The 21 Best Bore Sighters & Shooting Accessories – In reviews

This post is dedicated to different items which help you to increase shooting accuracy and give you additional comfort. Below you will find boresighters, shooting benches, targets, and many other helpful shooting accessories.

Some people try to economize on additional items. But if you need to get the most possible successful shooting experience you should not refuse these accessories.

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Cabela's Shooting Mat Site Lite SL-100 Boresighter Site Lite SL-500 Ultra Mag Green Laser Boresighter Cabela's Professional Chamber Pistol Boresighter Caldwell® Stable Table® Shooting Bench Hideout Shooting Rest Cabela's Armor Xtreme Molded Double Long-Gun Hard Case Caldwell® Matrix™ Shooting Rest Cabela's Clear Shot Targets Cabela's Rifle Recoil Pad SKB Shaped Single-Scoped Rifle Case Kestrel Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics and LiNK Kestrel 3500NV Weather Meter Caldwell® Wind Wizzard II Magpul Core Precision Rifle Data Book 2.0 Caldwell® Crosswind Professional Wind Meter Eberlestock® Padded Shooting Mat Kestrel Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics Birchwood Casey Freedom Target Kestrel Drop 3 Kestrel 2500Nv Weather Meter
Cabela's Shooting Mat Site Lite SL-100 Boresighter Site Lite SL-500 Ultra Mag Green Laser Boresighter Cabela's Professional Chamber Pistol Boresighter Caldwell® Stable Table® Shooting Bench Hideout Shooting Rest Cabela's Armor Xtreme Molded Double Long-Gun Hard Case Caldwell® Matrix™ Shooting Rest Cabela's Clear Shot Targets Cabela's Rifle Recoil Pad SKB Shaped Single-Scoped Rifle Case Kestrel Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics and LiNK Kestrel 3500NV Weather Meter Caldwell® Wind Wizzard II Magpul Core Precision Rifle Data Book 2.0 Caldwell® Crosswind Professional Wind Meter Eberlestock® Padded Shooting Mat Kestrel Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics Birchwood Casey Freedom Target Kestrel Drop 3 Kestrel 2500Nv Weather Meter
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Brand Cabela's Kestrel Caldwell Cabela's Magpul Caldwell Site Lite Caldwell Cabela's Site Lite Cabela's Kestrel Eberlestock Cabela's Kestrel SKB Caldwell Birchwood Casey Kestrel Cabela's Kestrel

Cabela's Shooting Mat

  • Waterproof, PVC-coated bottom;
  • 1/2"-thick cushioning with a nonslip coating;
  • Two sets of bipod stops offer greater control;
  • Twin wings fold out for keeping gear out of the way.

Performance-focused features and first-class comfort for long-range shooters and varmint hunters. The waterproof, PVC-coated bottom keeps you dry on damp, dew- or snow-covered ground. The top pad has a 1/2"-thick cushioning with a nonslip coating, preventing elbow slips and other minor position shifts. Two sets of bipod stops offer greater control and versatility. Twin wings fold out for keeping gear out of the way, but off the ground. Zippered security pocket on left for easy-to-lose items. Large pouch on right for ballistic tables and accessories. Stake holes for securing in high winds (stakes not included). The mat rolls and fastens with hook-and-loop straps for hassle-free transport and storage. Adjustable shoulder strap. Carry handle. Imported.
Unrolled: 73-1/2"L x 35-1/2"W.
Rolled: 35-1/2"L x 8-1/2" diameter.
Weight: 6-1/2 lbs.

Site Lite SL-100 Boresighter

Before you head to the range, get superior boresighting accuracy using the latest laser technology from Site Lite. Super-strong magnets in the arbor securely center the laser in the muzzle for consistent accuracy. Unique system of adapters and O-rings fits all .22- to .50-caliber handguns and rifles; 20- and 12-gauge shotguns and muzzleloaders. Designed so no metal touches the rifling of your firearm. To boresight, place the target 25 ft. from the muzzle and center the laser on the target. Dial in the scope's crosshairs and you're boresighted for 100 yards. The included Alignment Verification System Reflective Target lets you quickly verify scope alignment in the field according to your recorded information.

I play 100 lasers bore sighting system. You get the package home. I'm going to open it up here. Give a little walkthrough what's in the box basically you're going to open and inside here. Let's get this organized a little bit.

You're going to have the laser bore sighting system itself which is pretty simple. It comes with batteries preinstalled simple on/off switch here will turn. And then at the tail end here you've got what they call their O-ring system. And in the box you're going to see a bunch of these o-rings here which fit a variety of calibers there's also a couple of different adapters here a rifle adapter. And then there's also a shotgun adapter here as well. This piece here on the end is going to be probably. You know if you're putting a new scope on. And you're trying to get a bore sighted in. What this does your first step is going to be aligning your crosshair so it's perfectly vertical. And horizontal to the plane of your rifle. And that's what this adapters here is for when. It turns the dot into a flat edge laser. What you do is they provide a target here so. What you're going to do. You won't see and I'll put in. Some supplemental video. It shows a little bit better but you're going to basically a tweak your scope until you've got. It aligned vertically you've got your crosshairs aligned vertically. And horizontally the cool thing is on. This target they actually provide a level. And also in the package.

When you're ready to start bore sighting you've got. This target here what you're going to do let. This adapter off you're going to find the appropriate oring adapter for your caliber you're going to insert. This into the barrel. Another nice thing is. This adapter part here is also magnetized so as. It slots in it's a very tight fit but it's also magnetized so. Once you've got it in it's going to stay it's not going to fall out which. Ithink is a very cool thing and then. What you're going to do is according to your instructions you're going to set up your rifle 25 feet away. And you're going to put the laser in the center the target there. And then you're going to adjust your wind age. And elevation x' on your scope so. It meets the crosshair here. Because you're only 25 feet away that's why there's the difference. And that's critical don't you're not going to target the laser. And your scope crosshairs here like.

I said laser points going to go there crosshairs there. And again this is set up at 25 feet according to their instructions. You go through those steps keep in mind it's not going to. You know you're not going to be able to install. And do the basic bore sighting and expect to walk out to your range. Or walk out the door. And go hunting and be zeroed in. You still have to take. It out to the range to finish your final zeroing in my case as an example. This on my new Sig 5 to 2 22 rifles. And went through their instructions took. It out to the range. I think my groupings just my first three shots. I was about 2 to 3 maybe 4 inches off my bullseye so basically just keep in mind. What this is going to do it's going to get. You on paper hopefully. And then it's going to you're just going to have to adjust from there. That it's big its advantage it's going to save.

You ammo you know you just throw your scope on their head out to the range you're probably going to spend 3 to 4 times the amount of ammo getting it sighted in first using a system like. This question you have to ask yourself is. It worth this particular setup like. This is a sight light 100 retails. I think around $99 there are cheaper versions but the problem. I found I've used the cheaper ones. And instead of using this o-ring system. They have adapters you screw in. And I've never on those cheap. One to be able to get a tight fit into the barrels of the firearms I've been using it on in. This case like I said between the o-rings on the. This part being magnetized very tight very good seal on the barrel but again getting back to the cost. You know you're going to see them online. And again the one thing I've noticed too is. This particular brand is OEM doubt — I've seen Cabala's brand which is basically the same exact border sighting system except. It just labeled as Cabala's I've seen.

It at a couple different sportsman stores with their labels on. And again it's the same exact brand. I think in my case actually. I purchased this the packaging was an OEM package from compells but you open it up. It's all sight light so just something to keep in mind. I would again it just depends on your needs. If you're changing scope salon. You know you're doing a lot of adjustments. I think in the long run it'd be worth. It just in the cost of animal you're going to especially in your higher-end calibers with the price of ammunition. These days it might be worth the investment. It again like I said its just going to save. Some time and aggravation. You get out to the range excuse. One other thing it also includes adapters for some. Most of your pistol calibers. One thing I used it for will show my M&P; here.

I have a stream light tlr-2 on my MMP. It comes with the laser but again. You have to adjust this out at the range so. What I did before even took the laser system out to the ranges. I use the bore sighting system to zero in the laser. And again it's not going to be perfect but. It does give you a general ballpark vicinity into the target like. I said on my 522 rifle. I was within three or four inches. You know within the first three shots so in. That case you know again. You know I'm not under 22. You know that's not a big deal but. I think like you get in your higher calibers. You — 23 s and above. You know you're looking at the cost of ammo. And sighting in as a matter of fact. I was there by 5:22 a gentleman next to me had just brought out his deer hunting rifle. And had to stop he ran out of ammo. And didn't have enough. He still didn't have. It sighted improperly.

I think in that case He probably would have saved a lot of time, a lot of expenses in ammo by using a system like this but like I said it's up to. You the way the cost verse the. How often you would use. They also include adapters for 12. And 60 in this particular version 12. And 28 shotgun adapters. I pointed out or that's. What you would use this particular adapter for so there. I can't really make a judgment on. It for me it seems to work so. I can't complain it's a sight like 100.

Site Lite SL-500 Ultra Mag Green Laser Boresighter

The SL-500 is the ultimate boresighter. It uses an ultrabright green laser that can be seen up to 100 yards and is up to 50 times brighter than red lasers. This unit is pinpoint accurate and works with rifles, pistols and shotguns. It fits all calibers from .22 to .50 caliber, and includes 20- and 12-gauge bores. No optional arbors are required. It comes with the SLR-100 Scope Reticle Leveler allowing you to precisely level the crosshairs of your scope. Scope reticle leveler included - a $19.99 value.

Cabela's Professional Chamber Pistol Boresighter

  • Laser aligns perfectly with the bore;
  • Use to adjust scopes and open sights;
  • Available in three popular handgun caliber.

Save time, money and frustration by getting on paper with your first shot. Our professional laser boresighter is machined to the highest standards of S.A.A.M.I. specifications to ensure the highest accuracy. Place the boresighter into your chamber and close the action. The laser will automatically turn on and be centered in the barrel. It projects a straight laser beam onto your target, allowing precise sight adjustments. This boresighter is perfect for the range and ensuring your gun is still zeroed-in after travel. Laser units are available to fit three popular handgun calibers. Made in USA.

  • 9mm
  • .40 S&W
  • .45 ACP

Caldwell® Stable Table® Shooting Bench

  • Integrated shooting table, seat and tripod legs;
  • Height-adjustable padded seat;
  • Sturdy, chemical-resistant polymer table surface;
  • Two gun-holding forks are included;
  • Both seat and table pivot around the central shaft.

Caldwell's Stable Table Shooting Bench features an integrated shooting table, adjustable seat and super-stable tripod legs that create a comfortable shooting platform. Padded seat is adjusts in height from 16" to 22" to accommodate shooters of varying heights. The 34"L x 23"W table surface is made of sturdy, chemical-resistant polymer with two integrated carry handles. Two gun-holding forks are included, and they fit into the table's carry handles so you have a safe and stable place to clean your rifle at the end of a long day of shooting. Leg adjustments let you keep the table and seat parallel to the horizon, even on terrain that is not flat. Both the seat and table pivot around the central shaft to engage targets at nearly any angle. Reinforced welded-steel frame is strong, stable and easy to set up. Disassembles into seven pieces quickly and easily using the quick-release pin system.
Wt: 60 lbs.
Wt. capacity: 275 lbs.

Hideout Shooting Rest

A compact, versatile option to steady your gun in the field. Quickly and easily sets up almost anywhere -- on tree limbs, fence posts, blinds and more. The dark green canvas blends in while hunting and stands up to rough use. Comes filled with plastic pellets. Imported.

Welcome to Amateur Redneck Workshop! I'm Harold. And we're back to another firearms accessory review. This came to me a little over a week ago from. It was in a white FedEx package from Shenzhen China. I sit on the invoice sample. And it's from Mr. Lee. I didn't know what the heck. You know well one of the items in the bag on the walk was but the ones concerned in. This review I didn't know. What the heck because I'd never seen. One before they had. What it turned out to be was a quad shooting rest for a. You know for your rifle. And I'm going to show. This stuff what I mean about being confused there's a screenshot of the twelve. Or shooting wrist bags. Now then this you'll see. I was confused this out of the package. I looked at here's a bag with a little velcro closure. I can't get anything in nervous my fingers well little did. You turn it upside down. That it's a front rest for your rifle. If you've got it filled up with. Some sort of substance the other little bag. That was in there got the velcro closure. You turn it upside down. It shows a different purpose okay.

This is the right way like. This, but I was kind of confused nice not sad never saw a sandbag before. Because I've got a sand bag for the rear of my rifle. Igot back I wanted to shoot Pinterest. I just for the front of. Is using the bipod so anyway. Ididn't recognize it took them out of the banks so. Isit around here for a week wondering you know. Ididn't have any email address that's. You know referred to mr Lee.

Let me change the camera a little here so y'all are not watching my neighborhood anyway. Ididn't have any email address for mr Lee. Because Alice Lloyd is the. One I've been talking to there but anyway. Iwondered what the heck is. Even took a picture. And sent it to Randy Richard to see. What he thought about. He didn't do't know. What it was either so it's good to finally discover. What this stuff is after I'd say yesterday Alice wrote. Me a note no was I ever gonna do a review on her merchandise. Ihad attacked pictures of.

This merchandise on the bottom the email said is. This yours yes okay. And also what the heck is. It well I'm not an expert on sandbags like. Isay I've got I bought. Several years ago and never thought about them since didn't think about. Something you can refill. You looked online about. You can get sandbags made of fabric. You get sandbags made out of leather. You can get sandbags. That are empty further self. You can get sandbags. That you're full of plastic beads. You can get sandbags full of sand there's a real variety of sandbags out there. I had never paid any attention to so. What would these need is a filler. Something to go inside them so. I went out and looking for something to fill them up with.

I found three different choices. I looked at this other guy's video. He filled them up with rice so let me move the surrounding camera'll take a look here. All right on the right there we've got Uncle Ben's rice twelve pounds of that costed me eight dollars. And forty-eight cents. And Sam's samples the best price. I could get I'm pretty sure I'm gonna put my glasses on. And read double check. That yes rice eight dollars. And forty-eight cents for the bag. And then some pinto beans. You could say a sandbags kind of like a bean bag so why would. You put beans in the bean bag. And so the beans were seven dollars. And fifty-eight cents. And then I thought. I wonder I can cut the price. I don't have any sand in my backyard. This is South Texas. All the way got some black gumbo.

This time of the year. It was kind of like digging up concrete definitely not good for filling sandbags so. I went to home that spot. They have this vigor o P pebbles. I don't think that's probably. I don't know fifty more pounds. You know it made me pucker up a bit I loaded. And let's see how much. That little bugger cost I've little boogers four dollars. And forty-eight cents. And four eighty-five extra tax alright so. You guys you're probably wondering what the heck after tax in Europe. They had tax into the price of. Whatever it is unlike here. They save the tax for your surprise. You get to the register it's a lot harder here. Because every town and jurisdiction has got a different tax so. You know it's hard to compute it ahead of time.

Anyway, I decide if what am I going to put in this sandbag. I don't have any sand. I got rice they got pinto beans. I got peat pebbles well the last sandbag. I bought probably weighs about 15 pounds. And it's for the back end of the rifle not as anywhere near as big as 1/4 front. It was nice and heavy. You know going to add stability to my shooting position so. What we're going to do here. I think is I'm not gonna put the beans in there. Although I think the twelve pounds of beans would fill up. Both bags I think the twelve pounds of rice would fill up. Both legs but I'm going to use the pea thesis. Because they're a lot heavier, so we'll we'll adjourn to the bag filling session. All right that bag up there on. That stool I can lift. If the pebble strain downwards did. I mention that stuff's heavy Oh that'll make. You notice that you're getting old not. That I'm really that old virtual youth of 73.

This little piece here's to tuck the velcro under. All right after you've put. All your ballast in the bag. Whatever you didn't spill on the floor. That is then let's go ahead. And let's close and show. It looks turning over. You had run rest and I'm gonna fill the backrest up just like. That but I'm not gonna have. You watch all right, so we've got there your stop yeah. Me quite a while shaking over no pebbles down into. That whole side but. I finally got them full. You want to see it with a rifle in. It well we're gonna do. That in just a minute. You guys were sleeping I swept up. All the pebbles and got to hoping. You know of pebbles will wet. They were river rocks. I was hoping they didn't count from. One rivers it has flesh-eating bacteria oh wow yeah anyway for those of. You who are gun safety experts.

This is a Marlin 60. This right here is the magazine. You can see there are no cartridges in the magazine. Or in the gun so you gotta set. It over here this. One for sale by the way. You want although I hate to do. Some innocent person but there. You are a genuine stainless steel. Than sixty that's it up you're going to use. It for shooting. Let me go into the front bag rear bag going to the stock so that's that's the whole rundown on. I guess the pros of. It is its light you can buy a whole set real cheap. Even get free shipping I don't know. I didn't look for that part. I guess it's depends on. Whether you're Amazon Prime member. Or not but there you are because of you got to find something to fill them up with but your clothes are like. You get a front end back for half. What I take through my back sandbag I had previously, all right, mix down below appreciate. You guys watching well that's all folks y'all try to subscribe. If you're not already a subscriber leave a comment. Something to say and above. All remember keep on keepin on by now.

Or sacrificing accuracy I'm guessing. That the vibration of your firearm is going to alter your shot placement you're exactly right. And bulls bag on like. Any other shooting res increases your accuracy. And repeatability of accurate shots. What models does the Bulls. That come in the first. Ihave here is the field shooting ransom model. This is a 9 inch and also comes in two 10 inch. You can get it in camouflage like. Ihave here or comes in black. And khaki top of that tough tech material. You can also get it in suede. This field model looks a little shorter. This next bag you have your right Katie. This is the bench shooting wrist. And it's 15 inches long. And it's perfect for somebody. That does a lot of shooting out on the range it'll be the last baguette to ever buy.

Now the X design of the bulls bag securely grips a firearm. More foreign gripping than. Any other shooting rest out there. What models does the bench shooting rest come in well like the field shooting rest the bench risk comes in. You know camouflage black. And khaki they also get a black. And yellow model it has a tough tech tops. And the suede top as well. That looks like the perfect bag for anyone who shoots off a bench. What other models does bulls bag offer Bulls bag also offers a Pro Series model. This is perfect for anybody. You know shoots rifles with high-capacity magazines. Or a pistol grip if you're looking for an all-in-one shooting rest system look no further. Than the new x7 there's actually seven shooting bags in. You can put this in a variety of configurations like.

We have with the high pro series. And spread out for a lower shooting rest. You also make into a great pistol rest — well bulls bag offers a great variety of shooting bags. They come prefilled. You need to film yourself well. You can buy them either way by the advantage of buying a prefilled is. They come out of the box ready to go. You don't have to mess with. You know filling them up. Now bulls bag offers 100% lifetime guarantee against. Any manufacturer defects well. You know I really like. When a company stands behind their product.

Cabela's Armor Xtreme Molded Double Long-Gun Hard Case

  • Injection-molded, high-impact, custom-formulated resin;
  • Water-resistant, dustproof and O-ring sealed;
  • Fits two rifles, two shotguns or one rifle and one shotgun;
  • Pressure-release valve;
  • Lifetime warranty.

Protect your firearms from the elements and abuse with a gun case engineered to meet or exceed law-enforcement and military standards. Constructed of injection-molded, high-impact, custom-formulated resin that’s practically impervious to extreme weather and the extreme handling encountered during travel. Water-resistant, dustproof and O-ring sealed, it has a pressure-release valve to equalize pressure inside and outside during air travel. Customizable, high-density foam interior cradles your firearms securely. Powder-coated steel draw latches snap the case shut securely. Case is padlock compatible. Collapsible comfort-grip handle makes carry easy. Lifetime warranty. Meets airline requirements. Carry two scoped rifles, two shotguns or one rifle and one shotgun. Ideal for trips that include both big-game and bird hunting. Made in USA.
External dimensions: 53"L x 18.5"W x 7"H.
Internal dimensions: 50.75"L x 15"W x 5.75"H.
Wt: 24 lbs.

Caldwell® Matrix™ Shooting Rest

Ultrarigid U-channel frame quickly adjusts up to 4-1/2" in length to stabilize any gun, from a handgun to an AR-15. Open center channel provides plenty of clearance for high-capacity detachable magazines. Removable lid on the convenient storage area in the front of the base adds additional clearance when detached and doubles as a rubberized rear support surface when firing handguns. Front elevation system has a spring-loaded tension mechanism and height-adjustment knob for precise one-handed elevation adjustments. Remove rear portion of the frame to convert it into a compact front rest.
Length: 21-3/4" to 26-1/4".
Width: 19".
Dimensions: 6-1/2"H x 16-1/2"W x 19-1/2"D.
Front cradle height: 7-1/2" to 10-1/2".
Approximate weight: 5 lbs.

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Matrix Shooting rest which is made by cod. Well, really truly amazing shooting rest on. I actually like it a lot for the money. You can't go wrong one of the first things. I want to start off reviewing is the adjustability. As You can see you have adjustments here. This is for depending on. If you have a long or a short rifle you can pull this out. That's you have a long rifle. You need more space. You could just put it in their personally I'd like to keep. It out in the middle. This works for what I have and then to tighten it. You're just going to come in here.

You've got these little knobs here. That takes care of that. The next adjustment I want to focus on is the up and down. I've never actually seen anything so smooth. It's one of those things where you'd have to actually see. Feel it to believe it. But literally, the slightest touch just moves it which is good if you're trying to really get some precision shooting in.

It will let it very easily gets and down. As you can see, it's also got a really far range of motion three. And a half inches which. I could say is if you're shooting sure. It works for both short reigns and our long-range even at short range at 50 yards. That movement could literally have you go from aiming at the ground to well above the target at ranges farther. That it's even better. Even have more range. And then this adjusted to. You want you do is tighten. And you're good that's not going anywhere. Another feature that's really good about. This rest is this part right over here is removable not going to lie it's a little tricky to get this actually.

It's not too bad so you may be asking what is the purpose of. That is for this works perfectly with an AR style rifle. You know typically people with ar-15s have trouble on a wrestler on a lot of rest because of the fact of the extended magazine. You will not have any problems um. I have my uncle use his ar-15 on. It worked otally fine as. You can see it goes down pretty deep in there so for you guys. That have ARS you're actually going to love. This rest the next thing I want to focus on is 13s it's pretty sturdy. You can see non-pressing on. And not really a lot of movement seen with the rifle sitting there very nicely without a lot of movement overall it's really good. I have her complaints of people with the heavy Magnum rifles I'm saying.

It kind of moves a bit. You know I've shot a couple high-powered rifles off. It in the 308 39 6 range. It seemed to do fine with. You want to step up. And maybe go to like a 300 Win Mag. Something like you know. You could always put. You know put some weight in here but. I think you'll be fine with almost just about. Any basic rifle you know again. What those more powerful ones. You will be fine all on there's. Nothing I really have. Nothing bad to say about. You'll normally pick them up for about between 50. And 60 dollars I could say in my opinion is. This thing a 5 stars 5 out of 5. I would definitely recommend. Whether you're a first-time shooter. Or intermediate you're definitely going to enjoy. This it's got a lot of great features as you can see. And it's really put together well alright it's easy to transport so that's really. What I got to say about. It maybe in future I'll do a video of myself actually shooting off. You can see what it's like.

Cabela's Clear Shot Targets

  • Bullet impact creates a highly visible yellow halo;
  • Ideal for use with all calibers and firearms;
  • Repair spots cover holes for a longer target life.

Our Clear Shot Targets ensure you'll never have to guess where you're hitting or make long walks from the bench for verification again. Great for indoor or outdoor use with all calibers and firearms. Shots react with a highly visible yellow halo so you can easily identify where your bullet hit. Durable tagboard construction and included repair spots cover bullet holes to extend target life. Made in USA.

  • 12" Bull's-Eye Assortment – per 6.
  • 12" Bull's-Eye – per 6.
  • 12" Sight – per 6.
  • 18"H x 12"W Torso – per 4.

This is a Cabala's their target. And for about three days shot a fair bit seed self-healing we have. One peekaboo through their shooting 355 green arrows. And a 70 pound bow it stops in pretty well kids love. It dogs loves hanging out with. It looks fairly realistic been fun for the backyard the body heals up quite well it's been hit a couple of times. And the arrows are too bad to pull out. If you've got some Lube on them. If they're dry carbons. It can be a little bit hard to get out see I'm getting these out on camera. Most too much effort my little bad little target kinda makes things a bit. More fun in it doesn't. It alright I'll see. It holds up the next. Few weeks being shot a fair but it's a replaceable vital shoot from. Both sides even comes with pegs.

Some extra info for you. I just measured I'm actually only going to be shooting from about 13 feet away so. You know this targets going to be taking these arrows. You know pretty hard so. She give you a really good idea of the stopping power. And fuel point and broadhead just so. You know this is the slick trick Frizz trick too alright so it's a fixed broadhead. And it's got a pretty big cutting diameter. I believe it's an inch. And a quarter could be wrong around there. Though alright and let's shoot. All right here we go so. One here is fuel point. This is a broadhead I'm just going to turn. This around so you can see no penetration okay.

These are very much in there so. Now we're going to pull them out generally. What I've done is you will need an arrow puller. Or a piece of rubber I've got a glove with a rubberish palm on it. I've had success doing it a couple ways grab. It near the base take. This arm put it against there for a leverage. You can pull that way. Or the easiest way guys it's not. That hard put it on the ground ok. One of these is a broadhead make sure. You got your shoes on through my boots on. This is a field point quick jerk that's. And then it comes out easy. That quick jerk is essential here's a broadhead click jerk make sure. They come out straight boom super easy with. This target I did want to actually say. More think it actually does have kind of cosmetic flaw to it depends on up pick yard guess. It matters I noticed. Any of these targets are on the shelves as well as. They have one give a crossbow series as well. All of them have this prob about eight of those in the shelves.

This right there I believe. They inject it into a mold. Something it's not Hollow yeah just so you're aware so. You don't think yours might be the only. One with all have it kind of sucks but as. It targets can get chewed up hopefully. That helps you guys great target says on the site. That it's made with by Reinhardt. Or with the same material as a Reinhardt target. You know these are a hundred twenty bucks so that's in Canada so it's a lot cheaper. And yeah give it a shot. I really like I just give that quick jerk and pull most straight and you'll be good.

Cabela's Rifle Recoil Pad

  • 8mm EVA foam padding absorbs felt recoil;
  • 13-oz. cotton-canvas pocket with suede pad;
  • Easy strap-on design.

Lessen the felt recoil from your firearm with our Rifle Recoil Pad. 8mm EVA foam padding absorbs the kick so you can focus on the shot. 13-oz. cotton-canvas pocket with suede pad provides a nonslip surface for the butt of the rifle. Easy strap-on design with 1"-wide polyester webbing and side-release buckle. Fits a maximum girth of 50". Right hand. Imported.

SKB Shaped Single-Scoped Rifle Case

  • Combat-tested case absorbs damaging shocks;
  • Made of ultra-high, molecular-weight polyethylene;
  • Impervious to heat, cold, solvents, oils, fuels, and acids.

SKB’s Shaped, Single Scoped Rifle case is designed to fit the contoured shape of a rifle with mounted scope. Molded of ultra-high, molecular-weight polyethylene, these combat-tested gun cases will protect your guns from whatever you put them through. The shell material is impervious to all solvents, oils, fuels, and acids, as well as heat and cold. Molded-in bumpers and ribs absorb shock and vibration while adding rigidity and protecting the valance, latches, hinges and handle. A wide, super-tough valance adds strength and rigidity, while the neoprene O-ring seal keeps out moisture and dust. Imported.
Internal dimensions: 48-3/4’’ x 8-3/4’’ x 4’’.

Kestrel Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics and LiNK

  • LiNK technology communicates with cell phones and computers;
  • Monitors ballistic and environmental factors in various units;
  • Detects wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and more;
  • G1/G7 solver reads spin drift and muzzle-velocity tuning;
  • Waterproof construction for use in any conditions.

Kestrel's Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics and LiNK provides all the weather-monitoring features you're after, along with convenient integrated LiNK technology which allows 100% wireless communication with mobile devices and computers. Measure aerodynamic jump, spin drift, coriolis corrections and muzzle-velocity tuning in your choice of either mils, MOA or click units thanks to the enhanced applied ballistics G1/G7 solver. Rugged waterproof construction allows you to continue monitoring the weather, even in some of Mother Nature's worst conditions. Provides full environmental units which include storage and charting capabilities, as well as wind speed (current, average and maximum gust), wind direction, crosswind, temperature, humidity, pressure and altitude measurements.
5.0"H x 1.9"W x 1.1"D.
Wt: 4.3 oz. with battery.
Colors: Black, Olive, Tan, Blaze Orange.

Hey there! Sam Millard here from Panhandle Precision. This is going to be a field review of kestrels new 5700 sportsmen. You are familiar with the kestrel line of meters. They are pretty much the gold standard of environmental meters. They read things environmental conditions. They have to do with the weather. I like barometric pressure temperature humidity heat index things like. That from a long-range shooting standpoint we've been using them for years to come up with conditions. We have to enter into our ballistic computers come up with a firing solution namely air density affects the drag on the bullet on sway to the target the other thing we've been using Kestrel meters for it is to read the wind. They have a built-in impeller here on top. That will give us an accurate wind speed. We can input into our ballistic calculators ok the thing. That sets the Kestrel sportsman apart from a standard weather meter is the fact. It has a built in ballistics solver in. If you're using a meter before an ax ballistic solver. You would normally get your conditions off the meter. And then you would input them. It separately into a ballistic solvent with the Kestrel sportsman it's. All built in and because of. That it's automatically feeding those inputs to the ballistic solver.

It uses the applied ballistics ballistic calculator. This ballistic calculator is very accurate. And has a capability of giving you a firing solution out to 4000 yards sportsmen will hold three gun profiles those profiles. You can build them with a g1. Or a g7 ballistic coefficient. You can do muzzle velocity chirring with. It to validate your trajectory. It pretties much has the full-blown apply ballistics solver in. It with a few exceptions is. Than enough to make a shot out to the transgenic range of the bullet. You know where the bullet starts to go subsonic as far as the hunting a long-range hunting meter. This meter does it very well. It unlike the old sportsman. It accounts for Coriolis. It accounts for aerodynamic job spin drift those kinds of things. That were missing in the first generation of sportsman.

These meters has basically done for me. Everything I used the elite meter for as far as long-range hunting this meter showed up. Ithink two days before my daughter. Iwere on our way to Wyoming to go on an antelope hunt. I put a battery in I did a compass calibration on. All up with my preferences. I uploaded three gun profiles from my phone onto. It turned it on turned on my Leap meter. And checked them both for a 1500 yard shot with my 300 Win Mag. They were identical. Both amused g7 ballistic coefficients. Both amused everything. That I'm concerned with. And making a long-range shot it's a very accurate ballistic solver I've had no problems with doing trajectory validations with. I think I've had to adjust my velocity 20 feet per second on average across. All of my rifles all of my load Kessler meters are tough they're designed to be out in weather like. This wet cold heat everything they are waterproof they're shockproof they're just ready to rock.

You don't have to worry about hurting your meter take. It out in the elements get. It wet get it could freeze. It doesn't really matter. This is a really tough meter. You aren't gonna have. Any problems with now in the 5k series of 5700 series they've really improved the screen the resolution is much better it's roughly double of what the 4k series were the screen the material. They use on the lens itself on the screen is incredible. I don't have a single scratch on. This meter after three months of hard use. I also have the elite which is basically the same meter. And I've had it for over a year. And don't have any scratches on its pretty amazing so it's a very durable unit it's light it's just a little bit over four ounces.

It runs on one double a battery. They recommend a lithium battery. I do too it lasts for a very long time. Ithink it's rated for 400 hours. Iwould have to agree with. It lasts for a very long time to get to the battery. You had a 4k series. You knew you had to open up the bottom. And then they had a little separator deal. That was separate the two triple A batteries. It was no fun at all on the 5 K series like on. This sportsman there's. One latch that latch. This whole door comes off the back. One double a battery sits right here it's very easy to maintain. And the battery lasts a very long time yeah keep mine in. This Tyr case this is just a real simple Cordura case with. Us velcro opening on top it's very easy to get in. And out of keeps the meter clean. You know safe from any kind of scratches.

Although that screen is pretty tough. Idon't know how it's gonna get scratched but anyway. It protects the screen. It has a way either hook. It onto a belt somehow. You can hook this into Mali webbing it's been a real good case. Ihave the same one for my elite. And I've had't had. Any problems at all with. This is a link model. This is the kestrels new low energy bluetooth model. It will allow it to talk to a lot of different things. You can sync it up to a smartphone. And use the weather side of. This remotely so you can read weather conditions. You can record weather conditions. You can run graphs you can come up with. All kinds of data on. That side on the ballistic side.

You can slave this to a phone put. This in a remote wind vane mount. And actually have this five. You real-time wind speeds away from your shooting position. You can run everything you need to run right on your phone it's a really good deal. Ireally like the link set up I've had. That elite 2 for a year it's very handy to have. You can also use the link to upload. And download gun profiles Kestrel sportsman also gives. You the ability to shoot with a wind bracket meaning you can have two different wind speeds entered in. It with two distinct Corrections for the shot typically you'd use. You have a steady low speed wind. And then occasionally. You have a high gusting wind. Either average the two out. You can shoot in one condition. Or the other it will put. Both Corrections right on the screen for you at the same time. He has a demonstration.

Iset up a six hundred yard target with the 260 Terminator. It a wind speed from three o'clock a wind direction from three o'clock. And two wind speeds. One for three miles per hour which would be a steady wind the other. One for eight which would be a gust. Iexit out into my firing solution. It gives me two different Corrections so the wind. Ineed to dial right on. Both of them for a three mile an hour wind. Ineed a half minute of Correction for the eight mile an hour wind. Ineed a two-minute correction will show. Some screenshots later but just to go over. Some highlights of the meter. It has a built in red.

Or white backlight you don't have to order. Or the other anymore. You can toggle between. Or the other the white backlighting is incredible. You can see any condition bright sunlight. Whatever the thing I noticed about. This meter though is. That the font on the display on the numbers. And the letters everything is very easy to read. Even in direct sunlight as a bronze tint to the screen background here. It just makes those black letters pop out so you're not gonna have. Any problem reading this okay ballistic solver includes a lot of the advanced features. We used to take long-range shots like Coriolis spin drift aerodynamic jump. It can be used for all of those things to take really long shots but it's very easy to use to take the short ones too so. If you're hunting say with a deer rifle like. This 260 with a 10 power scope. You can use it very well for. That for shooting out across the clear cut at five.

Or six hundred yards. All the way right up to a full ball. And long-range precision rifle to shoot out to a mile so it's a very good meter for the guy who wants to get started but does to have. All the advanced extreme long-range stuff for your solutions. One target to work with. You can have three different gun profiles loaded onto. One time it includes a moving target profile so you can come up with a solution to shoot moving targets. It would be a real ideal PRS type meter as well kit will show a. Few different screens here on the Kestrel sportsman. And later on I'll have a whole series of how-to videos. And setting it up and actually using it but for now we'll just go through a.

Few screens this is the power button. You fire it up that's a start up screen. And it's gonna go right into the ballistic screen which is. Imostly use it as a ballistics solver pushing this button will let. You go from ballistics to weather. It set on wind speed. Because that's what I use. Most for but you can scroll. And show all the other weather features on here. They have user screens. This is a user screen. You can put three different values there's. One okay let's break out of their go back to ballistics. This is your targeting screen. You would do all your targeting information direction of fire. And clinician degrees. You can use a cosine target speed target Direction wind speed. One wind speed — next. One is the wind you actually change your wind. You can do your different directions here.

And then you would play with your speeds next. One down is your gun. Whatever gun you're using at the time it's set up for the 260 Terminator. This is the environment screen. This shows all the conditions. That you're shooting in. That the meter is reading automatically. You update it by scrolling back. And forth you turn. It on to update it's reading real live data. You turn it doesn't move at. If you're in the Sun. Something like it won't heat up the sensor. This is your latitude for shooting Coriolis Corrections temperature station pressure relative humidity. This is a density altitude number spin drift is on. You can turn you want that's. That screen next one is the ballistic screen. This shows you basically. What the shots going to be so it's a 600 yards. We need a nine point nine seven minutes up elevation up wind direction. When speed two this is the lead for a moving target. This is a remaining velocity at 600 yards remaining energy at 600 yards.

This is the range that that bullet goes transgenic under. These conditions this is your managed guns. It shows the three different gun profiles. You can store in you can turn them on. And off so you don't accidentally have the wrong. One turned on when you're making a shot. I just leave them turned on. And that's that screen okay let's show. Some display options okay. You can set your display preferences. And display screen you scroll down to. It there's display as an auto shutdown feature so. You can set it for off meaning it'll stay on forever as long as. That the power is turned on. It automatically shuts off in 15 minutes 30 minutes 45. Or an hour this is a contrast. You can adjust this I've played around with. This quite a bit on the sportsman. And the elite I found tend to be perfect. This is your backlight so right. Now it's turned on to white. You can just turn it on to red. Whenever you want and back so.

What I'll do is I'll shut the lights off. And show what those two screens look like okay it's set on white right. Now so we're going to exit out. This is the targeting screen I'll take a second for the camera to adjust for it but that's. What the white light looks like so. I can back out of here go back down to my display scroll to red. And that's what the red. This is the night vision screen basically back out. What targeting screen looks like with red. You had the old four case series Sportsman I'm gonna go over a. Few differences between. And the 5700 first of. This is a completely different meter. It the screen itself is different the. You know the resolution in the screen is roughly twice. That of Dilla 4k it's a little bit bigger it's much easier to see the background is. That bronze tint to. That really makes this black letter stand out the material. They use is some kind of ballistic lens material.

That doesn't scratch easily I've had two of these meters. One for over a year. It has no scratches on. It whatsoever the other difference is. Either get a red and a white background in the meter anytime. You want you don't have to order. Or the other it has nine keys on the keypad. Now instead of eight, they're a little bit easier to navigate that make a little more sense to me at least. The processor is much faster the memory is hugely better. And bigger than the old 4k series is just a better meter. All around alright guys. That does it for my review of the Kestrel sportsman. Ithink you'll really like. This meter you know it's got a lot of value a lot of performance built into.

You have an environmental meter. You have wind reading capability. You have a top aligned ballistic solver. It doesn't get much better. Iappreciate you spare the time watching my videos look for some how-to videos coming out on the Kestrel sportsman soon until then thanks for watching you.

Kestrel 3500NV Weather Meter

  • Measures wind speed, average speed and maximum gust;
  • Also measures temperature, humidity and much more;
  • Waterproof, buoyant protective covering;
  • Large display with nightvision-preserving backlight.

Rugged and reliable, the Kestrel 3500NV Weather Meter boasts multiple weather-monitoring functions in one compact device. It measures wind speed (current, average and maximum gust), temperature (air, water and snow), barometric pressure, pressure trends of up to three hours, wind chill, altitude, relative humidity, heat-stress index and dewpoint. Its protective cover with sure-grip overmolding is completely waterproof and floats in water, allowing you to keep an eye on the weather in the harshest of conditions. Also features a real-time clock, data hold function and user-replaceable impeller. Large, easy-to-read display with nightvision-preserving backlight. Includes CR-2032 battery, lanyard and hard slip-on case. Made in USA.

Caldwell® Wind Wizzard II

  • Precise wind-speed readings;
  • Portable, compact and durable;
  • Displays temperatures and wind chill;
  • LCD backlight.

When your long-distance shot has to be accurate, hold up the Caldwell Wind Wizard II for the most precise wind speed possible. Portable, compact and durable, this wind meter measures wind speed in miles per hour, feet per minute, kilometers per hour, meters per second and knots. It even displays wind speed using a Beaufort scale bar graph. Displays temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit, and it can calculate wind chill. Nonslip rubber sleeve adds grip and durability. LCD backlight lets you view readouts in low-light conditions. Auto power off lengthens battery life. Runs on one CR-2032 battery (included).
7.25"H x 5.75"W x 2"D.

You can't see the wind but it's there swaying your shots meet the Caldwell wind Wizards magic it's the ultralight pocket compact superbly accurate wind gauge. That measures speeds in miles per hour knots and beyond for hunters target shooters clay shooters bow hunters. Even sailors this takes out the guesswork. And adds crime precision.

It also measures temperatures. And can calculate windchill factor it's easy to read anytime with a backlit display hitting the best accuracy info is. Now a breeze get yours with big sportsmen guide savings today.

Magpul Core Precision Rifle Data Book 2.0

  • Color-coded density altitude-based chart;
  • Includes logs, cards, formulas and more;
  • Rugged all-weather material for durability;
  • Erase your notes with an alcohol-based substance.

Magpul's Core Precision Rifle Data Book 2.0 is a must-have for marksmen. Easy-to-use, color-coded density altitude-based chart allows you to record your rifle's data for a wide range of shooting conditions. It also includes cold-bore/night-optic tracking logs, point-of-impact shift tracker, KD data collection sheets from -5,000 to 16,700 ft. DA, field range cards, unknown-distance/observation amplifying remarks cards, moving-target formulas and Hasty Hold formulas. Write on the all-weather material with pens, pencils and nonpermanent markers. Plus, you can erase your recorded data using alcohol-based substances, allowing you to reuse the book. Ring not included. Made in USA.
7"H x 5"W.

Caldwell® Crosswind Professional Wind Meter

  • Accurately compensate for wind drift;
  • 90° rotating anemometer measures crosswind;
  • Also measures wind chill, altitude and barometric pressure;
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD display.

Use the durable Caldwell Crosswind Professional Wind Meter to accurately judge shot placements in a variety of conditions with ease. With the 90°rotating anemometer, you can measure exactly how much crosswind will be applied to your bullet without having to move the meter or calculate angles. Also measures temperature, station pressure, barometric pressure, altitude, density altitude and wind chill. Easy-to-read LCD backlight. Data hold and auto power-off functions. Includes holster for on-the-go convenience. Uses one CR-2032 battery (included).
8"H x 7.5"W x 1.5"D.

Eberlestock® Padded Shooting Mat

  • Weighted end for easy, one-handed deployment;
  • Long length protects the barrel from dust produced by muzzle blast;
  • 0.25"-thick padding provides a comfortable shooting platform.

Create a comfortable shooting surface with a flick of the wrist. Eberlestock's Padded Shooting Mat features a weighted end, which makes it unfurl with a single motion. Long length protects the barrel of your rifle from dust kicked up by muzzle blast. 0.25"-thick padding provides a protective barrier between you and the hard, rocky ground. Rolls into a small, compact package for convenient transport. Made of 1,000-denier nylon with a PVC waterproof backing. Imported.
8'L x 34"W x 0.38"H.
Wt: 1.8 lbs.
Color: Coyote.

Hello, folks! Thanks for tuning in and welcome back. I want to take a few moments to share shooting Matt for those of that shoot and perhaps are interested in getting something like this for yourself. What you're looking at there is the Eberly stock magic carpet. This is the nonpadded version. And I'll talk about the numbers. Some specs I'll do a mini write-up within the description section. And then we will close I'll also roll. It up so you can see. What it looks like rolled up but. I do have it spread out there on the ground. This is the I use so. Ican basically lay on. It with my feet back here. And then facing in that direction with the gun on a tripod. Or excuse me on a shooting bag. Or a tripod or a bipod. Whatever maybe I can be off the ground especially. If the ground is damp. One does have a PVC backing underneath which is nice as a ground barrier. It has other applications of course. You wanted to lay on the snow take a bush crafting and. You prefer this as a ground barrier over a wool blanket. Something like it does have different uses so as far as the size.

It is from the bottom here to the top that's your looking at 90 inches the length of. It that's — it translates over to about 228 centimeters the width of the system is 32 inches. Or 81 centimeters this is the lighter. One it's not padded. It weighs 24 ounces. Or 680 grams it does have a PVC backing on the other side. I'll show that in a second. This is Coyote Brown. That's what you're looking at. It's basically the color of dirt. It serves as a very nice ground barrier especially. If you're on damp soil. Anything like that so let. This camera here you're going to have to pardon the bump please bring a little bit closer I'll show. You the backing on the other side. Some stitching so. You can get a better look at. And here you can see. It has a nice protection on the bottom to keep the moisture from coming through the stitching is nice no issues there you'll get a little bit of this mud and stop buildup but this is no problem. You just take a damp sponge and clean.

When you're done at the range as a seam here and then another seam on the other side. It was stitched together very nice quality and construction. No issues there. I wanted to take a little bit of time to share all for those folks that may be interested in something like what I'll do is. I close out is I'm gonna roll. And I'll show what it does. What it looks like rolled up. It does come with a. Any retention straps. What it looks like with a clip on. And just give me a second. And I'll get that thing rolled up so. You can see what kind of compact package. It is but once again.

This is the Everly Stock Magic Carpet, non-padded version. Stand by, please. Okay, folks. I have the mat rolled up here. What it looks like pretty compact package put. It on a backpack strap it to a range bag or just carry. It out by the strap here. And for men then it's about 21 inches. And the circumference is about 14 inches so. Once again this is the Eberly stock magic carpet non-padded version.

Kestrel Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics

  • Enhanced applied ballistics G1/G7 solver;
  • Measures aerodynamic jump, spin drift and more;
  • Also measures wind speed and temperature;
  • Rugged, waterproof construction.

Rugged and reliable, the Kestrel Elite Weather Meter boasts multiple weather-monitoring functions in one compact device. It features an enhanced applied ballistics G1/G7 solver with aerodynamic jump, spin drift, drop scale factoring and coriolis corrections as well as muzzle velocity truing and choice of solution units (mils, MOA or clicks). It also offers full environmental units, including storage and charting capabilities, wind speed, direction, crosswind, temperature, humidity, pressure and altitude. Waterproof construction. Made in USA.
Colors: Black, Olive, Tan, Orange.

Birchwood Casey Freedom Target

  • Easily portable without the hassle of traditional targets;
  • Free-standing base ensures target stability;
  • Shoot-N-C bull's-eye targets provide easy-to-see contrast when hit.

Turn any safe, legal indoor or outdoor area into your personal shooting range with the highly portable Freedom Target from Birchwood Casey. Targets set up easily inside an included free-standing base, eliminating the hassle of staples, tape or heavy stands. Shoot-N-C® targets create an easy-to-see contrast when hit so you know where you've scored. Silhouette target comes with six 6" Shoot-N-C bull's-eye targets and the Coyote target comes with 24 3" Shoot-N-C bull's-eye targets. Made in USA.
• Coyote – 12"H x 18"W.
• Silhouette – 18"H x 12"W.


Hey there, everybody! Welcome to another episode of Gideon's Tactical. Today we're gonna be checking out this little target. And we're gonna be shooting some rounds downrange at. This is the Birchwood and Casey ground strike 8-inch target. You know kind of like a self-healing plate. You can shoot any type of round. You would like as it obviously the closer. More high-powered the round but less the lifespan will be we're gonna be shooting some nine-millimeter. And 45 at it today just to see. It performs they give. You about a quarter-inch thick piece of steel wire right here to stick. It into the ground it does have. That loop as well as a secondary loop it's about half an inch thick. And its thickness it's kind of. That lime green so it's really easy to see. You know in all environments. Even kind of as dusk is. You know coming or something like. That great size this up here. And that's kind of why we bought. This has to kind of be a wilderness take out in the woods for the day we're going to maybe do. Some knife testing and. We want to shoot some pistol. You know or maybe something like. That so its lightweight aways just under a pound. And it's pretty small. You know eight inches for. That plate it's easily put inside a backpack. Something like you know. You can run wire through here a paracord and hang it from a tree. Do all sorts of different stuff so it's pretty versatile. And we'll see it takes forty-five and nine millimeters. So let's get out there and shoot this little sucker up.

All right here, we go with nine millimeter. We'll see it performs on the Birchwood and Casey. All right, so there. It is after shooting some nine at. It hold up just fine no holes. These are just kind of black scuff marks so. You can see kind of where you're hitting and what's nice also about the. This ground strike targets is. You can get the little sticker paper targets. And just stick them on so. You kind of get an idea of where you're shooting once you've kind of clouded. It up like I have with. All the different marks. You can just get those little sticky targets. And those will show up great. You want to kind of get a better idea of what exactly. Where you're shooting on. This particular ground target so let's go ahead shoot. Some 45 as it holds up against the 45 okay here. We are at about 25 feet we're using the 45 Springfield XD. And we're gonna see. This thing does at about 25 feet so there. You go taking the abuse pretty well so far.

All right everybody so. This US made $25 ground target. This it's called the ground strike target again 8 inches by Birchwood. And Casey has had up great against the 45. And against the 9-millimeter so. You know at 25 feet holding its own gonna last probably a very long time before. This thing starts to show. Any real damage, and we're not going we're gonna have to get rid of. It eventually but I mean I'm sure. This is gonna last is probably about a year shooting at about. Once a month you know putting a couple hundred rounds at. It easily as well as. You know 22 you want to go out further. You want to use 3030 your 2 2 3. Or 5 5 6 7 6 — it will hold up is. What they say on the little tag it's just the closer.

You are to the target the. More high-powered the round the faster. This ground strike target will wear out but for 25 bucks maybe here in the US. A home run great for going out on camping trips hiking trips. Or building your own little target range. This sucker is an awesome little eight-inch plate so thanks for watching everybody stay quip stay prepared we'll see.

Kestrel Drop 3

  • Chart, record and monitor your environmental conditions;
  • Track data real time on smart device with Bluetooth technology;
  • Offers 15 time interval options for recording data;
  • Alarm options for in-app notifications when set thresholds are met.

A rugged, compact and accurate environmental data tracker. Kestrel’s Drop 3 offers wireless and Bluetooth® Low Energy technologies allowing you to view, chart, record and monitor your environmental conditions virtually anywhere, in real time on your smart device. Records temperature (+/- .9°F from 50° to 131°F.), humidity (+/- 2% across a range of 10% to 90% at 77°F), heat index, dew-point temperature, wet-bulb temperature, density altitude, station pressure, moisture content, humidity ratio and relative air density. Interval options include every: 2-, 5-. 10-, 20- and 30-seconds; 1-, 2-, 5-, 10-, 20-, and 30 minutes or 1-, 2-, 6- and 12-hours. User can set a threshold of alarms for in-app notifications when set thresholds are met. Waterproof IP67 standard and drop tested to MIL-STD-810G. Battery life of six months to one year depending on user settings and logging. Works with iPhone®, iPod® or iPad®. Requires iOS 6 installed on iPhone® 4s, iPad® 3rd generation or iPod® Touch 5th generation - or any later iOS hardware configuration. Requires a 100-foot range for iPhone connection. Note: Will not work on iPhone 4, 3GS on 3G or any earlier iPad or iPod generation. Made in USA.
2.4"H x 1.8"W x .9"D.
Wt: 1.2 oz.
Color: Tan.

Kestrel 2500Nv Weather Meter

  • Lightweight, compact design is easily portable;
  • Measure wind, temperature, barometric pressure, altitude, and time;
  • Buoyant, waterproof and impact-resistant case ensures a solid grip;
  • Night-vision-preserving backlight and a large, easy-to-read display.

Kestrel's 2500Nv Weather Meter measures current, maximum and average wind speed; air, water and snow temperature; wind chill; barometric pressure; altitude; and real time, plus it fits in your pocket, making it ideal for backcountry adventurers. Sensitive impeller delivers accurate wind readings and is replaceable. Waterproof casing can be submerged in water without damaging electronics, plus it floats in case you drop it. Backlight incorporates an optical filter to reduce the overall brightness and minimize the blue and green light spectrum, preserving night vision. Hard slide-on case provides impact resistance and boasts sure-grip overmolding. Large, easy-to-read display. Neck lanyard. CR2032 coin-cell battery (included) provides up to 300 hours of runtime. Made in USA.
4.8"L x 1.7"W x 0.7"D.
Wt: 2.3 oz.


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