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  Vortex® Diamondback Rimfire Riflescope Leupold® Mark 5HD™ Riflescopes SIG Sauer® SIERRA3 BDX Riflescope Vortex® Crossfire II 30mm Riflescopes Cabela's Covenant Tactical FFP Riflescopes Cabela's Multi-Turret Rimfire Riflescopes Cabela's Rimfire Riflescopes Cabela's Covenant 5 FFP Riflescope Burris® AR Tactical Prism Scope with FastFire™ 3 Red-Dot Sight Combo Nikon® ProStaff® P3 Muzzleloader Rifle Scope Vortex® Viper® 30mm Riflescope Nikon® Buckmaster II Riflescope Bushnell® AR Optics 30mm Riflescopes Leupold® FX-2 Ultralight Riflescope Vortex® Viper PST 4-16x50 EBR-1 MRAD Riflescope Nikon PROSTAFF 5 FFP Riflescopes Zeiss Conquest V4 Riflescopes Leupold® VX-R 30mm Riflescope Vortex® Razor® HD AMG™ Riflescope Mueller Tactical Riflescopes EOTech Vudu Riflescopes Styrka S3 Riflescopes
  Vortex® Diamondback Rimfire Riflescope Leupold® Mark 5HD™ Riflescopes SIG Sauer® SIERRA3 BDX Riflescope Vortex® Crossfire II 30mm Riflescopes Cabela's Covenant Tactical FFP Riflescopes Cabela's Multi-Turret Rimfire Riflescopes Cabela's Rimfire Riflescopes Cabela's Covenant 5 FFP Riflescope Burris® AR Tactical Prism Scope with FastFire™ 3 Red-Dot Sight Combo Nikon® ProStaff® P3 Muzzleloader Rifle Scope Vortex® Viper® 30mm Riflescope Nikon® Buckmaster II Riflescope Bushnell® AR Optics 30mm Riflescopes Leupold® FX-2 Ultralight Riflescope Vortex® Viper PST 4-16x50 EBR-1 MRAD Riflescope Nikon PROSTAFF 5 FFP Riflescopes Zeiss Conquest V4 Riflescopes Leupold® VX-R 30mm Riflescope Vortex® Razor® HD AMG™ Riflescope Mueller Tactical Riflescopes EOTech Vudu Riflescopes Styrka S3 Riflescopes
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Brand Vortex Cabela's Leupold Leupold Vortex - Cabela's EOTech Leupold - Vortex Vortex SIG Nikon Bushnell Cabela's Nikon Zeiss Burris NIKON Cabela's Vortex
Eye Relief Low/ High(in.) 3.6 4 / 4 4.9 3.6-4.2 3.1-3.3 4.69-3.9 / 3.94 / 4.1-3.9 / 4.1-3.9 4.3 / 4.3 3.15-4 3.5/3.8 / 3.6/3.8 / 3.6/3.8 / 3.5/3.8 / 3.6/3.8 / 3.5/3.8 3 - 3.1 - 4 - 3.5 - 4.25 - 3.5 - 3.6 4-3.7 4 / 4
Finish Matte Matte / Matte Matte Matte Matte Semi-Gloss / Semi-Gloss / Semi-Gloss / Semi-Gloss Matte / Matte Matte - Matte - Matte - Matte - - - - - Matte Matte Matte / Matte
Length (in.) 15.2 11.61 / 10.5 8 12.30 14.4 11.62" / 11.62" / 14.01" / 14.01" 12 / 12 10.63 12.1 / 15.7 / 15.7 / 12.1 / 15.7 / 12.1 15.87 - 11.6 14.25" / 12.75" 13.6 - 14.1 - 14 - 12.3 14.1 9.8 / 14.5
Objective Diameter (mm) 50 32 / 32 20 50 50 32mm / 32mm / 50mm / 50mm 40 / 40 24 44 / 56 / 56 / 44 / 56 / 44 44 - 35 52 / 50 40 - 50 40mm 44mm - 40 44 24 / 50
Power 6 - 24X 2-7 / 4 2.5X 3-9 6.5-20x50 2-7x / 4x / 4-12x / 4-12x 3-9 / 3-9 1-6X 3.6 - 18 / 5-25 / 5-25 / 3.6 - 18 / 5-25 / 3.6 - 18 8.5 - 25X - 2-7X 6.5-20 / 4.5-14 3.5-14X - 3X - 15X 3-9X 4-16x - 3-9 4-16X 1 - 4 / 6 - 24
Reticle ERB-7 MRAD Duplex / Duplex Wide Duplex FireDot Duplex Mil-Dot BDC / Plex, Rimfire / Plex, SF / BDC, SF Duplex / Duplex SR3 TMR / Tremor 3 / H59 / CCH / CCH / H59 MilDot - V-Plex BDX-R1 DBR / BDX-R1 DBR BDC-200 - Etched Glass BDC300 ZMOA-2 - Bullet Drop Compensator FFP V-Brite / Dead-Hold BDC
Weight (oz.) 28.8 12.5 / 12.3 6.5 16.10 21.6 15.8 / 15.1 / 21.1 / 21.1 17.1 / 17.1 19.75 26.0 / 32.0 / 32.0 / 26.0 / 32.0 / 26.0 19 - 14.2 25.8 / 24.9 17.2 - - - - - 13.1 24 16 / 23.6
FOV Low/ High @ 100 yds. (ft.) - 46.98 - 13.2 / 25.2 39.5 13.6-33.6 17.4-6.2 46.9-13.2 / 25.4 / 26.8-8.8 / 26.8-8.8 39-13 / 39-13 105.8-17.7 28.3/5.8 / 20.4/4.2 / 20.4/4.2 / 28.3/5.8 / 20.4/4.2 / 28.3/5.8 11.1 - 4.2 - 64.3-19.3 - 7.2-28.6 - 36 - 7.5 25.1' - 8.4' 28.5 - 7.1 - 33.8-11.3 24.6-6.3 96.1 - 24.1 / 17.28 - .36
Tube Diameter - 1 in / 1 in. 1 in. 30mm 30 1" / 1" / 1" / 1" 1 in / 1 in 30mm 35 / 35 / 35 / 35 / 35 / 35 1 in. - 1" 30 mm / 30 mm 1 in. - 30 1" 30mm - 1 in 30mm 30mm / 30mm

Vortex® Diamondback Rimfire Riflescope

  • Fully multicoated lenses for razor-sharp images
  • Argon-purged tube for water- and fogproof performance
  • 1/4-MOA-adjustable windage and elevation turrets
  • 50-yd. parallax setting is ideal for rimfire shooting
  • With the same top-notch quality and crystal-clear lenses as the regular Diamondback line, the Diamondback Rimfire Riflescope from Vortex brings precision and all-weather performance to your favorite rimfire. Solid aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy construction makes it strong, light and resistant to magnum recoil. Fully multicoated optics deliver sharp images. V-Plex reticle for all-purpose hunting and target shooting combines with a 50-yd. parallax for ideal close- to medium-range shooting. Precision-Glide Erector System ensures smooth magnification changes. Argon-purged for water- and fogproof reliability. 1/4-MOA-adjustable windage and elevation turrets with caps to eliminate accidental crosshair movement. 1" main-tube construction. Backed by the Vortex VIP unconditional lifetime warranty.

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    everyone 10 I'm going to be doing a video talking to you about this scope here now you guys have seen this scope in a ton of videos I've had this thing

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    Leupold® Mark 5HD™ Riflescopes

  • Twilight Max Light Management System maximizes brightness
  • First-focal-plane reticle maintains subtensions throughout magnification range
  • Dial illumination control
  • Rugged 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Waterproof and fogproof
  • See the difference with Leupold's Mark 5HD Riflescope. Twilight Max™ Light Management System maximizes brightness, especially during those crucial hours of dawn and dusk, when game is most active. First-focal-plane reticle maintains subtensions throughout the entire magnification range for accurate hold over at any power. Dial illumination control allows you to match virtually any lighting condition. Also features 5:1 zoom ratio, generous eyebox, side focus and high-speed throw lever. Robust 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum construction can take a beating in the field and come out on top. Second-generation argon and krypton gas purging for waterproof and fogrpoof performance. New M5C3 ZeroLock adjustments provide precise tracking and return to zero. Three-turn dial with 1/10-MIL click windage and elevation adjustments and tactile revolution indicators. 35mm tube. Includes flip-open lens covers.

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    You Loup holds a household name amongst hunters. And shooters around the world it's the name that's tied to craftsmanship an American company. And steeped in tradition so. You hear that name. You expect quality you pick up. One of their top quality scopes like the mark 5 HD. You expect to be wowed the scope didn't disappoint in. Any aspect of our testing it's an extremely high in scope. And is packed with features. And benefits that consistently delivered quality results throughout the testing a quick overview of the rifle scope. This is a front or first focal plane scope which means. That the sub tension measurements are the same throughout the magnification range. It comes in a five to. One zoom ratio and our test models bottom. And is five power at the low end. And at the top in its twenty-five power giving you a great field of view at the bottom.

    And a high quality zoom for those long range shots It comes in a 35 millimeter tube 56 millimeter objective. And the high quality lens coatings in the Twilight max HD light management system on. This scope provides a tremendous amount of light transmission for any shooting situation the adjustments on the scope are. And mrad for both elevation. And wind age that 35 millimeter tube gives. You a lot of room for elevation. And wind age adjustments making this an ideal super long-range scope the DES 34 point nine mils of elevation adjustment which is equivalent to 120 Moas which means a scope like. This mounted with a 20-minute rail will likely have the adjustments.

    You need to dial out past a mile with a relatively fast caliber like. This 300 Win Mag one of the key factors. Ilove about this scope is the weight. It just under 30 ounces it's nearly a half a pound lighter. Than its nearest competition. Some cases almost a full pound. Now let's discuss the functionality of. This exact set up being a 35 millimeter tube does have limited options for mounts. However Leopold delivers. Some great options which are as tough as nails. And combat ready if the need arises You zero your scope with elevation. And wind age just as. You would with any other MOA type of scope. You just need to know. That the measurements for a mil is three point six inches at 100 yards.

    And the adjustment for. Both wind age and elevation on. This scope are one-tenth of a mil. Or 03 six inches for. Each click at a hundred yards having the ability to get three full revolutions out of your elevation adjustment makes the m5 c30 lock extremely important. When at your zero the lock button protrudes at the completion of the first revolution. It sucks into flush with the surface. And goes below the surface on the final revolution. It pops back out and locks. You get back to your zero the wind age knob is capped but. Another great feature. When is removed is the marking setup. It allows you to barely get out of the scope to make quick. And precise adjustment. It shows both left. And right mill markings using the range finder like the Luo pulled R X 1600. Iwhich will give you mil holdovers allows. You to quickly take a range adjust for yardage. And make accurate shots without having to have a pre-cut turret the side focus parallax adjustment will help provide.

    You with a crystal-clear image. And a fast focus eyepiece will make the crosshairs crisp. And sharp as well this scope comes with. Several reticle options as well as illuminated. And non illuminated like. This test model it also comes in a lower magnification model in the 36 to 18 by 40 for a visit to the Leopold website we'll give. All the specs and options for. Each model it comes to high-end rifle scopes the mark 5 HD by loophole is pretty tough to beat. It through its rigors here at Sportsman's news. All the testing and. It performed absolutely flawlessly. It tracked both vertically. And horizontally to extreme position it's.

    You would expect with a name like mil fold

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    SIG Sauer® SIERRA3 BDX Riflescope

  • Produces an illuminated auto-holdover dot on your target
  • Pairs with a BDX-capable KILO rangefinder
  • Integrated BDX Ballistic Data Xchange for accurate shotmaking
  • LevelPlex Anti-Cant System's integrated digital level accurate to +/- 0.5°
  • Motion Activated Illumination conserves battery power
  • Paired with a BDX-capable KILO rangefinder (sold separately), the SIG Sauer SIERRA3 BDX riflescope produces an illuminated auto-holdover dot on your target to take the guesswork out of long-range shooting. Simply range a target, put the holdover dot on target and you're ready to shoot. Combining second-focal-plane stadia, the SIERRA3 illuminates the exact holdover dot, calculating for ballistics and environmental conditions using Integrated BDX™ Ballistic Data Xchange accessed via Bluetooth®. The OLED-illuminated ballistic holdover dot automatically scales with zoom to subtend on targets at any magnification level. LevelPlex Anti-Cant System boasts an integrated digital level accurate to +/- 0.5°.  The blue LED on the SIERRA3BDX power selector flashes when it receives new ballistic holdover data from a KILO BDX rangefinder. Motion Activated Illumination (MOTAC™) powers up when it senses motion and powers down when it doesn't, conserving battery life. Spectracoat™ highly efficient, ultrawide broadband, antireflection lens coatings reduce surface reflections to extremely low levels across the entire visible spectrum promoting superior light transmission. SIG Sauer's innovative KinETHIC kinetic energy transfer indicator alerts you when energy on target drops below a predetermined threshold that can be set using the SIG BDX app. Auto LevelPlex, automatically increases digital level sensitivity on longer shots. Dependable waterproof and fogproof performance (IPX-7 rated for complete immersion up to one meter). Covered by SIG SAUER's INFINITE Guarantee™ and electronics limited warranty.

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    Vortex® Crossfire II 30mm Riflescopes

  • Fully multicoated lenses
  • Single-piece aircraft-grade aluminum tubes
  • Matte black finish
  • O-ring-sealed and nitrogen-purged
  • Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.  Learn More Button

    The Vortex Crossfire II yields top-quality performance without breaking the bank. The clear optics, a tough build, ample eye relief and a forgiving eye box are all features hunters will appreciate when landing that prize game animal. A broad spectrum of popular magnification ranges, objective diameters and reticle options guarantee the series can be used in a variety of shooting scenarios. Fully multicoated lenses increase light transmission for optimal brightness, maximizing every minute of shooting light. Quality internal components ensure adjustments are accurate and hold zero. Single-piece aircraft-grade aluminum tubes are anodized with a matte black finish. O-ring-sealed and nitrogen-purged for fogproof and waterproof performance along with ultimate reliability.

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    Welcome back to 13c today we're going to take a look at the crossfire 2 from vortex we've got. This optic in for testing from our friends at OpticsPlanet. And right now they're extending it off of the 13c subscribers. And get 5 percent off your entire order with code gun reviews there'll be. More information in links in the description down below so go ahead. And check that out as. This is a vortex crossfire -. It is a 1 to 4 power optic 24 millimeter objective I've reviewed. Some Tru 1 powers in the past. One of ultimately the question always comes up why would. Iwant a 1 power optic like. This as opposed to just going with the standard red dot there are a number of reasons why especially. If you're looking at getting into. Something like a 3-gun competition. You want something like a red dot up close but. You also want the ability without having to change optics. Or rifles to be able to reach out to further targets.

    If you're doing some of these competitions. And whatnot they have targets placed out to 3 400 yards. If you're lucky enough to have ranges. That sort of thing in your area so there's definitely. These optics fill a niche. And the crossfire 2 here fills a great. Idon't necessarily want to say entry level optic but it's definitely an entry level price point. Iwouldn't say entry level optic simply. It does come with vortexes a lifetime unconditional warranty on. And design the vortex cantilever mount on here as well the 2-inch offset. That comes with their lifetime unconditional warranty so it's. Something that's nice to see from vortex. And you've seen me review vortex optics in the past maybe not standalone but in different reviews I've done with.

    Ithink scar 17 the DPMS g2 recon stuff like. This optic comes in about nine point eight inches long weighs about 16 ounces horses got your various multi coatings on there. You would expect as well as anti reflective coatings on. Anything that's air to glass contact. This optic unlike some others I've done in the past really been keen on first focal plane. This is a second focal plane reticle which is. More traditional something you'd see normally. These optics price point. You definitely would not see a first focal plane optic reticle. Ishould say so why would. You want one over the other in a 1 to 4 power. You really don't need. That first focal plane. Or front focal plane depending on your preference.

    That means is the second focal plane reticle is. That reticle is fixed. And no matter what you zoom between. One power through 4 power. That reticle will stay the exact same so. This has their V Plex reticle so you're really not going to get a lot of range estimation out of. This guy but then again in a 1 to 4 power. It seemed probably not. Something you're looking for anyway. These does have a center illuminated red dot. You can use this red dot is. More for low-light purposes. It has settings all the way from 1 to 10 10 is bright enough. You can see it in the daylight but. If you're on a very bright sunny day it's going to wash out on. This so that's something to keep in mind excuse.

    Imentioned earlier. Iwas hesitant call. It an entry-level optic based solely upon its price point. Iwas doing that's because. It does have some of the features. You would expect to find in a higher priced optic being waterproof shockproof. And fog proof recording vortex. It also has your sighting your optic. It zeroed you want. You can reset these turrets so. That they'll go back to zero as well so. That way you make modifications to. It later you can dial. It right back to zero. That original you had set it's got the fast focus eyepiece on the back as well as being a single piece 30 millimeter tube of aircraft-grade aluminum. That covers most of our basics at.

    This point let's get back out put a. More rounds downrange so an example. What I was talking about earlier was maybe engaging a larger target close ring and then needing to engage a smaller target further out it's nice to have. That ability to go from. Something that's a true. One power use it similar to. You would a red dot. And then be able to zoom in. And have that little bit. More to be able to get a. More accurate shot at further ranges. Or maybe you're just trying to shoot smaller targets closer in. One power just isn't quite enough be. It at 100 yards or 200 yards like. Most War Tech's optics my initial impression of. This guy is very positive. You get a lot of value for the money in. Most of the vortex line. And unconditional warranties on. Both the optic and the mount that's hard to be. You don't even need a receipt just. You have a problem you call them up send.

    It back they'll fix. You a new one that's that's really hard to be the less. You know you abused. Something like that of course. It looks right at home here on. This mark for recce upper from CMM G. That I've gotten this quick detaches from good American armament rail thanks again guys for your comments. It wasn't for some of your comments. Some of these reviews may not be quite as in-depth as. They are because I'm answering a lot of your questions. That comes from social media like Facebook comm forward slash gun reviews. Iget a lot of feedback from. You guys there as well as Instagram. Or at 13c gun reviews. You give a little bit of guidance in direction as to. Where we're going with. Some of these reviews. Some things you'd like to see. Some reasoning behind. Ihave for some of the reviews.

    Some thoughts. Ihad behind it so please keep. That information coming it's been absolutely invaluable. And thanks to OpticsPlanet again for. That gun reviews code we'll put. More information and links in the description down below to get five percent off your entire order from them thank. You to the channel and to subscriber so thanks again guys. We really appreciate. It stays safe talk soon you.

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    Cabela's Covenant Tactical FFP Riflescopes

  • Wide magnification range
  • Transitions well between close and long-range shots
  • Low-profile turrets with 1/4-MOA adjustments
  • First Focal Plane ensures consistent reticle subtensions
  • Wide magnification range of the Cabela's Covenant Tactical FFP Riflescopes gives you increased flexibility when transitioning between close and long-range shots. First-Focal-Plane design scales throughout the zoom range ensuring reticle subtensions remain the same regardless of what power you've selected. The 30mm main-tube construction comes machined from high-grade aluminum for lightweight, rugged strength. Low-profile exposed turrets with 1/4-MOA adjustments ensure smooth, precise adjustments. Side-focus parallax allows correction from 15 yds. Christmas-tree-style hold-over reticle for quick target acquisition at all distances. Nitrogen-filled for waterproof, shockproof and fogproof performance. Includes lens cloth and user guide.

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    Cabela's Multi-Turret Rimfire Riflescopes

  • Includes two turrets (two with the .22 LR) ballistically matched for common rimfire calibers
  • Enhanced optics deliver outstanding brightness and clarity
  • Finger-adjustable windage and elevation
  • Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof
  • Cabela's Multi-Turret Rimfire Riflescopes come with up to three turrets engineered for different calibers and popular bullet weights. These user-friendly sighting systems are incrementally calibrated to adjust for bullet drop out to 300 yds. and beyond. With these scopes, there is no need to guess what the proper hold over on a target is. You simply range your target, dial in the scope for that distance and squeeze the trigger. We designed these scopes using the most popular loads for that caliber (see below for exact ammunition). Each scope comes with interchangeable turrets that can be changed with an Allen wrench. Updated with a streamlined design and enhanced optics, these scopes deliver brighter images, more accurate colors, higher resolution and uniform edge-to-edge clarity. Other benefits include improved low-light performance, more comfortable viewing and fast target acquisition. No other scope can match their versatility. 1" main-tube construction. Each scope is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. Includes a turret carry bag and an Allen wrench.
    • .17 HMR – Hornady 17-gr. V-Max at 2,550 fps and Hornady 20-gr. XTP® at 2,375 fps.
    • .17 WSM – Win. 20-gr. Plastic Tip at 3,000 fps and Win. 25-gr. Plastic Tip at 2,600 fps.
    • .22 LR – Rem. 40-gr. Flat Nose at 1,085 fps and Win. 36-gr. HP at 1,220 fps.
    • .22 Mag. – Hornady 30-gr. Mag. at 2,200 fps and Win. 40-gr. FMJ at 1,910 fps.

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    Cabela's Rimfire Riflescopes

  • Great for hunting, target shooting or plinking
  • Parallax-free at 100 yds.
  • Improved optics for superior clarity and brightness
  • Extended eye relief
  • Water-, shock- and fogproof
  • Our Rimfire Riflescopes are great for hunting, target shooting or plinking with your favorite rimfire rifle. Parallax-free at 100 yds. Improved, multicoated glass optics provide greater light transmission for superior brightness and contrast, edge-to-edge clarity and picture-defining image resolution. Upgraded, streamlined eyepieces eliminate tunnel vision by moving the sight picture closer to the front of the eyepiece. Extended eye relief and an expanded exit pupil promote faster target acquisition. Each scope is water-, shock- and fogproof. Prolonged exposure to subfreezing cold followed by immediate and prolonged immersion in hot water failed to cause any leakage or problems. Rigid, precisely machined-aluminum tubes for years of service. Low-profile turrets with precise windage and elevation adjustments.

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    Hello my name is Ron. And this is the first unboxing I've ever done. Now the reason I'm doing this video is. Because I couldn't find any other videos. That spoke specifically about. This particular scope. This is the Cabala's caliber specific rim fire rifle scope. Ipurchased it last week. It was Black Friday. Igot twenty-five dollars off so. It was essentially a 25% off deal. Ipurchased it in 3 by 9 with a 22 long rifle reticle. And you can also get. It in 17 HMR 17 WSM. And 22 mags some of the specifics. That we have on the scope is its nitrogen-filled so it's waterproof fog proof. And shock resistant. It comes with the ballistic drop reticle calibrated for your popular rim fire ammunition. Although you want to look into the manual to find out. What grain bullet that is as well as. What velocity it's coming at. If you're shooting a subsonic hyper velocity etc I'm sure that'll throw off the graduations there is a.

    One inch machined aluminum tube on. It which means it fits the standard scope rings four inches of eye relief quarter minute clicks parallax 350 yards which is why it's rim fire. And not a high-powered is parallax free. Ibelieve that around 150. And has fully multi-coated lenses which. You expect on scopes. These days in the box. We have the scope a microfiber cloth for cleaning the optics as well as the owner's manual. If its first time owning a scope. Iwould say read through. All of this it's basically a standard scope with graduated radicals. If you look for your specific caliber. It will tell you many things like. What grain bullet it should be the Winchester 22 long-rifle 36 grain hollow-point which is.

    What it's set for I'm sure there's a muzzle velocity in there somewhere. And the graduations are by 50 yards so. It starts at 50 and. It gives it to 50 now I'm going to use. This primarily for planking and squirrel hunting so. Ihighly doubt that I'll ever use the 250 yards I'll probably at. Most use the hundred yards for squirrel maybe a hundred. And fifty but even. If my rifle can do it. And the scope can hold true. That yardage I doubt. Iwould do it's just nice to know. That it could so look at the scope real quick it's going to be a little difficult I'm wrapping it with. One hand while my other ones holding the video camera, so I'll do my best. And I won't mess up too much there.

    We are it comes with. Some scope caps which is nice keeps the lenses from getting damaged. They are plastic we have clear. One up front oh it appears to be an amber on the eyepiece, so we'll pop. This off banging it around. One thing I've heard in. Some reviews is. They pulled out the box. They shook it around. And they heard something rattle. Ihear nothing rattle so. That's a good start. We have some Cabala's branding on the side. We have no lock nut for the practical focus. You twist it's a bit stiff but not too difficult to twist be a lot easier with. One hand the power ring we're at three yeah that's a little stiff as well but again you're confident I'm sure. If I had one hand on a rifle in. One hand twisting it would be a lot easier since. Something with one hands a little.

    More difficult but it gives. Me the confidence that it's not going to get knocked out off of the power arm trying to stay at these scope rings. They are metal to have knurled sides so it's nice to take. That off unscrew this for a second put. That to the side okay they're low-profile quarter minute clicks plastic the clicks are a little gritty they're not a fine click like. You would find on one of the higher-end scopes like loopholed but as long as. They come down in quarter minute. And they hold true I'm I'm okay with. That you know you get. What you pay for and. You know what they're not. That bad if you click.

    It faster but if you're just doing one. It feels grainy so that is. It probably does another video in about six months after. Some usage after some hunting just. You know give it that knock around test in real life. And just see does it still hold true does. It fails in any way. It looks decent like regular scope the weight isn't horrible. Iwould say it's in line. Or on par with pretty much. Any other scope in a price range. If I was getting a $300 loophole. Iwould probably say. You know this is a bit heavy oh. And all I don't think it's bad but that's my opinion just from unboxing let's see. What happens in real life. And I will be back let. Me know what you think in the comments. If you have any questions I'll be glad to answer them.

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    Cabela's Covenant 5 FFP Riflescope

  • Wide magnification range
  • Transitions well between close- and long-range shots
  • Low-profile turrets with 1/10 MIL adjustments
  • First-focal-plane reticle ensures consistent subtensions
  • The wide magnification range of our Covenant 5 FFP Riflescope gives you increased flexibility when transitioning between close- and long-range shots. First-focal-plane (FFP) design scales throughout the zoom range, ensuring reticle subtensions remain the same regardless of what power you've selected. Main tube is machined from high-grade aluminum for lightweight, rugged strength. Low-profile exposed turrets with 1/10 MIL adjustments ensure smooth, precise calibration. Elevation turret includes an adjustable zero stop. Side-focus parallax allows correction. Christmas-tree-style, hold-over reticle for quick target acquisition at all distances. Nitrogen filled for waterproof, shockproof and fogproof performance. Includes lens cloth and user guide. 30mm main-tube construction.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Code ws 카브 네째 r&d; 거였어요 비브라토 스 트 업 스포 o vi 놀아야 되고 아이디어 wang 플스 2 준 쉬운 링 of ancient origin ok 슌 사이트 워크 싶어 같이 루프 파우 tree 펼치 원고를 외모 1주 아주 많습니다 아이 프레이 넘넘 은 암 쏠린 마음이 를 득 조화를 풀치 앞을 엔버 win 스러진 크리스마스도 이혼 오브 아르고 왜 나라도 초아 d7 티나 졸 와 flat. Or 아빠 오븐 스월 섹스틴 바이오. Once 토니 포말 3 2 마우스 ws 카본을 대할 뜨거워야 앞에 beer 포스퀘어 아빠 월 소아 준대요 1 와이프 tmp 웬지 옴의 arp 없다 와 5.

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    Burris® AR Tactical Prism Scope with FastFire™ 3 Red-Dot Sight Combo

  • AR Scope delivers extremely fast target acquisition
  • Bullet drop and windage compensation out to 600 yds
  • Five brightness settings to match conditions
  • Red-Dot offers parallax free/unlimited eye relief
  • Manual and auto brightness settings
  • A deal you can't pass up! This Burris AR Tactical Prism Scope comes with FastFire 3 Red-Dot Sight. Together they provide extremely fast target acquisition at close ranges, plus bullet drop and windage compensation out to 600 yds. The illuminated reticle color on the prism scope is selectable from red or green, with five different brightness settings; and the reticle is black when power is off. Illumination is powered by one CR2032 battery (included). A nitrogen-filled main tube prevents internal fogging, and the scope is waterproof. The AR Tactical Prism Scope attaches to Picatinny rails with a detachable bottom mount, which can be removed for attaching the scope to a carry handle. The FREE FastFire 3 Red-Dot sight is parallax free with unlimited eye relief, so you can shoot with head up, both eyes open for maximum situational awareness in close quarters. The red dot reticle has three manual brightness settings and an auto brightness setting. The FastFire 3 Red-Dot Sight can attach to the top of the prism scope, or it can be used by itself. Waterproof/shockproof. Runs on one CR1632 battery (included). Choose from the AR-332 (3x) or the AR-536 (5x) prism scopes. Both prism scopes utilize the Burris Ballistic AR reticle; the reticle on the 536 is optimized for use at 5x magnification, and the 332 reticle is optimized for 3x magnification.
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    Nikon® ProStaff® P3 Muzzleloader Rifle Scope

  • BDC 300 reticle for muzzleloader trajectories
  • Spot-On Ballistic Match Technology
  • Instant zero reset turret function
  • 1/4-MOA windage and elevation
  • Fully multicoated lenses
  • The Nikon ProStaff P3 Muzzleloader Rifle Scope offers superior performance in a muzzleloader sight that's specifically designed to engage targets at maximum ranges with a .50 caliber muzzleloading rifle. The BDC 300 reticle is compatible with Nikon's patented Spot-On™ Ballistic Match Technology, which allows you to discover the exact hold-over points for various yardages with specific loads. Windage and elevation adjustments hand-turn with 1/4-MOA clicks, and have spring-loaded, zero-reset turrets. A fully multicoated optical system provides tremendous light transmission for maximum brightness, extending the time you can shoot during the critical minutes at dawn and dusk. A quick-focus eyepiece lets you focus sharply at various ranges, and a generous eye relief keeps the eyepiece away from the shooter's forehead during recoil. The Nikon ProStaff P3 Muzzleloader Rifle Scope has a matte-finished, 1" aluminum tube, and is waterproof and fogproof. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    This is Cody from Bo's loaders calm. And today we have a new scope from Nikon the mic will be here to describe. It yeah thanks Cody well the new scope the code is talking about it's the p3 muzzle on your scope it's actually a remodel we've given. It a face lift you probably will recognize our past mother-loving scopes the Omega the in my necks are. How the p3 muzzle-loader okay, so we've made multiple different updates to. It but to those that have been using the past products. Iwant to ensure that it's the same great Pro staff glass. That we've always had in the scope with coating updates of course throughout the years. And then we always have our consistent five inches of eye relief which is really. Something you know. Most years really have really wanted in. This product some of the updates. We have is for one thing we've actually taken the rubber off of the zoom ring and the focus wheel as well so. It just shows off some of the durability we've put. Some deeper indentations on those wheels it's also a little bit easier to grip particularly in cold weather. Now have instead of classic turn caps. We have metal turn caps then we've changed the logo. And it's all laser engraved a lot of hunters. These days use a surrogate rainbow hunt 50 grains of powder. How does this go match. That load yeah they've actually the BDC 300 is built specifically for. That load we want people to have the opportunity to customize. You know they're shooting setup.

    We have a program called spot-on which is a ballistics match technology it's a free app download so it's free download your phone it's free online. And essentially you go in there. And change a lot of things. You can change your bullet your powder charge. Or caliber even change the atmosphere conditions so in reality is. You know it's really built to match. Any kind of custom setup that's out there awesome what's great about. This app too is you use an IMR white-hot. Or black or 2 9 tired xrs on top of. That with power bell. Or Hornady Boulud this app allows. You to put that into. That yeah absolutely. Imean in the last for me honestly the great thing too is everything's covered under Nikon supplies are there no fault policy which is lifetime so basically. If the customer breaks.

    They can send and won't give them a new. One settles that awesome well. This scope is available on our website right. Now as a single product it's also on. Some pre bail packages. You can put most of our inline rifles on our custom package page. You can find that at muzzle — loggers calm. You can call our customer service line at eight five two three six five thousand.

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    Vortex® Viper® 30mm Riflescope

  • Extra-low-dispersion XD glass increases resolution
  • Fully multicoated optics with 95% light transmission
  • Heavy-duty Precision Force spring systems
  • Glass-smooth Precision Glide erector system
  • Dead-Hold BDC reticle eliminate guesswork
  • Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.  Learn More Button

    Discover an affordable riflescope with high-end performance features, like premium, fully multicoated optics with 95% light transmission; heavy-duty Precision Force spring systems; and the glass-smooth Precision Glide erector system. Dead-Hold BDC reticle has a customized design that helps eliminate guesswork on hold-over and windage corrections. Extra-low-dispersion XD glass increases resolution and color fidelity, resulting in crisp, sharp images. Vortex proprietary XR fully multicoated lens coatings increase light transmission for maximum brightness. The ArmorTek ultrahard, scratch-resistant coating protects exterior lenses from scratches, oil and dirt. Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof performance. Backed by Vortex’s VIP unlimited lifetime warranty. 30mm main tube.

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    Hey I'm Jimmy with vortex optics. And we're here today to have a look at the viper HS series of our rifle scope line the Viper HS is available in a wide range of configurations including this 4 to 16 by 50. That we have with us today the term H s stands for hunting and shooting and. These scopes are packed with features. That avid hunters are sure to appreciate in the advanced optical system there is XD glass which renders an image that's sharp. And clear from edge to edge so. That you can tell the difference between those times. And the twigs there are XR fully multi-coated lenses. That capture lightest helping you make the. Most of those important moments at dusk. And dawn and there's a powerful 4 time zoom range. That really pulls you close to your target the Viper HS also features capped quick reset turrets which help. You quickly reindex your zero after sighting in. And they're built on a 30 millimeter main tube which increases the amount of elevation. And wind age travel for optimal adjustment other significant features are the ultra hard scratch resistant armored tech coatings on the exterior lenses an argon purged body for fog proof. And waterproof performance in the hard anodized matte black finish that's not only extremely durable but looks awesome -. Whether you're making short work of whitetail here in the Midwest are going after world-class elk in the Rockies the Viper HS is designed to be your all-around workhorse optic check.

    One out at your local dealer. Or online and when. You choose to purchase vortex. You can rest assured in knowing. That you're covered by our unlimited unconditional lifetime VIP warranty thanks again.

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    Nikon® Buckmaster II Riflescope

  • Multicoated lenses enhance low-light performance
  • BDC reticle lets you easily compensate for bullet drop
  • Positive-click hand-turn MOA adjustments eliminate guesswork
  • Generous eye relief makes it easy to shoot on steep angles
  • Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof
  • Nikon has a complete line of optics  Learn More Button

    Nikon's Buckmaster II Riflescope is optimized with the spot-on accuracy of Nikon's famous BDC hunting reticle, excellent low-light performance and exceptional durability. Multicoated optical system boosts light transmission for the early morning and evening hours when deer are most active. BDC reticle reduces hold over for enhanced accuracy. Hand-turn 1/4" MOA positive-click adjustment gets you on target quickly and maintains settings even with heavy recoil. More than 3.5" of consistent eye relief means you don't have to creep up on the scope even when shooting from difficult positions. Wide magnification ranges accommodate a wide range of hunting situations. Nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed for waterproof, fogproof and shockproof performance.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Hi my name is Tim zyk. And I'm here today to talk about Nikon's new buck masters — line of rifle scopes the buck masters — line is a very affordable option which has. All the features to be a great option to pair with your favorite deer rifle. All know that deer hunting can be challenging especially. When Bucks being nocturnal tend to only show themselves in low light situations near dawn. And dusk that's why Nikon built the buck masters to line with fully multi-layer coated lenses which allow maximum light transmission to give. You the edge in those low-light situations the buck masters — line was also designed with. Some same features found in Nikon's higher-end rifle scopes. This includes spring-loaded reset to zero turrets generous eye relief. And Nikon's patented BDC reticle the buck masters — line comes in two different magnifications 3 - 9 by 40. And 4 - 12 by 40 that things happen in the field nikon has backed. This product with it's no fault policy so. Something does happen. If it's your fault you can send. It in the nikon it will be repaired. Or replaced at no charge to. You to find out more about Nikon's buck masters — line of rifle scopes please visit nikon sport optics com you.

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    Bushnell® AR Optics 30mm Riflescopes

  • 30mm AR riflescopes
  • Target turrets
  • Fully multicoated optics
  • Ultratight tolerances
  • Bushnell AR Optics 30mm Riflescopes offer optical precision, rugged reliability and uncompromising performance. Target turrets for pinpoint-precise adjustments, plus caliber-specific reticles to deliver every round with unparalelled accuracy. Cabela's offers this AR Optics Riflescope to equip 223/5.56mm firearms in two configurations: 1-4x24 featuring outstanding close-quarters accuracy, with Drop Zone-223 BDC reticle for midrange precision, and 1-4x24 with first focal plane Illuminated BTR-1 reticle providing outstanding low-light performance and accurate hold overs to 500 yards. Make lightning-quick power changes with the Throw Down PCL lever. The Bushnell AR Optics feature fully multicoated optics for incredible brightness. Forged to ultratight tolerances. The Bushnell Throw Down PCL lever included on Illuminated BTR-1 Scope.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    What's up YouTube shooting people here's a really quick unboxing of an optic. Ibought for the AR build it's a Bushnell AR optic a part of the AR optics line AR two to three rifle scope here's the information right here on. This is a BDC reticle so it's got drop points on. It multi coated black it's waterproof. That stuff this scope is. This is basically a scope that's going to be used for initial sighting in. And testing of rifles. Iactually have another higher-end scope coming in so. This is a sub $200 scope. You can buy an Amazon. It consistently gets good ratings. And well people tend to like them people a lot of people call them the working man's rifle scope. They're inexpensive. They function pretty well. You know for a low recoil rifle like an ar-15. Ithink for the purpose I'm going to be using it for this testing so. This will be on a rifle. While I'm waiting for the other optic to come in. Or figuring out what optic. Iwant to get this will be on there. And then I'll get this place to. Another rifle etc cetera alright so let's open up. Some got all the kind of standard stuff in. It go ahead and take a look at. It Package is sort of pretty nice the little pro12 for it's a little bit bulky but that's okay. That by bulky you know it's got welds bulky. You know much higher power scopes on deer rifles had. That seem less bulky. This but it's not bad the field of view.

    Iguess is 20 millimeters. Or so what's it say on here 24 millimeters to 1 to 4 X. Idoubt you'll be able to see the radical through there of course not seems to be well-made it's got. One click is point you know looks pretty good vertical adjustment set cetera et cetera. And made in Korea so that's. You save some cash there's a. Some stuff on the bottom here it's a little sticky. Ithink it's for the packaging there it's off. Now so decent rifle scope for the money comes with a. You know one of these lens caps so should be. All set let's see it seems to rotate pretty well it's anti-fog. That stuff it's got the drop radical functions as so. You guys are probably familiar with. That so there you go wow. This is a just a real short video I'm going to go ahead get. It mounted on the AR.

    And I'll talk to you later.

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    Leupold® FX-2 Ultralight Riflescope

  • Multicoat 4 lens coating reduces reflections on eyepiece
  • Xtended Twilight Lens System for detailed low-light scenes
  • Blackened lens edges reduce glare and diffusion
  • DiamondCoat 2 lens coating for incredible abrasion resistance
  • Waterproofed with argon/krypton gas blend
  • 1/4-MOA finger click adjustments for windage and elevation
  • Lightweight and high-powered, Leupold's FX-2 Ultralight Riflescope is absolutely a must-have on your next hunt. Multicoat 4® lens coating increases the amount of all available light that reaches your eye while minimizing reflections on the outer eyepiece. This keeps image quality pristine. Xtended Twilight Lens System™ uses index-matched glass with wavelength-specific lens coatings to give you detailed low-light scenes in unsurpassed clarity and quality. Blackened lens edges reduce unwanted glare and diffusion. DiamondCoat 2™, an ion-assist lens coating, delivers incredible abrasion resistance while improving brightness, clarity and contrast. This riflescope is waterproofed with Leupold's exclusive argon/krypton gas blend, which virtually eliminates the effects of thermal shock and reduces the diffusion of gases sealed inside the scope. Fast-focus eyepiece with low-profile lock ring. 1/4-MOA finger click adjustments for windage and elevation. Adjustable objective. Made of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. Includes bikini-style lens cover. Backed by the Leupold Gold Ring™ Full Lifetime Guarantee. 

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    Vortex® Viper PST 4-16x50 EBR-1 MRAD Riflescope

  • Precision Shooting Tactical (PST) performance for hunters
  • Second Focal Plane Reticle maintains size throughout varied magnification
  • Fully multicoated lenses with proprietary XR lens coating
  • Rugged one-piece 30mm tube with protective ArmorTek
  • Vortex's Viper PST 4-16x50 EBR-1 MRAD Riflescope offers top-tier performance in a riflescope designed and built to the standards precision tactical shooters demand. Quickly and accurately dial in your shots with matching reticle and turret measurements. Professional-grade illuminated reticles are designed for daytime, low-light and nightvision devices. Second Focal Plane Reticle maintains size throughout varied magnification, uses mrad-based subtension lines to estimate range, hold over and wind-drift correction to ensure accuracy at the highest magnification. Glass-etched reticle is protected between two layers of glass for optimum durability. Illumination control can be turned on or off with a single click between each intensity level. Optically indexed lenses deliver optimum edge-to-edge image sharpness and brightness. Extra-low-dispersion lens elements are fully multicoated with proprietary XR lens coating for superior light transmission and optimum brightness. Durable one-piece 30mm tubes are machined from solid-block aircraft aluminum for hunting-ready durability, and boast an ultrahard, scratch-resistant ArmorTek coating that protects exterior lenses from scratches, oil, dirt and other debris. Waterproof, fogproof, shockproof and all but bomb-proof, these scopes are built to last. Backed by Vortex's VIP unlimited lifetime warranty.

    All right hey what's up. Everybody you are watching fun with a gun. Once again and today. We are reviewing the vortex Viper PST for two sixteen by fifty-first focal plane model whew. What a mouthful right okay so let's delve right into. This thing I'm gonna give. You guys a little bit of a general overview before. We start talking about the things. And the things we don't like. Imade myself a little idiot sheet here. It really helps get. All the details in there so first of. All we've got the first focal plane here. You may be wondering what. That means basically. What we're dealing with first focal plane is. You adjust the magnification of the scope you're also adjusting the size of the reticle. That helps with zeroing the gun. Because basically that reticle gets bigger as. You increase the magnification. You don't mess up your zero like with a second focal plane it's a little bit. More expensive, but we feel like that's really worth. It for a long-range scope yes. It in milliradians yeah. You do have the option of going with milliradians. Or MOA with the vortex PST line of scopes.

    You can get one so moving on. We do have a glass edged reticle that's also illuminated there's ten levels of brightness. It has a thirty millimeter tube fully multi-coated side focus zero stuff. We do have these really cool fiber optic reference points at. Both the magnification here. And also for the elevation so that's really nice. We have a proprietary EBR. One reticle that vortex edges onto. These models of scope it's a really nice reticle. It a lot we have quarter MOA adjustments not half em away so that's great for a precision scope. And not last but not the least four inches of eye relief so. That we've gotten a little bit of a general overview here let's kick ride off into. Some some of the things. We like okay so starting out here outstanding I relief. Iabsolutely love I relief at almost every magnification level here at the smallest level of magnification. You get four inches wow. That is incredible these nice fiber-optic reference points. Ialready talked about. These a little bit but basically they're just nice.

    When you're in broad daylight. It helps to have them there mmm the glass is incredibly clear really. This is top-level glass. This scope was not cheap so comparatively speaking we think. It is the glass is absolutely out of. This world is some of the best glass I've ever had a pleasure to look through. You think of we got a great valuable value for our buck absolutely okay so moving on here we've got two different image focusing points -. One at the rear here to adjust the clarity of the image. And then one here on the side for range so. You know between 25 yards to 150. And infinity you've got different adjustment points for different ranges indeed. We have would you have the mrad version of. This reticle here like. We said before there's MOA. And there's also M red.

    We went with M red cuz. We feel it's a little bit better for range estimation at very long ranges. It seems to be what most people use the package came with a free scope cover. And also a sunshade so that's a really nice deal not having to go out. And buy those yourself later on. You really feel like that's a great value for the price. Although don't cover broke a. Few days ago yeah but it's free fellow bikini cover. Another expensive item can't complain. Idon't think so last but not least. We do have an illuminated reticle which is perfect for low light. And no light shooting conditions really an excellent feature there we've got like. We said before ten different levels of brightness right in. It turns off in between. Each setting yeah which is absolutely fantastic.

    One click on the next flick off the next flick a higher next click off yeah really nice so that's. Everything we really like about. This scope that it's an excellent value. Now let's talk about. What we don't like there's not much but there's a starting out let's get right into the illumination here. Because that's one thing. That a lot of people are gonna have an issue with. Because that's what I hear a lot about so the highest level of illumination is actually not visible during the daylight at the same time. Though it's during the day why do. You need illumination your goal yeah is. That started airing for dawn. And dusk yeah and it's not a Red Dawn sighs can. You really complain no okay like. We said before our bikini cap broke but.

    It was free it's just go out. One it's fine this the only real issues. Ihave with that at the highest magnification level the eye relief is not the absolute best but it's still very manageable don't get. Me wrong it's not unusable it's still good it's just not great well. You have a gun both shoot. If you're the single shooter you're going to customize. Everything you're gonna have the butt stock so. When your cheek hits. It's in the same place every time. Irelief is not going to be a problem yeah so last but not least the weight. Iknow you'll give another devil's advocate for this which is good so it's 22 ounces. And that's a lot for Isco well you're not gonna be holding this gun up.

    And shooting it is. You at 300 yards you are you're gonna have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. Most guns that accommodate. That distance can be pretty heavily it's a precision rifle scope it's gonna be on a gun. That you're not gonna be carrying and it's gonna be on a bipod well you're gonna have. It on a bench or you're gonna have. It somewhere that you're not holding ending in midair okay so those are the only issues. Ireally had on this scope there's really not. Any real issue this is a phenomenal scope so the price point is the last thing we should talk about. How much did you pay for this thousand dollars. Igot a deal we feel there is sculptor yeah. We researched a lot before. We purchased and the reason. We went with the vortex Viper PST is. That the features you get on. This scope for the amount of money. That you're paying really an exceptional value.

    If not a fantastic value. You look at other options just to name a. Few Leopold Knight force. Us optics to take a. Few those are all really expensive for the same types of features. You get in this scope. That would cost you 250 500 maybe. Even $1000 more to get the very same level of features you'd be getting it. All depends on your pocketbook. You know you can pay the sky's the limit so. How much you want to pay for a scope. This seems to be the scope. That fit into our equation. That for a thousand dollars. This is the absolute best. That you're probably available again yeah. It has the unconditional VIP warranty yeah lifetime just. Something happens to the scope send. They fix it for replay vortex has an amazing no problem. If you're wondering why we chose mrad instead of minutes of angle. You might want to watch a video.

    Or two from the National Shooting Sports. And foundation yeah that's the shooting sports foundation. They have some great videos explaining the difference between milliards. And my lambo MOA we chose m rads. Because at a distance. You know the size of the object. You can calculate the distance yep it's fantastic alright so that's gonna finish up our review here. Now let's get on to. Some shootin and show. What this scope can really do alright so. We just discovered a pocket of insurgent terrorist sodas they're about a hundred yards away not to worry. Though the vortex Viper he'll never see. It come so let's deal with them looks like. That big blue one at the ringleader let's take him out last. We don't negotiate with terrorists alright we're going to finish up the day today at 350 yards why well why not yeah. That was a hit yep that's not danced oh yeah got the range.

    All right done all right. Everybody so as you can see clear as day. This is an incredible scope very accurate from close to long-range. It is just a phenomenal piece of scope right here yeah $4000. II don't think you can go wrong yeah. You should give it a try. You want to give it a shot. You know we're very fortunate. This range out here which. We have then we can shoot up to 550. Or 600 yards we want we're shooting 350 today. We feel very fortunate to have. Iknow not you have. That luxury you know. We test things out hopefully. You can learn from things as. We learn from them absolutely. We really appreciate your viewership. Ithink we're signing out here. All right everybody thank. Once again so very much for watching don't forget to Like comment. And subscribe show some support. We will see all in the next video. This has been fun with the gun signing out take care here.

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    Nikon PROSTAFF 5 FFP Riflescopes

  • Built-in aiming points for dead-on accuracy at long range
  • Reticle subtensions remain constant at any magnification
  • Fully Multicoated Optical System for superior light transmission
  • Generous, consistent eye relief
  • Nitrogen-filled, O-ring-sealed design
  • One-piece main body tube
  • Thanks to the unique see-through ballistic circles on its BDC reticle, Nikon's PROSTAFF 5 FFP Riflescope allows you to hold dead-on at ranges exceeding those previously thought possible. First-focal-plane (FFP) optical system eliminates any point-of-impact change when changing magnifications so that the points of aim on the BDC Distance Lock reticle remain the same whether at low-power, midrange or high-power setting. Fully multicoated optical system delivers superior light transmission for bright, clear images with balanced color. Hand-turn reticle adjustments with spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets simplify field adjustments. Generous, consistent eye relief. Also features quick-focus eyepiece and side-focus parallax adjustment for any distance. Compatible with Spot On™ technology to maximize your long-distance accuracy with virtually any cartridge. Nitrogen-filled, O-ring-sealed design provides waterproof, fogproof and shockproof dependability. One-piece main body tube. Backed by Nikon's No-Fault Policy.

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    Zeiss Conquest V4 Riflescopes

  • Provides impressive long- and short-range accuracy 
  • 4X-zoom ratio helps you zoom in and focus quickly
  • 90% to-the-eye light transmission ensures visibility in low light 
  • Zeiss' Ballistic Stop for a positive return to zero
  • The experts at Zeiss built the lightweight, high-performance Conquest V4 Riflescope to be perfect for time at the range, days in the field, and it provides impressive long- and short-range accuracy. Its 4X-zoom ratio helps you zoom in and focus on your prey with ease. The 90% to-the-eye light transmission ensures that all images are brilliant, even during the hours of dawn and dusk. Exposed turrets feature Zeiss' Ballistic Stop for a positive return to zero. Second focal plane reticle. 0.25 MOA click values, elevation and windage adjustments. Backed by Zeiss' Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty and Five-Year No-Fault Policy. 30mm main tube. Available in 4-16x44 and 6-24x50.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Hi I'm Cody Nelson from coma the optics authority I'm here today with Cortland food from Zeiss we're going to talk today about the disease conquest V force. You know Cortland why don't. You take us through them. And tell what you think about yeah thanks Cody so the conquest before series from Zeiss. This is kind of our entry model price point scope is your retail from about 800 to 1200 dollars. All 30 millimeter tubes. We do have an uncapped elevation turret with a ballistic stock built into every. One of the scopes so. You can tell where you're at exactly so. You have a really positive return to zero point cap witness shirt. Because generally in the field you're not dialing a wind age turret just keeps. It a little bit smarter a little. Lower profile sure. We do have illuminated versions available in the 4 to 16. And 6 to 24 so corpsman. When you're comparing these kind of tell. Me the differences between. You know like the sizes. And then maybe you know like.

    You know the radicals. And whatnot between them so starting with. These with the v4 we got the 4 to 16 power range. We do in a 4 to 16 44 which is. One right here so it keeps your objective lens a little bit smaller sure makes the scope a little bit lighter weight a little. Lower profile on the rifle. You still have your uncapped elevation turn with ballistic stops. You have a very positive metal-on-metal zero stop built in capita wind age turret the benefit to is. We offer these in three different reticles so. You can get one on RZ flex reticle which serves an inner crosshair the CMO a reticle which is going to be broken down in. This particular scope. And two MOA increments sure as you're going as you're going down the reticle to use the reticle for your holdover. And then our ZB our reticle the ZB r reticle is a little unique but.

    It does have a full Christmas tree style reticle sure under the horizontal crosshair so you've done. All your wind age holders okay. These scopes are our second focal plane yes sir so. Everything is a second focal plane to compost before in core load the next. One for us it's going to be it's gonna be the four to 1650 so. We offer this scope in a 50 millimeter objective also the benefit with going to 50 mm. We can get it anonymity. And illuminated so again 50 memory objective gets. You a little bit lighter transfer through the objects. And be a little bit brighter. It does have a little bit of weight but the v4 is being so small. Though profiled it doesn't have a ton of weight ty parallax adjustments on. One side along with your illumination. It does have a on/off feature so between every one feature is an off click share'.

    How having to dial the rotation. All the way around to turn. And off yeah that would be for guys like. That would just leave. It on the whole time I've been there done. That myself so the illumination is only available in our zmo a reticle so it's her it's out to MOA hash mark reticle okay. And the just the hash mark portion Dracula's gonna be illuminated not the whole thing so you're not making a too bright right jumping up from the 4 to 16 we're gonna go into the 6 to 24 so. This is our highest power scope of the v4 again we'll start from the bottom 30 millimeter tube illuminated. And not illuminated as well with the xia moya reticle. These two scopes are available in the ZB r reticle just without the illumination right so.

    We do find that the ZM way is the. Most preferred for illuminated reticles again it's very lightweight. This is 6 to 24 our scope. That weights 22 ounces so it'll be perfect for your. Even as small as you're not rifles. You know a lot of the guys seem to be hitting. And a half or maybe. That much as 10 pound, but they're not wanting you know a big giant. You know two and a half pounds gopher exactly okay exactly yeah. We designed these scopes to be a dedicated long range item scope for mount situations. And forgot just way conscious on his rifles you're not had sort of like a giant optic on there. And gained a ton of weight. And you're still getting performance ID we've been a lightweight object so again guys a real great value awesome scopes super strong super reliable. Ireally suggest these scopes for your next long-range rig again Cortland thank.

    You for coming out today it's always nice to have. You in town and to be able to look at the scopes. And see what's new and have your knowledge. Everything here for so again Cody from go hunt comm : third from Zeiss thanks for being with. You have any questions again subscribe to the youtube page go to optics at go hook calm

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    Leupold® VX-R 30mm Riflescope

  • Exclusive FireDot illuminated reticle
  • Eight illumination intensity levels match any condition
  • Automatic reticle deactivation conserves battery life
  • Index Matched Lens System for astonishing clarity
  • Extreme fast-focus eyepiece
  • Leupold's VX-R 30mm Riflescope features the exclusive FireDot illuminated reticle for a bright, clear aiming point in any lighting condition. With eight intensity levels to choose from, it provides the precise illumination needed to match the conditions. A proprietary motion sensor automatically deactivates the illumination after five minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life and reactivates it as soon as motion is detected. A common CR-2032 coin-cell battery provides a remarkably long run time. Plus, fiber-optic light pipe eliminates the need for an eyepiece-based control module. Leupold's legendary Index Matched Lens System™ combines with edge-blackened, lead-free lenses for astonishing clarity and light transmission. Extreme fast-focus eyepiece ensures optimal diopter adjustment in the field. 30mm main tube and finger-click adjustments assure maximum adjustment precision. Second-generation waterproofing resists fogging more effectively than standard nitrogen. Backed by Leupold's Full Lifetime Warranty.

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    I'm Pat Mundia marketing education supervisor at loopholed. And Stevens is the new VXR patrol rifle scope at a loophole. We just brought this product to market here mid-year 2011 initially. We are going to offer a. One point two five to four which is. This model right here. And then we also have a three to nine by forty the XR patrol builds on the VXR series which. We introduced earlier. This year uses powered fiber-optic technology it's powered right here with a push button control. And has eight settings so. You can scroll through the settings. Both the top bottom of the magnification. Imean of the illusion settings to let. You know that you've reached an extreme. And then you start pushing the button. And start scrolling back down it's visible in daylight. Another thing that the other thing that's nice about. This product we use Mill based reticle no adjustments so their tenth mill adjustments but the reticle is the SPR with an illuminated fire dot Center so it's got. One illuminated point at the center of the reticle. And then several features underneath. And around it the product is going to retail around six hundred dollars for this model a little bit.

    More for the three denying version they're shipping now. And we're pretty excited about. This product bright wide field-of-view on low power. And enough just discrimination to hit targets at longer distance on high magnification.

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    Vortex® Razor® HD AMG™ Riflescope

  • Built for long-range tactical shooting and wide-open western hunts
  • Lenses are made with high-density, low-dispersion glass
  • ALO allows each lens to deliver the highest resolution possible
  • ArmorTek coatings protect from oil, dirt or scratching
  • XR Plus multicoating boasts antireflective traits
  • First focal plane is proportionate through magnification range
  • Etched, illuminated reticle is protected between two layers of glass
  • Weighing in at 28.8 oz. makes it the lightest long-range heavy-hitter
  • Type III hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • O-ring seals and argon purging ensure water-, fog-, and shock-proof
  • Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.  Learn More Button

    Built for long-range tactical shooting and open-landscape western hunts, Vortex's Razor HD AMG Riflescope is sure to impress the most demanding marksmen. 100% made in USA, including all components. Lenses are made with high-density, low-dispersion glass for color fidelity and light transmission. ALO, or automated laser optical alignment allows each index-matched lens to deliver the highest resolution possible with correct color across the visible spectrum. ArmorTek® coatings protect exterior lenses from oil, dirt or scratching while XR Plus multicoating boasts antireflective traits to allow maximum light penetration without inhibiting your view. First focal plane reticle stays proportionate through the scope's entire magnification range for accurate holdover. Etched, illuminated reticle is protected between two layers of glass for longevity and clarity in low-light conditions. Weighing in at 28.8 oz. makes the Razor HD AMG the lightest heavy-hitter for long-range shooting. Type III hard-anodized magnification ring, eye piece and turrets. Precision-machined, single-piece 30mm tube maximizes internal adjustability and strength. L-Tec turrets boast an integrated locking mechanism, preventing unintended adjustments. O-ring seals and argon purging paired to durable aircraft-grade construction ensure this scope stays water-, fog-, and shock-proof. Side-focus turret. Includes Vortex's VIP unlimited and unconditional lifetime warranty. Made in USA.

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    You hi Jordan cow here is long ranged only calm today we're going to be reviewing the vortex a. And G 6 to 24 by 50. Ijust go since July not February over the last eight months I've spent a lot of time with. This at the range I looked at. All fall and every time. Ipost the pictures up. Iget a lot of questions about. It that's how to put together. This video and show. You the features I like in. And why decide put on my hunting rifle first off as. Ican mention the scope is 100% made in the USA vortex makes. Everything in house right there Madison Wisconsin. Everything from the glass to the screws. And springs inside of. All made right there. And housed nothing subbed out. Ithink that's really cool there's not very. Many schools that can say. That the specs on the scope is 15 point 2 inches long. It has their LT turrets on. It 30 millimeter tube. It comes in a twenty-eight point eight ounces. This mounted up on a custom rifle by weighted precision it's a three at ultra mag it's a McMillan gain Scout stock their edge fill titanium action carbon barrel it's better gun weighs six pounds. Iwas looking for a lighter option on scope. This class of scope. One of your lighter options. You can get for the tactical shooter. And long range under the scope is a great option with. That weight this makes. It a good crossover between your tactical shooting your long-range hunting scope the reason why I chose to put the AMG on my hunting rifle weight with a big factor.

    Iwanted to skull blocking turrets. These L tech turrets. They do lock you just pull. It up by what you need turn back to zero. They had a zero stop arm. You push it back down it's locked in place windows works the same way pull. Either your wind age lock. It back in place you want to worry about. It for the guys using Stabbers quite a bit carrying on your back I've had turrets move on. Me before I am use a fire Rambler quite a bit. And with these turrets. That never have to worry about the turgon spun. Or bumps pulling it in. Another thing I like about. This for hunting scope is the thirty millimeter tube there're tons of rings options for it.

    If you're trying to save weight. These have a rail some precision rings on my old scope. That save quite a bit of weight. You go into these Hawkins rings with a 30 millimeter — there're 96 minutes of adjustment the way the zero stop works in. You can only use three red Lucian's of. This turret this turn 225 MOA turrets. And with the 25 MOA rings. That full 75 minutes of adjustment out of. This which will get. Me out beyond 20 100 yards the scope is only offered in the first focal plane which for my style of shooting how. Ilike to shoot I don't have an issue with. Ilike to dial for my elevation then. Iuse the radical for wind holds. And what's that first focal plane. Idon't have to worry about. What power setting my scopes on to put my wind age holds magnification ring truly smooths really fluid. They use this clear up engine November deer hunting was really cold. Some scopes like to freeze up on to get hard to move.

    Inever had an issue with. This the glass on this thing is incredible shooting out 500 yards I'm Davis out Mirage. And heat waves I can see my bullet holes in the paper. That really impressed. Me in summary why put. This on my rifle 288 ounces locking turrets are really wanted. That in the rifle scope. And the first focal plane reticle for how. Ilike to shoot this works really well for me it's a good power range 624. Ican use it up close. And then for those long shot. Ihave plenty of power. And the glass is incredible in. It thanks for watching be sure to subscribe to our Instagram Long ridge only calm facebook's long range only calm. And also our website. You get on the forums. You have more questions on thisI'll go forward be. More happy to answer them for you. Now I'm going to show. Some video clips as the buck.

    This year is 712 yards with. This setup and the two days later my buddy took an awesome bucket 588 yards of the setup enjoy. You they bring it back down tonight

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    Mueller Tactical Riflescopes

  • Mil-dot reticle for long-distance accuracy
  • Fully multicoated lenses for superior brightness
  • Nitrogen-filled for fog-, water- and shockproof performance
  • Thanks to the Mildot reticle, Mueller's Tactical Riflescopes deliver enhanced accuracy at longer distances. Plus, fully multicoated lenses offer superior brightness, contrast and edge-to-edge clarity. Also features fast-focus eyepiece. 1/8-MOA windage and elevation adjustments. Nitrogen-filled for fog-, water- and shockproof performance. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
    • 8-32x44 – Fully exposed target turrets. 30mm tube. Includes one 3” sunshade.
    • 8.5-25x44 – Large dia. ocular lens for wide field of view. All-weather, high-torque power change ring. Finger-adjustable target-style turrets. 1” tube.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Code ws 카브 네째 r&d; 거였어요 비브라토 스 트 업 스포 o vi 놀아야 되고 아이디어 wang 플스 2 준 쉬운 링 of ancient origin ok 슌 사이트 워크 싶어 같이 루프 파우 tree 펼치 원고를 외모 1주 아주 많습니다 아이 프레이 넘넘 은 암 쏠린 마음이 를 득 조화를 풀치 앞을 엔버 win 스러진 크리스마스도 이혼 오브 아르고 왜 나라도 초아 d7 티나 졸 와 flat. Or 아빠 오븐 스월 섹스틴 바이오. Once 토니 포말 3 2 마우스 ws 카본을 대할 뜨거워야 앞에 beer 포스퀘어 아빠 월 소아 준대요 1 와이프 tmp 웬지 옴의 arp 없다 와 5.

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    EOTech Vudu Riflescopes

  • Built to exceed the expectations of the serious precision shooter
  • First focal-plane design maintains reticle subtensions
  • Anti-reflection lens coating for exceptional image illumination
  • Push-button reticle illumination ensures your aim is true
  • Main tube crafted from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Built with durability, accuracy and versatility, EOTech's Vudu Riflescopes exceed the expectations of the serious precision shooter. First focal-plane optic design delivers split-second target ranging at all magnification levels. Broadband anti-reflection lens coating creates exceptional image illumination, especially during the low-light conditions of dawn and dusk. Push-button reticle illumination ensures your aim is true. Two-hour auto power shut-off conserves battery life. Ultrastrong main tube is crafted from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and coated with a type-III, anodized, flat-black finish. 30mm main tube on 1-6X24 model and 34mm main tube on 3.5-18X50 model. Windage and elevation adjustments available in both MRAD and MOA. Runs on one CR-2032 battery (included). Backed by manufacturer's lifetime guarantee.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Styrka S3 Riflescopes

  • SXL multicoating enhances image brightness, colors and contrast
  • Lens edges have been blackened for reduced reflection and glare
  • 1'' Aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum tube provides strength
  • Precision-machined brass erector tube system ensures accuracy
  • Nitrogen purged and submersion-tested to be  100% waterproof
  • When that once-in-a-lifetime trophy buck final steps into view, you'll appreciate the reliable accuracy Styrka's S3 Riflescope puts at your command. It comes equipped with Styrka's proprietary SXL multicoating. This anti-reflective lens treatment enhances light transmission throughout for maximum brightness and sharper images with natural colors. All lens edges have been blackened for reduced reflection and glare. 1” aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum tube provides strength and durability. Its rugged erector tube system has been precision machined from brass to ensure accuracy in the most extreme hunting situations. Fast-focus eyepiece adjusts to your eye. Nitrogen purged and submersion-tested to be 100% waterproof in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. 1/4-MOA click adjustments for windage and elevation. Covered by the Styrka Pride Warranty. Includes a neoprene cover and lens cleaning cloth.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    This is Brad with optics camp calm. And today we're going to look at the circuit s7 1 to 6 by 24 rifle scope we'll see what's in the buff usual. One of those really nice boxes. They really want to reportable packaging here magnetic closure nice touch. We have a sticker branded scope coat to protect your scope from dings dents scratches. And affect the glass 1 microfiber cleaning cloth the f7 series manual. And a magnet with warranty information to put on your safe. Now let's check out the scope. What we have here is the turcica s7 1 to 6 by 24 rifle scope say 1 to 6 power with a 24 millimeter objective. You may have seen this before. This is kind of tactical option. Or a brush gun option a magnification ring feels very good very smooth tight not loose not too tight. We have a fast focus for your reticle here a little bit tight. And loosen up over time ok side focus parallax adjustment from appears to be 20 yards to infinity.

    We just earned we go that's tight that's not going anywhere. That back it up hundred. This weighs about 18 19 ounces the official specs 186 so that's probably pretty close about 10 03 inches long. And 2 point 6 inches high to 41 inches wide. Or vice versa we have a 30 millimeter to here made. It at 6061-t6 aircraft grade aluminum for strength. And durability and thirty milliliters for all the adjustment range. We have here the linear field of view of. One hundred and seven feet at low power which is pretty good. Anything over 100 feet at low power is good for a. One to six rifle scope. And it's a true 1x on low power meaning you have. One power you look through. It's going to appear exactly. You didn't have the stuff in front of.

    You as long as you have the correct eye relief. And the correct cheek weld okay. Now the s7 1 to 6 by 24 has surface proprietary lens coatings steric XL max. That means that every lens the air service is coated multiple times. That does is it reduces glare increases like transitions. And therefore brightness. And along with black. And London just lens edges to reduce reflection. And glare that will help enhance your contrast. And improve your life transmission okay. That six is available in. Either area CLECs or an illuminated flex the eliminated fact. Ibelieve has a dot in the center of the Flex reticle. Idon't think we can really make. It out here on camera let's try there. You go there's your flex reticle okay.

    Irelief on this is three point eight inches. Now four inches is the magic number which is considered a relatively long eye relief. That will help prevent scope fight that's. You get hit in the bridge of your nose from having your face too close to the ocular lens here okay turn adjustments here are. One quarter inch one quarter MOA 1/4 of an inch at 100 yards okay see is there nicely labeled very clean okay clicks themselves. You can hear that audible very tactile very clean not mushy whatsoever okay it's a maximum adjustment range of 60 ml a. Both for wind age and adjustment. One cool feature of the s7. One to six 5:24 is the zero reset turret which means. You can set this turret at your zero at 100 yards let's say. And at 100 yards you're a. Few clicks in what you can do then take a coin. You unscrew the top of the turret here just a bit. You can pull up on the turret reset. It back to zero tighten.

    It down so now you're zeroed in. And your turret is set at zero pretty cool feature so. You know you're zeroed at 100 yards. And you're for example 55 green to 23 Full Metal Jackets is going to drop at 125 inches at 300 yards. You know to turn to 125 on your turret. You should be zeroed in. We have a side focus here again from 20 yards to infinity. And actually that back sorry. This is 10 yards to infinity. You can see it there on the side. And as well as a quick focus here to adjust your reticle focus. Now the s7 1 to 6 by 24 is rated ipx7 waterproof which means. It is waterproof to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. And in fact I've been told.

    They test these at the factory before. They ship them out to make sure. They are 1-hour percent waterproof. That really means realistically is. You don't want to go swimming with. This scope but if you're on a trip hunting back country. And you're camping for a. Few days you get stuck in heavy rain. You don't need to worry. One bit about the internals of. This scope fogging or water getting into the system so overall the circle. One is 6 by 24 does feel really nice and solid it's not too heavy on paper. It looks good functionally. It feels great everything feels really tight build quality is up there the factor a couple of really cool features. Ithink it'd be perfectly at home on a nice brush rifle. Or possibly a 3-gun AR because of your true 1x magnification. And the 6 power for reaching out the medium distances so there's our quick look at the starka s71 265 24 rifle scope in stock.

    And on sale with free same-day shipping at office camp calm.

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