The 7 Best Mountaineering for Ladies

Top 7 mountaineering backpacks & boots for women

If you have never been involved in mountaineering, then you need to worry about how you will carry your tent, stove, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, food and so on during the week on a hike.

That is why we have compiled a review of the best hiking backpacks for women, the results of which are outlined below.

  Deuter ACT Trail SL 28L Backpack - Women's Deuter ACT Trail SL 22L Backpack - Women's Gregory Maya 16L Backpack - Women's The North Face Chimera 24L Backpack - Women's Salomon Out Day 20L+4L Backpack - Women's Deuter Guide Lite SL 28L Backpack - Women's Scarpa Charmoz Mountaineering Boot - Women's
  Deuter ACT Trail SL 28L Backpack - Women's Deuter ACT Trail SL 22L Backpack - Women's Gregory Maya 16L Backpack - Women's The North Face Chimera 24L Backpack - Women's Salomon Out Day 20L+4L Backpack - Women's Deuter Guide Lite SL 28L Backpack - Women's Scarpa Charmoz Mountaineering Boot - Women's
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Access top - top, front top, front panel top top top, side
Brand The North Face Scarpa Deuter Deuter Gregory Deuter Salomon
Claimed Weight 1lb 4oz [size 38] 1lb 6oz 2lb 4oz 2lb 8oz 1lb 3oz 2lb 3oz 1lb 7.6oz
Dimensions 18.7 x 13 x 7.5in - 22 x 9 x 7in 24 x 11 x 8.3in - 24 x 11 x 6.3in 18.9 x 8.2 x 8.2in
Hydration Compatible yes - yes yes yes yes 500ml soft flask, bladder
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime 1 year lifetime lifetime limited lifetime lifetime 1 year
Material 70d nylon - 210D nylon ripstop, 600D polyester, PU coating 50% 210D nylon ripstop, 50% 60D polyester [body] nylon (100D), 100D x 200D nylon twill, [base] nylon (100D), [lining] embossed polyester (200D) 30% polyester, 70% nylon nylon
Pockets [external] 2 zippered side, 1 front stash, 4 mesh shoulder, 2 stretch side, [internal] 1 hydration sleeve - 1 zippered front, 1 lid, 1 internal valuable, 1 zippered side, 1 stretch side 1 lid, 1 zippered side, 1 stretch side, [internal] 1 valuables, 1 wet storage [external] 2 side, 2 hip-belt, 1 helmet carry, [internal] 2 mesh 1 top bucket 2 hip belt, 1 fron expandable stash, 2 side stretch, 1 front stretch flask, 1 front zippered stretch, 1 top
Recommended Use hiking mountaineering hiking, climbing, skiing, backcountry touring hiking & camping hiking & camping, backcountry touring climbing hiking, climbing, mountain biking, trail running
Shoulder Straps adjustable - contoured with 3D Air mesh - - anatomical adjustable, vented EVA
Trekking Pole Carry bungee - yes yes - front, side adjustable
Volume 24L (1465cu in) - 22L (1342cu in) 28L (1708cu in) 16L (976cu in) 28L (1710cu in) [regular] 20L, [expanded] 24L
Waist Belt adjustable webbing - yes, anatomical yes yes padded, detachable adjustable, vented EVA
Ice Axe Carry - - yes yes - front stowable
Support/Suspension - - AirContact Trail SL, women-specific Aircontact Trail System BioSync ATS (Active Trail Suspension) Lite MotionFit system, load lifter straps

1. Deuter ACT Trail SL 28L Backpack - Women's


The Deuter Women's ACT Trail 28 SL Backpack will carry everything you need for big hikes where the goal is summit or bust. This well-conceived pack features Deuter's SL Women's fit, which takes into account the smaller frame of female hikers. A reduced torso length, narrow shoulder straps, and a conical shape all result in a better fit for women who feel that standard backpacks are too large.

The contoured shoulder straps have a breathable air mesh lining, while the back panel allows air to actively pass between your back and the pack for a cool and comfortable fit. The main compartment can be accessed either from the top or from the front panel. A wet gear compartment keeps your rain jacket separate from other layers after those frequent and pesky afternoon rain showers, while multiple gear loops let you carry an ice ax or trekking poles when you need to.

  • SL Women's fit
  • Flexible, tensioned Delrin U-shaped frame
  • Aircontact trail system
  • 25lb load range
  • Top access
  • Fold-away mesh hip wings
  • Integrated rain cover
  • Hydration system compatible
  • Zippered top lid pocket
  • Zippered front and side pockets
  • Wet gear compartment
  • Ice ax and trekking pole loops
  • Item #DTR002F

What is up Duroc here you first outdoors. Today I wanna do a quick little review a. Pretty sweet little Daebak I like god it's gonna be the Deuter a ct trail 30. That's right this little pack is quiet. Impressive actually I was kind of skeptical but I used it on a recent hike. And I was very impressed with it especially if it looks kind of small but. It held everything I needed it to hold.

Which was surprising and it is very. Comfortable so I'm gonna go over a couple of things with it and pack it out shows you how much it held for me and why. I think it's a good pack for the money alright let's take a good look at this thing first so the pack is very light empty pack weighs. Out 2 pounds 10 ounces, this is the app trail 30 so it's a 30-liter pack I was a little skeptical about the hip belt you know there's no padding or anything like that now you gotta understand this just add a pack so you can pack. It out really well but this really it did well and the padding here kind of. Leaves a space between your back so some.

Air can flow through that and that seemed to work well it was a pretty hot day when we hiked up mount Trumbull. So I was very comfortable got some stuff I already used this pack once this is looking at the back the. Straps are adjustable here and then up. Top but you can't adjust the back like. Port or so that's pretty much you get. What you get flipping this over what I like about. This too is it's got the little rain. Rain fly that will cover back here. Always like that, I think that's great in the packs no although I should try and. Put this all in the packs full up to see what looks like they will do that so that's cool that stuff back into there.

You've got one strap to lock the top. Down here and you've got some extra. Space on the front here to store some. Things and you can also store some. Things well that's the side. Entrance there so that's kind of windy. And you've got that on one side what you. Also, have is the ability to just open. The entire pack from the top like that. So that's kind of handy grab things out. Of there without having to go to the top and then there's also the top pocket. Which you can store some things to get your key holder there and there's also one more pocket isn't there yeah inside.

The top there you can cram some stuff in there as well. We've also got a little bit of knowledge. Right here you know alpine emergency by. You know singled aircraft all those things that'll help you out if you get. And a pinch well it's tough this thing. Our real quick alright so what you're. Seeing here is the back fully loaded. Everything I like to carry on a day hike.

And it seems to hold on then what I don't have I don't have stuff jammed in the top pockets or in this front pocket so those are still empty although I'm. Sure I could find something to put in there I like to pack a view so that's just or lots of stuff that's just how it. Rolls but we're loaded you can see how. Now that holds up. Show you how Fitz. Here we have it's pretty good mmm. One thing I really like about this and I was kind of weird when I first put it on is like with the straps it belts I'm. Used to pulling back to tighten this one. They go pull front and it's beautiful it. Looks great I'm you can just type down like that and I just think it's so much easier to pull that away then this way that's brilliant.

Actually, I think that's really cool also on the sternum strap it has this. The plastic thing that's clipped on and it. Moves up fairly simple so you can adjust. Sternum strap pretty easy. Looking at this now that could pop off. Just pop out of there it doesn't run. Through so that's gonna happen I mean. It's gonna happen this is gonna pop off. And I presume that you could pop it back on we'll see but a cool little feature. But I think that, yeah I know that's. Gonna pop off sometimes somewhere it'll grab on something I don't know interesting works well but well we'll. See won't you already got a loop sewn. In here to hang something sunglasses a. Little camera case something like that's pretty cool okay there's.

One side pocket here and I generally. Don't carry sticks on day hike just. Depends on what I'm getting into so this will fit in an al jean bottle. And you can run this through the loop at the Nalgene top there to keep it from popping out but that works well and you. Can also use to hold your sticks or whatever looking at this is going. To fail in time everything fails but. That's I don't know like I said this is. A new pack I've only used it once I'm hard on things I've run through bushes. And dragged things across it I mean it's. Just we'll see but for the moment it. Works you can just that yeah I mean this. Is gonna pop off or rip out it will i. Now it just cuz it's happened. Everything every time I have things like this they're gonna fail not off the back. But eventually so bearing that in mind. You can still fit an al jean in there. And you could probably rig something up to tie it but that looks pretty secure in there but this thing your miles may. Very I suppose but it's handy and it'll. Work for the moment we will see in time. Heavy usage you know things are gonna fall apart there's another one over here. Also where you can hang something.

Through and a nice ax or something I suppose something else but there's no pocket so yeah you know you got some. Little things are sewn here you could attach things to so there're options it's cool I like what I like it you know I think it's a well-thought-out pack, for the most part, I think these things could be. A little sturdier and a little more. Heavy-duty but you know things like that. Will increase the cost of the pack so. Yeah, we'll see where it takes it rights. You've also got some loops sewn in on. The bottom here and they'll be useful. For some things, this is connected here. You'll take unhook that and that's how. You'll access. That's your side wait a minute, do you notice that huh okay well there's a side pocket right there instead of outside.

Pockets a zipper pocket where you could stash something a map or something would go there wow just now I've seen all kinds of cool stuff so you don't clip these claps here. And this will get you into the top of. The back to get whatever you need out of their back down so now that this thing. All full up let's try that rain fly. Again see how that holds up sticks out. Of here put these back on so I got a. The full up pack will this fly cover it now. Moment of truth alright so the fly is attached to them. Pack flies out and wind grabs it you'll. Never see it again let's see this. Actually well right look at that. Axe fully loaded and the rain cover just. Covered the entire pack and it covers it. Well, that's cool to love it and it's even. Got a little drain hole at the bottom like I said this is a pretty thought-out pack a nicely thought out pack all right you've got your slot for.

Your camel back hose and then it'll run. Down strap there go right through there. So there's your water system if you will. I don't really like using camel-backs. That's just my preference sometimes I do but a lot of times I don't I'll just stick with no jeans so what I've got in. The pack is I've actually got four. Nalgene bottles in their now one of them. Stuffed with things I may need so in.

The theory I could hold a gallon of water just with the Nalgene bottles in here and I'm. Gonna dig everything out and show you what I got in their so jackets rain. The jacket also got another now jean this is. Got a bunch of stuff in it. Whistle lighters blah blah blah and I've. Got 20-liter dry bags this just got all. Stuff like compass sunscreen food toilet. Paper all those essential things like that and I don't really carry this is a. Quick dry bag this is more for a canyoning so I've got stuff ready for a canyon I'm doing tomorrow we've got a lighter dry bag which I'll use this to cut down on weight but it's still the same thing 20 liters it's not full of course but you know that'll work. Too and that's everything that was in there.

And you've also got your slot of. Course for your camelback in here like that so there you have it all my stuff. That was in there so pack holds quiet. A bit everything you need for sweet long. Day hike and if you have to have or come. Into some inclement weather, it's already. Geared like that I'm very impressed with this pack I like it a lot and I think it'll last there's a couple weak. Points I think but you're gonna have that'll anything and if you were to make.

Those things more heavy-duty like I said. It's just going to increase the price point of the pack and as far as the. Price point I think was it yeah this went for 130 dollars so. I think it is worth it. To be honest with you so there you have. It the door act trail 30 I use this pack. You can check out the video the hiking mount Trumbull video I use this pack to do that hike and it served me very well I think I'll get a lot of use. Out of this pack so as always appreciate. You watch stay safe out there if you haven't subscribed please subscribe, and we'll see you next time do you rock out.

2. Deuter ACT Trail SL 22L Backpack - Women's


Deuter made the Women's ACT Trail 22 SL Backpack versatile so you can ski, climb, and hike with the same pack. Its AirContact Trail SL suspension system features a women-specific design, stabilizer straps, a flexible frame, ventilated channels, and breathable 3D AirMesh padding at the shoulder straps, waist belt, and back panel.

There are two access points to the ACT Trail's main compartment, one at the top for packing and another at the front for getting gear quickly. Deuter also added a sleeve for your hydration reservoir, a compartment for dirty clothes, and a rain cover that you can remove for sunny days. There are multiple pockets inside for organization as well, one on the side for a water bottle, and another zippered side for security. The loop at the bottom store's ice axes, trekking poles, or a helmet―whatever your adventure calls for.

  • Women-specific AirContact Trail SL suspension system
  • Top and front main compartment accesses
  • Hydration system compatibility
  • Wet laundry compartment
  • Detachable rain cover
  • Lid, front, internal, and side pockets
  • Loops for ice axes, trekking poles, and helmet
  • Item #DTR002D

3. Gregory Maya 16L Backpack - Women's


With a flexible, yet supportive BioSync design, side-strap compression system, and a slew of handy pockets, the Gregory Maya 16 Backpack is ideal for full-day hikes or epic mountain bike rides. The Maya's BioSync suspension system allows the pack to move with your body in motion and keeps the pack centered on your back. Side compression straps secure the load so it doesn't shift around inside the pack.

The pack's hydration tube management system keeps the drinking tube within easy reach, so you don't have to divert your attention to take a drink. Dual waist belt pockets and side pockets make it easy to access the things that you need to get to in a hurry, like your camera or a snack. The Gregory Maya 16 fits a two-liter hydration reservoir, which is enough for a day hike or a long cross-country mountain bike ride.

  • BioSync ATS suspension system
  • Tough nylon construction
  • Side compression straps
  • Helmet carry
  • Hydration clip-on straps
  • Multiple pockets
  • Helmet carry
  • Safety light lash point
  • Item #GRE005V

4. The North Face Chimera 24L Backpack - Women's


The North Face Chimera 24L backpack is designed for your fast and light missions in the mountains. As part of The North Face's Dynamic Series, the Chimera features a Dyno Cinch compression system that allows you to make on-the-fly compression of the pack without having to take it off.

These one-touch lower and upper compression bungees snug your load up to your body to keep you moving freely and unencumbered through the miles. As you're cruising through the mountains, the FlashDry technology, and breathable back panel keep you cool and comfortable. Gear loops and multiple pockets intuitively accommodate your necessities while a hydration sleeve and water bottle pockets keep you refreshed throughout your hike.

  • Lightweight and agile day pack for fast missions in the mountains
  • Dyno Cinch compression system snugs load to the body for stability
  • Dyno Cinch features lower and upper compression one-touch pulls
  • Adjustable webbing waistbelt cinches the pack close to your body
  • The breathable back panel features FlashDry tech for quick-dry comfort
  • Zippered and stash pockets organize gear for your day on the trail
  • Gear loops and bungee attachment accommodate your trekking poles
  • Hydration sleeve, water bottle pockets provide on-trail refreshment
  • Item #TNF05CI

5. Salomon Out Day 20L+4L Backpack - Women's


You leave before sunrise and come home after dark so often that you're starting to wonder what your house looks like in the daytime. Maybe someday you'll find out, but until then you've got the Salomon Out Day 20L+4L carrying everything you need to cement the outdoors as your home away from home. Designed for your longest single day pursuits, this pack delivers tons of comfort and easy gear storage.

Its main compartment is expandable by 4L to tack on added storage when you need it, and its ergonomic carrying system features padded straps and a design that's tailored specifically for female athletes. Staying hydrated on the trail and in the mountains will be easier than ever before thanks to its dual hydration pockets—a standard reservoir sleeve for a hydration bladder and a stretchy pocket on the shoulder straps that keeps a soft 500ml flask close by at all times. Your gear and layers will be easily accessible thanks to the convenient zippered side entry, while trekking pole and ice ax carry to ensure that you can always bring the proper gear for the terrain you're facing.

  • Technical daypack for any and all of your day-long pursuits
  • Main compartment tacks on an extra 4L of storage when needed
  • The MotionFit system moves with you for a comfortable and ergonomic fit
  • Padded and ventilated straps provide carrying comfort at all times
  • Side entry zipper lets you access gear quickly and easily
  • Hydration compatibility gives you multiple ways to access water
  • Trekking pole and ice ax carries offer multi-sport versatility
  • Item #SAL01NY

6. Deuter Guide Lite SL 28L Backpack - Women's


Not only does the Deuter Women's Guide Lite 28 SL Backpack save weight with its sleek, alpine-ready design, but it's built to fit lady mountaineers for ultimate comfort during challenging climbs and long backcountry tours. The women-specific SL fit, lightweight materials, and versatile features on this alpine pack ensure a superior fit during the long approach, icy ascent, and demanding descent. Even when fully loaded, the Alpine Back system keeps the load solid and balanced with its Delrin frame, adjustable waist belt, and removable padding.

  • A women's backpack for climbing and mountaineering
  • Alpine Back system keeps pack solid and balanced
  • Hydration compatibility with hose entry port
  • The top lid contains zippered valuables pocket
  • Compression straps, ice ax loops, and ski straps
  • Item #DTR004T

So the new guide like 32 plus in a drink. / guides we have robust fabric side. Zippers adjustable ski loose and you. No daisy changing the mainly decided the purpose of water when you go to this right here you get rid of the baby zippers lose the side access and go. To lighter without age fabric lighter weight bottom still has a modern I sex attachment loop on there but the ice this attachment are not adjusted just I've just finished going back all the attention there is to produce the pain back.

7. Scarpa Charmoz Mountaineering Boot - Women's


Springtime is still hosted to icy sections until they melt from summer's heat, and then you have rocky terrain to climb until autumn covers those steep hills with snow. Instead of having a pair of boots for each season, go with a heavyweight, super warm boot for winter, and leave the rest of the seasons to the Scarpa Women's Charmoz Mountaineering Boot.

Scarpa made this boot light and versatile for technical alpine objectives in fall, spring, and summer. It's waterproof, breathable Outdry membrane lets you traverse glaciers, boot up snowy steeps, or just enjoy a little springtime rain in the alpine without worrying whether your socks will come out a watery mess or not. The Vibram rubber sole has a tread designed specifically for mountaineering on Mulaz, and it accepts semi-automatic crampons.
  • Three-season mountain boot for long, fast days over rock and ice
  • Waterproof, breathable Outdry with a strong synthetic upper
  • Full rubber rand offers protection from rocks and terrain
  • Multi-density midsole assures stability, support, and cush
  • Vibram rubber sole with Mulaz tread for mountain-worthy traction
  • Item #SCR004V

Hi, it's Peter again I'm here to talk. About a variety of different mountaineering boots that we use in the field, I'll start over here on my right with the uninsulated single boot kind of. Rock climbing summer mountaineering oriented we're going to see this boot on the Matterhorn and the Eiger in Europe.

And on the 13-day course and the cascades moving up in insulation is. Another single boot but this one is. Insulated we use this on all over the Cascades and on mount rainier in mid-summer and you'll also see this on mont. Blanc in Europe next step up in. Installation is our double plastic boot even more insulated with the removable.

Liner you're going to see this on the mount. Rainier and in the cascades for the bulk of the season early and late especially when it's colder you're going to see this on Mexican volcanoes and Ecuador this type of boot is a very versatile one. More step up in installation is a high-altitude double boot here a little bit more streamlined lighter weight package and an even further warmer liner.

Compared to this for higher altitude. Expeditions this is going to be really appropriate for Aconcagua and especially Denali trips finally on my left is the. 8,000-meter boot you're going to see. This is Antarctica on mount Everest any. Other 8,000-meter peaks and a lot of people are starting to use boots like this on Denali expeditions as well for extra warmth.

Some women's backpacks come in different sizes, while others simply have an adjustable torso. It is important that your backpack lies on the hips in the right place and does not go up to the shoulder so that you feel comfortable and avoid injuries during the hike, so check this information before you buy.

How much your backpack should have depended on how long your hikes will be. The longer you are away from home, the more items you will need. Accordingly, the volume of the backpack should be in the range of 65 liters and above.

If you need a backpack for short trips or large enough for longer ones, then read our clips on climbing equipment for men and women.