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  Carlton's Qwik Bugle Mac Daddy® Elk Call Combo Primos® Original The Can® Estrus Bleats Deer Call Flextone Headhunters Grunter Call Primos® Hardwood™ Grunter Primos® Fightin' Horns™ Sceery Special Cow Elk Call Flextone® WTF Grunt'R Deer Grunt Call Primos® Slide Bugle Replacement Reeds Carlton's West Coast Grunter Blacktail Call Rocky Mountain Calls Replacement Reed Diaphragms Rocky Mountain Calls Rock Star Elk Diaphragm Call Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Wapiti Whacker Bugle Tube Duel Double Back Grunt Call
  Carlton's Qwik Bugle Mac Daddy® Elk Call Combo Primos® Original The Can® Estrus Bleats Deer Call Flextone Headhunters Grunter Call Primos® Hardwood™ Grunter Primos® Fightin' Horns™ Sceery Special Cow Elk Call Flextone® WTF Grunt'R Deer Grunt Call Primos® Slide Bugle Replacement Reeds Carlton's West Coast Grunter Blacktail Call Rocky Mountain Calls Replacement Reed Diaphragms Rocky Mountain Calls Rock Star Elk Diaphragm Call Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Wapiti Whacker Bugle Tube Duel Double Back Grunt Call
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Carlton's Qwik Bugle Mac Daddy® Elk Call Combo

With its Infinity Latex® reed, the Mac Daddy produces foolproof bugles every time. Includes flexible tube with attached Mac Daddy mouthpiece.
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Primos® Original The Can® Estrus Bleats Deer Call

  • Estrus bleats get bucks excited – works through all phases of the rut
  • Great for calling in whitetail, blacktail and mule deer bucks
  • True Grip for sure control
  • Raised thumbhole locator
  • Primos Original “'The Can” Estrus Bleats Deer Call mimics a doe's bleats when she's in heat that signals bucks that she's ready to breed. Whitetail, blacktail and mule deer can all respond quickly and dramatically to the quivering doe estrus bleat produced by “'The Can”. The Long Can Deer Call produces longer, more intense estrus bleats to let bucks know there is a doe thats ready to be bred. An effective call during the pre-rut, rut and post-rut, and it works great for stopping bucks when they're cruising too fast for a shot. True Grip so you won't drop it in the field or from your stand. Raised thumbhole locator insures a good seal and consistent sound.

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    Welcome back to the day NIDA set channel thanks for being here today we're going to do a quick review. Some feedback and experience. That I've had in using the Primos bleeped. Some pronounce it blats can the original that's. What they refer to one as the original. Because there is a bigger version. This is my old one here as. You can see it's leaking some of the contents. That make up the baffle system the weight. This is my newer one broke in the field just a couple days ago. And before it broke. It did its job very well real quick. Some things I learned over the years. And using it is how to use. It appropriately I first started doing bleach in calling white tilt. And trying to I was doing it a little bit wrong as far as the duration of the blat sound the bleed sound. They didn't originally include the actual language instructions on how to use the bleed maybe. They did I didn't see. Iknow there's a lot of feedback from other customers. And people who bought the can. Iwent ahead and bought. One after a friend of mine swore by. Iwatched him use it in the field. It worked well I forgot. Ididn't pay attention to. He was using it and the two different sounds. That the original can would make is the short bleed which is. One to two seconds in duration which is. What you want to do that's the estrus bleed but.

    You were to tilt the cannon slowly. And leave it in the position to make the sound for a long period of time. You would make a 5 second. More bleeped sound which according to the whitetail experts not myself. You know this is I'm learning as. Igo I'm not an expert at. Any means I don't know. That much about the language of whitetail but a lot of people term. That as an alarm bleed so. You want to avoid all capitals. All bolt he'll bolt here. You want to avoid doing an alarm bleed you'll see a lot of feedback. And reviews online of guys. That didn't know, and we're using the can. And doing alarm bleeds. And wondering you know why am. Inot seeing any deer why are. They not come in that's because. They were doing the alarm which is the real long our sound.

    You want to just do a quick. One like a yeah this is the new. One I'll just demonstrate real quick there's the whole. You cover with your thumb. On the new it seems like Primos went ahead. And kind of reconfigured. It inside a little bit. Because it's it seems much harder to make a long alarm bleep with. It's like they tuned. Or timed it just does the estrous black the Astor's bleep so. Iwant to get to one in a moment my original can. You know I used to. Istarted doing it I was doing too. Many bleats too frequently probably. And then originally. Ifirst started doing them. Iwas doing too long but. Istarted doing more. Iguess reading on and watching other how-to videos on how to use the black can.

    Ilearned you know to do. One to two second bleats. And do maybe three of them. And then wait ten minutes. And do three what some would say is the appropriate application of the bleat can. Istarted doing it appropriately. Iimmediately started getting more activity in reaction to. It first time I got a little 3x3 white tail in. He came in and started scratching on a large tree took off later. That same season I called in a real nice buck for a friend. It did his job well. It really got the attention of bucks. They came in just the other day. This can hear I was using it. And hiking down a logging road big clear-cut off to the right with a draw in between. It was in the evening it was probably the last half hour of light. It was getting dark. Ithink I'll go my way back to the truck.

    Ifigured hey I want to just give a couple bleats see. What happens this is a nice little area so. Ilet out three bleats waited listened. And immediately I heard brush. And sticks cracking loud enough to. Ithought another hunter perhaps. It was above me to the right. It was real thick between. And the clear-cut I was kind of at the edge. Isaw doe moving to the side but behind her charging at. Me was a buck a nice buck. Another bleed out and his angle changed. He started just bee lining it rights at the can right at. He was about 152 yards out real thick timber between. And him again I could not get a good shot window as. Iwas moving I heard a rifle crack real loud real close but down below.

    It came from the buck darted started walking looked back looked down the draw. And started walking up again. Icouldn't get a shot. And then he bolted turns out there was a hunter about 300 yards down hill who took a shot at the buck. He saw him crossing the clear cut. Ihad seen this gentleman earlier in the day. You know greeted each other on a trail exchanged. You know flows you know seen. Anything and you know to couple those. We parted ways so he was actually down there. He took a shot missed the deer the buck. And the buck took off but. It did his job it brought a buck in unfortunately. It didn't work out for me. Ididn't get a shot the next day. It was about zero degrees. Iwas humming my hydro pack leaked. It froze solid but before. It leaked some water got down in here.

    And froze and the bleat was rendered useless. Ireally needed that morning I got frustrated. And tried shaking the ice out of. It tried to get it to work. It broke probably my fault, so I'm not going to go ahead. And try to get a return out of. Anything the bleed just broke so. And bought a new one went to look at them. And the new ones are out. And here it is so one is going to be retired. You can sail the contents leaking out of. It hopefully it's not toxic that's the stuff. That fills them up the new. Ido like the improvements. They made as it sounds like. They got it tuned a little bit better. It comes with this true grip. They call you know. This older one doesn't have. Ican kind of sea they came up with. That might go if you're in gloves. This would kind of your hand kind of slip on these. Or slip off when you're trying to do a bleep as well. One down on steep terrain logs a hillside. It would just roll and there has been times. It would roll away from.

    You weren't paying attention. One doesn't roll as well with. These nice rugged grips. Idon't know if they did. Anything to change the interior a lot but. It does seem like it's tuned better yeah. You can see that the deplete duration on these is really short. That was not the case with the old. One so I'm convinced. That Primos addressed the concerns of the consumer which was hey. This is producing an alarm bleep for guys. That don't know how to use. That well one kind of takes the thinking out of. You don't have one used to have to stop halfway. You realized how to make the right sounds. You had to kind of use. You know I guess conservatively.

    One to time it seems like. You can just tilt and go tilt. It covers the hole so. One again seems like it's tuned really well it's got the new grip the can looks a little bit. More rugged one never really had a problem. And so real quick we'll go through. You know a good bleak sequence. Or black sequence you want to pronounce. Some people do say blat. You know get out there. You get your nice little spot. You might know there's a buck somewhere. And within 100 yards you'll hear. This sound you're going to want to do. One to two second bleep. You know you can do anywhere from two to three bleeds. And then you're going to want to wait. You know set it down get your optics ready start looking around be quiet. And listen wait 10 15 minutes. Nothing happens go ahead. And throw out another bleeder too so there. You go that's the new Primos original can again.

    They do make a bigger. One supposedly makes a deeper a little bit longer bleep. However the original works for me that's why I just stuck with. It they're about 10 bucks nine dollars. One on sale this was like nine dollars. And sixty cents but. Idon't know it is out east but out west here. It seems very rare that people attempt to call in white tails which is a good thing for guys. It seems like the deer not very call shy they're not used to hearing artificial calls. And hopefully we can keep. That was so if you're out west. You hunt don't call white tails highly ineffective. It doesn't work don't use them I'm being sarcastic here. We want to keep the calls to a minimum. Idon't want to get. All the deer around. Ihunt call shy because again.

    These do seem to work very well from my personal experience. Some guys are skeptical. You know they don't think. That calling deer is effective. Idon't see why not they're in the same species of elk react. You know to Cal talks. And bugles so no idea wouldn't react to calls as well. And from my experience they've worked very well. And I've already talked about the grunt. Iused to hunt where my parents lived the first time. Iever broke out one of these HS buck Runner calls for the first grunt. Iever did on one of those brought a muley buck in a little fork mule deer but. It worked he charged in was running on a screed of rocks ups above. Ihaven't has I've had a little bit of luck grunting not as much as with the can.

    Icalled in a little whitetail the grunt. One time I did use a combination of the grunt. And a bleep to call in a larger buck. Idid not end up getting but there. You are the Primo hunting can. Ithink it's definitely a tool. That every whitetail hunter. Or mule deer hunter should give a shot try. Me for nine dollars. You really can't beat the. That minimal investment to. You know try to get deer. You might not see to come out of the brush. Or come to your position especially. If you're you know. If you're an archery hunter black-powder hunter. You need that closer distance to close them up. You might as well try to use. It so I've been very satisfied with.

    It so go ahead give it a shot let. What you think you do use. One go ahead and leave a comment below on what your experiences have been. You know share your personal stories with. It again thanks for being here for the den AG set channel appreciate. All the views and the positive feedback. That was good so get out there. You do have a good hunting season. And take care of Happy Thanksgiving.

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    Flextone Headhunters Grunter Call

  • Easy-to-use slide adjustment changes your tone with accuracy
  • Rubber hose adds depth to buck grunts, doe bleats and fawn bawls
  • Snort Wheeze chamber helps create quick, loud and aggressive sounds
  • The easy-to-use slide adjustment on the Headhunter's Grunter Call from Flextone will have you quickly changing your deer call with stunning accuracy. Rubber hose adds so much lifelike depth to your buck grunts, doe bleats and fawn bawls, you'll have the bucks beating a path to your position. Built-in Snort Wheeze chamber adds quick, loud and aggressive sounds to your buck-fooling bag of tricks. Imported.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    We got right here is new flex tone extractor is a grunt tube. And a snort wheeze all-in-one. You can also move from buck to do to foam so. You can vary your calls also it's nice and pliable so. It doesn't get damaged just a great all-around to.

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    Primos® Hardwood™ Grunter

    Adjustable to six separate positions, this call creates the various calls deer make. It is made of select hardwood.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Guys on YouTube and since first video. Iguess I'm going to do a premise hardwood printer. Because we're the next wing and up easy I've already lost the earring and my camera good so. You see the ev1 it for actress bleep s bleep. Iused to do from unique. And good and will you put your lip. You put your tongue in there. Iam stupid it makes like. You have to say like nuts movement. What are you sucking for this time. Iwas too much this side. That so that's pretty realistic. It from mom II stopped there for about fourteen dollars. He was 30 I don't care for the exact right foot okay well. It was $1299 it was $13. And a zone cents all with tax. Imean about Delbert six in. Both grunt that extra sweet. It says right here yeah singing you're on no excess bleep. And she's bleep should last about for one to two seconds Carl isle. He urgently in the contour repeat 15 to 10 to 15 minutes I'm not very so. Idon't really care okay let's get to.

    Me okay let's get to the EE in what's on. That back some pretty realistic. Iwalking premise on big new doors. And with the weak spot. You don't really need. You need to do is like. What you're out and that's my house. You didn't single truck people yeah but don't come in from New York is big lab. Iwalk inside okay I'm. Imight really need. You to fucking you I need good bow honey butter no pirate their booth next up. And let's do Dogra me who's smoking I suggest. You don't buy one there really. You got reasons he used to bring Jesse for a pack of romances. You need them me right there I'm sure. All really don't care. You just grabbed he took also straw to. You back many, but we're gonna do the check pilgrim the first day at school I've seen. This look I'll take. You to stick them down Ethan. And grow up and stuff. Ididn't know you can take. And just twist it that'd be so.

    Ididn't know that aggressive right but in ignorant a shirt. And actress on a moderate like the books make. When calling to extras coming serve. Or attention grip it's. All short about half to a second called. Me but here sit down. This right that's why I've just done. And let's see a young deer. You undo you uh aggressive cry. Iknow I'm just gonna be like a rather drunk for it so. All sound really good realistic. All right I'll see me man cool book put. It ha we're on eyeliner which seems. Me true oh and next. This video might be along might not but just like money cannabis. All the others I've got the power to Steve. You got to like Louis off like. What she's like barley. What are what you're not very got vocal.

    And well let's five. Is a little tricky book ah three on. That really why am I phone six. Ibetter take because Gareth took out in the marsh oh. Now I'll probably upload a video. When dirt bike muddying out there in the marsh so a young pioneer baron she's like is throwing money for me like get the sense very like. Because soon the team is the highest thing at school. What well she's all like okay. You know she's done her a little deer call I'm like hey. Igot her formalin I got your phone she's like get her back I'm like good man with your call. Ifuck our hair like. This I've got her phone in my pocket. It back my dear dog. Everybody are home, and she's like cam please had I'm like for about fourteen dollars. Each yeah she's like okay Cassie but your minor.

    You got a team S something I don't know but later.

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    Primos® Fightin' Horns™

    The high-tech polymer in these horns delivers the same consistency and structure as real antlers. The 14 contact points reproduce buck-fighting sounds from light sparing to an extra-loud fight. Extended handles.
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    Sceery Special Cow Elk Call

    This is one of the most effective elk calls ever made. It produces high-pitched cow and calf squeals that elk use to call and locate each other. This call is effective for all stages of the elk hunting season. Lanyard included.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Flextone® WTF Grunt'R Deer Grunt Call

  • Designed with input from the hosts of “Whitetail Freaks”
  • Makes full range of realistic deer sounds
  • Inflection Chamber Technology mimics excited or moving deer
  • Tru-Touch Buttons for doe and fawn sounds
  • Flextone designed the WFT Grunt'R Deer Grunt Call with input from Don and Kandi Kisky, the hosts of the TV series “Whitetail Freaks”. The WTF Grunt'R not only makes a full range of realistic deer sounds, but also allows those sounds to be made with maximum inflection, employing Inflection Chamber Technology to accurately reproduce the sounds made by excited or moving deer. Compressing or expanding the sound chamber makes true-to-life buck grunts. Use the Tru-Touch Buttons for perfect doe and fawn sounds. Rutting whitetail bucks are never at a standstill, and the inflection produced by the WTF Grunt'R Deer Grunt Call makes grunts as real as possible to bring bucks trotting in.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    We got right here is new flex tone extractor is a grunt tube. And a snort wheeze all-in-one. You can also move from buck to do to foam so. You can vary your calls also it's nice and pliable so. It doesn't get damaged just a great all-around to.

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    Primos® Slide Bugle Replacement Reeds

  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Use with Primos Slide Bugle Elk Call
  • Primos Slide Bugle Replacement Reeds are lightweight and affordable, so why not have a pair on hand? Use with Primos Slide Bugle Elk Call to reach out and bring bull elk in from afar. 2-pack.

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    Carlton's West Coast Grunter Blacktail Call

  • Custom maple-wood barrel and quiet, flexible tube
  • Creates soft, young grunts as well as deep, mature grunts
  • Flared end optimizes grip and control
  • Call the big boys in close with Carlton's West Coast Grunter Blacktail Call. Custom maple-wood barrel and quiet flexible tube create everything from soft, young grunts to deep, mature grunts. Flared end for enhanced grip and control. Tone and direction are easily altered by flexing the tube and cupping one hand around the end. Made in USA.
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    Rocky Mountain Calls Replacement Reed Diaphragms

    Replacement reeds by Rocky Mountain Calls fit the following elk calls: Select 'A' Bull Calling System and Pack 'A' Bull Calling System. Per 2.
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    Rocky Mountain Calls Rock Star Elk Diaphragm Call

  • Creates nasal sounds and high-pitched screams
  • Slotted-tone-top diaphragm with single .004 latex
  • Medium frame for average-sized palate areas
  • Part of the (TST) Tone Slotted Technology series, the Rock Star Elk Diaphragm Call from Rocky Mountain Call creates nasal sounds and high-pitched screams for medium to large cows and bulls. Slotted-tone-top diaphragm has a single .004 latex. Medium frame for average-sized palate areas.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Hey guys james here with black ovis comm. I just wanted to talk to you about a few more of the diaphragms today specifically wanted to talk about the rock star so the rock star is one from the tst lineup little heavier latex on. The rock star so for guys who are just. Getting started this one's going to take a little more air and tongue pressure to operate you're also going to get some deeper tones out of it so as far as. Application if I'm doing more mature cow. Sounds i like the rock star more if I'm. Trying to get a deeper tone bugle that's. A great one as well so good volume on this call really you can push it pretties hard with the volume and the tongue. Pressure that you put on it and like i said the thing that stands out to me when I'm using this call is those deeper. Tones for the cow sounds of the bowl sound so i want to blow it for you a little bit I'll do some generic cow sounds and then a few different types of bugles like allocating bugle challenge. Bugle and a lip ball so you can hear the. Differences there so that's the rock star so i think on those three you can. Hear a little bit of the differences there again that's the rock star good volume a good deep tone a little harder. To control i had a you know a few. Struggles on that even but for guys who put a lot of tongue pressure a lot of volume and want a deeper tone i would. Definitely try that rock star great one so check them out at black Hopis calm.

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    Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Wapiti Whacker Bugle Tube

  • V.E.T.T. system increases volume and clarity
  • Mouthpiece converts from 1.25” to 1.5”
  • Rubber end cap eliminates plastic vibrations
  • Bring that bull in closer with Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls' Wapiti Whacker Bugle Tube. Innovative V.E.T.T. system increases volume and clarity, so you can lure in bulls from a distance. Unique V.E.T.T. enlargement ring allows you to convert the mouthpiece from 1.25” to 1.5”. Rubber end cap eliminates plastic vibrations. Includes camo cover and lanyard.
    Length: 20”.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Hey folks i know it's January and you're. Wondering what am i doing with an elk bugle in January well I'm always. Thinking about el that's what I'm doing and a lot of you ask what is that bugle. What are those calls you guys are using when you're outcome well the calls we use are by a company rocky mountain hunting calls based in idaho and you see that we use them you. See cory Jacobson when he's on our show you see cory using them cory's nine-time world champion out call. These things work even with a guy like me but the big news for this year is. Rocky mountain hunting calls is coming out with 11 new calls this year to you. Of them our turkey calls nine of them are out calls, and they're brand-new calls to their whole lineup, and they're. Gonna do the unveiling this week at the archery tradeshow 80 a show we call it if you're their go. To booth 1 1 1 1 and talk to rocky and. Curt and the guys but if you can't be there go online to bugling bolcom look. Around and if you want to see what dealers have these calls it's pretty. Easy just click on the dealer tab type. In your zip code and it's gonna tell you all these great retailers that carry the rocky mountain hunting calls in your neighborhood it's never too early to buy. The best elk hunting calls I'm gonna be. Practicing i practice as often as i can no time like now to do it these new. Calls from rocky mountain hunting calls are gonna be the calls people are talking about this year get you some thanks for watching.

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    Duel Double Back Grunt Call

  • Dual-chamber technology
  • Exhale on one end for louder calls
  • Inhale on other for soft calls
  • Seven positions for varied sounds
  • The dual-chamber technology of the Duel Double Back Grunt Call produces authentic deer sounds. Easily make louder calls by exhaling in one end of the call or flip it over and inhale for softer calls. Seven different positions on the sound board to make any call from fawn to mature buck. FreezeFree design allows for use all season long.
    Color: Black.

    This is a double back not call by dual. Game cause it's like all dual game falls is made right here in the united states and it offers you dual chamber technology it's imitating air passing through the nose and the throat of that animal giving you the most anatomically correct sounding call on the market now. I really like this call a lot and offer seven calls in one you simply take this thing apart has a little o-ring you just slide it to whatever call you want it offers amateur drunk attending rent an adult buck a young buck a doe bleep and. Ester asleep upon bleep seven calls all wrapped up in one and you put it back together you're ready to go now another unique feature to this call is that it offers you different tones to. Different tones if you're wanting to reach out to that animal and call downrange with a loud volume and use this them into the call the exhale and. It gives you a loud volume now if that. Deer gets in close and you want the same exact boom but in a softer call you simply flip the call around and use this. In and you inhale sulfur call. Get real get tool.

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