The 6 Best Alpine Skiing for Ladies

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  Salomon QST Lux 92 Ski - Women's Black Crows Daemon Birdie Ski - Women's Atomic Hawx Prime 95 W Ski Boot - Women's Nordica Promachine 115 Ski Boot - Women's Nordica GPX 105 Ski Boot - Women's K2 Minaret 100 Ski Boot - Women's
  Salomon QST Lux 92 Ski - Women's Black Crows Daemon Birdie Ski - Women's Atomic Hawx Prime 95 W Ski Boot - Women's Nordica Promachine 115 Ski Boot - Women's Nordica GPX 105 Ski Boot - Women's K2 Minaret 100 Ski Boot - Women's
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Brand Salomon Nordica Atomic Black Crows Nordica K2
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 2 years 2 years limited 2 years 2 years 1 year
Recommended Use all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing backcountry touring, freeride
Binding Compatibility - alpine alpine - alpine tech, alpine, alpine touring
Buckles - 4 4 - 4 3
Flex - 105 95 - 115 100
Last Width - 98mm 100mm - 98mm 100
Thermo-moldable Liner - Women's GPX Primaloft yes - yes yes

Salomon QST Lux 92 Ski - Women's

The Salomon Women's QST 92 Ski will be your go-to whether you're railing groomers first thing in the morning or exploring some new terrain days after the last storm. With a 92mm waist width, this all-mountain ski cuts crud and chop with ease, but still rolls from edge to edge like a champ. Its All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 profile lives up to its all-terrain status, with camber underfoot that ensures excellent edge grip on firm snow and a rockered tip that navigates stuff with ease.

Salomon's Spaceframe 3.0 AMB construction starts with an inverted 3D wood core that filters vibration and optimizes stability when you're speeding down the mountain. The CFX carbon superfiber laminate and Koroyd honeycomb tip also increases dampening, while the power platform underfoot enhances your edging on hardpack. No matter what you're riding, the ski's full sandwich sidewall construction increases snow contact so you can ski your hardest.

  • All-mountain ski for exploring terrain and ripping up groomers
  • 92mm waist is quick edge to edge and can hold a solid edge
  • Rocker profile mixes edge hold with float and maneuverability
  • Short turn radius enhances tight turns and navigating trees
  • Lightweight construction keeps you riding all day
  • Titanal layer dampens and smoothes the ride while adding power
  • Koroyd Tip cuts swingweight and prevents chatter at high speeds
  • Item #SAL01IA
  • Rob with Solomon here talking about the new Solomon alpine ski collection for 28:19 and in my hands i have the newest. Version of the salomon lux 92 the qst. Lux 92 has been in the market for a couple of seasons but for this coming year we've done some significant improvements to the interior with a new. Laminate layer the laminate layer and this uses our patented cfx or carbon and. Flax laminate technology and the new cf x3 improves the stability and edge hold. By not only using stringers that run tip to tail but also flax fibers that run. Edge to edge this flax dampens vibration while still providing the carbon performance and high-energy rebound that. You come to expect from a free ride all-mountain ski like the lux 92 the rocker profile through the tip means that this thing transitions from soft snow to hard snow very comfortably it's going to provide you float on the deep days but nice carvable edge grip on the. Days when you're out there enjoying the groomers this is a ski that has been. Loved for years and the newest version is sure to expect.

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    Black Crows Daemon Birdie Ski - Women's

    The Black Crows Women's Daemon Birdie Ski is a hard-charging daily driver that has your back any day of the season. Although it may not be a burly boat that surfs over snorkel-deep blower, the 99mm waist keeps you afloat in the soft stuff while remaining solid and responsive while you're carving hardpack.

    The poplar wood core is light and playful for when you feel like giving it a good huck, and a layer of Titanal under two thirds of the ski combines a stiff and stable flex underfoot with a more progressive flex in the tip and tail. The full reverse camber makes for quick and easy turn initiation while you're dodging tight trees or maneuvering through a tight entrance, while semi-capped sidewalls combine durability with a low swing weight.

  • A playful daily driver for ripping freeride skiers
  • 99mm waist can handle a variety of conditions
  • Full reverse camber for easy turn initiation
  • Poplar wood core is lively and playful
  • Titanal laminate for a solid flex underfoot
  • Sitting in the shadow of Mont Blanc, Chamonix-based Black Crows knows a thing or two about big-mountain skiing
  • Item #BKC003F
  • This is the black rose damon it's a new. Ski for this season this is the women's version but it's also available for guys it's an all-mountain ski but with some. Beefiness too it is definitely not a ski. That you'd ski as an intermediate level ski you do need to be a good skier to ski this but when you are you will. Absolutely love it's going nufs i cut on piste you'll get a really turn you feel more of like. A gse type feel longer turns but you'll. Have stable feel you'll get amazing grip. On ice but with the width of the skier. As you can see kind of more from the base there the width of the ski is wide. So you're going to have a lovely feeling. Off piece, it will be a charger so if you. Like skiing fast you want to keep up with the guys black crowes damon is. Definitely the one you want to go for.

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    Atomic Hawx Prime 95 W Ski Boot - Women's

    The Atomic Women's Hawx Prime 95 W Ski Boot rips groomers, shreds powder, and weaves through trees with a perfect fit and feather-light feel. It boasts a medium-stiff flex that's responsive for intermediate and recreational skiers, and a nice mid-volume last feels comfortable for most average-width feet to fill. Revolutionarily light technology keeps weight off the shell, using reinforcements only where needed—such as the Energy Backbone, which bolsters that boot-to-ski response every skier craves.

    At the heart of this successful collection lies Atomic's Legendary Hawx Feel, which refers to the combination of fit and balance that makes these boots so worthy of praise. Memory Fit technology in the liner provides a comfortable out-of-box fit, which works in harmony with the anatomically-specific last, and its thermo-moldable for dialing in just the right shape. Meanwhile, the ramp angle, stance, and forward lean create a balance that encourages nothing but confidence on the mountain, helping you charge every run like a pro.

  • Lightweight ski boot for exploring the frontside
  • 95 flex balances forgiving comfort with downhill perfomance
  • 100mm last offers welcoming comfort for average volume feet
  • Lightweight shell keeps you feeling fast on the slopes
  • Memory fit liner can be heat molded to create the perfect fit
  • Insulation provides low bulk warmth on cold storm days
  • Reinforced backbone enhances strength and edge grip
  • Item #ATO00CJ
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    Nordica Promachine 115 Ski Boot - Women's

    Built to give you the powerful performance of a race boot, but with all the elements of comfort that you require in an all-mountain charger, the Nordica Promachine 115 Ski Boot is ready to rip down the steepest chutes, weave through the tightest trees, and blast through powder-filled backside bowls. It backs this up with a stiff 115 flex and a slightly higher cuff that'll give expert lady shredders better support and leverage to drive their sticks, and a narrow 98 millimeter last for a snug fit that makes the boot feel secure and reactive.

    The Promachine's shell features a rigid plastic spine that maintains the boot's stiffness and stability on the steeps, in the deep, and through less than optimal snow conditions, with a softer plastic at the instep for a better fit around the foot and easy entry and exit. On the bottom of the boot you'll find Michelin's Gripwalk soles, offering up a big serving of grip as you walk across slick parking lots. Inside the shell, the redesigned liner features a cork material that shapes to your foot over time, or can be thermo-molded for quick customization, enhancing the overall fit and feel of the boot, while Primaloft insulation keeps your foot warm and dry on the most frigid winter days.

  • Race-inspired boot with all-mountain comfort
  • Stiff 115 flex for expert lady shredders
  • Narrow 98mm last provides a snug, performance-oriented fit
  • Stiff plastic along the spine adds stability and power transfer
  • Softer plastic over instep securely wraps foot for secure fit
  • Customizable cork liner contours to your foot
  • Primaloft insulation in liner keeps toes warm on cold, snowy days
  • Gripwalk soles ensure reliable traction on slick surfaces
  • Item #NOR003W
  • Grabbed hold of the new boot from nordica here it's the pro machine launching 2018 19 winter seasons oh it's. A step up from the speed machine it's it. Looks great start with there're two men's. Boots there's a 130 flex and a 120 flex and there're a women's version as well cool thing about it I'm just going to undo the clips here typical classic four. Clip boot really nice feel to it I'm. Just going to work out the liner gonna. Take the liner out you can see here it's. Got this really nice custom quart. Fit so it looks great but actually what. The court does is it supports the ankle here it adds to the performance you've. Also got this foiling the spoiling is exactly the same foiling that they use for marathon runners when they finish their race that adds strength and lightness to the inner sole or to their. To the inner yeah it's a really nice. Looking boot in terms of weight they've. Managed to shave about 25% off the. Weight from the speed machine so it's a much lighter boot but it still has the performance especially in the 130 flex. That you want if you're a high-end piece performance ear so i think the expert. Skiers who like to ski on the piste of course you can get off piece as well it's a strong boot for good free ride. Skiers you could use this it's not a ski touring boot but it's still pretty light at around 175 kgs depending on you know. The size of the boot and it features on. This boot you've got the grip walk system here and quite nice and me it's. The mitchell insole so a little bit like a vibram rubber sole but it's a made by. Mitchell in quite like the look of that so yeah looks really interesting the new. Nordica pro machine launched in 2018 19. Winter season retail price around 530.

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    Nordica GPX 105 Ski Boot - Women's

    The only better feeling than conquering a sweet ski line is doing it with feet that don't hurt. That's where the Nordica Women's GPX Pro 105 Ski Boot comes in. Crafted to not just secure your foot for a good ride, but to also provide ski-boot-quality-comfort and support, the GPX Pro 105 has a sturdy 105 flex and 98mm last, making it the dreamiest boot on the market.

    More specifically, the GPX follows Nordica's Tri-Fit philosophy, which combines a thermo-moldable liner with a shell that boot-fitters can shape with an Infrared box. The result is a ski boot that fits the exact contours of your foot shape for incredible comfort. The GPX also features Nordica's Full Motion Pivot that flexes laterally and horizontally ever so slightly (2mm to be exact) for effective responsiveness, snappier turns, and added safety.

  • 105 flex is the stiffest option available in the GPX lineup
  • Women-specific 98mm last has a narrower feel for more precision
  • Infrared-shaped shell and thermo-moldable liner customize the fit
  • Primaloft insulation and cork panels for further customization
  • Full Motion Pivot alignment system allows slight rotations
  • Item #NOR002S
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    K2 Minaret 100 Ski Boot - Women's

    Switching between skis as conditions and objectives change is nice. Switching between boots isn't quite as great, especially when your feet have made a cozy little niche for themselves in your go-to boots. Luckily for your feet, K2 has built the Women's Minaret 100 Ski Boot to do it all, so you can wear the same pair of boots when you take your lightweight touring set up out to the backcountry, load up your mid-fats for a little all-mountain slaying.

    Modeled after the K2 Pinnacle, the Minaret houses all of the same features, but sports a roomier 100mm last and medium flex for a more forgiving feel. It utilizes the same Synchro Interlock walk mode as the Pinnacle, which forgoes rivets in favor of an interlocking wedge and V-lock mechanism to lock the shell and cuff together once the boot is in ski mode, eliminating play. Adding to the overall stiffness of the boot is the Powerfuse Spyne, which extends from the cuff to the shell to deliver a more responsive and confidence-inspiring feel during the descent. The Minaret comes ready to step into just about any binding you might own with a DIN-compatible sole attached and tech fittings installed. K2 also offers a lugged Vibram sole (sold separately) if you're planning on spending a lot of time in the backountry.

  • 100 flex
  • 100mm last
  • LuxFit Tour Intuition liner (thermo-moldable)
  • Powerfuse Spyne
  • Synchro Interlock walk mode
  • Integrated tech fittings
  • Interchangeable soles (Vibram soles sold separately)
  • Item #K2S008R
  • hey this is sarah from level 9 sports I'm here to review the k2 minarets this. Is an 80 flex suit which is ideal for our intermediate riders it does have the. Intuition liner super comfortable you can get it he molded or let it fold over time and it's an overall super comfy. Boot to wear all day whether your beginner or intermediate so with that 80. Flex can be a little bit easier flex more sauce you're not going to feel so tough and tighten it with the casey minaret it has a nice fit for a woman. Specifically with the wider calf and swimmer around the foot itself to curve. And keep you feeling supported while using so this boot features the syncro interlock so you can have a walk speed mode walking for around the resort then. You can lock that in as you head down the mountain so the k2 minaret is a. Great women-specific intermediate boot that's got great performance super comfy and you'll be riding it all day long this is the k2. Minarets women's ski boot check this out and more at level 9

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