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  Rapala® Jigging Rap Clam™ Pinhead Jigging Mino Spoon Kit Northland® Hot Shot Depth Finder Moonshine Shiver Minnow Northland® 85-Piece Crappie Crusher Ice-Fishing Assortment Lindy® Glow Spoon Sticks Northland® Chain Dropper Hook Your Bobbers Down Fiskas Wolf Pack 5mm Galvonic Stripes Kit Acme Kastmaster Rattlemaster Gold Glow Erie Dearie Perch Rig VMC® Pug Bug Jig Kastmaster UV Fishing Lure 13 Fishing Ice Plastics Coconut Crab Northland® Predator Jig VMC® Tingler Spoon Kit Clam Outdoors™ Pinhead Jigging Mino Northland Glo-Shot Spoon J and S Custom Jigs Icemite Tails Clam Outdoors™ Pro Tackle Drop Jig XL VMC® Tungsten Nymph Jig Clam Outdoors™ Pro Tackle Drop Jig Clam Outdoors™ Glow Leach Flutter Spoon VMC® Tear Drop Jig VMC® Tungsten Wingding Jig Northland® Walleye Wacker 33-Piece Ice-Fishing Assortment Maynards Tackle Tungsten Slim Grub – Per 2 Clam Outdoors™ Pro Tackle Maki Jamei XL 13 Fishing Ice Plastics Mini Quatro
  Rapala® Jigging Rap Clam™ Pinhead Jigging Mino Spoon Kit Northland® Hot Shot Depth Finder Moonshine Shiver Minnow Northland® 85-Piece Crappie Crusher Ice-Fishing Assortment Lindy® Glow Spoon Sticks Northland® Chain Dropper Hook Your Bobbers Down Fiskas Wolf Pack 5mm Galvonic Stripes Kit Acme Kastmaster Rattlemaster Gold Glow Erie Dearie Perch Rig VMC® Pug Bug Jig Kastmaster UV Fishing Lure 13 Fishing Ice Plastics Coconut Crab Northland® Predator Jig VMC® Tingler Spoon Kit Clam Outdoors™ Pinhead Jigging Mino Northland Glo-Shot Spoon J and S Custom Jigs Icemite Tails Clam Outdoors™ Pro Tackle Drop Jig XL VMC® Tungsten Nymph Jig Clam Outdoors™ Pro Tackle Drop Jig Clam Outdoors™ Glow Leach Flutter Spoon VMC® Tear Drop Jig VMC® Tungsten Wingding Jig Northland® Walleye Wacker 33-Piece Ice-Fishing Assortment Maynards Tackle Tungsten Slim Grub – Per 2 Clam Outdoors™ Pro Tackle Maki Jamei XL 13 Fishing Ice Plastics Mini Quatro
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Brand CLAM Northland Rapala VMC Northland VMC CLAM Northland - VMC - 13 Fishing 13 Fishing Clam Outdoors Kastmaster NORTHLAND - Northland - Kastmaster Lindy VMC ERIE DEARIE Northland CLAM Clam Outdoors Clam Outdoors VMC
Sizes 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz. - - 1/16 oz., 1/32 oz. - 1/32 oz., 1/16 oz. 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz. 1/0, #2. - <ul> <li> 1/16 oz.</li> <li> 1/32 oz.</li> <li> 1/64 oz.</li> </ul> - - - <ul> <li> 1/16 oz., size 8 hook</li> <li> 1/32 oz., size 10 hook - 1/16" oz., 1/8" oz., 1/4" oz. - 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz. - 1/24 oz., 1/12 oz., 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz. - <ul> <li> 1/16 oz. – #6 Hook</li> <li> 1/8 oz. – #4 Hook</li> <li> 1/4 oz. – #2 Hook</li> </ul> - - 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz. <ul> <li> 1/32 oz., size 14 hook&nbsp;</li> <li> 1/16 oz., size 12 hook</li> </ul> - -

Rapala® Jigging Rap

Great for ice fishing and open water applications, the Jigging Rap swims in tantalizing circles to stir up deep or suspended game fish. Balanced design with a minnow profile. Single reversed hook. Center treble and eyelet. Per each.
  • W2 - 1/8 oz., 1-1/4"
  • W3 - 3/16 oz., 1-1/2"
  • W5 - 5/16 oz., 2"
  • W7 - 5/8 oz., 2-3/4"
  • W9 - 7/8 oz., 3-1/2''
  • Colors: (001)Silver, (005)Gold/Fluorescent Red, (006)Glow Yellow Perch, (007)Glow Hot Perch, (008)Red Chrome, (010)Glow, (021)Pearl White, (022)Gold, (023)Rainbow Trout, (029)Fluorescent Chartreuse/Silver, (077)Bluegill (not shown), (182)Chrome/Blue, (201)Helsinki Shad, (202)Regal Shad, (244)Perch, (262)Firetiger Glow, (340)Redfire Crawdad (now shown), (402)Clown, (428)Purpledescent, (651)Green Tiger UV, (652)Pink Tiger UV, (653)Orange Tiger UV.

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originally designed for ice fish. And vertical jigging the Rapala jigging wrap has other open water applications as well for the basic jigging presentation drop the lower down to the desired depth. And give it a circular. Or figure eight swimming action with short. And snappy lifts of the rod tip drop the rod tip back down immediately to give the lure. Some slack line and let the lure circle back between lips pro tip cast the jigging wrap out let. And bring it back with short fast rod twitches reel the line in between the twitches to keep contact to the lure will dart erratically forward. Or to the side on each twitch the jigging wrap from Rapala.

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Clam™ Pinhead Jigging Mino Spoon Kit

  • Ideal for lethargic under-ice feeders
  • Distressed head-down design
  • Slab body profile with raised dorsal fin
  • Flashy flapper blade
  • Irresistible injured-minnow action
  • With the lures in the Clam Pinhead Jigging Mino Spoon Kit, you'll be armed for below-ice action in all light conditions. This is the ice-fishing spoon made for lethargic feeders with a distressed head-down design, lifelike slab body profile with raised dorsal fin, flashy interest-rousing flapper and injured-minnow action on both the lift and the fall. Gets down to the strike zone quickly. Rigged with a super-sharp red treble. Kit includes three Pinhead Jigging Mino lures in Chartreuse/Lime, Chartreuse/Orange and Rainbow colors.
    Sizes: 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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    Northland® Hot Shot Depth Finder

    Quickly find the bottom and set bobbers and bobber stops at the exact depth – the hotspot. Highly visible fluorescent weights with snap-on clips for quick, easy on/off use. Molded from lead. Per each.
    Sizes: 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz.
    Color: Chartreuse/Lime.
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    Moonshine Shiver Minnow

  • Realistic darting action when jigged vertically
  • Paint glows bright for extended periods of time
  • Ideal for ice fishing or open water
  • Moonshine Lures' Shiver Minnow exhibits a realistic darting action when jigged vertically. The Shiver Minnow's quality paint glows bright for extended periods of time. Great for open water or ice fishing. Per each.
    Sizes:  2-5/8", 1/2 oz.; 3-5/8", 1 oz.
    Colors: (101)Holo Vinnie, (102)Holo Shiver Shad, (103)Holo Kemos Katcher, (104)Holo Halo Shad, (105)Holo Cranberry Shad, (106)Holo Topper, (107)Holo Raz Mataz, (108)Holo Bird Bones, (109)Holo PK Shad, (110)Holo Crazy Clown.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Northland® 85-Piece Crappie Crusher Ice-Fishing Assortment

  • Designed by Team Northland Pro Staff
  • Includes ice spoons, soft plastics, line and terminal tackle
  • All the best colors and sizes to draw crappie from afar
  • Northland's 85-Piece Crappie Crusher Ice-Fishing Assortment is a must-have for the serious crappie angler. It boasts an exclusive lineup of Northland Fishing Tackle® ice spoons, Impulse® soft plastics, Bionic® line and terminal tackle, covering virtually all ice-fishing conditions. Each piece is hand-selected by the Team Northland® Pro Staff, so you can be sure you have what you need to trigger strikes. Also includes optically brightened UV and glow colors to catch the attention of hungry fish from afar. Colors and sizes vary.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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    Lindy® Glow Spoon Sticks

  • Replacement sticks for the Lindy Glow Spoon
  • Increases lure visibility in dark or dingy water
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Use these Lindy Glow Spoon Sticks as replacement light sticks on the Lindy Glow Spoon to increase lure visibility in dark or dingy water. Easy to install and remove. Per 3.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Northland® Chain Dropper Hook

  • Fine-link chain finesses bites
  • Attach below a spoon or jig
  • Adds attraction by trailing live bait
  • Attract more fish and entice bites with Northland's Chain Dropper Hook snapped on your weighted spoon or jig. Fine-link chain finesses the bite. A clevice attaches below your spoon or jig while a premium hook securely holds live bait, making this rig deadly for everything from panfish and walleye to bass and trout. Gold plated. Per each.
    Available: #12 Treble Hook, #8 Single Hook.
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    Your Bobbers Down Fiskas Wolf Pack 5mm Galvonic Stripes Kit

    Reduce your lure size for winter fishing, but still get down the hole fast with heavy, tungsten jigs. Tungsten is denser than lead, making it sink quicker than standard lead jigs. Kit includes six Wolfram jigs in assorted galvonic stripe patterns.
    Size: 5mm, 1/16 oz.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Acme Kastmaster Rattlemaster Gold Glow

  • UV coating on one side causes it to glow underwater
  • Gold finish on the other side delivers enticing flash
  • Loud rattle chamber produces fish-attracting sound
  • Acme's Kastmaster Rattlemaster Gold Glow features a UV coating over true-to-life baitfish coloring on one side that causes it to glow underwater, and a gold finish on the other that delivers fish-attracting flash. Loud rattle chamber produces sound that brings fish from afar. Wont bend, break, corrode or lose its sheen, even after repeated exposure to harsh marine environments. Per each.
    Sizes: 1/24 oz., 1/12 oz., 1/8 oz.
    Colors: (014)Gold Glow Green Tiger, (015)Gold Glow Blue, (016)Gold Glow Red Tiger, (017)Gold Glow Red.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Erie Dearie Perch Rig

  • Double hook design
  • Multiple bead colors
  • Gold Aberdeen hooks
  • The double hook Erie Dearie Perch Rigs are deadly when live bait rigging for perch. The high-quality construction allows you to catch two fish at a time. A variety of bead colors lure in fish and gold Aberdeen hooks seal the deal. Per each.
    Colors: (002)Fluorescent Red, (003)Fluorescent Orange, (004)Chartreuse, (007)Fluorescent Yellow, (009)Glow.

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    Well hey kids sorry I'm a little late I'm a little tired. Another long day great day. Though wow what a great day guys. Iam in Erie Pennsylvania. Ihave crossed the state line. This little state park area marina thing. That kind of looks like. Iam anchored for this evening hey Carl. You do son glad to see. You here did anybody else on the chat yeah hey Austin. You do hey Arthur. You do so very good day today. Iplayed around quite a bit today. Ididn't just get on. And try to make miles. Although I did make. It to Erie Pennsylvania so. Idid make some miles after. Ihad a ball doing some other stuff like time tonight. Igot a yellow bullhead catfish really nice catfish so thinking about your boat floating low. That shouldn't be as bad. You get into saltwater you're right Carl. Ihit the salt water salts. More blanch and fresh water will pop up a little bit it's alright Joe. Ijust started I started late actually. Iwas sitting here researching trying to figure out.

    Where I'm gonna be tomorrow. What I'm gonna do tomorrow. Iguess I'm gonna head to Dunkirk tomorrow so hey I'm Cody for how. You do hey Steve what's going on man sorry I'm not stabilized. Ihaven't gone down. And gotten my little tripod do Hicker so. Ineed to go ahead that hey John Harris. You do man having a great evening here in Erie Pennsylvania weird little anchor as. You come in to the Steve. You think man yellow bull head hey David. You do so this morning out of Shaula. Igot about a mile or so no not a mile. Igot about six miles. Or so down the shoreline from there so yep Yuri. It just smelled fishy. It just smelled fish. And I'm like you know. What Lily let's stop drop. Some lines we're only going 35 miles. We got old day so we dropped the lines.

    We fished for five minutes. Icaught the catfish. It was just like that fast hey country cruiser so. Icaught the catfish. Iwas like a hot damn. Ican do a catch clean. And cook and stuff but trying to figure out. How to hold the camera. And do the do on the catfish so. What I'm going to do is I'm going to do the live stream. This evening and then I'm going to set up my big camera. And stuff on his tripod. Idon't think I can live stream I'll catch clean. And cook I'm gonna have to film. And edit it together as a regular video so but yeah that's. What I caught today. Icaught nice yellow bullhead catfish good size to kind of make a fine dinner I'm going to have. That in rice for dinner.

    This evening but I'm in. This sort of weird place here eerie. You come into the Inner Harbor. And the Inner Harbor is just Rocking I mean there're boats. All over the place big commercial Harbor right there in the town of Erie Pennsylvania very busy boats everywhere. And then you go up. Iam just north of you go up in. This little tight channel. Imean tight channel like. Idon't know I could have gotten my boat turned sideways in the channel. Ihad to and then you come up into. This little like Lagoon here a little quiet protected from the wind really nice looking little protected Anchorage in here. Idrop the hook so I'll marry. This much you didn't miss much at. All so I'm going to look like. Ineed to turn my radio off I'm going to mosey on downstairs. Ihave my tripod and to set. You guys up on the table. Ican get something to drink. While we're talking because. Ican feel I'm getting hoarse already so. You guys would just bear with.

    Iwanted to stay up on deck long enough for you to see the fish. And to see the marina. That we've done that let. Us retire oh man — down below oh yes dog hello sorry about. That turn offs the radio here in a second. Ialso had a real interesting thing. Idid — later in the day. It was hot it was damn hot. Iwanted to get cleaned up so just. Now picking it up off the floor. II stopped him did a shower not a shower stopped him did a bath. Istopped in the middle of a lake jumped into the water come on let go. That jumped into the water. And took a bath just like. It was cold that's all I'm gonna say about. It was cold I was telling. Some guys earlier. Iwas sort of I was sort of sorry hold on a second got a change the camera mount here around will get. You will get your picked up.

    And straightened up in just a second bear with. Me gotta change the phone system. All over to a whole holder deal alright. Now you're in now you're in the holder so. You can be stable that kind of happy horse senso can use the facilities. That marina the marinas early. It like closed up already. Itried calling no one's answering the phone so middle. Ican't really use their slowly come down here call a down come on go down so. Somebody answered about the the ladder was phenomenal absolutely phenomenal the latter work perfectly could not have asked for a better ladder. Iwas in the water I'm gonna grab my water jug here. All in a second I was in the water. Iswam up to the back of the boat. Istepped on the bottom rung of the ladder am. Istood up on I was only. What I was still in water bellybutton deep so got a place to walk willing no lilies being trained to go on the boat taking her Shore.

    And walking her it defeats the purpose of teaching the dog to go on the boat. You cannot take the dog to shore. And have her do her business on shore. And train the dog to do her business on the boat. It just doesn't work. That way I've had a number of people comment about the same thing oh gosh poor Lucy she's to get a urinary tract infection. Whatever mellow she has to get. She has to go bad enough. She goes in the house I'm actually on housebreaking her in essence is. What we're trying to do hey chip she's actually learning to not be housebroken. That it's okay to pee. And poop inside this floating house. And that's hard for her. And she'll go three days without. You know so this morning she went. And did her business. This morning and now today I'm just keeping her on the boat tonight knowing her as. She won't she won't go anywhere tonight. Or tomorrow and then tomorrow night I'm probably going to be in Dunkirk. And so I'll be back at.

    Another dock, so I don't know I'm working on. It I'm trying to get her trained so but. You there's just one of those things. That takes time, so I have a beer holder there. You go yeah it's a ladder worked perfectly. Iam anchored for the night yep. Iam anchored I do my business from the side of the boat on yeah okay. Another town excellent yeah 12 degrees. Iam in Erie PA right. Now Erie Pennsylvania no Kim actually. You know taking her ashore is just undermines my ability to be able to house to break her to break her into peeing in the house. You know up in a cabin up in Alaska. She was taught not to go in the house. Now I'm trying to teach her to go in the house so. Itake her for walks.

    That just defeats that whole purpose. You can't teach a dog to do. They have to do that on their own so. Iknow the fireside chat yeah I'll cast. How you're doing man hey Steve's Bobby had the same problem with the doodles. They finally learned that's right. They got to go bad enough. That he'll chill go. And then she do I'll tell her it's okay. Once it's okay she'll have no problem with. That point forward so at least that's. What happened we were up in Alaska. You know I had to do the same thing to her on the boat up in Alaska. We went three days out offshore on the boat without being anywhere near land. She finally went on the boat. Iwas like oh good girl good girl. And then after she had no problem peeing and pooping on the boat so. We had a spot on the floor. We put a pad down for and so. She knew that was her spot right. Ihave her scenting up the blue pad that's up on the deck I'm going to move.

    That down here below. And then that'll become her pee. And poop spot hopefully. Iwas going to put it up on the fore deck. Imay move it up there at. Some point but right. She just uses that can. You give a turf mat to go on she'll. She has a sort of sort a turf like mat. That she's going on. How was the fishing was pretty good wasn't great. Idid catch one catfish. Idid fish for another hour after. That without catching another fish. And then we did troll for an hour oh well. We trolled for five hours today but. Imean the last hour. Ireally slowed down to two knots. And tried to get serious trolling and didn't catch. Anything after an hour so. Isaid to hell with. And just came on in here to anchor up for the night, so I've got two rods sitting out there on him. You can see them but I've got two rods sitting there ready to go. Iwas just in the midst of rerigged home. Iwas like oh crap it's time for the live stream already.

    Ibetter get to work so during the live stream I'll go back to fit I'm gonna skin out. That catfish end and have. It for dinner doing a catch cleaning cook other things get tough to keep on going there. You go Steve that's right making a Bobby had the doodles doing. That works for you and Lily is great okay my lab does his business on the swim platform took him less. Than a day to figure. It out but the platform is about 40 plus square feet Lily will figure. It out yes Lily's a smart dog. She will figure where are. You in Erie I am in the town of Erie. Iam in a little side Anchorage area just north of the town of Erie in the bay there but right in Erie Pennsylvania. We catch lots of fish. Imight I'm gonna do I'm gonna try doing some fishing this evening see. Anything I don't know it seems like it's a grassy bottom here so.

    What I'm gonna do is change the rods over for some perch. Or I'm blocking here. Idon't know perch type fish is. Something like that personal blue gills. Or pan fish you know. Something like that so that's. What I'm gonna switch over to. And I'm gonna break out my wax worms. And also drop my minnow I'm a bait up my minnow trap with a bagel. And drop my minnow trap. Ican catch some minnows to fill my minnow bucket with so. That goes clearly like her dinner last night actually our McCoy. Idecided not to give those ribs to Lily. Iwas going to, but she's got a bunch of snacks. And stuff here on the boat already. That are a little bit healthier for her. Ididn't want her you know chomping on those bones. And having some issues so there was actually sort of homeless-looking guy. That was down fishing look guys look like he's down on his luck as. Iwas walking out of the restaurant back toward the boat so. Igave my leftovers to him.

    He looked like he could use a meal. He was really appreciative of. It so he's got the leftover ribs corn bread. That was in their maybe a little mac. And cheese something but I'm sure. He enjoyed that last night yeah Karl Mike tried doing some casting for some bass. Idon't know I feel helpful take her spot ashore with. And christen it with her sin yes. We do try to do that barb found a fish on the sidewalk yesterday cooked. It up good okay it's a little that's a little rough. Itend not to pick up dead roadkill. And cook that boat. You know whatever man. Whatever floats your boat so. Ican say guys is I had a fallacious day today the boarding ladder performed flawlessly had a great bath. This afternoon right in the heat of the day.

    You know like 2 o'clock today. Ijust stripped butt naked. And jumped in you guys call. It skinny dip it lards dunking I went lard dunking this afternoon. And grabbed my bar of soap. And took that in with. And so had an opportunity to scrub up wash. All nice and clean and fresh. What was really nice is. It was really getting hot midday. You know it was really getting warm out there with the Sun beating down on. It really felt good dumping into the ice-cold the lake. And very refreshing I'll say. That much it was very refreshing taking a bath in Lake Erie today so feed Lily raw fish. And white rice no seasoning extremely good stuff okay. That was a great thing to do yeah.

    Ithought so the guy looked like. He could use it so yep thanks guys yes please give. Us thumbs up like subscribe. All kind of fun stuff hey Kelly — Lily want to get in with. You know Kim I was really surprised about. Iwould have bet a hundred bucks. Ijumped into the lake. She was gonna jump right on top of. She didn't she never jumped out of the boot so hey biker coyote. You do yeah I was really shocked by. Idon't understand why she didn't maybe. She just had concerns about her ability to be able to get back in. She had jumped in but yeah. She did not she did not jump in the lake with. Iwas really surprised so do. You have to cross Lake Ontario to get to the Erie Canal no Joe I'm gonna go from here to Dunkirk.

    And then Dunkirk to Buffalo New York. And then right there just in Buffalo New York kind of north of Buffalo I'm actually going to be going up the Niagara River. You can imagine the river. That flows over the Niagara Falls I'm going to be heading towards the Niagara Falls. And then I'm gonna turn off there at the way the marina is that's going to be de masse ting my boat so no. Idon't have to cross Ontario same keep cutting out internet not so good on the boat Internet's fine on the boat try refreshing at your end I'm great cell service here so for geez. Ishould be having a problem hey Steve man thank. Now a leg very nice of. You sir thank you it's weird.

    You always do an odd number like. That but hey more power to. You Steve I really appreciate the donation to the super chat. You rock man you rock absolutely his motor still ticking along the motor is perfect 12 degrees everything's been perfect. Everything has been absolutely. Imean like looks spot-on perfectly efficient. Imean I'm thrilled with the way. All the boat systems are. It seems like everything is working perfectly there. Ihaven't I haven't run into. Anything that's been a problem. Yet operational wise. You know having just installed the ladder. Some concerns I did find one thing about the ladder. Ihave to work around the treads on the ladder have deep grooving in them so. You get they're not slick so. You get good traction well the grooving is Oh deep. It actually hurts my feet to step on.

    Imeant to put on my swim shoes like. You know what my with my scuba fins. And stuff I'm gonna have to put on my swim shoes to go in. And out up and down the ladder protect my feet but other. That was it so famous last words just. What I said everything is fine my phone crapped out so. It does not have Umbrella but. It does have well maybe. You know it's got a leading edge that's UV block so. Iroll up the roller furling it's its protected. Iguess that's what you mean hey Frank Daniels. You do can't stay food just came at dinner with wife so hey no problem Frank thanks for dropping in there. You go okay my back. Ishould be back guys Carl was looking at your Roach through the Kinect okay should be back again. This is really weird my phone service was showing perfect. Istarted to livestream. It seems like it's falling apart so. And it's a bunch of locs it's like three hundred.

    And fifty miles to go through the Erie Canal uh. This together well thank. You buy a pool noodle cut. It in half and stick. It over the rungs of the swim ladder it's not the rungs it's the treads. You know you step on that's. Idon't think a noodle would help with. Iguess so yeah I don't know why the phone did. It actually seemed like. Ihad perfectly good internet. And then it just crapped out so. Idon't know I don't know should have been fine but twice. Now we've had an issue so. It continues we'll just go ahead. And get the live stream short. Igot to get to cooking dinner here. And videotaping me cleaning the fish I'm in a bit of a dilemma. Ido the cleaning and. You guys are gonna be a bad catfish before. Iam anchored cam I'm a tankard in. This little really picturesque little Cove here Doug. Iam in Erie Pennsylvania. Iam in a marina elem in a little Anchorage area by Erie Pennsylvania can. You send a single hand through the locks yes. You can proof satellites are a lie you're so far from the nearest cell tower maybe so are.

    You able to show I just did at the beginning of livestream. Ijust came in to sit down to do the live stream. You go back to the beginning I showed a 360 of what the area looks like here so no. Ididn't already I showed the fish it's just a yellow bullhead catfish but here's my problem with catfish. What you do is you cut a line around the body. And then you use pliers. You peel the skin off catfish don't have scales like a regular fish. And they're very round fish so. You can't like lay them flat to Flay them. And take the skin off so. What you have to do is use a pair of pliers. And literally peel all the skin. That online YouTube is going to monitored snot fit for 4 viewers so. Idon't think I'm going to show. That part I think I'm gonna do a catch clean. And cook without the clean necessarily I'm going to discuss. It but I'm not gonna actually show. And then I'm gonna fry up my catfish in half catfish. And rice for dinner which sounds really good I'm hungry Oh like in.

    This live stream sooner. Then later anyway so get the cheapest of aqua Sox at Walmart for the ladders okay to pay toll on the canal no shell normally there is a fee for doing the Erie Canal but it's a centennial 2018 is the centennial of the canal so. It is free this year satellites were real. We would have a perfect connection everywhere okay. You did 34 nautical miles today. And playing on 40 nautical miles for Dunkirk tomorrow okay. That sounds about right. Ithink the actual mapping. That I'm doing through Navionics said. It was 44 points two miles total so it's gonna be an eight-hour day here's the way. Ilook at it so it's gonna be an eight-hour day of motoring you can monetize for simply cleaning yeah so I'm not gonna clean. It online so hey Rhonda. You do darlin celebrating Moody's graduation with her grandparents awesome I'm very good tell Lily. Isaid Congrats on graduating doc tomorrow's a day awesome excellent absolutely excellent that's very good hey Anne what's up man well.

    This weekend I might grab myself an orange. Ialways gotta grab an orange but. Iguess not I'm getting hungry I'm hungry. Any wind today no actually there wasn't. Any wind at all until. Ipulled into the Inner Harbor here. And then a light breeze blew up right. Now there's like nothing maybe an honor to a breeze coming through. This little area but I'm very protected so but it's supposed to be pretty good. When tomorrow morning so. Ihead out tomorrow morning it might be able to get. Some sales up, so we'll see hey Andy what's going on to the Anchorage's for your channel videos yes. Iwill know plastic I'm going to do I've been filming different stuff. That will come out in regular full-blown videos just not doing it during my life stream so. And he's excused of course. He is hey Rex Williams. You do man nice to see. You here see all the usual folks in the house no ma'am I breaking up huh.

    Idon't mean to be breaking up it's not a nice thing to do to break up yep that's a rough thing to do so a Michael P. You do man glad to see. You here oh yeah another busy day. We we left Shaula. It was sort of funny. Istarted you know got the boat. All ready to go untied the lines. And an old song reference okay Carlos J says. Ishould get another 59 years from the old ticker there. You go good anyhow so. Igot the boat ready. Iuntied the lines and literally crossed the canal there was a gas station there so. Ipulled over I got five gallons of diesel. Igot five gallons of gasoline. All the diesel in the tank so. Iadded ten gallons the five gallon Canada had. Any other five gallons into the tank. Iam, so I'm back it I'm back at zero the tank is full. Ileft San dusky and so I've made. All the way here on the equivalent of ten gallons of fuel. Or there abouts actually. Iprobably have more fuel in there.

    Now yeah I have about five gallons. More in there what I had before so anyhow. Ithink I'm getting great fuel economy guys. Ireally do I'm really pleased with. It goes so how are my funds holding out non-existent so. Ididn't seem to disappear quicker. Anything around here so anyhow so. Igot fuel I was able to. Some bait I was able to buy. Some worms so some bait. And picked up a couple cans of beverages. And stuff and then headed out. What does diesel fuel cost per gallon up there. You know even paid attention to. Me pull out the receipt. Iwill tell what I got the little mr bill oh man yeah. It doesn't break it doesn't break. It down so I can't tell. Ithought it was a little spendy. It was $60 in 11 cents. That was the worms and then. Ibought this little container for the worms to sit in to hopefully protect them from getting overheated. Iwas five gallons of gas fine. That did nothing all day today.

    Ishould have not wasted time with them so anyhow. That was 60 bucks today. This morning so which kind of caught. Me by surprise I didn't think. It was going to be that much so. Idon't know what the price of fuel was. Iwasn't paying attention to. This morning but anyhow so. Igot fuel and then. Ipulled out in there. Iput the fuel in and pulled out of there so. Now I've got I've got six gallons ready to go in my generator but my generator still got 10 hours worth of fuel in. It rights I won't need generator fuel for a. Ihave enough diesel. Now in the boat to take. All the way to Buffalo without a problem probably. Even as far as Lockout which is the first real lock on the canal but I've been thinking there's a there's a marina there on the flow. That has a West Marine right there in the marina. Iwas thinking well. You know I should make sure.

    Istop there whatever. You know what have. Ican't think of anything. Ineed so I was sitting here today. We were going for a. While just trying to run through stuff in my head. And from a boating standpoint. Idon't really need. Anything, so I wasn't going to worry about. It too much see what I miss here don't know who from. We thank you there Doug. That was from that was from Maui Leigh from Steve yep. That goes into that on super chat so super chat goes to my google ad sense I'll. Iwon't get that money until the 21st of next so. Anybody is planning on donating if. You want to contribute a little to the cause please go to my PayPal account. That's Alaska Carl at gmailcom. Or go to PayPal Brooke.

    Either of those is preferable to using the super chat but super chats fine too. If that's what you want to do roll the weekend summer. All fuels hi oh yeah. Inever thought about. That first weekend Fleet Week in New York City. This week regular — 3:05 a gallon well did. You get card from your back. Idid not Joe no it has not arrived. Yet my younger son Vincent's supposed to be going to his house. And then it gets to his house I'm gonna have him next day as to the marina I'm gonna be hitting up in Buffalo so. That way I'll be able to get access to those funds so it's predicted for seven knots of wind heading east for tomorrow. You need to put up your head sail to balance the boat for a better ride. That might not be a bad idea. Iwill plan on doing. That Arthur 356 in California you're gonna put the sails up. That is the intention. Although as that wind is going to die out about midday tomorrow so it's going to be breezy like from 8:00 to like noon.

    And then that's supposed to die out. And then I'll be motoring the rest of the day like. Idid today so yeah that's those Steve it's absolutely fine man anyway. You want to donate is absolutely perfect with. Me not a problem dude not a problem at. All I'm in Youngstown Ohio diesel fuel here is 3:45 a gallon do. You have a debit card for your PayPal account. Ido yes that's I access my funds in my PayPal account it's its my Google Adsense money. That was sent to my Alaska bank. That is the problem. Ican't access for I'll ask. It back so what I did is. Itold the Alaska Bank. Itold PayPal to take the money from the Alaska Bank. It in my PayPal account which should be instantaneous. Anybody else like you guys go to my counter PayPal today.

    That money is like available to. Me within seconds. Icould access that money put. It into my credit card. And spend I take my money from my bank. And transfer it into my account with PayPal three to five days. It makes no sense to. Me why does it take three to five days for me to put my own money in there. Yet other people could throw money in there. And it's there immediately. Ijust do not get I really just do not get. Ithrow out some Jib out you'll like. It yeah that's exactly. What I planned on doing and yeah thank. You for taking care of. Whatever that was appreciated. It Joe boat looks good man by the way. You guys don't know Joe is in the process of welding up his own boat out of aluminum. It looks great man it looks really great so yeah mark.

    You know the thing about the bank is. They cancel the card. Iwas out of state though on my account. It specifically says on my account. Iwas planning on being out of state. Iwould be traveling across the United States. Iwould be in Florida. Iwould be in Ohio what happened is. Iwent to Ohio then. Iwent to Florida I went back to Ohio. It triggered some problem. They closed the count so. And since then I was thinking well I'll just. You know to have it I'll just close the account. And be done with you know. That was what my intention was which is why I didn't jump on getting the new card issued immediately.

    Icould have had that done a long time ago but. Iwas trying to close. That account out and be done with. It which turned out to be a problem in itself but then google ad sense is pretty insistent. That's they send my money cuz that's right at setup. And trying to change google ad sense is a pain in the ass. Imean trying to get them to change things to a different bank is like forever to get. Something done so hopefully we'll have. Some progress on that but. You carry a credit card for emergencies do not know. When using PayPal to use a credit card it's instant transfer. If the transfer from a bank account takes a. Few days yeah like that but. That just doesn't make.

    Any sense you would think on my own account. It will just go right in. Icouldn't use my bank credit card to put the money in. Because that's what I'm waiting on is my banks credit card so. You lay there rod oh god Doug come on clean. It up clean it up someone's going to whack. You with a wrench one of the other moderators. You just say that's out of line drug less. That would have been absolutely fine but oh well not today's day. And age with everybody having such. Idon't know what's the word for it. Everyone seems to be. And Nancy about everything nowadays. Where did you answer finally worried about. What where did you answer finally. Ihave no idea what you're talking about. You mean where did. Ianswer oh where did. Ianchor maybe that's. What you're saying I mean. Iam in Erie Pennsylvania I'm gonna eat. Some pistachios you guys don't mind cuz I'm hungry mobs can't model mine okay. You always get one of those Green Dot prepaid credit cards.

    And just add a little at a time. Now but yes the problem why go the money is coming from Google from my Adsense account it's my it's my income from my youtube channel so. Ihave to establish a bank for them to send. That money to which is the bank up in Alaska. Itried to get them to change. It to a new bank but. They just was taking forever. And for some reason. They wouldn't do I tried to get Google Adsense to deposit the money my PayPal account. They won't do they won't go to PayPal got to go to a regular bank I'm okay. You need you two 30-minute livestream sessions. You will get more views I've no cost to the viewers okay. Ithought I was making enough content. Though as it is but okay didn't make. It safely I'm fine you mentioned. This morning I guess to get I'm not sure.

    Iremember what I did. This morning you don't mind him always eating in front. You I'll do my life thing during dinner time guys. Now I'm hungry I had no breakfast no lunch. Ireally did I really didn't eat. Anything today I'm out of bananas as the. More injured but I didn't have. Any of them I can't figure. What I did with my container. Ihave his container of these peanut butter pretzels. Ican't figure out I put them. Iput them away somewhere so. They wouldn't spill. All over the place no. Ican't find him though, so I'm hungry. Ihad a great dinner last night but. Ihaven't eaten anything since mom honey deposit in the bank is an investment in the bank. It went bust you'd be the last. One to get that's probably very good Mario didn't need good today ok are. You at the marina you mentioned. Ithink, so I think, so I'm at the marina here in Erie Pennsylvania exactly the place.

    Ithought I was going to be at. You look at a map of Erie Pennsylvania it's sort of weird it's like. This well for lack of a better reference. It looks like a boob sticking out into the into Lake Erie okay so. You know the you got the Bank of Lake Erie is sort of flat. And then there's just like boobs things sticking out in the lake here in Erie Pennsylvania what's on the map I'm not kidding it looks like a boob. Any yeah well they had to do was. Ihad to go I was coming from the south so. Ihad to go up South. All the way around the north to the top. You around the boob up to the top. And then into a channel from top narrow channel. And then that brought.

    Me into what's known as the Inner Harbor. And the Inner Harbor was just crazy. Imean there was news boats everywhere. Ialmost ran aground. Iwouldn't pay attention. Iwas sitting there looking at my mapping saying okay. It wants me to go there that's. Ihad to head to and start started heading. That way I look over at my depth finder. And it's saying 7:00 I'm like holy. Ionly have five so. Icranked the wheel back around. And fortunately got back out in the deep water channel had. Icontinued I was going I had run in two to three feet of water. Idefinitely would have been a ground but. Igot turned around. And did not run the ground. And follow the contours of the water around. And came into this little narrow cut. Imean really narrow cut. Imean it's like I know 60 feet wide. And then that bring brought. This little inner Anchorage. This inner Anchorage is really beautiful. Imean it's just dead calm there're no wakes in here there's. Nothing bouncing the surrounding boat'm just sitting perfectly stock still here in.

    This little Anchorage. Idropped the hook and man it's just nice and peaceful no doubt. Iexpect to go to good night's sleep. This evening so and I'm sorry. Idon't mean to be rude eating these peanuts in front of. You guys, but I am hungry black neighbors for me okay I'm gonna have a video up. This weekend but now what's going to rain. All weekend I'll have to be during the week having it holds to go through the whole thing. That I'll cast pause um. Idon't know maybe it's Horseshoe pond. Idon't know the name of. Iwasn't paying attention. Icould look it up but it's on my phone. Ican't look at that in live stream same time. You need to see the Anchorage okay oh man. Islept like a rock last night. You can full belly two beers. That drink that Outkast bought. Igot down the boat last night. Iassembled my bed I laid my head down next thing I know.

    It was 7 am I just was out for the count no that's place amyl. That same head I've been wearing for a couple years. Some protein yeah I'm actually I'm going to make my catfish for dinner I'm gonna fry catfish. And rice for dinner boom yeah boats too big. You can't find stuff. Now it's just really it's not too big it's just. Everything is so cluttered in here wild. One on top of the other, so I'm not drinking without calves no buddy I'll cast bought. Me a cocktail last night oh yeah. Ihave a new captain's hat my cousin Richard sent. Me it's sitting over here I've not gotten to wearing it yep still kind of goofy having scrambled eggs on my broom who's. You guys that don't know scrambled eggs is the little fancy gold insignia stuff but for some reason.

    They think all captains seem to have under a brim ex-wife called the sundown. Or yeah well I'd certainly help. Me see the Sun down that's for sure no. Igot a solid night sleep last night. One bothered me a bet okay yeah I'm not doing anything tonight have no Abner alcohol no beer no. Nothing on the boat right. Now tomorrow in Dunkirk laughter I'm trying to get over the marina they're not answering their phone um there's a say black grocery store that's just a little short distance away. You would be oppressed yes Ian. Iam at Presque Isle marina yes that's correct. It well I'm not at the marina but I'm in a little Anchorage just north of the marina the rain is just about 100 yards. That way from me traffic. What direction of boats. It right now about a hundred yards. That way from me blame.

    It on the auto correct okay exactly. You do him one catfish just. And that's one ones fine for dinner that's. Ineed got myself a nice little yellow bullhead catfish hmm probably 14 inches long. Me to get me T sucker. Though fat little guy so you'll be fine for dinner I'm gonna skin him flower him up a little bit put them in the cash desk a little butter get a pot of rice going make. Some white rice I like to use chicken stock to make my right so. Some canned chicken stock never understand. That a thin body you do ma'am. You know they make chicken stock. And a lot of people use chicken stock to make rice.

    You need two cups of stock for. Each cup of rice I mean it's the basic formula for making rice anywhere right. And yeah Mary I'll get up. And guys the cat here. Inever understand why they don't make the can of stock 2 cups make. It 16 ounces they never do they're like 12 ounces so. You got to add 4 ounces of water on top of. You would think they would just make the stock in 16-ounce cans. That will just be a perfect ratio. You know one cup but oh well let my finger Doug's in rare form. This evening ma'am all know. You were low on funds. And provisions for yourself but. How is Lily's food now wait am. Ireally not low on provisions for myself. Iprobably have a month's worth of food on board as does Lily she's got him don't see. She out might bend down there. That white bin holds about woman just completely holds about 25 pounds of food but. You got about half that still so well. It goes saying I'm gonna go to Dunkirk I'll be at Dunkirk tomorrow.

    Or the next day I decide to do. And there's a grocery store just like two blocks up. And two blocks over so. Ican just walk to the grocery store there in Dunkirk so. Imight just go there. And pick up stuff yeah. Ineed to go provision but. You know what I say. Igot to go provision I'm talking about I'm picking up. All the stupid stuff yeah but. Iprobably really don't need to have anyway but. Iwould like to get on the boat anyway. You know feet under rug. She is not yep um, so I'll pick up. Another twenty pound bag of food for her that'll last her. Idon't know ten fifteen day. Whatever I was thinking about getting another. One of those totes for her so. Ibought a second tote then. Icould buy a 50-pound bag. And divide it between the two totes be. More cost-effective for me but then. Iwould have more tote. That store on the boat so who's I'm being I'll buy the small bags. And just go from there. Icould send you a pic of my lab right. Now would you get well sure yeah email.

    Me a picture your lab. That would be fine I like to see lab use why people don't know. This about me but I've been a serious dog breeder. And trainer in my whole life um I've been breathing labs since. Iwas a kid it's in my family my older sister is a big-time lab breeder she's into the English show dogs. Ido not agree in that regard in fact she's. One of the people in the AKC. That tried to lead the charge to split Labradors in the to breach the short stocky fat English dogs which is. What the show dog people like. And the tall long-legged field trialing dogs like Lily which is. What the hunters like rabid doors traditionally have been used for hunting, and so they've been trying to she's been. One of the people this charge trying to get the AKC to recognize labs. Now is two distinct different breeds. Idisagree with it, but we'll see her name is Marianne. She used to write the column for the AKC for Labrador Retrievers.

    She was very well very much respected judge dog handler dog breeder. It comes to the world of show dogs in Labrador Retriever there's not a lot of champion lines. You don't have the Beachfront breed in them. And that's what she reads breeds the beech craft labs so hey Allan take honey looks identical to Old Yeller see. Now ol Yeller would have been a field type dog. He was not the the English type show dog so huh she's a good girl. Ilike Billy I do think it's funny. Many people are giving me a hard time in the comments about Lily apparently no things. What I'm talking about. It comes to training a dog. Iunderstand an easier cat reaction dog got. It Pete take it a short let. It go pee and that's. All well and good when I'm in a situation like.

    Or tied up in a marina. Whatever every night. What happens we make crossings. Iwanted to do a four-day sail across Lake Erie. And not stop would have. What about sailing across the Atlantic. Or the Pacific there's no place to stop take the dog for a walk the dog has to learn has to be trained to go on the boat it's. That simple now not a pleasant situation mind. Idon't relish the idea of my dog peeing and pooping on the boat together let's clean but it's the best case scenario for her. She will take advantage of going ashore every opportunity. She can but I want her to understand to be comfortable to know. That it's okay to go on the boats which. You have to knowing Lily as. She will go on the boat as a very last alternative but. Iwanted to be able to understand. She can not get punished for it.

    And not be worried about. It so no she'll go when she's getting ready that's right in the meantime she's in her safe spot. Now normally at home. Ihave a dog crate for some extra renting and her dog craters are safe spot. Nothing bad ever happens in the dog crate well here on the boat. She has a little blankie here in the corner. You see the red wall Pendleton blanket there that's her safe spot. Idon't care what she do I'll bet. She jumps up on she doesn't. That she's safe she's not kind of like. You know playing tag we're good. You know if Ike. Something bad I catch her before. She gets to the mat she's fair game but. Once she's up in her bed she's perfectly safe so.

    This was a fire hi girl gosh. Iworking Sorrenti I'll check the PM's no problem. You need to add the Pay Pal in description. It is William in description down below there's a link for the paypal for some reason. However no matter what I try to do. Ican't make it a hot link. You actually have to copy. And paste I cannot I've tried numerous times. Icannot get it to work as a hot link but. It is in the description down below. On the two days they'll be ready cool good deal Sorrenti is awesome. Idon't want to eat a pistachioI'm just so off. You get a pistachio just weird Oh pass on somebody's. Some countries don't want dogs on shore without a lot of difficulty yes that's true no plastic. You know what my attitude about. That is there in those countries don't need to see my money do. Iwill sail along I will sail right on by no problem oh.

    It fit okay fix I'm trying I cannot get. That to work as a hotlink. We don't know about very pretty Oh ma'am mama streets a very pretty area here. And Lake Erie this is so weird. You know up along the coast. And today I motored. All along the coast. Icould see the land the whole time. Istayed about a mile offshore but just Falls contour. And it's you know very typical kind of stuff. All the same thing except for eerie areas like there's big boobs ticking out in the lake. This gots a little Inner Harbor it's really kind of neat so. And decided to us is the best. And cheapest well that may be true Connie okay. What the Lake Erie here it's been a pleasure so far really has um there are.

    Some drawbacks the waters cold. You know makes you difficult to swim fishings good. You know I hadn't thought of. You may be right maybe that's just the way YouTube had to set up. That PayPal will or yeah PayPal will not work as a link. They do want you to use the chat PayPal takes 30% of a super shot to. Me that's usury in the financial world. We have the term Ussery that's. Where banks charging excessive interest so Alan no. Ihaven't made the cut. II was doing the livestream. Igot in here and was just kind of doing some research on my weather window for tomorrow. What I'm gonna do tomorrow then realize. And so no I have not I've not eaten a catfish. Yet I'm just about to get to. That's what I'm eating pistachio. Because I'm not hungry um I'm gonna finish up. This live stream here in just a. Few minutes and thirty years was too high oh yeah thirty is just ridiculously too.

    Ijust just insanely — huh okay are. We back down ma'am I don't know. Ithought I had great cell service here but apparently not okay I'm gonna sit. You guys here on the steps for a second well. Iorganized for a minute got to get my shoes on I'm gonna show. You guys around the marina here no Lily. You don't want those. Idon't like I think we're gonna end. This here pretty soon. Because for some reason of them foot the cell service. That I'm okay that's Presque Isle marina right there. This ridiculously beautiful in. Ican see around there absolutely gorgeous. And those of you wanted to see the cap there. It is yellow bitch okay spit that's. What I'm having for dinner. This evening will you leave. Igot catch this Rolo grab my crappy top I'll hear anyhow so there.

    It guys there's a catfish. And there's a look around the marine that's just beautiful here.

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    Iwant to show you a new presentation. That we're fishing for big northern pike we're fishing at about ten twelve foot of water. These fish are cruising through a foot off the bottom five-foot below the ice right in the middle of the water column. What we're using is a refined quick strike rig. This is called a North land predator rig. And it's basically a two treble hook system. That allows me to present the bait in a horizontal position. You know when you're crappie fishing or pan fishing and. You want to present. That jig with a wax worm in a very horizontal position. This predator rig allows. Me to do this with. This large Sacramento it's about ten. And a half inches 11 inches. What I'm able to do with the rod. And the reel when the fish comes in. Ican raise that bait up. That naturally swims in front of. That northern pike and a lot of times. They absolutely smoke. This type of presentation. Ican let the fish run. Whether the fish hits the bait crosswise hits. It from the head or hits her from the tail. Ijust let him run and set the hook the little trout are the treble hooks with the little spinners above. One give us a little flutter action give. Is a little bit of motion. And that's you rig them up don't hook the minnow in the mouth. It allows them in order to breathe so. Ihave a real lively bait. Whenever the fish comes into the hole is. That men will really start to go. When those fish come in use the electronics bring the bait up.

    And they'll freight train hit at big time.

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    then the magic hour is upon. You know that hour. And ice-fishing where. All comes down to Twilight. And the fish start to move. And what's most important on your lure. It has to glow because baby sometimes. It don't glow you don't want to go. And that's why I'm really excited to share with. You a brand-new product launched from North land fishing tackle called the Glo shot spoon we've. All come to love the flutter spoon the Buckshot flutter spoon. This shape has been awesome due to the fact it's lightweight. And flutters down in front of a fish's nose. And entices them to bite but. Now we've replaced the Buckshot with. This glow shot stick in the back check. That out that actually glows so. You know the glow sticks we've seen them at parties. And what-have-you it's a little stick. You crack and look at it's gonna light up. And glow in either red chartreuse. Or green so you can grab ahold of your spoon flip. And slide and it's gonna snap right into place just like. That so you're here I've got a red. You could you decide. You want chartreuse. Or green you can do. You look at all the different colors you've got to choose from a whole pile of glow shot spoon colors to choose from regardless of your fish crappies walleyes perch what-have-you comes with a neat little tool like. It comes time to swap. It put it's real easy to pop out your glow stick grab a different color. And replace this is the glow shot spoon from North land fish. And a go I don't know about. Ican't wait for it to get dark.

    These fish are not going to be able to resist.

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  • Made of tungsten that's 30% heavier than lead
  • Fine-wire hook angled at 45° increases your hooking percentage
  • Greater density and reduced water resistance means more felt bites
  • Made to sink fast, Clam Outdoors Pro Tackle Drop Jig XL is made of tungsten that's 30% heavier than lead. Large, fine-wire hook angled at 45° increases your hooking percentage and holds on to the bait. Its greater density and reduced water resistance translates into more felt bites.
    • 1/16 oz., size 8 hook
    • 1/32 oz., size 10 hook Colors: (003)Glow Red, (009)Gold, (010)Glow White, (012)Chartreuse/Blue Glow Bar, (015)Chartreuse/Pink Glow Spot, (016)White/Pink Glow.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    VMC® Tungsten Nymph Jig

  • Micro profile
  • Heavy-duty tungsten quickly drops into the strike zone 
  • Pre-rigged with Trigger X Nymph tasty, textured soft baits
  • Exclusive VMC Power Gap hook for increased hookups
  • Glows for up to 15 minutes
  • VMC's Tungsten Numph Jig features a bold, micro profile and heavy-duty, fast-dropping tungsten construction that quickly delivers your realistic presentation to the strike zone. Pre-rigged with Trigger X® Nymph soft baits that attract fish with lifelike taste and texture. Exclusive VMC Power Gap hook increases your hookup percentage via its wide round gap. Glows for up to 15 minutes below the surface.
    Sizes: 1/16 oz., 1/32 oz.
    Colors: (001)Glow Red, (002)Glow, (003)Glow Chartreuse, (005)Green Orange Glow, (006)Orange Chartreuse Glow, (007)Pink Chartreuse Glow.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    The new tungsten chandelier jig from BMC offers anglers a bold new design. That functions as a supercharged mechanism for deep water deployment targeting fast-moving crappie roaming over an open basin not a problem VMC's tungsten chandelier jig sinks to the intended depth like a fish seeking missile. While the inverted conical head design delivers superior sonar returns making it easier. Than ever before to differentiate between a light biting perch crappie. Or bluegill and your bait fish. It planes are add your favorite trigger ex soft bait. Or live bait — the super sharp VMC treble hook to entice your target species the new BMC tungsten chandelier is offered in eight colors including two metallic finishes. And six ultra glow colors giving anglers up to 15 minutes of continuous charge the tungsten chandelier jig is molded from high density tungsten which offers the same weight as traditional lead at half the size. And is available in three sizes 3/16 1/8. And 1/16 ounce to cover a wide variety of species. And applications when the fish are on the move. And the ability to get a bait in front of a fish fast is the difference between cleaning house. And going home empty-handed don't settle for anything less. Than the new tungsten chandelier jig the hard-hitting heavyweight from BMC.

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    Clam Outdoors™ Pro Tackle Drop Jig

  • Made of tungsten that’s 30% more dense than lead
  • Fine-wire hook angled at 45° increases your hooking percentage
  • Greater density and reduced water resistance means more felt bites
  • Made to sink fast, the Clam Outdoors Pro Tackle Drop Jig is made of tungsten that's 30% more dense than lead. Bulbous front and tapered back delivers a small, compact presentation. Fine-wire hook angled at 45° increases your hooking percentage and holds on to the slabs. Its greater density and reduced water resistance translates into more felt bites. Per each.
    • 1/32 oz., size 14 hook 
    • 1/16 oz., size 12 hook
    Colors: (003)Glow Red, (008)Glow Purple Tiger, (009)Gold, (010)Glow White, (011)Pink/Glow Dot, (012)Chartreuse/Blue Glow Bar (013)Chartreuse/Glow Wonder Bread, (014) Chartreuse/Orange Glow Bar, (061)Black Glow White Spot, (099)Glow Firetiger, (112)Glow White Wonder Bread.
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    Clam Outdoors™ Glow Leach Flutter Spoon

  • Unique shape for back and forth action
  • High-vis colors lure fish into striking
  • Charge with blue light Jig Charger
  • The unique shape of the Clam Glow Leach Flutter Spoon falls and tumbles back and forth to entice fish into striking. The high-vis glow colors shine brightly to lure fish in. Charge the spoon with the blue light Jig Charger (sold separately) and watch them glow. Lightweight zinc alloy material flutters effortlessly and is environmentally friendly. The attracting feathered treble fools fish into striking.
    Sizes: 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz.
    Colors: (664)Glow Rainbow, (665)Glow Watermelon, (667)Glow Chartreuse Purple Tiger, (668)Glow Chartreuse Pink Tiger, (669)Glow Red, (670)Glow Firetiger.

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    VMC® Tear Drop Jig

    Whether you choose to drop an ultraviolet, natural, or holographic finish into the water, no fish can resist the unique wide profile of the Tear Drop Jig. Its shape mimics fingerling-sized baitfish, a food source that active predators seek out at all times of the year. Works perfectly when fished with a float, dead stick or tip-up. Ultra Glow pigments last up to 15 minutes. Per each.
    • 1/16 oz. – #6 Hook
    • 1/8 oz. – #4 Hook
    • 1/4 oz. – #2 Hook
    Colors: (001)Glow Blue Shiner, (002)Glow Red Shiner, (003)Glow Pink Fire UV, (004)Glow Orange Fire UV, (005)Shiner, (006)Glow Chartreuse Shiner, (007)Glow Gold Fish, (008)Yellow Perch, (009)Glow Green Fire UV, (010)Perch.

    VMC's teardrop jig live baits perfect partner with its oversized holographic eye UV colors. And natural holographic finishes the teardrop is the go-to jig. When fishing live bait under a float dead stick. Or tip up the jigs unique wide profile teardrop shape mimics fingerling size bait fish. And other aquatic food. That active feeding predators seek out. All winter long when predators are looking for a meal but are unwilling to chase down a shiner fat head. Or chub in escape mode the VMC teardrop jig pins the bait in the strike zone making it an irresistible offering the combination of the teardrop jigs profile. And its holographic. And ultra glow pigments creates an extremely realistic presentation the teardrop jig is offered in three sizes. And a wide variety of UV colors natural bait fish patterns holographic finishes. And ultra glow pigments. That hold a charge with up to 15 minutes. You don't want your live bait to go. It alone the MCs teardrop jig is the perfect partner.

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    VMC® Tungsten Wingding Jig

  • Pre-rigged Trigger X body
  • Power Gap hook
  • Great for crappie and other panfish
  • Heavy tungsten gets your bait down fast
  • Draw the attention of finicky fish with the VMC Tungsten Wingding Jig. Pre-rigged Trigger X® body sports waving tentacles that trigger bites from finicky fish. Power Gap hook sports a 5% wider gap than traditional jig hooks. Tungsten weight gets your bait down fast. Great for crappie and other panfish species. Per 2.
    Sizes: 1/32 oz., 1/16 oz.
    Colors: (001)Red Glow, (002)Glow, (003)Chartreuse Glow, (004)Crappie Minnow, (005)Green Orange Glow, (006)Orange Chartreuse Glow, (007)Pink Chartreuse Glow, (008)Mayfly.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    The new tungsten chandelier jig from BMC offers anglers a bold new design. That functions as a supercharged mechanism for deep water deployment targeting fast-moving crappie roaming over an open basin not a problem VMC's tungsten chandelier jig sinks to the intended depth like a fish seeking missile. While the inverted conical head design delivers superior sonar returns making it easier. Than ever before to differentiate between a light biting perch crappie. Or bluegill and your bait fish. It planes are add your favorite trigger ex soft bait. Or live bait — the super sharp VMC treble hook to entice your target species the new BMC tungsten chandelier is offered in eight colors including two metallic finishes. And six ultra glow colors giving anglers up to 15 minutes of continuous charge the tungsten chandelier jig is molded from high density tungsten which offers the same weight as traditional lead at half the size. And is available in three sizes 3/16 1/8. And 1/16 ounce to cover a wide variety of species. And applications when the fish are on the move. And the ability to get a bait in front of a fish fast is the difference between cleaning house. And going home empty-handed don't settle for anything less. Than the new tungsten chandelier jig the hard-hitting heavyweight from BMC.

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    Northland® Walleye Wacker 33-Piece Ice-Fishing Assortment

  • Hand-selected by the Team Northland Pro Staff
  • Contains an array of lures and tackle to put more fish on the ice
  • Northland's Walleye Wacker 33-Piece Ice-Fishing Assortment was developed by the Team Northland Pro Staff to help you put more fish on the ice. Contains an array of lures and tackle made to catch whopping walleye. Kit includes: ice spoons, Impulse® soft plastics, accessories and terminal tackle. Colors and sizes vary.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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    Maynards Tackle Tungsten Slim Grub – Per 2

  • Long-lasting fish-attracting glow
  • Crafted and painted by hand
  • Small size-to-wt. ratio
  • Strong, ultrasharp hooks
  • The powerful glow from Maynards Tackle Tungsten Slim Grubs gives you an edge over hard-to-find fish. Expose them to natural or LED light for 15 minutes for a long-lasting, fish-attracting glow up to two hours and illumination up to five hours. Environmentally safe, the handcrafted and -painted grubs mimic water larvae and slide through the water with a subtle glide. Small size-to-wt. ratio drops fast and easily punches through slush and weeds. Ultrasharp double-strength premium hooks. Per 2.
    Sizes: 1/24 oz., #8 hook; 1/36 oz., #10 hook.
    Colors: (001)Perch, (002)Sunfish, (003)Crayfish, (005)Bluegill.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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    Clam Outdoors™ Pro Tackle Maki Jamei XL

    Clam Outdoors' Pro Tackle Maki Jamei XL is the perfect shrimp imitator. Hand-poured and super soft, the bait has twin tails and side cilia that add realism. Use it for large panfish and all game fish – specifically crappie, bluegill, perch, trout, walleye and sauger. Thread it on a jig for horizontal presentation. Per 6.
    Size: 1-1/2".
    Colors: (021)Motor Oil, (023)Red, (025)Glow, (061)Chartreuse Glow, (066)Hot Pink Glow.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    13 Fishing Ice Plastics Mini Quatro

  • Perfect for finesse presentations
  • Sensitive action entices strikes
  • Built-in scent attracts fish, even in murky water
  • 13 Fishing's Ice Plastics Mini Quatro features four long arms that wiggle at the slightest hint of movement, making it ideal for high-finesse presentations. Unique action, details and scent tempt strikes out of the wariest panfish and trout. Per 6.
    Size: 36mm.
    Colors: (001)White No. 1 (not shown), (003)Black Magic, (004)Radioactive Pickle, (006)Greenhead, (007)Bubble Gum, (008)Purple Rain.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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