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  Primos® Sit'N Spin Crazy Critter FOXPRO® FoxJack Decoy for Shockwave™ Caller Mojo Outdoors® Critter 2 Mojo Outdoors® Super Critter FOXPRO® FoxJack 4 Decoy Lucky Duck Crow Pack
  Primos® Sit'N Spin Crazy Critter FOXPRO® FoxJack Decoy for Shockwave™ Caller Mojo Outdoors® Critter 2 Mojo Outdoors® Super Critter FOXPRO® FoxJack 4 Decoy Lucky Duck Crow Pack
Brand Bushnell-Outdoors FOXPRO Lucky Duck Mojo Mojo FOXPRO

Primos® Sit'N Spin Crazy Critter

  • Produces erratic movements
  • 360° spinning motion mimics an animal in distress
  • Adjusts from superfast to barely moving
  • The Primos Sit'N Spin Crazy Critter's erratic movements and the 360° spinning motion mimic a wounded critter, making predators throw caution to the wind as they charge in to your setup. Speed dial adjusts from superfast to barely moving. Compatible with Boss Dogg™, Alpha Dogg™ and Turbo Dogg™ Electronic Callers (Primos Electronic Callers with external decoy jack). Uses four AA batteries (not included).

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    All right today I'm gonna be doing my first unboxing video keep. That in mind you watch. This but this is the Primo's sit. And spin crazy critter sittings been crazy critter from Primos supposed to replicate an injured animal good for hunting plus the Coyotes. Or other predators so we're gonna open. This baby up and see what's in the box okay alright the first thing I see he's got it's got a couple of eyes in the fur there a little tail a white fur on the end got a springy rest actually just a giant spring around their little twist knob here off. And it's just fast so. You turn it to increase the speed of the crazy spinning action it's also got a not here. Iguess to put and just like on the side here it's got tuna steak. You would screw in here so the directions say we're supposed to undo. This here to put the batteries in. You can see there's a little screw here. Iuse a screwdriver here to undo. That holding the battery door closed okay so. It takes four double A batteries.

    You can already feel its kind of moving I guess. It on just a tiny bit here I'll hold the spring down close. This back up okay undo. This right here, so I can stick spring in here spring in there. All the way tighten. Now obviously this would be put into the ground. And spins around a little bit that's that's at the lowest setting spins a little faster. And a little bit more rotation. Or to put we have to fast kind of goes a little crazy there get the further flying that's pretty cool. That should bring in the Coyotes. Iwould think with the game call cool. All right there you have. It the Primo's sit and spin predator decoy crazy critter.

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    FOXPRO® FoxJack Decoy for Shockwave™ Caller

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Attach FOXPRO's FoxJack Decoy to your FOXPRO Shockwave caller for an all-in-one unit that brings predators in from a distance. With your Shockwave caller getting their attention, the FoxJack decoy gives predators a visual that will have them sprinting in. Installation is simple as the FoxJack mounts where your existing battery door goes. A whisper-quiet motor gives the decoy unpredictable motion. Digitally control the decoy with your existing FoxPro controller. Integrated LED light allows for nighttime use. Powered by existing Shockwave batteries. Shockwave Caller not included. Made in the USA.
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    Mojo Outdoors® Critter 2

  • Delivers visual confirmation that makes predators commit
  • Lightweight, easy-to-transport and extremely durable design
  • Built-in tripod and Mojo's standard peg provide multiple options
  • The visual confirmation Mojo Outdoors' Critter 2 delivers for predators not only makes them commit to your setup, it occupies their visual interest, reducing the chance of them seeing you. Lightweight design is easy to pack to your setup, while the incredibly durable construction stands up to seasons of predator hunting. Built-in tripod and Mojo's standard peg give you multiple mounting options. Drop-in battery holder. Clips hold both legs and topper during transport. Runs on four AA batteries (not included).
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    Mojo Outdoors® Super Critter

  • All-in-one predator call and motion decoy
  • Critter topper piques predator curiosity
  • Runs for up to 20 hours
  • High-quality speaker
  • One of the most effective motion predator decoys on the market, the Mojo Outdoors Super Critter provides a tantalizing motion that predators can't resist. A magnetically attached critter topper can easily be taken on and off, and the 1/4" threaded Mojo peg provides multiple accessory-mounting options. Ultratough ABS plastic housing contains a high-quality speaker that's programmed with a cottontail distress sound. A three-way switch gives you the option of motion only or motion plus sound. It's also designed to allow on and off control from most remote callers that have a 3.5mm auxiliary port. Runs on four AA batteries (not included) for up to 20 hours. 
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    Hey folks if your it's the mojo critter model eh d 1:21 picked. It up at Cabala's for 3999 has a magnetic adapter which. Ilike the piece just fits right on their like. That sticks on my magnet as a stake which screws in the bottom. And it's pretty sharp so. You really want to watch. That here's the on/off button seems to be pretty effective. Idid use this to help call in a coyote a couple weeks ago then there's a flap here. You open and here's the battery compartment oops open takes four double A batteries. What I like about this as well. You can detach and still store the batteries in here which. Iwould recommend even going to. And from your site this button here. That are not button is a little bit sensitive. When it's in your pack. You can bump I did bump mine. Even with these little guards on here. You could still bump.

    It so I'll definitely recommend storing. That unattach and then. What I did I put a rubber band on here on their pretty tight. Ican put the stake in there. And click this in here. And transport it just like. This which makes it a lot easier to transport everything's together. You don't have to worry about. Anything it's kind of bad thing if. You take the stake you don't wanna leave the stake. When you're transporting it. Because it's very dangerous. It could also punch through. Whatever bag you have. It in so but you leave. It on hooked you can't lose. It so simple solution wrap a rubber band around there. It holds everything in place. And then you get out there good to go so mojo critter from mojo outdoors. You have any questions let.

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    FOXPRO® FoxJack 4 Decoy

  • Adds visual enticement to get cautious predators to commit
  • Super-easy installation fits in place of the existing battery door
  • Quiet motor won't spook wary animals
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Easily add visual confirmation to your setups to get those cautious predators to commit with FOXPRO's Fox Jack 4. Use in place of your existing battery door for incredibly easy installation. Motor is whisper-quiet so it won't alert wary animals. Can be controlled remotely. Compatible with FOXPRO Crossifre or Fusion predator calls. Made in the USA.
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    Lucky Duck Crow Pack

  • Fully flocked, full-size crows
  • Grounds stakes move 360°
  • Mimicks feeding crows
  • The Lucky Duck Crow Pack comes with three fully flocked, full-size crows with ground stakes that allow the decoys to move 360°, mimicking feeding crows. Can be used on the Triple Play Motion Decoy system (not included).
    18"L x 5.5"W x 4.5"H.

    Hi I'm Chris Larson from lucky duck. And today I'm talking about the Colin crow decoy the decoy is fully flocked it's gonna add. Some realism to your spread. This decoy also calls its a crow gathering call. And that's gonna round up those crows in your surrounding area make them come to your spread. And allow you to hunt them. Another thing about. This decoy the stake it's a 12-inch stake. You can put it just about anywhere around your spread. When you're done hunting it stores right inside the decoy you're not gonna lose. This stake in between hunch it's the Colin crow decoy from lucky duck.

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