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  Stealth Cam PX28ng 10MP Trail Camera Plano SD Card Holder Box SpyPoint® Link-Micro™ Cellular Game Camera Browning® Strike Force HD Pro 18MP Trail Camera Cabela's External Battery Box/Solar Panel with 6-Volt Battery Stealth Cam Lightning Port Adapter for iOS SPYPOINT® LINK-DARK 12MP Cellular Trail Camera Stealth Cam G45NGX Pro 22MP Trail Camera Cuddeback® Cuddelink Long-Range IR 20MP Trail Camera — Four-Pack Stealth Cam Touch-Screen SD-Card Reader Bushnell® Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 20MP Trail Camera Herter's 12MP Trail Camera Browning® Strike Force Extreme 16MP Trail Camera Moultrie M-999i 20MP Trail Camera Browning® Dark Ops Extreme 16MP Trail Camera Moultrie® A-25 12MP Trail Camera Kit Moultrie® Wireless 4G Field Modem Phone Skope Universal Adapter Browning® Strike Force HD Pro X Game Camera Browning® Recon Force FHD 10MP Trail Camera Bushnell® Core™ DS Game Camera
  Stealth Cam PX28ng 10MP Trail Camera Plano SD Card Holder Box SpyPoint® Link-Micro™ Cellular Game Camera Browning® Strike Force HD Pro 18MP Trail Camera Cabela's External Battery Box/Solar Panel with 6-Volt Battery Stealth Cam Lightning Port Adapter for iOS SPYPOINT® LINK-DARK 12MP Cellular Trail Camera Stealth Cam G45NGX Pro 22MP Trail Camera Cuddeback® Cuddelink Long-Range IR 20MP Trail Camera — Four-Pack Stealth Cam Touch-Screen SD-Card Reader Bushnell® Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 20MP Trail Camera Herter's 12MP Trail Camera Browning® Strike Force Extreme 16MP Trail Camera Moultrie M-999i 20MP Trail Camera Browning® Dark Ops Extreme 16MP Trail Camera Moultrie® A-25 12MP Trail Camera Kit Moultrie® Wireless 4G Field Modem Phone Skope Universal Adapter Browning® Strike Force HD Pro X Game Camera Browning® Recon Force FHD 10MP Trail Camera Bushnell® Core™ DS Game Camera
Brand Bushnell Herter's MOULTRIE CUDDEBACK - Browning Stealth Browning Browning Browning Stealth Browning MOULTRIE SPYPOINT SPYPOINT Moultrie Stealth Stealth Bushnell Cabela's -

Stealth Cam PX28ng 10MP Trail Camera

  • No-glow IR LEDs for undetectable nighttime use
  • Crisp, clear 10MP photos and videos
  • Photos can be tagged with time, date and moon phase
  • Compact design for portability and concealment
  • Lightning-fast, hassle-free setup
  • Redesigned with a 15%-smaller housing, Stealth Cam's PX28NG 10MP Trail Camera provides crisp, clear 10MP images of game while remaining nearly undetectable. A new low-light image sensor and no-glow IR LEDs capture 20% brighter images without the obtrusive, game-spooking glow of normal IR LEDs. 16:9 images maximize field of view, and can be tagged with time, date and moon phase for easy hunt planning. Burst mode takes 1-6 pictures per trigger. 5-59-second and 1-59-minute customizable recovery time eliminates unwanted pictures. Video mode takes videos up to 15 seconds. SD-card slot compatible with cards up to 32GB (sold separately). Test mode, LCD display and EZ-Dial programming with QuickSet for lightning-fast, hassle-free setup. Mini-USB output. External power jack lets you use a 12-volt battery (sold separately) for increased run time. Runs on eight AA batteries (not included). Integrated Python-cable latch for enhanced security.
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    Introducing the motion-sensitive seven megapixel RX 24 trail camera by stealth can. It trees mounts in seconds. And goes to work taking pictures HD videos. And time-lapse shots at lightning-fast speeds 24/7 just. What you need to track game activity in your neck of the woods day. Or night setup is fast thanks to reprogrammed options choose rapid fire mode with. One to nine images or five to 180 seconds of HD video with audio. It sports 36 infrared emitters for a 60-foot range at nine accepts up to a 32 gigabyte SD card as time date temperature moon face. And name stamping + blur reduction. And poor resolution settings for crisp clear images. If whitetail and other critters are on the prowl. This well-made camera will catch up with. This Scout to work so you'll know what's out there before the next time. What are yours today four years of use.

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    Plano SD Card Holder Box

  • Holds 16 SD cards total
  • Injection-molded resin
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable latch
  • The compact Plano SD Card Holder Box holds 8 mini SD cards and 8 standard SD cards for a total of 16. The box is made of injection-molded resin, and is water resistant. A durable latch keeps the box securely closed.
    Exterior: 4.5"H x 3.5"W x 1"D.
    Color: Black.

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    SpyPoint® Link-Micro™ Cellular Game Camera

  • Retrieve game-camera photos from your phone
  • Captures 10MP color photos, infrared images at night
  • Invisible LED flash reaches 80', detection range up to 100'
  • 0.5-second trigger speed
  • Includes free app and SIM card
  • SpyPoint's Link-Micro Cellular Game Camera is extremely compact, making it easy to hide from wild game and hunters alike. The Link-Micro allows you take, retrieve, and view photos 24 hours a day – wirelessly, on your smartphone. No need to be trudging out to your hunting spot on a regular basis and spooking game. This trail camera captures 10MP color photos by day. At night, it captures quality infrared images, using an invisible LED flash that reaches 80'. A curved motion sensor lens, with 5 detection zones, can be adjusted out to 80'. The 0.5-second trigger speed makes sure you don't miss a shot. The multi-shot mode allows 2 photos per detection. Use the BUCK TRACKER feature to sort images. The date, time, temperature, and moon phase can be printed on each photo. This cellular game camera offers easy activation of data, using 4G frequency, and comes complete with home-to-field service via the included SpyPoint App. A pre-activated SIM card is also included. The SpyPoint Link-Micro Cellular Game Camera requires 8 AA batteries (not included) and a micro SD card up to 32GB (not included). 12V jack provides power option.
    4.4"H x 3.1"W x 2.2"D.
    Available: Verizon, AT&T.

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    Browning® Strike Force HD Pro 18MP Trail Camera

  • 0.3-second trigger speed with a 0.5-second recovery
  • 80-ft. detection range provides excellent coverage
  • Infrared LED illumination out to 120 ft. with Zero Blur technology
  • High-quality 18MP camera resolution allows you to see details
  • Records up to two minutes of 1280x720 HD video with sound
  • Smart IR video detection keeps recording up to five minutes
  • Timelapse Plus, delay and rapid-fire modes
  • Adjustable tree-mount straps
  • When it comes to trail-camera scouting, speed is the name of the game. With that in mind, you'll be thrilled with the incredible 0.3-second trigger speed and 0.5-second recovery time of Browning's Strike Force HD Pro 18MP Trail Camera. 80-ft. range delivers ample daytime coverage, while infrared LED illumiation out to 120 ft. at night teams with Zero Blur technology to provide clear, detailed images at night. High-quality 18MP camera also records video with sound between five seconds and two minutes in 1280x720 HD quality. Smart infrared video detection keeps recording up to five minutes in daylight and 20 seconds at night as long as game continues moving in front of the camera. Timelapse Pro and rapid-fire modes. Programmable delay between five seconds and one minute. Photos and video are stamped with time, date, temperature, moon phase and camera ID. Adjustable tree-mount straps. 1.5" viewing screen. Runs on six AA batteries (not included). Compatible with SD cards up to an incredible 512 GB (not included). Memory-card management automatically overwrites the oldest files when the card gets full.
    4"H x 3.25"W x 2.25"D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Today as this bang energy drink I'm gonna give. You a look at a pretty impressive little camera today as. This bang energy drink I'm gonna give. You a look at a pretty impressive little camera okay let. More little joke here guys I'm telling you. You haven't tried one of these order them get. It's amazing it feels the BCO team okay so. What we're here to talk about today is. This tiny little camera. This is Browning's new Strikeforce sub micro series it's a strike force HD pro as. You can tell one thing right off the bat. One thing I noticed about. This lock right here. You can undo and for the first time. You actually have an adjustable bracket so. You can like what we do is. We use slate River mounts well. Ido exclusively with every trail cam almost cuz. Ilike to hide my trail cams. Ilike to believe I start seeing deer picking up my trail cams. You know it raises their awareness. Anything that's not normal raises. Whatever you're after. You know whatever you're hunting raises their awareness so. Ilike to try to hide. Everything I put it up high. And with this bracket it's nice. Idon't need so many slate rivers. Imean let's see and then the quietness of.

    Imean that's screwing in that's tight there's. Nothing there you know that's that's awesome to be able to get. It up high and view a food plot. Whatever it may be but that's pretty cool I've been waiting for. That to happen I don't know why it took so long for. That to occur and then the clasp on. This is actually pretty beefy pop. And you're good to go. Imean that's a pretty hefty clasp. You know I had a Browning a little bit ago. And my neighbors cows. And busted that class pretty good. Istill used I duct-taped. Iwas still getting crazy footage which I'll actually show a video right. Now from the turkey from my property so check. This vid and that's the footage from. That was a 10 megapixel camera from Browning this little guy let. Me get the box here just got her 18 megapixels in. This little creature 03 second trigger speed which is pretty impressive. It has a 120-foot night illumination IR illumination. Now that's that's pretty crazy. You know I haven't looked into too much of.

    It I'm not a brown and trail-cam kind of guy but the brown. And trail-cam I did have. Even remember what it was called. They got my attention. It was the Recon series. Ibelieve might even be strength Force Recon I'm not positive so don't quote. That but the video quality is amazing on them. That was a 10 megapixels so. This little guy who is like the size of my hand brings in 18 megapixels so. Most of the time that's bloated up but 18 megapixel I've seen the 10 megapixel Browning's. This is gonna be amazing footage. You know the overall setup excuse. Me having the buttons right here. You know it just simple off keep. It simple your mode moving and then. You have a 15-inch color viewing screen which. Ilove those for setting your trail cam up. It takes away the guessin especially. When you're trying to. You know actually utilize. This bracket on the back. You can get it set just right like I'm gonna use. This for Turkey pattern. And Turkey off the roost is. What I used the last brown.

    And for us what I'm gonna use. One for and I like to get them high. This way we can have. It set perfectly so. We can see a good area. And really test out. This audio this video quality but. This is just a first look I'm gonna get. This in the field this Saturday. And I'll do probably do a video wrap. It up why I set that fun stuff but. Imean I'm pretty interested to see. This works it says 120 foot plus infrared adjustable flash it's pretty crazy so. You got 80-foot motion detection but the main thing I use trail cams for is videos with sound to. II'm a video guy I like to see. How the deer turkey entered. Where I'm viewing so. It gives me an idea of where they're coming from. It becomes a pattern. It helps you to understand their general movement pictures don't to. You can't you can learn so much. More from a video that you're missing with a picture like. How just the attitude especially with deer. You know the attitude is his ears back. Or her ears back is.

    She nervous as you know cautious. You know is she fine angry. That fun stuff plus. Imean the video you saw in. That video there I linked in here ain't matter seeing for turkeys. This is not ranches. You know this is private land but it's just private land. And solidus to you know seeing for Tom struttin with actually. That whole group many videos from. That camera right there was about seven times at. One point and about eight heads so it's a good flock, so we're gonna have. This guys set up pretty close to their so but yeah Brown. And Strikeforce D Pro a little guy awesome bracket design. You know pivots its quiet that's the key. You know your viewing screen simple buttons we'll have a real in-depth view on. This cuz we're gonna test. This sucker clasp is good it's strong. Ireally like the teeth on the bracket itself so the only thing left to do is test. This guy so well we'll have a video.

    Idon't know every month. Or two checking in on battery life footage. That we've acquired from. That good stuff so as always. You liked this video hit like down below make sure. It hit subscribe will become an edge with a wide array of videos. Anything from hunt and fishing you know gun reviews bow reviews. Everything we do all so well we'll have a bunch of videos. That you're gonna find interesting so check them out. You know we give a little bit different view on a lot of things. Because we're not professionals we're a good team promoting the outdoors for the reasons. We grew up around them so alright guys Sheik's Linesman blue collar outdoors Oh have a great night.

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    Cabela's External Battery Box/Solar Panel with 6-Volt Battery

  • Add more picture-taking power to your trail camera
  • Includes 6-volt rechargeable battery and solar panel
  • Biteproof cable
  • Mount your Cabela's camera directly to the box
  • USB outlet to recharge phones and devices
  • Adding a rechargeable external battery can enable your trail camera to capture up to 7,000 nighttime images on a single charge. Pair that with a solar panel and you can take virtually unlimited photos. Compatible with most Primos® and Bushnell trail cameras. Includes rechargeable 6-volt prong-top battery.
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    Stealth Cam Lightning Port Adapter for iOS

  • Adaptor for use on phones with cases
  • Supports all Apple iOS versions
  • Use with the Stealth Cam Memory Card Reader
  • To view trail camera images on your Apple mobile device using the Stealth Cam Memory Card Reader for iPhone (sold separately), insert an SD card (sold separately) into the reader, connect the reader to the adaptor and plug it into your smartphone or iPad® to view. Supports all Apple iOS versions. Not compatible with older 30-pin connectors.

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    SPYPOINT® LINK-DARK 12MP Cellular Trail Camera

  • Cell SIM card included
  • LTE-enabled wireless connection
  • Free SPYPOINT monthly plan
  • Transmits 100 photos free per month
  • 10- to 90-second HD video clips
  • Equipped with invisible black LEDs for 80-feet of nighttime illumination, the SPYPOINT LINK-DARK 12MP Cellular Trail Camera gives you superior photos day or night. The cellular connection allows you to check photo 24 hours a day without travel or SD card retrieval. LTE enabled to get photos to you faster with more reliability. It offers the easiest activation on the market with a free SPYPOINT monthly plan that delivers 100 photos a month. Get 30 days of unlimited free photos to start. Fast 0.07-second trigger speed with full 2” viewing screen for either 12MP photos or 10- to 90-second HD video clips with sound. Blur reduction and IR-boost technologies for crisp, clear pictures when it counts. Seven-day schedule set-up and GPS geotag on each photo. Fully compatible with free Link app. Buck Tracker antler recognition technology available free. Runs on 8 AA batteries (not included). Compatible with SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32 GB (not included). Two-year manufacturer's warranty. Pre-activated SIM card included.
    Carrier: AT&T, Verizon.

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    Stealth Cam G45NGX Pro 22MP Trail Camera

  • Professional-level 22MP images capture action mid stride
  • 0.5-second Reflex trigger
  • Matrix advanced blur reduction enhancement
  • 16:9 wide-image ratio frames large areas
  • 720P HD video with audio in 5-180-second segments
  • Any time of day or night, the Stealth Cam G45NGX Pro 22MP Trail Camera captures action mid stride using a fast 0.5-second Reflex™ trigger, Retina™ low-light sensitivity and Matrix™ advanced blur reduction enhancement for professional-level 22MP images. A 16:9 wide-image ratio frames large areas, letting you see what else lurks in the background. The Stealth Cam G45NGX Pro's Triad® technology also records HD video with audio in segments of 5- 180 seconds. Smart Illumination Technology uses 45 no-glow IR emitters to illuminate night images and video without alerting game. Speed through setup using the intuitive backlit menu with pre-programmed Quick Set option. Select between 5-59 second or 1-59 min. recovery time out to view more activity or conserve card capacity and battery life. Adjustable PIR allows you to customize the camera's range. Use the time lapse mode with PIR override to view extended periods of activity. Burst mode captures 1-9 images per triggering. Test mode speeds setup. Security mode rewrites SD memory. Secure Lock password protection adds another level of defense against prying eyes. Use the camera's Geo-tag GPS tagging capabilities to keep track of its location. Images and video stamped with time, date, moon phase, temperature and name. SD card slot compatible with capacities up to 512GB. Requires eight AA batteries or use the external power jack to connect 12-volt battery box. Video and USB output. Multilingual interaction (English, French, German, Spanish).

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    opening the box you'll find the camera a standard mounting strap. And an instruction manual to add. Or change the battery simply push the eject button pull the tray out add. Or swap the batteries. And then slide it back in firmly till. You feel it sat the camera offers a test mode as. You move around in front of the detector a green LED will illuminate letting you know. You have the camera aimed at the right spot programming is simple start by moving the switch to custom. And from there you can toggle through the menu. And set things like date time photo resolution video resolution. And so on after you change. All of your settings. You can remain on custom. Or choose one of the three reprogrammed quick sets in addition to the standard mounting strap. This camera will accept the python cable lock the cable lock will lock the camera to the tree at the same time. It will also lock the case shut. This will prevent access to the SD card. You can choose between 720. Or 1280 video resolution video can be set in lengths of five to 180 seconds. And five second increments but keep in mind. That night videos are capped off at thirty seconds max the quality of the video. And audio is very good the 14 megapixel day photos are really nice the images are very clean. And have really nice color the night photos are a bit disappointing though. Idouble-check the settings. And the result was the same. They are usable but. They just don't match the quality of the daytime photos. Or day in nighttime video perhaps. This is an isolated problem with my camera only the G 45 ng Pro from stealth cam overall is not a bad camera.

    Though I'm slightly disappointed in the nighttime images. Istill like the day photos. Ilove the quality of the video other features. That can be found on. This camera are things like range control geog. And a security lock. Ican definitely see myself using this camera on a nice rub line. Or scrape and video mode overall at under $200 the G 45 ng Pro is not a bad buy for your money. You liked this video. Any of our other videos please be sure to subscribe to the channel.

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    Cuddeback® Cuddelink Long-Range IR 20MP Trail Camera — Four-Pack

  • Wireless network connects up to 15 cameras
  • Does not require cell service or Wi-Fi
  • Sends all images back to one camera
  • 0.25- to 0.5-mile range per camera in dense forest
  • Daisy-chained transmission can reach up to four miles
  • You don't have to check multiple cameras anymore. Cuddeback’s CuddeLink Long-Range IR 20MP Trail Cameras give you fast access to all your images through a single camera, without Wi-Fi or cell service. CuddeLink cameras wirelessly communicate in a network of up to 15 cameras, and automatically send all the images taken by your network back to one home camera. This way, you don't have to check multiple cameras – you only have to check one. Typical transmission range in dense forest is 0.25 to 0.5 miles with a one-mile range in open space. The CuddeLink system automatically daisy-chains cameras to extend the range to more than four miles (based on a 15-camera network). The low-glow 850nm infrared has the best IR illumination, exceeding 100 ft. Recovery speed of one to two seconds in daytime to capture a second animal following the first. Designed with high performance, tons of features and compact size. Industry-leading 0.25-second trigger speed with advanced features that allow different settings for day and night. Runs on 12 AA batteries (not included) with up to six months of battery life, capturing more than 10,000 images. Date, moon phase and camera ID on each image. Genius adjustable tree-mount system included. Per 4.
    7”H x 4”W x 3”D.
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    Stealth Cam Touch-Screen SD-Card Reader

  • 4.3" color LCD touch screen with pinch zoom
  • Plays back video at 720p and has a jack for headphones
  • Adjustable volume and screen brightness
  • Delete individual photos or erase the entire card
  • Rubber trim protects it from drops
  • Featuring a 4.3" color LCD touch screen, Stealth Cam's Touch-Screen SD-Card Reader is large enough to easily see your photos and small enough that it's easy to pack in and out. Intuitive pinch zoom lets you get tine-counting close, while swiping on the screen lets you pan across a zoomed imaged. Video playback resolution of 720p lets you see all you need, while a headphone jack lets you listen to the audio. Volume and screen-brightness adjustments. Rubber trim adds durability. Easy-to-navigate menu lets you delete individual photos or erase the entire card. Has a mini-USB port as well as an SD-card slot. Wrist lanyard. Runs on four AAA batteries (not included).
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    Mais des cas extrêmes brouille à une équipe le retour de ses modèles m solidaires certes quand je n'ai regardé un drôle de lapin et world fera quand tu ressors dont la france là et le design new york l'acteur moubarak. Me farid l'europe y tenait là l'article so l'équipe on gagne tout comme le confort y est ou non de nature bon alors l'apix.

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    Bushnell® Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 20MP Trail Camera

  • Crisp, clear 20MP images and 1080p HD videos
  • Hybrid Capture Mode takes a picture followed by video
  • 36 low-glow infrared LEDs with a 100-ft. flash range
  • Up to one-year battery life on eight AA batteries
  • 0.2-second trigger speed captures high-quality images
  • Take your scouting to the next level with Bushnell's Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 20MP Trail Camera. Lightning-fast 0.2-second trigger speed captures high-quality, 20MP images as well as five- to 60-second 1080p HD videos of quick-moving wildlife – ensuring you don't miss a moment of the action. Programmable trigger speed operates on one-second to 60-minute intervals. One-second hyper-recovery time means your trail camera is always at the ready. 36 low-glow infrared LEDs have a 100-ft. flash range and won't spook wildlife. Hybrid Capture Mode and integrated freeze-frame shutter provide the added capability of capturing a full-resolution image followed by full-resolution video. High, medium and low multiflash modes. Weatherproof construction. Easy-open latch. Adjustable web belt with convenient metal buckle closure. External power compatible. GPS geotag option. Up to one-year battery life on eight AA batteries (not included). Python cable lock compatible. Compatible with up to 32GB SD card (not included).
    5.75"H x 4.25"W x 2.75"D.
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    Welcome back to other outdoor reviews the video you're about to watch is the first look at the Bushnell HD trophy camera so here's the trophy cam HD by Bushnell. It takes 14 megapixels for photos. And 1080p video footage. And it's also got an infrared night vision so. It will do both of those functions during the night the honeycomb. You can see up here. This is an anti reflection. Or anti glare deal it works quite well so. Ibought this off eBay. It was four hundred. And ten bucks delivered it's quite expensive of course. These are sure they're made in China but it's an American brand so. We always pay more for these sorts of things here. You can get cheap versions with different brands from Aldi in. That but I went the Bushnell route for the reliability. It set up on our driveway for basically just surveillance as. We live extremely rural. We can see with this who comes day. Or night so without further ado we'll crap cracker open.

    And have a look at its function so the. One thing about this camera which is great it's very easy to use okay so at the moment. It on okay you turn. You can turn you can put. It up to set up it takes a little. It will load up this little screen here. It gives you a whole heap of different information there. You can set it up with the time. And a date stamped every photo in every video look I'm not going to go into the ins. And outs of every single deal. It seems got but I was really surprised by. How many functions the things got. It was really good I was really pleased. These extra functions after spendin 400 bucks on.

    It I'm sure the cake version. Something too nice one of the big draw cards of the Bushnell's. It has a one-year operating back like. Some things are no that's only. These energizer lithium double-a batteries which for all of these cost. Me 40 bucks that's right 45 let's say 40 bucks for all. These batteries is quite a bit. Me just have a look here. It says it's got one year's worth operating life I'm just putting it onto the setup. It keeps turning off. That might be because I'm not playing around with. We I'm not quite sure why but as. You can see up in the top right corner here it's basically saying. That it's out of battery so. It keeps turning off so. Iwonder what that's. All about mmm interesting just as well. Icame to check it out I'll go. And take the SD card in. And have a look at what footage.

    Or hasn't captured I'll be able to tell by the date stamp on the video itself. And also it saves it on to the SD card. If the filename is the date. If I'm not mistaken. One thing I'm just looking up here. You can so you guys can see. That but in there is a small gap in the plastic. That could be exposed to the weather so basically. What you see is what you get in the package so. You get the camera. You get the strap here. You can strap it to the tree. Whatever and it's a pretty big strap so. You can go around a fairly decent tree. You wouldn't be able to go around. That stump but you would be able to go around. You know any of the trees around here so far it's been a great bit of kit that's going to be fully depending on how.

    This goes with this with the batteries situation but to get the SD card out it's just down the bottom. You click it comes out so. What we'll do is we'll go inside. And I'll review the footage. And I'll put some of the photos. And the videos in to the end of. This into the end of. This video so I would highly recommend. These sorts of cameras it's pretty good. It doesn't glare at the nighttime like. You would think it would off those shiny surfaces on front doesn't happen but I'd had. It set up here for about three weeks. If it's gone through 40 bucks worth of batteries in three weeks I'm going to be pretty disappointed, so I'll probably do an update video. Ifigure out what's going on the day alright thanks for watching guys know.

    You want you don't want to get bit by them loggers a plan you.

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    Herter's 12MP Trail Camera

  • 940nm black infrared flash won't spook game
  • Up to a 100-ft. detection range with a 52° field of view
  • Speedy trigger speed of less than 0.7 seconds
  • Records standard- or high-definition video with audio
  • Snaps 5MP, 8MP or 12MP photos stamped with vital data
  • Get into the 24/7 scouting game without sinking your financial ship with Herter's 12MP Trail Camera. Four LEDs boast 940nm black infrared lighting that illuminates out to 100 ft. so you can set up off the trail. 100-ft. detection range during the day and 85 ft. at night. 52° field of view and a 60° detection range team up with a trigger speed of less than 0.7 seconds, meaning you get full-frame photos. Takes between 10 seconds and three minutes of either standard- or high-definition video with audio so you can see game as they move through your selected area. Select between 5MP, 8MP and 12MP photos and each photo is stamped with date, time and temperature. Includes-time lapse and burst modes. 1.44" LCD screen for easy menu navigation. Runs on four AA batteries and is compatible with 6-volt external power. Accepts SD cards up to 32GB. Manufacturer's one-year warranty.

    NOTE: Our number one goal is to provide our customers with the best products to support their outdoor endeavors. To better improve the image quality of your Herter's Trail Camera, we have a firmware update now available. Please click here for our trail camera upgrade guide, and follow the simple step-by-step instructions.

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    Browning® Strike Force Extreme 16MP Trail Camera

  • 16MP images and 1280x720 video
  • Zero Blur technology eliminates blur
  • Infrared LED illumination for night images
  • Adjustable trigger speed and detection range
  • With its incredible 0.4-second trigger speed and 0.6-second recovery time between pictures, the Browning Strike Force Extreme 16MP Trail Camera captures everything moving by the camera. The 16MP picture quality and improved video processor gives incredible 1280x720 video clips with sound for high-quality viewing. Nighttime photos use Zero Blur technology to eliminate motion blur for pictures up to 100 ft. away from the camera. Infrared LED illumination for nighttime images. SD-card management with Smart IR video continues to record video as long as game is present. Adjustable trigger speed and detection range lets you select the speed you need for the camera's location. Compatible with up to 512GB SDXC memory cards. Battery meter functions with alkaline or lithium batteries. Up to eight multishot images and eight rapid-fire images. 12-volt external power jack. Picture info bar displays time, date, temperature, moon phase and camera ID. Runs on six AA batteries (not included).
    4.5”H x 3.25”W x 2.5”D.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    These works is there's a little door on the side. And the way that that opens is there's a little lever back here you're just going to flip up with your finger. And then it goes forward. And comes off the latch. You open the door right like. And here's your controls there's an on/off switch right here there's a mode button enter. And then four arrows up down left. And right now before. We get started on the bottom there is a little button right here. That button does is. It allows you to eject the batteries. You just push it back towards the back. And an out drops the drawer that's got the batteries in. It okays I'm going to slide. That back in it just clicks in place. And I'm going to power on the camera the first thing you're going to see is without an SD card. It tells you there's no SD card. It doesn't want to have. Anything so you need to put an SD card in the program. It, so I'm going to take your SD card here. It is I'm going to slide. It in to notice this backwards. That the brass is showing up the name is on the back so. You should be looking at the brass. It slides right into the camera push. It clicks now I'm going to power the camera back on. Ipush up on the on button. And then the display comes up it's showing. That it's set for video there're zero videos out of a potential 85. And there's a delay countdown. What that's telling me is in 23 seconds it's going to start shooting video. Something also my battery indicator is at 50% so as. You put your batteries in there you'll be able to watch to see. What how good your batteries are so.

    What I want to do is. Iwant to hit the mode button so. Ihit mode that brings. It into setup you can change the date simply by one. This first thing here by hitting enter. It just flashes just like. You would on a regular clock. You use your up/down buttons to change the date. And then the arrow buttons to go over to the next area which would be the first is the month then the date then the air same thing with the time okay. What we have we just go past. You don't have to hit enter. All there you just hit the up-arrow. And then it goes to software upgrade we're going to ignore. That we're going to ignore the next. One which is TV out but delete. This is important you put your new chip in out in the woods you're going to turn the camera on you're going to hit mode. And you're going to keep hitting the up arrow until. You get to this delete.

    All then you want to hit enter it's going to flash no. You want to hit the up arrow till. It says yes and then you're going to want to hit enter. Now it's deleting all the old pictures on the chip. That you're replacing right. And there you go it's done it's deleted. All those pictures so then. You would just hit mode it'll begin the countdown. And your camera will be ready to take videos. You just close the door. And walk away but let's look at the rest of the setup. Igo past that there's. Something called SD management it's turned off right. That is you have a chip in there. You know you're not going to be able to get back to your camera in a logical amount of time it'll start to delete the oldest videos. Or pictures first to make. More room on the card so. You can continue taking pictures every day I'm going to leave.

    That off I'm going to go next is. Something called smart IR video. That is that is a setting. You have your video length on here set to let's say 20 seconds. One minute during day time only. What will happen is. This will if there's action live action happening in front of your camera. It will continue to record. Even past your 20 seconds. Or your one-minute setting. You have and record as long as there's action there up to 5 minutes. You have it off then. It just goes for the one-minute. Whatever your setting is for your video length. And we'll see that in a minute. What R is set at I'm leaving it off right. Idon't know if that's a good idea. If there's a squirrel in front of your camera it's going to record a squirrel for 5 minutes alright next is time-lapse settings we're going to kind of go past.

    That's because we don't use time-lapse. This is setting it back to defaults for the factory setting we're going to go past. This is a motion test. This is for making sure. You have the camera pointed in the right direction so. You can turn and walk in front of the camera. And you'll see a little blinking light letting you know. It pointed towards where you're walking but before. You use the camera you have to turn. This off anyhow so just ignore. We don't need that then. This is an image data strip on. You want to have the date time weather etc printed on your pictures. And video that set to yes on so. All your pictures and video will have. That information on them but. You can turn that off. You don't want that next is the camera name I've set. It at David one next is. All defaults this is the temperature is going to show in Fahrenheit.

    This is the multi shot mode so. If you're using the trail camera. And not video each time. That a deer walks in from the camera it's going to take four pictures real quick. One right after the other. That can be changed by hitting enter. And using the up/down keys to choose. You want you can have up to eight pictures at a time. Ilike the four shot. Ithought that was a good number to use. You find what you want. You just hit enter and then. It keeps it okay we're going to keep going on. This is a picture delay so what's going to happen is after. It takes its picture. If you're in the trail cam it's going to wait thirty seconds before. It shoots the next picture. That way you don't take too. Many pictures of the same deer video length. That length this is anywhere from. One I'm sorry from seconds up to. Ithink let's see here yep from five seconds. All the way up to two minutes. What we're used to is. One minute so I'm going to set.

    One might use the up. And down keys to change the settings use the enter to keep. What I see it's flashing I'm going to hit enter. Now it's saved our videos will be. One minute during the daytime only. Now at nighttime by default the save battery power. This camera will only take twenty-second videos. Nothing more that okay so remember. That I'm going to continue hitting the up arrow key to go through the menu. It is taking video I have the quality set to ultra there're two settings ultra. And high Ultra is the best high is the regular obviously. It set to Ultra it will take. More room on your SD card so. You can kind of make. That decision but it would look better with ultra.

    Now I'm going to continue going on here. This is the photo quality. It set at the highest level which is 10 mega pixels again. You can change this setting by hitting Enter. You sit change all the settings. And then using the up/down keys to go through the different levels of quality the better the quality the. More room it's going to take on your SD card. And you'll be able to fit fewer videos. And fewer pictures I'm going to hit enter I'm going to continue through the menu. Now here is we change the operation mode right. Now it's set for video. Iwant to change I would just hit enter it'll start to flash. Iuse the arrow key. It goes up to time-lapse plus then from there. It goes to trail camera.

    And then from there. Ican set it back to video okay. And that's now that's. You switch it between trail camera. And video, and then we're back to set up so. What we would do is. All done we would just hit mode. Now we'll go into this countdown again from 30 seconds. That shows you your battery string you're good to go. You would simply just close the door put the latch over. And then snap it shut that's. Everything so let me just take a real quick recap for you. More turn it off I'm going to pull the chip out let's say. You come to your camera you're in the woods. You just want to you have. Another chip to replace. You open the door you click on the chip. You remove the chip. That was in there you take your new chip. It into your camera. You turn your camera on. You wait for it'll come up it'll begin the countdown.

    You hit the mode button. You arrow up one two three times. You get to this delete. You hit the enter button it's flashing no. You hit the up-arrow. It says yes I hit enter. Iwait for it will say a file is deleted. Ihave to do now is hit mode. It begins the countdown again. Iclose the latch and walk away from the camera it's. All set that's you enjoy your camera.

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    Moultrie M-999i 20MP Trail Camera

  • Takes 20MP images and HD 1080p videos
  • 940nm invisible infrared LEDs reach out to 70 ft.
  • Illumi-night sensors provide bright, clear nighttime images
  • Time-lapse mode with PIR override
  • Barometric pressure reading displays on info strip
  • Packed with features, Moultrie's M-999i 20MP Trail Camera captures high-quality 20MP images and HD 1080p videos. 940nm invisible infrared LEDs reach out to 70 ft. Illumi-night sensors provides bright, clear nighttime images. Less than 0.5-second trigger speed. Time-lapse mode with PIR override catches images of game with a 5/15/30-second and 1/5/10/30-minute motion-detect delay. Motion Freeze™/extended flash allows you to select between reduced motion blur or extended flash range. Managed Memory™ erases the oldest photos and videos to create free space for new photos and videos when the SD card reaches full capacity. Secure password protection. Date, time, temperature, moon phase and camera ID stamped on each image. Barometric pressure reading displays on info strip. 16:9 image and video aspect ratio. 42º optical field of view. 2" color TFT display. Accepts SD cards up to 32GB (not included). Runs on eight AA batteries (not included). Manufacturer's two-year warranty.
    5.75"H x 4.69"W x 3.35"D.
    Camo pattern: Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country™
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    This video is not so much a review as. It is a warning to anyone who's thinking about buying a Mountie m9 99i camera. This is a piece of garbage do not buy. It I'm actually going to attempt to return. This about this off Amazon I'm gonna try to return. It is awful, so I got a class 10 SD cards. Iput in brand-new energizer lithium batteries the. Most the best batteries. Icould possibly find out. It in here I got four DS. Iwent back a week later. Ionly got four days worth of pics. That three and a half maybe. Ilike maybe two dozen pics so. This wasn't even video. This wasn't any extreme settings. This is really bare-bones taking simple photos. It killed the batteries in just days. It looked online a lot of other people having problems with. Some people talk about. It needs a firmware update well. Ichecked this is actually running the. Most recent firmware. That is listed on Mountie site so. This is just a piece of crap. II'm gonna try to return. You know it's like I was trying to be so good. Igo on Amazon all those were like really cheap like Chinese knockoffs. And I'm like no I shouldn't waste my private product. Imean my money on I should buy a real solid name-brand product. And at the end of day it's. All Chinese garbage. This is poorly done poorly conceived camera.

    And from buddy here a lot of ultra camera so like. And of course you try to contact customer service. And they're like they blame. One thing, or they don't take responsibility for it. What they try to do is push. You to buy there to buy their plugin external battery. Or their solar unit yeah that's great but. Idon't want to spend. Ijust spent a hundred. And thirty dollars on. This piece of garbage like. Iwant to spend another 70. Or 80 dollars on something. That might increase its battery life it's so bad do not buy. This camera I warned. You those reviews on Amazon are 100% true. This is garbage anyway that's.

    Ihave really to say about. You for watching and thank. You for joining me on. This insane hunting journey. And hopefully I'll find a good quality working trail cam.

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    Browning® Dark Ops Extreme 16MP Trail Camera

  • One of the smallest trail cameras
  • Invisible infrared LED illumination out to 80 ft.
  • 16MP picture quality
  • 1280 x 720 HD videos with sound
  • Lightning-fast 0.4-0.7 second adjustable trigger speeds
  • Diminutive size, dominant features – the Browning Dark Ops Extreme 16MP Trail Camera has one of the smallest case sizes in the industry but packs plenty options under the hood. The invisible infrared LED illumination brightens night images and video out to 80 ft. without detection by game or trespassers. The Dark Ops Extreme boasts 16MP picture quality, 1280 x 720 HD videos with sound and lightning-fast 0.4-0.7 second adjustable trigger speeds. The quick .6-second recovery time for images ensures you don't miss anything. Timelapse camera mode includes IR triggered images. Camera takes up to eight multishot or rapid fire images. Program delays between pictures of between 1 sec. and 60 minutes. Picture info bar displays: time, date, temperature, moon phase, barometric pressure and camera ID. Other features include SD card management options and a Smart IR Video setting that allows the camera to continue recording game during the day for up to 5 minutes. Keep track of remaining battery life using six alkaline or lithium AA batteries (not included) using the built-in battery meter. Supports up to 512GB SDXC memory card (not included). Camo finish keeps it concealed. Includes 12-volt external power jack, TV out and USB port connectivity options. Compatible with Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer software. ¼" ¿ 20 tripod socket
    4.5"H x 3.25"W x 2.5"D.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    All right so I'm back with. Another trail camera review. This is the Browning dark ops HD pro it's for sure the best camera we've ever owned. Ithink they're they range from like a hundred forty bucks to. One hundred and seventy bucks. And they're like I said by far best camera we've ever owned it's just an amazing camera for the money. One thing I really like about. This camera is its just really small compact as. You can see it's both big as my fist it's just a real nice small compact camera. And has a real nice HD display on. You can go through it the options. And stuff and it's really user-friendly really easy to set up lots of different options to set. It up at and it's like. Isaid it's got a little screen so. You can kind of point. Where you're aiming so. You don't really have to like guess. You know what you can see. It on the screen when you're set. It up to kind of figure out. Where you're you want to aim. You know that's real nice and like. Isaid just a really user-friendly. And definitely the nighttime quality of. This camera is like out of. This world it's got real crystal clean nighttime videos. And pictures a lot better. Some other cameras we've had. We have an exodus lift to I'll be doing a review on. That probably in a couple months.

    Whenever one out of the other woods right. Now it's out there one of our food plots. And obviously this being the dark ops. It is a black flash LED camera. Iwas looking at night. Iwas taking pictures. Icouldn't see any LEDs. Nothing and which is good but. It out there the deer. Or definitely still looking at a little bit. They can see it but the main thing is as long as it's not like flashing red like. Most of the cheaper ones do. And browning has a bunch of red flash cameras too but. Iwould definitely recommend getting the dark flash cameras especially. You put them out on your own private land but for public land. Iwouldn't really go for anything really much. Then 80 bucks because you're taking a risk of. Someone stealing it so but like. Isaid it's got the black LEDs but the deer no matter. What you used they still can see a little bit. They can still census there but again a really good camera. And I'll include a bunch of videos. And pictures at the end, so I'll stick.

    It out until then and I'm gonna get into setting it up here. And showing you the display. Everything in just a second. You know the one nice thing I really like about. This camera is multiple ways to mount. This it's got the nine millimeter camera a stick. And pick mount which. Ilike to use you can get three a three packs of these for about ten bucks which is real nice. You can just screw it in here screw. That into the tree what I like to use the. Most but as you can see it's also got. This strap you can put the strap through. It comes with a strap too but. Ikind of lost and the nice thing about. This camera is this thing rotates so let's say. You want to put it up on a tree here's the tree. You can put it up higher in a tree facing down so that's real nice. You don't have to find like a stick. And wedge it in there.

    That nice angle it's got the angle already. You just tighten this up so that's. One thing real nice about. This camera it's got multiple different ways to mount. It onto a tree which is real nice. All right so let's get in here. Now turn I don't really know. What the size of this display is but it's not too big but just big enough for you can see I'm kind of recording with my phone there. This right here's the battery eject button it's pretty hard to slide. You almost have to use like a screwdriver. And it'll pop out the battery compartment. It uses six doublea's which is nice. Most cameras use eight. These are the original batteries in. It we're at about 37% right. And we've had we've been using these batteries since like. Ibelieve August late August.

    Something like we got the camera. It was like late January. Now anyways to get more in the settings. This mode button you can see date time mode trailers pictures capture delay so it's got picture quality here lowest for megapixels medium high. And ultra I just leave. It on a high could probably. Even leave it on medium. This thing uses up SD cards pretty quick. And multi shot I usually leave. It on a two shot but it's got three shot for shot. All the way up to eight short bursts. And multi shot off is just. One picture so let's leave. It on to go back up here capture delay. One second five second ten second. All the way up to actually an hour that's for the time-lapse so it's got time-lapse that's true like. You can have your cash delay it's it'll take a picture every 60 minutes every 30 minutes. Whatever you want here let's go back up video capture delay again video quality it's got high. And ultra just leave. You just leave that high video length.

    It goes down to yeah 5 seconds 10 seconds 20 seconds. Iwas just leaving on 20 seconds 20 seconds. Or 30 seconds is usually. What I use and it's got a minute to minute so 2 minutes is the longest videos it'll take. And then looks like night. We got long-range I don't really know. What this means you just leave. It on long-range smart infrared. Idon't really know. That means got temperature units in full strip. You can turn I don't know why you want to have. It off so leave it always on it's got. This other stuff here. You can name the trail camera. You can delete actually. All the pictures on here which probably wouldn't really want to do. And then back to the beginning here alright so that's basically setting it up like. Isaid it's pretty self-explanatory real nice size display easy to see it's just real nice camera overall. And then I forgot to explain. This so let's say you're in here. Everything all set up. You leave and shut the door. It won't do anything they'll just stay on.

    You gotta hit the mode button. And then it'll start its countdown right here ten nine eight seven down to zero. When you're done so like. Isaid real self-explanatory real nice camera oh. And it's got 12-volt external power. We usually use these in the winter time like right. It gets really cold. Even our Energizer's. Or lithium batteries died out in the cold. You get like down at negative twenty degrees here so it's got. That option too which is real nice just overall a real nice camera. All right so this right here is on the 22nd of January. This year I guess as. You can tell it's snowing right here. You can still make out like. Each book looks like. Iknow sometimes the horns kind of blur together. And it's hard to tell which book is. What when they're walking along. This is a nicer bug. This is in September right here. You can't disappear. Though after September unfortunately.

    All right so as you just heard the volume sounds pretty good one. This camera you can hear the Bucks fighting buck scrutton deer running around in the background it's just cool to hear. Ireally like one of the cameras on video just. You get a whole other perspective instead of just. You know pictures of a deer walking by during the video. You get it's almost like you're hunting and you're sitting right there watch the deer just it's so much cooler in my opinion to have videos instead of just still shot pictures like. This buck right here. It would've taken a couple pictures. It would take probably like. Or two blurry plate pictures. Iwouldn't even be able to figure out. What deer I was walking by its just a big buck.

    You know and same thing with. You know just so cool to see. That big majestic whitetail like. That up close it's just really neat. And right here I was just. Iwas just videoing it off the computer screen right here but other videos. Iused the SD card reader. And screen recorder on my phone so right here I'm videoing off of a computer screen. And still looks pretty decent well. That about wraps up. This video I really hope. You enjoyed and yeah the Browning dark ops HD pro our first Browning camera. Iam really impressed with.

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    Moultrie® A-25 12MP Trail Camera Kit

  • High-quality 12MP resolution
  • Under a 0.9-second trigger speed
  • Ideal for hunting or home security
  • 16GB SD card and batteries included
  • Long-range nighttime infrared
  • The Moultrie A-25 12 MP Trail-Camera Kit includes a trail camera, batteries to power it and an 16GB SD card to store your images on, so you can start scouting for game right away. The A-25 Trail Camera features a 12MP resolution and under a trigger speed of 0.9 seconds for the best possible image. This dual-duty workhorse pulls its weight in the field for hunting and at home for added security. Long-range nighttime infrared with a detection range out to 60 ft. Powered by eight AA batteries, the camera captures up to 17,000 images before requiring a battery change. Easy-to-use interface and backlit buttons make setup easy, even in low-light conditions. Uses SD/SDHC Class 4 cards or higher, up to 32GB. Moultrie Mobile compatibility gives you updates of images as they happen. Manufacturer's two-year warranty. One 16GB SD card and eight AA batteries included.
    5.2"H x 3"W x 2.6"D.

    hey everybody. This PJ Riley from Lancaster archery here to talk to. You today about the Mountie a 40 trail-camera pro bundle. Everything you need to operate. This camera in the kit you're of course going to get the unit the camera you're gonna get a tree strap you're gonna get a 16 gig card. And eight double-a batteries. That power the camera. These cameras are very simple to operate there's just a clasp on the side here to expose your controls. And the display screen will take. You through setup for setting your delay for setting your camera to photo. Or video incidentally. This will shoot 14 megapixel high-res photos it'll shoot a lower res photo to save space on your trail camera card. You want to do it shoots high-definition video so the camera itself. What you've got here are 24 LEDs. This is going to give. You a 70-foot detection range for your nighttime photos. It also has a flash which has a 70-foot detection range. You want to shoot flash. And on the back side here.

    You of course got slots for your tree strap you've also going to see. Some holes here you want to put a lock on. It there's a lock on the door down here as well. You want to lock your camera. That was so some other features of the camera on the bottom here you're gonna have a power port. You want to use an external power source you're just gonna plug. That in right here so. You can get longer battery life. Than the double A batteries will give. You on the other side it's got a USB port that's going to allow. You to use a lot of different Mountie accessories they're filled modems things like. You can just plug right in there incidentally the batter tre is connected in the bottom there is an eject button. You push that battery tray comes out that's.

    Where your batteries go so. That is the Mountie a 40 trail-camera pro bundle. You liked this video be sure. And give us a thumbs up. You want to see more videos like. This subscribes to our YouTube channel as always. You have any questions. You can visit us at lang stir our trade com.

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    Moultrie® Wireless 4G Field Modem

  • View game-camera images from your mobile device
  • Notifies you by email or text alert
  • Functions on a 4G LTE network
  • Protected, internal antenna
  • The Moultrie Wireless 4G Field Modem allows you to view images taken from any Moultrie game camera produced since 2015, remotely from your PC, tablet or mobile device. Functions on a 4G LTE network and comes with a free Moultrie Mobile App for Apple iOS, Android or Verizon. Program the unit to notify you by email or text alert whenever there's a new image on your camera so you'll know exactly what's going on at possible stand sites. Internal antenna is protected within the main housing. Monitor wily bucks without having to check your game camera in the field, which disturbs game trails, buck crossings and scrape lines with human scent and activity.
    Available: Verizon, AT&T.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    hey guys axle Meadows come in to. You from Mountie I want to introduce. You guys to a new product. We have for 2019 for our multi-modal category so. You remember we have the mv-1 a Verizon 3g unit. Now we're introducing to. You the env2 and ma — it's our 4G mulcher Mobile modem. This is brand-new we're going to have. Both Verizon and AT&T; coverage so. You get to choose what works best for you in your area but just like the mv-1 the env2. And ma 2 is going to be compatible with 25th back to 2015 cameras so chances are. You already have a camera that's compatible for you again. You remember multi-modal brings your game camera images direct to. You via app website tablet. You get to choose it's really awesome go check.

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    Phone Skope Universal Adapter

  • Connects smartphone to your optics for long-distance images
  • Creates a solid connection with your Phone Skope Phone Case
  • Ratchet-style locking mechanism adjusts to mount to any optic
  • Phone Skope's Universal Adapter is one of two pieces you need to connect your smartphone to your optics, so you can capture long-distance images and footage. This piece locks into the Phone Skope Phone Case (not included) for a rock-solid connection. Next the unique, ratchet-style locking mechanism adjusts to create a solid mount to your binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes and more. 
    • U1 Mini – Eyepiece adjusts to accept eyepieces ranging from 1.2"-1.8" in diameter.
    • U2 Regular – Eyepiece adjusts to accept eyepieces ranging from 1.7"-2.34" in diameter.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Hey YouTube's mark from Last Stand outdoors hey I've been wanted to do a product review on. This phone scope I just got in the mail. This desire for me to get a phone scope started last year out scouting and. Iwas sitting here trying to hold my cell phone up to my spotting scope to try to get the pictures. And video of these nice bucks. Iwas filming anyway. Icame back some research. And found out about. This product four digits cope. And called the phone scope so. This in the mail this week. It comes in two parts. Though so this is just a phone case. Ihappen to be using just the Apple 5s that's. What I'm using so this will custom fit for. That phone it's pretty cool. You got your phone case here. You want to just take your phone. It slips right into place just like. That it's very tight works it's got a nice good fit on. You can see it's you know it's snug there's not. Any moving pieces once tried to test. One out at Sportsman's Warehouse. Some Universal brand but. All kinds of moving parts. It didn't hold the phone steady so. Ididn't have any confidence in. Iheld off on buying it. And I've got my phone scoped the second piece is the adapter that's going to fit over the eyepiece of your scope. It actually does binoculars as well so let. Me get a little close-up on. This one does have a moving part.

    This thing moves this adapter moves clockwise so the purpose of. This is the outside here's the inside that's going to fit over your spotting scope. You can see the three prongs in there as. You rotate this clockwise those three rubberized prongs are going to clamp down on the eyepiece of the spotting scope. That you're using and then you're going to use. This piece that's attached to attach the phone scope so the directions actually say. You want to loosen the eyepiece on your scope. That way there's a better chance to get a full picture. You attach your phone so anyway with the adapter again. You want to put this sort of at a North West type position put.

    It over the phone and then you're going to rotate. This piece counterclockwise. And those three prongs those rubberized clamps. Ishowed you earlier you're gonna lock down on the eyepiece of the scope so make sure it's important. You don't over twist. You could strip and bust. It so don't do that again it's worth noting. This also works on binoculars so then. What we're gonna do we're going to take the phone. And the case that we've already got ready. And there's three sorts of prongs ups here. That are gonna slot right into. This phone case and then you're gonna rotate. It down so there you can see. That my phone isn't exactly horizontal.

    Some spotting scopes. You can work around. Or with your tripod just rotate. It the reason you want the phone horizontal is. If it's in the vertical position that's like a 4:3 aspect ratio it's not going to show properly on your computer screens your smart phones etc it's not gonna give. You the full field of view. And you're gonna miss. That broader perspective. You want out of spotting so that's. That sort of fits on the phone. Or on the scope then. What we do is just turn on your phone go to the camera. And that's what you're gonna see. Most of the time that's circular okay but easy way to fix. That is just get your zoom in there.

    And blow and then you got your whole field of vision anyway that's the phone scope that's the adapter again it's the universal adapter. It on the very first time. Ihad no problems that went on piece of cake. Iwas taking some great shots just out of the freeway about a half mile behind. Me so tomorrow morning we'll wake up. And go see we can spot. Some animals there's. Another little group there so again I'll just zoom in a little bit on my phone. And eliminate those lines the circular lines there so. You get the full field of view anyway. These spottings this foam scope is fantastic. Ireally love I think it's gonna be a great tool for me in filming my hunts.

    And showing my family. What I'm out doing all the time. When I'm out hunting.

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    Browning® Strike Force HD Pro X Game Camera

  • Fast, 0.22-sec. trigger
  • 1.5" viewing screen
  • 20MP resolution photos and 900p HD+ video with sound
  • 120' flash range with an 80' detection range
  • 12V external power jack
  • The Browning Strike Force HD Pro X Game Camera uses a blazing-fast 0.22-sec. trigger to spit out 20MP high-definition photos or between 5-sec. and 2-min. of 900p HD+ video with sound. A 1.5" viewing screen allows you to conveniently check images while in the field. An adjustable infrared LED flash reaches out 120' with an 80' motion-detection range. Illuma-Smart Technology automatically adjusts IR flash power for perfect night photos or choose from 3 modes of flash operation: power-save, long-range, or fast-motion. The Strike Force HD Pro X Game Camera takes up to 8 rapid-fire images in 2 sec., plus it has a programmable picture delay, a multi-shot mode, and Timelapse Plus camera mode with IR-triggered images. The unit runs off 6 AA batteries (not included), or hook it up to a 12V power source through an external power jack. The Strike Force HD Pro X handles memory cards up to 512 GB (not included). Displays time, date, temperature, moon phase, and camera ID. Includes an all-steel, adjustable tree-mount bracket. Compatible with Browning Buck Watch time-lapse viewer software. Manufacturer's 1-year warranty.
    4.25"H x 3.25"W x 2.5"D.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Hey guys welcome didn t Creek go hunting Journal welcome to the 2018 season. We are excited about. This new upcoming year during this off season we're going to give. Few reviews on some products. We use at the ranch. And just wanted to pass off. This information to. You so there are several things we're going to be reviewing today we're going to be reviewing the Browning Strikeforce h50 HD trail camera in. This chart trail camera actually I've been using all deer season 2017 season. They got these couple of these brand-new from Cabala's at probably about March. Or April of last year, so I've been using them. All through the summer in the spring and summer. And then into the fall so. Igot a good handle on these cameras right here. And, so I'll give you a thorough review on. That today we're also going to be reviewing some broad heads as well as. Some other products like. Some cleaning knives things like. That so we're gonna we're going to give. These coming through over the next couple of months. Or so not sure how quickly. Ican get to these videos, but we're gonna give. You give it a try we also at the ranch. We always have access deer to hunt. Because in Texas the season never ends so. Any creek bill hunting journal continues to film our hunts. And we'll give whatever. We get we've been catching a. Few access deer especially. This last time been out there. One time since whitetail season ended. And caught it a nice access buck on the camera. And so he's hanging around hopefully. We can get him down sometime in the next two.

    Or three months though we'll see. What happens and then there's always a straggler -. That comes in that are there. Or young bucks we take those as well just. Because there's an abundance of access deer. You don't keep them numbers in check we'll get in trouble with our deer numbers being out of whack but anyways. And there's always other exotic so. We can hunt so stay tuned for some great hunting action on Indian Creek go hunting journal. And today this review on the Browning Strikeforce h50 HD so stay tuned red is the color of the trail of success for the hunter who has put in the time. And effort to make it happen. And red is the color of grace with a savior who suffered. And died in our place so. We could be forgiven okay guys here is the camera. And I'm gonna give you a close-up look at. And show these settings work just my quick impression on. This camera first of.

    All it's a great camera for about a hundred. And thirty-one hundred. And forty dollars one with my Cabala's points from Cabala's for I think $139. Something like that it's a little bit pricier. Most cameras but my object was to find a five star camera. That works really well. One actually fits the bill for me so let. This camera real quick first of. You pull it out of the box of course you're gonna have to put the batteries in. It takes actually six batteries. You can see right here six double-a batteries. And very easy to slip. All know how to do. You don't need me to tell. How to do that but. This camera is actually very intuitive very easy to understand. And that's what I like so much about. This camera is you'll see. That the button only has. One turn on but a lot of cameras will have like sometimes two sometimes three different settings to turn on. One only deals with. One setting so let me make sure.

    This thing is gonna focus in their good. It lights up I've got. It set of course you can see on the trail camera mode which is. What I use about probably 95 to 98% of the time I'm mainly got on the trail camera mode. Because that's what I'm interested in seeing is just. What kind of bucks are coming in that's a to the area to my area then. You turn the camera on. You can get into the mode to set. Everything right now it's its it's a set for trail camera but. You get into mode then. You set up the time. And the date by simply hitting you hit the mode button to get to the next sections excuse. Me the arrow up and arrow down will help. You get real quickly to the different settings. That are on the camera I'll go through the in a minute. And then in order to change the settings you're gonna hit the enter button like to change the settings of the day.

    You just have to hit the setting enter. And then the arrow right arrow left button. You can set that's actually set correct right. You can see the time. And the date when you're finished at the enter mode again. It goes out and then arrow up arrow down the next setting is going to be the operational mode it's on trail camera hit enter. Iwant to change I go arrow up. And down to either time-lapse -. Or video okay so there're three modes on. This there's a trail cam which is. What I use most of the time the time-lapse. And also the video I'm going to show. Some a sample video of. All of those on the vision on my computer just in just a minute, so I'm gonna leave. That on trail cam mode mmm going down again arrow down photo quality. You enter there is the photo quality the options are four megapixel is actually two megapixels of low so let's go from the low excuse.

    Me two megapixels low four megapixel eight megapixel. And then also the highest quality is ultra which is six mega 16 megapixel a 16 megapixel. Iusually want to use. It on leave it on for because. All I'm wanting to do is just know what's on my camera. Ileave my camera sometimes 2 in 3 weeks sometimes for weeks at a time on my property so. And I've got a 32 gigabyte SD card in here, so I'm gonna hit enter that's. What I want then the video quality is ultra. Or low Ultra is going to be 7 ATP which is high definition but it's not really the higher definitions of video so. You got high and ultra the choice between those two I'm gonna leave. It on ultra I do use. Iwant good it's got video length ten seconds.

    You can choose from. Either 10 a 5 or 2 minutes. Or 1 minute or 30 seconds so. You see those there I'm gonna leave. It on 10 seconds because that's usually. What I like and then scrolling down again picture delay. One minute I usually don't like my delays to be. That long so I'm gonna put. It on 30 seconds but. One minute 30 seconds 20 seconds 10 seconds 5 seconds. And 60 minutes that's a lot for a delay but 30 minutes 10 minutes 5 minutes 1 minute 30 seconds. And 20 seconds 10 seconds in 5 seconds, so I'm going to leave. It on 30 seconds because that's about. What I like hit enter going down. We got the multi shot modes I've got. That off you can set. It to multi shots here like 3 8 shots in a row 7 shot 6 5 4 3 2. Ithink it's just down to 3 2 shots. And then off I believe is the next. One next is a multi shot get to temperature.

    And units Fahrenheit so. You can change that to Fahrenheit. Or Celsius if you're in Europe you're gonna want Celsius. If you're in America. You don't want Fahrenheit push enter. And then camera name. You can name the camera just by I've got a camera. And that's what it comes standard. Iusually don't name my cameras but. You can just name it by scrolling up. Or down to change the letters there. You can see I change them up. And down I'm gonna leave. It at camera okay next is the image data strip. This is the strip that's at the bottom. That gives all the bottom of the picture. That gives all the information like date time. And temperature that important information leaving. That on but you can actually turn. That off I guess there might be. Some functions you might want.

    It off but you don't need. That information maybe you're not a hundred. And your hunter and you're using this but as a hunter you're probably going to wheel. Iwant to leave that on so. You have that information know. When to get out there. And get the blind motion test is. This just tests the motion tells. Whether it's on whether the motion is working the default settings. You can hit and it'll go back to the default settings time-lapse frequency. You can set it for I had. It set on one minute I'm going to show. That in a minute some time-lapse recently for this 30 seconds 20 seconds. Ibelieve it's almost the same settings of 10 seconds 5 seconds. And then 60 minutes so. It has the same as the still shot function.

    And I'm gonna leave. It on 30 seconds actually. One minute that's what I usually put. If I'm doing time-lapse then. This has a cult function on the time-lapse. You can set I believe it's two three. And four hours you have one hour. You got an all-day setting for time-lapse then. You have a one-hour setting which is. One hour after sunup. Or not sunup excuse. It gets light enough the camera itself will recognize. One hour is in to light enough to. Where the camera can take. It'll take time-lapse for an hour in the morning and evening or two hours in the morning and evening or three hours. Or four hours in the morning and evening and then. You have the all-day function but I'm going to leave. This on the three-hour setting that's just. What I had it on before. And then next is the smart IR video off.

    You can turn the IR video on to capture. You want then you have SD management off. Idon't need function. And then you got delete. And then video now usually the best the easiest way to do. That to deal with the video. Whatever is just take the card out. And stick it in your camera slot our excuse. Me your computer slot that's the easiest way to do. It does have functions. You can go in and out which is right here on the bottom. You can see that it's got a USB function. And then a TV in and out which. Ihave never used those functions. Ijust pull the card out it's not so much easier then. You got a software upgrade in case there's ever a soft green upgrade. That needs to take place. And then you're back to the cinema so. You can see this is very intuitive very easy to use so let's look at. Some video and pictures images as well as the time-lapse. And then I'll give you my final evaluation okay guys we're gonna start with the time-lapse mode.

    Because it's just easier for me to deal with. It with my computer here as. You can see I got a Mac but. One of the drawbacks to Browning is. They did they don't have a Mac version so as always. It takes a Mac computer to run Windows properly so haha, so we're gonna I've actually got parallels on here so. Ican run Windows but basically. What you do is you'll get. These little files I don't know. You can see those little files there on the computer. These are time-lapse files. You just drag them and drop them into here. And it'll read them. And then you can actually play. Idon't know why it's not playing here but. Ijust like to drag. It anyways you grab. This little knob here. You can drag until looks like. It started taking pictures too early. It was still trying to figure out. What was daytime what was nighttime so. These are set at one minute apart so. You can see how it's taking pictures of one-minute intervals on February 6. Iactually did not have.

    Any deer come in on. This to be able to give. That the time-lapse on. You can see me walking across their let. Me try to get this a little bit wider so. You can see I can axe see. Ican out won't make. It wider let's just have a full-screen mount mode. Ido not see a full-screen mode that's kind of irritating it may be on there but. Idon't see one trying to drag. It wider anyways don't know. How to run Windows but. You can drag this little bar. This is probably this is very helpful for seeing entry. And exit points for deer. If you've got if you're hunting over like a food plot. This is a pretty good function for your camera to have so it'll take.

    These images for you on a time-lapse next is the steel images as. You can see from the still images. They take really good pictures. Ihave not done any color correction on these pictures images so. You kind of see what takes place. One of the things I did notice about the still images is. You know you get like fog. Or real moist mornings a lot of times the screen will be covered over which is kind of irritating but. Idon't think that's really a camera function it's just. More the issue of the lens fogging over which happens with a lot of cameras anyways at least. All the cameras I've ever had done. That on foggy mornings but nighttime images are really good as. You can see as well. One last thing these last two pictures here the.

    It says a point for trigger speed. This thing is really fast. This doe right here coming up right there is. You can see the arrow just passed through. Or as she's ducking and then of course. This bird flying away is pretty cool the image captured. One as well so the video quality is not. That great it's a 720p it's its the very first high definition. That came out, so I would definitely say it's not professional level quality but it's its reasonable. You like I like to do video. Imainly use mine for still images nighttimes pretty good as well. This next one my friend actually shoots. This turkey you look on the far right-hand side of the screen. That far turkey Tom over there gets an arrow. And then he goes to go retrieve. It rights there and then we've actually bagged. That Turkey last year. You want to watch that video. You can watch it from last spring on my channel so anyways let.

    You a summation of this alright guys let. You my final evaluation for the Browning Strikeforce 850 HD camera overall I'd give. This camera and a 5 star rating this is a great cam a very reliable it's gonna last. You a long time in the field you're in my opinion really can't go wrong with. This camera as far as the ease of use. It on the screen there it's very intuitive very easy to scroll through the menu to get. You need to go the mode enter button very easy to get to as well as the arrows up. And down and only and on switch not like three. Or four on a lot of cameras like. This Mountie m88 camera has like. You notice on it has three different switches. You can switch it up to. And half the time even know. What have those mean so it's difficult to get to but very intuitive to use the still pictures on.

    This is great what you're seeing on the camera are on the video is about 4 megapixel. Because sometimes I'm gone from the property at weeks at a time. Idon't want to fill up my car as a 16-megapixel pixels but that's those are. Some pretty good images for this 4 megapixel images also the video a video is I'd give it a excuse. Me the still pictures. Igive a 5 star video I'd give it a 3 star. This is only 7 720p which is HD video but you've got to hire functions you've got a 1080p as well as 4k. And those are the two higher ones but so. That the video does well. If you'd like to take video of animals that's. It works okay but it's just not the greatest video it's definitely not professional level quality the time-lapse function works great won't see. Any problems there you have food plots. This is going to work really well for you the. One bad thing I can say about the camera is. This camo whatever. This camo dipping the process.

    They use this camel's not gonna last on here very long. Even in the shade it's gonna fade in time pretty quickly I've got. One of these at my property that's in direct sunlight the other. One gets sunlight but not. One of them is almost completely white. That way after about four. Or five months of sitting in the Sun the other. One it's almost white but the camel is not gonna last very long but. It doesn't affect the functioning of the camera so for me that's not really a big deal. And then the last thing is the batteries there're six batteries in. This thing as I showed. You already but these batteries last a long time. Iget about four months out of six double-a batteries as compared to the Mountie. And 8088 this thing has eight batteries well. It takes eight batteries. Igot six in there it takes eight batteries. Iout of the eight batteries in. This camera I get about three months so very good time for the batteries.

    You get here all right. You enjoyed that review be sure. And give us a thumbs up subscribe. And we'll get any future videos. That come out you'll get notification of. That also check out our website bow hunting rad Netcom that's our ad. And we've got some products up there. That are discounted. These are genuine products. That they're not cheap china knockoffs. That are being sold today. All over the place and by the way please don't buy those are. We don't want to aid in a bit those who break the law. And hurt the archery industry. And hurt american job so please buy genuine but will only sell on our website genuine products at discounted rates. Some high quality products so be sure to check out our website. You can also access our videos on the website as well so. This is a bow hunting radnik for indian creek bow hunting journal thank.

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    Browning® Recon Force FHD 10MP Trail Camera

  • Takes crisp 10MP photos
  • Records full-HD 1920x1080 video with sound
  • Infrared flash illuminates game up to 100 ft. away
  • Zero Blur technology reduces motion blur of nocturnal game
  • Time-lapse mode
  • Capture stunning footage of elusive wildlife with Browning's Recon Force FHD 10MP Trail Camera. It takes crisp 10MP images and records incredible 1920x1080 full-HD video with sound that can be played back on a 60” TV without losing clarity. With a 55-ft. detection range, the infrared flash illuminates game up to 100 ft. away without spooking them. Zero Blur technology snaps nighttime photos in under a second, virtually eliminating motion blur from moving animals. Also features time-lapse mode. Can take up to eight multi-shot images or up to eight rapid-fire images. Programmable picture delay from five seconds to 60 minutes. Displays time, date, temperature, moon phase and camera ID. SD card slot accepts up to 32GB (sold separately). Uses eight AA batteries (not included) or 12-volt power jack. Includes Browning Buck Watch Timelapse viewer software.
    5”H x 4”W x 2.5”D.

    Alright y'all its time for another wet. And wild episode of trail camera pickup I'm back up here in the land of the machete people. And the Coyotes I had the camera set out last time on. This main trail here. We got those guys doing the advance of plant removal. All the coyotes and the big deer walking by right here. Ifollowed this animal trail right through here. And found this little group of pine trees here. Ithought would be a good spot. It looked like there might be. Some animals bed and down over here in. These Paul Meadows there's a lot of trails going through here but there's a camera right there. All right guys cross your fingers oh yeah. All right sweet 53 videos 53 videos. And 57% remaining battery life. Ithink last time I retrieved. It four weeks ago it was down to 60. Something and now shooting 53 videos over a three-week period it's down to 58% so. Ibrought my laptop out here with. Me I'm just going to go ahead. And dump these videos on the computer here. One thing I like to do. Ibring a laptop out with. Me is scroll down to the last video. And check the date and time in January 13th that's today 946 so. These two here are me picking up the camera so it's always reassuring to see.

    That the camera worked the whole time. It out from start to finish so that's always good so. You go back up to the top here. You can see this was. And then it's got videos. All the way through to the day. And picked it up so that's awesome so. These together and show them to. Now alright that was a pretty good spot. This little interception here with. These three trails kind of come together seem to pay off. It was cool to see that deer in the turkey together I've seen. One other time down in the fakahatchee I'm wondering if the deer. And the turkey kind of pal around with. Each other and walk around as kind of like a dual predator detection. They kind of help each other out. Now we're gonna go pick up camera number two here right off here in. More Cypress area so. Iwanted to see we can get.

    Some variety so we'll go pick. One up see what we get. This area here looks like it's been rooted up by the Hogs. And there's a trail. That goes right into. This little Cypress dome here. Where it's all under water so the Hogs probably go in there. We got our camera right over here a couple hundred feet away to the right, so we've probably got. Some of those guys their shoes. All right, so I looked pretty good has a pretty sweet camo job a camo. What for the humans so. They don't see I don't care. How animals don't notice. Idon't want any humans walking around here seeing it so. Itry to hire them as best. Idon't think there's too. Many humans walking around here especially with. It being as flooded as. This is the camera that got attacked by the bear down in the swamp.

    That has the big dent in my sensor cover there from his tooth hopefully. It doesn't affect the performance. Any let's turn it on sea. If it's still working oh yeah sweet ninety-four videos sweet awesome seventy eighty percent remaining battery life so ninety-four videos in four weeks. And the Cypress Creek Natural Area on. This little trail here let's go put them on the computer. What we get so looks pretty good has a pretty sweet camo job.

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    Bushnell® Core™ DS Game Camera

  • No-Glow or Low-Glow infrared flash
  • Full-color images in 30MP
  • 1080p HD video with sound
  • Adjustable PIR motion sensor
  • Field Scan 2X mode
  • The Bushnell Core DS Game Cameras utilize Dual-Sensor (DS) Technology, featuring one sensor optimized for sharp, rich images during the day, and a second sensor optimized for high-contrast, detailed images at night. 4 high-output infrared LEDs reach out 100' to give you detailed nighttime images with minimal disturbance to game. Activated by an adjustable PIR motion sensor (auto, low, medium, high), and triggered by an incredible 0.2-sec. trigger, the Core DS game camera won't let fast-moving bucks slip by. Field Scan 2X mode captures time-lapse images and trigger-activated images, while Multi-image mode gives you the option of capturing up to 6 shots per trigger activation. This trail cam takes full-color images in 30MP, and 1080p HD video with sound. Runs on 6 AA batteries (not included), and uses SD cards up to 32GB (not included). The Core DS Game Camera comes with an adjustable web belt with a metal cam buckle, and a 1/4-20 socket for multiple attachment options.
    Available: Low Glow, No Glow.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    hiI'm jay gets him with Bushnell yes here at the show we're launching a whole new line of Bushnell trail cameras in the core. And the core D s the core des is our flagship new camera it's got a new technology it's a dual sensor technology so it's. What those dual sensors allow. You to do is capture eat the best images day. And night so you have a day image sensor. And a night image sensor really dialed in 30 megapixel camera comes in a Corky S comes in a low blow. And again 30 megapixel full sensors the images are optimized for day. Or night really the best photo the best quality images. That we've ever had hope for more information check out Bushnell com.

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