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  Simms Currents Boat Shoe - Men's Korkers Greenback Felt Boot - Men's Simms G3 Guide Boot - Men's Redington Sonic-Pro HD Wader - Men's Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boot - Sticky - Men's Simms Headwaters Pro Stockingfoot Wader - Men's Simms Headwaters Boot - Men's Simms Riprap Sandal - Men's Hodgman H-Lock Felt Sole - Men's Simms Guide Wildbloc 1/2 Finger Mitt - Men's Simms Cuddy Flip Sandal - Men's Hodgman H4 Stocking Foot - Men's Hodgman Core Ins Wader Liner - Men's Simms Sunsleeve - Men's Simms Challenger Pull On 14'' Boot - Men's Simms Warming Hut Glove - Men's
  Simms Currents Boat Shoe - Men's Korkers Greenback Felt Boot - Men's Simms G3 Guide Boot - Men's Redington Sonic-Pro HD Wader - Men's Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boot - Sticky - Men's Simms Headwaters Pro Stockingfoot Wader - Men's Simms Headwaters Boot - Men's Simms Riprap Sandal - Men's Hodgman H-Lock Felt Sole - Men's Simms Guide Wildbloc 1/2 Finger Mitt - Men's Simms Cuddy Flip Sandal - Men's Hodgman H4 Stocking Foot - Men's Hodgman Core Ins Wader Liner - Men's Simms Sunsleeve - Men's Simms Challenger Pull On 14'' Boot - Men's Simms Warming Hut Glove - Men's
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Brand Patagonia Simms Hodgman Redington Simms Simms Hodgman Simms Simms Korkers Simms Simms Hodgman Simms Simms Simms
Manufacturer Warranty - lifetime 1 year 1 year lifetime lifetime 1 year lifetime lifetime 1 year lifetime - 1 year lifetime lifetime lifetime
Recommended Use - fly fishing river fishing, saltwater fishing, stillwater fishing fly fishing fly fishing fly fishing river fishing, saltwater fishing, stillwater fishing fly fishing fly fishing fly fishing fly fishing fly fishing fly fishing flatwater paddling, river fishing, river paddling river fishing, saltwater fishing, stillwater fishing fly fishing
Sole - - felt - - non-marking rubber - siped rubber stud-capable rubber sole OmniTrax 3.0 (interchangeable sole system) - - - Vibram Idrogrip rubber Vibram IdroGrip

Simms Currents Boat Shoe - Men's

As much as you love those rad tan lines your sandals lay down after a full day on the boat, you have to admit that it would be nice to have a pair of shoes that are light, breathable, and won't leave your feet looking like a couple of candy canes. The Simms Men's Currents Boat Shoe fits the bill with a lightweight mesh upper and welded TPU overlays, which let water and air pass through without letting the sun turn your feet into crispy lobsters. Cinch the Currents tight for a secure fit via the bungee drawcord and stay top-side up when you push your boat through shallow flats thanks to the shoe's non-slip siped rubber sole.

  • Seamless TPU and welded mesh upper
  • Bungee lace closure
  • EVA footbed
  • Siped non-marking rubber sole
  • Item #SMM006C
  • Je vous présente les chaussures corinne. Caoutchouc un show sur deux bâtons un de sims c'est vraiment chaud sur kiki et. Flex exprès pour pêcher sur les bateaux. Il n'a pas des coutures sur l'avant. C'est c'est bien ventilé sur les. Positions bleu autour vous pouvez porter. Juste comme ça ou en ont comme vraies. Chaussures. Il a une semelle. Chivu vraiment guide vos pieds dans les. Chaussures qui casse les pieds en position propre pays. Il nous support en confort pour mettre. Les chaussures vraiment lente et journée. Les lacets sont on élastique avec. Système de réglage de fermeture et un. Bon truc c'est petite poche la queue ou. Me mettre l'internet et au dedans comme. Ça vous avez vraiment aucune position sur leur les chaussures qui qui vous. Accroche la soie alors c'est bien bien. Fait la semelle elle sait pas des. Couleurs sur le bateau ça veut dire votre guide vous vous laisse tranquille. Si vous mettez les chaussures là un. Profil en structure dans les semelles en. Forme d'une vague qui vous permet de. De sécurité et de pas qui sait si le. Bateau mouillé ça approche quand même. Très bien sur les surfaces et ça c'est. La version home joli bleu gris puis. Exact les mêmes chaussures pour les. Femmes dans une jour les colorations juste en taille des. Femmes exercent les mêmes chaussures.

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    Korkers Greenback Felt Boot - Men's

    Not so different than your favorite pub appetizer, the Korkers Men's Greenback Felt Boot is a loaded with features that ultimately offer paramount performance, unparalleled traction, and solid comfort, so you can focus on the fish (or lack thereof) rather than your feet. The Greenbacks feature the Omnitrax Interchangeable Sole System and come fully equipped with a felt sole. However, the Greenbacks are compatible with other Korkers' specific interchangeable soles, so you can adapt your traction to meet the performance needs of each river system.

    The Greenbacks are constructed specifically for wet-wading anglers with hydrophobic waterproof materials that reduce water absorption and overall weight, which also enables them to dry faster and in turn, assist in preventing the spread of invasive species. The cemented parts, strategic seam locations, toe caps, and web lace-loops increase longevity. Iintegrated midsole drainage ports also allow water to drain quickly to keep the boots lighter while you wade.

  • OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System
  • Felt sole included
  • Hydrophobic materials
  • Cemented seams and strategic seam locations
  • Internal drainage
  • Traditional laces
  • Item #KKR000L
  • We're live on the floor die cast 2015. Right now we're in the bunker booth the roman fortress code is gone you see you. Got an all-new burger that has not been. Released yet do you want to discuss with us that's right for spring 2016 should. Be available around the holidays this is the greenback waiting room really excited about this one we built a booth we wanted to hit around a hundred dollar. Price point which is a price point that as consumers we know everyone likes we. Put a lot packed a lot into this boot for that price we've got an ev a molded mid sole so much more comfortable and much more provides much. More support than some of the other booths you see there on the market at this price we added a little more padding into the ankle so it's going to be a little more supportive there how to daddy ring for your gravel guards and. Just an all-around great construction and had a great value for ninety-nine dollars that comes with felt set of. Souls and offers you the option to interchange those soils with other options that we have available on top of the rest nominal. Bring a lot packed into that room yeah. That's that's going a little bit a lot of doors really get into a group a good. Quality. If you have any questions on this and the other items to get our website when this becomes available and opening up and should be available soon on our website for pre-orders to keep checking in we'll have it up there if you have any questions or need to pick up alone and speak with one of our products I'll be happy to answer any questions thanks so much for tuning in you have a lot more coming at you today we're still shooting make a lot more to come and stay tuned.

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    Simms G3 Guide Boot - Men's

    Whether you’re an industry professional or simply aspire to spend that many days on the water, the Simms Men's G3 Guide Boot is the footwear your wader-clad foot needs this season. As you move, the RiverTread platform reduces the underfoot rigidity compared to a typical boot, allowing your proprioception to keep you in balance on trails and river beds. The TPU-molded heel clip locks in the fit for moving through currents and cruising down a trail, while the EVA midsole absorbs the impact of each step. Comfort is paramount for a day on the water, so Simms partially lined the G3 Guide with neoprene for insulation and cushioning. For the environmental steward, Simms used CleanStream techniques—less exposed stitching and non-absorbent materials—on this boot to reduce the likelihood of transferring invasive species as you move from place to place.

  • Durable wading boots for dedicated anglers
  • Waterproof leather and textile upper for durability
  • Vibram Idrogrip outsole provides traction on riverbeds
  • RiverTread platform maximizes performance and stability
  • Midsole absorbs impact for hiking and wading
  • Partially lined with neoprene for insulation
  • CleanStream design reduces the risk of picking up organisms
  • Compatible with AlumiBite and HardBite studs
  • Item #SMM00CC
  • Welcome to the fly fishers and the fly fishers calm today we're gonna be talking about some sims product videos my name is tony ferry I'm with sims fishing we're gonna take a look today at. The new g3 guide boot totally re-engineered and redesigned for 2018 sims took a proven winner and made it. Better starting just looking at the boot. Itself contemporary looks we've lowered the height of the boot about oh 10 millimeters it's about 3/8 of an inch should make it a little easier on and off we've added new hardware and in fact. We've added extra set of our hardware down low towards a toe for a true lace to toe design gives you a little bit. Better fit a little more customizable we also added locking hardware where the. Lace starts to come up the ankle the. Idea here is you can cinch your laces down walk around a little bit finish lacing up make sure your boot is custom and in feeling right on your foot. Construction wise from a material standpoint we're using a scratch rubber. Upper a waterproof nu buck leather sort. Of synonymous with the guide boot or g3 boot molded tpu heel cups as well as a. New molded tpu heel pull on makes it. Super easy to hook your fingers pull the boot onto your heel and you're getting set to hit the river from a rubber. Standpoint we've redone the outsole still. Using the vibram hydro grip it's four millimeters thick it is the grittiest rubber for river in wet environments. Moving into just the interior neoprene. Line makes the boot easy on easy off. Really and some nice updates cosmetically now let's take a look at what's going on under the hood the rubber itself we've moved our preferred. Stud and cleat placement you'll notice it creates a pattern out along the periphery all edges we've been building boots for a while and figured this is one of the best patterns and trying to. Help our anglers understand how to do this a little bit better looking at the sole itself it's a true getting to be a. True rubber cup sole you've got bonding in support and heel — and then both lateral and. Medial side of the foot allows for just a better fit and a more. Durable longer-lasting performance again. The stud placement or cleat placement then coordinates into the. Midsole these orange pieces are a harder. Polyurethane material thing of it as a. Stud in a wall if you were gonna run a screw into a wall there's no stud it'll go in and out but if you hit that stud it grabs it and holds the thread of a screw so that's what's keeping that in place you'll as well. Notice that we've added that again heal. Clip molded into the mid sole so as the. Foot is locked down with your lacing it. Really keeps the heel in place for a more positive fit at sims we like to. Keep durability and comfort in mind so. We're gonna use a little harder eba along the exterior of the boot and then a softer e va under the foot gives. You a little bit more feel what's going. On underneath you the footbed itself has. A light layer of e va for cushioning and support and that's reinforced with a carbon heel and a softer flexible. Forefoot so you'll notice where the color change occurs that really mimics. And breaks as the foot a human foot really works the g3 boot again redesigned for 2018. Comes in at 229 available at the fly. Fishers or the fly fishers comm appreciate your time thanks.

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    Redington Sonic-Pro HD Wader - Men's

    You might be due for a new pair of waders when you finish a day on the river with three gallons of water sloshing around your legs. Not only will the Redington Men's Sonic-Pro HD Waders feel like a revelation the first time you step in the river and actually stay dry, but they'll stay that way whether you're fishing five days a week or five days a year. Boasting Redington's most durable construction, these waders are made from a four-layer fabric that's waterproof and breathable, and they're reinforced along the lower legs and seat for added protection against river debris and snagging in the brush along the river.

    It's easy to make burly waders that will last, but it's tough to make a pair that fit well and wear comfortably all day—this is where the Sonic-Pro HD really sets itself apart. Equipped with what Redington calls its ActiveFit, these waders have a more articulated design that's comfortable to walk, fish, and, well, wade in. Their SonicWeld seams further reduce bulk while bolstering the waders overall durability, and the addition of articulated neoprene booties wear comfortably under your choice of wading boot. Redington gave these waders anti-corrosive hardwear to eliminate rusty zippers and threw in fleece-lined pockets to keep your hands warm on those chilly shoulder season days.

  • Redington's burliest waders for dedicated anglers
  • Durable four-layer fabric is waterproof and breathable
  • SonicWeld seams reduce bulk and increase durability
  • Adjustable waist belt and suspenders
  • Articulated neoprene booties fit well in wading boots
  • ActiveFit promotes a comfortable fit while fishing
  • Item #RNG001Z
  • So i got my new Eddington waiters in. The mail from adam next day i returned my large 1213 size for the large long's. As you saw previously i thought the. Regular large 12 13s were just a tad. Short and i was worried about the booby says with the large long's i believe the. Booty size they get smaller but looking. Back it doesn't seem that much tighter so. We'll try them on just so you can see what they look like difference but I'm. Very happy with the purchase and avonex did a great job excellent customer service returned home sent me the new. Ones with i would any questions asked so. There we go the large lungs definitely. Have a lot more room especially in like. Crotch region before when i was sitting. Down and pretending the over logs the. Large 1213 just didn't seem to be loose. Enough so I'm very happy i upgraded and swap them out for the large loans it. Might be a little larger at the top and a little bit bigger just in general however in the long term i think they're gonna wear a lot better than if i were to have stayed with the shorter ones that we're just a little tight a little uncomfortable I'm very happy thank you. Having max for reaching out i sent him. An email that called me the same day sent me a return slip put my old ones in. The box sent them and then got these within a day or so excellent return process very happy. With added max and these ready thing waiters awesome of a deal. So while here at fort knox otter creek. And testing out my new waders so it's. About 27 degrees so far things are. Feeling pretty good I've got a few layers on and go outside on the water. Catch some tarpon well there we have it first trout Eddington waders i think. They're trout magnets.

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    Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boot - Sticky - Men's

    Fishing a new river requires covering a lot of water before finding the action, which is why Patagonia designed the Men's Ultralight Wading Boot. The synthetic leather and Venergy mesh uppers are lightweight and fast draining, which allows your feet to feel light and nimble when you move upstream or head up stream in search of your new honey hole. Plus, the Rock Grip soles are made from a special sticky rubber compound for stable and secure traction on slick river bottoms, and they are designed to accept studs when you need an extra bit of bite, or fin straps when you're taking the float tube out on the lake. The boots can also be resoled for season after season of riparian adventures.

  • Synthetic leather and Venergy mesh upper
  • Neoprene, spandex, and nylon tongue
  • Molded EVA midsole
  • Polypropylene insole
  • Rock Grip soles
  • Sole accepts studs and fin straps
  • Reinforced toe box
  • Item #PAT01A6
  • This is the women's ultralight weighting boot a durable comfortable lightweight fishing boot for the female angler with sticky rubber soles the uppers are made with rugged synthetic leather. That dries quickly flexes easily. And holds up through years of hard use mono filament mesh drains the footbed. While keeping out sand. And silt the external rand polypropylene insole board. And reinforced toe box protect your feet from deep water pressure. And rocky river bottoms the mid sole is made with comfortable shock absorbing full-length molded EBA foam for long slogs to the river the rock grip sticky rubber soles provide great traction on slippery. And uneven surfaces they're designed to hold fin straps. And accept studs which are sold separately I'm stoked to have a women's fishing boot in our lineup the women's ultralight weighting boot is comfortable durable lightweight. It has purple laces

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    Simms Headwaters Pro Stockingfoot Wader - Men's

    Your stuffy old waders may have kept you dry when you were in the river, but they also left you soaked with sweat when you had to bushwack through thick brush and scramble down steep embankments. Stay dry from the inside and out with the Simms Men's Headwaters Pro Stockingfoot Wader. It's crafted in the USA with Gore-Tex Pro 3-layer fabric to ensure waterproof and breathable protection that won't leave you feeling stifled and sweaty during hikes to hidden holes where trophy trout lurk.

    In addition to its superior breathability, this wader also features a carefully considered seam design that enhances mobility on the trail, as well as prevents seam blowouts to ensure years of durability. Pass-through handwarmer pockets give your fingers a break on chilly mornings, and the chest storage pocket keeps your fly box, pliers, nippers, and other tools close at hand. As an added bonus, Simms added an internal zipper carrier that's meant to sync with Simms' Tippet Tender pocket (sold separately) for the ultimate in convenience.

  • Rugged, yet breathable waders for all-day comfort
  • Gore-Tex Pro fabric keeps you dry without stifling you
  • Front- and back-leg seam construction enhances mobility
  • Pass-through handwarmer pockets revive frozen fingers
  • Zippered chest pocket stores fly box and tools
  • Built-in gravel guards resist abrasion
  • Suspenders with opposing buckles for waist-high conversion
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Item #SMM009R
  • This is the Sims headwaters skort excavator. This Vader is made out of three layers. Or Tech's all over the feet are left. And right reshaped so. You have a nice comfort getting the shoes as well. If you're wearing a thicker sock it's really comfortable. You have the form of your feet then. You have nice gravel guards reinforced. That keep all out your shoes who. You don't want to have in gravel sand stuff like. This the Raider is made with a front seam plate construction so. You do not have any seams on the inner side no operation. And a nice comfort to walk in here in. This part and almost. All around you have a nice reinforcement so tones. What can pick some holes in stay out nicely waiting belt is included then. You have nice hand warmer pocket with micro fleece lining zip pocket from here belt system which is possible to put together crosswise like. This then just roll your way the gülnaz pant here on the upper. You have as well as elastic strap. You can tighten your Vader to your body. You just want to put. It quick up to cross without using the shoulder straps the headwater Gortex Vader is the cheapest cortex Vader available in the market. This is a really nice product for a good value have fun.

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    Simms Headwaters Boot - Men's

    For unbeatable traction on a variety of surfaces while you wade, count on the Simms Men's Headwaters Boot. Built with Vibram IdroGrip outsoles that make short work of mossy rocks, slick mud, and rocky riverbeds, this super-grippy boot features a rugged and easy-to-clean nylon and rubber upper, partial neoprene lining to help your feet stay warm and comfortable, and a dual-density EVA midsole for all-day support. Simms also hooked the boot up with an ESS support plate to protect your feet from rocks, and built the boot on its Headwaters platform for increased stability and comfort when you're spending more time in the water than on dry land.

  • Rubber and nylon upper
  • Partial neoprene lining
  • Dual-density EVA midsole
  • Vibram IdroGrip rubber sole
  • Headwaters platform
  • ESS support plate
  • Item #SMM005X
  • Welcome to the feather crafts video series my name is Tony fairy with Sims fishing products today we're going to be talking about water series of boots headwaters pro head bloggers well. It all starts with what's underneath the hood in. This case it's the platform that's integrated with the boot itself starting on the bottom. We use a four millimeter Vibram Hydra grip rubber sticky rubber in the market same type of rubber that's used in the climbing shoe world so really grippy rubber lug pattern aggressive. They are all set with 92 degree cutting edges so. Even as the rubber wears down. You still have a good clean edge for scuffing on rocks integrated tow injection molded dual density Eva a mid sole with ESS retention plates built in the ESS plates allow for a stutterer cleat to go through the outsole but then gives. It the backing material in order to grab. And hold onto your the threading on the screw for the cleats. Or studs the dual density Eva a harder on the outside for rugged durability a little bit softer underfoot does feature a nylon shank plate for a little bit of rigid torsion control last is your foot forum which is neoprene wrapped as well prevents excessive moisture from absorbing also just slides in. And out with your neoprene stocking feet as. We get into the boots themselves. Both boots aren't going to be neoprene line partially neoprene line allows the foot in. And our real simply. Both boots are going to use big burly heel tabs for pulling the boot on.

    And off both boots use scratch rubber construction fundamental difference comes in the upper material the remaining materials. This is a high-density nylon woven. This is a waterproof nu buck leather going to be a little bit. More form-fitting a little. More durable over the lifetime of the product. Both are designed to have a gravel guard drop down over the top of the boot simply hooking into the lace. Or the d-ring the whole story behind Simms Footwear is the whole idea of proprioception it's a fancy five syllable words it's the experience underfoot. When you look at how. This platform works in conditioned conjunction with get uppers. It gives you a very durable long-lasting high-quality piece of waiting for wear. Both boots come in sizes 7 to 14 retail on the headwaters is 179 retail on the headwaters pearl $199 so a $20 upgrade to go into the leather thank.

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    Simms Riprap Sandal - Men's

    The Simms Men's Riprap Sandal is a lightweight, nimble sandal for leisurely afternoons spent casting for trout in tiny feeder streams. It's suitable for wading along slippery stream bottoms with its textured, stud-capable rubber sole. Because it employs a rubber bottom, the Riprap won't transport invasives, making it suitable where laws restrict the use of felt-soled footwear.

    The open-sided design rapidly drains after leaving the water, meaning you'll be comfortable hiking to your vehicle after fishing all day. It's surprisingly nimble across both land and water, giving you the tactile feedback for retaining balance across rugged trails and slippery streams. To address the need for proper support, the Right Angle footbed is ergonomically contoured for uncompromising wearing comfort.

  • Lightweight, nimble sandal for stream wading
  • Open sides drain quickly after leaving the water
  • Secure bungee closure eliminates dealing with laces
  • Rubber sole maintains grip across land and streams
  • Stud-capable bottom for traction in slippery scenarios
  • Right Angle footbed maintains proper support underfoot
  • Based in Bozeman, Montana, Simms is a favorite of pro guides and avid fly fishermen
  • Item #SMM008X
  • Vinson Guerra fallow here with sims fishing products i am the footwear product my manager and developer and here i am talking about our new rip rap. Shoe this is the update for spring 17 of. The existing rip rap in the line this one is a full rubber and belt outsole. Full stud capability around the. Perimeter of the outsole inside here we. Have a full-blown levee a footbed with right angle technology and of course. With the upper being in the river extra durable high abrasion synthetic overlays high abrasion mesh and then to top it. All off we have our no line catch upper design with a nice little hooks and latch system for the bungee closure.

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    Hodgman H-Lock Felt Sole - Men's

    The Hodgman H-Lock Felt Sole is part of the interchangeable system that makes the most out of one pair of wade boots. This felt sole is specifically designed to provide traction on slimy rocks and in slick aquatic environments, giving you more confidence to get where you need to go in the water. The interchangeable system helps minimize the transfer of species since you can easily swap soles before wading in a new water system.

  • Interchangeable soles for wade fishing
  • Felt outsole excels in slick environments
  • Trading soles between systems minimizes transfer of species
  • H-lock system maximizes boot versatility
  • Interchangeable with other H-Lock soles
  • Item #HOD000H
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    Simms Guide Wildbloc 1/2 Finger Mitt - Men's

  • Great half-finger glove for cold-weather fly fishing
  • Polartec fleece material is warm even while wet
  • Hand warmer compartment for extra cold conditions
  • Item #SMM00GI
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    Simms Cuddy Flip Sandal - Men's

    Be sure to pack a pair of the Simms Men's Cuddy Flip Sandals before you jet down to the Keys to wet your line in the clear ocean water. Whether you're casting from the deck of a boat or just wading out in the surf to see what you can hook into, these comfortable sandals will keep your dogs enjoying the warm coastal weather while maintaining the grip you need to battle it out with that massive tarpon you hook on the last day of your trip.

  • Comfort-focused flip-flops for saltwater fly fishing
  • Hydrophobic construction sheds water weight
  • Neoprene lining ensures next-to-skin comfort
  • Siped sole maintains traction on slick surfaces
  • Item #SMM00CG
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    Hodgman H4 Stocking Foot - Men's

    The Hodgman H4 Stocking Foot is designed for recreational anglers whose favorite place to be is in the water. With waterproof, four-layer fabric in the seat and legs, and a three-layer fabric for enhanced breathability, this wader seals out the water moving around you. The stitched seams have all been fully taped to ensure no droplets can squeeze through, and the inner leg seams have been eliminated to reduce abrasion. Your extremities are important, so these waders are equipped with anatomically correct neoprene booties and lined the hand pockets with microfleece to keep them toasty.

  • Waders for recreational fishing
  • Waterproof, three- and four-layer fabric for breathable protection
  • Fully taped seams ensure no droplets come in
  • DWR finish sheds water
  • Anatomically correct neoprene booties for comfort
  • Compatible with the Core INS insulation system
  • Item #HOD000A
  • I'm on the south fork river, and we've. Been fill testing the new h5 from hodgman and today I've stopped by the local pro shop at the lodge to take you through some of these features the first thing that we've done is we've incorporated our new shell fabric this. Is a very durable fabric that we've developed the (upper) of this waiter comes with a three layer which means it's extra breathable the lower is a five-letter which adds durability and. Puncture resistance what we've done is we've moved that 5 layer all the way up to the upper leg and then round to the seat so if you're in and out of drift boats you know you've got extra protection on your seat where you often need it most the 5 layer fabric incorporates a durable shell fabric. Micro porous coating interior fabric for. Added puncture resistance or hydrophilic. Laminate that pulls moisture away from the body and then it's backed with a tree cut backer to protect the laminate one of the biggest areas that causes. Leak points on waders is the inside leg seam, so we've moved the seam all the way. Around to the outside of the waiter while still keeping articulated knees to. Allow the waiter to move with you when you're bending your knee and it doesn't bind up in this area age 5 as well. Incorporates our comfort thick gravel garden design what this does is reduces. Bulk at the shin point because we don't connect the fabric the stocking foot and. The waiter all at the same point so it allows a little bit more play ability in this area which makes for a big difference when you're covering long distances and ground the h5 as well. Incorporates a corrosion resistant lace hook that you can hook to your weight shoes for a secure fit one of my favorite features on the h5 is the anatomically correct left and right foot. Stocking foot these are sculpted to the unique design of your foot reduce bolt for added comfort we've also incorporated a way belt with three belts. Loops for safety so if you unbuckled it you're not gonna lose your weight belt which can always be frustrating the hand. Warmer pockets on the h5 wader are fleece light micro fleece line which makes them extra warm as well there's also a large capacity storage pocket on. The chest slippered we've also incorporated an. Internal flip out pocket for valuables. And we incorporate only dura flex buckles because they're very durable and long-lasting buckles and the shoulder straps on the h v are paid from elastic, so they don't bind up on you when you're sitting down or moving around and gives you a lot of range of motion lastly the h v accepts our cora and s. Removable installation system so you can install that inside of your waiter and make it perfect for cold weather icy fishing conditions or remove it for warm southern months so next time you're in your local pro shop ask about the new h 5 waiters from hodgman

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    Hodgman Core Ins Wader Liner - Men's

    Boost the warmth of your Hodgman waders with the Men's Core Ins Wader Liners. Hodgman uses zoned Thinsulate insulation in the leg and hip areas  which are submerged most often  to keep your lower body from freezing from the frigid bite of the cold water. If you work up a sweat while hiking to your favorite fishing spot, this breathable insulation keeps you warm while letting the build up of moisture escape for dry comfort. Plus, the fleece upper ensures coziness above the water, and the simple on-and-off design allows you to slip in and out of the waders easily while eliminating binding at your knees.

  • Thinsulate insulation
  • Fleece upper
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Easy on-and-off design
  • Compatible with any Hodgman wader that accepts the INS system
  • Item #HOD0003
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    Simms Sunsleeve - Men's

    Protect your arms from the sun and elements when you wear a short-sleeve shirt with the Simms Sunsleeves. Its quick-drying, breathable stretch fabric offers comfort and protection while you fly fish while elastic at the bicep and a curved fit at the cuff provides better hand coverage while you're fishing. Pairing snaps at the bicep also keep the two Sunsleeves together when you're driving back home. 

  • Polyester, spandex fabric blend
  • Quick-dry, breathable stretch fabric
  • Pairing snaps at biceps
  • Elastic at bicep
  • Curved at cuff design
  • Average Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Item #SMM002K
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    Simms Challenger Pull On 14'' Boot - Men's

    For a worry-free day on the boat, pull on the Simms Men’s Challenger 14” Boot. This boot gives your feet purchase on slippery decks thanks to its siped rubber outsole, and keeps your foot toasty with a grid fleece lining trapping in heat. The 14-inch upper is constructed of vulcanized rubber to seal out any water that splashes onto the deck, ensuring your foot stays dry and comfortable. For proper foot alignment, Simms included a Right Angle footbed to reduce fatigue.

  • Boots for spending time on boat decks and docks
  • Vulcanized rubber upper blocks out water
  • Fleece lining keeps your foot toasty
  • Right Angle footbed promotes proper alignment
  • 14” height blocks out splashing water
  • Item #SMM00C9
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    Simms Warming Hut Glove - Men's

    The next best thing to a log cabin and a roaring fire, the Simms Warming Hut Glove offers lots of toasty warmth to bring freezing fingers back to life and keep you out on the river longer. Just stuff your hands into these PrimaLoft-insulated mitts and you'll have warm blood-flow in no time, so you can keep working hard to catch the big one. Wind resistant Pertex fabric on the outside ensures that cold winds won't sneak in and ruin your warming time, and a glove leash lets you quickly take them off and keep them secure when you spot that trout you've been chasing all day.

  • Super warm mittens to warm up your hands on cold river banks
  • PrimaLoft insulation brings life back to freezing fingers
  • Pertex shell fabric offers protection from cold winds
  • Handwarmer pocket at wrist helps you speed up your warming time
  • Leash keeps mittens secure when you need to get back to fishing
  • Item #SMM00GG
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