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  Trophy Ridge® Fix 7 Seven-Pin Bow Sight Apex Gear Covert One-Pin Sight TRUGLO® Fiber-Optic 9" Replacement Fibers Apex Gear Covert Pro One-Dot Sight TRUGLO® Carbon Hybrid Five-Pin Bow Sight R.A.D. Super-Deuce 38 Peep Sight Trophy Ridge® Hitman Sidemount Stabilizer Mounting Bracket Axcel RheoTech HD Five-Pin Bow Sight BlackOut Seven-Pin Sight HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin XI 5519 One-Pin Sight – .019" BlackOut Seven-Pin Bow Sight
  Trophy Ridge® Fix 7 Seven-Pin Bow Sight Apex Gear Covert One-Pin Sight TRUGLO® Fiber-Optic 9" Replacement Fibers Apex Gear Covert Pro One-Dot Sight TRUGLO® Carbon Hybrid Five-Pin Bow Sight R.A.D. Super-Deuce 38 Peep Sight Trophy Ridge® Hitman Sidemount Stabilizer Mounting Bracket Axcel RheoTech HD Five-Pin Bow Sight BlackOut Seven-Pin Sight HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin XI 5519 One-Pin Sight – .019" BlackOut Seven-Pin Bow Sight
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Brand TRUGLO Trophy Ridge BlackOut Apex FIELD LOGIC Apex Trophy Ridge - TRUGLO R.A.D. HHA

Trophy Ridge® Fix 7 Seven-Pin Bow Sight

  • Micro-adjustable, 7-pin bow sight for hardcore hunters
  • Strong and durable aluminum construction
  • Micro-adjustable pin design for top precision
  • Ultrabright, .019" horizontal fiber-optic pins
  • Built-in rheostat light – adjust to any lighting condition
  • Trophy Ridge helps you take your bow-shooting precision to the next level with its Fix Seven-Pin Bow Sight. Durable aluminum construction provides superior durability and strength, while its micro-adjustable pins deliver precision you can count on in the field. Sight features 7 ultrabright, .019" horizontal fiber-optic pins with a built-in rheostat light to help you match the pins' brightness to any shooting situation. Second-axis adjustment boosts accuracy on longer shots. Sight comes with onboard pin adjustment tool, mounting hardware, and rheostat light battery. For use with left- and right-hand bows.
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    Everyone how's it going today I'm gonna do a quick little bow-site review video for you. Idon't do a lot of review videos but. Iwas in the market for a bow site. This fall I settled on the Trophy Ridge six-five but there wasn't a ton of videos out there really maybe. It was just I had to do a lot of digging to find out. Some really basic information about. This site and hopefully. This video will help. If you're in the market for it to make a decision. You want to add it to your arsenal. And just a quick side note on. Whenever I started looking this fall for a bow site. Ihad the bow hunter gear issue so. Iwas like well looking there. What is on the market. What they're pushing this year. And out of the nine sites. They list in here only. One was under $200 that site was about 140. Ijust kind of feel like it's frustrating because. Ifeel like they're pricing the average everyday hunter who just wants. Something solid without a ton of bells. And whistles out of the market. That just I just started digging myself online. What I ended up with but I'll get a different angle here. And give you a close-up of the box. And we'll get into it here alright so.

    Ibought this site on Midway USA. It on clearance for $69. Ithink that's about 20. Or 25 under what they normally charge with him there was a little bit of damage here on the corner of the box. Ireceived it but doesn't look like. He got close to the actual bow site so. We should be fine there the packaging is strong as. You can see some corrugated cardboard there. And the front just says. What we got a 5 pen right-handed horizontal pins. They are point 0 1 9 diameter pins. Imean a lot of sites are coming with. That diameter now but my old set was a true glow. And I'm the pens were at least twice as big. And I've had one for about 14 years. It was just getting pretty rough so that's why I decided to go with a new sight.

    This year the back of the box here just says. What your adjustments are it's got. It's made out of aluminum which is. One of the things I couldn't see online hardly. Any of the sites listed. What it was made out of. And it's kind of big deal. When you're looking around. You want to know what your site is gonna be made of. It gets to your door it's got a rheostat light on. They just talk about. How bright the Pens are. One thing I we get into. This but this site has an onboard an adjustment tool so. They kind of like incorporated the tool for adjusting it into the site itself which is handy.

    If you're out in the woods. You have to make some quick adjustments but. One disappointing thing I saw. Ididn't even really look into. This just I thought its trophy Ridge. Ijust assumed it would be made in America but. That was my fault and it's made in China right here design tested. And proven in the USA but. Ijust it's always depressing whenever. You find everything being made in China. All right it out of the box. This is my first look at. This so there's no predetermined position. This is just my honest first take review looks like. We have four mounting positions here so that's convenient depending on how far. You like your site from your riser. Iwould say these are the quiver bracket holes on the end. One thing is curious to.

    This part here is seems like. We have two pieces here. This piece which should be fine. If it's tight and lined up right but. You kind of like one-piece construction. You can so we'll see. Ifeel about that with use down the road looking at the fiber optics. Everything is encased in plastic which is nice there's no loose ends. That can break off you can see in here. They got they run up to the site right here they're. All encased so that's my it's not gonna get a stick in there. Some grass whatever in. And yank out your fiber optics the front of the site here is got a rubberized coating on. Iwould imagine that would help with vibration since. Most of your vibration is gonna travel to the front of the bow. And your site is one of the things.

    That sticks out the farthest out the front of your bow so here's. This see this will focus. This is your tool right here. You can unscrew this part. Idid see online this was. One of the things they actually did talk about. And it's just a little allen key but that's nice I'm a don't know. How often you're gonna have to adjust in the field hopefully never but. Iguess it's good to have. It there another feature about. This site they did talk about a little bit online was. These pins or micro-adjustable which the top of the site has an Allen bolt for every single pin. What you do is that there's a thumb screw. One of the things they didn't talk about their's a thumb screw right here. You will loosen you can micro adjust. These pins from these allen bolts.

    You have them adjusted. You just tighten down. Iguess it's a flat screw. And you're good to go. This is kind of this site has bells. And whistles those are the two things about. Iwould say but it is nice hopefully. Istart adjusting it to be able to just move those pins. However little I want to. However much I want to. It seems like with those other sites. Whenever you have to move the individual pins it's hard to get them precise like. You can get them close but. It seems like no matter. How hard you try to hold. You need you tighten. That allen bolt up it's its off just a little bit so that'll be nice and it'll be interesting to see.

    That works I might post. Another video it on my bow but it's got a nice site ring on. It nice and bright looks like it's pretty durable might. Even be inlaid looking at. It but that's one of the problems with my other site the site ring was a sticker in. It just came off completely so. You got your light right here. And depending on what state. You hunted you have to check the game law. Idon't normally use the white. And the Pens seem really bright. Imean it's this was sitting in the dark a minute ago. And it's their really lit up so got your level overall. It seems like it's well-built no there's no loose parts I'll probably hit every little screw. And just make sure that they're they're tight. Ihave had new sights rattle loose before but here's your wait for it to focus those are your micro adjustments for. Each pin here one through five. And that's like basically your pens have wind age adjustments on them so that's pretty convenient. And I'm excited to see.

    That works and then. You just have your basic wind age adjustments like every other site except for there's. You know you loosen the allen key. You can adjust them with your thumb so but I've been looking at trophy Ridge sights for a. Few years now contemplating getting a sight but. It always threw I don't know why they do two green red. And two green like I really wish. They would do like a green yellow red yellow green. Something to that effect just. Whenever I was younger. Iwas always concerned. Iwould get my 20 whatever. They end up being confused. And then that would cost. Me a buck but I feel comfortable enough. Ibought this site.

    And I'm excited to see. It works this video helps. If you're trying to make a decision. Idon't normally do review videos so it's a little rough comment. And tell what I could change I'm always looking for suggestions. And like we are almost to a thousand subscribers so please subscribe. And hit the like button check out our partner Nevins hunting friends. We do a lot of the filming and editing for them so it's. All about youth hunting in the outdoors so check. That out I just thanks for watching this video. And we'll try to get a bunch. More out to this fall good luck.

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    Apex Gear Covert One-Pin Sight

  • One-handed adjustment for desired yardage
  • Microadjustable windage and elevation
  • Three-axis rotational-aperture adjustment
  • Includes 60 premarked yardage tapes
  • 8.5-oz. ultralight aluminum construction
  • Push-button light for fast pin acquisition
  • Ambidextrous construction for right- and left-handed bows
  • Change your pin from red to yellow then green in a matter of seconds, Apex Gear's Covert Sight combats the unpredictable changes in lighting. One-handed adjustment for desired yardage. Microadjustable windage and elevation for tack-driving accuracy. Includes a .010" dia. and .019" dia. set of pins. Three-axis rotational-aperture adjustment and gravity-line bracket adjustment to custom tune the sight and work with any bow's shooting characteristics. Includes 60 premarked yardage tapes to match your arrow's flight characteristics. 8.5-oz. ultralight aluminum construction for extended periods of holding at full draw. Push-button light for fast pin acquisition in low light conditions. For use with right- or left-hand bows. Imported.

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    This is Jeff with apex gear. Iwant to show one of the features on the new covert site the covert comes with a versa pen the Versa pen allows. You to change the pen color along with the pen size to change the pen size loosen the set screw. That holds the pin in place with a 50000 wrench slide. It out on the dovetail. And then you can change. It out, so we include comes factory installed with a nineteen thousandths. And then you can install the ten thousands option. You have you'll first need to remove the set screw from the first pen install. It on the ten thousandths pin slide. It back in the dovetail select the color. You want and then re tighten the set screw. And then you're ready to go.

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    TRUGLO® Fiber-Optic 9" Replacement Fibers

  • Package of five 9" replacement fibers
  • Makes sight fiber replacement simple
  • These replacement TRUGLO fiber-optic 9" fibers makes for simple sight-fiber replacement. Package includes five .010"  green replacement fibers.
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    hi I'm Dave Dawson with Dawson precision. This is a video we should have done a long time ago it's. How to install a fiber optic insert in. One of our fiber optic front sights properly we'll go through. It step-by-step it's real simple. And I think you'll be able to change the inserts in. And out whenever you want. One thing I do tell. You is typically the fiber optic inserts last a long time. However chemicals gun scrubber. You know the gun clean solvents tend to make them a little brittle. Where they may fall out so it's so simple to change the insert out. That we're we're going to go through. That so that you can do. It properly the first step. When you are going to change out a fiber. And fiber optic insert. Or do anything with a firearm is. What we're going to make sure. That gun is safe, so we're gonna rack the slide back magazines out of the weapon we're gonna look physically inside the chamber to make sure there's no round in the chamber. And we're going to let's slide down. And hold it in a safe direction. And fire it to make sure the guns clear the fiber optic insert on our sights are a little bit different. Than most fiber optic sights in the fact. That we actually counter bore the fiber optic so. That it is inset inside the sight body itself. What that does is provide a little sharper crisper sight picture. Because the sight itself is not haloing and the light is not broadcasting out.

    And distorting the crisp sight picture. That you really need to shoot accurately so. What we're going to do is show. You how to do that properly. We get a lot of guns back. That people have installed the optic in improperly. And you really lose the advantage from our sights. And the fact that they are in fact counter bored. And that allows them to give. You that real nice sight picture coincidentally. Because the light is contained inside there. It actually appears brighter, so we're going to show. You how to install. That properly and you're going to need. Some simple tools a cigarette lighter. And a razor blade I'm gonna show. You how to remove the fiber-optic.

    We actually put a notch in our site to facilitate the razor blade cutting all the way through the optic so. That you can get it out easy. And so you simply take the razor blade push. It in there and just kind of rock. It back and forth just a little bit you'll hear. It pops once it pops push. One end out one way. One out the other way pull. It out the old end insert is removed. And the new insert is ready to go in. When we sell you the sights. We offer you both red. And green inserts depending on your preference. Some people can see green a lot better. And some people like to read so. We give you that option coincidentally. Once you learn how to do. This you're going to be able to put in. Whatever color and try. Whatever color you like so the first thing we're going to do is we're going to insert the fiber-optic rod.

    And we're gonna leave. It stick out about a sixteenth of an inch okay alright so. What we're gonna do is we're going to use. That now I want you to be aware of. Something the flame is going to generate heat. That heat is enough to bulb the fiber-optic. If you use the flame. And touch it directly to the fiber-optic that's going to cause a problem. Because it'll crystallize the plastic. And make it brittle. And will be more susceptible to coming out so. What you want to do is just start the flame. And just bring it to. It now you're going to notice. This I get the heat close to. It I'm not touching it but. It starts flaring the fiber-optic. And I've never touched the fiber-optic then we're going to bring. That back and the nice thing about our sights is the counter bore actually provides the size of the bulb area. And we have obviously different size counter bores. And different with site but.

    That counter bore actually lets. You get a nice crisp round dot. Or a real perfect circle fiber-optic so. That the shape looks right. And it doesn't look. All distorted okay so. Once you have that in there you'll notice. How we recessed it. All the way back into the counter bore. And I'm going to bring it out. And bring it back in so. You can see it and. If it's against this shirt. You might be able to see. It better I'm pulling it out there's the bulb I'm putting it back in. And now it's its recessed into the counter bore I'm pulling it as tight as. Ican so it stays in their tight. And I'm going to put my thumb on. It I'm going to take the razor blade in about a sixteenth of an inch I'm going to score.

    That fiber-optic okay. And all I'm doing is scoring it. That right there allows. Me to just pop that off. And I still have just a little bit sticking out I'm going to go ahead. And heat the end of. That again with this cigarette lighter. And what that's going to do is it's going to flare. It on that end like a little rivet. That holds it in there. And that's how you replace a fiber optic

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    Apex Gear Covert Pro One-Dot Sight

  • Pro Dot illuminated aiming point
  • Easy one-hand adjustment
  • Rear-facing sight tape with adjustable indicator pin
  • Micro-adjustable windage
  • Apex Gear's Covert Pro 1 Dot Sight is an adjustable sight featuring Gravity-Line technology witch aligns the pin movement with gravity. Illuminated power dot aiming point can be adjusted to one of eleven brightness settings. Rear-facing sight tape is easy to see and uses an adjustable yardage indicator pin. Includes micro-adjustable windage for easy fine tuning and a second and third axis adjustable level. Right or left handed. Imported.

    This is the apex covert pro power dot site. That Don is really excited about to use. This fall this is an excellent site. One of my favorites for sure has a lot of great features on. It the main thing is the scope housing has crosshairs with a power dot no center. And the awesome thing is has eleven different adjustments on. You can go real dim. If you're in a blind. You can go real bright. If you're in a tree stand scope housing has crosshairs of lighted Center dot for superior long distance accuracy its ultra smooth easy one-hand adjustment so. Iwaving that bugs out there it's crunch time. You can get that site exactly. You want you can do. It quickly and easily aperture housing also includes vertical. And horizontal tilt adjustments adjustable second hand third axis level. You know along with the glow-in-the-dark shooters ring and the crosshair is being built in the power dot sight. That has eleven different adjustments on. It's machined aluminum. This is a very heavy well-built site it's. One of my favorites the power dot.

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    TRUGLO® Carbon Hybrid Five-Pin Bow Sight

  • Carbon and aluminum Tru-Fusion Hybrid construction
  • Removable push-button blue LED light
  • 2nd- and 3rd-axis adjustability
  • Long fibers maximize brightness of the .019"-dia. pins
  • Reversible bracket optimizes vertical adjustment range
  • Fits both right- and left-hand bows
  • TRUGLO's Carbon Hybrid Five-Pin Bow Sight boasts Tru-Fusion™ Hybrid technology that combines carbon composites and aluminum to deliver an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio so you get the durability you need with the lightweight balance you want. Hybrid design transfers less vibration than traditional sights. Tru-Touch™ soft-feel coating is quiet, enabling you to sneak through brush. Push-button high-intensity blue LED light illuminates pins in low-light conditions and is removable to comply with states that don't allow battery-powered accessories. 2nd- and 3rd-axis adjustment levels enhance accuracy on long shots in steep country. Long fibers maximize brightness of the .019"-dia. pins. Long bracket increases sight radius, plus it's reversible to optimize vertical adjustment range. Fits both right- and left-hand bows.
    Color: Black.

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    R.A.D. Super-Deuce 38 Peep Sight

    Anodized-aluminum peep sight is served into the string at a 38° angle, giving you a true round aperture hole at full draw. Dual Radius Slotting eliminates string- cutting burrs and sharp points. Grooved outside receives a safety serving to resist accidental shifts, and protects you from peep loss during accidental dry fire.
    Sizes: 3/16", 1/4".
    Colors: Red, Black, Green.

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    Trophy Ridge® Hitman Sidemount Stabilizer Mounting Bracket

  • Mounting bracket for 2 Hitman bow stabilizers
  • Allows front and back stabilizer configuration
  • Optimizes shot stabilization
  • Reduces shot noise and vibration
  • Quick-disconnect system makes transport and storage easier
  • Optimize shot stabilization while reducing noise and vibration on your hunting bow with the Trophy Ridge Hitman Sidemount Stabilizer Mounting Bracket. Providing superior balance and shot control, this quick-detach design allows you to add the front and back stabilizers (not included) popular in target shooting. Quick-disconnect system allows for quick attachment and removal of stabilizers, making it easier to transport and store your high-performance hunting bow.

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    Axcel RheoTech HD Five-Pin Bow Sight

  • Target-sight accuracy and features in a hunting bow sight
  • Five individually adjustable pins
  • Twist-open rheostat cover for easy brightness control
  • Microadjustable windage and elevation knobs
  • Co-planar internal aiming ring boosts accuracy
  • Made for bowhunters with all the extras of a top-tier target sight, the Axcel RheoTech HD Five-Pin Bow Sight performs on the hunt or on the shooting line. Adjust the pin brightness to adapt to match your situation and brightness by simply twisting the rheostat cover. The five pins each feature 18" of tough fiber optics to gather as much light as possible for easy-to-see brightness. Microadjustable windage and elevation knobs help you set each pin for the perfect aiming point and then lock those settings in securely with gear-tooth lock knobs. Co-planar internal aiming ring at the same depth of the sight's pins helps boost aiming accuracy, as does the sights internal bubble level and second- and third-axis adjustments. Angled sight-light port accepts 3/8"x32 threaded sight lights (not included). For use with left- or right-hand bows. Made in USA.
    Wt: 9.4 oz.

    hi this is justice here with Lancaster archery supply here to talk to. You about the new Excel Rio Tec multi-pin site the Rio Tec is a super adjustable sights gives. You adjustments for just about. Everything you're gonna need as. You can see we'll start from the back to the front. And work our way down the site has three different slots. You can adjust how far away. This the pins are far from away from your bow. You want them closer to the bow. You can mount the site in. These slots and then. All the way back to. These it's gonna give. You the adjustment you need for how far the site pins are away from your eye includes a harmonic damper so. It reduces the amount of vibration that's in the site house a little bit quieter shot but going back to the adjustments. You have this wind age locking screw so that's. What locks your windows down see right. Now it's not going to move. You loosen you can hear the micro clicks in the wind age adjustment. You can adjust all the way out to the side. All the way back super easy to use coming in here. You have your second axis adjustment so there's a screw here. And a screw up top here you'll have to take the wind age adjustment. Or the wind age locking screw off to be able to adjust. That but that gets your second a jet a second axis adjustment so.

    You can get your level on a flat surface coming over to. These two screws you have your third axis adjustment so that's adjusting the way. That the site is tilting this way. And that's you adjust. That's for shooting your angled shot. Whether you're shooting uphill. Or downhill you'll be able to get. That set so you won't hit left. Or right on either on an uphill. Or downhill shot you have your elevation locking screw so to move your elevation as. You can see it's not moving now. You loosen that you'll be able to twist. That move your elevation up. And down get your sight pin set. You wanted there you want them higher in the site obviously bring. That down and that'll bring your pins up in the site. You want your pins lower in the site closer to the level down here you'll bring this up. That will push your pins down so that's just adjusting it. However you'd like for adjusting. Each individual pin as.

    You can see there are five screws inside. These little slots that's going to be corresponding to. Each of the five pins so. What you're gonna do is you're gonna loosen the pin. You want to move, so we're gonna move the top pin for me. That would be a 20-yard pin. We set my top pin as a 20-yard. And then move down ten yards for. One so we're gonna move. That top pin what you're gonna do is take a 564 allen wrench. And you're gonna loosen. That a good bit you're gonna want to make sure that's out of the threads there so loosen. And then down here is your adjustment screw so. What you're going to want to do. You want to move the pin up we're gonna rotate. This way and that's going to move the pin up as.

    You rotate that so it's micro adjusting it. And for you know I'm moving it a good bit on. Each turn and it's only moving a small amount. And then that the same for everything or every pin. You want to move and then to lock. It back down you take. That allen wrench you don't ever want to go an eighth turn past tight so. It to Snug tighten it a little bit. And that's all the tighter. You need to go you have a ray of stack cover so. This right here that actually adjusts the brightness. You get to the pins. If you're shooting a super bright situation. Where the pins are like star bursting and. You can't really pinpoint the actual pin itself. You can close this over. And that's actually going to dim the pins down so as. You can see right now the pins are going to be as dim. If they can in least in. These lighting conditions but then. You open that up the pins are gonna get brighter. And you're gonna see. If you're shooting in a low light condition. You open all the way up.

    And you're gonna see. That the Pens are a lot brighter. You know closed super bright pins. You actually have 18 inches of fiber. That are wrapped all the way around the housing so it's super bright. You know you're not going to have. Any problems with lighting and seeing the pins. These are the 19 thousands pins. You can also get in a ten thousands version the level is a green level. You can see it's super bright super easy to move. This site also allows for a light. This is a three 8:32 light adjustments. Or a light adapter so. You can screw a light into. And it'll brighten the pins. You liked this video please hit. That like button you want to see. More videos like this please subscribe to our youtube channel. You have any other questions. You can visit us at Lancaster our e-comm.

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    BlackOut Seven-Pin Sight

  • Designed for today's high-performance hunting bows
  • Lightweight and durable machined aluminum construction
  • Fully enclosed pins – alternating red and green for easy visibility
  • Micro-adjustable windage and elevation
  • Dual position mounting – match the sight to your shooting style
  • Designed to perform on today's faster compound bows, the BlackOut Seven-Pin Bow Sight gives bowhunters tremendous versatility from a bow sight. Made with lightweight, machined aluminum for trustworthy durability, this lightweight sight features dual-position mounting to let you match the sight's mount to your shooting style. The BlackOut gives hunters an easy to see sighting path with alternating red and green, fully enclosed, .019" fiber pins. Stack Tight technology ensures great performance on today's faster bows. Micro-adjustable windage and elevation ensure precise fine tuning for the accuracy you want. Dual-quiver mount lets you mount your quiver in multiple positions.

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    HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin XI 5519 One-Pin Sight – .019"

  • Precision-machined brass rack and pinion
  • Wheel-forward design
  • Fully integrated 2nd and 3rd axis
  • HHA's Optimizer Lite King Pin XI 5519 One-Pin Sight's precision-machined brass rack and pinion delivers smooth operation. Wheel forward design is ideal for mounting one-piece quivers. Fully integrated 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment. Interchangeable wheel allow for quick changes between multiple arrow or draw weight combinations. 2.1” of vertical travel adjustment. Sight tape magnifier allows for adjustment to the 1/4 yard. “Blind 20” feature allows for fast, no look return to your most common predetermined distance. 6' fiber length. Features mechanical rheostat. 2” housing. Uses lens kit X. Right hand only. Made in USA.

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    BlackOut Seven-Pin Bow Sight

  • Lightweight, durable machined aluminum construction
  • Fully enclosed .019" fiber pins in alternating red and green
  • Microadjustable windage and elevation
  • Dual-position mounting so you can match your shooting style
  • Stack Tight technology is ideal for flat-shooting modern bows
  • Designed to perform with today's fast compound bows, the BlackOut Seven-Pin Bow Sight gives bowhunters tremendous versatility from a bow sight. Made with lightweight, machined aluminum for trustworthy durability, it features dual-position mounting to let you match the sight's mount to your shooting style. The BlackOut Seven-Pin Bow Sight gives hunters an easy-to-see sighting path with alternating, fully enclosed red and green .019" fiber-optic pins. Stack Tight technology ensures great performance on today's flat-shooting bows. Microadjustable windage and elevation ensure precise fine-tuning for the accuracy you want. Dual quiver mount lets you mount your quiver in multiple positions. Left hand only.

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