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  Hawk® 4mm Braid Hoist Rope HME™ Products Plastic Trail Marker Tacks Summit Treestands Deluxe Front Bag Summit Treestands Surround Seat Summit Treestands Adjustable Gunrest Hawk® Twist-Up Hoist Line Hawk® Jab™ Handle Tree Hook Muddy® Telescoping Multi-Hanger Lone Wolf Shooting Rail Hawk Sportsman's Rubber Wire X-Stand Treestands Treestand Seat Cover Muddy® Xtreme Crossbow Hanger Combo Hurricane Treestand Powerstrap Cabela's Multi-Purpose Anchor Summit Treestands Replacement Shrink Tubing Ridge Hunter® Gear Hanger HME Trail Ribbon with Tacks
  Hawk® 4mm Braid Hoist Rope HME™ Products Plastic Trail Marker Tacks Summit Treestands Deluxe Front Bag Summit Treestands Surround Seat Summit Treestands Adjustable Gunrest Hawk® Twist-Up Hoist Line Hawk® Jab™ Handle Tree Hook Muddy® Telescoping Multi-Hanger Lone Wolf Shooting Rail Hawk Sportsman's Rubber Wire X-Stand Treestands Treestand Seat Cover Muddy® Xtreme Crossbow Hanger Combo Hurricane Treestand Powerstrap Cabela's Multi-Purpose Anchor Summit Treestands Replacement Shrink Tubing Ridge Hunter® Gear Hanger HME Trail Ribbon with Tacks
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Hawk® 4mm Braid Hoist Rope

Keep all of your essentials organized and secure when you're in the stand with Hawk's rugged 4mm Braid Hoist Rope. Durable braided line easily holds up to 75 lbs. Wind-up line holder keeps extra rope out of your way.

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HME™ Products Plastic Trail Marker Tacks

  • Plastic tacks with highly reflective faces
  • Stepped shank area
  • Supersharp point
  • HME Products Plastic Trail Marker Tacks are a great alternative to the typical flat metal reflective tack. This tack has a stepped shank area with a supersharp post. The stepped shank will make them easier to hold onto when pressing in and easier to grip when removing. The supersharp point will allow them to be installed more easily into even the hardest trees. Tacks feature highly reflective faces.
    Color: White.
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    Summit Treestands Deluxe Front Bag

    Add more storage to your treestand with Summit Treestands' Deluxe Front Bag. Strong construction holds its shape and the large capacity stores plenty of essentials within easy reach. 10"L x 6"W x 5.25"H.
    Wt: 1 lb.
    Camo Pattern: Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country®.
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    Summit Treestands Surround Seat

  • Enclosed design reduces back fatigue
  • Long-lasting nylon tricot construction
  • Handy pockets for storing food or gear
  • The padded sides and back support of the Summit Treestands Surround Seat create an enclosed design that fights fatigue, allowing you to stay in the stand longer. Rugged nylon tricot construction. Pockets offer convenient storage for food or gear. Fits most Summit climbing treestands. Imported.
    Camo pattern: Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity®.
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    One of my favorite accessories the summit's around see it's got. Some additional padding as well as the egg crepe material in the seat. It fully encloses you on the side so. Any kind of wind coming in. It cuts down on and the greatest feature is there're pockets on. All three sides what these pockets are designed for is to put the larger body warmers in their hit. You right around the kidneys the only problem. You have then is staying awake.

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    Summit Treestands Adjustable Gunrest

  • Adjustable shooting rail to fit your style
  • Lightweight, durable construction
  • Padded for silent maneuvering
  • Summit Treestands' Adjustable Gunrest steadies your shot so you don't have to tell a story about the time you missed the buck of a lifetime. Adjusts to fit your size and shooting style. Lightweight, durable aluminum construction. Padded bar protects your firearm, while also ensuring silence during the tense moments before the shot. Fits most aluminum Summit climbing stands.
    Camo pattern: Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity®.
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    This is a look at the summit tree stands retractable deer hoist. You know anything about. Or follow my channel. You know I'm a huge fan of the Doyles gear. Ijust hate bow ropes of the passion. This on Amazon it was about half the price of the Doyles. And smaller than the Doyles so that's. What led me to buy. Ihere from Missouri for a 14-day hunt. Ionly did abuse for about ten days. And we'll get into that a little bit later but for me overall it's a pretty decent budget option the clip on the back it's an inch. And a half metal spray. And quarter metal spring clip. Idid a video on how to trim. These down for saddles so. They fit in the webbing on saddles, so I'll link to. That as well the webbing on. This is a little bit thinner. Than the Doyles gear hoist it's actually three-eighths of an inch instead of a half inch not. That big of a deal the method. They use to pull up bows. And things like that is a night eyes gear tie similar to. Something like hawk would use it's a just a piece of wire wrapped in plastic so. You can twist it up wrapped in a rubber material so.

    You can twist I actually had an extra two wheels gear cinch lying around. Iadded to this as well. Isimply removed their gear tie on the end of. This cinch on and the reason why I did. It to pull up to things so. Icould use the twist tie to pull up a jacket the gear cinch to pull up a bow so. Ican pull two things at. Once overall it's a pretty decent budget option. You know if you're thinking about getting a toils. And the Doyles is just a little too expensive for you. Or maybe a little too big for your liking you can easily look at the summit for me there were three issues. Ikind of had with one is the noise it's pretty loud. You compared to the Doyles the Doodles has just got a smoother webbing noise. You can really the spring and. It noises to me is not a big issue but it's. Something you guys should be aware of is. That it's a little bit louder. Than the Doyles gear hoist the other issue. Ihad was actually the spring in here after about seven. Or eight days it would stop retracting my gear.

    All the way it would stop about. You know a foot. And a half short of. This is swinging around to. Me it's not that big of a deal. You know if the winds blowing every tree around. Me is blowing so to have a string underneath my saddle blowing is not. That big of a deal but just. Something to be aware of. Ithink the spring long term. This won't last as well as the Doyles gear was. That bad at doing this gear hoist for like seven years. It still runs like a top the other thing I'm not a huge fan of their gear tie system it's a little small personally I'd like to see. On a little bit bigger maybe a little bit thicker but overall worked well. Ijust that's why I added the extra Doyle's cinch system on here as well.

    And then to me the webbing the last foot of. This webbing after a couple days. Ican actually see through the webbing in the very center of. Idon't know if it's just cheap webbing and it's getting pulled to the side. Ican see through if it's actually wearing through in the center somehow. And causing that issue but it's totally in the first foot of. That big of a deal but was kind of concerning I don't know exactly what's causing it. If it's just cheap webbing so that's why I bailed on. And went back to trusty Doyle's gear hoist after like seven days not a huge fan of. Iwould rather spend the extra 18 15 bucks to get a Doyle gear hoist. Though it's bigger compared to the summit. What I would like to try to do is gut. And swap the internals from the Doyle. Ican put them inside of the summit. Ilike the small size of the summit but. Ilike the thicker webbing and stronger spring in the Doyle is deer hoist so. That might be something I may try. And do is see I can gut the Doyles.

    It inside of the summit deer hoist overall decent budget option 18 bucks on Amazon. If you're looking to get a Doyle's built less. That money I recommend giving the summit a try seen. You like and then eventually. You may be able to upgrade to the Doyles key Royce.

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    Hawk® Twist-Up Hoist Line

  • Hoist gear into your treestand
  • 25 ft. tangle-free flat cord
  • GearTie supports up to 40 lbs.
  • Easily hoist your bow and other equipment into your treestand with Hawk's Twist-Up Hoist Line. 25 ft. tangle-free flat cord with the innovative GearTie® system simplifies attaching gear. GearTie is like a reusable twist tie that will support up to 40 lbs.
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    Today we're looking at hawk hunting gears 25-foot hoist line. It has a 40 pound capacity. It has a innovative twisting mechanism to help. You kind of quietly. And quickly tie up your bow. Any gear you might need down on the ground. It has flat chord design. That allows you to kind of easily store the product. It doesn't get tangled up like. Some other twist tie lines. Or regular voice lines you've seen on the market so really quick we're just going to show. Imean the twisting mechanisms fairly straightforward obviously just twist around your bow. It has the 40 pound capacity. This is the straight line design it's kind of like a heavy-duty shoelace so. It up near stand you can wrap. It up store it won't get to tangle in. It so just to show you the capacity we're going to try to lift. This 35-pound weight plate. Imean no crossbow or amount of gear. You have it's probably gonna come close to. This but this is just going to give. Me an idea how strong.

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    Hawk® Jab™ Handle Tree Hook

  • Large T-handle provides a solid grasp
  • Ultrasharp AugerTip screws easily into hardwoods
  • Only 2.6 oz. so it's hardly noticeable when packed
  • Additional storage is always needed when you're hunting from a treestand or out camping, and the Hawk Jab Handle Tree Hook provides it. It features a comfortable, beefy T-handle that provides a solid grasp to help you screw in the hook. Ultrasharp AugerTip™ easily screws into dense hardwoods. At only 2.6 oz., it's hardly noticeable when packed, yet it holds loads of up to 40 lbs. 2.5"L.
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    Muddy® Telescoping Multi-Hanger

  • Aluminum construction with steel self-tapping tip
  • Holds up to 30 lbs. of your gear
  • Telescoping arm with 360° pivoting, rubber-coated gear hook
  • Leg grip increases stability
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Screw Muddy's Telescoping Multi-Hanger into the tree next to your stand for a hands-free gear holder that's deadly silent. Aluminum construction with steel self-tapping tip is lightweight yet strong, holding up to 30 lbs. of your gear. Telescoping arm with 360° pivoting, rubber-coated gear hook holds gear right where you need it. Leg grip increases stability. Folds flat for storage.
    Extended: 7.25"-21.5"L.
    Folded: 8.75"L.
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    Lone Wolf Shooting Rail

  • Add shot-steadying stability to your Lone Wolf stand
  • Pad protects your weapon’s finish
  • Available in two sizes
  • Steady your shots on the Lone Wolf Shooting Rail. Included pad protects your weapon's finish and adds comfort. Available for regular or wide versions of the Lone Wolf Sit and Climb Treestand.
    Available: Regular, Wide.

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    Hawk Sportsman's Rubber Wire

  • Versatile, bendable, rubber-coated steel wire
  • Cut it to size and secure equipment
  • Length: 25 ft.
  • You'll find hundreds of uses for a roll of Sportsman's Rubber Wire from Hawk. This versatile, bendable, rubber-coated steel wire can be used as a tangle-free hoist rope at your treestand, or cut it to size and secure equipment to your ATV, boat or any other vehicle. Better than rope, this wire quickly and easily twists and holds it shape. Entire length lifts up to 40 lbs.
    Length: 25 ft.

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    You I'm Jason Olson. Imacro staff member with foxhunting and the deer hunting veteran of over 25 years. Now if you're like. I and you have dozens of applications for rope in the field but. You get frustrated of tying untying tight knots. Or you're not sure what to do with dirty wet ropes then. You have to try hawks sportsmen rubber wired the rust free zinc coated wire with its rubber shell makes. This lightweight tool capable of supporting loads of up to 40 pounds without a single knot. And only a few simple twists. Now the sportsman's rubber wire comes in 25-foot blanks but with snips. You can quickly and easily cut. It to whatever length is required. Some favorite uses for this reusable tool are to secure gear to a quad. Or truck lash tree stand components together. Or a silent and easy transport use as a gear voice during tree stand hunting and brushing in blinds for added camouflage to see our full line of products visit wymtcom hunt stronger hut safer much smarter hunt from above hunt with lock you.

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    X-Stand Treestands Treestand Seat Cover

  • Waterproof protection for your seat
  • Fits seats 23” wide and 16” deep
  • Adjustable cord locks keep cover in place
  • Protect your seat from rain and snow when you're not in your stand with X-Stand Treestands' Treestand Seat Cover. The waterproof seat cover fits treestand seats up to 23” wide and 16” deep with adjustable cord locks to keep the cover in place, even in high winds. Made of polyester. Imported.

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    Hi I'm Travis Macaulay with extant tree stands I'm here at the 2013 ata show just a little history about our company. This is our fourth year at the ata show the first two years. That we came to this place. We were a really small fish in a great big pond. We come and we have. This one product this is the x1 climbing tree stand. It is the world's lightest climbing tree stand. And this model on the best of the best award in field. And stream now being our fourth year we've grown into. This and of course. We have a lot of other stuff out there the first off let. Me tell you a little bit about the tree stand. That made us famous. Now this stand is unique. And different not only is. It the world's lightest but it's got a lot of other really neat features. This one bungee it comes with the stand in the Box hold your two pieces together your seat in your platform so. All you do is whenever. You take the stand-off the trees. You lay your platform down. And take your seat and lay. It on top of it and. This stand was designed for the seat. And the platform to mesh perfectly together.

    And then you take out. One bungee and wrap. It around there and you're. All set up another great feature about. This stand it's whatever. You do have it on your back. And you're walking through the woods. Iknow of a lot of climbing tree stands out there. When you're walking through the woods sometimes. You got to reach back. And hold your two pieces together. Because they're clanging around. And making a lot of noise well. This thing when it's on your back. And you tighten it up it's not making any noise. It can be bouncing off your back. And it's not clanging and banging and making all. That racket it's completely silent. You can tie that off. Or do whatever you want. And to loosen it all. You do is push down on these you're completely loose. And you can take your stand-off. Now come on over here. And I'll show you what it looks like on a tree. Some other really neat features about our climbing tree stand is a quick attach system which is spring-loaded with a rubber-coated pin.

    It also we also have a sit. And climb model which is. This model right here it's got a bar. You can sit on you can also use. This bar as a shooting rail an armrest a footrest. Or you can put it up out of the way. If you like our backpack straps second is our tether straps which will hook your platform to your seat. Whenever you're climbing and then. Whenever you get to your destiny. Or hike on your tree. You can tighten these up so. That the locks your see in place our whole concept behind. These limbs over here which are fiberglass kind of like your bow limbs — designed to flex so. Whenever I whenever. You put weight on the platform those flex arms will grab the cable.

    And pull it tight to the tree which makes for a. More secure better sit. And then whenever you're climbing with the standing you take your weight off to bring your platform up those flex arms will pull the cable away from the tree. Because you got to get around. Some knots or some sawed off limbs. You know your cables not grabbing all. That stuff and it makes them for a lot easier climbing experience. Another great thing about. This tree stand is our seat it's got four pieces of foam. And it's designed for a very comfortable sit so. You can sit in this thing all day with no problem. This tree stands made out of high-grade aluminum so. It cost us a lot more money to manufacture.

    These tree stands and. It does all of our competitors but at the end of the day you're getting what you want it's made out of t6 6061 aircraft aluminum that's. Where we get our lightweight but not only do. We get lightweight we get a sturdy tree stand. They don't rust it's practically weatherproofed. Because it's aluminum, so I'm innocent it's an awesome product we're super excited to be able to get. This thing on the market. And get it in the woods it's a great tool it's. You know for a guy that wants to get out there. And kill some big bucks its good to have a next n on your back. Because you can get deep. You can be quiet you can climb easy. And you have a comfortable sit. Now I'm going to tell.

    You a little bit about our hang on Stan new for 2013 weighing in at only 10 pounds uses the same high-grade aluminum as our climate stand the t6 6061 aircraft aluminum not only is. It light but it's also super easy to hame utilizing our five-point hitch system for hanging so no matter. If the trees leaning backwards. Or forwards you can still hang your tree stand on the stand. And sit comfortably with our hitch system. Because you can level the sand. Now I'm going to tell. You a little bit about our super lightweight climbing stick it's super easy to attach to the tree. It utilizes a non-slip step the angles out away from the tree as. You can see there making it easy to get your boot on. It you don't have to worry about your boot hitting the back of the tree so it's super easy to hang it's aluminum so it's super lightweight. And it has a non-slip step with. These grooves in it I'm going to show. You how our climbing ladders. And our hang on fit together.

    When you're ready to come out of the woods it's got. This one bungee which is attached to the platform of the hang on sand that'll hold your sticks to a platform make them for easy packing out of the woods. This whole system with four sticks. And your hang on weighs less. Than 20 pounds four years ago. We dropped our competitors jaws by coming in. And the tree stand industry with the world's lightest climbing tree stand which. On the best of the best of the ward in Field & Stream magazine. This year we're dropping their jaws with their all-new ladder stand weighing in at only 45 pounds. This ladder stand is the only. One of its kind you completely set. This thing up before. You ever leave the ground making it. One of the safest ladder stands out there. All you do to hook. This thing up is you leaning against the tree. And you have two galvanized aircraft cable. That drape down on both sides of the tree cross those cables behind the tree.

    You run the cables through a loop. And hook them to a hook right there. And turn it and you're. All set up before you ever leave the ground. Once you climb up there's no. More doing that climb of death. Where you're climbing to stand. And then strapping a strap around the tree you're completely set up before. You leave the ground. When you climb up there's. Nothing else left to do. It also is weatherproofed. This thing's made out of aluminum. And there's no ratchet straps. That get beat up by the Sun. Or rain and wear and tear. They don't use any ratchet straps it's weatherproof super light. And you hang it and set. It up before you ever leave the ground. Iwas telling you earlier. That it was weatherproofed well. It is uses a plastic seat up there which is a big chair. You talk about a big comfortable seat man. Icould sit up here.

    All day know what I'll have right here is our. All new hunting chair super lightweight. It can be great for getting out in them woods. And getting you a couple feet off the ground. You don't have to worry about having a wet seat. All you do to hook. This thing to the tree it's. That strap will run around the tree just like. This and you just pull. It tight and they don't matter. If you're on a hill. Because all you got to do is pull. That ball out a little further. If you're on a hit downhill. Or an uphill it don't matter. And then you have you a good comfortable seat. And that thing is super light.

    Now right here we have our hunting blind its pattern. And mossy oak it uses elongated magnetic windows is great for a family of hunters. Or standing shots filming hunts its wheelchair accessible. You can drive a full wheeler up in. It's super roomy. It only weighs 12 pounds.

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    Muddy® Xtreme Crossbow Hanger Combo

  • 20” steel hanger holds bow or crossbow
  • 4” rubber-coated double hook for heavy items
  • Three small gear hooks for hunting gear
  • Easily screws into tree with support leg
  • Keep your bow, and other hunting accessories, within reach with Muddy's Xtreme Crossbow Hanger Combo. The 20” steel hanger holds your bow or crossbow while a 4” rubber-coated steel double hook keeps heavier items close at hand. Three small gear hooks hold arrows, rangefinder and other accessories like game calls close. Easily screws into tree with added support. Support leg has teeth to bite into tree for extreme strength. Coated hooks won't damage bow or other gear. Hanger holds up to 30 lbs.; double hook holds up to 10 lbs.

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    Hurricane Treestand Powerstrap

  • Attach gear to your ATV, UTV or other vehicle
  • Adjustable, self-cinching, quick-loop design
  • Durable, non-abrasive strap has a 900-lb. working load
  • Use the Universal Powerstrap from Hurricane Safety Systems for safe, secure attachment of gear to ATVs, UTVs and more. Adjustable, self-cinching, quick-loop design attaches quickly, providing multiple tie-down options. The durable, non-abrasive strap has a 900-lb. working load for security.

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    hurricane safety systems is. All about keeping all of. Is safe right and the new power step is pretty incredible huh. It really is what is its great for when you're transitioning from your ladder into your stand. It just makes you feel. More secure Universal fits. One inch tube seal continuous climbing sticks not to be used with rapid rails. Any non continuous sectional climbing system. This device aids in hanging tree stands attach the power step to stand on. While pulling up and hanging your tree stands the larger non-slip surface provides added comfort less fatigue. And a safer experience the power step is adaptable for the right-handed. Or left-handed entry into the tree stand. It can be placed on the right side. Or the left side of the climbing stick four hundred percent. More surface area with no slip serration ensures a safer transition. When moving laterally from climbing sticks onto the tree stand attach the power step. Either parallel or slightly above the tree fan installation super easy with thumb screws. And welded nuts swallow the vertical portion of the continuous climbing sticks with the two C channels of your power step secure the power step in place with. Some screws this holds the power step in place. While threading the bolts into the welded nut tighten bolts. Provided until C channels are squeezed tightly to the vertical portion of the climbing stick re tighten thumb screws using the exact same foot placement for entry. And exit of a tree stand every time avoids indecision. And provides a safer experience hurricane safety systems power step is really helping you feel.

    More secure up there on the tree. You know it's really cool as hurricane safety systems is. All about keeping you safe. And secure, and we're proud to be part of them.

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    Cabela's Multi-Purpose Anchor

  • Injection-molded for durability
  • Neatly and securely hold ropes, cords and lines without knots
  • Use for cargo management or securing hunting blinds
  • Say goodbye to messy knots when you use our Multi-Purpose Anchor. This easy-to-use speed cinch is made from durable, injection-molded plastic and will stand up to tons of abuse. Now you can neatly secure your ropes, lines and cords without messy knots thanks to the patent-pending design. Perfect for cargo management, flag poles, marine rigging, setting up tents and even hunting blinds.
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    Summit Treestands Replacement Shrink Tubing

  • Replace the shrink tubing on your treestand cables
  • Increases longevity and safety
  • Includes two full-length shrink-tubing pieces
  • Use Summit Treestands' Replacement Shrink Tubing to add longevity and safety to your treestand cables. Includes two full-length shrink tubing pieces. Cut away the old coating, slip on the new tube and use heat to shrink in place. 
    67"L each.
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    Ridge Hunter® Gear Hanger

  • Positions your gear for instant access
  • Easily screws into any tree
  • Compact and lightweight for easy packing
  • Vinyl-coated hook pivots to any position
  • Ridge Hunter's Gear Hanger allows you to make the most of your limited space while sitting in your treestand. Position it to get instant access to your bow, calls, clothing, bag and other gear. The Gear Hanger is compact and lightweight for easy packing and it easily screws into any tree. The vinyl-coated hook is large enough to handle virtually any bow, and the hook pivots to any desired position.
    Available: 13”, 23”, 23” Two-Pack.

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    HME Trail Ribbon with Tacks

    Tape is environmentally safe, photo degradable and heavy-duty heat sealed to prevent unraveling. Tacks have a stepped shank area with a sharp point that makes the tack easy to grip when removing. Water-reflective face allows the hunter to see them day or night. Includes 150 ft. of textured, orange ribbon and a 50-pack of trail tacks to mark trails.
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