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  Mr. Heater® Golf-Cart Heater Mr. Heater Forced Air Propane Heater Mr. Heater® 38,000-BTU Forced-Air Propane Heater
  Mr. Heater® Golf-Cart Heater Mr. Heater Forced Air Propane Heater Mr. Heater® 38,000-BTU Forced-Air Propane Heater
Brand Mr. Heater Mr. Heater Mr. Heater
Wt  17 lbs. 3.9 lbs. -

Mr. Heater® Golf-Cart Heater

  • 4,000 BTUs provide high-intensity radiant heat
  • Wind-resistant screen protects burner and pilot system
  • Runs on a 1-lb. propane cylinder for up to 5.5 hours
  • Don't let cold weather throw off your game. Mr. Heater's Golf-Cart Heater reaches up to 4,000 BTUs to provide high-intensity radiant heat for cozy warmth on the course. Plus, a wind-resistant screen shields the burner and pilot system from heat-stealing gusts. Oxygen-depletion system shuts the heater off if the surrounding oxygen level drops to unsafe levels. Tip-over safety switch. Runs on a 1-lb. propane cylinder for up to 5.5 hours. CSA certified.
    Wt: 3.9 lbs.
    19"H x 7"W x 9.5"D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    You do today my friends mr green. And we're gonna do a little unboxing video. And talk about mr heaters new contractor series cabinet heater so. And picked it wasn't on sale it's 179. And it's mystery aiders contractors here is portable propane cabinet heater. It has three heat settings so. It does six thousand twelve thousand eighteen thousand BTUs per hour so. It says it'll heat up to fourteen fifty square feet operates 72 hours on a 20-pound tank I'm assuming. That 72 hours would be on the six thousand BTU setting and that's the thing they. You know it on 12 you'll have to take. You know probably fifteen hours off of. You know thirty hours off of. That so but for many years. Ihave been using the mr heater buddy little buddy heater. And that's six and nine thousand BTUs been a great little heater. Ido live in Canada. And yeah it says for outdoor use only I've used. This in my house for four five years. And never had an issue. Ihave an o2 sensor. And carbon dioxide sensor. And I've never had them read.

    Anything like mine are digital. They only ever read zero I've never had them read. Anything other I do live in an old drafty house so. That may be a huge consideration too so. Imean it's not terribly drafty but. Ido have some air leaks around. Because it's still under renovations so but anyways onto. This so the nice thing about. This new model is it comes with wheels. And the tank fits in the back, so I'm gonna get set up here. And we'll we'll do a bit of an unboxing here okay again. This is going to be to help heat the house. And heat my shot — by doing work on my snowblower. And stuff not something I run year round obviously.

    We only run you know in the real cold months of January. And February here in Canada. It gets down to minus 20 degrees Celsius not sure. That is in Fahrenheit for you Americans but comes with a manual right up here on top of course lots of extra packaging and then I'm gonna put. This down on the ground. And we'll put this off. All right the rest of the box is empty so. This thing on wrap finish on. It's supposed to be. All steel which it is probably like a 16 gauge steel pretty thin steel maybe. Even 20 gauge probably close to the 20 gauge. And the nice thing about. This over the other contractor series which is. You can get ones that are. They it's a long piece of metal. And then it's got a different kind of burner in. These are the ceramic ones the same as used in the other mr buttons so.

    They should be just fine, so we'll do a quick little so. You got your three burners here pilot light. That stuff almost exactly the same as the buddy heater the only thing I wish. One had was a fan built-in right in here. And I'm not gonna tell. You to do this but. Ido have a fan I may fit inside. This top part here just to really help move. That air around let. It around here for you in the back. This stuff so it's all zip tied in their cut. And then we'll give. You a measurement tip on the cord. That comes on I can't remember the lane it's not like. Ibought the extension. One for the mess somebody heathen. It was nice it was 12 feet away from. One cocaine zanko's in the back which seems oddly strange to. Me to be that close to the source. And the other thing I read online was. That in the manual this says.

    That a tank should be 12 feet away which is possible. When it's placed in the back so but nonetheless. You get four wheels two of the wheels are already attached onto. This back plate I'm assuming this back. It will fit right onto here yeah. You can see the little tabs here, so we'll get. That on there and I'm gonna have to go grab a screwdriver, so we'll be back here in a second okay so in the bottom there is just two little slots so. You just slide those in there'll be. One on the back one on the front. And then you screw the wheels on with. This okay, so they screw right in here on the bottom. These are locking caster so we'll get. Both of them on there.

    And then there's two little block screws. That fit back into these holes here yeah, so they're they're locking and swivel casters okay so. All of the casters are locked we'll unlock them. All it's actually rolls around here pretty good, so I'll unhook. This line here propane line say it's about 16 inches long here I'm going to move. You back here again. And we'll reset up okay. That we've got everything out. And we've got of course the warning instructions in here. What we can do is we can put a propane tank in. Igot a full propane tank here 20 pounders. Ido have 30 pounders but the looks of. They will not fit with. You could get it seems a bit unusual. It doesn't fit in there so nice it's already hitting the back huh something's not right.

    Ido have everything in the right place but. They have the tank here. It lines up are completely different unusual. This meant for 20-pound tank. Idon't know this is just a different style of tank but. You stick it in there. It does not fit you could just have. It rests like that but. It does not even come close to fitting in the slots. That are better provided there which kind of makes. This tip see that mafia. Idon't know I don't know. If that's a tank thing or. If that's something. That I'm doing wrong here but. Ican tell that I've got. It installed properly. Now I've never seen. What it looks like on the back of. Idid do some videos. And stuff but no I do have. It in the right spot yep anyways propane regulator here. Imay have to purge. This not seeing as it's the first time I'm hooking the tank up okay so there's. That on I'm just going to temporarily put.

    This one for you guys. Ihave never started. Because obviously just watch. Me unbox and I'm not gonna let. It runs too long because it's the first time it's ran. And I'm gonna take it outside. You know let it burn off there. Any of the new paint. That so but anyways here. We go we'll turn on the propane tank okay propane's on. And then we would go to pilot so you're pushing down there. We go oh just takes. It to get the there. We go so then you hold. This down for somewhere 15 to 25 seconds. It says 30 to 60 in the book I've never had to hold. That long this is probably good alright already so okay so there. And I'm going to turn off the big overhead light just so. You can see the elements.

    And we'll move it over to low there. It is on low they usually do take a little. While to really get read the ceramic so that's on high. That is an enormous amount of heat already but there. You go I'm not gonna let. All warm up like I want to take. It outside it do its first run out there but yeah I'm pretty happy with. That actually the only thing I don't like is the way the tank fits in right. Ican actually show. You before I'm done here. It does not fit into the groove into the back seeing how far in it's supposed to be in. It won't work so but. It is sitting up there. And it's not going to go anywhere so but alright. Everybody thanks a lot for checking out. This video please remember to subscribe. And as always you click. That thumbs up button would be greatly appreciated have a great day.

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    Mr. Heater Forced Air Propane Heater

  • Clean-burning propane
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Adjusts from 30,000 to 60,000 BTUs/hour
  • Need clean-burning heat outdoors? Get it fast with the portable, prolific warmth of concentrated forced air. Heat up to a 1,250-sq.-ft. area for 14 hours with a standard 20-lb. propane canister on low setting. Adjust output between 30,000 and 60,000 BTUs per hour. Continuous ignition and a high-powered electric fan produce instant results. Includes propane hose and regulator. Automatic shut-off. High-temperature limiting switch. CSA certified. Perfect for loading docks, work sites, barns and emergencies.

    Okay guys this is Tim we're gonna do a review on a mr heater propane heater for the garage. And we're gonna show. You a little bit about. How I've got it hooked up here. How to start it pulled up. You get the set screw put in the side here so. It keeps it up it'll step on its own but. You need two screws to help make sure. It stays you want to hook up here into your line into the side here off the front not onto the little red stem. That push this is gonna help. It started make sure it's good. And tight run your tank over here put the regulator side on your tank it's got a reverse tight thread so. That might confuse you a little bit. If you're having a problem get. It started after you've got. That hooked up open your tank up come back over here make sure you've got. It turned on to the low / light setting I wanted to set the camera down for a second guys make sure. You still see there you're gonna want to hold. And push igniter you might take. This little bit you get a Josie monopolist as. You can hear this thing does have a little bit of noise — not unbearable here. You can just why didn't always do a place. She needs off the people may be wrong but. You want to hate it up shirring very wise I've got roughly. Ican warn 10 degrees 10.

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    Mr. Heater® 38,000-BTU Forced-Air Propane Heater

  • Heats up to 950 sq. ft.
  • 50% quieter than standard propane heaters
  • Factory-installed piezoelectric ignition for easy starting
  • Thermoelectric safety shut-off valve
  • Includes 10-ft. propane hose and regulator assembly
  • Mr. Heater's 38,000-BTU Forced-Air Propane Heater heats up to 950 sq. ft. and does so running 50% quieter than a standard propane heater thanks to Quiet Burner Technology. Hook up the provided 10-ft. propane hose and regulator assembly to a 20-lb. propane cylinder (not included) and use the factory-installed piezoelectric ignition to reliably start heating. The odorless, clean-burning heater operates up to 12 hours on a 20-lb. propane cylinder. Thermoelectric safety valve shuts off gas flow if the flame ever goes out. Factory-installed high-limit switch prevents overheating. Manufacturer's one-year warranty.
    20.25"L x 9.5"W.
    Wt: 17 lbs.

    Everyone today I'm doing a review on a mr heater propane heater I'm going to do the review. Icouldn't find before. Ibought and hopefully it'll help. Someone else here's the model number. Ibelieve right here. Iwas looking for something. Ineeded a portable heat source. This winter has been pretty hard on. Me my gas meter went bad the regulator. We were without heat. Some little small propane heater. Iwanted something larger to be prepared next time. This is going to be perfect here's just to give. You a reference of the size. This is a you know sixteen point nine ounce bottle here. This thing and what I was looking for how does. It fit together how does. It go on a propane tank let's take a look at. Once already just to see. It worked and it's starting to discolour the chrome. Where there were the guardrail is. Whatever it's called it's actually decent for the money I'm gonna be honest with. You I'm gonna fire it up here in a second but. Iwant to show you the parts. Iwas looking for this is. Something you need to hold. Iremember right you turn. It on high you press. And light and it's like a thermocouple.

    You hold this until the flame burns. You know about a minute then. It go then the gas supply flows on its own. You go to tilt you push on. This device here this thing won't angle the only thing I needed. That was curious it connected to the pink. And it's actually very easy the only thing I needed to do. You will — there's these three screws right here you're going to put. This bottom piece on. And that's you just put. And the three screws are supplied. These screws right on. This is the sewer connects to the tank well. If you're not familiar with propane connections. This may be new to you thread. This part there're two fittings on a propane tank. One screws clockwise the other.

    One screws counterclockwise so. One is counterclockwise. When you're going to put. It in so you take this protective cover off. You should you actually. This little plastic thing here helps. You to hold that bolt. You screw it backwards so people can't figure. That out for some reason. And here's the here's the valve here here're the settings here off well. That simple this slides in. You know all the propane tanks are made the same on the outside. This slides in and I'll connect. It you'll see you screw. This in to tighten and that's. That easy so you just put. One piece together with a Phillips screwdriver. These three pieces for some reason. And then it slides right on to the tank.

    And remember hold it turns on high light. It go kind of runs on its own. All right I'm going to connect. It out there and fire. It up so it right here it's perfect. Ithink for my size. It creaks up to 45000. You believe what they're saying here there're three settings low medium. And high that should give. Is plenty of heat but it's not. That big and that's. What I like about and it's convenient okay we're out of the garage. And I'll show you here see just slide right in. And then you tighten. This thing holds it in position. All of these propane tanks are built the same out here so. One of these standard. You just pick up more 20-pounder. And I'm gonna screw. It won't be hard to do with the camera but Robards it's counterclockwise then. You know I can't do. This one-handed so I'm gonna connect. And come back this was. One of the complaints.

    Ihave with I should say seems it's gonna turn against the that's I'm tightening it by going counterclockwise till it's tight. This is the complaint on 1/2 the way there're those bends the gauge is actually upside down. Itried to bend this hose the other way to bring the gauge up. And it's just so it doesn't flow the bend doesn't flow well so. They shouldn't think. This put it's like it's weird. It keeps starting to kink on the hose see the host should go like. You want to say it the other way. You know I could probably. Iremove this but I really don't want to do. You know I could adapt. It but see the flow is like. It gets weird this way. All right there it goes took a second but it's. It bends easier the other way yeah see it's its bent. Idon't want to do that way. Because born in Brooklyn but see. How it's the natural flow the hose goes kind of like. This yeah anyway let. It up the show to you okay before. It cook too much here. And fire it up see.

    You bend I pulled this enables. Although I don't doubt the he'll still go straight up but at least. It gives some option to direct. It particularly if it's close to. Something to pull it towards. And back okay let's fire. It up okay I just love. He did was turn it ain't gonna turn. This the high push it with the torch. You know it's on high I'm gonna let. It burns a little bit give it up talk for any temp. And we'll see what the different settings look like okay here. It is burning on high. You know some people made. Some comments it John for sure. Imean for less than $100 I'm pleased with. It right here they feel the heat the burns plates no. Idon't really smell. Anything it's a little bit on a bunch the pants back that's hot.

    It feels dirty nice click to. It this is the review. Iwas looking for okay. Now I'm making it for you. You enjoy it right here. This is love I don't know. How long it was before a long time on. That program lets's go okay there. Ilike I'm glad now in the middle of the winter of course. That gas meter went bad the regulator over the coldest day of the damn year. Iat least have you know substantial secondary heat Peter. Ineeded yeah you know remember. You have to be careful caught my monoxide. This sort of thing yeah. Where do it they're not gonna recommend. These indoors that's for sure but I'm out here in my garage. It is up to you alright well.

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