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  Castelli Sciccosa Full-Zip Jersey - Women's Castelli Roubaix Gel Glove - Women's SheBeest Fender Skirt - Women's Giordana NX-G Bib Short - Women's Pearl Izumi Select Escape Softshell Jacket - Women's Castelli Pro Mesh Sleeveless Base Layer - Women's Terry Bicycles Bella Prima Knicker - Women's Showers Pass Hi Vis Elite Jacket - Women's Pinarello Strada Bib Short - Women's 100% Crux Liner Short - Women's
  Castelli Sciccosa Full-Zip Jersey - Women's Castelli Roubaix Gel Glove - Women's SheBeest Fender Skirt - Women's Giordana NX-G Bib Short - Women's Pearl Izumi Select Escape Softshell Jacket - Women's Castelli Pro Mesh Sleeveless Base Layer - Women's Terry Bicycles Bella Prima Knicker - Women's Showers Pass Hi Vis Elite Jacket - Women's Pinarello Strada Bib Short - Women's 100% Crux Liner Short - Women's
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Brand Showers Pass Pearl Izumi Terry Bicycles Castelli Castelli SheBeest 100% Castelli Giordana Pinarello
Fit regular regular form-fitting - semi-fitted form-fitting form regular compressive form-fitting
Manufacturer Warranty limited lifetime lifetime 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 years
Material [membrane/laminate] eliteTM (3-layer), [face fabric] MapReflect 100% polyester 74% nylon, 26% spandex [back hand] mesh, [palm] synthetic 3D mesh [face fabric] 86% polyester, 14% spandex, [waistband] 78% polyester, 22% spandex polyester, elastane blend Warmer fleece (100% polyester) synthetic 80% nylon, 20% elastane
Recommended Use cycling cycling road cycling road cycling road cycling road cycling cross-country, downhill, enduro, mud/sand/snow, trail cycling road cycling cycling
Chamois - - Flex Air Carbon - - SheBeest MTB Premium Cytech - Cirro S-W multi-thickness

Castelli Sciccosa Full-Zip Jersey - Women's

Come spring or autumn, look no further than the Castelli Women's Sciccosa Full-Zip Jersey to assure adaptive warmth and moisture management. The Sciccosa features Castelli's Warmer fleece fabric, which not only breathes well, but also provides subtle, yet substantial warmth, wicks moisture, and dries quickly. Additionally, the bonded, two-layer fabric at the collar, cuffs, and waist enhances overall warmth and maintains a seamless fit and feel. The full-length zipper is endowed with a windflap to protect your vital organs from warmth-sapping winds, and the reflective detailing promotes added visibility in low-light conditions.

  • A technical thermal jersey for cold weather cycling
  • Fleece fabric manages moisture and regulates temperature
  • Full-length zipper is backed by a protective wind flap
  • Three rear pockets accommodate necessities
  • Reflective detailing enhances visibility in low light
  • Item #CST00EU
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    Castelli Roubaix Gel Glove - Women's

    When we think about the Roubaix, we think of cobbled classics and stunning, picturesque forests. And while we can romantically daydream about the race, it should be no surprise that with the rough pavé comes the need for a bit of cushion to takes away the sting that the cobbles leave on our palms, and the Castelli Roubaix Gel Glove for Women is aptly named for their chatter-soaking qualities. The Roubaix Gel Glove features, as the name would have you guessing, gel padding that's strategically placed on your paws to soak up vibrations from the road and enhance comfort. The palms are crafted from a light synthetic palm with perforations to boost breathability, while standing up to the rigors of cycling. In back is a mesh panel that takes breathing up another notch, prioritizing moisture transfer and letting the breeze in for fast cooling on sweltering summer days.

  • Gel padded gloves that take away the sting on rough roads
  • Mesh back hand boost cooling and moisture transfer
  • Synthetic palm is perforated for breathability
  • Fast-drying mesh keeps you hands feeling fresh
  • Item #CST00LS
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    SheBeest Fender Skirt - Women's

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    Giordana NX-G Bib Short - Women's

    The NX-G Women's Bib Shorts are the cornerstone of Giordana's entire 2016 collection, and they proudly represent the successful overhaul the brand gave its entire line of apparel. Giordana's new collection, designed around a Next Generation theme, aims to not situate its products on a vertical scale of price and quality but rather around specific types of riders and the riding they do. That being said, the NX-G features the most aggressive compression and fit in its line to accommodate cyclists who train and race extensively, complete with fabric newly sourced from the swim and undergarment industry guaranteeing lightweight, breathable support that moves with you over hours in the saddle.

    Though the NX-G's stretchy, soft compression fabric was conceived outside of the cycling industry, it's well-equipped to withstand the demands of hours spent in the saddle — and the repeated washings that follow. Giordana uses its 1-on-1 construction process to craft each leg of the shorts, using only one piece of fabric secured by a single low-profile seam on the outside of each leg for a minimal appearance and significantly reduced likelihood of chafing. The compression added to the fabric helps support hardworking hip flexors and hamstrings as you pedal, and continues into the V-shaped waist and U-shaped back areas of the shorts. These are designed around the goal of providing as much support as possible when you're stretched out over the saddle.

    As the fabric's compression continues along the entire length of the shorts, Giordana was able to forgo the added weight of leg grippers in the NX-G, resulting in clean, uninterrupted leg hems that hug your quads without the need for sticky grippers or too-tight elastic. The bib straps also received their own careful attention on the NX-G with the hope of being more comfortable in a standing position as well as in the saddle. Malleable and airy, the bib straps stretch more in the front than they do in the back for a more natural fit, sitting to the outside of the chest with a minimal, breathable design.

    We'd be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the luxurious Cirro S-W chamois gracing the NX-G. The crowning jewel of Giordana's redesigned line of inserts, the NX-G features plush, ample cushioning arranged along a perforated chamois that's cut expertly close to the body, situated close to your skin so it can continuously breathe as you ride and disappear to all but the most trained eye when you're standing up.

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    Pearl Izumi Select Escape Softshell Jacket - Women's

    When we're in the saddle in winter, we typically have two speeds: easy, conversational spins and base miles ticked off at tempo. Either way, Pearl Izumi's Select Escape Softshell Women's Jacket fills an integral space in our wardrobes by fending off wind, water, and cold at all cycling paces—in short, everything needed to stay on the road and off the trainer through winter.

    The jacket's key feature is its 3-layer softshell membrane, which combines a windproof, water-resistant shield with breathability and thermal insulation. This material is occasionally relieved with panels of pure thermal material, which help regulate the temperature and conditions of your body's microclimate by allowing a bit more breathability than the softshell.

    The jacket is meant for use in temperatures in the low 40s and below, so it's cut to accommodate layering, and two zippered pockets provide storage options for additional winter wear. It's finished with a few details that further recommend it for inclement conditions, including a draft flap under the full-length front zipper and reflective details to help keep you visible in low-light, frigid, and damp conditions.

  • A winter cycling jacket to keep you on the road and off the trainer
  • Softshell membrane is windproof and water-resistant
  • Strategically placed thermal inserts maintain breathability
  • Designed to accommodate thermal layering for cycling into the 30s
  • Zippered pockets protect and secure ride essentials
  • Reflective elements help boost visibility in low-light conditions
  • Item #PLZ00GA
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    Castelli Pro Mesh Sleeveless Base Layer - Women's

    The Castelli Women's Pro Mesh Sleeveless Base Layer is an essential layering piece for practically any condition or season you may find yourself riding through, upgraded with vibrant sublimated graphics that pop when you unzip your cycling jersey for greater airflow. 3D mesh fabric regulates your body temperature while pushing yourself on the road, thanks to its open cell construction that wicks moisture and enhances ventilation underneath your favorite jersey. You can wear it in cooler conditions to prevent the cold, clammy feel while sweating or conversely, rock it under a lightweight cycling jersey in the warmest weather to prevent overheating.

  • Sleeveless base layer regulates your body temperature
  • 3D mesh construction wicks moisture and enhances airflow
  • Sublimated print for vibrant aesthetics under your jersey
  • Hem lies flat underneath your shorts to prevent bunching
  • Semi-fitted for optimal layering and full range of motion
  • Item #CST00LP
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    Terry Bicycles Bella Prima Knicker - Women's

    Knickers are a great way to add versatility to your cycling wardrobe, providing a touch of thermal warmth during cooler transitional seasons where regular bib shorts simply won't cut it. Following suit, the Terry Bicycles Women's Bella Prima Knicker keeps you comfortable on early-morning starts with its extended coverage and matte performance fabric. This fabric features a high degree of stretch, so you're never held back from moving around in different cycling positions or pedaling out of the saddle. It's a bit on the thin side, so it's definitely best for those rides that are slightly chilly, but not overly cold and windy.

    Perhaps its most notable feature is the Italian-made Flex Air chamois, which uses Elastic Interface Technology to masterfully conform to your body. This means you'll be able to pedal for hours at a time without feeling like you're wearing an overly bulky pad or being held back from moving properly on your bike. It's perforated for increased breathability and does a nice job of absorbing vibration from broken pavement and rough stretches of road.

    Another prominent feature are 2.5-inch comfort leg bands, which makes this pair of knickers really stand out from cheaper options on the market. By removing elastic from the equation, Terry Bicycles was able to engineer a pair of knickers that stay in place while you're pedaling, but without any of the pinching or irritation you've come to associate with elastic bands.

  • Essential coverage for those early-morning starts
  • Flex Air chamois lessens vibration and saddle pressure
  • 2.5-inch comfort leg bands stay in place without pinching
  • Performance matte fabric is lightweight and breathable
  • High spandex content for muscle compression and support
  • Ample stretch characteristics allow for flexibility
  • Reflective tape on calves for increased visibility
  • Item #TRY002X
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    Showers Pass Hi Vis Elite Jacket - Women's

    When your commute promises to be a cold, rainy affair, pull on the Showers Pass Women's Hi Vis Elite Jacket. Designed to address two of your biggest concerns, this jacket is built to keep you dry and visible when the day is wet and gray. The Showers Pass approach to keeping you visible on the road is threefold. First, they cut the jacket from a highly visible neon green body fabric. Second, they integrated MapReflect printed side panels to increase visibility to motorists at night. Finally, four removable LED beacon lights boost visibility with 3 flashing modes.

    In addition to enhancing safety, the Hi Vis Elite Jacket delivers reliable performance thanks to its 3-layer ripstop construction and fully taped seams which work together to shield you from precipitation. A brushed lining boosts warmth to keep you comfortable despite dipping temperatures, while core vents and a large back vent keep air flowing so you won't overheat. Adjustable cuffs help seal out the elements and regulate airflow whether you're commuting or headed out for a weekend training ride.

  • A cycling jacket for stormy conditions
  • EliteTM 3-layer ripstop fabric offers waterproof, breathable performance
  • Brushed lining for enhanced breathability
  • MapReflect side panels are highly reflective in low light conditions
  • Removable LED beacon lights with 3 flashing modes
  • Core and back vents help regulate temperature
  • Adjustable collar, hem, and cuffs seal out the elements
  • Item #SHO001I
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    Pinarello Strada Bib Short - Women's

    Whether you're pedaling around the scenic countryside or rolling around your neighborhood boulevards, the Pinarello Women's Strada Bib Short strikes the right balance between aesthetic appeal and supportive comfort. Italian-sourced fabrics are both lightweight and supportive, with a higher degree of stretch for laying down the hammer on straights and climb up steep hillsides. Signature details and whirling color accents pop vividly, bringing stand-out style to your everyday jaunts and longer rides on the weekends.

    This particular version of the Strada Bib retains upright stability with its wide straps, meaning you'll ride longer and farther with greater support. The multi-thickness chamois is perforated for quicker drying, so you'll find relief from the sweat-soaked feel of other cycling shorts. And to retain security, the silicone leg grippers prevent the bottoms from annoyingly riding up as you pedal at a brisk cadence.

  • Balances support with stylish appeal on the road
  • Italian-sourced fabric is lightweight and stretchy
  • Signature details and whirling color accents
  • Wide bib straps provide upright stability
  • Multi-thickness chamois absorbs road vibration
  • Silicone grippers prevent bottoms from riding up
  • Item #PIN004A
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    100% Crux Liner Short - Women's

    There are a lot of tracks that don't really have a definitive crux, and you appreciate that consistency whether you're cruising cross-country or rallying downhill. Similarly, you value the 100% Women's Crux Liner Short's consistent comfort throughout your mountain biking adventures. Made entirely of mesh, this liner circulates airflow, dries quickly, and ensures enhanced ventilation for heated rides. The material also retains anti-odor properties for even more comfort on multi-day tours. As for the chamois, Cytech's premium microfiber adds a level of softness not found in other shock-absorbing alternatives.

  • Liner short adds cool comfort to heated mountain biking rides
  • Stretchy mesh enhances ventilation and quick-drying comfort
  • Anti-odor properties reduce foul smells on multi-day tours
  • Premium Cytech chamois made of soft, shock-absorbing microfiber foam
  • Smooth flatlock seams help with that chafing problem
  • Item #OHP006M
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