fish strike near the surface, plus they enhance the appearance of shadows so you can spot well-camouflaged fish.

Meanwhile, the Deep H2O lenses filter out the shades of blue that can overwhelm your vision when you're miles from land. Improved color contrast boosts shades of green and red to make it easier to locate snapper and sailfish alike. Like the Shallow H2O lenses, the Deep Water versions are also polarized and enhance whites to help you spot fish flashes. However, the Deep Water versions are darker since you won't be dealing with the shadows of canopy cover, allowing you to enjoy comfortable vision under the searing open ocean sun, all day long.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Plutonite lenses
  • Prizm Daily H2O Shallow polarized
  • O-Matter frame
  • Integrated cam hinges
  • Three-Point Fit
  • 100% UV protection
  • Item #OAK01BB


All right this is my unboxing and semi. Review at the Oakley 5-squared. Now, these are brand-new Oakley glasses. That I got from the Oakley store they cost $80, and they use Oakley high. Definition optics so that's cool so yeah. Let's get into it these are the five squared model because I like the way. They looked a lot of people have them. Other the gas can and all those I wanted.

To be a little different with mine so. Yeah, let's show the glasses last first. You have a one-year warranty and a thing. To join the mailing list and then let's get. To the coolest part of the unboxing here. Now you get a nice little bag carrying. The bag I guess you could call it to transport and keep your glasses clean so. Put that down here to set them down and these are them. They look very nice.

They don't feel cheap whatsoever they feel nice plastic I don't know what kind. Of plastic, they use but I know it's really high-quality and these lenses protect all types of UV rays, so they. Will not damage your eyes whatsoever if you're in extreme sun conditions yeah. They are very good now if I put it up to the lens you can see it does not tamper. Really much with your sight of. The vision which most other glasses would do and you have the branding here of them.

Oakley logo on both sides there and you. Have the stuff on the inside about the 5-squared type model I would highly recommend. Oakley sunglasses just because of them. Quality that you get from them they are very high quality the customer service is great and this is the unboxing of the. Five squared models now this is in 2012. For their releases so this might be. Different whenever you are watching this video but yes this is for 2012, and they. Area newer version of another set of. Glasses but I do not remember the name of them and yes thank you for watching.

2. Smith Guide's Choice ChromaPop+ Polarized Sunglasses - Men's


You can't catch the fish if you can't see the fish (or so we've been told), so it's not surprising that Smith's Guide's Choice Polarized ChromaPop Sunglasses are ridiculously popular with anglers of all stripes. The ChromaPop polarized lenses are made to boost color, increase contrast, and cut glare like you wouldn't believe, so staying on the water all day won't burn your retinas, and the eight-base curve gives the Guide's Choice a snug wraparound fit that prevents rays from sneaking in the sides of your eyes.

To keep your shades stuck on your face, Smith included hydrophilic Megol nose and temple pads, premium Italian spring hinges, and even a detachable leash that'll make sure you don't spend the day trying to fish your sunnies off the sea floor.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • ChromaPop polarized lenses
  • Anti-reflective and hydrophobic lens coating
  • Evolve bio-based frames
  • Hydrophilic Megol nose and temple pads
  • Stainless steel spring hinges
  • Detachable leash
  • Item #SMI00BK


3. Costa Blackfin 580P Polarized Sunglasses - Men's


Saltwater is splashing your face while you fight to haul a trophy marlin to the boat, but your Costa Blackfin 580P Mirrored Polarized Sunglasses aren't going anywhere, thanks to the Hydrolite non-slip lining.

These fishing-optimized shades are ideal for angling on open water thanks to their large coverage and sporty wrap, as well as the glare-eliminating polarized lenses. Costa's 580 technology filters out harsh yellow light and UV blue light to make your view more crisp and clear while reducing eye fatigue so you can spot your prey in comfort.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Optimal coverage for open-water fishing
  • Lenses are lightweight and shatter-proof
  • Polarization kills glare and reduces eye strain
  • Hydrolite co-injected lining for non-slip performance
  • The large size and 8-base wrap for superior coverage
  • The frame is made with sustainable Bio-Resin
  • Item #CDM005L


4. Oakley Fuel Cell Prizm Sunglasses - Men's


Homo sapiens has been fighting water-borne glare for millennia, probably, but Oakley's finally solved that particular problem with the Fuel Cell Prizm Sunglasses. Oakley's HDPolarized lenses filter out 99% of reflected glare, so you can spot wee fishies way down at the bottom of the bay, and the Prizm optics are finely tuned to provide precise colors and killer contrast, so you don't spend half an hour accidentally trying to tease some coral onto your hook.

Oakley also made the lenses from its bombproof Plutonite material and the frames from O Matter, which is equally tough and lightweight for all-day comfort.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Plutonite lenses
  • Prizm lens technology
  • Polarized
  • O Matter frames
  • Item #OAK016B


Hey, guys stable cubed here today I want to talk about the Oakley fuel cell so the Oakley fuel cell is an icon in. The Oakley sunglass community because. For a lot of good reasons if you look at it came out during that time for that generation when Oakley was at its peak.

When Jim Jannard was still running the company and during that time they were coming out with a lot of frames that like people were wearing I feel like I couldn't walk around anywhere in the city without seeing a pair of fuel cells gas cans or flak jackets so this was. Just one Oakley was booming so during.

That time Oakley was coming out with a lot of names that had to do with vehicle parts like the gas can fuel cell oil rig. If I forget any other ones I'm sure I did let me know in the comments below anyway during that whole generational time so this is a classic it's been sticking around for a while I know people say that the classics are like the eye shades or like the ex metals I would still put the fuel cell in that classic bracket as well, so we're going. To look at for fuel cells today because I have a lot but I figured I'd just.

Going to show you too flashy ones and to more subdued once and then I'll let you. Two decide which one you like and then. At some point later I'll do a collection. Overview and to show you all my fuel cells but today I'm just going to focus on four so the first thing to go is but a fuel cell is it has very thick arms so. They're very streamlined arms but the arms are very thick so you're going to. Get a lot of light coverage from here. And also the top and bottom here I'll.

Try them on for you this is a custom. Pair with this supposed to look like rust but it's not really metal rust with. Fire radium and you got icons it's supposed to have that like radioactive symbol on either side slightly different. But this is a custom pair so someone of my favorite flashy ones if I want to just go around town and be as good to me.

I'm wearing something weird on my face this is a great pair for that for people to look at me the nose bridge is a good size to actually get out my nose bridge is a little bit narrower I think the most people but so here's someone who has a large nose bridge this is actually going to give you a lot of room so fuel cell is great for that also if you have a large head.

This is a good frame for that and it has. Good wrap if you look here is good rep. But it's not too extreme I like it how does it kind of like get in between reps not quite as extreme as a bat wolf but. It's not just like a whole rut were just flat either so it's kind of like a good medium so I'll show you another flat sheet here and this is a fuel cell.

Multicar with emerald lenses and this is. Really cool this is part of my favorite right now I love emerald lenses by the way in Rome like just makes everything look super cool and has it likes light blue hue to everything so everything just looks calmer and fresher I love. How this multi-cam has like a standout look to it but it's also kind of subdued in a way and while being flashy also if you like the multi-cam look it's in right now so this is really this is a really cool pair so something I want to talk about is comparison of the fuel cell to.

The gas can so this up here is the fuel. Cells of the gas can I decided to show you guys these two because these are very close in frame style so the fuel. Cell and gas can are basically cousins of each other the reason why I picked these particular frames is they're also very close actually in the way they look they're both something called ghost text so if you look closely at this frame. Says Oakley all over it and like silver. Writing looks like someone edged it all over it or like graffiti it all over it. So that's called ghost text and this. The fuel cell has the same it actually looks. More hectic on this one if you look the. Fuel cell and gas can have almost the. Exact same weight to them but if you. Look the lenses also the same width too.

Then but the main difference is the nose bridge is a lot wider for the fuel cell and also the lens is a lot taller in the. Fuel cell the guest can also the lot boxier look and the fuel. The cell is a little bit more to the lens so again the fuel cell has a curvier lens has a taller lens and a. Wider nose bridge but the actual width of the lenses themselves are pretty similar and if you look on the sun give the arms are very similar but just like. Before just like I mentioned with the lens the gasket has a little bit more of a busting wing here and the wing for the fuels is a little bit more streamlined so I really prefer the fuel cell just we. Could have a larger head but you know.

And I also have a taller head but if the. The gas can is something that will work better for you because you have a smaller head definitely go for the gas can but if you have a larger head fuel cell right so that's a nice segue into my to more subtle phrase so I put subtle. In quotes, because then race on a guy but this isn't settled I'm going to get I have here the Oakley ghost text if you. Look at the icon it's got this eagle this red eagle with a white star and you. Don't get the blue background this is called the match sunglasses as a special. Edition and I really like these because they're subtle at the same time there.

Not you know a big fan of like even when it's subtle that you have your own unique thing going on so this kind of reminds me of like the kind of like a good all-American pair it's got the blue it's. Got the red white and blue here it's also got the crazy ghost text so I think it looks really cool but it doesn't scream out and look at me one thing to. Keep in mind is that if you see these arms here right they're really wide so.

There are some pros and cons to how. Wide these frames are so because of these. Lights are really wide you can get a lot. Of artwork on them so I think it's actually better to look at the multi cabin yet to see how much heart work you can get on them, so they had something called an artist series actually which had artwork all over these arms because it was able to fit so much pattern on it. So fuel cell is great for fitting on the pattern and for that sort of thing so if you look at the legs they're very thin so even though they're wide they're not very thick at all so when they rest on my head what I really like is because. The frame is so wide here and you.

It's also thought the pressure distribution is really well-balanced so that I feel. No pressure back here and I'm one of those people who's very sensitive to pressure here or at my temples and with. Fuel cells I hardly feel any pressure at all so this is a lightweight frame but well-balanced as well so that's the great thing about having these wide legs the drawback to it is um you're going to. Get some serious tan lines so if you.

Wear these too often because it's so thick here you're gonna look like you have like basically you're gonna look. Like that you like cyclops goggles but there's actually your tan line so yeah the tan line situation something to keep in mind you know what it looks like Cyclops from the x-men except with the tan line so the last frame I want to show you is my one of my favorites. Actually one of my favorites actually of all time it's called me Steven Murray. Edition if you look here you got the silver lines with the black polished.

The polished black frame you got like this like design here that's supposed to be. Matching his tattoo so for people who don't know Steven Murray so Steven Murray on the inside here and it says stay strong here um I really like this. Frame because it reminds me to stay. Strong for people who don't know Steven Murray's story who's a BMX biker he was really famous he injured himself, and he lost him.

Paralyzed himself and lost all feeling from the neck down just look at this. Name and youtube Steven Murray's a really inspiring guy because this guy he showed us to get out of bed now, and he's still rocking it with BMX riders he's still going out there promoting it he's still talking to kids about like you know giving them like opportunities and cabs and stuff, and he's raising awareness and money for people who have. Paralysis to help them walk again not just himself but a whole organization so.

That's great, so he's just rocking with that so whenever I wear this frame i. Think about Steve and Marie and the fact that you know he's staying strong, and he's supporting the community of people who are paralyzed or staying strong and what we're fighting to walk again or force has opportunities that they. Didn't have before so whenever I wear.

This pair I think about staying strong so this frame actually used to come with um black iridium lenses but I switched. Some chrome to make it flash a little bit more so again just to summarize fuel. Cells are great for medium to large medium-large spaces if you like this design but your head is too small I'd go for the gas cans and if you want.

To go for the shield version I'd go for the bad wolf although the bat wolf has even more wrap from the fuel cell so I'd really try it on before checking it out. If you're looking for a great classic pair with the good rep the fuel cell is for. You, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below if you liked this video hit the like button or the subscribe button thanks a lot.

5. Oakley Twoface XL Prizm Polarized Sunglasses - Men's


The Oakley Polarized Two-Face XL Prizm Sunglasses is a great pair of shades for being on the water, driving around the city, or any other situation where glare reduces your ability to see beyond refracting light. Made with Oakley's durable O-Matter construction techniques, the Twoface is burly enough to withstand regular workout, whitewater jostlings, ski runs down the mountain, or any other action-sport context where durability will serve a premium.

Plutonite lenses block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC solar rays, so you can spend all day in the sun without harming your eyes. Plus, the polarized lenses cut 99% of blinding glare, so you can make out river features, see oncoming traffic and see past the surface while trying to land a lunker.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • A polarized pair of sunglasses for sunny outdoor activities
  • XL model increase lens coverage and is good for medium to large faces
  • Prizm tech maximizes color contrast and visual clarity
  • Polarized tech cuts out 99% of glare—great for water and driving
  • Plutonite lenses filter out 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays
  • O-Matter frames are stress resistant for action-sport durability
  • Item #OAK01LL

6. Smith Survey Sunglasses - Men's


Whether you are surveying the forest, desert, or waterfront, the Survey Sunglasses by Smith gives you performance optics for your outdoor adventures. Carbonic TLT lenses are built tough with impact-resistance, water, and oil-resistant coatings, and offer 100% UV protection to give you a lens that is designed for your fast-paced outdoor lifestyle.

Lightweight and flexible frames are equipped with Megol nose and temple pads that offer a reliable grip that enhances when exposed to moisture. And with medium frame size, these sunglasses can comfortably fit while wearing a hat or helmet.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Greet the outdoors with the proper eyewear
  • Impact-resistant carbon lenses are durable for outdoor adventures
  • Nose and temple pads enhance their grip when exposed to moisture
  • Lightweight and flexible frame material is extremely durable
  • Medium frame size comfortably fits under your caps
  • Item #SMI00JI

7. Smith Highwater ChromaPop+ Polarized Sunglasses - Men's


Whether you're fishing from the safety of chest-high waders or staring off the side of a boat, the Smith Men's Highwater Chromapop+ Polarized Sunglasses want to come along. They love the process as much as you do, and are equipped to handle the fishing day from start to finish.

With Chromapop+ lenses that enhance colors to help you choose and rig the right fly, plus polarized lenses that cut through the glare of the water, you'll be seeing your fishy friends better, and therefore you'll have a better chance of catching one.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Sunglasses for wade or boat fishing
  • Chromapop+ lenses deliver enhanced colors
  • Polarized to cut through glare
  • Hydroleophobic coating sheds water and
  • Anti-reflective coating for a clear view
  • 8 base lens curve wraps around your face
  • For larger-faced individuals
  • Item #SMI00JD


When buying the best polarized fishing sunglasses, it is important to consider the typical fishing setting so that your lenses are adapted to the appropriate lighting conditions.

As a rule, if you spend your days fishing far from the shore, you can use a gray base lens with a blue mirror. For freshwater and coastal areas, you can count on lenses of amber color, pink or copper with a green mirror.

After reading our guide on how to buy the best polarized sunglasses for fishing, you can choose the most suitable for yourself.