The 7 Best Archery – Crossbows & Accessories

So you are interested in getting into archery and more specifically crossbow archery but you don`t know what one would be the best.
First, you should decide what purposes you are looking crossbow for.
Are you looking for something for target shooting? Or for something to hunt with? Most of the crossbows are capable to hit a target from 30-35 yards. If you are a skilled shooter you can take up to 80 yards.

We have gathered 7 top-rated crossbows for successful archery shooting.

PSE Fang LT Crossbow Package Ravin R20 Crossbow Package Parker Centerfire XXT Crossbow Package Excalibur Crossbow Stringer TenPoint Titan CLS Crossbow Package with ACUdraw™ Ravin Illuminated Crossbow Scope Rage Simply Lethal 22" Bolt Package with 2-Blade Broadheads
PSE Fang LT Crossbow Package Ravin R20 Crossbow Package Parker Centerfire XXT Crossbow Package Excalibur Crossbow Stringer TenPoint Titan CLS Crossbow Package with ACUdraw™ Ravin Illuminated Crossbow Scope Rage Simply Lethal 22" Bolt Package with 2-Blade Broadheads
Brand PSE TenPoint - Excalibur RAGE RAVIN RAVIN
Wt 5.8 lbs.   6.8 lbs.; 8.25 lbs. with accessories. - - 100 gr.  7.1 lbs.,  -

PSE Fang LT Crossbow Package

  • Shoots bolts up to 330 fps;
  • Lightweight at just 5.8 lbs.;
  • Anti-dry-fire trigger and auto-safety design;
  • Rubber-coated foot stirrup;
  • Vibration-dampening string stops.

A versatile and lightweight hunting crossbow at a great value, the Fang LT Crossbow Package from PSE offers hunters deadly performance from a super-compact and lightweight platform. Anchored in split limbs, the Fang LT's performance cams shoot arrows up to a red-hot 330 fps. Trigger system features a soft-coated trigger grip, as well as an automatic safety and anti-dry-fire protection. Rubber-coated foot stirrup gives you greater control while cocking. String stops quickly bring a halt to string vibration for quieter shots.
Speed: 330 fps.
Draw wt: 165 lbs.
Length: 32".
Width: 23".
Wt: 5.8 lbs.

PSE Fang LT Crossbow Package includes: crossbow, 4x32 MR scope, five-bolt quiver, three 20" carbon bolts with 100-gr. bullet points, cocking rope and rail lube.

Today I am going to be doing a review on my PSE fang crossbow. It comes Standard with the dual string stops which I think is a very good feature. Comes with the 4 by 32 scope. Multi-radical, it's a pretty nice scope and it comes with three carbon bolts which I would recommend getting rid of because or not shooting them. They aren't very accurate. They come with three fields points on them and the crossbow comes with dual swing sling swivels, and crossbow comes with five arrow quivers which is a lot better than the three. Arrow quiver comes with the rope cocking device and some rails lube.

The things that I like about this crossbow it's pretty quiet for the price range. I've got a nice trigger pull. It's about 3.5 pounds. The scope looks pretty good. Let's see if I can get that on camera. It's not very good on camera but you can still see it a little bit comes with the weaver rail on the bottom which I think is pretty good feature.

It's a very nice cross boat. Goes about 345 feet per second and what I did was since these bolts aren't very good. I switched over to the Victory X bolts which these are really good bolts. I love them, I would recommend them to anybody that's wanting to shoot good with their crossbow and the sch wager broad heads hunter drains. That's what's probably the best for a crossbow out of my opinion because I've tried mozzies rage split tricks and none of them have come even close to the sh whackers. So I would definitely recommend those and the Victory X bolts.

You can't choose the vain color because it varies a lot. Some things that I don't like about the crossbow is the barrel or rail right here is made out of polymer and I don't like that but it's pretty good for its price. It's got an anti-dry fire trigger so if you have the bolt or if you have the crossbow cock and no bolts in it won't fire and it has a lifetime warranty. I think got this nice big grip right here so you can hold on to it a little bit. It's extremely light for its size. I think it's like six pounds or something but I can't guarantee anything.

Ravin R20 Crossbow Package

  • Entirely assembled and pre-tuned;
  • Blasts bolts at speeds up to 430 fps;
  • Premounted 100-yard illuminated scope;
  • 6" cocked width offers amazing maneuverability;

If you're looking for a ready-to-hunt crossbow deal with deadly down-range accuracy, Ravin's R20 Crossbow Package is exactly what you're looking for. This fully assembled and hand-tuned crossbow delivers jaw-dropping arrow speeds of up to 430 fps thanks to HeliCoil™ technology. For extra precision, you even get a 100-yard illuminated scope. When cocked, the R20's width is reduced to 6" for amazing maneuverability that's great when hunting space is limited. Comes equipped with a built-in cocking mechanism with a removable handle. Anti-dry fire and auto safety add safety. Built-in riser level, sling mount and quiver-mounting bracket.
Speed: 430 fps.
Power stroke: 13".
Kinetic energy: 164 ft. -lbs.
Draw wt: 270 lbs., cocking wt: 12 lbs.
Length: 34.5".
Width: 6" (cocked), 10.5" (uncocked).
Wt: 7.1 lbs., w/accessories: 9.4 lbs.
Color: Gunmetal Gray.

R20 Crossbow Package includes: crossbow, tactical crossbow scope, six 400-gr. match-grade 0.003 arrows and six 100-gr. practice field points.

Hey, everybody! This is PJ Riley from Lancaster Archery here at the ATA show 2018. I am at the raven crossbows booth with Justin Leas man raven crossbows. Just hit it out of the park changed everybody. Last year it was awesome outdoor life crossbow of the year. - Justin how do you improve on that?

- We built on an awesome platform, so we've got the same dimensions that we had before. The bow is the same length, same width when it's got six inches ten and a half when it's not. The bow. The Ark 20 this year is four hundred and thirty feet per second so is a little bit faster than what we had with the ar-15. Last year some other features are the four grips. A little bit different. We change the safety. We turn around so you can see it here. The safety's a little different than what we had last year and then this particular model is our sniper package. The sniper package comes with the elevation is adjustable with the jack plate. It comes with the vortex strike eagle scope and the level up front so you can make sure your level for those long-distance shots. And in case someone isn't familiar with the raven run through some of the like cocking features what makes this bow different. So the way you cock the raven is with the cocking handle he would release the carriage. It attaches the string cock it back. It will ratchet back or you can do it quietly but the same thing is you can let that back down to. So you cant cock the bow with that as well and one of the features, of course, is that this has no rail correct. The arrow is free-floating so you can see the string here is raised. It's not on the rail at all so when you shoot there's no resistance from the rail.

The strings aren't riding on the rail so there's none of that resistance at all in the bow so it proves to be more accurate without having those things there. And from what I recall that's what this bow primarily was built for was accuracy. Yeah, definitely, accuracy. This actually the jack plate. You can take this top off and put a different ring on that. You can take it out to 200 yards. Yeah, that's awesome so hand me that and let's talk about some other things new from Raven.

Let's grab this now. This is not people hunters especially always wanted a lighted nock. This is a version of that tell us what this is. We do have the lighted nock but it's a lighted arrow so it comes all together in one piece that these arrows are weighted with the lighted nock, so they're going to be true to what their grain is what their weight is so that you can get replacement knocks for the lighted arrows, but they're they come in a pack of three with the arrows originally. And I think you said 400 grains is what you guys shoot for so to go over again. You can get replacement lighted knocks for the lighted arrows but you can't put a lighted nock into a regular raven arrow correct.

That's very correct. Well, I'm sure, lots of hunters were you probably heard from that as much as we did. It was something everybody's looking for sure, so we're glad to finally come out, and they're gonna be available this spring. Not quite available yet but sometime this spring, in this case. This is really interesting looking. Also, new is the hard case so you can see that when we open it up here got high-density foam. You can put a fully assembled bow in here so it can have the scope. It can have the quiver, it can have the crank. Everything can go in there. Just like that and when you close it closes over the scope and everything yep. Travel keeps it protected all this stuff will be available.

Parker Centerfire XXT Crossbow Package

  • Xtreme Xbow Technology fires arrows up to 350 fps;
  • Easy-maneuvering, lightweight 20.75" axle-to-axle;
  • Factory installed and tuned Anti-Vibration and Shock System;
  • G2 Bull-Pup trigger;
  • Ambidextrous auto-engaging safety.

Integrating new Xtreme Xbow Technology (XXT) into its proven Centerfire design, the Centerfire XXT Crossbow Package from Parker combines quiet speed with great handling. Combining inverted HP Synergy cams with a cavity-back riser and the Centerfire's split limb array, the XXT technology boosts the Centerfire's arrow speeds up to 350 fps. Measuring 20.75" axle-to-axle and weighing just 7.6 lbs., this crossbow gives hunters easy maneuvering in the ground blind or the stand. Factory installed and tuned Anti-Vibration and Shock (AVS) System technology reduces noise and vibration for ultimate concealment. G2 Bull-Pup trigger features an ambidextrous auto-engaging safety for right- or left-handed shooters and an auto-engaging anti-dry fire lock. Ergonomic textured pistol grip and vented forearm with safety finger flange for control and safety. Made in USA.
Draw wt: 170 lbs.
OAL: 34.25".
Power stroke: 14.125".

Parker Centerfire XXT Crossbow Package includes: crossbow, premium RED HOT optic, four-arrow quick-detach quiver, four arrows with fieldpoints and RED HOT EZ Roller rope cocker.

Hi, it's Chris Larson we're in the Parker Booth the 2017 APA show. I'm with Tom Deeds. - Tom this is the Hurricane Extreme. It's a new vote for 2017. Tell us about it.

-  Absolutely, the hurricane we've got the adjustable stock first and foremost which is great for if you have a say a husband-wife or father-son, father-daughter. You get a lot of adjustability in the stock. If you're in a ground blind you want to go ultra compact. You can push the stock in. We also have in our new technology up front. Here the xxt technology.

The bowl compared to last year's Hurricane is quieter and it's easier to still, remains 380-380 feet per seconds. You've got as you know fantastic speed but again with this bowl you get the package of the red-hot arrows, the sling, and you get your limb dampeners hereby bull jack.

We're really excited about this bowl for 2017 loaded up though. This is your top end bow legs. Say you're getting the best arrows you got. You're getting the sling all the rubber. The string dampener is really nice scope on this crossbow and quieter is still really well-made crossville. We're we're really again excited about the speed. It's generating and when you shoot this bow to its dead in the hand that our XXT technology has really got me excited for this year.

Excalibur Crossbow Stringer

This simple device will take the hassle out of changing out bow strings on your Excalibur Crossbow. The Excalibur Crossbow Stringer is a must-have tool for any crossbow enthusiast.

Here we are 2010 Archie Trade Association. I'm here with Peter, with Excalibur. Peters uh Gunther's little devices sitting to the next gallop across the screen, and he's gonna show you how easy it is. The billet change the string and you have a mishap instrument abroad is something I got there flying extra string put it in your pack carried around with it and people had shown values and disputed to take the string surf and as you were saying if you're about an expensive all connors something you happen to cut your broadhead with a string you'd be done for the day because a compound crossbow.

You would need to have a bull present on your bike here is where those we can. Carry our bull prisoners back pocket we call this drinking i got to do is put it on like this but i like this that's it. Like that see fine you guys the stringer. Becomes limp you can pull the string bands off string totally off put your. New string on their away you go your. Background how you disengage in that whatever you bring it back down what I'm doing is I'm just going like this for my thumb okay so you just like that as you're pulling up you're lifting off with your thumb and london bag you gotta that's all there is to guide you can change the string in the field you saw he did it twice get a couple of seconds i check it out here Excalibur crossbows drags r-truth grades. Are to knock on to follow me on myspace twitter — thank you.

TenPoint Titan CLS Crossbow Package with ACUdraw™

  • Fires bolts up to 350 fps;
  • Fusion S stock features strategic cutouts to reduce weight;
  • Two-position buttplate for different lengths of pull;
  • Glass-reinforced nylon safety wings keep fingers out of string’s path;
  • ACUdraw crank cocking mechanism for easier cocking.

TenPoint took their all-time best-seller and gave it a complete makeover. The Titan CLS Crossbow is now faster, more compact and lighter than their original design, and it's available only at Cabela's. Fusion S™ stock is made from PolyOne™ OnForce™ glass-filled polypropylene and features strategic cutouts in the fore grip and buttstock to reduce weight and improve handling and balance. Stock features a two-position buttplate that allows for different lengths of pull. Glass-reinforced nylon safety wings prevent the fore-grip fingers and thumb from moving above the flight deck while shooting. Fully machined-aluminum riser, 12" HL Limbs™ and MRX™ cams produce a narrow, powerful crossbow. With a 185-lb. draw wt. and a 12.5" power stroke, it slings bolts up to 350 fps, delivering up to 103 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy, which is more than adequate for any big-game animal. Auto-engaging safety trigger delivers added safety. ACUdraw crank cocking mechanism integrated into the stock reduces draw weight and draws consistently for enhanced accuracy. Dry-Fire Inhibitor (DFI™) doesn't allow the crossbow to fire when it's not loaded. DynaFlight 97 string and cables. 19.5" barrel. Made in USA.
Speed: 350 fps.
Power stroke: 12.5".
Kinetic energy: 103 ft.-lbs.
Draw wt: 180 lbs.
Length: 35".
Width: 17.5" cocked; 21.5" uncocked.
Wt: 6.8 lbs.; 8.25 lbs. with accessories.

TenPoint Titan CLS Crossbow Package with ACUdraw includes: crossbow, TenPoint Multi-Line™ scope, ACUdraw cocking mechanism and quiver. Crossbow bolts not included.

Hi I'm Chris Larson from Crossbow Expert. The ten point tighten extreme is 10 points, most affordable crossbow but the tighten is definitely not light on features. In fact, it has many of the same features as flagship models from other companies.

The titan extreme will reach speeds up to 333 feet per second with just 180 pounds of draw and a 12 and a half inch power stroke. It also includes 10 points 3x pro view — scope 3 arrows at a quiver. The titan extreme has some great safety features. An auto-engage ambidextrous safety and idrive fire mechanism and in 2014 the bow includes safety wings to help keep your fingers below the rail.

Now let's take a few shots out of the range al's out there right now ready to take a few shots with a titan extreme als Camino with Crossbow Expert. Today I'm going to be shooting the 10-point Titan Extreme. Shoot it at 30 yards. See how it performs you. Now that's a great shooting crossbow.

The Titan extreme is available with 10 points accudraw crank system, accudraw 50. Integrated rope cocker or with no cocking mechanism at all. If you go with this option you'll get a rope cocker with your crossbow.

Ravin Illuminated Crossbow Scope

  • Ideal for use with Ravin crossbows;
  • 20- to 100-yd. range;
  • Choose between red and green illumination;
  • Shock-, recoil-, fog-, and waterproof construction.

Be a deadeye for a bull's-eye. A Ravin crossbow equipped with this Ravin Illuminated Crossbow Scope puts you on target from 20 to 100 yds. Choose between red and green illumination, depending on conditions or your viewing preferences. Fully-coated lenses ensure optimal clarity in all conditions thanks to shock-, recoil-, fog-, and waterproof construction. FPS adjustment.

Rage Simply Lethal 22" Bolt Package with 2-Blade Broadheads

  • Ready-to-shoot crossbow bolt and broadhead package;
  • Bolt is equipped with 3" X-Vanes and inserts;
  • Broadheads increase penetration and leave massive blood trails.

Rage eliminated the trial and error of finding the right bolt and broadhead combination with their money-saving Simply Lethal 22" Bolt with 2-Blade Broadhead Package. Package includes three pre-cut bolts with inserts installed, three 100-gr. field points and three 100-gr. Rage Crossbow X Two-Blade Broadheads.

Equipped with 3" X-Vanes and inserts, Rage's Simply Lethal 22" Bolts are ideal for target shooting or big-game hunting.
Wt: 336 gr.
Size: 16.8 gpi.
Length: 22".
Straightness factor: ±.003".
Wt. tolerance: ±4 gr.
Dia: .344".

Rage's Crossbow X Two-Blade Broadheads increase penetration and leave massive blood trails.  2"+ cutting dia. and ultrasharp .035"-thick stainless steel blades are tough enough for the largest big game. Ferrule Alignment Technology ensures proper flight. Shock Collar™ blade-retention system for consistent slip-cam blade deployment.
Cutting dia: 2"+.
Wt: 100 gr.


There are two categories of crossbows: recurve and compound.

A lot of people wonder about the difference between them. Both have a place in the hunting world and both have a dedicated cadre of shooters. Recurve type is the classic one which is appreciated for its reliability and simplicity. It has a string with co cables and a simple bow.

Compound crossbows have higher arrow speed and lower draw weight. It featured with additional pulleys and cables. That's why it demands more skills and experience.