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  Smith's® Disposable Gut Hooks Cabela's Game-Cleaning Gloves CRKT® Homefront Hunter
  Smith's® Disposable Gut Hooks Cabela's Game-Cleaning Gloves CRKT® Homefront Hunter
Brand Cabela's CRKT SMITH'S

Smith's® Disposable Gut Hooks

  • Razor-sharp blade
  • Blunt tip
  • Plastic handle
  • Nonslip design
  • There's no reason to sharpen Smith's Disposable Gut Hooks. When one gets dull, just toss it and grab another. A razor-sharp blade neatly zips open the abdominal cavity on deer and other big-game species, and a blunt tip avoids puncturing the gut. The plastic handle features an ergonomic, nonslip design for detailed work. Lightweight, compact and easy to carry in a pack or pocket. Per 4.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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    Cabela's Game-Cleaning Gloves

  • One pair of shoulder-length gloves
  • One pair of form-fitting gloves
  • Includes 10"L x 10"W towelette
  • Use our Game-Cleaning Gloves to stay clean while dressing your game. Includes one pair of shoulder-length gloves with elastic bands at the top as well as a pair of lightly powdered, latex-free form-fitting gloves to suit all your dressing needs. Also includes 10"L x 10"W disinfectant towelette. Imported.
    Available: Single, Four-Pack.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    CRKT® Homefront Hunter

  • Field Strip technology allows you to disassemble without any tools
  • Tough, corrosion-resistant 1.4116 stainless steel blade
  • Glass-reinforced nylon handle for a secure, nonslip grip
  • Boasting signature Field Strip technology designed by Ken Onion, CRKT's Homefront Hunter allows you to easily disassemble it – no matter where you are and without any tools. That way, you can clean your knife in the field and get back to what's at hand. Tough 1.4116 stainless steel blade resists corrosion exceptionally well and is easy to re-sharpen, making it an ideal tool for hard jobs. Glass-reinforced nylon handle delivers the nonslip grip you need for superior control. Locking liner secures blade in place.
    Blade length: 3.57”.
    OAL: 8.25”.
    Closed length: 4.74”.
    Wt: 4.2 oz.


     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    fake balls here Ryu. Another knife unboxing the SI r kt knife. This is actually my birthday present for my grandparents. What it is I opened. It already cuz I was at her house. She wanted me to open. It so but I'm gonna open. What it looks like you open. This is exactly it came in the box. Ihaven't put the wrapping back on. It there's the knife itself will give into. That so here's this is the home front by the way. This is the C CRKT home front. Or Columbia River knife. And tools you don't know. That means this is the instructions. Ihave to disassemble. Isee was this confidence in the hand. Idon't know what this is yeah so. How to impress your father-in-law number. One have a high paying job number two learn to cook the perfect steak. And number three carry a. Whatever this is a bottle opener for his beer so a. Everyone gonna impress your father-in-law that's. You would do you impress your mother. You know all right so the knife pretty smooth. Iwill say you don't open. It fast enough you'll kind of like not open. All the way I don't know. Itry to do it didn't work so. This is the home front with the field-strip technology so. Ithought this would be a great knife to use. If you're gonna get.

    It dirties because it's really easy to clean so looks like a drop-point style blade. This is AusAID you didn't know not the greatest of stainless steel but it'll do the job. These handles are aluminum. And it's actually really light. And as a matter of fact. Ican compare the size to the bug out so that's the two sizes obviously a bigger really sharp let's get. Some paper to test this so yeah pretty sharp did. It yeah Hawaii looking at. That so by the way a little bit on the update of the bug out. It to cut open some hard plastic. And so there's some big zip ties. And haven't sharpened. And it's still paper sharp yeah my girl is recording I'm here for the weekend I'm actually out of town. While you're watching this video so um so. You want to know how to take. These apart what you'll do is there's a little spin wheel right here. And then you'll just spin. It whichever way all there is so.

    This way until you hear. It clicks like and then you'll turn. This lever over to the side like. And then the knife should come apart. And it's got the instructions on how to put. It back together on the inside of the aluminum so looks like it's running on like nylon bushings the blade. It is a liner lock and here's. This little wheel and I'm not gonna lie but. It looks like right there. Idon't know you can see. It looks like the blade hits the inside spacer which isn't good at. All but yeah I'll give. You guys an update video on. This I'm still working on trying to feel teste Bark River knife. And the bug out so far the bug outs held up with no problems. Iactually have that with. Me out of town and it's pretty bad ass. And oh yeah you gotta hold. This yeah so when you're putting it back together. You have to hold this with your finger so. It doesn't push out. And then you're just pop. This back over I can get. That bad boy in there what's so funny do.

    You miss me out of town. She doesn't really miss. Me yeah so maybe it's a little harder to get back together. Ithought maybe I'm doing something wrong Ijust put it apart yeah, so I'm not a pro at. Ican't get it back together then I'll figure. You think baby thing. This is a good knife design. All right let's see. What I can't get this back together. Ithink it's I have a noon of the way let's see. It should just press the pivot down hold the pivot bolt rates eight we'll. All right so let's do. That rotate the wheel okay hold. This down and rotate the labor. And it's not working yeah so maybe. It needs to be a little bit easier to take apart. And put back together maybe the blade has to be opened. It doesn't say that on the instructions so guess. What guys just figure. This out never seen a video on.

    It before but um okay. Iwas having problems blocking getting back. And yeah let you what's going on here okay so the way. This knife is designed. This pivot screw can't be tightened at. It has to be loose well at least in mine okay so first off. Itighten I had to take. It apart to figure this out so. Itighten I bet I'm barely tightening it okays. It stops moving it's not going anymore. And I'm not putting any. More twerk so it is in the lost position so. It won't open up so let's see. We try to you know flip. It open okay extremely hard to flip open okay so. Ican flip that open I'll loosen. It opens okay here's the deal not only does.

    You know do that but. You loosen it guesses. What looks at that look at. That gap in between there. And then compared to. Itighten that the blade centering is off. You can't really use a knife like. That's because I'm telling you. This is taking me some force to open. And close a knife this will not flip open. It is tightened all the way not only. You tighten all the way right. You go to field-strip. You can't it locks in okay locks in place can't feel the strip. You have to loosen it loosens. It comes undone and then. You do your little screw clicks take. No think is that pivot screw still loose. It comes out slips out. You know over time that's not. Idon't think they sell replacement parts on. This so that's a big design flaw right there so putting it back together holding the pivot screw on the bottom that's. What it says to do and then hold the star can't lock.

    It in place okay let. What the instructions say so hold. It hold it gonna tighten. It rights it's tight still unlocked. You can't won't move. You have to come back here loosen. It a little bit push. It back closed hold. And then Oh voila it closes guess. What looks at that gap in between there's a gap right there throwing off the blade alignment. You got to tighten that up not only. You tighten it up can't flip. It open so I don't know. What crk T's plan on. That was or what's going on here but uh yeah for a flipper. You know the you know it's a cool concept but yeah. This is a I'm not gonna recommend. This knife to anyone like. This costed the same almost the same prices as the bug out it's flawless compared to. This knife so yeah not only. That the blade on the bug out is s30v. This is only AUSA 8th. And as a matter of fact. One hundred and fifty dollars. How much would you pay for.

    That like 150 one was 80 no. One was aging mm-hmm it's a hundred. And fifty I looked at the website. This is 150 it's 80 Amazon wells. You fund this knife for 80 it's still not worth. It okays save up get a bug out. You actually try to buy. This from another website it's gonna be. More expensive so yeah. Ithought you know that's crazy like yeah it's got field-strip technology yeah oh yeah but. You can't you can't use. If it's properly you know tightened. And tuned you loosen. It a little bit it automatically just throws. That alignment offs just throw in the alignment off. You loosen and then. You can't torque you torque. This locking mechanism for the disassembly doesn't work. You know this is supposed to be a tool is a toys feel strippable knife. You can use and yeah with. This you're not gonna get. That you're gonna get a poorly designed not hitting on Kent onion but you're gonna get a poorly designed flipper that's gonna cost.

    You way Mart way what it's worth. And yeah I don't know. You think they're worth. Or not so yeah now I'm just gonna try to their's a big gap in here from. Me trying to loosen. And seeing how this flips yeah so definitely not a smooth flipper definitely need. Some wrist action cool concept don't get. Me wrong but yeah this knife was not ready for production not in. This state look at I tighten. You won't even be able to do. That as a matter of fact as tight as. You field-strip you won't be able to put. It back together I should loosen the back pivot screw so yeah definitely not gonna recommend. This knife one was a bust. This is the first bust I've had out of. All the knives I got don't get. Me wrong it would have been cool. You know it's cool design stuff it's got. Some really hardcore jimping and. You know it looks like it's very rugged. And ready to do some hard work but. What good's a knife. You have complications opening and closing and then let alone.

    You need more tools to field-strip. When it's supposed to be a field trip friendly knife so guys. If you're looking for a good field trip knife folder. You can use out in the fields do not recommend the CRKT home front. Any field strip knife. They have because uh who knows. What you're gonna get maybe you'll get a bus like. And who do you know who knows maybe. You already have one of these on the way. It hasn't gotten to. You don't have the same problems. One has but yeah so pretty much. You want to feel rip. It you're gonna need to totally take off. This bag pivot and to tighten. You can't even torque. All the way so you can risk losing this pivot screw so uh anyways guys that's the CRKT home front with the field trip technology. And it's got a disapproval by. Me so who knows maybe. You guys are having better luck anyways hope. You enjoyed the video. And I'll see you guys in the next. One Fabo signing out.

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