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  Cabela's Northern Flight® Mobile Elite Layout Blind Delta Waterfowl Gear Zero-Gravity Layout Blind Avery® Power Hunter® Blind Hard Core Run-N-Gunner Layout Blind Beavertail Predator Portable Layout Blinds Beavertail Stealth 2000 Layout Blind Greenhead Gear® Ground Force® Blind Cabela's Northern Flight® Renegade Series Quick Setup Layout Blind
  Cabela's Northern Flight® Mobile Elite Layout Blind Delta Waterfowl Gear Zero-Gravity Layout Blind Avery® Power Hunter® Blind Hard Core Run-N-Gunner Layout Blind Beavertail Predator Portable Layout Blinds Beavertail Stealth 2000 Layout Blind Greenhead Gear® Ground Force® Blind Cabela's Northern Flight® Renegade Series Quick Setup Layout Blind
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Brand NORTHERN FLIGHT Beavertail Cabela's GHG Hard Core Delta Waterfowl Gear Avery Beavertail
Wt - -  11.86 lbs. 17 lbs. - 23.5 lbs. 11 lbs. -

Cabela's Northern Flight® Mobile Elite Layout Blind

  • 600-denier polyester fabric with water-resistant PVC coating
  • Stubble straps for adding vegetation for extra concealment
  • Simple, three-fold design for quick-and-easy setup and takedown
  • Backpack straps allow you to slip it on and quickly move to a new spot
  • If the birds aren't committing to your spread and are going to nearby fields, you need a lightweight, compact, portable layout blind that enhances your ability to switch locations quickly and easily. Cabela's Northern Flight Mobile Elite Layout Blind is just what you're looking for. This blind features a simple, three-fold setup and takedown that requires no assembly in the field, and it includes backpack straps so you can slip it on your back and quickly make your way to a new spot. The floor and shell are made of durable, water-resistant 600-denier polyester coated with water-resistant PVC that protects you from moisture. The full-size cockpit makes for easy entry and exit. Once you are inside the cockpit, use the camo mesh face screen on the framed door for added concealment. You'll also love the flagging ports that allow you to rouse the curiosity of approaching birds. Stubble straps for adding vegetation for extra cover. Cabela's Northern Flight Mobile Elite Layout Blind provides you with the speed and mobility you need to make sure your waterfowl adventures are successful. Imported.
    Folded: 28.5"L x 26.5"W x 4.75"H.
    Set-up: 81.5"L x 26.5"W x 13.5"H.
    Wt: 11.86 lbs.
    Camo patterns: Realtree MAX-5®, TrueTimber® DRT.

    We're just wrapping up our hunt today. Iwanted to go over. One of the things we were using we're hunting this really low-cut hay field. You can see the haze a lot shorter. Then the blinds we're using so. We had to stubble in with a lot of brush from a hedgerow almost make. It looks like we're a swath of the farmer mist but the product I'm using day is the Cabala's Mobil. One lay off line this thing is perfect for you guys. That are hiking into spots. One low-profile light blind it's got good stubble straps your face smash pretty much. You need to kill birds out of it's not as build up as. Some higher-end blinds. It doesn't have as much space but it's light nine. And a half pounds it works great for when. You have a really tough hide. That low-profile super light to pack in definitely a blind. If you're running gun hunter to throw in the back of your pickup. This fall you can go check them out right here at Cabala's calm you.

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    Delta Waterfowl Gear Zero-Gravity Layout Blind

  • Float-on-air comfort of a Zero-Gravity Chair with a padded headrest
  • Flared-out sides to eliminate sharp contrasting corners blend in
  • Unique sides also create room for close-at-hand gear storage
  • Backpack carry straps make transport hands-free and easy
  • No-floor design keeps blind cleaner than most
  • The Zero-Gravity Layout Blind is quite-possibly the most comfortable layout blind on the market. Delta Waterfowl Gear has employed the  float-on-air feeling of a bungee-cord-supports. These unique sides also create room for close-at-hand gear storage. The no-floor design keeps it cleaner than most. Backpack carry straps make transport hands-free and easy. Other features include: two side gear pockets, zippered flag doors, brush loops throughout and heavy-duty threaded stakes. No assembly required. Imported.
    Cockpit opening: 56"L x 24"W.
    Wt: 23.5 lbs.
    Colors/camo pattern: Tan, Realtree MAX-5®.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    I'm Zack shada ger with Delta waterfowl gear. We have a new zero-gravity layout blind for this year it's a patent-pending line. That uses a chair technology makes. One of the most comfortable wines out there on the market. You can see here it has shoulder straps to help carry. And out to the field. And with one simple click of a compression strap. You unfold your line. And like I said there's no assembly required so it's as simple as throwing your fabric out opening the doors. And then you're ready to go the fabric is flared out to eliminate. Any sharp corners or shadows. We also have heavy-duty stakes with threaded tips. If the ground is frozen. When the sides flare out. It works great for gear storage. You can see that there's no bottom so. You don't have to drag mud in. And out so it makes cleanup incredibly easy. And like I said at the beginning no assembly required so. It makes for a very comfortable hunt. You get out there early in the morning so again. This is our new zero gravity blind which will be available.

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    Avery® Power Hunter® Blind

  • Arched FlipTop cockpit features a camo mesh top and windows
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame and solid-aluminum hinges
  • Seven rows of CamoStraps give you the ability to add stubble
  • Weighing in at only 11 lbs., Avery's lightweight Power Hunter Blind is ideal for hunters who need to move their setup to where the birds are. Arched FlipTop™ cockpit features a camo mesh top and windows for a full field of view while keeping movements concealed. Heavy-duty aluminum frame and solid-aluminum hinges give the support to spring into position and take the shot. Low-profile design makes it the perfect choice for fields with little or no standing vegetation. Seven rows of CamoStraps™ give you the ability to add local vegetation so you can vanish within your surroundings. When it's time to relocate within the spread or haul everything out of the field, it folds up to 32"L x 33"W x 4"H and sports built-in backpack straps for easy carry. Imported.
    Set up: 80"L x 28"W x 22"H.
    Folded: 32"L x 33"W x 4"H.
    Wt: 11 lbs.
    Camo pattern: Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass Blades®.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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    Hard Core Run-N-Gunner Layout Blind

    The wedge-shaped backrest and frameless body of the Hard Core Run-N-Gunner Layout Blind have an ultralow profile that blends in with cut fields and barren shorelines. Stubble straps hold local vegetation, making the blind nearly invisible. Folds into a decoy bag for easy transportation, and stores up to 12 duck decoys, six full-body goose decoys or 12 goose shells. Adjustable, padded shoulder straps. Made of 600-denier polyester. Imported.
    30"L x 5"W x 20"H.
    Color: Khaki.

    This week's featured product unfiled reality is the running gunner blind from a hardcore decoys. This is a really economical way to hide yourself in a field the reason. We love it so much is so low profile. This gives you the ability to hunt in those bean stubble fields wheat stubble fields. This week we're in a barley stubble field let the other day. We were on in Pease double so. You want to get real low down to the ground. When you're hunting out of. One of those frame blinds. It puts your profile up a little bit higher. And it gives you some lines. And some shadows so. What we're doing is using these run. And gunner blinds, and they're working out really well for us. Because you can get. It rights down to the ground. Imean this thing is pretty much sitting right down on the ground the way. It is and the only thing in there is your legs. When you're done you've got stubble straps. All the way across at the top blanket of. It you've got stubble straps. All the way down the side in the back of. It so you can stubble. It exactly how you. How you want it does not take very long to set up at. All one of the key features about. This blind is its ability to completely cover the face of the hunter you've got a wire that's wrapped in.

    This mesh here and. When you get inside. This blind you hide your face. And this wire can wrap around. And you can hold it pretties much. Wherever you want it eliminates. That glare on your face. When you're when you're hunting into the Sun it'll fold up into about a third of its size. And also doubles as a decoy bag so the run. And gun are blind from hardcore decoys is an excellent option for you for hunting and low stubble getting your decoys out there in the field it's very economical. And it's one of the. Most low-profile blinds on the market.

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    Beavertail Predator Portable Layout Blinds

    The Beavertail Predator and Predator XL blinds have the low profile attributes of a pit blind while maintaining excellent mobility. Foam filled head rests and molded custom foot locks, shoulder and elbow rests with spring-loaded back rests ensure you'll be ready for action.  Flush-mounted shell holder keeps your shot shells accessible and blind organized.
    • Predator: Overall Dimensions: 78"L X 35"W X 11"D, Weight: 34 lbs.
    • Predator XL: Overall Dimensions: 79"L X 42"W X 12"D, Weight: 39 lbs.
    Color: Marsh Brown.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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    Beavertail Stealth 2000 Layout Blind

  • Waterproof, windproof 600-denier polyester
  • Cockpit zipper provides easy access to the adjustable seat
  • Flip-open doors allow for quick action
  • Blind slips over your Beavertail Stealth 2000 boat
  • Slip the Layout Blind over your Beavertail Stealth 2000 boat for the ultimate concealment. Tough, durable 600-denier polyester is waterproof and windproof to keep out the elements. Access the adjustable padded sling seat using the convenient cockpit zipper. Seat attaches to your boats' framework for low-profile concealment. Strong, lightweight aluminum frame with flip-open doors allow for quick action. Sewn-in stubble straps for adding local vegetation so you blend in with the surroundings. Fits both stealth 2000 and 1200. Made in USA.
    Camo pattern: Realtree MAX-4®.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Hey youtube I want to make a video today everybody's been asking me about the sales mm Talia tracks. It handles we get a little course right here there's a bat box so go buy.

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    Greenhead Gear® Ground Force® Blind

  • Aluminum-alloy frame and hinges for lightweight mobility
  • Adjustable ergonomic padded seat for all-day comfort
  • Folds up into a compact package for storage
  • Durable, weatherproof DuraMax cover keeps you warm
  • Zippered FlagSlits deliver comfortable flagging
  • The combination of lightweight mobility, durability, compact storage and low-profile design makes Greenhead Gear's Ground Force Blind ideal for the hunter on the go. Durable, weatherproof DuraMax™ cover keeps you warm and dry in adverse weather. Frame and hinges are constructed of lightweight aluminum alloy. The spacious cockpit is perfect for any hunter up to 6'6". Cockpit features an adjustable padded ergonomic seat, padded headrest, gunrest and mesh Face Flaps™ that provide excellent visibility while keeping you hidden. Zippered FlagSlits™ deliver comfortable flagging. There are plenty of straps for adding local vegetation and an adjustable shoulder strap for convenient carry. Imported.
    Set up: 80"L x 36"W x 17"H.
    Folded: 27"L x 30"W x 8.5"H.
    Wt: 17 lbs.
    Color/camo pattern: Khaki, Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass Blades™ (not shown).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    What's up guys thanks for stopping by Drake Valley outdoors today I'm gonna be going over my first impressions of the green headgear ground force blind. Iknow I'm a little late to the party on. This blind since it's been out for so long but. Idid want to go over the reasons why I chose. This blind as a replacement for my last blind so let's check. It out alright just like with the last blind video I'm going to take a look at. It completely setup. And then I'll show it tears down. And sets back up which is. It excels above most of the other full-frame blinds again. This blind sets about 17 inches high. It is 9 inches wider. Then the Gander Mountain blind so. It has a larger footprint but the sides are actually tapered so it's going to help reduce a lot of the sharp edge shadows similar to the Cabala's shadow free blinds. This blind is available in two colors field khaki. And killer weed I chose the field khaki. Once you've got it mudded in. And stubbled up I don't feel like a camo pattern is really going to help.

    That much it has adequate stubble straps — down. Each side — down the doors six across the foot compartment. And two across the back. Iwanted to be picky. Iwould say move them a little closer together. And add a third row down the sides in my opinion. You can never have too. Many still straps onto the message face shield same thing with. Most blinds however green headgear uses Delrin rods as supports instead of bendable wire. Ipersonally like it keeps the mesh off of your face. And I'm always fidgeting around with. That bendable wire some people might like the wire. If they like to sit up higher in the blind. And kind of wrap the mesh around their face green headgear also made nice long extensions on the back so. Whenever you're turning around behind. You your face is still completely covered alright sitting inside the first notable thing is. That it's a lot more roomy. Ihave a decent sized blind bag. And in my gander mountain blind.

    Ihad to store it behind the seat which made. It really hard to get things out without getting out of the blind. And I've checked in. This blind my blind bag will sit next to. Ican keep the area behind the seat open for an extra jacket. It gets hot during the day. Ineed take a jacket off there's a zippered flagging slit on. Each side these are different. Most blinds because it's oriented vertically as opposed too horizontally. Because usually when you're flagging your moving your arm up. And down not side to side on the right-hand side there's a decent sized PVC coated pouch. This is great for shells. Or snacks or trash. Whatever you want to keep in.

    It there's also a nice a dense foam gun rest down at the bottom of the frame. This is nice so you don't scratch the barrel of your gun the outer fabric on. This blind seems to be secured very well. All around the frame it's secured with Velcro in the frame. That runs through the door actually runs through. This channel so as you're operating the door the fabric stays in place. It doesn't sag that was a big complaint with my Gander Mountain blind is. Iwrite on the doors the fabric would sag get caught on the edges. It would tear I'm hoping this helps the longevity of. This blind speaking of longevity around. All the points that the blind folds up they've reinforced the bottom. And I'm hoping that helps prevent holes from developing the doors have. These straps you can cinch. It down not entirely sure of their purpose but.

    Ithink it's supposed to put pressure on the doors. And help them have a spring effect. When opening I think the padding on the seat is adequate. They definitely have a nice dense foam headrest there is padding for your butt but it's a lot less. Than the Gander Mountain blind which might be the only point. It would get over this blind. It also has a part of the frame. That runs directly underneath the seat. And because of the way the blind folds up there can't be a lot of padding along here so. This might be a comfort issue for some. If you're sitting in the blind as your intended to. This shouldn't be an issue the quality of the frame seems very nice and sturdy the coating seems fairly decent as well. Idid find a couple spots down on.

    Each of the doors where the coating had come off. And began to rust I can probably clean. It with a little bit of flat black paint but. Idon't feel like something. That should be happening out of the box there's. More feature this blind. Iwant to show and it's by far my favorite the way. This blind sets up and tears down is easily. One of the simplest designs I've seen out of the box. You have to screw in. One end of each door but after. You never have to do. It again let me just show. How simple this sets up. And tears down all right so to tear down. This blind open the doors unzip the slit in the door release the slide lock zip. It back up so you don't get. Any dirt in I like today added. These zippered slits makes for easy access. And on these slide locks there is no button. You need to sometimes depress they're a little stiff. If it's in a bind you shut.

    This door I wasn't supposed to last thing you have to do is release the headrest frame. This is kind of little tricky just. It gets hung up on the fabric every. And then but it's really not. That bad fold it up hold. This last end over clip your straps. And you're ready to get out of the field. It is a little bit wider. And a little fatter. Than the Gander Mountain blind. Once it's tore down but it'll still easily fit in the trunk. All right so to set. This thing back up undo your straps. And fold the blind open your doors. And then put your headrest back up so. You just have to work side to side on. Ihave a feeling once you've gotten. This thing worked in a little bit that'll be a little bit easier open your slit lock two fold points on the door. And then you're set up alright guys thanks for checking out my first impressions video of. This green headgear ground force blind since. It is a first impressions video I'm not going to be giving it a rating or a recommendation but.

    Ican tell that I'm very excited to use. It next season and check back in the off season for my post season thoughts. It met my expectations. Or not thumbs up you like the video a thumbs down. You didn't but comment below let. Me know why you didn't like the video. Ican improve subscribe. You guys want to see. More in depth product reviews in the future. Iplan to be posting new content weekly. More often if I'm able to later guys.

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    Cabela's Northern Flight® Renegade Series Quick Setup Layout Blind

  • Easy-to-setup layout blind for waterfowl hunters
  • Pin-free design - sleeves slide over the frame for setup
  • Rear frame support locks into position with the pull of a strap
  • Protective exterior shell - durable 600-denier fabric top
  • Reinforced, waterproof, 1,000-denier PVC tarpaulin bottom
  • A new design to keep waterfowl hunters out of sight until the shooting starts, the Cabela's Northern Flight Renegade Series Quick Setup Layout Blind offers great concealment that folds up quickly when it's time to move. Giving hunters a fast setup and take down, this blind locks the rear frame support into position with the simple pull of an exterior strap. Pin-free design up top uses quick connect points to make setup as easy as sliding the pinless sleeves over the frame of the door and zip the doors closed. The blind's protective exterior shell combines a durable 600-denier fabric top with a reinforced, waterproof, RF-welded, 1,000-denier PVC tarpaulin bottom. Built-in backpack straps make hauling the blind back and forth easier. Imported.
    84"L x 32"W x 12"H (deployed).
    43"L x 32"W x 5"H (collapsed).
    Camo pattern: TrueTimber® DRT.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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