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  IceArmor® by Clam Men's Rise Float Parka IceArmor® by Clam Extreme Advantage Bib Simms® Men's Guide Windbloc® Foldover Mitts IceArmor™ by Clam Outdoors™ Men's Extreme Advantage Parka Berkley® Pink Fish Gloves ThermaCELL® Heated Insoles Car Charger Cabela's Men's MTP Heavy Weight Bottoms – Regular Muck® Unisex Arctic Sport™ Extreme-Conditions Sport Boots Cabela's Predator™ Extreme Pac Boots – Brown Cabela's Men's Predator™ Extreme Pac Boots – Brown/Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity® Mad Bomber® Men's Canvas Duck Fur Hat Frabill® Men's I3 Jacket Frabill® Men's I3 Bibs ICEtrekkers® Chain Ice Cleats
  IceArmor® by Clam Men's Rise Float Parka IceArmor® by Clam Extreme Advantage Bib Simms® Men's Guide Windbloc® Foldover Mitts IceArmor™ by Clam Outdoors™ Men's Extreme Advantage Parka Berkley® Pink Fish Gloves ThermaCELL® Heated Insoles Car Charger Cabela's Men's MTP Heavy Weight Bottoms – Regular Muck® Unisex Arctic Sport™ Extreme-Conditions Sport Boots Cabela's Predator™ Extreme Pac Boots – Brown Cabela's Men's Predator™ Extreme Pac Boots – Brown/Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity® Mad Bomber® Men's Canvas Duck Fur Hat Frabill® Men's I3 Jacket Frabill® Men's I3 Bibs ICEtrekkers® Chain Ice Cleats
Brand Simms Cabela's Muck - Cabela's Berkley® CLAM - - Frabill Frabill ThermaCell Mad Bomber Cabela's
Color Raven. - Black. Black/Blue. - - Grey/Blue. Black. Grey/Blue. Black. Black. - - -
Sizes S-XL. - - M-3XL. - - M-3XL. M-XL. M-3XL. S-3XL. S-3XL. - M-2XL. -

IceArmor® by Clam Men's Rise Float Parka

  • Motion Float technology adds buoyancy
  • Waterproof construction
  • 100-gram fixed insulation
  • 3M reflective material
  • Waterproof phone pouch
  • The IceArmor by Clam Men's Rise Float Parka offers warm insulation and Motion Float technology for the safety, mobility and breathability you demand for ice fishing. This IceArmor float suit has an internal buoyancy that provides assistance with flotation in the event of an ice break-through (not a USCG-Approved PFD). It's waterproof with 100-gram fixed insulation for warmth, and 3M™ reflective material throughout. Two-way storm flaps seal out moisture and a waterproof pouch protects your phone. Multiple zippered chest pockets and two large front pockets hold your gear in easy reach. The adjustable drawcord hood can be removed for use with other head protection. Utility loops for attaching gear. Float Bibs (sold separately). The IceArmor by Clam Rise Float Parka for men is perfect for early-and-late-season ice anglers or any safety-minded outdoors enthusiast. Imported. 
    Sizes: M-3XL.
    Color: Black/Blue.

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    IceArmor® by Clam Extreme Advantage Bib

  • Soft-touch 300-denier waterproof, windproof, breathable shell
  • Padded, 1,000-denier ballistic nylon knees
  • Removable liner with 150-gram 3M Thinsulate Insulation
  • Fleece-lined handwarmer pockets
  • 3M reflective material throughout bib
  • Out on the ice, the less fumbling required to access your gear, the better. That's why the IceArmor by Clam Extreme Advantage Bibs make perfect sense for a well-equipped ice fishing junkie like yourself. These hard-working bibs have a place for everything, so you can quickly deploy any needed accessory, such as your line cutter, hook remover, fish towel, and any other essential without kicking things over, and get right back to your fishing. The Extreme Advantage Bibs are built around a soft-touch 300-denier waterproof, windproof, breathable shell reinforced with padded, 1,000-denier ballistic nylon knee patches and a 150 gram 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation liner that's designed for easy removal in milder conditions. These easy-wearing bibs come well-equipped from top to bottom: two-way front zipper with magnetic storm flap, fleece-lined handwarmer pockets, long two-way leg zips with magnetic storm flaps, adjustable inseam system with storm gaiters, adjustable nylon suspenders with quick-release clasps and a built-in rapid drainage system. Special gear-access features include retractable D-rings, removable towel holder with magnetic release, in-and-out snapback cargo pockets and a waterproof phone pouch. Imported.
    Sizes: M-3XL.
    Color: Grey/Blue.

    If you're the market for an awesome ice fishing bin stay tuned up. More sports has got. You covered everybody met Seth you're not. More sports and we're about to break down. One of clams the newest bibs in the ice armor extreme advantage bib. This is an incredible bib guys it's gonna have. All the bells and whistles you're looking for but before. We dive into new now let's tell about size. What size you wear how's. It fit absolutely about 510 hundred eighty-five pounds I'm wearing a size large go see there's a little bit big on. Me the lengths not too bad but. Ido have a little bit of access for room in here. Iwould probably size down to the medium be a little bit. More comfortable but. You wanted to be comfortable especially your whole hop in. And get known on your knees sometimes. If you're not just sitting on a chair in the shelter.

    You want them to be comfortable so. Ido like them a little bit looser. These tend to be a little too big for me so. Iprobably size down in the medial but somewhat staff. And the features some of the new add-ons. They put on this piece oh absolutely. And guys that's so nice of Matt broke down fit for us. Because that's such the hard part about shopping online so frequently so keep in mind 45-day user-friendly return exchange policy in the event. We couldn't each figure. It out with this video. Or over the phone will take care of. You no problem but Matt brings my great ones. You got to break this thing down for you. Because there's some really cool features start at the top really nice adjustable strap that's gonna make for a much. More specific fit much.

    More comfortable and that's what's so nice about. You hit the bottom we'll give. You guys a great idea of how. This thing can be adjusted to fit almost. Any bill so again great features coming down nice waterproof cell phone case of course. Anything you need to keep waterproof in there. Ilike to keep my phone in there it's so nice to be close to the body keep. When you're out holed hopping and. One of my favorite additions guys really nice retractable clip on. This hook your tools. It can hook your washcloth. Whatever you want to hook onto. This thing it is there. And it's really easy to grab on to so. This job again Matt. One of these pockets feeling like those offenders yeah really nice fleece line great for my ego put your phone wallet but.

    Even nice just could be able to slide your hands. And on a warmer day. Ihave my jacket off too I'm gonna show. You guys it's really nice zip around here. Once again magnetic storm fly off just like the jacket well they're super easy damn Silvana. And that's a big zipper to get inside. And then you also see. Some internal pockets on. That really comfortable on the inside cuz. All fleece line and then there is a removable liner which will zoom up on. And you'll see you'll be able to zip. Than just the shell so much like the liner in the jacket. That kind of puffer style liner in there you'll be able to zip. That out if these kind of get too warm for you. Because just like the jacket. These aren't very large can wear. These in below zero temps. And say 20 toast feeding these mclamb also doesn't make. Some awesome layering if. You need as well and I'm glad. You brought that up mat. Because having that removable liner. Even in the bib makes.

    This so versatile even early spring fishing or late fall it's nice to have. That protection from the wind of the water but. You don't need that insulation solvent great job by clam on. That yeah and coming down the side Matt brings up a really great toy guys super awesome the zip. All the way to the hip on. And again with that whole magnetic idea clam is still doing. All along here and they've really beefed up. This protection guys it's a dual storm flap along. That with that magnetic so. What I like about those magnets matt is. They don't stop and hang up. When you're trying to bring this been open. And again what's so nice about. You can create this baby. All the way up to the hip.

    And open her up and that's what's such a nice feature. Some venting on you want nice glove friendly poles great job by clam on. And again good boot Gator down at the bottom. You happen to be trudging through. Some deeper snow or your whole Hoffman can keep your really protective good reflectivity. All the way throughout on those two guys beautiful logos they're not too loud. Ilike to is nice reinforced knees. And down on the knees. All the time and that's a good sign. That means you're catching fish guys. And so that's a good job by clam nice stow able pockets guys good velcro closure on. You can put all kinds of different stuff on. This that's what I love about. This there's so many spots to put. One of my final favorite features really nice magnetic white that's going to be able to connect really easy on. And off good job by clam on as well absolutely we're loving the new clam extreme advantage parka top. And bottom guys it's an awesome suit.

    You can find a geared up north sports calm. We have the sizing chart on our website as well. This is available in a very wide range of sizes so hopefully beyond the size for you. You have any questions about. Any of the clam gear. We sell here please call. Us here at up North Sports talk to stuff myself mix our ice fishing manager. One of our awesome customer service. We want to help you get into your new ice fishing gear. You found this video helpful for you today please like. And subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can leave any comments. And questions about. Any of the product reviews set. Ido we're gonna respond to those for you guys. You want to talk to. Us in person like I mentioned guys give. Is a shout you have. Any questions we'd love to help. You can reach us at eight six three five 8500.

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    Simms® Men's Guide Windbloc® Foldover Mitts

  • 100% polyester Polartec Windbloc fabric
  • 100% windproof mitts with 4-way-stretch construction
  • Heat-pack pockets at wrists
  • Pre-curved for increased dexterity
  • Zoned insulation for warmth
  • Simms Men's Guide Windbloc Foldover Mitts are ideal windproof hand protection when you need the dexterity of warm, bare fingers for fly-fishing tasks. These Simms fishing gloves have a unique fold-over style that quickly gives your fingers freedom without removing the entire mitt. The pre-curved style with 4-way stretch provides increased dexterity. Durable sueded overlays in key grip areas ensure a secure hold. Durable Polartec® Windbloc fabric blocks 100% of wind and provides maximum protection from harsh elements and inclement weather. A breathable laminate is imbedded between a durable outer layer and soft inner layer for insulating warmth with performance stretch. Simms Guide Windbloc Foldover Mitts have zoned insulation, and can accommodate heat packs on the wrists for additional warmth. 100% polyester. Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach, iron, dry clean, or use fabric softeners. Imported. 
    Sizes: S-XL.
    Color: Raven.

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    IceArmor™ by Clam Outdoors™ Men's Extreme Advantage Parka

  • Soft-touch waterproof fabric
  • Removable liner jacket
  • Two retractable D-rings on chest
  • Waterproof phone pouch
  • Magnetic fish towel release
  • The IceArmor by Clam Outdoors Men's Extreme Advantage Parka is the perfect coat for the guy who has every tool made for ice fishing. This waterproof jacket has the warmth and breathable comfort of an insulated coat, and is designed to carry ice-fishing gear including line cutters, hook removers, fish towels and a cell phone. The ice suit is made of a soft-touch fabric with 3M™ reflective material throughout, with a removable liner to adjust to the weather. There's a two-way magnetic storm flap, adjustable hood, adjustable sleeve cuffs and two retractable D-rings for miscellaneous accessories on the chest. The IceArmor by Clam Outdoors  Men's Extreme Advantage Parka has three oversized cargo pockets with snap closures, a magnetic fish towel release and a waterproof pouch to protect your electronic devices. Machine washable. Imported. 
    Sizes: M-3XL.
    Color: Grey/Blue.

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    Berkley® Pink Fish Gloves

    Highly flexible with a textured rubber grip. These pink gloves ergonomically fit the shape of female anglers while providing exceptional grip and protection from fish-handling hazards. Imported.
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    ThermaCELL® Heated Insoles Car Charger

  • Charges ThermaCELL heated insoles in three hours or less
  • Charges two rechargeable heated insoles at once, from your car
  • Green LED indicator light comes on when charge is complete
  • A quick and simple charger for use with ThermaCELL Rechargeable Heated Insoles (sold separately). Charges two insoles in three hours or less. Green LED indicator goes out when charge is complete. Charge lasts up to five hours.
    Input: 12/24-volt DC.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    It go everybody redneck in a hat here that's comfort of day. That probably come in real handy in the wintertime I've used. Ilike themI'm going to show. What it is something from thermacell by the way. What these are is a thermacell wireless rechargeable heated insoles pretty self-explanatory their wireless. They recharge they eat the inside of your shoes keeps the feet warm but not hot it's not going to make your feet sweat just because of the heat actually it's going to help regulate your feet temperature. And maybe keep them from sweating my feet slipped really bad. When I'm out in the cold. Iguess because of the temperature of my feet trying to heat up. Everything but anyway. It makes my feet sweat much my socks get wet. These do help. Ican put these in my boots. It they've got a thermostat in them toward. When your feet starts getting hot. You know shut off power down till your feet start getting cold again. They may power back on. They just basically help regulate to eat of your feet but without getting them too hot so. You can use these in tennis shoes. You use them in boots about. Any kind of shoes that would hold a commune.

    Or an insult so you're going to have to take your insult out of your out of your boots. These in and place of the insole just in your boots. They come in a variety of sizes. You have to go on the website. And check your shoe size to see. What size you wear. These here are a large. They say for men size nine to seven. And a half and women size 10 to eight. And a half and I'm in there Neil ate. And a half to nine these fit my shoes just bright my work boots. You can trim you can trim. It to fit just in case your work boot is a little narrower. You know you know comes. More to a point to being rounded. You can kind of trim. It a little bit to fit. Idon't think I had to trim mine looking at them no but. It they've got extra large thing. They got them all the way up to. Ithink size 13 and a half. You were a bigger shoe size of. That he's still probably come in there.

    That might be just a little short not bad, but they're rechargeable. They recharge in four hours. Or less depending on how low. You run them down you know the time before. You use them got built-in lithium ion battery to charge lasts on medium heat about five hours on high you're maybe looking at two. And a half to three hours he's great for hunting now. If you're sitting in a tree stand. Something like that for a couple hours. You want some heat just to help keep the bottom of your feet from getting cold. They weren't great comes with a little remote carry your pocket that's about the size of a key fob on your car key chain. You can probably put. This on your car key chain. You wanted I never did. Ijust put this in my pocket my coat pocket. Or coveralls pocket it's got the off button. It says no heat so it basically shuts shut stayed off they're still on, but they're not using much power much your battery then.

    You got medium heat. And then you got high heat so. You want to put these in your shoes. You know when you're getting out of the truck to go to your tree stand stick them in there. They got an on and off switch on. You know before you stick them in your shoes make a little on. And off button right here little flap plus you're charging port right there to plug. It in turn them on slide them down in here in your shoes put shoes back on out. This in your pocket. You don't have to turn. It on wait till you get your tree stand your feet start getting a little cold. You know turn it on pull. This out your pocket turn. This is your thermacell charter the wall charger. That plugs into your wall. And of course it's got a wife on. You can plug them both in at the same time it's going to split a little light here tells.

    Whether it's charging whether it's fully charged. And there's your plugs please plug into the back of the insole see here plugs in just like. You plug it in there is a little flashing light in there. Idon't have this plugged in so it's not going to show up. And there's the little switch to shut them off turn them on that's right there too but. You plug both of these in at the same time. You get into the house. Or the camper whatever just taking plug them. And let them charge. Ibelieve you can get a 12 volt cigarette lighter charger to. That way you didn't want to charge them. You know a vehicle and truck. Something you can still charge them their water resistant. You fall in the creek get a lot of water in your shoes it's not waterproof just water resistant so.

    You did get your soft wet not so wet it's probably not going to ruin. You can put these probably about. Any size of any type of shoe size to use for hunting work play the football game be really good. You know then cold football games we've had a. This year that would probably help keep your feet won't sit in a pair in the stadium. You want to check these out online maybe order a pair. Ilike them what I wore them again yeah I'd order them again it's a great rechargeable. That in the descriptionI'm going to put a link to. You can check them out. You want to buy them. You can that's all I've got thanks for watching redneck. And a hatI'm outI'll see.

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    Cabela's Men's MTP Heavy Weight Bottoms – Regular

    The Men's MTP is our best value base layer with added performance features. This performance fabric is designed to wick moisture away from the body so you're dry, which is the key to staying warm. Crafted of 100% polyester that's fleeced on the inside to trap maximum amounts of heat. Flat jersey face. Perfect for cold weather and low-activity levels. Imported.
    Sizes: S-5XL.
    Color: Dark Green.
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    Muck® Unisex Arctic Sport™ Extreme-Conditions Sport Boots

  • 100% waterproof, lightweight and flexible CR flex-foam
  • Cold-blocking 2mm thermal foam underlays
  • EVA midsoles and contoured footbeds
  • Stretch-fit calf bindings
  • Aggressive MS-1 outsoles
  • Rugged, snow- and ice-treading durability for the most punishing winter conditions. CR flex-foam booties with a four-way stretch nylon overlays for 100% waterproof performance that’s lighweight and flexible for easy-walking comfort. Cold-blocking 2mm thermal foam underlays in the instep areas preserve body heat. Breathable, moisture-wicking Airmesh™ linings for high-activity, all-day dryness. Step-cushioning EVA midsoles with ergonomic, contoured footbeds. Calf-hugging stretch-fit bindings seal in warmth. Double reinforcement in the insteps, heels and Achilles areas for long-lasting wear resistance. Aggressive MS-1 outsoles provide all-terrain stability and traction. Toe caps with wrap-up bumpers. Imported.
    Comfort range: -40° to 60°
    Avg. wt: 4.70 lbs./pair.
    Ht: 15".
    Color: Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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    Cabela's Predator™ Extreme Pac Boots – Brown

  • 1,200-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation
  • 9mm Texel liner
  • Dry-Plus barrier
  • Built for extreme warmth plus hunting boot comfort, the Predator Extreme is ready for everything from late-season hunts to snowmobiling adventures to ice fishing in sub-zero conditions. Constructed from the inside out with the key focus on warmth and comfort in brutally cold environments, the boot boasts a removable 9mm Texel® liner that warms your feet and draws moisture away from the surface of the skin. This liner also sports our exclusive heat pack pocket under the toe area for the coldest temperatures. And, for even more insulation, the boot is outfitted with a layer of 1,200-gram Thinsulate™ Ultra insulation for optimum heat retention. The moisture-wicking liner and removable Moisture Trap footbed work in unison to draw perspiration away from the skin, so your foot stays dry and warm. At the end of the day, simply pull both out and let them dry overnight. Thanks to our exclusive Dry-Plus™ barrier, these boots also deliver 100% waterproof performance. For the ultimate abrasion resistance, the exterior is crafted with a full-grain leather shaft and polyurethane molded shell panels. Non-glare, dimpled PU panels. Matte-finished EVA midsole soaks up ground shock. Roller-bearing and hook lacing system. Order the next larger size if you wear a half size.
    Order next size up if wearing with heavy socks.
    Ht: 11-1/2".
    Wt: 5.6 lbs./pair.
    Men's whole sizes: 8-13.
    Color: Brown.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Cabela's Men's Predator™ Extreme Pac Boots – Brown/Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity®

  • Enjoy optimal warmth in extreme cold
  • 1,200-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation
  • Waterproof with moisture-wicking liners
  • Heat-pack pockets under the toe areas
  • One-pull roller-bearing hardware
  • Constructed from the inside out with the key focus on warmth and comfort in brutally cold environments, they boast removable 9mm Texel liners that warm your feet and draw moisture away from the surface of the skin. These liners also sport our exclusive heat-pack pockets under the toe areas. For even more insulation, the boots are outfitted with a layer of 1,200-gram Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation for optimum heat retention. The moisture-wicking liners and removable Moisture Trap footbeds work in unison to draw perspiration away from the skin, so your feet stay dry and warm. Thanks to our exclusive Dry-Plus™ linings, these boots also deliver waterproof performance. Full-grain leather uppers with polyurethane-molded shell panels. The nonglare, dimpled polyurethane panels are treated with a matte finish. Matte-finished EVA midsoles soak up ground shock. Imported.
    Ht: 11-1/2".
    Avg. wt: 5.6 lbs/pair.
    Men’s whole sizes: 8-13. (Order the next larger size if you wear a half size.)
    Color/Camo pattern: Brown/Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity®.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Mad Bomber® Men's Canvas Duck Fur Hat

    Tough, 100% cotton duck shell with genuine brown rabbit-fur insulation. Warm, quilted polyester-lined crown. Snap-up earflaps with listening holes. Imported.
    Sizes: M-2XL.
    Colors: Moss Green, Brown.
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    Frabill® Men's I3 Jacket

  • Self-rescue ice picks included
  • Ultratough nylon shell withstands rough use
  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation for warmth
  • Brimmed hood cuts glare on sunny days
  • Nonbinding fit offers full range of motion
  • Waterproof stretch cuffs
  • Thoughtfully designed for ice fishing, the Frabill Men's I3 Jacket is a must-have for fishing expeditions on your favorite frozen lake. Two-layer 300-denier nylon taslan shell with 500 denier in areas of high wear withstands hard use. 150-gram 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation keeps you warm so you don't miss any action. Adjustable hood has a reinforced brim to cut glare on sunny days. Ergonomic sleeves offer freedom of movement, while waterproof stretch cuffs keep you dry whether landing fish or clearing slush from your hole. Chest pocket has an AquaGuard® zipper and waterproof border to ensure valuables stay dry. Included self-rescue ice picks with holsters, plus safety mesh at cuffs and hem for water drainage add peace of mind. 3M Scotchlite™ reflective material increases visibility in low light. D-ring tool attachments. Bungee-cord hem blocks drafts. Handwarmer pockets. Imported.
    Sizes: S-3XL.
    Color: Black.

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    Frabill® Men's I3 Bibs

  • Rugged, waterproof, breathable and warm
  • Two-layer bibs with a 300-denier nylon-taslan shell
  • 500-denier nylon taslan in knees and cuffs
  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation for winter-defying warmth
  • Internal knee and seat padding
  • Drop your line beneath winter's thickest ice in total comfort – the Frabill Men's I3 Bibs are built for the ice fisherman that's serious about staying out until every fish is caught. 100% seam sealed and equipped with a durable water-repellent treatment, these rugged, waterproof and breathable two-layer bibs boast a rugged 300-denier nylon-taslan shell with 500-denier nylon taslan in knees and cuffs. Not only are they going to deliver years of waterproof performance, they're packed with 150-gram 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation for winter-defying warmth and they are lined with smooth taffeta for easy entry. The ergonomic, ice-fishing design boasts internal knee and seat padding for comfort while sitting or kneeling. Zipper vents deliver premium ventilation when needed. Full elastic shoulder straps with cam buckles. Handwarmer and multiple cargo pockets. Ice pick holsters and D-ring tool attachments. 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material. YKK® zippers. Imported.
    Sizes: S-3XL.
    Color: Black.

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    ICEtrekkers® Chain Ice Cleats

  • Adds winter-defying traction to any outdoor adventure
  • Case-hardened, TIG-welded steel links dig at frozen earth
  • Ladder pattern delivers even traction and stability
  • Strap on a pair of ICEtrekkers' Chain Ice Cleats and add winter defying traction to your next outdoor adventure. Case-hardened, individually TIG-welded square steel links dig at the frozen earth, packed snow and ice as you pass. Chain's ladder pattern delivers even traction and stability. Heavy-duty rubber frame fits well over most footwear.
    Sizes: M-XL.
    Color: Black.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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