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Frabill Aegis 2110 Flip Ice Shelter Clam Outdoors™ Corner Console Otter Outdoors XT Resort Package Shappell® Wear Bars Kit FRABILL® Fortress Ice Shelter Otter Outdoors Sport Sled Clam Outdoors™ Jason Mitchell Thermal X Ice Shelter Otter Outdoors Three-Pocket Cargo Storage Net Frabill Insulated Predator 4255 Ice Shelter Clam® Kenai Pro Ice Shelter Clam Outdoors™ Fishtrap Cover Clam Outdoors™ Ice Chair Frabill Shelter Quad Light Bar Clam Outdoors™ Large Shelter Lights Clam Outdoors™ Ice Anchor Kit Clam Outdoors™ LED Hub Light Clam Outdoors™ Ice Fishing Fan and Light Combo Clam Outdoors™ Ice Anchor Installation Tool
Frabill Aegis 2110 Flip Ice Shelter Clam Outdoors™ Corner Console Otter Outdoors XT Resort Package Shappell® Wear Bars Kit FRABILL® Fortress Ice Shelter Otter Outdoors Sport Sled Clam Outdoors™ Jason Mitchell Thermal X Ice Shelter Otter Outdoors Three-Pocket Cargo Storage Net Frabill Insulated Predator 4255 Ice Shelter Clam® Kenai Pro Ice Shelter Clam Outdoors™ Fishtrap Cover Clam Outdoors™ Ice Chair Frabill Shelter Quad Light Bar Clam Outdoors™ Large Shelter Lights Clam Outdoors™ Ice Anchor Kit Clam Outdoors™ LED Hub Light Clam Outdoors™ Ice Fishing Fan and Light Combo Clam Outdoors™ Ice Anchor Installation Tool
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Brand Clam Outdoors¿ Frabill SHAPPELL CORPORATION Clam Outdoors Frabill Clam Outdoors CLAM CORP Clam Outdoors¿ Otter Otter Clam Outdoors¿ Frabill Frabill JASON MITCHELL Clam Outdoors¿ Clam Outdoors Otter Clam Outdoors

Frabill Aegis 2110 Flip Ice Shelter

  • 300-denier walls and insulated roof
  • Fits two anglers
  • Comfortable jump seats
  • Packs for easy transport

Named for the shield that protected the gods, the Frabill Aegis 2110 Flip Ice Shelter has 300-denier walls and an insulated roof to keep built-up heat from escaping. This compact shelter fits two anglers and has comfortable jump seats, yet still provides a surprisingly large fishing area. Packs up for easy transport. Imported.
83”L x 58”W x 61.5”H.
Packed: 58”L x 33”W x 16”H.
Fishable area: 19.5 sq. ft.
Wt: 60 lbs.

Clam Outdoors™ Corner Console

  • Rugged high-density polyethylene
  • Molded-in cup holder
  • Accessory storage

Keep essentials at your fingertips with Clam's Corner Console. A molded-in cup holder and accessory storage offer a convenient place to store beverages, lures, snacks and more while using your Clam ice shelter. Rugged high-density polyethylene construction withstands years of freezing temperatures and rough use. Includes mounting hardware to install in the corner of your tub.
11"L x 11"W.

Otter Outdoors XT Resort Package

  • Huge 35 sq. ft. of space allows plenty of room for three people
  • Thermal-Tec 600-denier layering system blocks wind
  • Quilted thermal inner shell locks in warmth and reduces condensation
  • 66" flip-up bench seat comfortably seats three fishermen
  • Molded sled with molded-in hitch pockets for towing

Create your own resort out on the ice. With 35 sq. ft. of space and insulated walls, Otter Outdoors' XT Resort Package will keep you and two buddies warm, comfortable and protected. Thermal-Tec™ 600-denier layering system blocks light and wind while its quilted thermal inner shell locks in the heat. Ultradurable triple-layer shell also reduces condensation, keeping you warm and comfortable through the coldest days on the ice. Perfect for three people, this flip-over portable shelter is equipped with telescoping aluminum square tubing for use in a variety of positions. Anodized receiver tubes and Ultra-Glide system makes setups and adjustments quick and easy. Crack-resistant TPU windows with insulated covers and two sealable vents. Interior draft skirt helps create a seal around the ice that prevents drafts. Roto-molded large sled is equipped with a huge 66" flip-up bench seat. Sled includes molded-in hitch pockets for pulling with an ATV or snowmobile. Grey interior increases visibility. Accessories sold separately.
80"H x 84"W x 106"D.
Collapsed: 22"H x 84"W x 44"D.
Wt: 145 lbs.

Shappell® Wear Bars Kit

  • Ultrahigh-density polyethylene construction
  • Takes the abuse of dragging your sled over rough terrain
  • Includes stainless steel mounting hardware

The Shappell Wear Bars Kit utilizes ultrahigh-density polyethylene Wear Bars that are ideal for extending the life of your sled base. These bars take the abuse of dragging your sled over asphalt, concrete, gravel, rough ice and snow. Includes stainless steel mounting hardware with a watertight seal.

  • 1 – 40"L x 1"W x 1"D. Fits JR Sled.
  • 2 – 59"L x 1"W x 1"D. Fits X1 Mini Mag Sled.
  • 3 – 50"L x 1"W x 1"D. Fits Jet Sled 1.
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FRABILL® Fortress Ice Shelter

  • Accommodates three anglers
  • Kick-Out Hub Technology with pull tabs
  • Extra-broad base and solid hubs for stability, even in winds
  • Designed for efficient gear organization
  • Durable polyester sides and skirting with a welded top

Efficient use of space makes the Frabill Fortress Ice Shelter the most fishable shelter three anglers have ever settled into. Your ice fishing convenience and comfort are the priorities built into its design, starting with Frabill's patented Kick-Out Hub Technology – just yank on a few pull tabs and setup is virtually complete. With its extra-broad base and solid hubs, the Fortress is extremely stable, even in high winds. From there, you'll find plenty of places to stash your gear away from the holes, maximizing your fishing room. Tough polyester construction with 600-denier sides and insulated welded top, 600-denier skirting and 300-denier bottom. Imported.
Set up: 80"L x 80"W x 80"H.
Folded: 57"L x 8.25"W x 8.25"H.
Fishable area: 69 sq. ft.
Wt: 33 lbs.

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Otter Outdoors Sport Sled

  • Strong rotational-molded polyethylene
  • Slides easily over deep snow and slush
  • Stable sled tracks

The Otter Sport Sled is like a packhorse on ice. Made of a proprietary blend of superstrong rotational-molded polyethylene, the sled can take anything you can dish out and maintain its flexibility. Front-end attack angle lets it slide easily over deep snow and slush. Wide tracks ensure exceptional stability and tracking qualities.

  • Small: 44"L x 22"W x 9"D. Wt. 6 lbs.
  • Medium: 53"L x 25"W x 10"H. Wt. 12.5 lbs.
  • Large: 64"L x 29"W x 11"H. Wt. 17 lbs.

Clam Outdoors™ Jason Mitchell Thermal X Ice Shelter

  • Super-tough 900-denier fabric
  • Full thermal skin retains heat and reduces condensation
  • 1.25" pole system with Rapid Pole Slide Extreme for fast setup
  • Two removable deluxe swivel seats adjust in four directions
  • Multiple gear storage areas

Jason Mitchell doesn't sign his name to just any ice shelter. The Clam Outdoors' Jason Mitchell Thermal X Ice Shelter lives up to the legendary guide's standards for ice-fishing excellence. Incredibly tough 900-denier fabric boasts a full thermal skin that retains heat and reduces condensation for comfort in the coldest conditions. Sized to accommodate two anglers, the Thermal X uses an extreme 1.25" pole system with Rapid Pole Slide Extreme functioning to set up in a flash. Gear storage options include hammocks located under seats, center console and overhead mesh. Seat system features two removable deluxe swivel seats that adjust front to back and left to right. Rugged co-extruded gray tub makes it easier to locate gear against a light backdrop. Includes Clam light stick, battery bracket,  and travel cover. Three-year manufacturer's warranty.
Set up: 92"L x 72"W x 75"H.
Packed: 75"L x 45"W x 25"H.
Fishable area: 26 sq. ft.
Wt: 120 lbs.

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♪♪ — Hey guys Its Richard with Up North Sports Today I'm at Clam Outdoors looking at the brand-new redesigned Jason Mitchell fish house. Igot Lucas here He's going to tell. Is a little bit more about the fish house — Yeah So like Rich said. This is the new redesigned for 2016 Jason Mitchell Thermal X shelter It's been an incredibly popular shelter for us here at Clam It comes with a ton of goodies It's a nice big shack First thing you'll see is on the outside. We added a little bit of color change Added. Some different color schemes to. It We also increased the fabric from a 600 total denier thermal fabric to a 900 total denier so added a bit. More thickness to the skin Really durable skin really nice shelter When. You go in the shelter you'll have the light bar on the roof to light the shelter up at night Includes a battery bracket to keep your battery for. That You have a center console. It includes it also includes a travel cover. And a bait bucket A nice big 6-foot-wide tub with the gray interior on the tub. That really lets all the gear in the bottom of. That shack pop Has our inch. And a quarter extra thick round poles with the RPSX clips Clam uses one-piece hoop poles in.

All of our shelters Eliminates. Some of those wear points. You can get when you're using this thing out on the ice So really nice durable shelter Jason Mitchell Thermal X You can find this at upnorthsportscom. You have any questions give. Me a call at 866-355-8500.

Most amazing stuff is happening inside so let's take a peek. All right guys we're inside. This Jason Mitchell shelter first thing I want to point out is the amount of room we're dealing all set 27 square feet on the inside. This baby is roomy you're gonna be able to drill a ton of holes in here but Seth. What I really like about. All the included accessories going on what this thing is well. What a value and that's the best thing about. This whole setup guys is not only is. It go offer that incredible room but. We have beautiful deluxe swivel seats. They can move left and right. They can turn everywhere for you right in the middle very roomy center console numerous drinks numerous lures. And jigs all kinds of stuff can fit right in their super accessible really user-friendly beautiful great tub on. This thing and in the event. You drop something down there it's really easy to see. And speaking it easy to see included light bar guys. One of the best things about.

It is so bright in here. I can barely stand and uh as well guys great frame on. This thing and extend out. And make more room for you so. This thing is beautiful lots of Windows to absolutely let's take a look at. Some windows. One thing I want to point out to you'll see. It also a back this baby as well so super easy to get. It out of you'll find all the drop-down out on our web page. You can see the drop down for all the additional accessories. You can get well neither runner cater the tow hitch as well but. This baby already comes with so much stuff. You have those accessories with. This thing as well you're gonna be fully loaded. You can find the entire clam lineup. And up north sport's calm. And remember all the brand-new ice armored gears there as well so you're staying warm.

This winter check you found. This video helpful for you today please like. And subscribe to our youtube channel. Any comments question. You may have about any of the product reviews set. Iknew we'd love to respond to those for you. You want to talk to. Us in person give us a shout at the store we'd love to help. You get into your new here your new house. You can reach us today at six three five 8500.

Otter Outdoors Three-Pocket Cargo Storage Net

  • Durable heavy-duty netting
  • Integrated nonslip hooks and loops
  • Fits most shelter framing systems

Keep your ice shelter organized and gear off the ice with Otter Outdoors' Three-Pocket Storage Net. Durable heavy-duty netting is stretchable and adjustable. Integrated nonslip hooks and loops for easy attachment. Belt system attachment. Fits most shelter framing systems. Made of nylon. Imported.

Frabill Insulated Predator 4255 Ice Shelter

  • 28.25 sq. ft. of fishable space for up totwo-three anglers
  • Modular Seating System with two cushioned boat seats
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame with a roto-molded base
  • 1,200-denier tent boasts full insulation

For a cutting-edge and well-protected ice-fishing experience, Frabill invites you to drop a few lines inside the Insulated Predator 4255 Ice Shelter. Its generous headroom, floor space and patented Modular Seating System with two cushioned boat seats is perfect for two-three anglers. For protection against whipping winds and brutal cold, the 1,200-denier tent boasts full insulation. Heavy-duty aluminum frame with a roto-molded base delivers incredible stability. Zipping, side-door design with 28.25 sq. ft. of fishable space.
95"L 75"W x 75"H.
Folded: 75"L x 39"W x 26"H.
Wt: 134 lbs.

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Clam® Kenai Pro Ice Shelter

  • Portable one-person flip over with instant setup
  • Designed without extension tubes for quick pop-up
  • Rugged 450-denier fabric construction
  • Front/back adjustable folding seat

The Clam Outdoors Kenai Pro Ice Shelter is a one-person flip over that sets up in an instant, thanks to its extension-tube-free, flip-and-go pole system with tub and adjustable folding seat. It's the ideal ice fishing shelter for a solo mobile angler in search of a school. Lightweight yet sturdy, the Kenai Pro is crafted of rugged 450-denier fabric, an under-seat hammock and a front access door. Fold-down seat moves forward and back to allow you to re-position as needed. Imported.
Set up: 91"L x 37"W.
Center ht: 64".
Pack size: 48"L x 37"W x 25"H.
Fishable area: 11 sq. ft.

  • Blue Shelter - Boasts all of the great features and dimensions described above. Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Black Shelter - Boasts all of the great features and dimensions described above, plus it's covered with super-tough 900-denier fabric. This full thermal structure is built to hold in warmth and reduce condensation. Its overhead mesh storage (30" x 14") can keep extra gear out of the way. Includes a Mini Tube Light and battery bracket. Weight: 48 lbs.
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Hey guys so the fishings pretty slow right. Now like — pretty tough. Ihave caught a couple of crappie but hoping it's gonna pick up a little bit later but well it's slow I'll show. You guys my one-man Shack. It is its the clam Kenai Pro thermal just a one-man Shack it's got the thermal layer on. It keeps you pretty warm let's get the cracked ice pattern like fractured ice pad. It thinks about the kenai is the tub is a lot deeper which also makes a little bit heavier but it's a lot deeper for storing stuff in. And dragging behind a snowmobile those pretty good. Ialso put those to put. These two hooks on here instead of buying the clam. Some mobile mount I already had a jet sled mount. This is basically what they use so. Ijust put those on there. Ican use my jet sled mount on. This to haul behind the snowmobile but that's. It I'll show you the inside. And I'm just out here on foot today warm in here let's get. This velcros thing here. You can just go crawl the door open. You want to get my show down in the corner kind of messy in here. And down and scrambling around but it's got the plastic seat.

It doesn't swivel but that's slide back. And forth all the way in the back it's got a nice little tray there to put. Some of your gear how to show. Irigged up my mr heater to work right. Now it's actually on right. And as long as you keep things. You know a good distance away I'd say from. This bar back it's you can write up wait in the slip. Ijust put a couple of L brackets on there. Itook a drill bit and routed out the holes in the bottom of the heater. It just slides right on there. And with the support pole here. You can actually you get ready to go. You get ready to move which I'm going to. Because the spot this sucks. You can transport just like. That with the heater on. You want to you can sit in. That like a windbreak works pretty good put a little carpet down in their keeps. It from sliding all around there's dinner hopefully get a couple.

It doesn't fit a five-gallon bucket inside of. You would either have to move the seat over a little bit to fit. Iput a two gallon in there. And that's enough for me. Iput a milk crate keep a couple of propane tanks in there my bait bucket. And a scale I just put a couple tip-ups in there for today. And haven't used but. It does fit my rod case in the air just have a lane on top. If it's accessible yeah. It a lot probably didn't need the thermal. Ican sit in that thing with the heater off. It pretties much just gets warm from the daylight. And the Sun hitting it yeah that's the Kenai Pro thermal like lamb.

Clam Outdoors™ Fishtrap Cover

Mandatory for serious ice anglers. The heavy-duty Clam Travel Cover is what keeps the gear in your Clam shelter and snow out while pulling across the ice or driving from lake to lake. As importantly, the Travel Cover protects the tent fabric when it's most vulnerable to wear, while moving from spot to spot. Cover only.

  • Model 8831 – Fits Voyager, Adventure, X2, X4 Thermal X and Tundra
  • Model 8792 – Fits Guide, Nanook, Kenai.
  • Model 8820 – Fits Pro, Legend.
  • Model 8073 – Fits Yukon, Kodiak, Denali.
  • Model 8760 – Fits Scout, Trapper, Nordic Sled.
  • Model 9568 – Fits X1.
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Hey guys what's shakin last time. Ihad spoke to is putting the runner kid on my Yukon TC. Ifinished I'm I'm. Everything else put together. One final step besides putting accessories on my new fish house. Ijust wanted to share. One quick tip with you guys. That I'll actually save a little. More frustration in the process of putting these things together it's pretty easy to put them together but there's a. Few small things like putting your owner kit on first like. Italked about and then dealing with. This weather stripping is about the two toughest things. It comes to the whole process of putting your fish house together so with. That said this tough hard. You know material for your weather stripping and. That does is it seals out. All the air and snow. That can come through. And it's one of the. Most important parts. You actually get it done right. You don't you know things can start to go bad. When you're pulling the fish house you're dealing all. That stuff so it's really important. It on tight you get enough screws in to secure. You usually get it out of the box. You can see how it's curved up. And it's and it's kind of tough to work with their's a couple of different things. You can do to make your life a lot easier. It in actually three things. It in your basement. Where it's warm you know. Wherever it's warm you have heated garage. And then to have a bucket of hot water.

Ihave hot water here so. What I'll do is I actually won't stick the whole weather stripping in there I'll just kind of put. It in their piece by piece. And kind of loosen and then three. You get to the two corners parts. Ihave a hairdryer and then just like. Iused on the runner kit to loosen. That up I'll just use the hairdryer. And use it for the corners. When you're using the hairdryer just recommend putting the bucket of water away from. You don't accidentally drop. That in there so keep. That in mind you guys so warm air temperature bucket of hot water a hairdryer. And it'll make your life a lot easier. It comes to putting this bad boy on. Isuper jacked for ice fishing you know. We have ice in many of our small ponds just north of. Us out in the Dakotas there're guys out fishing and two days. And it's going to be the st Pauli show I'm really jacked up. That I'm gonna be able to go down there.

We have a panel discussion yeah on. All days Friday Saturday. And Sunday, so I'll check the schedule stop. You know stop by say hello to. You have any questions on. Any a clamp products. Anything like we'd be. Then happy or just stop by. And tell us a fish story. Ipromise all have a lot of them so for now I'm gonna finish putting my weather stripping on I'm gonna be done I'm gonna. You know pull a few fishing rods out get ready to go fishing, so we'll talk to. You at the st Paul a show.

Clam Outdoors™ Ice Chair

  • All-in-one ice-fishing chair and gear storage system
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Folding, padded seat
  • Numerous storage compartments including fish bag

If you're going to carry a chair to your favorite ice-fishing hole, you might as well carry all your fishing gear, too, in this all-in-one portable ice-fishing chair and gear-storage system. Weighing just 12 lbs, it's lightweight and has a padded seat that folds into the frame for easy transport. A shoulder strap allows you to carry it comfortably between trips to and from fishing spots. The numerous storage compartments provide plenty of room for up to six rod and reel combos plus tackle boxes and bait. A built-in fish bag stores fish for the next meal. Storage features include: two easy-access rod and reel scabbards, two long accessory compartments (tip-up length), two medium accessory compartments and an exterior mesh pouch. Four-point leg system ensures stable chair footing. Reflective safety strip on front and back of chair.

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Frabill Shelter Quad Light Bar

The 72-lumens output (18 per light) and adjustable lighting allow you to customize lighting to your fishing conditions.  Each light is encased in an impact-resistant housing.  Hook-and-loop fasteners attach to any shelter frame.  Beveled back assures a snug fit.  Powered by six AAA batteries (not included).

You intend to pull your shelter behind a machine make sure to pick up. These accessories so. You can get the job done The Fray built trailer hitch comes with. All the hardware and hitch pins. You need to hit the ice. When it's not in use the freight will hitch folds down. And stays out of the way. Another must for towing shelters is a high fax kit. It assembles easily using the hardware. Provided and greatly extends the life of your shelter base.

Clam Outdoors™ Large Shelter Lights

Three super-bright LED lights provide on-ice illumination for those dawn and dusk ice anglers. Great for portable and permanent ice-fishing houses, this waterproof kit comes complete with mounting hardware, and wire and alligator clips for battery connection. 12 LED bulbs per light pod.
Length: 8".

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Clam Outdoors™ Ice Anchor Kit

  • Self-tapping tooled spikes drive easily into the ice
  • Comes with two spikes and two quick-release nylon straps

When the wind howls over the ice and whips your shelter around, these Ice Anchors will keep you fishing without the worry of becoming an airborne angler. Self-tapping, specially-tooled spikes drive easily into the ice, and then each spike hooks to your fish-house sled with a quick-release nylon strap. The Ice Anchor kits come with two spikes and two nylon straps and mounting hardware.

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Clam Outdoors™ LED Hub Light

  • Super-bright LED C.O.B. module for ice illumination
  • 12-ft. wire with alligator clips for battery connection
  • Provides ample light throughout the shelter

Clam Outdoors' LED Hub Light illuminates every nook and cranny of your ice shelter. Super-bright LED C.O.B. module lights up the entire floor. 12-ft. wire with alligator clips for battery connection (battery not incluced). Easy to install in hub and screen shelters. Waterproof. Includes complete hardware mounting kit.

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Clam Outdoors™ Ice Fishing Fan and Light Combo

Illuminate your ice shelter and get ventilating air in one handy unit. Button powers fan and light. Imported.
Available: Small LED (powered by four AA batteries), Large LED (powered by two D batteries).

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Clam Outdoors™ Ice Anchor Installation Tool

Just attach this handy tool to any cordless drill and make it quick and easy to secure ice anchors into the ice. Works with most ice anchors.

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