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  Nike Essential Woven Pant - Men's Icebreaker 150 Zone Short-Sleeve Crew Shirt - Men's Ortovox 120 Cool Tec Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's The North Face Flight Better Than Naked Tank Top - Men's Salomon S-Lab 6in Short - Men's Smartwool PhD Run Light Elite Print Micro Sock - Men's The North Face Kilowatt Pant - Men's Bridgedale Trail Sport Lightweight Merino Cool Comfort Sock - Men's
  Nike Essential Woven Pant - Men's Icebreaker 150 Zone Short-Sleeve Crew Shirt - Men's Ortovox 120 Cool Tec Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's The North Face Flight Better Than Naked Tank Top - Men's Salomon S-Lab 6in Short - Men's Smartwool PhD Run Light Elite Print Micro Sock - Men's The North Face Kilowatt Pant - Men's Bridgedale Trail Sport Lightweight Merino Cool Comfort Sock - Men's
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Brand Bridgedale Smartwool The North Face The North Face Salomon Ortovox Icebreaker Nike
Manufacturer Warranty 3 years 2 years lifetime lifetime limited lifetime 2 years 1 year -
Material 42% nylon, 28% merino wool, 28% polypropylene, 2% elastane 56% merino wool, 41% nylon, 3% elastane 100% polyester, FlashDry 73% nylon, 17% polyester, 10% elastane (FlashDry-XD, DWR treatment) 4-way stretch Aerotech, DWR technology 52% merino wool, 36% lyocell, 12% nylon 83% Merino Wool, 12% nylon, 5% LYCRA Nike Flex (88% polyester, 12% spandex)
Recommended Use trail running casual, road running, trail running - casual, running, training backpacking, hiking, road running, trail running backpacking, bouldering, casual, hiking, sport climbing, trad climbing, yoga backpacking, road running, trail running road running, trail running, training
Fit - - standard standard active regular slim standard

Nike Essential Woven Pant - Men's

Whether you're trying to layer up and keep your muscles loose before the gun goes off or just stay warm on your training runs, the Nike Essential Woven Pant has the lightweight comfort and performance that you need in cooler temps. It's made of a light and stretchy fabric for free movement and a non-restrictive feel, and features tapered legs for a snug and athletic fit around the ankles. You've got multiple zippered pockets to stash cell phones and energy bars before the race, as well as side zippers at the leg bottoms for a quick on/off when it's time to head to the starting line.

  • Light and stretchy pant for all of your cool-weather runs
  • Nike Flex fabric moves with your body for comfort on the move
  • Wide adjustable waistband helps you find your perfect fit
  • Ankle zippers provide an easy on/off for chilly workouts
  • Zippered pockets let you bring along gels and nutrition bars
  • Item #NKE01SS
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    Icebreaker 150 Zone Short-Sleeve Crew Shirt - Men's

    The Icebreaker 150 Zone Short-Sleeve Crew Shirt is a next to skin layering piece that regulates body heat to keep you moving. The wool blend is lightweight and breathable while offering just enough stretch to allow for completely free movement. Meanwhile mesh panels dump excess heat as your workout progresses and flatlock seams ensure you will not have any uncomfortable chaffing while you move around.

  • Lightweight baselayer for hiking, training, and anything rigorous
  • Wool blend is stretchy, odor resistant, and breathable
  • Strategically placed mesh dumps excess heat to keep you moving
  • Flatlock seams protect against chaffing and irritation
  • Raglan sleeves and gusseted construction allow for maximum movement
  • Item #ICE00VY
  • Hola amigos bienvenidos a los análisis de traer en el río puntocom soy marios presente de la casa neozelandés ice breakers el modelo aerosoles live crew una camiseta como ya pasa con todas las. Camisetas de ice breakers construida con lana merino un 90 por ciento en este caso de lana merino a un elemento natural y que además ice breakers se encarga de darnos trazabilidad de donde ha sido sacada esta camiseta nos da exactamente la granja podemos meter el código y saber cómo ha sido y de dónde ha venido esta lana una lana la lana. Merino que es un elemento natural que nos hace sentir cómodos cuando lo llevamos que es un tacto muy natural y que a su vez la propia lana ya tiene el tratamiento antibacteriano que nos hace de alguna manera regular que no tengamos ese sudor y además es al ser un elemento natural y que viene de la oveja lo que. Consigue esta lana merino realmente es transportar muy rápido el sudor hacia la parte exterior de tal manera que nos hace sentir muy secos mientras la llevamos una camiseta que también la casa es breaker la posiciona para esos días de verano pero no para los momentos del mediodía con el máximo calor sino más bien por la mañana no salimos salimos a correr hacia algo de fresco por la mañana podemos usar muy bien está aerosol y que además el 90% de la lana. De la camiseta es lana merino pero un 10. Por ciento es nylon y este nylon lo que hace es dotarla de resistencia dotarla de que no se deforme la lana al final al ser muy fina una prenda muy fina pensada para el verano con el uso podría llegar a deformarse este 10 por ciento de nylon lo que hace es dotarla de una estructura para que siempre mantenga la forma con. La que la compramos ahora sí fijaros os enseño costuras por ejemplo aquí fijaros. Costuras alejadas de la axila siguiendo. Toda esta forma de aquí y una costura que baja en diagonal para mantener precisamente esa forma esa estructura de la camiseta desahogada elástica fijaros. De acuerdo a una camiseta elástica que nos hará sentir cómodos posiblemente de ver tenemos que la review pero está claro que nos va a hacer sentir bastante cómodos a la hora de correr y por la parte de atrás también como veis desahogada y bastante ancha alguien el. Lateral el logo de la casa es breaker aquí lo tenemos en el hombro en este. Lado de aquí y nada más la verdad es que la camiseta tiene un corte así como jaspeado un corte de un color jaspeado que la hace bastante bastante bonita a. La hora de usar la que parece incluso más de calle que no de 3 no tiene nada más simplemente lo que hay que basarse es en el tipo de material que usa en esta lana merino y en el 10% de nylon que lo que hace es mantenernos muy bien esa estructura resistencia olor. Es muy buena transpiración que es lo que tiene la lana merino en style breaker aerosoles live crew analizada por 3ra en río puntocom como siempre os animamos a seguirnos en nuestras redes sociales en nuestra web traer en red puntocom o en nuestro canal youtube hasta la próxima.

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    Ortovox 120 Cool Tec Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's

    Whether you throw on this t-shirt for a light jog after work or to hit the bars on a stuffy summer evening, the Ortovox Men's 120 Cool Tec T-Shirt will keep you cool and dry while you're out and about. Constructed with merino wool and stretchy lyocell, this shirt manages moisture and offers natural ventilation and anti-odor properties to keep you on your best game whether you're pushing for another lap around the block or you're mingling at the pub.

  • A lightweight t-shirt for staying cool while you work out or go out
  • Merino wool construction manages moisture and fights odor
  • Stretchy lycell and nylon allow this shirt to move with you
  • Pocket design dresses up this performance shirt for casual wear
  • Item #ORT009X
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    The North Face Flight Better Than Naked Tank Top - Men's

    Free the sleeves, show off your biceps, and rock the Flight Better Than Naked Tank Top by The North Face this summer. Ulta-lightweight knit jersey is made with FlashDry technology to give you quick-drying and moisture-wicking properties while you sweat it out on your sprint training. For longer pursuits, the high-back cut is intended for comfort while wearing a water pack and the anti-odor properties help you stay fresh after hours of sweating.

  • Lightweight jersey tank top for intensive training
  • Quick-drying and moisture-wicking keep you dry and comfortable
  • Anti-odor material helps you stay fresh after a workout
  • High-back design is made for comfort with a pack on
  • Item #TNF057R
  • This is the first time i really run in. The better than naked jacket for an extended period my first impressions are. It's a great jacket in terms of being. Ideal for conditions in this area in the french alps like a morning like this. Morning i went for a run and it's cool. Misty some wind and it's just perfect. Because it blocks the wind it's breathable not getting hot in it and. Your core temperature kind of stays in that ideal state or you're not sweating. But you're not getting cooled either i think to be able to regulate your core. And to be able to stay comfortable is. Really important and it's so lightweight. That when it does warm up enough that you want to strip it off you don't even realize when you tie it around the waist or stuff it in your pocket it can't even. Tell us there even when you're wearing. It's like a layer that you don't even realize is really on you the feel of the. Fabric is way different than anything I've worn before it doesn't it doesn't feel like you're your typical wind layer it's super comfy just got. Done with a nice uphill warm me up. And this layer is ideal because it's so. Light and just strip it off when you warm up a bit tire around the waist and. Go.

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    Salomon S-Lab 6in Short - Men's

    For those who are looking to go as light as possible in their running short, the Salomon S-Lab 6in Short is about as light as you can get without rocking your birthday suit. Stripped down to the basics, this ultralight short features a four-way stretch fabric that moves with you, wicks moisture quickly and effectively, and weighs about as light as a feather. The partially elasticized waistband offers a comfortable and secure fit without the hassle or bulk of a drawcord, while reflective accents keep you seen when you're running through the sunset.

  • A comfortable running short for those looking to go ultralight
  • Four-way stretch fabric moves with you for a full range of motion
  • AdvancedSkin Active Dry technology wicks moisture away quickly
  • Reflective details keep you visible on early-morning jogs
  • Quarter split on the leg seam allows for easier movement and venting
  • Partially elasticized waist saves bulk and increases comfort
  • Item #SAL01E4
  • I'm wearing Solomon's lab light jacket. Extremely pack able very lightweight it. Serves as a great emergency shall or for. Aerobic activities a great water-resistant wind resistant top the s. Lab light jacket has an active cut i. Want to make mention here I've got on a large should be wearing a medium that would be the appropriate size here it'll fit over certainly lightweight base layers t-shirts but otherwise should be. Again a fairly close fit you can wear it. Under other layers but it really is designed to be an external piece a top. Layer the s lab light jacket is available in a men's and also a women's version which I've got here in front of me now both made of that same climber. Wind fabrication extremely lightweight the men's checks in at just two and a half ounces and the women's jacket is. Even a little bit lighter and weight than that jackets fall down to pack size basically. V size so you can fit that in just about any pack pocket or even in a waist belt. A running belt something like that or lash to the exterior of a pack again so. It keeps it readily at hand despite being that lightweight it does have a full length zipper so easy in and. Out on this jacket there's just a little. Bit of fabric here behind the zipper so. It cuts down on anywhere just a little touch of comfort on the jacket it's a nice little feature some fairly. Minimalist elasticity on the cuffs and. Also at the hem of the jacket again in. Keeping with that active fit the white. Fabrication also reflective hits here on. The front and the rear of the jacket on. The back here below the neck gives it really great visibility so a nice option. For night running anywhere where any. Type of activity cycling for that matter where you do you want to be seen at the pack size the packed weight of. This jacket also makes a great backup shell or wind shirt for fast and light. Backpacking just a really nice aerobic. Offering from salomon.

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    Smartwool PhD Run Light Elite Print Micro Sock - Men's

    Smartwool created the PhD Run Light Elite Print Micro Socks to help you focus on the miles ahead, and not your feet. Crafted from a breathable merino wool blend, these socks wick sweat from your feet, circulate cool ventilation, and fight the buildup of funky odors after long miles on the road. Light Elite cushioning in the ball and heel of these socks offers shock-absorption while keeping in-shoe sock volume minimal for a bulk-free fit. Run-specific ventilation zones give your feet cool airflow where they need it, and the Virtually Seamless toe design reduces hotspots, chafing, and overall discomfort.

  • Run-specific no-show socks offer tons of comfort on the move
  • Merino wool blend wicks sweat, breathes well, and fights odors
  • Cushioning in the ball and heel give you impact-absorption
  • Mesh venting provides added breathability when you work up a sweat
  • Item #SWL01B5
  • Today we review the smart wheel woman's phd run light elite micro running socks. These currently retail for around $13. And 97 cents anyhow check the link in the description to see if there are any discounts available these are run specific fit. With a virtually seamless tell 200 needle construction provides high-density cushioning while maintaining lightweight they are made. Of 56% merino wool 41% nylon 3% elastic. These socks are like magic they are cool. And comfortable and inexplicably not itchy in the least they are very comfortable and my feet never felt cold during the rate or subsequent runs and single digits it's a snug fit comfortable but doesn't shrink so much. It's tight and squeeze after washing like some other wool socks i have owned these socks are thin enough that they. Fit fine with my summer hiking shoes like the way too material felt but it. Was too tight around my ankle overall this product rate 4.5 out of 5. Stars interested to buy this product feel free to check the link in the description for any discounts if you liked this review. Please give it a thumbs up subscribe to our channel and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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    The North Face Kilowatt Pant - Men's

    Stay charged on long and chilly runs with The North Face's Kilowatt Pant. With a four way stretch material, a gusseted inseam, and articulated knees, you've got a natural range of motion that's free from restriction. FlashDry-XD technology and Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment makes sure you have water resistance when you get caught out in the rain, and moisture wicking performance when you start to build up a sweat. You can feel comfortable heading into overgrown trails or climbing ropes for cross-training workouts with abrasion-resistant fabric that won't tear or snag.

  • A versatile exercise pant for the gym, the road, and everywhere else
  • 4-way stretch and free-moving design provides unrestricted movement
  • Water repellent treatment wicks moisture when you work up a sweat
  • Abrasion-resistant fabric protects from tears on the trail
  • Drawcord lets you adjust fit based on activity
  • Hand and rear pockets hold your valuables at the gym
  • Item #TNF03HR
  • Hey I'm adam garrett product manager for. Footwear at the north base and this is the ultra kilowatt the ultra kilowatt is. The ultimate combination of lightweight protection and superior performance and an outdoor multi-sport training shoe an innovative pbx plate and exclusive libra. Household provide lightweight support and protection without impeding natural foot movement the low profile upper with. Reinforced construction and high wear zones enhances efficiency and durability. So outdoor athletes can push their limits during every training session the beaver mount sole with articulation and full p backs plate allows for great. Snapback and flexibility as well the ultra air mesh upper with flash drive technology wicks moisture away from your feet to prevent blisters the scratch rubber toe guard provides protection while doing push-ups and leg drags. Coming in 8.1 ounces the ultra kilowatt. Is the ultimate combination of lightweight protection and superior performance the ultra kilowatt is. Available in men's and women's style.

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    Bridgedale Trail Sport Lightweight Merino Cool Comfort Sock - Men's

    The next time you head out on a warm-weather trail run, pull on the Bridgedale Trail Sport Lightweight Merino Cool Comfort Sock. It's made with a soft merino wool blend and features targeted cushioning to give you plenty of next-to-skin comfort, along with lots of breathability courtesy of the integrated ventilation throughout the sock. Merino wool also brings along some natural breathability of its own, to go along with its moisture wicking and anti-odor performance. An elasticated arch and 3D-shaped heel cup keep your foot supported and your sock in place, while Bridgedale's Thermo Fit process returns the sock to its original shape after every wash.

  • Light and comfortable sock for quick runs in warm weather
  • Soft cushioning adds impact absorption and lots of comfort
  • Sculpted ventilation keeps your feet cool on hot days
  • Merino blend wicks moisture, regulates temperature, and won't stink
  • Supportive arch and shaped heel give your sock an ideal fit
  • Thermo Fit process keeps sock from losing its shape in the wash
  • Flat Toe seams reduce bulk and irritation
  • Item #GAR005X
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