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Shappell® Jet Sled Herter's® Game Cart Hunter's Specialties® Deluxe Deer Drag Mountain Mike's Meat Pack/Safety Vest Cabela's Antimicrobial Game Bag Caribou Gear Game Bag Pack X-Stand Treestands The Deluxe Game Cart Cabela's Deluxe Game Cart
Shappell® Jet Sled Herter's® Game Cart Hunter's Specialties® Deluxe Deer Drag Mountain Mike's Meat Pack/Safety Vest Cabela's Antimicrobial Game Bag Caribou Gear Game Bag Pack X-Stand Treestands The Deluxe Game Cart Cabela's Deluxe Game Cart
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Brand Herter's Cabela's - SHAPPELL X-Stand Treestands Mountain Mike's Cabela's Hunter's Specialties

Shappell® Jet Sled

  • Multipurpose sled
  • Rugged polyethylene construction
  • Specially contoured hull

The Shappell Jet Sled is a multipurpose sled constructed of rugged polyethylene equipped with molded runners for strength and stability. A Jet Sled is ideal for ice fishing or transporting deer, firewood, traps, decoys, feed, and more over snow and ice. The specially contoured hull allows easy pulling by hand. Includes tow rope. Made in USA.
66"L x 31"W x 12"H.
Camo pattern: Shappell ATC.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Herter's® Game Cart

  • Heavy-duty steel frame handles 300-lb. loads
  • Collapsible frame for easy transport and storage
  • Flat-free/maintenance-free solid-rubber tires
  • Smooth ball bearings and durable spokes

Take Herter's Game Cart on your next hunt and easily pack out your harvested game. The heavy-duty steel frame easily handles up to 300-lb. loads, plenty of capacity for packing out deer or making a trip with your quartered elk. Frame collapses for easy storage and transport. Never worry about flat tires from cactus or jagged terrain – the cart is equipped with flat-free solid-rubber tires. Heavy-duty ball bearings make the cart smooth and easy to push or pull.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Hunter's Specialties® Deluxe Deer Drag

  • Durable and dependable deer dragging harness
  • Safety orange for easy visibility
  • Shoulder straps, waist belt, rope

This Deluxe Deer Drag system will take a lot of the hassle out of dragging your animal from the field back to camp or a nearby road. Durable safety orange body harness frees arms and hands. Includes shoulder straps and waist belt for better weight distribution. Includes rope.

Mountain Mike's Meat Pack/Safety Vest

  • Eliminates the need for packs with bulky frames
  • Lightweight and compact for easy carry through remote wilderness
  • Reverses to be worn as a hunter safety vest
  • Ample pocket space for keeping necessities close at hand
  • Stows away in it's own storage pouch and can be worn as a belt

The most comfortable meat pack you'll ever use, Mountain Mike's Meat Pack/Safety Vest eliminates the need for bringing packs with bulky frames on your remote backcountry hunts. Lightweight and compact, this rugged pack can also be reversed to be worn as a hunter safety vest with ample pocket space for stowing all of your must-have gear. Easily packs away in it's self-contained storage pouch, worn as a belt or packed away for simple storage. 210-denier nylon construction. One size fits most. Made in USA.
Capacity: 100 lbs.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Cabela's Antimicrobial Game Bag

  • Treated with a patent-pending blend of proven antimicrobial inhibitors
  • Reduces the growth of surface bacteria
  • Repels egg-laying insects
  • Safe in warm-weather conditions
  • Tightly knitted cotton/polyester blend

Protect your game meat from bacteria, egg-laying insects, leaves, hair and other debris with our Antimicrobial Game Bag. Made of a tightly knitted blend of cotton/polyester that is treated with a patent-pending blend of proven antimicrobial inhibitors that have been tested in certified laboratories to reduce the growth of surface bacteria by eight times the amount of standard cotton game bags. When meat is place inside the moist bag, the flavorless natural blend of inhibitors contacts and transfers to the surface of the meat, reducing the growth of surface bacteria. Holds moisture in, allowing you to age meat longer with less waste and spoilage. Made in USA.
• Carcass Bag – 70"L x 10"W (stretches to 84"L x 24"W) (Per 1).
• Large/Deer – 42"L x 8"W (stretches to 54"L x 22"W) (Per 4).
• XL/Elk – 48"L x 10"W (stretches to 60"L x 24"W) (Per 4).
• Elk/Moose – 52"L x 12"W (stretches to 68"L x 42"W) (Per 4).

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Well we're right here in my backyard. And we're actually doing a flying insect test here on the coal bucket anti-microbial game bags to show. You actually what's happening is we've actually taken a roast it's a hot summer day about 80 degrees outside. That roast in half we put half of. It in a normal standard cotton game bag which. You can see over here that's being sworn by flies then over here. We have the Kula buck anti microbial game bag not a single fly on. You know so you go out. This year I mean battling those flies. And egg-laying insects is always a war.

When you're out there. And you're cutting up. That meat and you're on a mountain. And it's really warm outside there're flies just come swarming to. That carcass right away so. You have this cool ibaka anti microbial game bag here not a single fly on. We probably have a dozen flies over here on the normal cotton game bag. You can see they're swarming all over the outside of. It there I mean it's just completely amazing look. They swarm to it they're not coming anywhere near. This cool ibaka anti microbial game bag. They don't like the citrus preservatives. That are in there and those same preservatives actually lower the growth of surface bacteria by up to 8 times the amount of a normal cotton game bag so that's gonna buy.

You a lot of time and there's warm weather hunting conditions. When you're out there in warm weather. You don't have that animal. And proper refrigeration. You got to remember. That surface bacteria is multiplying like crazy so. You do get it back home. It into proper refrigeration the damage is already done you've got about a billion surface bacteria growing on the outside of. That meat as long as well as a bunch of eggs here from. These flies that are landing there on meat. You can see we just had. One land over here on the antimicrobial bag. He landed there for about two seconds took off again. And right back over to the untreated bag. Imean it's simply amazing if you'd like. More information you can visit our website at Kula buck com.

Caribou Gear Game Bag Pack

  • Complete set keeps meat separated for fast cooling
  • Loose fit ensures meat isn't exposed to bugs and dirt
  • ID tags provide easy organization and secure closure

Ideal for backcountry hunting when you need to protect meat for an extended time, the Caribou Gear Game Bag Pack features varying-sized game bags to keep your quartered game separated for fast cooling. Loose fit promotes air circulation while also ensuring no meat is exposed. Six ID tags with locks help you organize your cuts and secure the openings to prevent insects from entering. A 20"H x 12"W bag and 2-mil plastic 24"H x 10"W  camp-meat bag with a twist tie allow you to safely bring your favorite cut back to camp for a quick meal. Includes vented storage bag. Large set is perfect for moose- and buffalo-sized game and medium is ideal for elk- and caribou-sized game.

  • Medium  – four 48"H x 28"W, two 30"H x 23"W. Wt: 1.5 lbs.
  • Large – five 60"H x 28"W, one 48"H x  28"W, one 30"H x  23"W. Wt: 2.5 lbs.

This is the muley meat on the bone ultralight game bags from caribou gear. It comes with five different game bags you've got. One size that is the sixteen by twenty. This is for your neck meaning backstraps tenderloins. Any of the scrap meats. You can't leave a catch to a bone fit into. This bag right here. And then the other bags. That come in the kit there are four of these. That are 18 by 34 these are perfect for any of the quarters so a hind quarter front corner. You can slide down in there. All five of the game bags have a drawstring arm oh. Ishould have sent these up keep the bugs. And flies out of them. You can hang from the bone. And the tendon leaves the quarters so. They can air out there are synthetic material they're super strong. You know last season washable material breathable allows for me to cool down here out still get the crust on the outside of them. They come with the reflective ties on them so.

These little reflective tabs bright orange so. If you've got hanging in a tree at night come in. You know you've got friends to help. You pack you can find a little flashlight really easy. That are super strong I'm gonna allow. You to reuse them season to season. And they're great for me care keeping cool again. These are the newly. Imean on the phone ultra. Icame back from caribou gear a great set of game bag speaking of packing rear you.

And honest events the game back here You okay. We just hit 200 and. It shut off alright so. We just had some technical difficulties our scale actually turned off so. We turned it back on we're. Now at zero again it was roughly around 200 pounds. That we're at the water level is here. Nothing else changed so we're gonna start. This just where it is. Now and we'll just add the weight to. It so let's see so now we're roughly 210 pounds water level is here All right so we are roughly at 300 pounds right. Now in the caribou gear game bag its kind of tough to see. Where the water level is at right. Now still holding strong we're. Now at 100 roughly 300 pounds so let's push. It to the max here and see. What it can hold 305 398. We now just hit 400 pounds as. You can see the water is overflowing so it's starting to drop but.

This thing is full its expanding it looks like a water balloon stitching everything else is. I can't see any bursting of the seams. Or anything like that at. All stitching holding strong. I think may be safe to say. We should be able to try a 28 by 60. This one is our elk quarter bag from our elk Magnum pack series but. Ithink we should try the 28 by 60. And see how much weight. That can hold maybe. We get it over 400 pounds. Or so and all right guys well. Idon't know what else. We can do with this. One as you see it here. It maxes out at approximately 400 plus pounds. And the reason we didn't go anymore it's just.

Because I can't hold. Any more water so at. This point as you can see here caribou your game bags are tough the stitching's holding up just fine. And it's controlling 400-plus pounds. And it's pretty amazing beat on. It and kill it great alright guys so. We decided instead of just dumping it out. And ending it like that we're gonna have a little fun with. It so we're gonna try to break the bag so. What we decided is I'm gonna swing at. It until it breaks. And see what happens so let's see. What we can do chuckling ah right there. We have a little wall I'm not sure. I think we're done we're in the water still up in here, so they're still fun a grantors counting their sweeper sweat yeah no give it to the wall No.

It really is amazing all right so. What we decided to do is we're gonna turn the hose back on try to fill. It all the way to the top. And if it still holds we're gonna throw a brick at. It as you can see the hole is still in the game bag, so we're gonna see. What happens and we are. Now about to temp throw a brick at. It we set maybe we can do. It again that bounced back a lot farther. Than I thought okay. You so where do we at right. Now we're at a hundred. And eighty-five pounds on top of the added weight. We are from our last. One that we filled. It up we're definitely over 400 pounds right. Now and we're throwing a brick at it. And finally after filling it up to 400 pounds beating it with the stick breaking the stick about three times after breaking the stick.

We did puncture a hole in it but then after that we took another stick. We're feeding it at the seams we're beating it at the puncture. One that we had we took multiple whacks at. It and it's still held strong so then after. That we decided to fill. It back up to approximately the fill level of 400 pounds plus. And then I threw a brick at. It about six times until. It finally gave way as long as you're not throwing bricks at your quarter bag. Or anything like that but it's gonna stand up that's pretty impressive. All right well after. All of that I'd say that's about.

It we it's strong it's very strong right. Now we're gonna try we're gonna attempt to 2860 sees. If we can fill that. One up and if we can we're gonna have. Some fun like we did with. This one so let's see. What we can do that's about. It for this bag though as always as. Us join us and follow on Facebook Instagram. And YouTube

This is the large this is the 20 by 34 again it's got the label its inches reflectors synthetic doesn't tear. This Magnum you got the muley the Walker T. And the carnivores three. What the system I run in the back country it's lightweight it's. All in here's your gloves. You can put on some classic plastic gloves zip ties. You can label all your labels what's cool about. This Magnum packing and. Some bigger ones is. That there's there's a bag for the cave food of thumb there's a bag for like loose meat like neck meat Brittany there're bags for the quarters. Iusually deb one most of my animals so there's. Then enough if the size. This is too much gonna take up too much room. You can condense what you need the mule is incomplete with smaller bags but the waffle cheese by the. Iwould recommend the carnivore 3.

Or the Wapiti for you elk hunters out there let's check out the kind of ward 3. What a system that comes with. You pulled one two three four five bags in the carnivore three. This is gonna be a debone type setup but. You deb one an entire elk. You can basically do back back quarter front shoulder back strap blowing loose meat. What have you righted there it's a pretty lightweight setup but that's probably gonna be your best bet so. You haven't had a chance piece of. One of my partner's. Igot a link in my website don't use pelo sheets trash bags. Or cheesecloth you're gonna get fly eggs dirt debris in your hard-earned meat. You like me number. One I'm killing it out for their meat. We my family just my little family week between my dad. We killed two or three over here. And we're out of elk meat by the time fall rolls around milk.

You know elk meets a huge priority in our family it's organic it's found in nature. It has no immunizations as. You know hormones it's the. Most pure lean organic meat. You can find do your own killing if you're new to hunting this is a must not a should caribou came back to check them out I'm Dan statement thanks for watching okay YouTube channel

X-Stand Treestands The Deluxe Game Cart

X-Stand Treestands The Deluxe Game Cart
  • Converts from game cart to hitch hauler
  • Removable, extra wide tires handle rough terrain
  • Ergonomically designed for easier pulling

Get your game and gear back to camp without getting your SUV dirty with X-Stand Treestands The Deluxe Game Cart. The unique design converts from game cart to hitch hauler for easy transport back to hunt camp. Removable, extra wide tires take on rougher terrain including mud, snow and rocks. Ergonomically designed for easier pulling, even with heavy loads. Assembles quickly and folds up for compact storage.
Platform: 43”L x 21”W.
Wt: 37 lbs.
Wt. capacity: 300 lbs.

Cabela's Deluxe Game Cart

    • Ease transport of heavy loads for one person
    • Perfect for moving downed game and firewood
    • Collapsible design folds up for easy storage
    • Sheet metal deck prevents load from dragging
  • Maintenance-free solid-rubber tires

Take our Deluxe Game Cart on your next hunt and ease the hassle of moving downed game. Our convenient cart simplifies tasks for one person. Use for transporting wild game or even firewood to your vehicle. Its collapsible design folds up for easy transport and storage. 20.5"W sheet-metal deck with drainage holes prevents a load from getting tangled in the frame or dragging on the ground. High-lift U-frame increases ground clearance for moving through brush and over rocks. Solid-rubber 16" tires on steel rims and smooth-rolling ball bearings for ease of movement.

74.3"L x 20.5"W.  Overall width, with wheels 27".

Wt: 58 lbs.
Wt. capacity: 500 lbs.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Hey it's Mike production 69. And I'm going to show. You my game car today. Ibought this game cart. Ienjoyed turkey hunting but I'm a solo hunter. You got to carry a lot of gear around. Ihave about 5 decoys. Ihave a blind and take. Some camera gear I have my backpack that's a lot. When you're walking out a mile a couple miles out to the woods so. Ibought the Cabala's super mag hauler game card it's a pretty large game car as. You can see it's got a 550 pound capacity comes with 20-inch solid tires puncture-proof tires.

It comes with a nice tarp covers the inside. And it's 21 inches by 62 inches so it's going to give. Me plenty of room to haul. All my gear if you're going to buy. This car because your deer hunting or maybe elk hunting it's going to work great for. That as well 550 pound capacity is it's quite a bit in the length. And the size of this thing it's going to make. It easy to pull now the only accessory. Iwanted to get is an Eddie. Iwanted some sort of cargo net. That would cover everything so. It tipped over or roll outside not. Anything is not going to dump. All over the ground so the typical cargo netting for trucks was just too big so. Ifound a sport rack hitch basket cargo net. You ever seen those baskets people put in a trailer hitches kind of hang off the back of their vehicles well. Ifound a netting for. That it's 20 inches by 60 inches which is perfect for this. Idid a couple changes to. That as well to hook.

It to the sides of these bars. And I'm going to show. That as well so first let. You the d-rings what I did to swap them out here's a close-up picture of the d-rings. That come with your game card. These are what you take off to fold the card up. You just simply undo. And then the cart will fold up well the only problem with. Any kind of pressure on their right there. It snaps right off so obviously that's not going to work for me. And it's not going to work for a lot of people, so I'll tell. What I did as I bought a bolt. And a wingnut set and I'm going to put the specs of. That bolt in the description. All right you can see. That putting a bolt there. Than the supplied earrings it's going to make. This card a lot stronger those side beams are not going to pop out under stress.

Whether the card flips over. Whatever happens that added a wing nut to make. Even easier to take on. This is a two and a half inch by 5/16 bolt. And I'm going to put. All those specs in a description. All right I took in my two bolts. It to simply the top bowls right down fold down it's 44 inches so it's going to be compact fitting back your SUV your truck. Even a trunk of a car. Now I'll take the supplied earrings. And I'm going to put them through the little channels here. That hold my cross members to keep. It folded down and keep. It secures now that's a much better application for the d-ring. That comes with it so let's take a look at the bungee cord cargo net. Ibought for all right. This is my sport rack hitch basket net. Ibought by Cabala's game cart 16 inches long 20 inches wide.

This is going to work absolutely perfect. Because the platform of the game cart is. Ibelieve 21 inches by about 62 inches. This size would work great on just about. Any game cart it stretches. And the only thing I chose to replace is. These little cheap hooks. That are on the side. Now typically put these on a tie down to like a truck bed. Something like that instead. Ichose to go with canopy tarp ties about an 8 pack. And home depot for like 5. Or 6 bucks and it's just going to work a lot better for securing my netting to my game card, so I'm going to put. You guys can take a look. All right there you go fits on there really nicely. And it's a sport rack hitch basket net I'm going to put. All the specs in the information box. Ipaid 2687 on Amazon for this. And I'll tell you it's going to work out good. You have a smaller game cart. You have this size. This is a Cabala's super mag collar game cart.

You look in the buy. One it's about 160 bucks at Cabala's 550 pound capacity it's 85 inches by 44 inches it's got 20 inch solid tires. And the platform is 21 by 62 so. You can see how the cargo net works absolutely perfect so. It is my game cart thanks for watching you.